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I hope she had fun too [SCATUE]

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Digestion Weight Gain M/F Same Size Sex Cum Fatal Penis piss Unwilling Prey Humiliation smaller pred Post Vore Scat Female Prey Femboy Disposal Male Pred Femboy Pred Detailed bulges Disposal Scat Scatue instant loss poopify

The fully realized transformation of this bimbo. I really like the idea of scatues still maintaining their demeaning stature as a log of shit. The best of both worlds kinda.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I'm in the process of moving at the moment.  

tummyterrors - 4 days ago

She’s hella dead

Luxio512 - 5 days ago

*Roll credits*

Kronguss - 5 days ago

It all depends on how solid the food digests. If it's soft and creamy, it can't help but fall victim to the pipes.

Winny - 6 days ago

Scatues are always fun, its like adding degeneration on top of degeneration. Also I love the cute little swirl because only her upper body stays preserved~ <3 Lovely Work Kronguss! <3

soyaEgg - 7 days ago

"I don't wanna be boy poop!"
Becomes boy poop


Underestimating the Intern [NON-SCAT]

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion Weight Gain M/F Same Size Sex Cum Fatal Penis Unwilling Prey smaller pred Female Prey Femboy Male Pred Femboy Pred Detailed bulges instant loss

I've been thinking about scatues, smaller preds, male preds, and mating press, so shabang. I've been kind of stuck lately thinking about what I can draw that would appeal to people, but I think I should just draw what makes me horny. I was able to get this out quickly because my horny brain could guide me.

This is the NON-SCAT version. The full version with my take on scatues is up on my subscribestar. I WILL UPLOAD IT PUBLICLY ONE MONTH FROM THIS POST. If you wanna see it...
[ Continued ...

tummyterrors - 3 weeks ago

holy smokes >.<

Riyaco - 1 month ago

You and me both

Luxio512 - 1 month ago

Why I can't stop coming back to this picture ahhhh.

(Also I just realized the shot of him sniffing the panty while facing frontwards is so CUTE aghh, I can't take this anymore)

Nekochow - 1 month ago

This rules, god tier vore art, it combines so many hot elements it's insane: The role-reversal of the assertive larger lady getting dommed by a small subby femboy... that HARD mating press (that balls deep butt stack frame especially WHEW), the wild eyed tongue kissing... the TIGHT bulge with the prey's head squished between her breasts, the orgasm/burp causing his belly to compact...

You should draw whatever horny ideas you want, especially if it results in stuff like this.

sirvoresalot - 1 month ago

This is awesome I love the size difference and the sexy contours

Big ass witch!!!

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: F/F Same Size Anal Vore witch Size difference Detailed bulges

 Opis keeps generating some HUGE shmeat. I mean some SERIOUS asses!

I'd appreciate your support! 

doomed - 1 month ago

thats a greedy lady

The_Prof - 1 month ago

Not gonna lie before I saw the witch's hair I thought this was Megumin. Probably the hat's fault

Joeycnab - 1 month ago


PlaTT - 1 month ago

gosh I love anal vore... this is just so good

ArchLinux - 1 month ago

i love their expressions good work

Hoots - 1 month ago

Hot damb Krong, wouldn't think this concept would activate my ape brain but here we are

Zoelovesguts - 1 month ago

I wanna be shitified too :(

Thatonedude3725 - 1 month ago


Thatonedude3725 - 1 month ago


Thatonedude3725 - 1 month ago


Economics 2 [Page 6]

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Comic Non-Vore Bunny girl implied scat Wolf girl economics

Lets goooO!!
She hosed herself off outside, unwritten lore.

I appreciate your support! 

rexstars35 - 3 weeks ago

"Shower now no stink in my house"
It's my house!?
What eva.

Novapyro - 1 month ago

I'm thinking Katie is very confused on how to act or react right now. Talk about awkward and aggressive.

ArchLinux - 1 month ago

i don't think so it is smelly

Fyr3 - 1 month ago

Think of the bright side, wolf girl won't eat ya at least till you shower.

davidtheotaku - 1 month ago

i hope she shoves her back up her ass~

[COM] Day's Dazed Dinner Date

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Cum Anal Vore Macro/Micro Size difference Casual tiny prey Casual predator

Opis's OC Day Just eatin'
A com for  Opis

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Yuyuko1995 - 2 months ago

Beautiful! Nice work, it just looks so clean

pizhu677 - 2 months ago

Is it possible for you to draw male pred or scat lately? Really love how you drew them in the past!

Edddd - 2 months ago


Opis - 2 months ago

The swag of life is being ass food for Day

SunsetSarsaparilla - 2 months ago

Jesus~ <3

Rosalina has weird cravings

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Chubby F/F Giantess F/? Mawshot Macro/Micro Rosalina Mass Vore Rosalina Pred


This was up a month a go on my subscribestar! Though there isn't too much on there at the moment. 

Grinnsinn - 2 months ago

incoming royal flush

CalypsoIam - 2 months ago

Love the view up the throat

Mordecai777 - 2 months ago

Im happy she decided that

SunsetSarsaparilla - 2 months ago

What a hot angle, holy shit.

RasenGun37 - 2 months ago

This is hot as fuck! I love Rosalina!

[COM] Eating an absurd amount of fast food

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Micro Comic Food Stomach Digestion F/F Navel muscular Macro/Micro Burger Internal View Female Pred midriff Abs fast food Shrunken woman Food in stomach

One of the coms I'm veeeerrry slooooowly working on awaaaa!

 ThirtyCelcius 's Big ole roe making a quick meal out of  whatisthissheet 's kitty!

This was uploaded a month ago on my subscribestar. Though, it's rather barren at the moment. 

jackson22222 - 1 month ago

Absolutely gorgeous.
The fact that the gal has a nice 6 pack makes it all the better!

Edddd - 2 months ago

my mind has been twisted to the point where all I can think of is the dump she'll unleash on some poor toilet

TanookiBoy12 - 2 months ago

Oooof yes I'd love that

whatisthissheet - 2 months ago

unhealthy :(

player1 - 2 months ago

Ah yes, go to kronguss. Best fast food chain for your tiny cravings.

Anyhow, nice.

Economics 2 [Page 5]

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Comic Non-Vore Wolf girl rabbit girl economics

Sorry for the delay
(this is a vore comic I PROMISE!)

If you like what I do, please consider supporting me on subscribestar 

Rosespider - 2 months ago

She is probably just going to shove that bunny back up her ass

Shikari - 3 months ago


Mordecai777 - 3 months ago

I hope she gets digested this time

NinjaStuff - 3 months ago

I hope this time she has developed an affinity for being inside of wolf girls and offers herself up to her to experience what her sister did

replicated - 3 months ago

Cut by a shovel that was literally just being used to scoop shit... If she lives long enough, she's definitely gonna want to wash that! xD

Economics 2 [Page 4]

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Comic Non-Vore Wolf girl economics

Market garden

If you like what I do, please consider supporting me on subscribestar 

Glossym - 3 months ago

Trolldiers are a beautiful and majestic creature, who’s habitat are being destroyed by the invasive Sniperbots. With your donations, we can fully eradicate this species and rehabilitate countless Trolldiers, along with Hoovies, Spy Crabs, and the innocent [email protected]

SherlokKirya - 3 months ago


Lithalya - 3 months ago

She's returned for more booty time

Tyrant - 3 months ago

The plot thickens already!!!

FFSIWLI - 3 months ago

Economics 2 [Page 3]

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Comic Non-Vore economics


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Glossym - 3 months ago

*The spy slides a sapper to the sentry, which gets instantly destroyed. The engineer cries out “Sentry Down!” as he draws his pistol. The spy is faster and fires his revolver, taking out the engineer with a HEADSHOT! The engineer falls on a door, opening it as he falls through the doorway. The spy swiftly steps through and leveling his gun, and fires. Fade to white*

tuckjames - 3 months ago

"you seen what he has done to your colleages"
music starts playing as spy gets closer to a engie with his sentry

Suhsnow - 4 months ago

"The Spy has already breached our defenses..."

balanced-guy - 4 months ago

"I got it, I got it, stand back son. One one one errrrr One!" Door hissing open.

tuckjames - 4 months ago

"what the a eheh" scout in shock

"yes now here is to fuck us now listen up boy or the pornograhpy starting your mother will be the second worst thing that happens to you today" walks away lighting a cig
(how long will it go?)

Take notes! [SCAT]

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Scat Fatal Pooping Butt Post-Vore Implied Vore Post Vore Scat Student Disposal College students Casual vore Disregard of Life

It's like the ship of Theseus. Copy the notes then... dispose of... the original and now yours is the original!

This was on subscribestar a month ago! There isn't much up there right now, but get early access to art as it's made. 

Drakira - 3 months ago

I saw your blog post recently, and then this post made me giggle a bit unintentionally. Since it clearly defines Shit's gender as Meat :p. Just thought I would share that giggle.

Whymanamajeff - 4 months ago

I might have to produce some quality work…

SherlokKirya - 4 months ago

Pred seems to be a real bully.
Love tan lines you did there

hax - 4 months ago

Ship of Feceus~

ArchLinux - 4 months ago

i am huge nerd myself i dont like give my homework for copy and i study so much so this is my destiny eh?

Economics 2 [Page 2] (SCAT)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Scat Comic Non-Vore economics


Uploaded this to my substar like 10 hours ago ooooooo, you wanna sub now ooooooo 

LemonBarb - 4 months ago

You mean Wolfess? Still, love it's getting a sequel now.

knotbots - 4 months ago

What a brute! I love her

Revy - 4 months ago

Hopefuly she can find a uncloggable toilet, maybe me XD

Impact - 4 months ago

So.. this is immediately after the first part? No time-skip or anything?
I'm sure I'll love this!

somnustechnician - 4 months ago

Everyone's favorite money-loving, morals-eschewing cat makes her long-awaited return!

Economics 2 [Page 1] (SCAT)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Scat Comic Non-Vore economics

I almost got 2 pages done today but kept distracting my self, oopsss!!

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AzurePheonix - 4 months ago

No, that's a window, not a gate.

Tyrant - 4 months ago

Yeah Yeah YEAH!!!!!!

DarkPinkie - 4 months ago

Sequel to Economics! My evening have been blessed and I can now sleep happy knowing such a great work is in the making.

Not that any Krongus art isn't a blessing in and off itself.

mosena - 4 months ago

Yep, just throw me out the window as shit too please.

doomed - 4 months ago

Pooing out the window lok

Economics 2 [Page 0]

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Comic Belly Non-Vore Big Breasts preview polaroid economics

It's timeeeeee!!!

I'm gonna upload these as I go. Then at around the half way point I'll do that thing where I move over to subscribestar to upload as I make pages. Then it'll get put here once the chapter is finished.

Support me here 

BroTato - 3 months ago

Ayo it's part 2 for realistic, hot, and kinda spooky vore series

Barteq2236 - 4 months ago

My inner Raiden has awoken

Sauvegarde - 4 months ago


Mordecai777 - 4 months ago


paidbigbubba - 4 months ago


[VID] Typhlosion Eats a Bitch!

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Feral Dawn Swallowing Animation Typhlosion Implied Digestion Female Prey Human Prey Butt First Feral Pred Pokemon pred trainer prey audio typhlosion pred Hisuian Typhlosion

For my buddy  whatisthissheet on their birthy wirthy daaayyY!!!! Get EATEN LOSER!

New things are coming to the subscribestar in the coming months (little teaser). 

krazykid - 2 months ago

absolutly jelous of dawn~ so curious of what that ghastly digestion is like

Artca9 - 3 months ago

Really good work~

Dragonic_Wolf - 3 months ago

haha wow

tiredtomato - 4 months ago

The animation on this is absolutely INSANE holy [i]shit[/i]

Drudicta - 4 months ago

Welp, I guess I like Feral Poke'mon vore now.

Necoarc is funny

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Mawshot Fatal chibi Post-Vore Big Belly smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred Melty Blood larger prey Detailed bulges neco-arc

I like... really like necoarc, so hear me out. They're like, the stupidest thing ever. Like, they're such a non-pred pred, so like, if they eat you and turn you into fat and shit... It's like being taken out of the food chain. Something that's the ultimate stupid creature has turned you into NOTHING. Taken you out of the world. Shit's hot.  

wowzersss - 8 days ago

yesss thats so true. being turned into shit by a dumb little creature is so fucking hot. this pic is very good

Drudicta - 1 month ago

Simultaneously hilarious, horrifying, and as long as it's not Dru, kinda hot.

AlterEgo23 - 3 months ago


TheGreatAndA - 5 months ago

Small, cute, dumb preds that don't seem like they should be remotely threatening, yet still happily and gleefully humiliatingly eat and kill you anyways without remorse, are the very best kinds of preds out there for me.

Kronguss - 5 months ago

Spread the ROT

Caustic - 5 months ago

That's gonna be one big pokemon and one big

Fatedmeal - 5 months ago

Instead, the lithe trainer was jiggled and jostled as the ghastly fumes and burning acids tore her clothes off. The hot bubbles of gas that froth within the curbing stomach ruptured violently. The gastric space clenched around the prey, before ejecting the paltry amount of acid-ridden clothes out into the surrounding grass. With the exception of the slimed tube sock which clung to the bulk of the Hisuian Typhlosion’s tongue.

Kronguss - 5 months ago

She won't even be able to jiggle it.

mosena - 5 months ago

I love thinking about how she won't even begin to fill it up. She better bring friends to give him an adequate meal.

Slimey Thighsorption

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Slime Absorption Slimegirl Pred instant digestion slime girl vore

 ThirtyCelcius has a slime goblin, and they like to be eeeevil like this. 

TETRO - 4 months ago

Why is she so upset? Getting absorbed into sexy thighs is one of the best ways to die <3

Hope - 5 months ago

the poor prey is having a really rough go at it...

Hope - 5 months ago

the poor prey is having a really rough go at it...

Hope - 5 months ago

being absorbed before even being fully consumed? Truly evil

doomed - 5 months ago

Wish I could be absorbed into thighs lol

Empress - 4 months ago


Kinda looks like starfire

Mordecai777 - 5 months ago

Welcome back, i missed your art, u are one of my fav artists

twilighttrixter - 5 months ago


Fatedmeal - 5 months ago

The art instructor told the nude model to transition into a more relaxed and confident pose. Kronguss and the rest of the art students ignore the pained wails vibrating through the distended pannus of the model’s organically curved belly.

Hongry01 - 4 months ago

Incredible work, love the little details like the sigh, cock twitch and heart

Thatonedude3725 - 5 months ago

I absolutely love this

Nieck - 5 months ago

breath sounds peaceful

Luxio512 - 5 months ago


JeebyHeebies - 5 months ago

This is really really good, I just wish there wasn't that bulge there... Probably just makes it that much better for some people though.

gundamfanx0000 - 5 months ago

Cool like the clean version better and I and out of curiosity since she has a life fiber outfit and she's made of life fibers lifefibers what are the chances the the band leader absorbs her absorbs/assimilates her instead of digesting her

Diceyb - 6 months ago

I love the small belch that seals the deal!

Sica44 - 6 months ago

I wish for S2

Kronguss - 6 months ago

Nah, I'm just watching the show again and remembered that this didn't get a proper release heh.

Plume7 - 6 months ago

Is the other one getting animated as well? The one where Nonon is the small one instead?

[REUPLOAD] Nonon nonoms Ryuko (SCAT)

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Scat F/F Burp Giantess Swallowing Toilet Pooping Animation Macro/Micro Post-Vore Post Vore Scat Disposal Throat bulge Kill La Kill Ryuko Matoi nonon jakuzure Bones in scat

This was the only animation that didn't have a proper upload on the website, so I decided why not now that I know how to use handbrake.

Mega: (copy into url bar)!kn4FTASI!4xTwEBx9ibLTuD8veqgSgnPn2CoR7rYlaSSmxZ8QFBE

Discord: (one click download) 

stankoman223 - 6 months ago

Ryuko gets fucking Kill La Killed

jackboi - 6 months ago

Love this, still as good as the first time

Kronguss - 6 months ago


mibankai1171 - 6 months ago

So being digested changes the color of clothing I guess it started off blue and ended black ^_^

Fania - 6 months ago

You're the best, Kronguss. Thank you for sharing your content with us.

[PG3] Remains (SCAT)

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Scat Post Vore Scat Disposal Dungeon Meshi Izutsumi

what goes in must come out


ThirtyCelcius - 7 months ago

It wasnt as poetic as this it was a lot more Messy and Primal

Civilbarbarian - 7 months ago

My life is a lie

ThirtyCelcius - 7 months ago

It was all a ruse, it never happened its all fiction, you were fooled and now you look silly in front of everyone

ErRynArya - 7 months ago

I just hate it when my wife tries to eat me, but Winny is an insatiable murderer, hence why she earned the title for "Worst Wife", despite her many protestations at such a title.

Altimos - 7 months ago

Oh, I see... you too, huh...
Don't you hate it when you don't want to be turned into a pile, but a pred still tries to anyways <3 <3 <3

[PG2.5] Cockless

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Chubby Digestion Fatal Post-Vore Dungeon Meshi Izutsumi

if cocks aren't cool


KittensMittens67 - 7 months ago

Captions made me laugh lol

Altimos - 7 months ago

It's an old saying, but yes... you're spot on <3

ThirtyCelcius - 7 months ago

I had to google that one, but yea, is comfy

Altimos - 7 months ago

To be their FUPA... O///O

Muryoku - 7 months ago

Cocks are cool

doomed - 7 months ago

Churned into pudge

Kronguss - 7 months ago


Muryoku - 7 months ago

You know they're a slut because they have their eyelashes are on the bottom of their eyes

ThirtyCelcius - 7 months ago

I had to say it but the first pic looks like a youtuber intro, like im about to go "WHATS UP GUYS TODAY WE WILL CALL IZUTSUMI DUNGEON MESHI AT 3 AM"

doomed - 7 months ago

Being slutty gets you nommed

Xenophage17 - 7 months ago

Love the attitude and phone angle

AlbertKwon9182 - 9 months ago


JodyBreezy - 9 months ago


98% of that bitch got absorbed.

Jinxopow - 9 months ago

Think about it… the open toilet seat is like a open casket funeral. Well… the difference is that her Obituary reads like nutrition facts label XD

Whymanamajeff - 9 months ago

Being reduced to only 2% brutal. I love it.

GhostPouch - 9 months ago

Damn, that's pretty pitiful, an entire life to be just 2% of a turd lol

Nieck - 7 months ago

coldness、peacefulness,with ...hehe..
how beautiful...

vore2412 - 9 months ago

I'm actually rewatching this and it seems very appropriate.

LazyLaz - 9 months ago

im sure Darkness is hoping for that XD

AlbertKwon9182 - 10 months ago


Edddd - 10 months ago

jealous af no cap fr fr

Farm Raised and Grazed [SCAT]

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Giantess Swallowing Fatal Anus Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Head First Post Vore Scat Female Prey Female Pred Disposal

Sorry for the slow holidays, you know, family and stuff, back to work!

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Frednurk - 10 months ago

You do a) the best puns, b) the best scat

xXChromeKnifeXx - 10 months ago


NRawk - 10 months ago

I knew lettin' Pa go down ta fix the well while Bro stood watch was a bad idea.

Umhuebr - 10 months ago

Beautiful pun
Fantasy themed giantess vore is the best, glad to see some by you <3

Altimos - 10 months ago

I... I just can't, this is too good.
I'm gonna have to rethink wanting life on the farm when I get isekai'd
or, maybe I won't rethink it <3 <3 <3

The Swear Jar [SCAT]

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Scat Belly Chubby F/? Pooping Butt Post-Vore Implied Vore Post Vore Scat Female Pred Big Breasts Disposal underboob Disposal Scat

We are a family, and this family doesn't tolerate any curse words, alright bitch?

Support me here: 

ElyBlanche - 3 months ago

That means a lot. Thanks a bunch. Can't promise when it'll happen but keep an eye out for it lol

Nobatko - 3 months ago

I would love to read that, your stories are amazing, I like the detail of disposal. It's really awesome

SenpaiVore - 3 months ago

Now when you say shifted, do you mean the one disposing or the one being disposed for swearing?

Bigmackgamer303 - 6 months ago

Fuck shit cunt bitch

Runner05 - 6 months ago

I wonder what this would look like in color.

KellyJ - 4 months ago

Great work as always! I love this one!

Nocomment - 10 months ago

Thanks for giving me context when I tried to search it on google the only answer I got was "a nice ass" which I highly doubted it was the definition used here as I can clearly see the prey isn't being anal vored or anything like that

Kronguss - 10 months ago

Someone who's older and still hasn't married is called a "christmas cake" because a christmas cake is a kind of cake that people often get, but don't eat. In the light novels this character thinks she's a christmas cake (even though everyone would happily date her)

Nocomment - 10 months ago

hey I got a question: what does the term cake mean as used in the title of this post?

TinyBoiSnack - 11 months ago

Some part of me really wants just a solo art of the bottom left frame, I mean LOOK AT THAT!


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: F/F Same Size Pre-Vore Female Prey Casual vore Objectification discount

Picked up some discounted meat on the way home.

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TheVoreEngineer - 10 months ago

Honestly, I don't know if it's sheer casualness of the scenario or the complete and utter disinterest from the soon to be predator that I love the most about this pic, but damn Kronguss I wish I had seen this sooner, it's bloody amazing.

BlackfireVii - 10 months ago

i need a follow up, this concept is great... if a little morbid

daeway - 11 months ago

Just the way she contorts is delightfully unsettling.
Is there going to be a follow up?

Meowsticdude - 1 year ago

only 12.99?! Zamn!

ehfinewhatever - 1 year ago

Would you put her in a paper or plastic bag?

The most ultralight meal is one that walks

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Same Size Bulge Navel Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts boob squish Hiking Casual vore Face Imprint Detailed bulges Breast Imprints

Might draw up the responsible bathroom practices of this experienced backpacker for subscribestar later ,':3

Support me here: 

StrangeParrot - 8 months ago

Still hoping for an update..

feauxen - 10 months ago

I mean judging by the angle that front ankle’s at the prey doesn’t need to do anything. This picture is one of those ‘taken moments before disaster’ pictures where the subject has just rolled her ane and is about to fall off a cliff, but hasn’t realized it and is still carefree.

theonlymatt - 10 months ago

Any chance of a finale to this?

ArchLinux - 1 year ago

hahahahha yes and he will realse her in no time

MotherOfMonsters - 1 year ago

Yooooo this is so stylish?

Tastykitty169 - 1 year ago

I love and want this! looks like a fun way to snack x

Drakira - 1 year ago

Bet the gag survives! Maybe she lets the next sub use it.

Patrycja - 1 year ago

Boob :sip_:

doomed - 1 year ago

Hehe , tied up and sliding helplessly to an acidic doom

I wonder what it's about

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts F/F Weight Gain Giantess Macro/Micro schoolgirl Implied Digestion Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Multiple Preys

New light novel with a pretty mesterious title, could be about anything, really.

Support me here: 

Kelly - 6 months ago

No worries was torn between a joke on mangas or just a more light hearted vore comic x3 Lovely still

Kronguss - 6 months ago

It isn't, sorry. I wouldn't keep this all to myself~

Kelly - 6 months ago

Wait is that a real comic I can find on your subscribestar ? :O

ElyBlanche - 10 months ago

I desperately wanna write a story about this lmao

Bigmackgamer303 - 1 year ago

"Hello based department"

POV: Point of Vore lol

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Giantess Macro/Micro Female Prey Female Pred Office Lady Kabedon

POV: Coworker kabedon's you, and is eating your girlfriend.

Sorry fo the long away everyone, thank you for your continued support! Moving is effectively over and I'm hoping to draw again! Please look forward to it. 

Kronguss - 7 months ago


eltnevs - 1 year ago

hell ye bro

DegeneracyOutlet - 1 year ago

Now I'm wondering what the post=vore equivalent would be

DrakeHillside - 1 year ago

Hard to know what one should do in such a situation ~ x3

Nic386 - 1 year ago

I dont know what Kabedon is but I like it

[SCAT] The JAR room

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Scat F/F F/? Fatal Post-Vore Post Vore Scat Female Prey Female Pred Disposal f/multiple Jar Trophy Worm's Eye View

She has a jar fetish. She is getting pickles.

This is a pseudo continuation of my last post. I took some comments from the last post to put on the jars, sorry I couldn't fit all of them, though.


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stearwing - 11 months ago

Why, walking in on her is sure to be a [i]jarring[/i] experience.

Fania - 1 year ago

Wow, if you ever accept commissions, you will get all the money from me to bring Fania's trophy chest to life, this is hot <3

Mclavier43r4 - 1 year ago

I see I made it into the room. I'm hella honered she gave a shit and kept me. ;P

Tanookicatoon - 1 year ago

It's like
I'm not into the poop,
but it's the chilly feeling I get from the vore I love. XD
gosh, what a collection. That was all people. 7w7;;;

KellyJ - 1 year ago

Talk about a room with a view! Or in this case a jar with a view lol. Love this!

SeekGr - 1 year ago

wew she takes the last words? How kind

Slanzer - 1 year ago

"Shittier than his taste in, well honestly anything"

stearwing - 1 year ago

I mean, at my size I need buckets to put my prey in, but I agree with the sentiment.

saitofang - 1 year ago

#wanted to feel them lips, now I’m on her hips

rubuio91 - 1 year ago

"I only get one shit at this, give me a minute!"

here, got you

[ANIM] It is Vore Day in 3 hours

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Giantess Swallowing Animation Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Wolf girl mouse girl Female Prey Female Pred vore day mouse girl prey Wolf girl Pred

Might end up doing short animations like this to get practice in with complex movements and the like. No better day like vore day to bring the wolf girl back, though. She walks back into her new house to find that a mouse girl is welcoming her as a new tenant!

No witnesses...

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The version on top is very compressed
[ Continued ...

Mostamazingofbaboons - 1 month ago

Oh noooo! Not the tiny mouse!

Patrycja - 8 months ago

Why are you responding to this now, you butt.
It took me like a minute to understand why I even got this in my messages!

Kronguss - 8 months ago

thank you

tyrion13 - 1 year ago

This is wonderful, I so wanted to see her nom a micro. >.> wonder if we could see some internals of the mouse in her belly.

Moebius - 1 year ago

That's one hell of a way of moving together. Your animations are always amazing <3

[SCAT] Evil lady being EVIL

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Scat F/F Same Size Post-Vore Post Vore Scat Female Prey Female Pred Disposal bullying Disposal Scat instant loss mom prey

Drew  Patrycja 's evil lady doing her thing after playing FortApex of duty G on her Xbox 5. (For your mom's sake, don't call her slurs.)

The character Pat made:

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TETRO - 1 year ago

LOL dude! Epic win! Ex Dee!

carlj - 1 year ago

Looking at how those kids act, i consider this karma ^^

Frednurk - 1 year ago

I love this scenario XD

Umhuebr - 1 year ago

Oh fuck LMAO
Actual pro gamer move

Patrycja - 1 year ago


Pl-ass-tic Love

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Giantess Anal Vore Anus Macro/Micro close up ambiguous pred spread asshole

Caught in 8mm film

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MrKitty41 - 5 months ago


picar0 - 1 year ago

OMG this ... this is art!

doomed - 1 year ago

Dang that booty is hungry

linthia - 1 year ago

This title... I love it, geniuses

ItsSongxing - 1 year ago

you actually did it
absolute madlad

I wanted to eat ass but ass is eating haha

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Giant Giantess F/? Anal Vore Macro/Micro M/? Female Pred Male Pred ambiguous pred

Saw a butt being spread and realized that I don't see the butt drawn accurately very often, so I tried to.

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Kronguss - 11 months ago

I was just saying I wanted to draw it this way, and that it's something I don't see often, how does that translate to "everyone should draw things this way"?

casual lurker - 11 months ago

btw, "Drawn accurately"? dude, when someone's being eaten by one, do you think the artist cares whether it's anatomically correct?

gundamfanx0000 - 1 year ago

I thought who ever that is was being swallowed through the stomach or belly buttons and the underside of her breasts

Slanzer - 1 year ago

In Russia, ass eat you.

WritingZeal - 1 year ago

Honestly the realistic butt for anal vore is so criminally underrated. I love this

Cat Kabedon Mawshot Epic Fortnite

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Catgirl POV Oral Vore Saliva F/? Mawshot Pre-Vore Female Pred pov vore F/Viewer

 Appdattta drew the design, and likes pov stuff. So I gotta hit that sweet combo chain. 

Kroel - 1 year ago

very nice work.

ninjajoeman - 1 year ago

peaking fangs for mawshots is peak perfection.

RoTheHuman - 1 year ago

What a cute maw! ^^

jackboi - 1 year ago

Looks slick in there

doomed - 1 year ago

jeez , i just wanna stick my face in those tits then slide down that throat

Blue is the new blue

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Non-Vore

 Appdattta drew up some cute characters and I couldn't help myself. 

[SCAT] On this episode of Mother Nature...

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Breasts Scat Belly Digestion Elf F/F Same Size Pooping Dryad Post-Vore Tentacle Big Belly venus flytrap Post Vore Scat Monster girl Female Prey Female Pred Stomach mouth Disposal f/multiple Plant Girl Elf prey Multiple Preys dryad pred instant loss

She's very lovely to talk to, I assure you.

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SenpaiVore - 1 year ago

Noting that down for me Bestiary. How to fit that in my next session though?

LizardWizard444 - 1 year ago

I kinda like the expository take on this. it's like a sexy vore documentery

carlj - 1 year ago

Such an inventing and fun concept, i like her a lot ^^

Revy - 1 year ago

God dam it love her. i need more flytrap in my life

Winny - 1 year ago

I bet shes the best conversationalist! Also those are some thick loafs shes pushing out, Doesn't exactly look like the girls in question are really fighting that hard to get out until their done either. <3

[SCAT] Eat stupid people take stupid shits

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Giantess F/? Fatal Macro/Micro Post-Vore Implied Vore Post Vore Scat Female Pred Disposal


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anema_sesuna - 1 year ago

Are those the same girls as the muted melody video

crystal - 1 year ago

I love this. A pred feeling some real-world digestive problems takes the fantasy to a new level. :3

BlueIce - 1 year ago

the description for this makes 100% sense xD

Gorgrath177 - 1 year ago

Her ass is gonna be sore for weeks. Serves her right, eating 50 peeps shrunk instead of full-sized like a real chad! >:3

LunaticDanmaku - 1 year ago

Kongruss is rapidly becoming my favorite artist here.

[SCAT] I'm sure they'll win!

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Scat Anal Sex Futanari Rape Post-Vore Implied Digestion Size difference Oni Post Vore Scat H/F h/ff Disposal Futa/F Futa pred Oni pred instant loss

They didn't

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doomed - 1 year ago

they got shitted by an oni

Raesetsu - 1 year ago

I kinda wish this was colored :(

Yanaginagi - 1 year ago


mofvore - 1 year ago

I love everything about this. The design of the Oni, the anal, the disposal, the concept itself. Fantastic work.

FutureBellyAche - 1 year ago

And it was such a close fight!

BREAKING: 3 local cuties SCATified by milf

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Oral Vore Scat F/F Giantess Milf Fatal Macro/Micro Willing Post-Vore Fatal Vore Post Vore Scat Willing Pred Disposal milf pred Disposal Scat Willing prey

"Boys from the nearby public school are in anguish due to this loss of cute girls, which have been on the decline. Though, as said in our interview with the milf in question 'cute girls like that are so lovely, and fit so well into cute little sandwich bags, I hope more come asking for help becoming a loaf'"

I post about half of what I draw a month early on subscribestar! For content early and wip's of larger projects, check it out.
[ Continued ...

xvx17 - 1 year ago

Me to

ashenkirana217 - 1 year ago

I would love to see this as a comic. Or a story.

theteen73 - 1 year ago

What grade were the cute girls in before they died?

Gorgrath177 - 1 year ago

As a milf this lady has children, wonder if her own son is one of the anguished young men. Perhaps his own girlfriend took the tour through his mother’s intestines or her daughter/s also in a sandwich bag.

Kronguss - 1 year ago

Some of that is probably last night's spaghetti but don't tell anyone that ;3

Everyone loves catgirls

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Kronguss

Tags: Catgirl Oral Vore Belly Burp Same Size F/? Muscle Felicia Size difference Female Pred Burping King of Fighters Belly bulge burping up clothes

Muscle Belly!?!??!?!!!??!?!

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Nekochow - 1 year ago

I like the abs still showing through on her bloated belly.

Nic386 - 1 year ago


whatisthissheet - 1 year ago

Tight belly???? Good????

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 year ago

fuck yes muscle belly

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

Everyone loves catgirls, it's a know fact. Those that don't end up like this~