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[COMM] Tibby's Birthday Celebration

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: M4st3r0fb41t

Tags: M/M Black Non-fatal entrapment Male Prey Endosoma Male Pred Naga Pred catboy prey Story in description Long Term Endo Voidcat Tibby

Several days later...

Black would slowly rouse from his sleep, stretching his arm and patting his gut as he told his belly: "Mmmmhh… Good morning Tibby. Happy Birthday!"
Tibby groaned, not so much due to who was congratulating him as much as the fact that he had spent the last several days inside of said guy's hot, cramped, gooey belly.
"Blegh- Okay, thank you, can you please let me out now?", he pleaded, feeling the hand of his predator pat him...
[ Continued ...

Tibaron - 1 month ago


Tibby's belly pet arc

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: M4st3r0fb41t

Tags: Oral Vore Catboy M/M Naga Same Size Black Birthday Unwilling writing entrapment Size difference Male Prey Male Pred Naga Pred male observer catboy prey wolf demi anthology Long Term Endo nonbinary observer Voidcat Tibby

What happens when you get eaten by an Endo predator on vore day, who has no intent to let you back out anytime soon? Well, you can ask Tibby about that, he's not going anywhere. Happy Birthday Tibby, and enjoy your new home.~

A mini-anthology I wrote after getting inspired by a comm I got with a friend of mine, which might get a sequel if I see enough interest for it. :3

Thumbnail was drawn by  Grima, link is here: ...
[ Continued ...

LivesInAStomach - 1 month ago

<3 It's my duty to support any and all long-term belly pet content on this website

M4st3r0fb41t - 1 month ago

Oh hey nice to see you here as well! And thank you! <3<3<3

LivesInAStomach - 1 month ago

Awww what a cute story! Cool belly pet stuff...

Tibaron - 1 month ago


[COMM] Black's (belated) Vore day fun

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: M4st3r0fb41t

Tags: Oral Vore Catboy M/M Naga Same Size Black entrapment Unwilling Prey Size difference Willing Pred Male Prey Endosoma Male Pred Naga Pred catboy prey Vore Day 2023 Voidcat Tibby

A comm I got from  Grima for vore day that I... forgot to upload sooner. Oh well. Enjoy a snippet of what I wrote for this comm below. :3

Black is me.
Tibby is  Tibaron (and very tasty)

It had been a nice day for Tibby, with the catboy taking a stroll alone through a forest park to get away from people, due to him trying to not get eaten on this specific day, when he suddenly heard a snake hiss right behind him. He jumped back in panic, turning...
[ Continued ...

Willow and Drew

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: M4st3r0fb41t

Tags: Non-fatal Oral Sex Size difference Human Pred Belly bulge Snuggling Endosoma Ambiguous Willingness implied entrapment ambiguous prey Belly humping Implied Oral Vore Femboy Pred observer pov Human observer snuggling belly nonbinary observer transfemme

A story inspired by a night of vorny thirsting with a friend of mine over Discord. Featuring Observers, the vore communities forgotten little treasures.

Drew and Willow are just two friends hanging out when one of them notices a bulge owo. A belly bulge. I wonder what they'll do from here? :3c 

foxygrandpa - 2 months ago

omg i knew this bluejay!! so cool seeing them on my feed

M4st3r0fb41t - 2 months ago

I won't lie, the dragongirl next door from Dulce was definitely an influence for this as well. ^^ Thanks for sharing!

Mechdragon1k - 2 months ago

One of the story that really taught me about my love of observation.
Endo teasing, first glance cruel but actually kind prey.
Fatal unaware pred
Fatal prey, nervous but turned on observer.

Securing the Package

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: M4st3r0fb41t

Tags: Anthro Rat Female Cock Vore Tanuki Orgasm Size difference Willing Pred Female Prey Endosoma Rat Prey Hyper Cock Hyper Balls Non-binary non-binary pred Willing prey nb/f Long Term Endo injured prey tanuki pred

Viere has a mission to secure and retrieve an adventurer and their findings from a jungle temple. However, they might have to get creative with how they extract their target's. Viere might have just the right "tool" for the job though.~

Viere and the A'Shah's Abode setting were created by Toot:  TootCore

The art used for the thumbnail was also created by her. ^^
Her Twitter:
Roshette was created by me for...
[ Continued ...

TootCore - 4 months ago

Thank you~

Mechdragon1k - 4 months ago

The perfect way to handle a escort mission, no worries about the escorted running headfirst into a group of foes.

Veigar's Darkest Depths

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: M4st3r0fb41t

Tags: M/M Anal Vore entrapment Unwilling Prey Size difference smaller pred Male Prey Endosoma Male Pred League of Legends Veigar aroused pred renekton yordle pred

So this story was written after me and  CheckyBlogh had thought of a bit of a continuation for one of his previous stories featuring the most evil overlord of all time, Veigar. And since we both agreed that Renekton is way too fun to bully, I decided to turn that idea into an actual sequel of sorts.

Thanks again to Checky for proofreading the story!

The story this follows after:

Veigar, Renekton, Nasus and Azir...
[ Continued ...

A demon lord's request

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: M4st3r0fb41t

Tags: M/M Anal Vore Non-fatal Size difference Willing Pred Male Prey Endosoma Male Pred Willing prey flustered prey Helluva Boss Stolas Blitzo Stolas Pred Stolitz

Stolas has a rather peculiar request from his favorite imp, one that involves Blizto getting to know him very intimately.

Another vore story, inspired by an artpiece from  TaiRedFox, who has permitted me to use his art as my thumbnail! Link to the original artwork as well.

Stolas and Blitzo belong to VivziePop.

Still new to uploading stories, let me know if I missed anything. 

z3d - 3 months ago

This is a fantastic story. You did a great job

Mechdragon1k - 4 months ago

This is kind of cute, I like it.