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It was normal for roommates to accidentally walk in on each other once in a while. Toby and Richard had their fair share of such interactions, only made extra awkward by their slight attraction to one another, but this really took the icing on the cake.

“Hey Rich, have you seen...” Toby trailed off, eyes wide at the site before him. Richard was spread out on top of his bed covers, naked as the day he was born. He was panting as Richard franticall

Make Me Feel Good

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: KittensMittens67

Tags: M/M Anal Vore Masturbation Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Shrinking Betrayal Male Prey Male Pred implied fatal human dildo g/t human sex toy human toy g/t vore

Richard and Toby are best friends with romantic tension who have different views of tinies. Toby sees them as people, and Richard sees them as pets. One day, Toby gets hit with the shrinking virus, and Richard is left feeling very conflicted...and very horny. 

KittensMittens67 - 4 months ago

Ooooh I love the way your mind thinks, I just might go and right an AU where Toby's forced to use Nick as well. ???? Dang that could be good

Brenden1k - 5 months ago

I wonder if Richard might of actually dug nick out alive, either to reuse him or as a present for Toby.

I wonder about a AU where Richard gets Toby to be mean to tiny, by telling him if he does not he be meaner in his place.

Brenden1k - 5 months ago

This is just wonderful. The mix of caring and cruelty is both rare in fics and a great idea.

“Frick, babe.” Ethan said, stroking himself as he fondled at his balls. “I can’t wait to feel you inside.”

His shrunken girlfriend stood before him, shifting from foot to foot. “I hope it’s not too messy in there.” Diana admitted, wanting to enjoy herself if possible. It had taken a lot of convincing on Ethan’s part for Diana to agree to this, finally swayed by the idea of being the

Inserted and Forgotten

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: KittensMittens67

Tags: Oral Vore F/F M/F Commission Cock Vore Macro/Micro Blowjob Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred Implied Fatality Male Pred g/t Willing to unwilling prey g/t vore

Diana consents to getting cock vored by Ethan, but then Ethan forgets she is there. Ethan then gets a blowjob from Kathy, who has no idea Diana is still inside.

Commissioned by @vulnerableshrink on tumblr. 

Frednurk - 7 days ago

Damn, girlfriends being swallowed by the other woman is my number one fantasy

Nalzindar - 1 month ago

This was hot and sexy, I loved every moment of this story that was neiter too long or too short and quick to action :D
The cock vore was great, the blowjob awesome and the ending extremely satisfying in how Kathy unawaringly swallowed Diana along with Ethan’s entire orgasm!
If you ever get into the mood for it, I would love to see some kind of continuation if this or a similar story:3

Hawkeye7 - 3 months ago

Wow, Cock vore isnt usually my thing .. but OMG this was incredible. The description of poor Diana was fantastic. Amazing, well done.

TaystyTaylor - 4 months ago

It's always so hot when willing becomes unwilling due to the pred just forgets; this is extremely good stuff~!

KittensMittens67 - 4 months ago

Yes, it's definitely a great end to the night! I'm a big fan of tinies being treated as disposable toys, and some cock vore mixed with a blowjob is a fantastic depiction of that.