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GinRyuKaza - 3 hours ago

Lol XD

four_fleets - 4 hours ago

She's going to pressure him into getting kitten'd.

x9comega - 7 hours ago

Charisma.exe successfully installed. Run Charisma.exe?

SabithaSuki - 12 hours ago

And that smile, that goddamn smile. This was the revelation I feared would be executed poorly.

How wrong I was.

GinRyuKaza - 15 hours ago

Sensual restrictions released! Charmer Gretal fully online!

ParallelBlack - 14 hours ago

Absolutely agreed! I've never seen anything quite like it, where the inclusion of weird fetishe stuff is played so straight, but in a way that makes sense in-universe like it does here. Not to play-down his previous stuff, but it's almost like the rest of Modeseven's gallery was just dabbling with crazy ideas, and this is the culmination of all that exploration into something properly tangible.

reliuskaiser - 1 day ago

I love this comic as well. I hope we get to enjoy seeing this through to the end.

captainjane - 1 day ago

I just want to say I absolutely love this comic. The story writing is beyond phenomenal, the characters are designed with such intriguing tales and it's always interesting how you tie things together. I really only get on this site anymore just to read this magnificent work. So I want to thank you sincerely for your dedication to this absolute masterpiece. I look forward to seeing this all the way through.

curiousss - 9 hours ago

Ah geez, that's a shame.Thanks for considering it though, I appreciate it!

Modeseven - 1 day ago

Comic mode has a limit. I enabled it and it doesnt show everything.

reliuskaiser - 1 day ago

I agree with this point. Just leave a tab open or something.

AGESEater - 1 day ago

You mean you don't keep your browser tab open indefinitly awaiting each update like a gift from Lord Waffle Herself???

curiousss - 1 day ago

Are you able to you enable "Comic Mode" in your Concession folder? It's hard to keep track of this comic since I have to manually open the folder and select the pages, instead of having them available on the bottom of the page. (You can see what I mean with this page of my account

Hermit20 - 2 days ago

Here we see Waffle. She's captured a cat boy.

Looks like she's gonna get closer to getting Gretal and learn more using Gretal's augmented people.

I'd love to see Waffle actually losing a little though. I don't mean in a "oh no she didn't catch Gretal again" sort of thing either. I mean actually get hurt.

Jaxed - 2 days ago

"Miller...It was an honor serving with you."

CEKTOP - 2 days ago

They look cool
which means we're in store for some very creative body vorror

GinRyuKaza - 2 days ago

lol your right! ^^

Omega273 - 2 days ago


RandomInjury - 2 days ago

I mean her Ribcage just hacked off all his ribs and she closed around him. It's safe to assume he Got Et.

And the more important thing is... Who was that supposed to be?

PumpkinSugarSpice - 2 days ago

I mean did he die? There’s no red

PumpkinSugarSpice - 2 days ago

You have a point, from the past we saw Gretal communicate with Friz through the arm

Devo - 2 days ago

Don't you just hate when that happens?

AGESEater - 2 days ago

Daaaaammmnnnn Lefaw. Fucking gottem. O_O

Ev0nix - 3 days ago

...Well ain't that an inconvenience...

kidclef - 3 days ago

FallenArt - 3 days ago


x9comega - 3 days ago

Gotta watch out for them razor sharp guts! I know it was the ribs but I like to imagine it was the guts XD

threk - 5 days ago

Overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.
May be a bit quicker here though.

threk - 5 days ago

Over confidence is a slow and insidious killer.
May be a bit quicker here though.

RandomInjury - 5 days ago

*record scratch*

You're probably wondering which character I am.

kidclef - 5 days ago

goodguy - 5 days ago


i wanna see more butt

would you, please, nitro? please placate us with more bootay?

ndnode - 5 days ago

Dark lord, Bright lord , same thing really

AGESEater - 5 days ago


Their theme song is totally "Dance with the Devil" by Breaking Benjamin

PumpkinSugarSpice - 7 days ago

Go go mighty morphing Gretal rangeeeeeeers!!!!

AGESEater - 7 days ago

*sick guitar riff*

TheShryker - 8 days ago

and may the power protect you.

reliuskaiser - 8 days ago

*one stroking himself in the corner.*

W-well, not everyone...sir.

x9comega - 9 days ago

Gretel Rangers! It’s Morphin Time!

kidclef - 9 days ago

"All of you came?"

"Of course, we did. We can't do much, but if we can just help a little then we have fulfilled our duty."

jak55 - 9 days ago

Okay, whatever you say bruh

NurseNancy - 9 days ago

The fact that this is your stance is staggeringly backwards. Throwing the word woke around like it's some kind of evil thing makes this discussion moot. And I'm going to retract my offer to open discussion.

jak55 - 9 days ago

Again, sorry for bringing this up in the first place. But if being more than a two dimensional character means teela has to be so WOKE that it makes it look like straight up character assassination, then truly this a different era of modern times.

NurseNancy - 9 days ago

The only thing toxic about this topic is your stance. Heaven forbid Teela be more than a two dimensional character to back He-Man/Adam, and have her own struggles.

But out of respect for the artist here and everyone else, I'm done with this conversation here. DMs are open if you still want to discuss this.

Nightcrawler99 - 9 days ago

Holly flapjacks Batman! This dude is off the Rails!

P1an3tv0re - 8 days ago


EnderTG - 9 days ago

To be fair, Gretal only just started augmenting people, and only got her powers at all shortly before that. Her later catboying process seemed to be a lot less painful than this, if more horrifying in general.

P1an3tv0re - 9 days ago


One thing the enemy got going for em, is that becoming a familiar seems way more enjoyable over there.

four_fleets - 10 days ago

A "true believer" if ever there was. Although being imbued with Gretal Juice doesn't look very comfy, even if the results look great.

AGESEater - 11 days ago

“I know I am but what are you?!”

bootyhunter - 11 days ago

The balls on that boi are massive.

reliuskaiser - 11 days ago

When you have a point, you have a point.

x9comega - 12 days ago

That’s for being a B-B-B-Baka!

jak55 - 12 days ago

Show’in that tough love for your fellow bro mahn UwU

nysmnyd - 12 days ago

I got that reference

four_fleets - 12 days ago

Blew his arms off with the mega-whoopie-cushion attack.

AGESEater - 13 days ago

Omg is that Rikter with the Hero Hunter Garou hair??? XD

MisirterE - 13 days ago

my man just did a fancy version of that thing where you stretch a balloon over a bucket and cut a hole in the bottom

Darqfang - 13 days ago

Well, look who just got fucked

P1an3tv0re - 13 days ago

I love the void recoil attack♡

The idea of using compression like that as a means of doing damage is so cool!

AGESEater - 13 days ago

I think action & clear telegraphing has been a weakness Modeseven has slowly gotten better and better at. Some of that is the webcomic page-by-page updates needing “something” to happen in every page. It means theres less breathing room for clarity or transition.

Modeseven has been trying to cover that weakness with the text, aka “wheels of steel” being used to indicate the transformation rather than spending a page showing it transform. This has been a tool used in several places to show “magic happened now the scene has changed”

RandomInjury - 2 weeks ago

The continuum of movement here is pretty weak, it took me minutes of staring at this page to figure out how it connected with the last one.

We needed a shot of the cannon shrinking or disappearing, and the wagon doesn't really look like it self any more.

I needed to read "Roll wheels of steel" several times and really think about what it meant to parse that it was talking about the wagon and that the character I was seeing was the one who had the cannon.

Not helped by the fact that Grettel's super suits look so similar, since I though I could be looking at the same person who had the cannon, or someone entirely new.

AGESEater - 2 weeks ago

For my own notes : I think Lucius & Rikter are the only named & still living member of Erik’s Cat Squad, and Lucius was the only one who was still willing to fight (and be so wide eyed about it)

AGESEater - 2 weeks ago

Yup, looks like I guessed right. The void beam was Jasper’s solid goop, so Drakul could phase through the retracting matter.

Dunno which member of the Cat Squad this scarf guy is tho.

x9comega - 2 weeks ago

I feel the classic "Ha, you missed!" "Look down" incoming XD

x9comega - 2 weeks ago

Yeah there's no way it missed XD

AGESEater - 2 weeks ago

Zomg is it a void retrieval phase beam???

Darqfang - 2 weeks ago

Me too

four_fleets - 2 weeks ago

You were intended to be collateral damage. No stopping where it's going when it looks like it just blew its' load.

voreingsparten - 2 weeks ago


AGESEater - 2 weeks ago

Bang bang!

zombieking125 - 2 weeks ago

Getadelt wird wer Schmerzen kennt
Vom Feuer das die Haut verbrennt
Ich werfe ein Licht
In mein Gesicht
Mein heisser Schrei
Feuer frei!

voreingsparten - 2 weeks ago

Bitches love cannons :P

voreingsparten - 2 weeks ago

Wir vertrauen Ihnen sehr.
Wir werden dir glauben

Hermit20 - 2 weeks ago

This, this is why people don't trust Waffle.

She's told no, and then goes to great lengths to try and force the issue in her favor.

Of course it helps we know the lengths of her power, and how corrupt her minions are to people who are "beneath her noticed or care."

Darqfang - 2 weeks ago

Another $5 in the pool from me

thatonedude236 - 2 weeks ago

I'll put another $5 into the betting pool.

walkingbyself - 2 weeks ago

$5 Guy is acting as the decoy while Gretal is getting away while their focus and attention is on him.

slender - 2 weeks ago

So I’ve got Ultron as my comparable villain, who do you all have.

2quick4u - 3 weeks ago

Expeditious Retreat, sorely underrated. Even with only one leg.

PumpkinSugarSpice - 3 weeks ago


Altimos - 3 weeks ago

QUICK!!! Chop your leg off before it spreads...
I'm sure Gretal will just have you grow a new leg, since the assimilation is beyond 80% by now... meaning, it's already too late for him.

Zego21 - 3 weeks ago

that looks bad

fangcalico - 3 weeks ago

Uh oh

Pulchritudinous_Cenobite - 2 weeks ago


Dekkard2 - 3 weeks ago

The middle left most panel reminds me of Jehuty's cockpit a bit

FallenArt - 3 weeks ago


Jaxed - 3 weeks ago

Any time there is red, somebody is about to nearly die.

PumpkinSugarSpice - 3 weeks ago


Happy New Year 2022

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Modeseven

Tags: Non-Vore jay

Happy New Year 2022 from Kira and Jay 

Altimos - 3 weeks ago

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

LadyDrasami - 3 weeks ago

Happy new year to you too :D

DrakeHillside - 3 weeks ago

Happy New Year!<3

jak55 - 3 weeks ago

Hurry BATMAN! To the bat mobile!

nysmnyd - 4 weeks ago

The firts panel is giving me vibes of the opening scene from Parasyte

usersp - 4 weeks ago

hell, people will make so much memes about the first pannel

Dekkard2 - 4 weeks ago


jak55 - 4 weeks ago

I just gotta say, mr. Dark Avenger in the armor looks like a one of those alien power rangers, and that’s real sick :3

x9comega - 4 weeks ago

I know it's because the inspiration is likely the same, the praying Mantis, but the weapons AND the eyepatch give me some major Nnoitora Gilga vibes XDDD

Devo - 1 month ago

Pansy-assed butt-muncher!

Nightcrawler99 - 1 month ago

Tough guy huh? In that case I-m-a nom that ASS!

Dippydrippypaws - 1 month ago

Butt munching at its finest

NekoYuki - 1 month ago

Quinn used BITE, It was Super effective

Choronsan - 1 month ago

TOP KEK! BUTT BITE!!!! (⁎⁍̴̆Ɛ⁍̴̆⁎)

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Modeseven

Tags: Non-Vore Gretal

Happy Holidays and New Year! 

SeekGr - 4 weeks ago

You have a good one too!

HangryDemon - 1 month ago

The best ending we all wanted

x9comega - 1 month ago

Good to see the best and most missed character…Steiner’s Hair Swoop Thingy.

Choronsan - 1 month ago

Thank you for a year of fantastic content!
Your effort is very inspiring, and your hard work is appreciated!
You are a major part of what inspired me throughout this year to become the best version of myself possible. Your artwork aside, your dedication to your works, and an unwavering will to keep on producing such high quality work is nothing short of admirable.

Thank you! Thank you very much!

Choronsan - 1 month ago

I’d buy that. Hands down, take my money, I’d buy that.

FallenArt - 1 month ago

*record scratch*

AGESEater - 1 month ago

Yaaaayyyy snuggle time x3

MisirterE - 1 month ago

man i can't wait to archive read this when it's done and maybe even remember enough of it to understand what's going on

2quick4u - 1 month ago

So, uh, hows that controll doing, Leffaw?

Just4comments - 1 month ago


Big D - 1 month ago

I think that LeFaw is just ecstatic due to it being Wednesday and a new Solo Levelling chapter just came out

von-de-rush - 1 month ago

Exactly you undertand the point. It depends of each one point of View whats Is "good" or "negative" no one have the absolute answer.

Modeseven - 1 month ago

This is just becoming a semantics argument.
Killing a person can also produce positive results for the killer or even the greater public depending on the circumstance.

Negative Consequence vs Evil Action is just going to create a circular argument with no end.
Its all subjective abstract language and concepts at the end of the day.

von-de-rush - 1 month ago

You say It as evil i see It as a negative consecuence.
As i said moral Is relative if you belive something Is wrong then Is better not do It. Because that Will have negative consecuences to others.
I must mention here on this site, on this comunity there Is people that do vore and erotic art with Lolis and clearly minor aged characters that works as an apology to the pederasty, but they excuse themselves for make or consume that content with "Is as drawing Is not real" to me thats wrong, but to them Is justified and even some turned agresive towards me.
On resume live making your actions leaves the less negative consecuences as possible and most optimal could be.

Modeseven - 1 month ago

.............I get the feeling we're not talking from the perspective as readers but... from inserting into the story itself as a character.

I meant from the readers's perspective, theres no reason to doubt Lefaw's drive because we've seen enough sides of her to know shes driven hard and is a person of her word, from underling, to enemy, to equal.

From the view some someone inside the world however, definately, shes a terrifying dubious entity you cannot trust with your life, which is why Gretal and Fris reacted the way they did.

SexInspector9000 - 1 month ago

Wait, is she the hero now?

Altimos - 1 month ago

In is a sense that she proves that what's she's doing is right?
Isn't that a matter of perspective from ones own moral standpoint?
So, if she whole heartedly believes that what she's doing is right, for the benefit of man by obtaining and providing that knowledge to them... would she ever believe otherwise that she's not?
It's an interesting dilemma to put yourself in, if you circle around a self fulfilling prophecy mentality, you can continue to move forward, so I think it comes down to convincing others that... hmmm...
I say, a mighty fine way of storytelling Mode, mighty fine indeed <3

Nyxondyx - 1 month ago


AGESEater - 1 month ago

Lol probably unintentional, but Steiner is totally making a Kaiji face rn

Korokage - 1 month ago

Oof, Steiner's got that imposter syndrome going strong

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 month ago

It isn't that there hasn't been some stuff with Waffle explicitly stating "oh, this is for the greater good".

Just going back the first ever showing that ANYTHING about the ingestion isn't a carnal pleasure hell focused on a refutation of the evils of humanity seems to be 183.

I am more than willing to admit I simply took things the wrong way. And as I said I like both "halves" of the story. It is just from my possibly flawed point of view the story shifted so quickly from "completely evil risen from a broken world" to "people with a good goal but lost in passion/questionably means" that the first half felt like a completely different story entirely from the Waffling side.

Gretal and friends maintain a somewhat consistent arc, despite the changes and trials that have been constantly thrown at them with loss and despair. While the citizenry of the ingestion are built up to be AT BEST uncaring of humanity other than how they provide them succor and/or pleasure, before an immediate shift to a more neutral if morally dubious "greater good".

In Waffle it is less the difference between a scientist and a dark god. More of that of a ruler who is looking out for hers alone other than to toy with those that come into her web of influence for her amusement, to researcher who abruptly appears to be none of the former.

Again, despite these perceived "hiccups" from my end I am in no way saying the story is bad. I wouldn't still be reading and invested in the fate of the characters "ends" if that were the case. And I most certainly won't claim I could ever toe the balance you are trying to reach with this story any better. I have just seen the occasional question and analysis of the story and felt like throwing my possibly unwanted hat into the ring.

Sorry if any of my ramblings seemed in bad faith, and I look forward to more installments.

Modeseven - 1 month ago

Well it is essentially a horror/scifi story through and through and nobody in this world is particularly good, but simply people of pure passion.
I can see why people still feel distrusting of Waffle's words because she has essentially been set up as this unstoppable god lord who simply wants to prolong her own existance, but I still feel theres enough throughout to back up her love for humans and technological progress.

Maybe I failed in communicating that through her interactions/scenes or theres massive speedreading happening, but I feel like I've shown enough sides to her to not just feel like a power hungry cosmic god but a scientist lost in her goals.

Fiedoraze - 1 month ago

Like all the analysis going on from everyone, just wanted to cut in and say you absolutely can hold a canon or interpretation aside from the authour's own while also being more true to the story as authourial intent isn't equal to outcome. As in, just because something or someone is intended to be something doesn't mean it actually comes across as that.

I imagine the struggle may be in trying so hard to make things seem more balanced in a setting that has torture and eating others alive as a pass time. Heck the Decay itself, the world ending threat, essentially exists to give some thin justification to Waffle without making her morally bankrupt/purely hated evil. With it solved I can't see everyone deciding not to do all the cruel food based sexy times anymore because, well, you won't have much of a fetish setting afterwards.

It's a hard thing to work with no doubt and regardless of anything it's great to see it continue.

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 month ago

I mean, you are the author so I can't say you are wrong about your final take on your own work. :p

But it REALLY is hard to see that point of view after I took the time to read everything else.

Also others seem to be hesitant as well. You honestly did TOO good of a job in the first... half? Third? Of the story making the story seem more like a horror story.

The ingestion and wafflings are all painted in a light that even in their "free time" the civilization and it's inhabitants are given into their carnal desires even at the expense of human life. Even the reveal of Waffle's plan for the decay seems like nothing more than a means to an end to rid HERSELF of an existential threat, with human livelyhood being just an unintentional coincidence.

And that isn't even saying humanity in the setting is great. By and large the flashbacks and actions seem to frame EVERYONE as different flavors of despicable. Their worst traits enhanced or reflected by their decaying world.

Even though you have tried to fit flashbacks and moments of weakness to Waffle and her citizens, to me it seems more like they are just different characters and societies entirely.

Neither are bad (I have loved the random Waffle faces) but it is such a jarring tonal shift it makes all the good things seem like a deluded facade, rather than the darklord portion being the facade as I assume you intended.

Will continue to read since I am invested. Just stating how I feel about it.

Modeseven - 1 month ago

Its common knowledge that the Ingestion is the byproduct of Lefaw, yes.
Lefaw explained the Decay is something you communicate with to produce Alchemy using human as a fuel source. It came prior to Age0, before any character in thie story was alive.

The old town is simply a preserved Wohlstand. The one on top is her New one.

RedNastyFoxy - 1 month ago

Gosh, such a sexy pred! I wish I was the next cocksnack! ^__^

ImmortalPrey - 1 month ago

I always think of hammocks when it comes to vore, so this is very thematic~

Nidabutt - 1 month ago

Ya, Mode just put her first name on here and on Twitter and didn't link to any of my profiles, it's caused a lot of confusion unfortunately. Thanks for looking her up!

I'm happy with how the art turned out at least.

Dehla - 1 month ago

Wish I could distinguish those bulges in the hammock. Regardless, very nice piece of art <3

Robotdocter - 1 month ago

ah ok, that makes much more sense and looks a lot more like it, thanks for searchin :)

four_fleets - 1 month ago

Considering she just found a way to break the laws of physics and magic, and the person who inspired such is literally within her grasp in every sense of the word- I don’t fault her for pulling out all the stops to further this research.

Sauvegarde - 1 month ago

Oh, you're right. Nice catch!

doomed - 1 month ago

Keep saying no !

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 month ago

So waffle went so far as to make a lab inside herself or noodle? Talk about desparate

FallenArt - 1 month ago


CarbonSilicon - 1 month ago

Thanks dude!

Modeseven - 1 month ago

1. That was Vladimir
2. That was Hanz

Ev0nix - 1 month ago

He got turned to milk by Elzia after she taunted him about not being a "true" mage

CarbonSilicon - 1 month ago

Wait, I am reading this 4 in the morning, Steiner is the guy who used his body as mana and propelled out of the pipes of a staircase away from the hell's chef cow demon right?

How is Steiner abosrbed/captured if that's the case?

Or did I remember falsely and that Steiner is the guy who is in love with Fris and got nommed by Lefaw?

Hermit20 - 1 month ago

I think her attention is gonna be drawn away to the fight. I don't think she's gonna do anything to Steiner, at least yet. Remember the beacons? I think that waffling is about to use their's.

SlyVxndetta - 11 days ago

ar ar ar ar ar

four_fleets - 1 month ago


VerySomething - 1 month ago

damn daniel


Shadowlyger - 1 month ago

I do enjoy a good Enel face.

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 month ago

A freaking Enel face in my cosmic horror vore comic. A surprise, but a welcome one.

Ev0nix - 1 month ago

Yeah, the only thing that really get some respect for her is how she doesn't try to rule the city herself but actually let someone who knows what they're doing take charge. Generally though she's gotten complacent in her power, forgotten that she shouldn't always get it her way, that sometimes one must make genuine concessions.

Ev0nix - 1 month ago

Oh she didn't 'kill' them, just deliberately endagered them and allowed them to kill themselves or let her unsupervised agents kill them. So much better

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 month ago

I know. It is pretty fantastic really. She can't just eat, convert, or kill the issue.

She needs either Gretal or Steiner's mind as is. Their drive, ambition, thought processes.

Her threats (at the moment) are empty since she has killed most the bargaining chips. So she has to convince two people with the morality and justness of her plans... when self same plans ruined both their lives. Steiner is making the best out of being heckin 'milk' for pete's sake.

kidclef - 1 month ago

You dun goofed.

Pulchritudinous_Cenobite - 1 month ago

Really enjoy this series, the characters, and the fact that no one is perfect.

With that said, I truly feel that Waffle is so pathetic... Lefaw is just another alchemist who made mistakes only to condemn others for the same thing. Meanwhile she is still trying to control the world in the same way as the humans.

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 month ago

Even if there was nothing else, the waffle faces would still make this series worth it.

nysmnyd - 1 month ago

Blaze it

Darqfang - 1 month ago

Exactly his point

Hermit20 - 1 month ago

"So you killed my friends just for results?"


"Hard pass."

kidclef - 1 month ago

"We agree on ONE point. That doesn't make us friends."

BlueIce - 1 month ago

And the carnage that will unfold will be legendary

von-de-rush - 1 month ago

Eww tienes un barro muy feo allí

P1an3tv0re - 1 month ago

R-right away then!!
(Under breath)
God save their souls...

ndnode - 1 month ago

the normies will adapt or perish

AGESEater - 1 month ago

Hanz my boy you are too damn clever by a hallllfffff!!!

P1an3tv0re - 1 month ago


AGESEater - 1 month ago

Still getting! Some rapey vibes from her straddling Fris!

Everything is coming to a head really fast!!!

Plume7 - 1 month ago

They about to feel mighty silly in a second =P

SmaxTheDestroyer - 1 month ago

Mama Gretel there… she really cares about them~

usersp - 1 month ago

hanz is cute

Plume7 - 1 month ago

My guess is, the long hair reminded him too much of Hanz and he wants to block out the memories, but nothing's working.

Plume7 - 1 month ago

Factoid isn't really the right word. It implies it's not actually true.

Nightcrawler99 - 1 month ago

Not to get undies in a knot here but Genders here are kinda off with certain people in this comic. I have seen woman with dicks here. ModeSeven likes to mix and match features and turn the normal stuff inside out.^^ Not saying that's bad, but it certainly makes things odd and interesting. lol..
The whole hair cutting thing was something I didn't see coming though I do feel it is something Friz would do and for the reasons I mentioned especially after breaking down in front of Gretal upon learning the heavy truths about the magic in the world and loosing Hanz.

MY gut says this is potentially a BIG future complication in the making! Something is gonna happen because of this development and I don't trust that it will be good for anyone.

Nightcrawler99 - 1 month ago

Thanks! ^^

ParallelBlack - 1 month ago

Neat factoids, tho

ParallelBlack - 1 month ago

I’m so happy that Steiner is still in the game after everything that happened to him.

HugsAndV0re - 1 month ago

Good use of the last two panels with the face squish!

P1an3tv0re - 1 month ago

That lil 4th wall panel break along with the face squish is simply sublime~

Excellent work as always, keep it up!

AGuyWithBigHair - 1 month ago

Why does no one leave my boi Steiner alone.

AGESEater - 1 month ago

Tbh the insight on ‘normal life’ inside Waffle’s Domain has been fascinating to me. That theres a whole society of sorta-normal sorta-augmented humans just…. Living their lives normally wasnt something that came across in any previous works.

Modeseven - 1 month ago

I wouldn't say it's totally standalone, it definitely plays off expectations of worlds and characters I've made through the years while kind of contextualizing them with exposition, but I am hoping it can work as a definitive guide to the world, as well as a being a perspective from the humans from outside the Ingestion..

Inkstroke - 1 month ago

Understood then. I was under the impression that it was more along the lines of the first true large work taking place in the Waffleverse you've already shown throughout the years. But if it's meant to serve as a stand-alone piece to be judged on its own merit without supplementary material then I'll look at it from the position from here on out.

Thanks for the clarification, and great work, Mode. I can only imagine how much effort you've put into this whole project, but it's payed off bigtime.

Modeseven - 1 month ago

Theres zero instances of brainwashing or mind warping in the story or setting.
All the mind breaking I've done has (hopefully) been natural from the hopelessness of the setting (Fris, Gretal, Rikter etc.)

Also if youre going to throw a critical eye at anything it should be at anything outside of this comic. I've tried as much as I can to contain this in its own thing while build on stuff I've made over the years but I've tried to make it avoid needing supplementary material to understand.

Inkstroke - 1 month ago

I get that it's a trope man, but this isn't just a bunch of images for eyecandy (though it does have plenty). It's a fantastic comic setting up a coherent story with realistic characters and personalities, so you'll have to excuse me and the rest of the viewers who turn a more critical eye to the brainwashing aspect of forced transformation.

Not that it's a bad story element, it's a wonderful topic to bring up since it's so controversial and it makes for fantastic writing, so I'd hate for it to go the path you described and just sweep such a packed moral dilemma under the rug. Which I also doubt will happen since Mode has already often said that he's never made Wafel out to be a good person. No one in their sane mind should enjoy having their entire reality ripped away from them and be forced to transform into something completely different (at times nothing more than just a tiny part of a stronger being).

PumpkinSugarSpice - 1 month ago

Sensing a few flags…to be honest I don’t have a clue where this is going and that worries me

AGESEater - 1 month ago


willofwii - 1 month ago

It’s like human instrumentality but with more cum and milk.

usersp - 1 month ago

i can see where this is going

Edddd - 1 month ago

really hope she gobbles someone before that

mofvore - 1 month ago

Aww, this is disappointing. These enhancements look like a serious death flag for Nudel.

acrylic - 1 month ago

Wow I wonder if the place where Nudel’s familiars gather is anywhere in her body or a specific part of her body organ.

ParallelBlack - 1 month ago

You managed to make her even hotter!

shdingo - 1 month ago

What a glow up
Pure upgrade

PumpkinSugarSpice - 1 month ago

Well someone is looking more like a cobra!!

usersp - 1 month ago


usersp - 1 month ago


calldahotline - 1 month ago

Swallowing something with a tentacle going all the way through someone. Kinky.

AGESEater - 1 month ago

*slaps zukar’s ass.* This bitch can hold so much horny

FallenArt - 1 month ago

noot noot

usersp - 1 month ago

waffle getting eaten?! impossible lmao

jokes aside, thats something i didnt know i needed until now

nysmnyd - 1 month ago

One that I disagree with, but we're all entitled to our opinions.

mofvore - 1 month ago

It's the best one from a reader's standpoint.

nysmnyd - 1 month ago

That is quite possibly the worst excuse you could have come up with

mofvore - 1 month ago

The humans are boring.

Darqfang - 1 month ago

I will grant that, as there are going to be shades of gray in any situation here.

acrylic - 1 month ago

Thank you.
I have one more question though, did the familiars all become her familiar willingly?

Modeseven - 1 month ago

Its implied they act sort of like a symphony, she conducts and they all together as one cast powerful versatile alchemy.

The bodies of Arbiters are also said to be the fuel for Alchemy.

acrylic - 1 month ago

What kind of help does the familiars in Zukar do for her?
Do they become her mana battery or else?

AGESEater - 1 month ago

I like how the snakes become far more penis shaped the hornier Nudel is XD

usersp - 1 month ago


VerySomething - 1 month ago

There isn’t much vore in the story. It’s more-so for storytelling here and there. Couldn’t tell you which pages have vore in them, however, sorry.

PumpkinSugarSpice - 1 month ago

Ok I was not prepared for this, I was looking for a fight but...I'm not disappointed

dagar - 1 month ago

Honestly, love the idea of being absorbed into a being like that. A part of them and just constantly awash in their own pleasures and feelings. It's a grand form of submission. <3

Dooot - 1 month ago

I'll confess I only started following this series around when Gretal transformed.

Soo can some1 plz link me to the lages where ate them?