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Villain Detainment: Polarity

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Soft Vore Absorption Same Size Cock Vore Futanari Non-Fatal Transformation Willing experiment Melting Cum Digestion science Voyeurism shocked Male Prey Female Pred Cock Growth Jiro Disposal Implied reformation exhibitionism dickgirl sounding condom cumgestion Cum Transformation midnight Cum TF Mind Alteration Futa pred Todoroki implied non-fatal Condom filling eager prey Boku no Hero Academia Momo Yaoyorozu My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya Condom disposal Willing prey bnha Jirou Kyouka Artificial limbs Mei Hatsume MHA Kyoka Jiro Midoriya Izuku Denki Kaminari Quirk pheremones e-stim Kaminari Denki Artificial Cock

The thrilling cum-clusion of the Villain Detainment series, commissioned by  Sasquatchias.

With Todoroki and Izuku throughly defeated by fat girlcocks, the burden falls on Kaminari to prove beyond a burden of a doubt that the containment procedure works. It ends up used as a source of emotional (and physical) relief, the results of which are, you guessed it, shocking.

Well, not really.


[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 1 hour ago

Heh, I appreciate that! This has been one of my favorite stories in a while, so I'm thankful I was asked to do it.
Sentient disposal is always a fun idea, and I always love leaving it the slightest bit vague if I don't say it outright.
What a fate, right?

dagar - 18 hours ago

Again, another lovely set of males getting put in their places, that being girl cocks! Loved the finale, and I'm curious if they ARE sentient in there.... sloshing about while getting nothing but lewd thoughts of the girls they serviced with their bodies so wholly. <3

Charged Censorship

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Anime F/M Commission Futanari Male Prey dickgirl Futa/M thumbnail Censored Futa pred Dickgirl Pred Boku no Hero Academia censorship My Hero Academia bnha Jiro Kyoka MHA Kyoka Jiro Denki Kaminari Quirk e-stim Kaminari Denki

So, I completely forgot to post this last night as a preview, so it's going up alongside the story.

Here we see Kaminari seeming to tease Jiro's length, which will undoubtedly incense her to use that tool to put him in his place.

The Story:

The Prior Images:

Oversleeping Him Off

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Dog Anthro Chubby Digestion Weight Gain Gift Sleeping gift art Implied Digestion Implied Vore animal crossing Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Canine Pred Isabelle chubby pred Implied weight gain shih tzu isabelle animal crossing art animal crossing new horizons Isabelle (Animal Crossing) Oversleeping

Alright, I'm sorry. This is two days late but I promise I sent it to him on the right day. I just forgot to post it.

This is a little gift for my good friend  9Kirby99. Knowing how much he loves Isabelle, I thought up a little scenario where rather than being a birthday boy he's the birthday cake... and his secretary gets to give him the best present she can. It's fine that she's missing her alarm. After all, who's going to write her up? The bellyfat still wearing Miles'...
[ Continued ...

Pea657 - 4 days ago

I love this art of canelle

9kirby99 - 5 days ago

Gosh, this looks so awesome! Thanks so much again~

Villian Detainment: Hot and Cold

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Same Size Commission Cock Vore Futanari Bondage Story writing Transformation contest Willing battle Anal Sex Melting H/M Cum Digestion Male Prey Female Pred Sexual content Cuffs Disposal Implied reformation dickgirl fucking dominatrix condom cumgestion Cum Transformation midnight futa on male Cum TF Futa/M Sloshing Futa pred Todoroki implied non-fatal unwilling to willing Condom filling Boku no Hero Academia Momo Yaoyorozu Condom disposal dom/sub Willing prey Futanari Pred bnha Mei Hatsume MHA Shoto Todoroki Quirk

This is the second part of the Villain Detainment Series, commissioned by  Sasquatchias.

After Izuku finds himself sloshed, the next volunteer, Todoroki, is called in to be used by Momo. However, the pair's mutual crushes meld with their competitive natures, and a battle ensues as they relief their sexual tension with the experiment's continuation at stake.

Part I of this series featuring Izuku and Uraraka:

[ Continued ...

dagar - 8 days ago

Finally got to finish reading and my jeez that's grand! Just the right level of emasculation to tickle every inch of my love of herm/futa on male content. From the boy getting fucked rather hard, to the mention of his own weak load just becoming more of hers. <3 Damn.

KittyBoi - 8 days ago

This is one of my favorite stories that I've done, so far. The competitive aspect was a lot of fun to balance- I'm a sucker for a good back and forth, and adding slutty bottom bois just makes it an even sharper love.

Sasquatchias - 8 days ago

It was a blast commissioning this part - the creative (ha) Quirk usage for their sex battle was fun to read, and Todoroki's melting led to a really satisfying climax!

Condom Creation

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Anime F/M Commission Non-Vore Futanari hentai Implied Vore Male Prey Female Pred dickgirl condom thumbnail Todoroki Implied Cock Vore Boku no Hero Academia Momo Yaoyorozu My Hero Academia MHA Shoto Todoroki Quirk

In advance of tomorrow's continuation of the Villian Detainment series commissioned by  Sasquatchias, I wanted to post a complete version of the thumbnail to be featured, both because I've had people asking me to begin doing this and also because the art is just plain incredible.

Next up for testing is Momo, and her competitive side is going to come to blows with the hotcold boi himself, Todoroki.

The First of these Preview Images:...
[ Continued ...

dagar - 2 weeks ago

Im noticing a lack of a "fatal" tag so i assume this might get a reformation ending of some kind.
Onto my opinion of the content... <3 girl cock vore preds are top of my list, especially when melting down inferior little cutie bois. The only things that would've made it better might have been some emasculation, teasing about how a "girl" is so much bigger than them that is, or some kind of overly possessive mommadom. Can't wait to see this continue through. ^_^

KittyBoi - 2 weeks ago

Heh, he deserves it way more often than he gets. Throatfucking has become a major kink of mine.

Dysmos - 2 weeks ago

Great stuff. Reading about Deku being put in such a position was hot

Uravity, Showing Off

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: F/M Non-Vore Futanari dickgirl Deku thumbnail Censored Boku no Hero Academia My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya bnha Uraraka MHA uraraka ochako

This is a sort of teaser image to the next part of my Villain Detainment Series, as commissioned by  Sasquatchias. I couldn't help but to share this early, because it's just amazing.

As always, this image was drawn as a preview image by the wonderfully talented

He's now got a Patreon, and I know it'd mean the world to him if you could help fund his dream. It'd help me pay him what he's worth for his wonderful work.
[ Continued ...

usersp - 2 weeks ago

i dont mind too, it was just a surprise to me

KittyBoi - 2 weeks ago

I mean, you can always read the image as fully female on its own... trust me, I don’t mind!

I just tagged it bc of the series it’s a part of.

usersp - 2 weeks ago

my mind was screaming"IS A FUCKING TRAP YOU IDIOT"

VoidicFang - 2 weeks ago


usersp - 2 weeks ago

i was going to say "what a great view" but then i saw "futanari" on the tags lmao

Villain Detainment: Introduction

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Soft Vore Anime Same Size Commission Cock Vore Futanari Story writing Transformation H/M Cum Digestion Human Prey Male Prey Multiple Preds superhero Human Pred dickgirl Big balls Superheroine big cock Deku midnight big dick Futa pred Todoroki Implied Cock Vore Boku no Hero Academia Ochako Uraraka Momo Yaoyorozu mechanical pred My Hero Academia Izuku Midoriya bnha Jirou Kyouka Uravity Artificial limbs Mei Hatsume Jiro Kyoka Uraraka MHA Kyoka Jiro Midoriya Izuku Shoto Todoroki Denki Kaminari Quirk Ochaco Uraraka Multiple prey Kaminari Denki Artificial Cock

This is an introduction to a trilogy commissioned by  Sasquatchias. It's one of my favorite works in a while. The first chunk will be up tomorrow, but I wanted to post this, too.

Mei Hatsume has developed a new tool for detaining villains when quirks don't seem to work, and she's earned the help from a number of students from Class 1-A. With the women volunteering to wield the tools, and the men "volunteering" to be subjected to them, things get lewd real...
[ Continued ...

HarderMommy1 - 2 weeks ago

Nice introduction bro, waiting for the next part and i hope you release it soon

Breaking Quarantine

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Dog Soft Vore Werewolf Halloween F/F Feral Drool Demon Weight Gain Same Size Commission Cum Milf Mother Unwilling Story writing horror Non-Fatal Transformation Willing Canine Virus Unwilling Prey Incest Mind Control Plague Female Prey daughter Human Prey Werewolf pred Female Pred Cumshot Assimilation Thing mutation possession surprise Mother/Daughter Absorption Vore Cum Transformation Corruption Feral Pred CTF FTP body horror Body Transformation Mind Alteration mind break Dog Pred cock transformation Cock TF Canine Pred horror themed debauchery The Thing implied non-fatal gender transformation viral infection UDTF Ass tf Willing prey Permanent Entrapment tftg 2020 assimilation tf Part TF Assimilation Vore Part Transformation Halloween 2020 upside down tf Canine Transformation Demon Man Dakini Dog Defilement

Happy Halloween!

This weekend I'm posting a bit later than usual for an especially odd story. I've gotta start by gushing; this was commissioned by the legendary Demon-Man, whose work in merging and fusion art inspired a lot of the turns that my stuff takes now. So it's just a big honor to be able to write something for him.

In alternate universe 2020 (0202?), the inhabitants of a village are under attack by a demonic attack of Dakini Creatures, body-horror parasites...
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 3 weeks ago

Thanks! It was definitely on the very strange side of my work (DM has that effect on people, hehe) so I thought it might make a nice, if odd, Halloween special.

dagar - 3 weeks ago

That was a fun read. UDTF was always a bit too odd to me in art form, but here it worked out quite nicely. I loved the idea of them merging rath er r than being separated. <3 it's always fun to have someone to spend forever with.

Sketch: Breaking Quarantine

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Soft Vore Werewolf F/F Feral Drool Demon Weight Gain Same Size Commission Cum Milf Mother Unwilling Story writing Transformation Willing Canine Virus Unwilling Prey Mind Control Plague Female Prey daughter Werewolf pred Female Pred Cumshot mutation surprise Mother/Daughter Absorption Vore Corruption Feral Pred FTP body horror Body Transformation Mind Alteration mind break cock transformation Canine Pred gender transformation viral infection Ass tf Willing prey tftg 2020 Part TF Part Transformation Canine Transformation Demon Man Cumtransformation

This is a fullsize thumbnail (and lewd aid) for this year's Halloween story, "Breaking Quarantine," commissioned by the legendary Demon-Man. He also created this sketch in order to help me envision this story.

He can be found here:

For the story that was inspired by this sketch, click here:

Happy Horrible Body-Horror Halloween! 

Breasts of the Wild

Uploaded: 4 weeks ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Evil Nintendo Human F/F Breast Expansion Absorption Commission Domination submission Unwilling Zelda Magic Lactation Story writing Non-Fatal merging Masturbation Transformation Lesbian Milking Willing BDSM Breast Vore Legend of Zelda Sorceress Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts teasing Assimilation Implied reformation Human Pred fusion taunting Absorption Vore transformation vore Lana Mind Alteration TF Vore Boob TF Breast TF unwilling to willing eager prey Hyrule Warriors Cia sentient pudge Perma play sentient fat dom/sub Permanent Entrapment assimilation tf Assimilation Vore Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

A story commissioned by  idk12345678910.

After the conclusion of Hyrule Warriors, Lana and Cia have retreated to their role of watching over the Triforce. Still split up into two beings, the darker half seeks to reunify whilst putting the other in her place.

As I'm sure you guys are used to seeing, the thumbnail was originally drawn by He's now got a Patreon, and I know it'd mean the world to him if you could help fund his dream....
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 4 weeks ago

Heh, I'm happy to have scratched that itch. It tends to be my favorite part of part tfs, no pun intended. It's always really fun to take a comm that lets me dig into the aftermath

dagar - 4 weeks ago

As a fan of being a sentient part of someone else, the teasing of lasting forever, and just the focus on how it was to deal with the paired minds as a fun read. Something that often saddens me about the sentient body part stories was that they end so quickly after the absorption process and you don't get the fun of seeing how it'd be to be in those situations.

idk12345678910 - 4 weeks ago

As lovely as always, kitty~. Thanks for bri ging my wonderful ideas to life once again~

Catty's Cheat Day

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Furry Cat Human Unbirth Anthro Fat Weight Gain Stuffing Absorption Feline Monster Commission BBW Reformation Story writing Non-Fatal feeding cunnilingus Willing Sweat Big Belly Navel Vore fattening musk SSBBW Internal View Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Assimilation belly expansion Void Facesitting Gym fusion feeder Absorption Vore fat pred Cat Pred Furry Pred BBW pred Feline pred Mind Alteration ass worship Anthro Pred mind break pussy juice Monster Pred fat ass SSbbw pred Undertale belly worship sentient pudge catty sentient fat Willing prey Deltarune Pussy Worship assimilation tf Part TF Assimilation Vore Susie (Deltarune) Tummy TF Belly TF

A doozy of a commission done for  9Kirby99.

Following his adventures with Susie and Ralsei, the punk lizard drags him to the gym in order to insist that he build up some stamina. A chance encounter with his "Aunt" Catty instead teaches him to appreciate blubber more than bulk.

As I'm sure you guys are used to seeing, the thumbnail was originally drawn by He's now got a Patreon, and I know it'd mean the world to him if...
[ Continued ...

Mocozzo - 13 days ago

Could you link a larger version of the thumbnail in the description? It looks like a larger piece but its kind of hard to find on the twitter source...

Boltbond - 2 weeks ago

And yeah, exhibionist.

I can picture them at a supermarket and ebmveryone staring his chain to her belly and be all flustered about it xDD

But I also can picture her conforting him about his awkwardness ♡
Like to not be ashamed since it's how he's now from now on :V

Heheh such masochist thought xD

Boltbond - 2 weeks ago

"Bound to her tummy".

What a nice concept. ♡

Hope to see more of those two or even a new one equivalent.

KittyBoi - 1 month ago

I wanted to leave that ambiguous; I love the idea personally that he's bound to her tummy, essentially leashed only a few feet away from his forever home constantly, especially as an exhibitionist dom thing. On the other hand, I also love the idea that he's just an unlimited source of nutrients. Picking one felt unnecessary given the different ways people could find themselves enjoying it.

Thanks for the feedback, and for the question!

KittyBoi - 1 month ago

I wanted it to be left up to the reader! I love the idea that he's permanently chained to her, of course, but at the same time I also have a pragmatic love towards unchecked reformation and the scenarios it could dream up. Needless to say, I'm never quite a fan of making up my mind.

KittyBoi - 1 month ago

I love writing in worlds like Paper Mario, because the American translation adds so much humor and quirkiness. I always thought of that choice as the last little cheekiness the game got out before you wrapped up.
Needless to say, when I was a wee lad, I... always picked the submission dialogue the first time I confronted the Shadow Queen.

Sighxsi - 1 month ago

I'm all about the fluff, but it was fun getting to explore the darker path. I always thought it was interesting how they included that as an option in TTYD, even if it just led to a Game Over.

Siren's Subtraction

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Nintendo Belly mario Soft Vore Dragon Unbirth Slime Digestion F/F Demon Weight Gain F/M Absorption Same Size Commission spirit Bulge BBW Reformation Milf Fatal Vagina Anal Vore Story Goo hair Non-Fatal Transformation chewing Ghost Willing Bowser Slimegirl koopa vivian turtle Unwilling Prey Breast Vore Melting Mind Control voluptuous paper mario shadow siren Super Mario Bros goop Mass Vore Demon pred Male Prey Big Breasts Assimilation Sexual content Princess Peach hair vore goo girl non fatal vore Vaginal vore merging with bum marilyn Ass vore f/multiple possession creampie Implied Fatality fusion goomba telekinesis Princess Daisy Absorption Vore transformation vore big cock Corruption ghost girl Dragon prey BBW pred FTP slime predator Mind Alteration mind break breast transformation shadow sirens Breast TF Pussy TF Ghost Predator many prey Good Ending lady bow Possession vore Shadow Queen Multiple Preys milf pred sentient pudge Kammy Koopa sentient fat Ass tf Permanent Entrapment Ass transformation mind erasing purification Koopa prey the thousand year door ttyd paper mario ttyd Part TF Assimilation Vore Merging into bum Wiling prey Vivian Paper Mario Marilyn Paper Mario Gloomtail overwriting

The thrilling conclusion of this Vivian series commissioned by  Sighxsi.

Vivian finally becomes aware of Mario's location: He's on his way to Bowser's kingdom, searching for the missing princesses. In order to prove her strength to the plumber, Vivian decides to wipe out his rivals once and for all... at least, until an older Shadow Siren catches wind of what's happening... and sets things in motion to fix it.

Part I:
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 9 days ago

Dude, things have been nuts lately! You get a mulligan, no doubts.
We're bloating this thread, so feel free to PM me.

Bookie - 9 days ago

Good lord, I'm touched.
I'm sorry for the severe lack of vore content lately.

KittyBoi - 10 days ago

Dude, I've loved your stuff for a long while. Even before I created my account you were someone I had bookmarked ^^.

Bookie - 10 days ago

Wha ? Me ? Why ?

KittyBoi - 11 days ago

Oh my god, that means a lot coming from you!

Sighxsi - 1 month ago

I think this ended up being the most "fun" chapter, if that makes sense. Maybe because of how you wrote Daisy, and also because of Bow. She's always such a treat to read. :P

Bellyren - 1 month ago

Im hoping both

KittyBoi - 1 month ago

I think you'll be surprised ^^

Bellyren - 1 month ago

Wonder whose is next pauline or rosalina

Sighxsi - 1 month ago

Thanks for the subtlety, and I think you handled it well. I think both versions of Vivian are valid, so I didn't want to force one or the other, but the hints are still there if you wanna see them.

Sighxsi - 1 month ago

It's been a while since I'd first read this one, so I went through it again - it's a great start, and I still love how the TF sequence doubles as a boss battle!

KittyBoi - 1 month ago

Yes indeed! I tend to perceive her that way, but the commissioner preferred a more conventional F/F style. I tried to hint at that still being the case with some of the earlier descriptors without being too overt, essentially trying to reflect the subtlety of the translation I grew up with ^^.

Souls6 - 1 month ago

FUN FACT: outside of USA and Germany, in all the other versions, Vivian is actually trans.

Drama Club Derriere

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Scat Lizard Wolf Soft Vore Dragon Digestion M/M Weight Gain Absorption Same Size Commission Toilet Deer Pooping Unwilling Story writing Farting Scalie merging Transformation Bones Struggling Unwilling Prey Melting Male Prey Assimilation Cervine merging with bum Disposal Louis Implied Fatality Graphic digestion fusion Butt Expansion Absorption Vore Male Pred role reversal Anthro Prey Shitting Dragon prey ass expansion Mind Alteration Anthro Pred prey as pred lizard prey Butt TF Butt Transformation Pred as prey deer pred unintentional vore Ass tf Permanent Entrapment cervine pred toilet disposal Beastars scalie prey Homi Legosi Self Digestion Assimilation Vore Merging into bum Legoshi Louis Beastars Autodigestion

A commission I recently did for  SyH. As to be expected with their commissions, it tends to go dark and filthy places... can't say I didn't warn ya.

Homi has recently transferred to Cherryton Academy, and he ends up inducted into the famous drama club. Casted as a predator in a performance of Adler, a blocking session activates a dark instinct with the lead himself, a certain cervine upperclassman. 

KittyBoi - 2 months ago

Honestly? I don't think he'd acknowledge it. He's a proud character, after all, and what better way to justify adding someone to your ass?

Brenden1k - 2 months ago

How would the deer react to realize the dragon a herbivore

Successor of the Titfat

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Digestion Feral Weight Gain Absorption Monster Commission Reformation Transformation Willing Melting Wolf girl lupine Monster girl Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Assimilation fusion Absorption Vore Feral Pred Mind Alteration breast transformation Breast TF eager prey sentient pudge alexia sentient fat Willing prey Wolf girl Pred revenant Code Vein Lupine Pred Part TF Assimilation Vore Part Transformation Successor of the Ribcage Successor Sentient Feral

A commission for  idk12345678910.

Alexia defeats the Successor of the Ribcage in the attempt following her failure, but she remains unable to keep her mind off of the wolf beast. With the Successor's mind successfully restored, Alexia returns to the cathedral to discuss everything.

The First Story, Beastly Battle: 

KittyBoi - 2 months ago

Thanks a lot! And more are coming; that's a promise

idk12345678910 - 2 months ago

Absolutely wonderful as always! it was a joy commissioning you~ <3 thanks for working with me~

thequietmanno1 - 2 months ago

i really like your sentient absorption-type stories
hoping for more content of a similar nature from you down the line- with interactions between the pred and the prey hanging off their bodies


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Scat Belly Soft Vore Alien Stomach Slime Digestion Soul Absorption Same Size spirit Fatal Unwilling Transformation Ghost Post-Vore Tentacle Unwilling Prey Fatality Melting Fatal Vore Soul Digestion Suffocation Post Vore Scat soul scat Female Prey Human Prey Ben Tennyson Disposal possession choking Male Pred Alien/Human Mind Alteration Ben 10 tentacle sex Gwen Tennyson Ghost Predator alien pred brainwashing fearplay ectoplasm possession tf Attempted Reformation Failed Reformation J'Skayrr Ectonurite

The last part in a short series commissioned by  Anonymity. I've been sitting on this one for a while.

An infiltration mission gone wrong goes worse when Ben selects the wrong alien for the job... and the limited space within the escape pod leads to a fearful conflict between the hero(?) and his cousin.

As always, all characters in this story are above the age of consent. 

Beastly Battle

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Human Digestion Feral Absorption Monster Commission Swallowing Reformation Non-Fatal merging Transformation Willing Sleeping Semi-willing Melting mouthplay Wolf girl Size difference lupine Monster girl Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Assimilation semi-consensual dubcon body worship fusion Mindless Pred Feral Pred FTP Mawplay tongueplay Mind Alteration mind break Feral Predator Monster Pred Boob TF Breast TF Body part TF fusion vore Wolf girl Pred Pussy Worship revenant Code Vein Part TF Lupine Domination Part Transformation Successor of the Ribcage

Alright, so I'm hopefully back from that unintentional hiatus.

This is a story commissioned by  idk12345678910, featuring his Code Vein OC Alexia.

This story opens as Alexia is in the midst of a repeated battle against the Successor of the Ribcage, who is a big sexy wolf mutant. Just as the tide of battle turns in her favor, a moment of hesitation perverts her victory into a messy loss.

The Sequel: 

KittyBoi - 2 months ago

Thanks! I never even realized that I was gone, heh, just sort of snuck up on me.

chaos12 - 2 months ago

Welcome back. :3

idk12345678910 - 2 months ago

Absolutely fantastic~ <3

Lizard Load

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Lizard Soft Vore Alien Digestion Absorption Commission Cock Vore Cum Unwilling Dinosaur Transformation Hyper Unwilling Prey Melting Incest Cum Digestion Size difference Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Lizard Pred Sexual content Ben Tennyson Disposal Implied reformation Implied Fatality dinosaur/human cumgestion big cock Cum Transformation Male Pred Lizard man Incestual Vore Hyper Cock Mind Alteration Ben 10 Gwen Tennyson liquefaction melting digestion Alien Predator Detailed Digestion dinosaur pred cum disposal alien pred liquification canon characters cocky pred Underage Humongousaur big fat load

Holy Shit! Two stories in one day!

Once again, a commission for  Anonymity I've had stashed away.

A private night in the camper for Ben and Gwen is complicated when Gwen's lust for size convinces Ben to involve the omnitrix.

As usual, all characters within my stories are above the age of consent. This story is intended to take place far beyond canon. 

KittyBoi - 3 months ago

I answered the same question in the last story:

Implied reformation due to the presence of the other stories within this series. It's implied within the other stories (and outright confirmed within the last in the series which will be posted later in the week) that rather than being "bad ends" Gwen's multiple instances of being eaten happen within the same timeline.

VashtatheVeridian13 - 3 months ago

kinda curious where the implied reformation is? also how is it implied fatal she clearly died right?


Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Soft Vore Alien Digestion Absorption Same Size Commission Transformation Bones Unwilling Prey Female Prey Human Prey Ben Tennyson Disposal Implied reformation incest? Implied Fatality Absorption Vore transformation vore Male Pred unaware pred cousins draining Incestual Vore Cannonball Ben 10 Gwen Tennyson Siphoning alien pred Canon character unintentional vore Cannonbolt Underage

Hey all, I've had this commission for  Anonymity stashed in my backlog for a while and I want to share it.

In the Alien form of Cannonbolt, Ben and Gwen Tennyson attempt to make a quick getaway. But ignorance over alien biology complicates the exertion of such a fast escape.

Must note, once again, that all characters featured within my work are above the legal age of consent. This work is intended to exist far past the original canon. 

KittyBoi - 3 months ago

Of course, thanks for asking.

UnknownGamer21 - 3 months ago

Ooh, alright then. Thank you for explaining

KittyBoi - 3 months ago

Implied reformation due to the presence of the other stories within this series. It's implied within the other stories (and outright confirmed within the last in the series which will be posted later in the week) that rather than being "bad ends" Gwen's multiple instances of being eaten happen within the same timeline. Sorry for the confusion there!

UnknownGamer21 - 3 months ago

Just curious, where does the implied reformation go? I don't see anything in the story implying reformation

Wildmutt Rutt

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Dog Human Digestion Feral M/F Same Size Commission Sex Fatal Pooping Unwilling Canine Unwilling Prey Incest knot Female Prey Human Prey Sexual content aphrodisiac Ben Tennyson Disposal Implied reformation dubcon Implied Fatality knotting remains Male Pred cousins Incestual Vore Feral Pred Mind Alteration Ben 10 Wildmutt Canine Pred Canine Predator Gwen Tennyson unwilling to willing alien pred dubious consent bones in scat aphrodesiac Vulpimancer

Part of a short series commissioned by  Anonymity.

Ben's decision to select a near-feral form creates issues when he is left alone with Gwen without anything to fight. Lewdness follows.

It's important to note here that all characters here are above the age of consent. Although I'm using an Alien from the early season this is intended to take place years past canon.

Thumbnail artwork was done by the legendary  Nefarious_Kurana, who was...
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 4 months ago

I don't know about ALL of them, heh, but atm there are plans for three other stories featuring the Omnitrix.

ArcaneSigil - 4 months ago

Any plans on making this a series? Gwen has some fun with all of Ben's aliens?

KittyBoi - 4 months ago

Hey, appreciate it. There's a lot of untapped potential in that universe, definitely.

KittyBoi - 4 months ago

There are a couple of other pieces I've done involving Gwen and Ben, so that was my way of loosely connecting them. It will come into play with the last story of this theme, though!

ArcaneSigil - 4 months ago

Again? So... she's done this before?

Franchise Fart

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Scat Fat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Fart Absorption Same Size zombie Fatal Pooping Anal Vore Farting weird Gas Transformation mushroom Willing eager self vore Fatality Melting Fatal Vore Boiling Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Assimilation Disposal Ass vore Dina remains Gassy Shitting playstation Ellie implosion gas tf Last of Us eager prey spores Gas Digestion the last of us Fart tf Willing prey Sentient Scat Gassy Pred fart transformation Sentient Disposal Gas Disposal Weird digestion Implied sentient fat farting pred The last of us 2 Dina (tlou) cordyceps self anal vore self av

There are no spoilers in this story.

So it's been a week since The Last of Us 2 came out, and I haven't played it yet. However,  EvBro22 and I conjured up a story based on the trailers and prerelease footage. This is a commission done for him.

A chance encounter with an infected awakens a fatalistic side within Ellie's girlfriend Dina, that threatens to spread to her as well.

This story features weird av and digestion, along with some...
[ Continued ...

Evbro22 - 4 months ago

I was wondering when you’d post this on here. Would love to commission another Self-AV story sometime!

wolfSnack - 5 months ago

Pretty great story, loved the soul milking aspects!

AlluringPredation - 5 months ago


ShinjiIkari - 5 months ago

I do love the soul vore it was great! Well done. Personally I'd have thought with disposal it would be even better though.

KittyBoi - 5 months ago

Glad you liked it, thanks a lot!

devittshao - 5 months ago

That story hits all the right buttons on me. Sadly it’s not enough soul vore via sex stories on this site.
Great story! Love it! <3

thicceater - 5 months ago

Ooooh my, this one was positively delightful ~

Stopping the Storm

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: F/F Absorption Cum Penis cunnilingus Hyper Willing pussy romance Melting cumming Cum Digestion Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Assimilation Cock Growth Human Pred Absorption Vore Cum Transformation time travel Horse Cock CTF FTP Hyper Cock cock transformation Cock TF Accidental vore horsecock life is strange Chloe Price Willing prey Max Caulfield Rewind Part TF Eating pussy maxine caulfield chloe elizabeth price

Happy Wednesday, here's a sweet appetizer of a story.

Max and Chloe face the Time-Travel consequence of the storm bearing down on Arcadia Bay. Before Max decides to take everything back before her powers manifested, Chloe insists upon a last few moments together... with lewd consequences that violate the space-time continuum.

A commission for someone wishing to remain anonymous. 

Miles' New Horizons

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Raccoon Dog Nintendo Belly Soft Vore Fat Digestion M/M Weight Gain Absorption Cum Reformation Domination Cherry Anal Vore Elephant axel Non-Fatal Balls Tanuki Willing Blowjob pet BDSM Canine animal crossing musk Voyeurism enslavement Human Prey Male Prey non fatal vore Big Butt rimming exhibitionism Big balls body worship Raymond dominant Business Anal Insertion Master/Pet Male Pred fat pred Raccoon Pred Anthro Pred BBM villager tom nook pet play big penis belly worship cock worship tanooki petplay ball worship BBM pred sentient fat Thicc Willing prey Permanent Entrapment sucking cock Butt Sniffing public use animal crossing new horizons tanooki pred ACNH Cherry Animal Crossing

This was a commission purchased by the ever-creative  9Kirby99.

Miles has just set off onto his new home on a deserted island. Terrified of becoming indebted to alleged capitalist icon Tom Nook, he is instead offered a unique payment plan that is freshly patented.

The thumbnail for this story was graciously provided by 2dRedders and edited with permission. The image itself can be found here: ...
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 5 months ago

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Anonymity - 6 months ago

Very nice work here!

Anonymity - 6 months ago

Very nice work here!

ideaconnesuer - 6 months ago

hope she starts getting greedy and tries more than one at a time soon

Flatheaddog - 6 months ago

yes~! Not sure how many more she'll eat but I can't wait for another part to this delicious series.

Daniel14541 - 6 months ago

Looking forward to the continuation of this story.

Hat Trick

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Nintendo mario M/M Weight Gain Anal Vore Balls koopa turtle Implied Vore paper mario Super Mario Bros Human Prey Male Prey hat Big balls Male Pred squatting Big ass hoodie Anthro Pred Koopa Pred koops koopa fat ass crouching Implied Anal Vore Cap Ass cheeks ass shot implied male prey turtle pred Thicc koops ass raised paper mario the thousand year door ttyd Mario cap

This was a sketch done during a brainstorming session with the ever amazing  Dysmos! Please check him out if you haven't, he's a close friend of mine and an artist worth keeping an eye on.

Petalburg's most heroic koopa seems to be in a more lascivious position than usual. Perhaps the leader of their party got a bit too close to the turtle's tush… or maybe his cap is just in a weird space. 

milfvore - 6 months ago

Wow such a nice butt!!!

doomed - 7 months ago

Oh ok, I was waiting till it fonished up to read it but with six parts I might as well read and wait

KittyBoi - 7 months ago

Looking currently to be six parts.

doomed - 7 months ago

How many parts are there?

KittyBoi - 7 months ago

Gracias, siempre feliz de cambiar las cosas!

xvx17 - 7 months ago

Crei que toga seria la pred XD
Buena histotia, algo diferente.

NewRebellion - 7 months ago

Absolutely, and it was SO APPROPRIATE for the bloodsucker too! Nice work!

KittyBoi - 7 months ago

Haha, happy to help. In series where one character is consistently the pred, I tend to use images of the prey in the thumbnails just for variety. And I'm not a big fan of Toga... I think my dislike of the character came through in her fate.

NewRebellion - 7 months ago

Huh, it's weird. I had COMPLETELY assumed that this was going to be YET ANOTHER story with Toga as the pred. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making it not so! Toga-pred stories are so disgustingly common that's become a real hassle to find ANYTHING original nowadays. So this was a real treat! Thank you!

Mystery Unsolved

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion Vampire Monster Commission Cock Vore Fatal statue Pooping Unwilling Transformation pee Unwilling Prey Melting Big Belly Fatal Vore bladder vore Female Prey Human Prey m/f/f Scooby Doo Disposal Big balls Scooby-Doo Cocky Male Pred Pissing Velma Dinkley Monster Pred vampire pred Daphne Blake scat transformation Multiple Preys Scooby Doo Vore scat statue cocky pred piss digestion Yowie Yahoo Statuification Piss Transformation

This is a commission bought by  Anonymity.
Mystery Inc is out and about hunting a mysterious vampire, the Yowie Yahoo, that is threatening festivities.
Velma and Daphne get separated after a scare, and depravity ensues.

Hope everyone is still well in these troubling times! 

anyonarex - 7 months ago

he's good as both, but scooby as prey is strangely rarer :p

KittyBoi - 7 months ago

Always a possibility, though I do prefer scooby pred myself ^^

anyonarex - 7 months ago

mmm, very fun. :p would love to see Scooby find out what happened, and then suffer the same or similiar fate hehe

Fatty's Funhouse

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Pikachu Pokemon Food Fox Stomach Chubby Fat Digestion Weight Gain Stuffing F/M Fart Absorption Commission BBW Fatal Pooping Unwilling Anal Vore Farting messy Cake crushing Bones feeding multiprey gurgle Canine Unwilling Prey Melting Big Belly Fatal Vore skeleton SSBBW Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts fatty ignorant vulpine Disposal f/multiple foodplay Graphic digestion Business Object Vore Casual Anthro Prey ass expansion Big ass Painless Digestion Fox prey Mind Alteration Anthro Pred Canine Pred chubby pred Casual vore Ass cheeks Multiple Preys nonbinary prey bones in scat Gassy Pred nb prey body writing

So sorry for the short break, but I'm back in action!

This is a commission done for  BadFurson

Their character Rhune is made to visit an entertainment/party place that's been started up by a businesswoman named Fatty... who takes a personal role in making every celebration the best one a celebrant has ever had!

All characters here are 18+. Felt like I should say that given the setting.

Hope everyone is still well in these troubling...
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 7 months ago

From what I'm seeing, there might be a pretty long queue.

hernextmeal - 8 months ago

When's the next opening in her schedule?

KittyBoi - 8 months ago

Thanks plenty, I'm sure plenty of spots will open up next year, once all the reservations have been made once

Mastermiser8 - 8 months ago

Wow. This was an amazing digestion. So descriptive. And wonderfully sexy too.
Sign me up for this birthday party.

Badfurson - 8 months ago

Thanks again for working on this, mate!


Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Stomach Slime Digestion F/M Absorption Commission zombie Muscle Goo Non-Fatal merging Transformation Undead Slimegirl flesh storage Size difference Plague Monster girl Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Apocalypse Assimilation Resident Evil f/multiple Capcom Implied Fatality hivemind Absorption Vore Tyrant infection containment conversion Mind Alteration mind break slime vore Monster Pred Fast Digestion Resident Evil 2 Stomach Noises Slimegirl Pred Musclegirl skinsuit undead pred Multiple Preys countdown Permanent Entrapment Melding Mr. X Multiple prey Assimilation Vore Umbrella Corporation

Hello Hello, back into the swing of things and a slight bit more wholesome than we have been in the past couple of weeks.

A couple of survivors deep within Raccoon City are trying to eke out some sort of living. They would have been alright, had one of them not been an Umbrella Employee with company secrets (maybe). In order to make sure that the right mouths say shut, Umbrella sends in a Prototype Tyrant to initiate a containment protocol.

This was a commission...
[ Continued ...

idk12345678910 - 7 months ago

Pretty good! Nice job~

Borgle - 7 months ago


DookNukem - 7 months ago

Holy hell I absolutely love this concept! Loved getting the chance to read it ^^

dagar - 8 months ago

Kinda makes me wanna see her fail to get someone to come to this. XD

grenout - 4 months ago

Oh, sorry. I probably got confused with the comment below.

Boltbond - 4 months ago

... I didn't say it was.

grenout - 4 months ago

Actually, the picture used for the thumbnail is this one:

Boltbond - 4 months ago

Just found even a thumbnail. "For inspirational purpose", of course ;3

Boltbond - 4 months ago

Hmm. Yes. Commissions orders. I understand

"Alternative ending"... you had my curiosity, now you have my attention :3


Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore mutant Human Digestion Hard Vore M/F Monster Commission Gore BBW Cock Vore Cum Milf Mother Fatal Muscle Unwilling writing beast Scalie Meat Transformation Bones Reptile sludge Skull morph Unwilling Prey Melting Fatal Vore radioactive Cum Digestion Semen skeleton enslavement Monster girl Female Prey Human Prey impregnation mutation creampie fertilization remains Deathclaw cumgestion metamorphosis Cum Transformation Fallout Male Pred Corruption Reproduction Raider morphing Muscle Girl Mind Alteration breeding Fallout 3 Viscera Deathclaw Hybrid Reptile Predator written work Deathclaw pred fertility Paradise Falls Devolution Mother of all Deathclaws Bone Eating

I was intending to post this yesterday, but I was... distracted... by another story coming TBA.

This is another Commission for the ever-elusive, ever wonderful Mr. X, wherever he is.

Seth is a newly-captured slave up for sale in Paradise Falls. This terrible fate is put on hold when the camp is attacked by a massive deathclaw, which turns out to be looking for a mate. Seth doesn't fit her mold exactly, but that can be resolved with lots of mutation.

[ Continued ...

moonlightshy - 9 months ago


Mythical Muse

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Micro Tongue Belly Love Unbirth Pregnancy Elf Fantasy Mermaid Weight Gain F/M Absorption Commission Sex Cum roleplay stretching Unwilling Stretchy Growth dream Non-Fatal merging Transformation pixie Fairy pixies Macro/Micro multiprey Hyper Willing Post-Vore Satyr sweet birth romance storage Sleeping Implied Digestion Big Belly Belly pet F/M/M Size difference Nudity Orgy Vorgy Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Sexual content Domination/Submission impregnation romantic cum inflation rimming f/multiple labor dubcon sizeplay Throat bulge creampie Overstuffed Belly bulge dominatrix Birthing Endosoma childbirth big cock Breast Feeding Casual Valentine's Day Reproduction Macro Prey Micro pred double penetration Hyper Cock ass worship vore orgy living insertion dream vore microphilia Casual vore Size change Romantic vore hibernation casual sex Endo vore cumflation fleshlight fantasy setting Fake digestion Condom filling Fairy pred elf boy Multiple Preys human condom Willing prey Isekai tug of vore Happily Ever After wholesome casual nudity true love fairy girl pussy expansion wholesome vore

...It's Valentine's Day! (+1 Day) and it's time for a slap of the good old literary schlong!

Brief Backstory: This story was originally written by  Eldachoon as a commission for  Tredur. Tredur in turn, commissioned me to edit it and add content to it. The majority of the work featured within is entirely original and my own. The idea and characters also belong to Eldachoon and Tredur.

Anyways, Laurent is a postmodern painter hungry for an artist muse. A...
[ Continued ...

princessziva - 9 months ago

This story was simply beautoful. I'm finding it harder to stumble upon wholesome vore like this. Thank you for this.

Groblek - 9 months ago

That’s a delightful story!

doomed - 9 months ago

This was so wonderfully intimate

KittyBoi - 9 months ago

Thanks, it was a fun change of pace.

ArgobargSoup - 9 months ago

...This is a really good and cute and wholesomelewd story~

Royal Reward

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Scat Nintendo Soft Vore Digestion Weight Gain F/M Fart Commission link Fatal Zelda Anal Vore Farting Gas Transformation Bones pellet Willing Melting Legend of Zelda Boiling Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Assimilation Femboy Disposal rimming Human Pred Facesitting creampie Graphic digestion Casual Link prey Femboy prey Casual vore Gas Digestion fart digestion Gassy Pred fart transformation Pellet Disposal Breath of the wild botw transformation digestion breath of the wild 2

A commission done for  Evbro22

Link has finally done it! Calamity Ganon is no more, and the princess is finally ready to give him a reward... and induct him into the Hyrule Historia of all legendary heroes with a ritual. More Sheikah BS ensues. 

The K - 9 months ago

The gas parts were really good.

KittyBoi - 7 months ago

No worries!

Night5Gaming - 7 months ago

Oh, apologies. I didn’t see, nor had I remembered I already commented, my mistake

Night5Gaming - 7 months ago

I like it very much, Alphys is an amazing pred, and it was a perfect amount of graphic. The only thing I’d like is a sequel perhaps Kris screws Alphys in the ass then AV?

KittyBoi - 8 months ago

Should it be commissioned ^ ^

Night5Gaming - 8 months ago

Sequel with tricked prey and anal vore?

Post Battle Preservation

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Cat Belly Chubby Fat Weight Gain F/M Absorption Feline Commission BBW Alligator Anal Vore kitty Non-Fatal merging Transformation feeding Willing Sweat Melting Big Belly Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Assimilation merging with bum Big Butt rimming sweaty fusion feeder Absorption Vore Endosoma Object Vore Casual ass expansion Feline pred Mind Alteration ass worship mind break chubby pred Casual vore Undertale belly worship Feederism Failed Vore bratty catty sweaty ass burgerpants Ass tf sweaty pred Permanent Entrapment Ass transformation Deltarune Assimilation Vore

I'm super sick with the flu (ok in hindsight maybe it was covid and that's terrifying) but that won't stop me from being big horny!

This is a comm I wrapped up for  9Kirby99

After a rough battle with Mettaton, his character Miles seeks somewhere safe to dwell in the underground. A certain (v)alley cat has an opportunity that might be difficult to refuse. 

Evbro22 - 9 months ago

Hey, if you want, you can post the BOTW story I commissioned. Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work!

Consolidating Power

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Nintendo mario Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Absorption Commission Peach Unwilling Anal Vore writing Non-Fatal merging Transformation Daisy Willing koopa Breast Vore Anal Sex Melting Rosalina Super Mario Bros Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts luigi Assimilation Princess Peach Implied Fatality Princess Daisy Absorption Vore Endosoma FTP mind break breast growth breast absorption Boob TF Breast TF Pussy TF dominant/submissive dubious consent Ass tf written work cocky pred Bowsette Part TF Merging into bum

After a short break from this series, here is the third and final part of the Koopa Queen series!

A comm for mv2345

Dissatisfied with her breast size, the freshly full-female Bowsette places her sights on the last major Princess. Surely, after that, she'll be able to seduce the plumbers who used to protect the Mushroom Kingdom (Now the West Koopa Kingdom).

Part I, Power Up:
Part II, When the Stars Align:...
[ Continued ...

awakener - 9 months ago

Really well done. Just binged the whole series and loved it. Sorry I took so long to be a fan of the series though lol

Ritual Aftermath

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Oral Vore Nintendo Digestion M/M Weight Gain Fart Absorption link Fatal Unwilling Zelda Anal Vore merging Gas Gerudo Anal Sex Legend of Zelda Female Prey Human Prey Male Prey Assimilation Goblin merging with bum Tattoo bad end Sequel Absorption Vore Gassy ganon Male Pred CTF mind break cock transformation Cock TF princess zelda Implied Disposal Tattooification sentient fat Ass tf Gassy Pred sentient ass Permanent Entrapment Breath of the wild Bokoblin Prince Sidon Sidon Bad ending Sequel to Breath of the Wild breath of the wild 2 Part TF Calamity Ganon Assimilation Vore

Talk about a midweek surprise!

This is the sequel to my story Bokoblin Ritual, found here:

Anyways, let's check in on the red cheeks that used to be the Hero of the Wilds, see how the world is faring without him... I assume they're holding up alright.

...Does this count as the long-awaited sequel to  Derpatron's Boko story?

The story that inspired this lewdness:...
[ Continued ...

KittyBoi - 9 months ago

I really wanted to play on the idea that the fairy preserved his consciousness, but only barely against the dark magics that flow through him. That just seemed a fun way to convey that.

rlynx - 9 months ago

I really like the way stimulation makes him a dumb happy(?) tushie for awhile, and the way he hopes princess prick will relax and enjoy it. No doubt she will when the orgasms hit her willpower like a wrecking-ball =^.^=

KittyBoi - 9 months ago

Keeps from any favoritism

TheMysteriousSadSack - 9 months ago

What an end to the series. Shame mako wont have a trio to play with, but i guess one big girl will do

KittyBoi - 10 months ago

A third one is incoming: I think you'll be pleased with it...

Avora111 - 10 months ago

I hope there's a third and a fourth cus I won't to see how Satsuki reaction to being absorbed and what mako and her harm do after

wiseguy288 - 10 months ago

It's official: This series is bomb. Well done guys, I'm loving every bit of it and can't wait for more.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 10 months ago

Wont be long before satsuki joins makos personal fanatics, and its gonna be so good

Fresh New Digs

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: KittyBoi

Tags: Stomach Digestion F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Absorption Vacuum Commission suction BBW weird Navel Masturbation Transformation chewing pussy Melting Big Belly Navel Vore Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Implied Fatality Tattoo Butt Expansion Absorption Vore ahegao BBW pred FTP unusual vore Inanimate transformation Pussy transformation suction vore Tattooification Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi Senketsu Mako Mankanshoku unusual digestion Permanent Permanent Entrapment PTF Part TF Size Allocation

A commission I finished up for  mab2.
Mako Mankanshoku accidentally stumbles into the academy's basement, where she finds a Goku Suit that activates her incredible power. Her friend, Ryuko, ends up an unwitting litmus test of her powers...

The direct sequel, Rising Ranks:

Part 3, Top of the Class: 

C107galaxytachyon - 10 months ago

Did you really have to make Mako kill off Senketsu in the way that she did there? Cause I sincerely doubt she’d really let her jealousy get to her to the point of being convinced she has to completely utterly end his existence, solely becausw of some preconceived transgressions regarding inability to ALWAYS ensure her Ryuko’s safety.

Turbotowns - 10 months ago

What is the source for that adorable thumbnail?!

wiseguy288 - 10 months ago


Mab2 - 10 months ago

You'll get to see two ^^

wiseguy288 - 10 months ago

This was a lot of fun. Hope to see a sequel ^^