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Gina had finally done it. Not only had she managed to get an interview with the government job, but she had made it past the preliminary interviews as well. So now she was sitting in the head of the department’s lobby, waiting for the final interview. Gina was a shorter human girl. She wore a dress shirt and a long skirt, and had a red bow settled in her dark black hair. As she sat there waiting, she couldn’t help but wonder who the person in charge was like. Were they nice; mean? It

Special Action Re-education

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F F/M Sex Human Prey Demi Pred Kay Sar worker rights violations Interns are for bully

What happens when you're an intern, your boss is some sort of ferret (or fox, dog, or cat thing), your human and your boss has an obsession with one of her employees?

Bad things happen, as Gina is about to learn.
This was another commission for Lockete and while I'm happy with the story itself, I'm also not happy with it because it doesn't portray the characters as well as I would have liked. Mostly some of the character traits are more pronounced...
[ Continued ...

KinoTheCat - 4 months ago


Special Action Re-education is being processed by Sar. Its a fun little play on her name. Kay's special in that he can come back, Gina... not so much.

SuperPotatoMane - 4 months ago

I'm a little confused. Is Special Action Re-education just a little quip about getting rid of her, or is Gina actually reforming somewhere? I know that Kay is coming back at least.

“… and as stated at the beginning of my report, this is my final update on the hive mind entity known as Mani. Attached to this report are my resignation documents. Thank you for my time with the I.X.F.”

Marcus leaned back in his chair after pressing the send button on his computer. He’d been sent here to study and learn more about the alien hive mi

The Hive Eternal

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Soul Vore Alien dating Male Prey insectoid semi-fatal non-binary pred Hive Mind Pred

Marcus was tasked with studying an alien Hive Mind has spent the last few years slowly falling in love with the strange alien race. His whole world has been this strange, alien like environment, but he's ready to give his final report to his federation. What lies in store for Marcus, now that he no longer is obligated to study this Hive Mind?

This was an anonymous commission, and one that I'm quite proud of. It was a major challenge for me, but...
[ Continued ...

Every day felt the same to Jacob. His daily routine only varied depending on if he had to go to work or school. He worked as a cashier in the local grocery store, so the most excitement he’d get is when someone would get snippy at him for not moving fast enough. On the flip side, his college classes were no better at keeping him engaged. They were the basic courses; not even what he was hoping to major in. The days seemed to merge together, and Jacob felt like he wasn’t amounting to


Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Non-Vore Magic science Male Prey Scientist androgynous examination

Jacob's life has seemed... formulaic lately. Go to work, go to school, come home, play games. Rinse and repeat. Yet, when an opportunity to become a part of something interesting occurs, will he take the offer and experience something he only ever thought about in his fantasies?
This was a fun commission ordered by  New that could possibly grow into a series and sequence of events. This specific story is a loooot of set up and world building, but...
[ Continued ...

You know, as much as I adore eating humans and making them a part of me, I can’t help but appreciate how innovative they are. They’re wonderfully gifted at making things, and this mirror is no exception. I’ve been working through this lovely little village I found, but its always nice to take a moment to admire oneself when you get the chance. After all, look at me. My hair is quite long, flowing down and resting just above my butt, and its got a lovely dark green color that ma

Meet Fororza

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore F/F pixie Bones first person teasing saint of ravens

Part 1 of 3 commissions I got to do for  the saint of ravens involving his world's pixies. They're quite different from your average pixie, but honestly the results of them visiting your village is probably the same!

This was a challenge Saint had me do in trying to write a story in first person. It was rough, I'm not used to first person perspective but I think I did an ok job here.  

Bright - 6 months ago

A very enjoyable story.

Houyo - 8 months ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I love her.

A cool breeze flowed through the forest as Kay, Kreia and Elisa worked on gathering fruits and berries for the banquet tonight. It was the start of summer, and the harpy village that Kreia and Elisa were apart of wanted to celebrate. This meant that everyone was going to provide for the evening’s events. While Kay wasn’t a harpy, he was considered a part of the village. It didn’t help that he liked helping the cute harpies, so when the two harpy sisters told him about their pla

A Summer Clearing

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Human Unbirth Digestion F/M Sex Reformation Harpy Cum Digestion Human Prey Harpy Pred Silly birbs many many lewds

This was a commission for Lockete~
Essentially, enjoy the beginning of Summer, where Kay the human, and Kreia & Elisa the harpies spend the day preparing for, and celebrating, the coming summer days. Though Kay's harpy friends seem to have... a lot more fun planned for them than he does!` 

KinoTheCat - 10 days ago

You want to know what else is pretty fucked up when you think about it? Eating people.

Its a fantasy; and its one that the commissioner wanted and enjoys. You gain nothing but calling it fucked up, especially when vore is a part of it as well.

Canonically, the characters do care about Kay, you don't get to decide that.

Destroyah23 - 10 days ago

When you think about it it’s kinda f’ed up. I mean just from this one reading you can tell that Kreia and Elise do this to him on a daily basis. That means that Kay has massive blanks in his memories, and while Kreia and Elise “care” about him, they don’t seem to care about how much they use Kay. In fact I’d go as far as saying he’s more of a sex toy than an actual partner/significant other. I’d be super pissed if I was blanking on my memory that much.

anonymous19999 - 10 months ago

very sweet, very nice

Julia was woken up by a text from her phone. The soft glow of the screen guided her foggy mind. She let out a quiet groan as she checked her phone. She had a new text, all lit up and ready to be read.
“Hey, you awake? We’re here and ready to go, so get your butt up and going before we drag you out to the party with us!”
Clare. She was trying to drag her to a party again. Julia had managed to avoid going to the last three parties, mostly because she hated being in crowds, bu

Strange Thoughts and Evenings

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Willing Shrinking Female Prey Growing Male Pred

So, to break through this writer's block I decided to sit down and write something for myself for a change.

This is what happened.
Being a shut-in, it takes Julia's friend dragging her to a party to get her out of her apartment. Despite her concerns, she meets someone that she can connect with, but strange events start to happen, and it will lead both her and her new friend through an evening of strange thoughts and feelings. 

kinkysliksinclair - 9 months ago

This was a great read! I love the build to the vore in the story kept me on my toes on what would happen next. The scene itself is vividly written and the details like the hot breath and the contrast of textures between tongue and mouth sell me on the realism! My only key critique would be to try and diversify your word uses in some areas. There's a part in the story where "enjoy" comes up 3 times pretty close together and that can be distracting sometimes. Otherwise keep up the great work

New - 10 months ago

Hmm? Well, I think it wouldn't have to be a demon so much as just some magic user with too much time on his/her hands and not enough to amuse him/herself.

And if you're looking for insights into willing prey...well, I might recommend the_Wolf for some quality stories in that regard.

And cheese is delicious, yes.

KinoTheCat - 10 months ago

Thanks a lot for the review xD

I'm not going to lie, the demon was sort of a last minute bit that I felt I could be vague enough with to make it seem like something was influencing them but not "Poof suddenly demon to explain everything."

I also really wanted to write something cute and not unwilling, cause I have a bad habit of naturally making my own pieces filled with unwilling. So I wanted to try and guide it to a willing mindset and had no idea how else to do it. xD

I'm glad to see that it worked out nicely, and that the flow felt natural and good. And heyyy, who doesn't love a little forced cheesiness in a romantic piece? : D

New - 10 months ago

In hopes of breaking through the writer's block more, a thorough review:

An enjoyable story. Odd to see a demon trying to bring people together in love, even if there's going to be a good amount of sexual feeling in the meantime, but I welcome it. Need to get back to that story series I have about a demon forced into good...

Anyway...the writing was well done. The whole introduction was something that I could sympathize with, minus the overenthusiastic best friend...though if you make a sequel out of this, I can already picture her pestering Julia relentlessly until she gets the truth. Then again, if it was just a dream...*Shrugs.* Anyway, I think that it was just the right amount of buildup and background, though I can imagine plenty of people just skipping ahead for the vore regardless. Maybe open with a little bit of teasing of what's to come? Like, have a flash of a demon licking his lips or something? Whet the appetite, so to speak.

The slow growth of a bond between Julia and Vincent, well done. The only line in all of that that kind of bugged me was the one starting with "Me too!" and describing the magic show, that part of the exchange just felt a little bit forced. The more scene, just enough buildup and magic to make it perfectly believable. The calming way that they just accept it, even if it is under magic influence...mmm. Hard to say how I feel; both of them were willing and happy in the end, but with the coercion and suggestion, hard to say...maybe they'd want to try it again, though, and from there it'd be natural.

I'm a sucker for happy endings, so I love what you did here. No explanation? No problem. It just works here, and whether it happens again or not, it's the start of a lovely relationship.

I hope that this helps; anything that I missed or was vague on, let me know and I can touch on it more. Want to be of help to you.

KinoTheCat - 10 months ago

Thank you! <3

The sound of weapons clashing, groans of pain, and an announcer’s declaration of victory filled Julien’s living room. It was early in the morning and sitting on Julien’s couch was a short, curvy redheaded girl. Cara had stayed the night playing various games with Julien, but it seemed that she had risen early this morning in order to practice. She was playing an obscure fighting game that came out recently. Julien usually was able to acquire more indie titles, and he loved tryi

Gaming for Breakfast

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion Weight Gain M/F Absorption Bulge Swallowing Willing Female Prey Butt Expansion Male Pred sentient fat

Julien has acquired a new fighting game, and Cara wants to use this as an attempt to actually beat Julien at a game for once, but when she makes a joking bet to a tired Julien, she finds a lot more on the table then just "who makes breakfast."

This was a commission for  rjkirentol with a final word count of 4151. I had a lot of fun with this and this is also the debut of my character Julien, a gamer boy who enjoys making bets and eating people he...
[ Continued ...

KinoTheCat - 1 year ago

Oh wow, this means a lot! Thank you for the wonderful comment, and I'm really glad you liked the story so much!

I won't lie, I love the dubious willing that vore can bring, and its important for me as a writer to try and make the characters feel dynamic. <3 I'm glad that they came across the way they did!

Thank you <3

CheeseTheCluelessUke - 1 year ago

Oh God, I loved this so much! It’s right in the perfect spot between an unwilling and willing prey and both a loving yet also dominating pred that it hits all my buttons at once. The characterization of both Julian and Cara was really well done, and the descriptive language was on point. One of the best stories I’ve read in a while, and it makes me wonder how I’m not watching you yet! Seriously, amazing story.

rjkirentol - 1 year ago

<3 <3 thank you so much kino I absolutely adore this piece ^^. Love your work as always and always happy to commission you~

Story Based Commissions


Commissions will be roughly 10$ per 1k words. This will be discussed before the story starts and not afterwards. You will pay for the length of the story you want.

Example: 5k words = 50$, 8k words = 80$, 20k words = 200$


Story Commissions (Open)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

I'm in need of a few extra coins, so I'm opening up story commissions.

To Order a commission, please PM me the story idea you're interested in having written and the information required to write the story well.

The more information you give me, the better the story can be!  

KinoTheCat - 1 year ago

Yes, characters that are from anime, books, games are not characters that I feel comfortable writing due to not having a full grasp of the characters themselves.

Most times, a person can give enough information about their own characters that I can work with it easily enough, but having to go and scour multiple forms of media to understand a character isn't nearly as easy to pull off.

C107galaxytachyon - 1 year ago

I’m guessing that that ‘no media’ policy also extends to animé, books, games, etc. Is that correct?

The crackling of a campfire accompanied Ashley’s quiet night in the woods. She had decided to go camping out so she could visit a lake that one of her friends told her about. It took her all day to find the place, and once she had finally gotten her tent and a fire set up, the sun had already set. The moon had risen and both moonlight and glittering stars glimmered off of the surface of the lake. The lake was vast, and she couldn&r

Unyielding Currents

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/F Reformation Transformation grim Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Human Prey merman

So, this Christmas time I participated in a wonderfully fun Secret Santa Event, and the person I had to make a Secret Santa Present for was  Thorstone

We've got a poor girl going out camping alone, but sometimes being alone can be dangerous. Thankfully for her, someone lives out this deep into the forest, but even if he saved her once, how dangerous could he possibly be?  


The forest was soft and quiet this evening. The only sound that Cara could hear was the crunch of foliage beneath her feet. The sun was rapidly setting and while she hated to admit it; she was very lost. She had been spending the last few days camping in the woods with her friends, but today she wanted to go exploring. Enjoy the


woods by herself; see if she coul

Lost in the Lights

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Hypnosis Unwilling Implied Digestion Human Prey Cara Kain Naga Pred

Sometimes its not a good idea to go wandering off while you're camping with a friend. Sometimes the woods has its dark little secrets.
And sometimes someone else is camping, and able to make you do things you're not quite sure you should be doing. Woops.
This was a commission for rjkirentol about a few of his cuties running into my naga Kain, who's quite capable of hypnotizing people with his glimmering, sparkly tail.  

Six months. It had been six months since Kino had heard from his fiancé. He had been tending to a few potions and projects the previous night when he had gotten the excited phone call from Tzelle. She quickly explained that something had happened that had caused her to be unable to really… be herself during the last six months, and she’d finally gotten freed. When Kino heard this, he couldn’t help but grin and tease her. He knew

Lover's Reunion

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Anthro Digestion F/M M/F Sex Reformation Non-Fatal Demi Willing Implied Digestion Cum Digestion Cum Transformation Kino Tzelle

So Tzelle's been off having adventures all the time, but after a good long time being out and about Kino is quite excited to learn that she's coming back.

And when she comes home, they're going to have quite the fun time together~
A commission I did for Tzelle involving Kino and Tzelle having some lovely fun together after meeting again after a long time apart. 

The crackling of the warm fire was the only comfort Sarah had on this cold, dark night. She’d been out here for three days, and yesterday she had run out of the last of her food she had taken with her. She hadn’t prepared for a long excursion into the wilds, she had only come out to the local national park to take a hike through the hill path. Instead, she was trapped in a sea of wood and foliage, unable to find her way home. She was pushing the third night since the freak accident t

Lost among wings

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Human Digestion M/F Same Size Fatal Harpy Macro/Micro Shrinking Human Prey Growing Harpy Pred

So, its been a long time since I've uploaded anything, but I got really inspired to write a story a few days ago and this sort of just... happened.

A girl who loves to go out hiking finds herself lost and alone in the woods after an accident stranded her out in the middle of nowhere, but after making a desperate choice, she finds she's not as alone as she thought.  

Bright - 1 year ago

Really like it when prey gets their size back right after getting eaten.

KinoTheCat - 1 year ago

I think the only thing I didn't make too apparent was that he was a Raven based harpy, so taking those clothing to remember her by was something I'm glad I added~

I'm really really happy to hear that the chase was suspenseful and hey maybe one day I'll subvert the whole site and let the girl get away! hahaha.... naaahhhh. x3

lesbiandefensesquad - 1 year ago

This was so good! Honestly the chase was really suspenseful--even if we all knew how it was going to end, haha. Shrinking prey is fun, too: you get the fun of mouthplay with the fullness of same-size prey. I love how he took her clothing back to his nest to remember her by!

KinoTheCat - 1 year ago

Ahhh I'm glad you liked it! <3 magic Mushrooms is always a silly little thing that I enjoy, and if there are harpy boys why not shrinking mushrooms that he can taunt someone for being silly enough to eat them? She really should have known better.

Yes, I'm going to squeeze in that regrowth method when I can cause I'm trasssshhhhhh. <3 Very glad to hear you enjoyed the chase and the mid-air catch~ >u>

I actually had to rewrite the whole falling scene cause when I originally wrote it, it was a bit... too dark for my liking. <<;;

Chameleonette - 1 year ago


But seriously, this was great stuff, Kino! Mushrooms that shrink was an interesting approach to take with it. Really like the harpy guy you created, too! This was very nicely written, the chase scene was great, and OOF mid-air catching with the mouth and eating was VERY good. Loved the details.

And I see you went for the regrowth method, too! Hahaha. Well-played, indeed. I like that he kept a little reminder of her, too. (Or two, rather, as that pudgy belly certainly counts!)

Also, I liked the (un?)intentional irony of her feeling lucky from surviving the falls without injury, etc, thanking her lucky stars, and in the end, she gets eaten alive by a harpy guy. SO MUCH FOR LUCK. lol


It had been a long day for


. He had just gotten done dealing with work in order to keep a steady flow of money going to finance the house that he and his roommate live in.


was a younger man, roughly twenty five years old, but he was well trained as a soldier. Protecting the town and training othe

That's Not What That Means

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Dragon M/M Non-Fatal implied scat Full tour Human Prey Anthro Pred fight scene

Commissioned by Anonymous

Noah and Scorch belong to Anonymous

Noah comes home from a long day of protecting the town, only to find his roommate lazing about on the couch. A bet is made, and a deal is struck by Noah's frustration. Yet, can Noah handle the consequences of his threats?

This was a fun one to write. I love that I got to try my hand at a simple fighting scene, so let me know how you felt about it!

This was a 5k word...
[ Continued ...

The Curious Case of Sarah Valentine

Part 3: Four Weeks & A Heartfelt Goodbye

It had been four weeks since Sarah arrived in Stark’s manor. It had been three weeks since Gina left the manor in the same way that Linda had. Sarah was sitting in the arm chair that Stark had been in when she first saw him in his home. She felt a mix

The Curious Case of Sarah Valentine Part 3

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/F Fatal Human Prey Anthro Pred

This is part 3 of 3 of a story commission for  new

Four weeks have passed since Sarah accepted Stark's offer. With the arrival of a new guest, she finds that its time for her to experience her fate 

New - 2 years ago

I strive to make vore sensual rather than sexual in my stories, whether I write them, commission them, or both. An act of love and affection rather than simple lust and hunger. Kino captured the essence magnificently, and I'm glad to see that you liked it as well.

New - 2 years ago

I strive to make vore sensual rather than sexual in the stories I commission. An act of love and affection rather than simple lust and hunger. Kino captured the essence magnificently, and I'm glad to see that you liked it as well.

KinoTheCat - 2 years ago

PM me. I have a thread in the artist valley that explains my rates as well.

Combat - 2 years ago

And what are your rates?

KinoTheCat - 2 years ago

I do.

The poor girl woke up with her head throbbing in pain. One moment she was out for a jog, the next there was a sharp stinging pain in her neck and everything had gone dark. She looked around to see that she was in an unfamiliar land. It was like everything was larger


they had ever been before and once she started 

to look around she was able to spot items that were similar to what she ha

Kidnapping Surprise

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Digestion M/F Macro/Micro Shrinking Female Prey kidnapping Growing Male Pred semi-graphic digestion


I decided to throw a fit because I couldn’t get my head straight working on any of the stories I was writing, and instead decided to just sit down and write some good ol’ garbage. I started this at about…. 6:30 and its now 9:10 so this took about two and a half hours Wooooo.  

Chameleonette - 3 years ago

Just had to leave a little comment here for you, too! Really nice little story, Kino! The vore details were just lovely and I enjoyed how you wrote Sarah and her fight to the end!

KinoTheCat - 3 years ago

I'm glad you liked it! I like writing details and describing things, even if I get a bit wordy sometimes. xD

KinoTheCat - 3 years ago

Yeah, I really liked Sarah. And part of me wanted to put in a little ending saying she woke up, since she hoped for it to be a dream. Poor thing.

I'm glad you liked it!I had a lot of fun making Sarah a fighter instead of her just sort of... giving up in her predicament.

Reiyali - 3 years ago

All around I liked it! Poor Sarah though, I did like how she acted and her reactions

Reiyali - 3 years ago

Very well written albeit with a few mistakes!

Kino Pixels

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Non-Vore Kino

So, I'm trying to learn pixel arts and stuff, and I'm really working pretty hard to do well with this.

I want to start opening up small commissions for this kind of stuff. I'd say 5 dollars or so but that's really cheap considering this took me about 8 hours to do. xD 

LastRider100 - 3 years ago

Oh, what the hell? I was following you the entire time. Of course I was. - Rob.


Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Catgirl Catboy M/F Demi Post-Vore Implied Digestion Kino

So, looks like Kino's gotten a hold of a cutie cat that goes by the name of Amy! Silly thing keeps shouting stuff about him being an inferior cat, but it looks like she's the one who's going to be apart of him in a few hours~

Amy belongs to :Saint of Ravens:
Kino belongs to me 

The Saint of Ravens - 4 years ago

How could this happen... silly inferior cats, trying to gurgle their betters!

Kino's lovely maw~

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Mawshot Pre-Vore Kino

So I've been getting back into drawing lately and I decided to start by creating a maw shot of Kino. I wanted to practice detailing the insides of a mouth and show what cuties get to see before slipping down Kino's throat. >U> Mrehehe <3 

HungrySuccubus - 4 years ago


Epic Chest Ahead

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: F/F Absorption Breast Vore Final Fantasy Final Fantasy VII Tifa Lockhart

Sorry, been watching people play too much Dark Souls.

Any who! I got a new commission a few days ago. I was to do my very first multi-panel picture, and boy do I appreciate artists who create comics now more then ever.

This was fun. Really really fun. If for some reason you're not sure what's happening, the girl is being pushed into Tifa's chest until... pop~ All gone~ <3  

TiffanyIsa - 6 years ago

Tifa~ <3

TiffanyIsa - 6 years ago

Tifa~ <3

KinoTheCat - 6 years ago

Hurray for Dark soul references. XD

KinoTheCat - 6 years ago

Thank you! :D

KinoTheCat - 6 years ago

xD Ya, it probably is amazing chest or something. I don't play it, was just watching it and thought it'd be a fun title for the commission picture. :3

Thanks for the comment though. :3

Sneaking Terror

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Pre-Vore

I wonder if she feels like someone's reading over her shoulder.

This was a commission for Rehulk involving his girlfriend PoorRichGirl.

That.... strange creature behind her is supposed to be a Terror Hound. As difficult as it was to figure out just how I was going to draw and color it, I had a lot of fun with it, especially drawing that gaping maw behind her. :3

Thanks for the commission! I hope you guys like it! :D  

Bright - 6 years ago

That's one creepy hound.

KinoTheCat - 6 years ago



Vorefreak - 6 years ago

Zuul, motherf**er, Zuul!

On a mount of... Dresses?

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Ryla post-everything

You sure those are dresses? Looks like a tattered pile of clothing to me... maybe.

Anywho. Gregole commissioned me to draw a picture of her lovely Ryla being a bit squishier then normal, and considering the pile of dresses she's sitting on, I think we can all guess why she's so squishy. As much as I complained about drawing the pile of clothing, I had a blast drawing this picture, and in the end I enjoyed shading the clothing as well.

Thank you for the lovely...
[ Continued ...

Bright - 6 years ago

Hehe, Squishy Ryla. I like that.

Azure Commission

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Non-Vore

AzureJess on DA commissioned me to make an image of TwistedMelody's character Eileen laying on her tummy and looking at the viewer.

This was my first commission, and I had a lot of fun drawing this and making this for her.  

Bright - 6 years ago

Cute rendition of the character.

KinoTheCat - 6 years ago

Ya, its not perfect, and I definitely see what you mean. x.x; I'm not entirely sure how to actually fix that sadly. Not yet anyways. >.<;

NekoYuki - 6 years ago

looks really nice kino, but, despite placement of her arm, looks like she's missing her left breast :o

anyway your art's gotten lots better and it still looks pretty nice

KinoTheCat - 6 years ago

Thank you! :3

Draegonx - 6 years ago

Nice Kino :O

The final bell rang on a Friday
afternoon at Gelbrial Middle School, and Ms. Alison’s class let out
a loud cheer of hurray’s because of it. Many of the students rushed
out of the class room, but three students were crowding around Ms.
Alison’s desk. Two of the students were small, red panda girls of
relatively the same size. One of the girls was dressed up like most
girls, all nice and in a cute dark red skirt, while the other girl
was dressed up in shorts and a t-shirt, obviously trying t


Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: F/F Non-Fatal Anal Sex Endosoma CTF

A new story! Hurray!
So, my girlfriend and I had this idea of our characters giving each other 'detention' after their classes, and well, this idea struck.

For further detail about the two characters:



Edit: For some reason, it doesn't start tabbing until half way through the story. I don't know why. Sorry. x.x 

Eladrin - 7 years ago

Great story. Like all of your tales the characters are well written and the endings are always nicely done. Please keep writing

xblurp - 7 years ago

I think I mentioned some things in the absorption thread, but I liked the character's personalities, how almost casual it was for something like that to happen, the daughter's reaction at the end, and I guess the overall set up. Oddly enough it brings up a little nostalgia of high school. I liked the way the absorption scene was done. There were a few ways that it could have gone when her legs were being absorbed, but I think you got the words right. And as I said in the thread I just found it to be creative as far as the plot/situation for the "pred/prey" and a bit ironic considering the way of relieving stress.

KinoTheCat - 7 years ago

Thanks! :D
Anything in particular you liked about it? :3

xblurp - 7 years ago

Good story! XD

olddud - 7 years ago


One day, many years before humanity
knew of the various strange creatures that existed within this world,
there was a puddle of goo. How this puddle of goo came to exist, no
one knows. The puddle however, woke up one morning simply knowing one
this one thing: I am. After a few moments of knowing that it
existed, it felt another concept seem to drift into its
consciousness: Hungry.
The puddle of goo didn’t have a
stomach, nor any real form of locomotion, but it felt compelled to
try and move.

Chapter 1: I exist

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: KinoTheCat

Tags: Slime

So, I've finally gotten back into the swing of things with writing, and what better way to show off then by showing the first chapter of a story I'm working on?

Ever wonder what its like to wake up one day as a puddle of goo? Well Chapter 1 starts us off with a strange sentient puddle of goo. As it quickly learns more about itself and its surroundings, it can't help but feel a need for... companionship. 

MysteriousPlan - 2 years ago

Is this story dead? Seems like a shame, considering it's the closest thing to one of my favorite goo/slime vore stories, The Turnabout is Fairplay. (Not the one on Eka, on Deviantart, but it's probably gone by now...)

KinoTheCat - 7 years ago

Thanks! I'm glad you like it so far~ Hopefully I'll be able to get new chapters up soon enough that are quite nice~ :3

Negator - 7 years ago

This is a very interesting start to a story, I like it. :)

“You’re sure this is going to
work, and everything will be fine?” Ken asked Sandy softly.
“Of course it will, I’m an old
pro, remember?” She said softly, looking up at him with those
beautiful green eyes.
They had met through the internet.
Much like many people now a days, the internet had acted as a bridge
over the gap of invisibility that the real world seemed to place upon
everyone now and again. Ken had learned about a community that worked
towards making the fantasy of ‘vo

Christmas Eve is made for love~

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So, I asked a friend of mine if she was ok with me writing her a story. She definitely was, and after hammering out what we would both like in the story, I started to get to work. It took me all day this Christmas Eve, but I'm happy with the final product. <3

Merry Christmas Taber! I hope you enjoy your gift. <3

And Merry Christmas to everyone else! May your Christmas be as wonderful as Sandy and Ken's will be. :D 

The day was getting pretty late,
and Zinny had spent all of it preparing for a large feast of lovely
woman. She had gathered around twenty ladies, and couldn’t help but
lick her lips at her day’s work. Zinny was a squishy brunette. She
wasn’t overly fat, but her curves were padded just enough to keep
her from being called skinny. She was in one of those lovely sweet
zones between fat and skinny when it came to her body type. She was a
bit taller than your average woman, for she stood at ar

Twenty to None

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A friend of mine requested that I write a short story involving someone basically gorging them self and enjoying the whole experience.

Its a bit short, and it took me only a little bit to write, but I hope you enjoy the short story. Even if its just one of those stories to satisfy our vore urges <3 

hamletvalley - 4 years ago

I know this is short, but I still really dig this one :3

shwarzwald - 7 years ago

No problem. ^^

KinoTheCat - 7 years ago

Thanks. ^^
I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for the comment. <3

shwarzwald - 7 years ago

Not bad. It wasn't overly long, but not too short.

The Spider and the Fly:
Late one Saturday night, John found
himself at the Trinity Bar in Yestermor. It was a nice and cozy
place. The lights were dimmed just a tad, and there was soft music
playing throughout the Bar. Like John, many other people were sitting
on bar stools, enjoying a few drinks of their own, and why not?
Wasn't it a wonderful Saturday night with a clear starry sky? The
shining moon, only viewable by patrons sitting by a window (John not
being one of those said patrons), gleame

The Spider and the Fly

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The first of hopefully many short stories I'm going to write this month.

A man finds himself drunk as a skunk and needing a place to clear his head, he goes to the forest park, where someone has been hiding in the depths, waiting for him.

The vore scene is simply implied instead of actually seen in the story. My apologizes to those who were looking for a detailed vore scene. <3  

It seemed like an average ordinary
Friday night at the college dorms. A small group of friends were
getting together to have a party. This small group of friends
consisted of two lovely ladies, and both of their boyfriends. So, it
really was just a small get together amongst friends to celebrate
having passed their finals. They wouldn’t see each other until the
winter break was over, and they wanted to give themselves a wonderful
send off.
The four of them had decided on
going out into the

Winter's End

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Four friends find themselves at the end of their winter semester, so they go out and try to celebrate their night. Its a shame it will be the very last night any of them have together.

Contains: Cock vore, F/mmff, Oral vore, digestion, cum digestion, and scat.

Mmm, this took me about three hours to type up and come up with after having a nice long chat with Kinami. <3 I made it as a gift for her, and hope that both her, and all of you enjoy it. <3 

Demicus - 7 years ago

Nicely done!

Michael Palic - 7 years ago


KinoTheCat - 7 years ago

If you got bored while reading my story, then don't read it. I appreciate you trying to read it, but if it doesn't keep you interested then don't read it. =/

Michael Palic - 7 years ago

I read about 6 paragraphs, but then I got bored...

KinoTheCat - 7 years ago

Please don't tell me that you've skipped up until the vore part. =/

The young man sat at his desk,
unsure what to write. It had been like this for days now, sitting at
his desk, unsure what to do. He couldn’t take it anymore. Where was
his muse when he needed it; that simple spark within his mind to keep
him going, to make his mind wonder at its marvelous ideas? He groaned
and tossed his pencil onto the table in frustration.
Meet John. He is having what lots
of aspiring writers call writers block. The young, five foot seven
inch tall man sighed and took a st

Inner Muse

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A story I started to write to help deal with my writers block.

I think I did pretty well in squelching said writer's block, though I don't know how I feel about the vore scene itself.

I've always been about enjoying the whole story, so have a read, let me know what you think. =) 

Bright - 7 years ago

I thought it was quite the nice story.

Even before night had fallen, the crackling and popping of fireworks going off in the street could be heard by Sarah. The slim, brunette woman was sitting on the porch of her home, enjoying the last few hours before night fell upon the fourth of July. Her emerald green eyes watching as her neighbors gathered in the street, setting off small fireworks. They wouldn't get another chance to set these small ones off once night fell. Sarah chuckled as she watched a boy's father help him light one of t

Fourth of July treat

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Well, I gave myself a challenge today. Think of a theme, and then start writing a story around that theme at 12 o'clock pacific coast time today. Since tomorrow is the 4th of July, I decided to base it around that. I was hoping to be done before the 4th, and technically, I am. :D

Let me know what you liked and didn't like about the story, I am aware of my inability to figure out tenses, but hopefully it isn't nearly as bad as it tends to be. ^^ I hope you all enjoy~
[ Continued ...

UserMan90 - 1 year ago


KinoTheCat - 8 years ago

Thanks! ^^ I appreciate criticism and love hearing the opinions of everyone who's read my stories. :3

I probably did overplay him a bit, though the lawn scene was supposed to remind the reader of a grouchy old man, more as a joke more then anything. lol

kidclef - 8 years ago

This is very good stuff. I think Jake was a little overplayed as a character, though: when we first meet him he seems more like a grouchy old man instead of a jerkish 18-year-old. However, that's just my opinion. Either way, this is a very good story and I hope to see more in the future.

sgtpepper500 - 9 years ago

i enjoyed this as well

KinoTheCat - 9 years ago

Thank you ^^ I'm glad you enjoyed it. =3

The rain pitter pattered against the ground, uncaring of the events it fell upon. Julie ran through the back alleys of the city, the sound of rain and heavy footsteps chased after her. She had lost her purse when a man suddenly jumped her.

She had struggled and managed to get away, but she lost her purse in the process. In her panicked state, she ran into one of the many back alleys in this city. The man took pursuit of her as the rain fell upon the world.

Julie ran, jumping over debris a


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A woman is attacked by a mad man and then left for dead, but something has better plans for her.

Its been a while since I posted a story, and I hope you all like it. =)Leave me a comment on what you liked and didn't like. =D

Also, if you have any requests for a type of story, let me know that as well.

Enjoy reading~

Also! This story was inspired by the artist AzureChromatic. Her gooey art was the inspiration for this story. ^^' 

quizmaster - 9 years ago

Wow! Awesome concept man!

KinoTheCat - 9 years ago

Thanks. ^^ I appreciate you taking the time to look. =)

And I do plan on having a sequel to this story, so I will try to make the next one longer. I tend to have issues with writing a large amount, because I feel like I can get long winded on parts and then people lose interest. I'll do my best to make the next one longer though. =3

And yes, revenge shall be served~ <3

Imrhys - 9 years ago

i saw you post this in;t=13121&p=981775#p976936 and well had to at least look.

I found myself wishing it was longer, particularly the absorption itself. How it felt happening to her, what it felt like as their minds merged, and more on her learning about their new body, or even the ooze giving her some last thoughts after she woke up. But I love the idea of her getting to get some good ole fashioned revenge <3

It was a pleasant day outside. The rain had stopped the day before, and Rick was going for a walk in the local forest park. The air was clean, and it amazed him how close this forest was to the city he lived in. It was such a nice day today, and the forest was filled with the dripping noise of water falling off of the trees. The rain from yesterday had caused the forest to be filled with the smell of rain, and the fact that the forest was alive made Rick feel even more amazed.

Rick lived a v

Don't Let Go

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Tags: Plant ?/MF

So, I tried to do a story that involved a plant as the predator, thus you have this.

I haven't really done digestion in my stories simply because I'm not a good enough writer to show digestion. I also like to let the reader decide the final outcome to most of my stories. ;)
Rick, your average 17 year old, goes for a walk in the park. Only to discover that it could just be his last. 

xsilverwarrior7 - 7 years ago

Good story there.

Dastier - 9 years ago

I like how they ended up "together" during their last minutes.

KinoTheCat - 10 years ago

Thanks for the helpful advice. ^^' I will make sure to try and incorporate metaphors and the like in my future stories. =)

MaxTwenty - 10 years ago

Kind of interesting o.o

Might wanna proofread harder next time, as spellcheckers don't catch things like "The vines lead down" (led) and "Her pants where torn and a stick slime"(were, sticky). To shake things up a bit and draw the reader in a bit more effctively, you may also want to try adding metaphor and that sort of thing.

Otherwise, pretty decent o.o

KinoTheCat - 10 years ago

Thanks =D
I'm glad you liked it. =)

In a small house in a small out of the way town, a young couple was getting ready for their day. The two lived with each other and they both loved each other. Jacob woke up from a dreamless night. He looked around and noticed that Sarah was awake. He got out of bed, stretched and yawned, and then went off to look for Sarah. She wasn't hard to find, seeing as she was getting herself ready in the bathroom. Jacob wasn't too tall, and when he walked up behind Sarah, he only stood a few inches tall t

Lover's Delight

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Tags: Absorption Implied Digestion F/fm goo girl

This is a co-op story I wrote with a friend who goes by Tala. She didn't want me to post her deviant art account, so I won't. =P
A couple are about to go celebrate their one year anniversary together, when they find an unexpected guest in their home.  

smashman - 7 years ago

I like it.

Neznamy - 7 years ago

Well it's still nice, and I know how you feel about getting feedback so your welcome.

KinoTheCat - 7 years ago

I'm glad you read it too! :D Thanks for the comment, its always nice to see someone enjoying my stories, though this was a collaboration with a friend, so I can't take all the credit. :3

Neznamy - 7 years ago

This was a good story man, I'm glad that I read it.

Dastier - 9 years ago

Interesting twist. I thought the wife was gonna UB him or something at first before I saw there was a creature in their room. Nicely written.

He had just finished telling a family about how their daughter had disappeared, and that he had no leads yet. It had been two weeks since the family had contacted him, and he had yet to find any leads. No leads, no body, no clues. The family didn't enjoy paying him for his services, seeing as his services weren't good enough, but he still needed to eat. They should be grateful he halved his price. Mike's Investigation services weren't the best, but it was the cheapest. For the small amount of wo

Pier Pressure

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Tags: Mermaid Rain Privet Eye Pier

This is the first part of a story series I'm working on.
A privet detective is having troubling finding even a clue to the case he is on. So, he goes to a pier to relax and try and think of something. He meets a women who may have a lead to his case, but at what cost will the information be? 

sevensix - 1 year ago

Is that still the case?

KinoTheCat - 10 years ago

Well, I do plan on continuing the story from Mike's perspective, encountering various other monsters and hopefully finding what happened to Amy.

And thank you =3

Fischie - 10 years ago

This story is really interesting so far and I'd like to know how it continues.
Especially the last paragraph is written and on my opinion you would do nothing wrong if you continue like that.

Chapter 1

Janson didn't know why he was here, he just was. The twenty-one year old had just been broken up with by his girlfriend. They had been dating for two years and she had decided that he was crazy and couldn't be with him anymore. He understood why, he had been having dreams of weird creatures becoming human and prowling the streets and bars for prey, human prey to be exact. What had disturbed Janson was that people were disappearing and the news was investigating these sudden disappea


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Tags: Absorption violence Monster girl Minor blood

So, this is my very first vore story. It takes place in a fictional world that parallels our own world.
A man goes to a bar to deal with some issues and meets a stranger who may be more then she appears.  

xsilverwarrior7 - 7 years ago

Good story

MrQuarantine - 8 years ago

Wow very creative I like how ur actually trying to make a series out of it I can't stand when people have a great idea and their just like 1 and done no u can take it so much farther anyway I digress but fantastic none the less can't wait 2 c what happens next : )

KinoTheCat - 10 years ago

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. =D

Darkwarrior676 - 10 years ago

It's pretty good so far, can't wait to see the rest of it.