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A girl is walking along the side of a street, quietly humming a tune to herself. Suddenly, as she was passing an alley, something grabbed her arm, yanking her to the side. Startled, she tried to scream, but a hand came up to quickly silence her. She couldn't see the man behind her, but he was strong enough to hold her in place.
There's another man in front of her with a small bag. She almost immediately recognized it as a standard Bag of Holding. She struggled as hard as she could, but the man b

Hold That Thot

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Tags: Female Prey kidnapping Bag of Holding Hammerspace

A beautiful lady gets kidnapped, and they get away with it in plain sight. 

HungryAL - 3 months ago

I love this concept, but I also feel you could expand on it in some fun ways.

Like one of the men slipping the bag of holding down their cock, so the girl feels the bag get warmer the longer she's inside as their body heat transfers through the bag~

StraightUpFreak - 3 months ago

nice, I like it

The night had gone great. They met at the club, had a couple drinks, got along really well, and eventually got a back room together. As soon as the door was locked behind them, they both stripped as fast as they could. They knew exactly what the other wanted. So they went to town.
They thought the night had been going great before, bur the sex was even better. And it went on for hours.
They did tons of poses. Doggy style. Cowgirl. Kama Sutra. Reverse Cowgirl. She blew him. He ate her out. The li

Suxty Nine

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Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth F/M Non-Fatal Willing selfvore self vore Male Prey Female Pred no name given Self-Vore Compression Endosoma Hammerspace Belly No bulge compressed prey sixty-nine Bulgeless Hammerspace

A man and a woman hit it off really well. Their night goes about how you would expect... Or does it? 

Evbro22 - 5 months ago

It’s ok. I understand. Maybe one day you’ll get back to your great writing ways. Only time will tell.

KalebAdvent - 5 months ago

I'll be honest, I actually have quite a few stories, but all of them are only half-done. And by half-done, I mean I haven't witten down the "good stuff" yet. Writer's block, as well as school and work have all kept me away from it. I can't say when they'll be done, or even if they'll ever be done.

That's the situation right now. Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear.

Groblek - 5 months ago

Fun! That’s a scenario one doesn’t see very often!

Evbro22 - 5 months ago

Very nice! Glad to know you’re not dead when it comes to making stories. Anything planned for the future or is this all for now?

"Have you ever wondered what it was like to be sucked through a straw?"
Gloria sat at an outside table with her best friend, Berri, both enjoying some ice-cold sweets on a hot summer's day. Gloria was tall compared to most women (and men too) at 6'1, had a decent tan, and a fittingly glorious set of curves. She often caught men staring at her ample poster and her DD-cup breasts as they passed by, even if they had a girl of their own. Her black hair was tied back into a ponytail with bangs, frami

Wildberry Slurpee

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Tags: suction Consensual Non-Fatal Slimegirl straw Compression Slime prey slimegirl prey

I forgot wildberries are only a thing in Breath of the Wild. Oh well, no going back now. And I like the name.

At last, the last of my three promised stories is done! I've still got other stories I'm working on, but just know that, now that I actually have a job, I won't have nearly as much time to work on them. I love this place, but real life comes first! 

To say that Blake was hungry would be an understatement.
For some reason, Blake had woken up this morning feeling famished. He had told Aria about it, whom gladly let him eat her, but even after that he was still starving. So he had gone out hunting for Prey; which, for him, was anyone he saw. Even after a solid 50 people, though, he was just as hungry as before. He hadn't felt this way since that night at Prom. He swore he could eat a building...
That thought made him stop for a moment. He turn

Black Hole Blake: Over-Exaggeration

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Tags: Vacuum suction dream vacuum vore Mass Vore Planet Vore Compression Extreme Hunger Black Hole Fourth Wall Breakage Vacuum/suck galaxy vore suction vore Hammerspace Belly No bulge Hyperspace Belly reality vore M/everything universe vore Reality warping Bulgeless Hammerspace Balls Hammerspace Hammerspace Ass spaghettification hammerspace vore Hammerspace AV Black hole stomach Hammerspace mouth Black Hole Blake

Blake feels extra hungry today. It leads him down an unexpected -- actually, a completely expected path.

The .doc for this story was just over eight pages long. This is the longest, biggest story I will probably ever write.

Edit: I decided Black Hole Blake was worthy of his own tag, so that's what I did. You can find the tag on all his other stories now, too.

Edit 2: Looking back through the story, I can see it removed some of the formatting I decided...
[ Continued ...

Daluna13 - 3 months ago

You know, reading this made me think Blake was actually growing everytime he came. I know that wasn't what you were probably weren't going for but i now imagine how fun a Blake Growth Story would be.

gr8fzy1 - 11 months ago

Oh, I had a small part to play in this story's creation? I'm honored. ^u^

gr8fzy1 - 11 months ago

KalebAdvent - 11 months ago

Thanks for the comment! This was actually partly inspired by a couple of your stories actually, namely "Kiya's Birthday Banquet" and "SUCK IT ALL UP!!!"

gr8fzy1 - 11 months ago

Man, that was an awesome read! Anal vore is meh for me, but HOLY FUCK the suction in this story was RIGHT UP my alley! My only criticism is mostly a knit pick on my part because of my personal fetishes, but...I wish there had been more COCK vore rather than oral or anal.

A rustle could be heard throughout the forest as a young man, dressed in typical explorer clothes, made his way through the woods. He was well-built, but not super muscular. Despite his huge backpack, complete with sleeping bag and lantern, he kept a good pace.
He was looking for something. There were rumors that, in the forest, there was a fairy that seemed very territorial. Annyone who went deep enough into the forest would either come back running or not come back at all. They would describe


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Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Cock Vore explorer Anal Vore Magic Implied reformation f/multiple Compression Soft Dismemberment Hammerspace Belly No bulge compressed prey Fairy pred Bulgeless Hammerspace Balls many preds Hammerspace hammerspace womb hammerspace vore

A curious young man decides to put a rumor to the test, for better or for worse.

This one gets pretty weird. For some of you, that's a good thing.

Managed to crank one last story out before the site moves tomorrow. Enjoy it while you can!

For those fans of  Uryx, there's a reference to their story "Cider Delish: Unrestrained" that was unfortunately removed due to underaged shenanigans. 

KalebAdvent - 11 months ago

...I did't realize it was already in your favorites. Whoops!

KalebAdvent - 11 months ago

Oh yeah, it's back! Wanna see it? Here it is!

gr8fzy1 - 11 months ago

Hehehehe, yes yes yes yes YES! Suction? Vore?! Soft Dismemberment?!? MMMMMMMF, LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

gr8fzy1 - 11 months ago

Any word on that story? I have no idea what it was about, but if it's anything like Kaleb's story I WANNA READ IT!!!

KalebAdvent - 1 year ago

Thanks! And here's hoping, 'cause that was one of my favorite stories!

Aria unlocked the door and checked her phone for the time. Some unfortunate events had happened at work that had left her a little shook, so she was allowed to leave early. She was now home almost 40 minutes ahead of time.
As soon as she closed the door, she sighed from relief. She had been waiting to get home so she could finally relax with her boyfriend for the weekend. She set her purse down on the counter and made her way to the living room, where Kaleb was usually waiting.
Much to her surpr

More than Movie Magic 2

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Tags: Unbirth selfvore self vore Self-Vore Compression No bulge F/self Bulgeless Hammerspace hammerspace womb

Vaginal boogaloo.

If there's one thing vore has taught me, it's the anatomy of a vagina.

Finally, it's here! The sequel I promised almost a month ago. This one features Aria, girlfriend of Kaleb.

Shoutouts to  marloweny! I referenced his work in this. If you like my story, go check out some of his. 

Aril_Lisidmuthir - 11 months ago

I'm an ideas person mostly. I get several different scenarios in my head and I have trouble figuring out which one I should go with.

KalebAdvent - 11 months ago

You are very imaginative... Perhaps you should take up writing. I'd love to see what you come up with!

Aril_Lisidmuthir - 11 months ago

Hmmm... what would happen if Aria put that fleshy ball into her womb then went in herself... only for then that fleshy ball to unravel itself back into Kaleb and put her inside his testicles... or even vice-versa.

KalebAdvent - 1 year ago

Oh wait, that last comment hadn't shown up yet.

KalebAdvent - 1 year ago

What would that be in text? Like without the brackets?

Kaleb lay down on the bed in his room, bored. There was nothing to do right now. His girlfriend, Aria, didn't come home for another hour at least. So he had plenty of time to kill. But nothing to kill it with.
His mind drifted. When that happened, he often remembered or thought up the most random things. First, it was Tom and Jerry. Then it was some music from a game he liked. Then it was a weird NSFW video he had watched the other day…
Wait. He might be onto something there. He pulled ou

More than Movie Magic

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: KalebAdvent

Tags: M/F Cock Vore selfvore self vore Mass Vore Self-Vore Compression M/multiple prey No bulge Bulgeless Hammerspace Balls Hammerspace M/self

A man has some free time. He decides to perform a little experiment.

Inspired by  GARON's art, "cock vacuum" ( and  Mauve's story, "My Wife's Gift to Me" (

Edit: Wow, this did better than I thought it would. Over ten faves and three watches, and it's only been a day! Thanks for the support! 

gr8fzy1 - 11 months ago

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
I FRICKEN LOVE SELF CV! The only thing that could have made this better is if his penis popped off his body as it swallowed him up, leaving only his cock and balls on the bed. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

KalebAdvent - 1 year ago

Thanks! I do in fact have more planned in the form of a sequel. It'll come out... sooner or later. I promise.

ChancetheDragon - 1 year ago

Whew, just saying, this sort of thing is what I most look forward to seeing on this site, and it's so very rare to see it at all, much less well done like this!

If you do decide to write more like this in the future, you'll have at least one very excited and eager reader, consider me a fan at this point #^_^#

KalebAdvent - 1 year ago

Glad to hear. Sadly, I'm not that into butt stuff, so I probably won't, but who knows?

Evbro22 - 1 year ago

Also, that’s not saying i won’t enjoy the Self-UB story of course.