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Blasted Pot Master

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Breasts Sketch Soft Vore Plant Same Size Bulge F/? posing Big Belly piranha plant Female Pred midriff Green Skin leaves Thick thighs tongue out Kanna Face Imprint Pothead Leaves in hair blaster master Blaster Master Zero litterally a pothead grass hair leafy hair arkanoid

Everyone's favorite Plant Waifu from Blaster Master. Kanna (Nevermind you the Arkanoid ship)

I drew this a few weeks ago on stream (2 hour sketch) Might post some of my fave timed sketches 

Azuris - 2 years ago

Good to finally see this busty plant girl get a nice full belly. Both seem satisfied with the arrangement it seems, nice work!

Transformerfan33 - 2 years ago

She is a Pothead Literally

Alola Pokegirls

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Sketch Pokemon Belly Cute Digestion Bulge F/? dream shy Post-Vore Sweat Big Belly Female Pred sweaty Belly bulge pokemon trainer Blushing dark skin Lana Mallow revealing blushing pred Lillie alternate outfit Alola pokemon sun and moon killerperro

I really like Pokemon's character designs, despite not playing the games. So on stream I decided to make a few simple alternate colors and costumes for the 3 Alola girls for fun

And give em da vore gut n belleh

I might want to draw this trio more in the future 

piecheese10 - 2 years ago

Lillie: :I

Blackheartedreaper2 - 2 years ago

Nice job.

KillerPerro - 2 years ago

Glad you think so, although I sorta didn't know what to do with her at first.

Ouroboros 95 - 2 years ago

Revealing Science Lillie for top tier. But seriously this is good. I love the colors and the fact that each girl has three different stages of digestion going on.

KillerPerro - 2 years ago

"We Must Have Waited All Our Lives, For THIS!!!! Moment, Moment, Moment, MOMET!!!

Mami Tomoe Charlotte

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Breasts Sketch Belly Maw Bulge F/? Mawshot Color Big Belly Huge belly Big Breasts Vore Comic Smug Puella Magi Madoka Magica large mouth tongue sticking out Mami Tomoe mahou shoujo madoka magica PMM killerperro

My Alt version of Mami Tomoe dressed in her Charlotte hoodie. With a Large Gut

Fun side sketch on stream 

boomerangfish - 2 years ago

Oh man, I always loved thinking of Mami being corrupted by Charlotte, but this is really neat!!! Love this, thank you so much

KillerPerro - 2 years ago

Definitely one of my favorite costumes next to the Original.

Glad you enjoy it! And also great choice for cosplay

VoraciousRose - 2 years ago

I've always loved this outfit on Mami. I decided long ago that if I ever get the chance to cosplay her that the Charolette hoodie is the version I'll be doing.
Charolette/Bebe is my favorite little monster <3
You did a beautiful job!

PuritySpring - 2 years ago

Lovely! There isn't nearly enough Mami art out there, even more so for Mami as pred!

Blackheartedreaper2 - 2 years ago

*Mario voice* In we go!

commission [30 min]

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Catgirl Pregnancy Non-Vore Neko Big Belly Big Breasts pregnant belly

OC done for barosans I forgot. preg belly 

Tiro Jelly (Sketch)

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Belly Fat Non-Vore BBW Puella Magi Madoka Magica Thick thighs drill hair Mami Tomoe Twintails holding belly mahou shoujo madoka magica

just a sketch of Mami holding a big belly I did last month

loosely Inspired by an A0IISA pic, and an image of a version of Mami I found on Danbooru. Might as well show

Been a year since I last drew her

TheAkkoDimensio - 3 years ago

There isn't enough Mami vore in my opinion, she makes the cutest pred!

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

This is odd, 122 faves but 900 views? Weird ratio

PuritySpring - 3 years ago

The world needs more Mami. This is a beautiful addition to the world

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

I enjoyed drawing this version of her. It's based off of this

theweirdone445 - 3 years ago

Mami got them munchies. Such a heavenly image.

Preventing Fate

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Burp Anime F/M Griffith sea water Belch Manga Belching Big Belly Male Prey Female Pred Burping berserk dark skin Nude Female happy ending Naked pred bare breasts Casca

Casca saved the world, and the band of the hawk

quick colored sketch. 

S0methingWicked9 - 1 year ago

This is absolutely fantastic Good job.

KillerPerro - 2 years ago

Thanks for overall enjoying the piece. The real joy was making vore art around Casca.

The initial sketch was done in 30 minutes, with added muscle definition. I didn't really refine it, wouldn't care too because I still like the piece flawed or not, this is a sketch if anything. A very lucky one, but anatomy wasn't taken too much into account.

I'm glad you like the details. I mostly wanted to loosen myself with this piece. I did try out a lot of things for the first time here, but I'm satisfied with the result.

Glad you liked it! :D

DarkNeroInfini - 2 years ago

Ok before I dive into this critique, I want to preface it by saying something.

This is the kind of artwork you didn't know you wanted to see untill it existed so thank you for making Berserk and vore come together in a picturesque fashion.

Now onto business,
Using Casca as the pred gets a thumbs up because I don't see many dark skinned characters in simliar settings, the background does a good job of adding a sense of calm and tranquility while not being too eyecatching enough to shift the focus anywhere other than onto Casaca herself.

Now for the thing that got mentioned so much you made a blog about it and yes I mean Casca's spine. People pointed out how the spine is seemingly bend inward and out of shape. Here I'm going to stretch things by adding logic into this:
First considering the size of both Casaca (165cm & 50kg) and Griffith (178cm & 66kg), it does make sense for Casaca's posture to be the way it is due to Griffith's weight on her smaller frame and she is adjusting to it having presumably just eaten him. There is also the fact that the way Casca is framed isn't fully sidewards on but slighty turned to the right warping the perpective and impressing on the viewer that the struture is out.

Personally I'd suggest that more shine could have been added to Casaca's hair and skin like on her breasts or shoulders to show the light source to further emphasize the moisture of the water, I also feel the three spit droplets by her mouth aren't needed.

Aside from these, you have used great detail in the shading showing her musculature, the bulges of the belly itself, Casaca's battle scars and the colour contrast of her nipples & lips.

Lastly, Personally I would like to see a followup of this maybe showing Casca walking onto the bank holding the belly or something along those lines. Hope this has been helpful and looking forward to seeing more from you Killer :3

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

Regardless, I'm pretty sure that there's at least 4 problems with the sketch. I did the initial linework in 30 mins and really only defined it. Not fix it.

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

It doesn't have to do with criticism too much.

I can actually see what's off with the back. but I'm simply not too sure whether or not this is just some attempt at hitting me with some to draw list or something.

I can't be too sure.

Ringo's Garbage Day

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Same Size Bulge F/? Sweat Big Belly Female Pred ringo drill hair Twintails Puyo Puyo Puyo Puyo Tetris puyo pop Ringo Ando Sweaty Belly

Poor Ringo lost a match of Puyo Puyo, new rules dictate that Garbage Puyo will remain in your stomach as a form of Punishment. 

Turbotowns - 3 years ago

Lovely punishment! There's a few other Puyo Puyo Waifus I'd love to see lose~

Oligan - 3 years ago

I love artist who make drawings of obscure cute character ! Really good job !

PimpDaddyPichu - 3 years ago

She's lucky, tbh. This could have been Fever Garbage, which we all know is never ending.

lurker474 - 3 years ago

This is fantastic! I love her expression

KentaKoukuji - 3 years ago

Big-bellied Puyo Puyo waifus is something I can really get behind!

SerenaBlaze - 3 years ago

looks great~ <3

DarkDemon365 - 3 years ago

Ok i just got around to finely watch and finish highschool of the dead and i just stumble acrost this! Saeko is looking full tho... Hope she got enough time for her meal before them danm zombes come 0~0

Vdiem - 3 years ago

Looking good, feels like the hips are a bit too wide though.

PuritySpring - 3 years ago


Blackheartedreaper2 - 3 years ago

Oh hell yes, more obscure anime vore for the win.

Master of Gap, Gut of Master

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Chubby Digestion F/F Burp touhou Weight Gain Same Size Commission Belch Belching Post-Vore caress Female Prey Female Pred yukari yakumo post-digestion Burping Belly bulge yuyuko saigyouji Dialogue ghost girl youkai touhou project expanded breasts post-digestion weight gain speech bubble Stretched clothing caressing

Drawn for : Draconatedz:

Yuyuko is such a good friend. Teaching Yukari Yakumo how to eat others whole, the special kind of belly rubs to churn em up into a nice pudgy potbelly faster, even feeding some other curvy touhou gals she was planning on eating herself. All of this, without ever giving in to her growing temptations to dine on her tasty understudy. And what does she get in return? A one way trip down the stretched lips of the greedy gap youkai! It figures! And now,...
[ Continued ...

woshingo2 - 2 years ago

You are absolutly awesome
your art is awesome

lurker474 - 3 years ago

This is fantastic!

Kurczak48 - 3 years ago

Apart from for what theweirdone445 said,I also love the expression.~

theweirdone445 - 3 years ago

That bulge and her breasts are heavenly, awesome work.

Minnie Mouse

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Sketch Belly Anthro Digestion F/? Navel Implied Digestion Implied Vore Disney Big Belly Female Pred Minnie Mouse Capcom Rubber Hose Onomatopoeia Stomach Noises Magical Quest Magical Quest Starring Mickey Minnie

So, SpaghettiZ decided to show me his Minnie Mouse drawing a few hours before he finished it, and I showed him the Magical Quest series. Then this happened.

 SpaghettiZ 's version 

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

Don't make me try. I just did this for fun. I can see a dent in there though, I'm tempted to destroy it, but if I do, I may never go back.

I never even drew this character to the accuracy portrayed damn it. Don't make me try! Don't make me get the damn internet to break that armor of yours!

Deleted8gh198b51 - 3 years ago


Gold_King - 3 years ago

Gotta say, Minnie has never been on my list of fappable cartoon girls, vore or otherwise. And while this drawing doesn't warrant my usual catch phrase, it's pretty damn close.

Buggingbug8020 - 3 years ago

I love Minnie!

Vdiem - 3 years ago

Man this is crazy good.

Bookworm in Bed

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Belly F/F Drool Fatal Implied Digestion Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Belly bulge drooling Komaru Naegi danganronpa toko fukawa Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls

EDIT: Resolution fixed

Commission Drawing for  theweirdone445

Of Komaru Naegi from the DanganRonpa series. Sleeping, with a big belly full of Toko.

[ Continued ...

Kelly - 3 years ago

Sooo adorable ;3;

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

Thanks :)

auburntheprey - 3 years ago

This is super cute

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

The image is blurry after trying to re-upload.
It'll probably fix itself in a few.

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

So apparently the image is blurry after trying to re-upload.

Neneh Moly

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Breasts Belly Drool F/M Same Size Bulge Big Belly Male Prey Female Pred Capcom Dialogue Eco Fighters Neneh Molly Neneh Moly

So I started this a little over a week ago.

It's Nenah Molly from Capcom's ECO Fighters.


KillerPerro - 4 years ago

Capcom has a plethora of series people don't know about. I'm just dusting this one off is all. Lol

rabidPsionic - 4 years ago

Did Capcom abandon that series too?

Clover Filled

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Belly stuck Big Belly Clover post-digestion f/multiple frustrated Panty Shot 999 Zero Escape Clover Field

sketch commission for  theweirdone445

Clover from Zero Escape series 

Vdiem - 4 years ago

This was money well spent.

newwriter12111 - 4 years ago

I think this is the first Zero Escape vore I've ever seen. It's always good to see something new :)

Perfect Attendance

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Belly Digestion F/F Burp Commission Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Onomatopoeia Puella Magi Madoka Magica Stomach Noises Madoka Kaname Sayaka Miki burping up clothes Squished belly mahou shoujo madoka magica

Sketch Commission for  theweirdone445

Who wanted a follow up to my old drawing Madoka related drawing "Depths of Forbidden Love"

"The struggles of engaging in forbidden love have never been more apparent for the lovestruck middle schoolers. At least, for the still-solid Sayaka. The class period ended up interrupted numerous times by the sound of the first Kaname child pushing through the bluenette's intestinal...
[ Continued ...

Yuki_Akuma - 3 years ago

Man, I really like this. The concept of Sayaka just kinda casually digesting Madoka in public like that after... apparently not entirely intentionally eating her in the first place~?

SerenaBlaze - 3 years ago

Looks amazing, i really wish i could draw that style as good !

Vdiem - 4 years ago


KillerPerro - 4 years ago

Thanks man!

Vdiem - 4 years ago

Man, this is just fantastic!

Roll Wins!

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: F/? roll Big Belly fighting game Capcom fake screenshot Marvel vs. Capcom vorality roll-chan

Just a small thing i thought would be fun 

JohnnyF102 - 3 years ago

aw man it sounds nice though

KillerPerro - 3 years ago

Sorry, but no.

JohnnyF102 - 3 years ago

is this an actual game because i would play it

Turbotowns - 3 years ago

Did you make this? Impressive, now I want a Roll MUGEN vore edit.

JohnnyF102 - 3 years ago

if there isone that is lol

[SKETCH] Double Roll sketches

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Sketch Belly F/F Swallowing lineart roll Willing Invalid Tag Robot Rockman WIP Mega Man Capcom sprite edit Willing prey ecchipandaa roll-chan Roll-Chan EX KillerPero copy roll

My Roll-Chan collection will keep growing

two sketch previews of what i have had for a while

I tried drawing the second one the way  ecchipandaa probably would

KillerPerro - 4 years ago

I love your style! It's amazing. I'm glad to see this comment, its pretty uplifting :)

ecchipandaa - 4 years ago

Hey! Really nice :)

Furanz - 4 years ago

Always love some good Roll vore. She's suddenly quite popular now.
Absolutely adore that smug loli prey. That face is A+.

KentaKoukuji - 4 years ago

Yes, let the Roll-chan collection grow along with her gut - w-

Also love that little sprite in the corner

Drakira - 4 years ago

Love the copy roll's expression ^.^ something about devious preys make me smile

[SKETCH] Mami Handstand

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Sketch F/? lineart Panties Sweat Nudity preview Puella Magi Madoka Magica Nude Female Naked Female Naked pred Mami Tomoe Sweating small belly kyubey handstand Exposed Breasts KillerPero mahou shoujo madoka magica

Lineart sketch preview of Mami Tomoe doing a handstand with a small belly full o demon rat.

Critique would be appreciated 

PuritySpring - 4 years ago

This is simply amazing...

KillerPerro - 4 years ago

oh, ok. thanks for the bit of info, i tried adding a type of hang though, but also i tried to make it look as though it was constricted. i dunno guess i didn't take it into account much, however i dunno if drawing it any other way would work that well

thnx for the feedback

Furanz - 4 years ago

See, I was thinking that it could be more like a pregnant belly, but I thought a pregnant belly has both the baby and all the fluid around it, making it super tight - thus not moving much. Whereas with a small animal it would be just the animal in the stomach with a bit of acid, making it kind of loose, you know? Not like "all fat pot belly" loose but a bit of that ol' hang.

I actually don't know what I was thinking when I called it an awkward angle, I think because it was upside down, but you could always just rotate the page so I have no idea what was going through my mind, but just dismiss it.

KillerPerro - 4 years ago

Thanks for the comment, but.

It's possible to do that in real life. there are pregnant women who can do handstands. The belly weight doesn't really mean anything. especially since its small, just like a preganant woman, a small belly still maintains its place, though i did draw the effect of gravity on the tummy (Plus, i imagine kyubey is really light)

Also, i don't know how the angle can be considered awkward, just saying it's awkward isn't really telling me much. It's just Mami doing a handstand

Furanz - 4 years ago

Edit: The boobs are pulled down*

Trying to find a style

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KillerPerro

Tags: Belly Bulge Female F/? Blonde Sweat Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts Original Character Smug Sweating

Just whipped this sketch today, trying to find a type of drawing style or something. 

Mamerui - 3 years ago

this is a good style.

smog1 - 3 years ago


GregTheGrimm - 4 years ago

Lovin' this style <3

EmpDarkshadow - 4 years ago

Oh nice

Renael - 4 years ago

I really adore your style! Unfortunately, I don't know enough about art to give a proper critique, but the proportions and whantot seem fine as far as I can tell.

I do find it a little odd she's only really sweating from her neck though.

Blackheartedreaper2 - 4 years ago

Hot and scary at the same time.

SwordkingX5 - 4 years ago

I thought Toru was pissed cause Roll eat Kobayashi.
So she eat some people Roll knew

SirVile67 - 4 years ago

I know. I saw your other Roll pic before.

KillerPerro - 4 years ago


KillerPerro - 4 years ago

Not my first Roll image

Nesporn - 3 years ago

My girlfriend

Buttplug7789 - 3 years ago

That’s my girl

gulpin - 3 years ago

Wendy <3

KillerPerro - 4 years ago


lurker474 - 4 years ago

This is great!

PIUMaster765 - 3 years ago

Yup Roll-Chan is a Hack ROM of Mega Man 1 And Roll-Chan World is a ROM hack of the Mega Man Game boy games

RavenXeo - 3 years ago

If there is i wanna know~

PIUMaster765 - 3 years ago

Isn't there a ROM Hack that does that?

PIUMaster765 - 3 years ago

Isn't there a ROM Hack that does that?

KillerPerro - 4 years ago

thnx! planning on continuing with more Roll vore