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Boys Locker Room: The Pre-Sequel

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Burp F/M Sex Butt Blowjob Female Pred f/multiple gangbang cumflation Multiple Preys boobjob written work Airi Kitamura

And here's the companion story to the 8/8 piece, in which Airi fucks.

Like, a lot. There's some of that vore stuff that's hip with the kids nowadays too.


This piece was written by Umbrelloid! You can find their stories over at:
They've also got a neat VN project thing going: 

RasenGun37 - 1 hour ago

Best gyaru!

RasenGun37 - 1 hour ago


Kainan - 2 hours ago

While the enthusiasm is appreciated, I'm not the guy who wrote this

ReiREND - 4 hours ago

Don't even care what the book would be about, if you do, I AM READING IT!!

ReiREND - 4 hours ago

Okay, can i be very annoying and ask you to write a book? Duuuude i would love SOOOOO much to read something non R-rated from someone with your skills! I am sure you would get famous in any platform in no time!

Kainan - 2 weeks ago

it's a very specialized set of skills she has

carlj - 2 weeks ago

Lovely ^^

HugsAndV0re - 2 weeks ago


HugsAndV0re - 2 weeks ago

I guess planning or thinking in general isn't Airis forte...probably from skipping to many classes haha

MagChan - 2 weeks ago

Ramicchi is just a victim of her plot,,,

DrakeHillside - 3 weeks ago

Well, if she hasn't seen them, then she hasn't seen them. :U

carlj - 3 weeks ago

Lovely ^^

boomerangfish - 3 weeks ago

I approve of Mash getting eaten. Good stuff

InfernaAbyss - 3 weeks ago

Horny and vorny nun with a big tum, very erotic.

joe354 - 3 weeks ago

NO! MASH! NOOOOOO!!!! Anyways, putting aside my future career as an actor, great work on this pic~

Oi It's 11 Bong

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts F/F Bulge Cock Vore Futanari Balls Breast Vore Female Prey Female Pred Multiple Preds el Futa/F Multiple Preys girls und panzer breast bulge futa/multiple Futanari Pred Darjeeling Viridiana

Comm for anon featuring El and Viridiana snacking on some St. Gloriana's girls. 

Tafillia - 3 weeks ago


ShadowSun - 1 month ago

Was wondering when I’d see some Blue Division girls. I love it.

Gorgrath177 - 1 month ago

What lovely gals

DrakeHillside - 1 month ago

Just having some good old fun I see ~ x3

GW Farming Got Me Like

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Burp Stuffing Non-Vore Kuvira draph Granblue Fantasy

or the alternative title, What No Interlude Does To A MFer


From  CrossCrescent's stream last night. S!Pig continues to be my MVP well into NM150. 

Umbreos - 1 month ago

Ah yes, the meat farming looks like it went well

GreenJester - 1 month ago

Aw, that's pretty cute

DrakeHillside - 1 month ago

Heh, of course ~ xD

[8/8] Boys Locker Room:

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/M Same Size Bulge Fatal Butt Blonde school schoolgirl Huge belly Mass Vore Male Prey Female Pred Student f/multiple ponytail vore day Multiple Preys bones in belly gyaru gyaru pred Airi Kitamura

wait a sec this isn't how the meme goes oh god oh fuck


It's vore day my dudes, enjoy. Airi sure is. 

EdgyTheShadow - 1 month ago

That would be interesting to read since I am a fan of vore stories.

Blarginated - 2 months ago

Magnificent giant gut~ I just love when they’re big enough that the contents push up between the boobs

Neoninja - 2 months ago

Oh she's found a cutie too? Hopefully he's into it and she can have some fun with him.

Kainan - 2 months ago

I could probably find someone to write up an accompanying piece for this, hmm...

EdgyTheShadow - 2 months ago

This feels like one of those drawings that's just incomplete without a story behind it. Other than that, good shit. Came 420 times to it ????

Big Djeets Eats

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/F Same Size Bulge Navel Huge belly Mass Vore Female Pred f/multiple pregnant pred Fake Pregnant pregnant belly Multiple Preys Ultrasound Granblue Fantasy fake pregnancy Djeeta Charlotta Fenia 'pregnant' pred

wait that's not how that's supposed to work hol up-


Hyooj Doctor Djeeta done as part of a trade with  StygianRook!

Go check out their piece, which features a rather embiggened Ilsa over at: 

Jumbojips - 3 months ago

No joke, It's incredibly niche and extremely difficult to find, I've gone all over the place trying to find stuff like that. But despite this, it remains virtually unheard of as far as kinks go.

Good thing you're here to fill some of the void right?

carlj - 3 months ago

Oh my! I don't think the "birth" will be a normal one ^^

GreenJester - 3 months ago

Now this is an interesting scenario!

pbysteria - 3 months ago

from being that stacked looks like she's had a couple pregnancies

Renael - 3 months ago

BIG mommy Djeeta

Thingken About

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Stuffing Non-Vore gyaru Airi Kitamura


From  CrossCrescent's stream yesterday 

doomed - 4 months ago

the answer is no lmao shes fat enough

GreenJester - 4 months ago

God damn this is such a good belly!

maniacalfork - 4 months ago

She be thinking about thos beans...

SerenaBlaze - 4 months ago

Stuffed cute Airi Alert~! <3

biggestfur - 4 months ago

I guess you should.

D E S T R O Y E D (1/2)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: May F/F guilty gear Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple anchor I-No Big hat guilty gear strive Jellyfish Skyarium

Strive soon, my dudes! Slayer's nowhere to be found so I guess I'm an I-no main now.

A two parter for my guy  %5BDinobonoid%5D featuring I-No taking on just about all of the Jellyfish Pirates. 

carlj - 4 months ago

Fantastic work ^^

Kainan - 4 months ago

Strive's a good place to start if it's caught your interest, a big focus was accessibility for newer players!

Hozomat - 4 months ago

So I know nothing about Guilty gear, but I saw the new trailer and instantly craved for more I-NO.

Spider8Fiend - 4 months ago

Its never pointless to struggle! You gotta fight no matter what! Even if all you accomplish is tickling the pred and helping her burn off weight even as you fill out her waistline...

Spider8Fiend - 4 months ago

Its never pointless to struggle! You gotta fight no matter what! Even if all you accomplish is tickling the pred and helping her burn off weight even as you fill out her waistline...

Morning After

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/M Same Size Bulge Female Pred f/mm gyaru gal girl gyaru pred gal pred Airi Kitamura

tbh it's probably rarer to find her in school before like 9AM at the earliest


A piece I got from  Nyxondyx a while back but forgot to upload, oops 

von-de-rush - 3 months ago

F/m are the bbest;snd doble male prey Is even better!! Nice job

Spookums - 4 months ago

god I love nyxon's work. wonderful commission! the setting, writing, and satisfied cutie are all delightful~

doomed - 4 months ago

oof they are gonna be her tits

Lunchtime With Lisa

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Same Size F/? Post-Vore Lisa Female Pred genshin impact Lisa Minci

Whipped up a lil somethin for  Camacho featuring Lisa taking a few cues from a certain HMS light cruiser.  

Sitharc - 5 months ago

Looks like someone lost their lost book and punishment was swift... tho digestion won't be.

Nathan5o4 - 5 months ago

That’s presumably Belfast.

HildaVGoneril - 6 months ago

She's pretty.

ShaboJohnson - 6 months ago

who is there

SerenaBlaze - 6 months ago

Hot and very well done kainan~ x3

PervyLesbian02 - 6 months ago


Bobrocks - 6 months ago

Oh yes!

Bobrocks - 6 months ago

dear god uts fucking beutiful.

ParanoidPrivate - 6 months ago

How could you drowzee. I thought you said you've changed! I'm disappointed in you.

Livius - 6 months ago

I knew what it was gonna be. Yet I still clicked it. :v

Sunny-Eyed Seduction

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Stomach Digestion Burp Same Size Bulge F/? Fatal Belch Navel Big Belly intestines Internal View Female Pred Big Breasts f/multiple belly dancer Digestion Noises belly dancing Fate/Grand Order bones in belly Mata Hari Multiple prey

A thing for  MisterDonut42 featuring Mata Hari giving her Master a rather...special kind of belly dance.

Good to know Guda's a cultured individual, I suppose. 

Gepfu - 4 months ago

What an amazing huge belch!

Blarginated - 7 months ago

Actual Mata Hari content! And vore too! Commissioner is a true hero.

157and493 - 7 months ago

honestly amazing, great job.

WankersCramp - 7 months ago

Awesome work! Lovely bone bulges!

Cactaur98 - 7 months ago

Well this is a dream come true and I can die a happy man now

Flight of Fancy

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Bulge F/? Mass Vore Female Pred f/multiple Onomatopoeia daydream dream vore Multiple Preys gyaru gyaru pred Airi Kitamura

Last thing I got from the  ecchipandaa stream a few weeks ago, this time with accompanying writeup by  noisekeeper!


Airi Kitamura sighed as she rested her head in her hands, not even bothering to listen to what her bald geezer of a teacher was droning on about as he lectured the class on whatever equations or literature or whatever they were supposed to be learning about that day.

She idly scratched her bare thigh as she instead focused...
[ Continued ...

algog8 - 7 months ago

Thought she ate the whole comiket

SerenaBlaze - 7 months ago

AAAAAA Airi-chan!!!! More yet another good art of our lovable gyru lady right there. *Heart*

carlj - 7 months ago

That's one hungry thought ^^

Spider8Fiend - 7 months ago

She's just... so into it XD And that is a fantastic story, really love it!

ThatBrassyGuy - 7 months ago

Fuck yeah, Airi pred! It's awesome to see the site's best gyru at it once again! Noisekeeper also did amazing with that description!

SerenaBlaze - 7 months ago

Classic wholesome couple getting more art~!

Spider8Fiend - 7 months ago

Daw, that's honestly very cute~<3

GreenJester - 7 months ago

I loev convos like this

StormyRange - 7 months ago

Best convos <3

redrocker91 - 7 months ago

I love those kinds of scenarios, AND the messaging! Very great job!

Summertime Snacking (2/2)

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly F/M Sex Female Pred cumflation Kuvira draph Granblue Fantasy sex with pred draph pred Kumbhira Gran

Draph horns make for perfect handlebars. It is known.


Second part from  ecchipandaa's stream session. 

MelancholyClownD - 7 months ago

Can't deny that fact & this is some god tier art!

Spider8Fiend - 7 months ago

Heh, there's something about handlebar horns that's just FUN.

Summertime Snacking (1/2)

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly F/M Bulge Sex Female Pred Kuvira draph Granblue Fantasy sex with pred draph pred Kumbhira Gran

Swimsuit version confirmed, draphbros stay winning.


From  ecchipandaa's stream session a few weeks ago. 

MelancholyClownD - 7 months ago

Best draph!

WhenTroubledMakeTea - 7 months ago

More Kumbhira? Fukn sweet.

Spider8Fiend - 7 months ago

That's a whole lot of beef!

Impy's First Time

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion Weight Gain F/M Same Size Bulge Butt Size difference Male Prey Female Pred Femboy Nao Femboy prey Impy

'nother long overdue piece featuring  FoF's Nao, and  ImpyImpy's...well, Impy. What a lucky lad. 

SerenaBlaze - 8 months ago

Wow! Amazing little mini comic kainan~

carlj - 8 months ago

Lovely ^^

Spider8Fiend - 8 months ago

Oh, this is lovely work~ Nicely done, I how her shirt barely drapes over her chest and the weight gain at the end. That shirt becomes more of a strapless bra at the end XD

maniacalfork - 8 months ago

Rimpy Impy...

JohnnyF102 - 8 months ago

I love this

A Nightmare Slumber Party

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Belly F/F F/M Bulge Female Prey Internal View Male Prey Female Pred f/multiple Karin Judith Multiple Preys Azalea Epic seven Tenebria Rikoris

Forgot to upload this one from a while back.

Tenebria from Epic Seven, for  Artist-san

carlj - 8 months ago

Great work ^^

GreenJester - 8 months ago

Looks like she'll be imobalized for a while now

Don't Believe Her Lies

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Stuffing Non-Vore gyaru Airi Kitamura

She most definitely will not "make it up to you later wink wink nudge nudge."

Update 1/26: I was a big dumb poopoo head and uploaded the preview image by mistake. This should be fixed now.


Another piece from  CrossCrescent

doomdog91 - 9 months ago

say no more, say no more!

SerenaBlaze - 9 months ago

Stuffed Airi~

JohnnyF102 - 9 months ago


Parabola0 - 9 months ago

oh shit thats rlly good


Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/F Anime F/M Same Size Bulge Post-Vore F/fm Female Pred taunting Kaguya Shinomiya Ai Hayasaka servant/mistress servant/master Miyuki Shirogane Kaguya-sama: Love is War



Still alive and chipping through the backlog. This one's for Wulf. 

SerenaBlaze - 10 months ago


somethingsomething2077 - 10 months ago

I know, but this is Love is War, im pretty sure the main MC's are the one getting squished

carlj - 10 months ago

Fantastic work!

von-de-rush - 10 months ago

I mean male an female eaten together. No only female

somethingsomething2077 - 10 months ago

I love this

Fear The Old Blood

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Non-Vore Bloodborne Hololive Vtuber Calliope Mori Hololive EN


Plume7 - 8 months ago

It ain’t a crime in Hell~!

ihhh - 1 year ago

I don't know much about Dungeons & Dragons, but I'm pretty sure tabletop games don't have predetermined dialogue.

nervousvampire - 1 year ago

it from a movie of a game (allegedly)

ihhh - 1 year ago

That's from a movie, not a game.

paswor - 1 year ago

Miss the game a lot

Better Moms Are A Priority

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Milf Female Pred Multiple Preds Mother/Daughter belly squish Hiei milf pred Azur Lane Azuma Shipgirls IJN Azuma KMS Friedrich der Große IJN Hiei Friedrich der Große

Haha, time for milfbotes! Comm for another anon.


My PC finally gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago so I'm just going to wait for the new parts to drop before building a new one. Managed to back up most of my files though so it's been slow but steady going. 

Desertfox78 - 1 year ago

Friedrich mommy, best mommy <~<

kibroman - 1 year ago

is very sexy

Kainan - 1 year ago

Thanks Nukey-san :3c

Mamerui - 1 year ago

This isn't the part I'm supposed to be focused on, but I really like the way you did shading/lighting on the hair.

MelancholyClownD - 1 year ago

Neato stuff.

The Melons of Summer

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Butt Bikini Beach summer f/multiple groping burping up clothes Multiple Preys Girls Frontline girls' frontline spas-12 Sabrina Franchi

Happy Vore Day, lads.


SPAS-12's over here making quick work of FAL, Five-SeveN, Micro-Uzi, and Grizzly, among others.

This extra large Sabrina brought to you by  SomeGuyHere

FlyingTMan - 1 year ago

I do love some belly groping <3

JohnnyF102 - 1 year ago

Ooh nice

von-de-rush - 1 year ago

Sad there is no a single guy inside there, guys need to be loved too ,not fair only girls have that right .

SomeGuyHere - 1 year ago

Love how it turned out! Thanks so much for accepting the commission. Spas craves borgar, and girls.

Cleaning Out The Club Room

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Burp Same Size Bulge F/? Struggling Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Huge belly Mass Vore Female Pred f/multiple classroom Face Imprint Multiple Preys ecchipandaa gyaru gal girl gyaru pred Airi Kitamura

Gotta hash out the budget allocation, event scheduling, so on and so forth...

Another thing I got from  ecchipandaa's stream session last month. 

FlyingTMan - 1 year ago

I think the club's going to need some new members soon...

BlueIce - 1 year ago

I forgot, Airi is such a team player and helps everyone out lol

TrainerKatrine - 1 year ago

Always amazing to see what ecchipanda does!

ItsSongxing - 1 year ago

Let's see this gyaru gal get extra fat!

SerenaBlaze - 1 year ago

More big airi is always great ❤

Comiket Consternation

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Weight Gain F/? BBW Navel Post-Vore Female Pred ecchipandaa gyaru gyaru pred Airi Kitamura

And so the Comiket caper comes to a close.


Drawn by  ecchipandaa

denysvision - 1 year ago

I can cudle her even more

SerenaBlaze - 1 year ago

Oh wow! ❤ Airi is looking so sexy~

StygianRook - 1 year ago

Those are some beeg borgs

von-de-rush - 1 year ago

Just another female prey, but good art job.

sadlyknight - 1 year ago

It is ok i guess. I think she look a bit cute though. Although perfer my ships fully dressed from top to bottom.

TenryuuGodess - 1 year ago

I don't mind rubbing her belly

Makazawa - 1 year ago

always good!!

...But A Damn Thicc One.

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Weight Gain witch Post-Vore Huge breasts witch hat Springfield girls' frontline

Make your choice:

| |OK
| |I'm a coward. 

AionV - 8 months ago

I'm a coward.

Whereaminow27 - 1 year ago

Keep up the awesome work!

BlueIce - 1 year ago

Seems like a harmless invitation

ifdre - 1 year ago

OK. Thank you so much!

Kainan - 1 year ago

I don't know the specifics of T-Doll memory backups so I'll just leave that as a 'maybe'

America Brought A Target Rifle...

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/F Same Size Bulge Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Springfield Multiple Preys WA2000 girls' frontline DP-12 PTRD DSR-50

So  SomeGuyHere wanted some beeg Springfield, and I was more than happy to oblige. 

Apostolos - 1 year ago

Okay i will gather that soonish

Kainan - 1 year ago


Apostolos - 1 year ago

So $45 for flat colors and 2 characters?

Kainan - 1 year ago

Check my profile

Apostolos - 1 year ago

How much?

Comiket Consequences

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly F/? Post-Vore f/multiple ecchipandaa gyaru gyaru pred Airi Kitamura

In which Airi learns that trying to work off like ten people in one go is a fool's errand.


Drawn by  ecchipandaa

Kainan - 1 year ago

Pretty much, yeah. There's regen stations that you can pay for to back you up at time of transaction. If a fella bites it, they can just [resume save game] from there. If the person forgot or has no funds to avail of the service though, gg no re

MetaKitsune - 1 year ago

So i have to ask os vore juat normal and accepted in her world? Do people regenerate? Seems she does a lot of public vore and gets away with it
Just curious

Wolfknight130 - 1 year ago

A sequel, to what?

Durgbutt - 1 year ago

Aw, no weight gain T__T

SerenaBlaze - 1 year ago

Nice sequel to the previous ones~!

BlueIce - 1 year ago

Now this seems like a fun outcome, both enjoying their enhancements

SeranaTaluhn - 1 year ago

Aaaaaaaaaaa! I know i said it before thank you so much again its freakin amazing i love these fatties!

SeranaTaluhn - 1 year ago

Never know what might happen in the future~

Blarginated - 1 year ago

Honestly expected Ren to end up inside Yune. Still a great outcome.

HildaVGoneril - 1 year ago

At least they're cute fatties.

Renael - 1 year ago

Very cute! Thank you so muuuch.

Blarginated - 1 year ago

Wow, this Ren; corrupting other angels with her debauchery. The only question now is which one gets fatter in pt2.

ItsSongxing - 1 year ago

wow ren got fat again

and another angel's getting fat too

f a t a n g e l s

JohnnyF102 - 1 year ago

Oh nice

SeranaTaluhn - 1 year ago

Ya did great son Maybe even the best!

Thanks again i still think its super super good excited fo the second~

Quarantine Blues

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Human Bulge F/? Female Pred f/multiple Stuffed pred gyaru gyaru pred Airi Kitamura

I've stopped keeping track of time and just use mobage daily/weekly resets instead

Got this one from  Verdazin during their weekly sketch comm streams, although their Eka's seems kinda inactive so you can find the more recent stuff at: 

Kainan - 7 months ago

Heh deffo, got a couple of ideas on how to do it already brewin around

donitard - 7 months ago

Feels like this one is due for an update next month haha

JohnnyF102 - 1 year ago

Oh okay

JohnnyF102 - 1 year ago

Oh okay

JohnnyF102 - 1 year ago

Oh okay


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: F/F Same Size Female Prey Female Pred strike witches Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen Sanya Litvyak


ASithTrooper - 1 year ago

Simo Häyhä when a Soviet soldier wanders into his sights be like.

Blackheartedreaper2 - 1 year ago

Nice love strike witches

ilikeafatass - 1 year ago

Alright, don't recall which one is this, but it definitely is Sabaton.

BlueIce - 1 year ago

She does the country proud

Kainan - 1 year ago

they really do make picking a title and desc easier for these sorts of things

Medusa's Secret Cake Mix

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F Same Size Bulge Post-Vore Medusa Female Prey Female Pred unaware pred Ishtar Fate/Stay Night Type-Moon Sakura Matou Fate/Grand Order Rider (Fate/stay night) Parvati ishtarin wasn't so useless after all Jaguarman

A lil somethin for  Artist-san. Happy Birthday, Sakura!

On a completely unrelated note, has anyone seen Jaguarman and Ishtar? 

TheDeranged - 1 year ago

love these two, and you've really done them justice. good job!

Artist-san - 1 year ago

There. Now we won't have to worry about the anime budget going to the wrong place.

TheOverMind - 1 year ago

Ishtar, you were finally fucking useful for once.

sadlyknight - 1 year ago

They're around, nearer than you would think.

Tubby Terror

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly F/F touhou Weight Gain Butt Post-Vore F/FF Female Pred Yuuka Kazami marisa kirisame Elly touhou project Nitori Kawashiro

A little somethin' I whipped up to go with  DimentedChaos's story! Go read it at:

Looks like Yuuka's made short work of the two nuisances, much to Elly's delight. 

Kainan - 1 year ago

go ahead m8

Pickyfanboy - 1 year ago

hey, I was wondering if I could color this

colemercer - 1 year ago

amazing drawing my friend

apitop - 1 year ago

Plump flower guardian

Kainan - 1 year ago

Saw your comment on DC's prev story with Yuuka in it, this one'll be more to your liking I feel.

Tourist Trap

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kainan

Tags: Breasts Belly Stuffing F/M Same Size Post-Vore gal f/multiple Off-screen vore Multiple Preys Social Media Text message gyaru gyaru pred gal pred Airi Kitamura

So I got a sketch from  CrossCrescent yesterday and decided to frame it as a social media post, since those are a fun time to edit.

Full resolution of Cross's picture can be found at: 

PervyLesbian02 - 2 months ago

Ah, I see Airi is a fellow kaomoji enjoyer.

Bigmackgamer303 - 5 months ago

Thats why you always carry a m87 frag granade

darkangel666 - 1 year ago

i love this so much

CakePisces - 1 year ago

I wish I could favorite this one twice since you updated this one XD

Omnium51 - 1 year ago

Amazing! I'm continuing to love Airi. The texts she sent from her prey's phone made this piece stupid hot and were a nice touch!

GreenJester - 7 months ago

Fuck yeah! Shenhua vore!

GonzaII1313 - 1 year ago

Love this!

thehoomanity - 1 year ago

So, that's why she called Revy "twinkie" and said all those ass meat remarks. She planned this! This is a really fantastic artwork, the belly, clothing, prey outline are top notch! I also love how in-character this is, That middle finger is gold!

Deathbat99 - 1 year ago

Finally a pic of Shenhua

Garrysrevenge - 1 year ago

Damnit, now Karen can take the kids

IlikeTurtles - 1 year ago


apitop - 1 year ago

The purest form of love.

SerenaBlaze - 1 year ago

Daww~ ❤

Ihumin - 1 year ago

Adorable couple!

Psyman - 1 year ago

Yea! best possible outcome for everyone! Although, I think she is looking hungry again!

Kainan - 1 year ago

yeah formatting can be a bit wonky on the site

kokage - 1 year ago

Oh Emojis will be replaced with four “?”...

kokage - 1 year ago

so cute????

NitroButter - 1 year ago

Woah. This looks amazing. And queit accurate to the game's artstyle.very well done.keep up the great work.

StufferVore - 1 year ago

I still thank you very kindly for making this for me, it still looks amazing ^^

Umbreos - 1 year ago

Nice, don't got enough bricks to 5* Siete myself so I'm running a sad hodgepodge that works atm.

boomerangfish - 1 year ago

Ah, I love Mei/D.Va vore

Dan3012 - 1 year ago


Kainan - 1 year ago

Yeh, was able to make Siete 5* last GW so OTK EX+ is a lot more manageable now. Just need to get a comfy full auto setup going

Umbreos - 1 year ago

Nice pic, also beware of guild war in gbf if you do play, less than a month between the last one...

Mostamazingofbaboons - 1 year ago

So...if you digest an NPC...doesn't that mean they would just respawn later?

Hozomat - 1 year ago

Here they are! :D
I still love that chat feed, haha

Apostolos - 1 year ago

Guess the world alert is for the npc under attack from digestive acids?