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Eutims - 1 day ago

Good to see you back

MissElaineous - 2 days ago

Your art style is so attractive; amazing work!

fadetoblack19 - 3 days ago

Always love how you do bellies.

joe354 - 3 days ago

nice derusing using gio!

PhantomAsh - 3 days ago

Damn thats a fine ass she has, and jacko is gonna add so nicely to it

Shraq - 3 weeks ago

Ann as a pred looks fantastic. Thank you for drawing her as one!

Shraq - 3 weeks ago

Ann looks fantastic. Thank you for drawing her!

Riyaco - 3 weeks ago

I see this as an absolute win

Coldfox - 3 weeks ago

Her regretting it and not thinking it through is great, I love it

bajillionandone - 3 weeks ago

Persona 5 girls jealously eating each other over Joker is always so good!

Bananaman - 3 days ago

Yep, this is exactly how I imagined this death animation.

Ghostdragon - 3 weeks ago

I wondered when someone might cover this. Wonderful~

colemercer - 3 weeks ago

Finally more vore of this hungry ghost~

daeway - 4 weeks ago

that borp of death

daeway - 4 weeks ago

that borp of death

Putting Students In Their Place

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Same Size Fatal Post-Vore Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge Persona Persona 5 Sadayo Kawakami Ann Takamaki Jealous pred Ren Amamiya

The PC port makes me wanna draw more persona girls. Unfortunately I gotta wait for game pass cards to go on sale to play it lol 

DittoDotto - 1 month ago

I see that guy getting hard~! Really good piece, love the softness of Katakami in the post-vore pic
(I know nothing about Persona, hence "that guy")

Mordecai777 - 1 month ago

This is perfection

Fiowus - 1 month ago

i like kawakami pred

Eutims - 1 month ago

It would be nice to see some more persona girls

Grimoutsider - 1 month ago

Good stuff. Kawakami best girl.

The [Queasy] Little Mermaid (Unfinished)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Belly Burp Mermaid Swallowing Disney F/FF Big Belly Female Prey Mermaid Prey Female Pred f/multiple indigestion Burping Belly bulge The Little Mermaid Digestion Noises Mermaid Pred disney princess Multiple Preys Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

I saw the ugly ass flounder picture and remembered I had this lying around lol. The thing I needed to do was to redraw everything.
Edit: Internet was slow, so I mashed the upload and it uploaded 3 times lol 

SherlokKirya - 4 weeks ago

Imagine being a sailor and hearing non-stop burping sounds from the ocean.

GoTee1 - 1 month ago

I wonder what led her here. Did she simply meet another Disney Princess who'd taken to the habit, or has she simply and totally misunderstood how mammal pregnancy works?

Whereaminow27 - 1 month ago

Definitely want to see a follow up to this!

LTAF - 1 month ago

It's more unfinished to me because I wanted to add more to it and redraw some of it. It looks decent to me now but I just felt like it really needed a redraw but I lost motivation to do it.

sleeplaughpycho61 - 1 month ago

Unfinished? how is it unfinished if you don't mind me asking? it looks great. it's fully colored. what about it is unfinished?

joe354 - 3 weeks ago

It's funny how the game actually has something like this happen in it LUL

DrLewdLunch - 1 month ago

Lady D ♥‿♥

Bright - 1 month ago

Some really neat lineart here.

VictorBound - 1 month ago

This was great!

ParodyIsParody - 1 month ago

I love how you drew Rosemary! I hope you draw more of her!

Eating The Rich (Unfinished)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Burp F/M Same Size batman Male Prey Female Pred catwoman Belly bulge Selina Kyle latex suit Unknown prey

I had this since March and lost motivation to finish it. I also never saw the movie but I heard she says something like this in the movie lol 

Bigmackgamer303 - 3 weeks ago

What the fuck are you guys on about
Its a piece of fetishist fiction why do you have to bring politics into here??

Edddd - 1 month ago

As a straight, white, non progressive, I support this

Edddd - 1 month ago

as a straigt, white, non progressive, I support this

DonburiBowl - 1 month ago

"The woke progressives aren't looking for equality!!! They're literally eating anyone who is straight, white, or doesn't hold their radical ideals!!"

Sorry karen that's how the world is now.

Edddd - 1 month ago

Straight white men should indeed be nothing but feminist buttfat, sad is the world in which this is not possible

z3d - 1 month ago

Given that OW 1 helped make the loot box system seem tempting for other game publishers. Is it shocking that it’s sequel wold be even worse with technical issues and additional monetizing?

Zoelovesguts - 1 month ago

Not an ow fan
Just came to watch dva die and become belly fat like she was always meant to~

Diversity23 - 1 month ago

I didn't grow up with Halo or Blizzard games. But seeing what you loved being destroyed by greed, trend-chasing bullshit, incompetence and disconnection, is gut-wrenching :(

TheSignPainter - 1 month ago

I don't really follow Overwatch (or its sequel) or the Halo franchise, so I have nothing interestin' to comment on the state of either

very much like this Mercy, though. don't have to follow Overwatch to know it has good pred material :like:

HunterFélix - 1 month ago

Mercy's medicine has changed a lot

Ultimax300 - 2 weeks ago

That second to last panel almost killed me. XD

smiley - 1 month ago

Moar like blessed tape .3.

JMan96 - 1 month ago

More Please!

bajillionandone - 1 month ago

This is amazing

SherlokKirya - 1 month ago

Yoooos Sadako is back ! See a slight artstyle change, really fun !

SherlokKirya - 1 month ago

You are simple man and we love it. Really enjoying more internals going from you recently !

BlueIce - 2 months ago

Man, love rivals are stepping up their game

HMDVore - 2 months ago

Great gulp and internal!

The K - 2 months ago

Fantastic comic.

Riyaco - 2 months ago

Oh well, guess he has to marry her now.. at least they'll still be together in some form

Miruko's Preworkout (Unfinished)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Butt Size difference Female Prey Female Pred small prey Weight loss My Hero Academia weight lifting la brava miruko Mirko Rumi Usagiyama Manami Aiba

People wanted to see more unfinished stuff so I'll post more when I come across them. This one in particular just needed the line work redone and fixed to the wonky anatomy. 

DrLewdLunch - 2 months ago

Smaller prey like here is best vore ^.^

DrLewdLunch - 2 months ago


SomeGuyver - 2 months ago

I was hoping you'd do more Mirko stuff. So goood

boomerangfish - 2 months ago

Hot damn, Miruko’s muscle tummy is great (also uh where can I get that drink)

Perodian - 2 months ago

A villain worked away onto a hero's body.

Scarlet Bitch (Unfinished)

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion F/F Breast Expansion Absorption Marvel Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge Power absorption Scarlet Witch sentient fat Wanda Maximoff America Chavez

I was gonna post this before the movie came out but I lost motivation to redraw it after noticing how off everything looked. Also the movie was trash. I have other unfinished stuff that I feel looks passable to post, so let me know if you want me to post more unfinished drawings. 

WatermelonArtist - 4 days ago

Not the first to say this but this is better than the actual movie (and most of phase 4)

eheboiiii - 1 month ago

this is the scarlet witch I want

WarGames - 1 month ago


Crypto - 1 month ago

Me when I lie

DodongoQueen3 - 2 months ago

Yes more unfished drawings and fuck

Soul Digesters

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Digestion Burp Weight Gain Same Size F/? Post-Vore Female Pred ringo belly noise Unknown prey Digestion Noises soul hackers soul hackers 2

I want to play this game but I'm just gonna wait for a sale lol 

Gillsley - 3 weeks ago

Ringo vore! Aaaah! How did I not find this sooner? It looks awesome! The way she smugly licks her lips, her profuse big belches and plentiful belly noises are absolutely magnificent!

AlanaIsHere - 2 months ago

Game is VERY good, I loved it!
Love this btw, love her burping <3

mrminceman - 3 months ago

I got the game right now. I definitely think its worth the purchase really fun characters and fun gameplay and good music. Also yeah your image is hot as hell lol.

bajillionandone - 3 months ago

I love how burpy she is!

Vorelover23 - 3 months ago

Who/what is she chasing?

SherlokKirya - 3 months ago

Attorney is back ! And so is Amazonian ! I swear your sketches only get better with each post.
Also a proper introduction for Attorney and secretary girls. Can't wait for more to come.

Mordecai777 - 3 months ago

I want more of the egyptian girl, amazonian and Jen the lawyer, especially more of the egyptian girl pred…this is addictive

Camacho - 3 months ago

I love when peen is pressed up against the gut like that

Ouroboros 95 - 3 months ago

I like how Amy isn’t(?) even someone who eats people. All the vore with her is just her secretary fantasizing with her.

NotMax - 3 months ago

Great lineup. Love the diversity in body proportions, I feel like it really contributes to making scenarios with them feel unique.

Devil May Digest

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: F/F Burp lady Regurgitation Female Prey Female Pred indigestion Trish Devil May Cry belly noise nicoletta goldstein Kyrie

This definitely ain't lady's night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

bongobongo - 2 months ago

Same, I’d be pretty annoyed if someone puked me out. What the hell, I was supposed to be digested!

saitofang - 2 months ago

Tbh, I agree with Nico in this situation.

RasenGun37 - 3 months ago

Good question

Riyaco - 3 months ago

Makes you wonder when they last updated this site

Toffee - 3 months ago

Im fucking around. Im not being serious. Lmao XD

Prey To Your Goddess (8|8)

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F Burp Goddess Same Size Swallowing darkness Willing drinking Semi-willing Big Belly Aqua Drunk Willing Pred Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred turned-on Belly bulge belly noise Goddess Pred misunderstanding Drunk pred konosuba Willing prey Lalatina Dustiness Ford darkness konosuba Darkness (konosuba)

Kind of rushed this out but I'm glad I could get it out on time. Also I never watched this anime and I only drew these characters for the pun soooo... happy vore day. 

Jadex - 1 month ago

Oh no it was national 8 day! (As in ate)

Notbrony99 - 2 months ago

What do you mean by (8|8)? there is more?

Flame14 - 3 months ago

Wait! That’s not Aqua. She’s wearing visible panties. Lol

Mordecai777 - 3 months ago

Hope there is a follow up

Sylveon - 3 months ago


Beach Snack

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Human Chubby Digestion F/F Burp BBW Navel Bikini Beach Size difference smaller pred lifeguard talking to prey Female Prey BBW Prey Female Pred Big Breasts panting larger prey Onomatopoeia groping Digestion Noises Stomach Noises Breast Imprints

First time drawing in two weeks and I drew a random lady getting swallowed up by a random lady.  

NinjaKillingKnight - 4 months ago

holy shit that prey's body is so juicy.

algog8 - 4 months ago

So delicious

WindMaster1 - 4 months ago

Brain definitely rotting. Shit, it must be so fucking squishy… and noisy…

doomed - 4 months ago

bbw eaten by skinny pred... I NEED MORE

Mordecai777 - 4 months ago

Please make an alternative one where the busty milf eats and digests her, that would be amazing

PlaTT - 4 months ago

I would like to apply…as soon as possible…

Eutims - 4 months ago


doomed - 4 months ago

Best way to stay on the team is as ass fat

Toffee - 4 months ago

Gosh she's so cute!
It must be all those girls she keeps adding to her figure~

HMDVore - 4 months ago

very good vore sequence

Morrigan Wins

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Burp Saliva Same Size F/? Darkstalkers Female Pred belly noise Unknown prey Morrigan Aensland licking fingers

Watched a few tutorials about painting so I can make art faster and to learn the painterly style. I'm okay with how this came out, especially since it took me around 3.5 hours. I still feel like my brush work needs more practice. 

Jaboomba - 5 months ago

Wow, this is amazing! I'd love to know what tutorials you used!

SherlokKirya - 5 months ago

Another colored beauty. Figured you've tried something new here looking how it came out. Good work, really good

Zond - 5 months ago

soo good!

datididsan - 5 months ago

It does very good and unique! Well done! Also, Morrigan vore. I bow to you for such fine taste.

MysticView201 - 5 months ago

Holy cow man, this looks incredible! Already liked your art, but wow, you really drew this amazing well!

Growthfan96 - 5 months ago

There just isn't enough digestion followed by growth/expansion vore around especially with flat stomachs. The aftermath page is always so hot.

DrLewdLunch - 5 months ago

Will you make more art with your OC Carmen? She is great

DrLewdLunch - 5 months ago

Y’all this is my favorite tifa art :D

Hope - 5 months ago

that's a nice tummy...

Indighost - 3 months ago

Amazing, love this!

TheDerpNation - 5 months ago

This is amazing!

lewdlemage - 5 months ago

this is VERY good... the second shot is a really hot pose

BonneStar12 - 5 months ago


Never considered

Mordecai777 - 5 months ago

Amazing work, can’t wait to see more.
Might I also suggest a Tsunade pred digesting sakura or kid konohamaru?

Chickenlauncher - 4 months ago


Growthfan96 - 5 months ago

Damn! Absorption vore/asset theft is top tier.

Sprankle - 5 months ago

Bones look great in the belly, nice work for trying it out

slimjam - 5 months ago

Wonderful bones!

mannyb460 - 5 months ago

You drew this amazingly

OC Shorts: The Queen's Feast

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore F/F Burp Bulge queen Size difference egyptian Internal View Female Pred f/multiple servant F/FFFFF chyme belly noise belly stuffing Multiple Preys

I saw a comment about these characters and found an old sketche of them in a thumb drive. Might turn my old OC sketches into a series when I find them. 

daeway - 5 months ago

aight. I'll quit bothering about it then :D

LTAF - 5 months ago

I think I might keep them nameless. I kinda like it that way.

daeway - 5 months ago

noice, have you decided on names yet?

Also... that comment might be mine :P

Freakout541 - 6 months ago

I love these two! Wouldn't mind at all if there was more of them!
I really love the servant, something about her character is super appealing to me, especially those huge belches from her!

SherlokKirya - 6 months ago

Lmao really gives off vibes of old cartoon here

strongjimmy - 1 month ago

Chie must be pretty strong. Nice belly too. Same with Mona

daeway - 5 months ago

The couple, with the predator and girlfriend,
I think they look super cute. Having her hold up the prey in her gut as well as her other half makes her look powerful while the other girl sitting on the gut looks protected and lifted up, so to speak, by her other half.
If you could, I'd love if that sketch was done with colors in its own piece.

TheDerpNation - 5 months ago

I would love to see more preds getting nauseous and/or throwing up from you

Keachie - 6 months ago

The Mona one looks really good I’d love to see more of it

carlj - 6 months ago

Love the sea sick girls throwing up their preys in the sea, you don't see that often XD

Schrodinger123 - 2 months ago

Well now I see why she was fired after all lawyers are already bloodthirsty enough

DrLewdLunch - 5 months ago

Dat perfect gut

DrLewdLunch - 5 months ago

Whoah this is a new favorite-great work

SherlokKirya - 5 months ago

Such a nice abs carrying belly...

Summerleaves - 6 months ago

I was hoping the teaser would bring more vore art.

carlj - 6 months ago

Lovely ^^

HangryDemon - 6 months ago

That belly... my god that belly is amazing

Sitharc - 7 months ago

Going to be even harder to keep standing once digestion gets going and Hilda squirms and thrashes about for her life. Lovely image! Always great to see May as pred.

doomed - 7 months ago

Dang it may !

RasenGun37 - 7 months ago

That title is real clever!

Unnecessary Discrepancy

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Breasts sequence Belly Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Same Size Bulge Swallowing Butt Big Belly guilty gear Internal View Female Pred Bridget Digestion Noises transgender prey Ramlethal Valentine

If only Bridget kept it tucked in, he would be in strive. But now he is just Ram fat :( 

Talesfrombeyondthebelly - 3 months ago

this just got better seeing how Bridget was confirmed to joined strive

Blackheartedreaper2 - 7 months ago

Awesome, simply splendid piece. Ramlethal pred is greatly needed

ItsSonic - 7 months ago

Bridget <3
Oop bye Bridget

ItsSonic - 7 months ago

Bridget <3
Oop bye Bridget

Coldfox - 7 months ago

So that's why Ram got such thick thighs.

Vore La Vore

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Fatal Implied Digestion Fatal Vore Female Prey Female Pred Implied Fatality Digestion Noises Sister/Sister Kill La Kill Satsuki Kiryuin sibling vore Ryuko Matoi burping up clothes

I have never watched the show but I wanted to draw Satsuki cause she's fun to draw. 

Boashanpu - 4 months ago

oh god oh fuck Satsuki is about to fucking die

DittoDotto - 6 months ago

This is so good, I'll share a little fact: Kiryuin Satsuki's Japanese VA also voices Neco-Arc! That's all, great thighs, great tits, great stomach, 10/10

JMan96 - 7 months ago

This is glorious!

I just wish we had a back view, as that's where it's at with Satsuki!

runner - 7 months ago

I’d love to see a fusion of those two

Resileaf - 7 months ago

Don't lose your waaaaaay

HangryDemon - 7 months ago

Great to see some more DNF Duel vore art

Moonlightshadow - 7 months ago

*^ * !

hetcomc - 7 months ago


[Dinobonoid] - 7 months ago

Short, curvy and athletic, gulping a much taller, slender, leggy honey.


First Time Drawing M/F

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Male Female Female Prey April Fools mailbox Mail Pred

Hope it's good  

ClarAya - 1 month ago

hah i get it

Tempest - 2 months ago

This is hilarious, nice job. :D

HangryDemon - 7 months ago

Honestly, I kinda like this

Freakout541 - 8 months ago


Luxio512 - 8 months ago

Mail to Female, a severely underrated pairing.

Fancyguy9900 - 7 months ago

Yeah I know. Just thought it was funny that people might've thought they were

viny - 7 months ago

Its not the first time an artist changed the gender of a character

Fancyguy9900 - 8 months ago

Testaments not a woman lol

SherlokKirya - 8 months ago

First Testament pic on the sight hooray! Memorable moment for sure

SilentViewer - 8 months ago

Just casually letting out GOD TIER art

SherlokKirya - 5 months ago

Nice pantsu shot heh
Curious to see a cold, calculating pred blush and actually (while not showing it) enjoy her to scientific research to SUCH an extent. Wonder if she reforms her favorites

RedNastyFoxy - 6 months ago

Looks pretty lucky to me! ^__^

Beefsalad - 7 months ago

It's apparent that our definitions of luck are most antithetical

lukesk11135 - 8 months ago

Love joker getting nommed. Its pretty rare to see

hetcomc - 8 months ago

Love the skull on her panties. That’s a nice touch.

Caught (Animation)

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Soft Vore Naga F/? Lamia Animation Size difference Female Pred Belly bulge Naga Pred Unknown prey Lamia Pred Struggling prey Echidna Wars Echidna Wars DX Milia Failed Hero

An attempt at straight ahead animation just incase I would animate for a commission 

Bananaman - 3 days ago

Her belly works a bit like a washing machine about to start its spin cycle. Love the titty flop and the tapping fingers, by the way!

carlj - 7 months ago

The boob getting flopped around is great ^^

Summerleaves - 8 months ago

I'm quite hypnotized by it

PonycardM - 8 months ago

This is down right amazing!

Impact - 8 months ago

I love it!

Gepfu - 8 months ago

What a lovely satisfied belch!

Tentacleharp - 8 months ago


BlueIce - 8 months ago

Its a fair trade, sense that other girl ate her lunch

FaithSpringerArt - 8 months ago

Oh yep that bulgy gut is what I like to see

ScrakeLord - 8 months ago

Love every bit of it.

Natural Prey

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Burp Same Size Bulge Swallowing Orgasm Wolf girl Monster girl Female Prey Internal View Female Pred belly noise Holo Spice and wolf pleading prey Bunnygirl prey pleasured pred Wolf girl Pred

I've never watch the show so here's a random bunny girl getting acquainted with Holo. 

RedNastyFoxy - 7 months ago

Such a lucky prey! ^__^

kibroman - 9 months ago

very nice
it's completely fabulous

ninjajoeman - 9 months ago

Hahaha that fucking face.
Love ur cotent babi.

golly88 - 9 months ago

Great. Just great. Love the artstyle!

ArchLinux - 9 months ago

you should whacht it is pretty wolesome

ShaboJohnson - 9 months ago


GenericUserName2115 - 9 months ago

As sad as it is to see Mai being consumed, goddamn does Shermie look good! I would love to see more SNK girls from you. Nice work!

Draconatedz - 9 months ago

Good lord, this slays me!

BigJohnHagerty - 9 months ago

Her fault for being in command grab range

asdn534Sans - 9 months ago

Looks so great. Shermie is amazing! Poor mai though...Luckily my waifu is Athena or kula but grappling Mai is still a big loss

Diversity23 - 9 months ago

Heheh my man, glad to see I wasn't the only one to remember it ;p.

doomed - 9 months ago

The deep kiss of death lol

Galarn - 9 months ago

Lovely <3 this type of scenario is glorious, first tasting with a kiss then gulping down the prey easily like nothing~

Despacito20 - 9 months ago

Nintendo knew what they were doin when they made Arezu. They describe her as bein "pear shaped" or somethin in an art book (I think) and gave her tights.

Galarn - 9 months ago

I remembered the exact same image, I love it

HangryDemon - 9 months ago

You always deliver the good shit

MellowYellow - 9 months ago

Long haired Aqua extremely hot, good shit my man.

MellowYellow - 9 months ago

Long haired aqua is ????

thicceater - 9 months ago

Ooooo hell yes
Theres never enough Aqua vore out there, plus a bad boi like Vanitas needs a good timeout in her [i]darkness[/i]

jyoster - 9 months ago


Also, Mickey's expression is great!

WPSmells - 10 months ago

Wow. Nice, don't see much F/M out of you, don't know the source material though.

Spider8Fiend - 10 months ago

Ask a stupid question, and you’ll get one hell of an answer XD

Victusu - 6 months ago

Loved it so much

filthyboigoji - 9 months ago

oh waits its fine gregory is a robot :troll:

Rickodo - 9 months ago

Nice, but i would love it more if Gregory would be the one who eat her ;-)

filthyboigoji - 9 months ago

I can't say it looks bad, but I also can't say its moral

colemercer - 9 months ago

The true ending~

EddyS - 9 months ago

You know, this sequence is actually scarier than the entirety of FNAF Security Breach. E.g. If Vanessa would do this when she catches Gregory and I didn't have this fetish... that would freak me out more than anything else in the game. But maybe that's just me though.

Great sequence. The manga-horror theme really shines in this sequence. Same goes with the horror aspects of vore that are often underused: the desperation, inevitable doom & claustrophobia really shine here. In fact it's, like I mentioned above, scarier than anything that the game itself tried to pull off. Just goes to show how over reliant on jumpscares FNAF has become.

Helvetios - 9 months ago

The moment in game where it showed Vanessa up close when she caught Gregory instantly had me thinking about different scenarios of her eating him, and this is just so perfectly done! The internal of her stomach filling with his body is amazing, definitely makes it seem like it’s become quite accustomed to her unique diet xD

Pago - 10 months ago

Could you make it M/F? Would be awesome.

EmilyPrey26 - 10 months ago


Rolo0001 - 10 months ago

the vanussy

hetcomc - 10 months ago

Good god, that's so hot!

Hamxxdude - 10 months ago

No burp?

Hozomat - 10 months ago

Wooo, I'm so happy you selected my idea :D
There's just not enough Evelynn as Pred here. Thanks! :)

jak55 - 10 months ago

Never seen this character before, but she’s sure is a cutie ;)

[Dinobonoid] - 10 months ago

You're getting really damn good, man.

Honey, I Ate Our Daughter

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: F/F Female Prey Internal View Female Pred Dragonball unaware pred Goku Accidental vore Son Goku Bulma Briefs growing prey milf pred kid goku Mrs. Briefs

Haven't drawn in a month because being busy irl. I start drawing more (hopefully) 

Elpie - 4 months ago

a thought occurred to me on this and yeah, it looks like Mrs. Briefs (who i've just learned for the first time is named Bikini. it's fitting XD) burped up the shrinking watch thing, too. at least, Bulma doesn't seem to be wearing it in there.

so...yeah, Bulma's not gettin' out :P i hope Bikini enjoys the extra everything Bulma's gonna give her from this XD

Sitharc - 9 months ago

Shocked Bulma never did this to her mom for revenge for stepping on her, or stepping on her back.

DoctorDischord - 10 months ago

This is one of my absolute favorite scenarios, you did amazing work with this <3

neversurrender21 - 10 months ago

There is really not enough dome with that shrink device she made

Gorgrath177 - 10 months ago

Coming up: honey, I shit our daughter

No Money, No Problem

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Oral Vore Sketch Pokemon Soft Vore Human F/F Burp Same Size Swallowing Navel Hungry Struggling Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred midriff Burping Implied Fatality Olivia theft small breasts Licking Lips Stomach Noises Face Imprint Twintails Detailed bulges Clothes Steal Plumeria Breast Imprints

I finally found this request I did after thinking I deleted it. I forgot the specifics for the request but I know they wanted tight bulges. 

GladiatusTheSaldrak - 11 months ago

Yayyyy finally Olivia vore

[Dinobonoid] - 11 months ago

Got some Burner energy going on here, I dig it.

Nagafanguy34 - 11 months ago


DejiruHerald - 11 months ago

Oh fuck yea, this is phenomenal~

Robotdocter - 11 months ago

Plumeria Pred! very nice sequence, love the way you drew the bulges :0

10K Followers Pic

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: LTAF

Tags: Burp Same Size F/? Female Pred Original Character Unknown prey Jen carmen

Celebration drawing for twitter 

BlueIce - 11 months ago

Man, the lazy asf energy from the pred on the right, just hits the heart just right

MelonGRG - 11 months ago

Not bad. Also, the comments are right, Jen's a treasure.

RasenGun37 - 11 months ago

Girl on the right looks like she's pogging

DrLewdLunch - 11 months ago

I love Jen!!!!! Please show more of her, she is a beauty

P1an3tv0re - 11 months ago


Herbnerb - 10 months ago

This is everything ❤

JMTFS - 11 months ago

Well yeah, the show is over.

JMan96 - 11 months ago


Great stuff!

Bomberboy18 - 11 months ago

Its sitxh season but yeah, it's been 15 years - soon 16 - since the last time they published an episode

doomed - 11 months ago

This is why Terra was eliminated in comics lol technically she dies every time

simonpetrikov39 - 6 months ago

At this point I wouldn’t mind being digested by nagatoro

ArchLinux - 11 months ago

you need pay a comision for that

BlueIce - 11 months ago

Holy fuck i love her face in the final panel, its just so well done i want to see more xD

Birichino - 11 months ago

Very accurate to the series.

daeway - 11 months ago

le gasp

DedsecForever - 11 months ago

I love nagatoro but I dont see much work for her I am happy you make this♡

daeway - 11 months ago

Slurped that first girl up like a noodle. Took no time!

Rat_Guy - 1 year ago

Now, hang on a second, she's always had a huge ass.

DragonqueenShyvana - 1 year ago

nice i love it when giga hot eats good hehe ^^ very good art style ^^

lupis95 - 1 year ago

Amazing, really good job replicating the art direction/style, looks like it belongs!

Gepfu - 8 months ago

I love that small whistle burp!

HiddenIke - 10 months ago

Cleo pred?

Perfection. Whoever is in there, they better consider themselves lucky.

mrmew - 10 months ago

I just made a Cleopatra with the skill Eat Whole

mrmew - 11 months ago

Ishtar is a great demon

Draconatedz - 1 year ago

Great taste, Cleo and Mermaid are some of my favorite demons in V.

Deathbat99 - 1 year ago

Evil vores tonight

Gorgrath177 - 1 year ago

Now she’s gonna get all the vorarephile guys >:3

JMTFS - 1 year ago

Slave Leia outfit

doomed - 1 year ago

the point is to get food not guys... well I guess its the same thing

Robotdocter - 1 year ago

i gotta say, at least she actually has a costume, i cant even tell what the other girl's supposed to be wearing lol
nice pic btw