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Anya's Undead Meal

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Fatal Post-Vore Female Prey Female Pred Soft belly mid-digestion melted prey Hololive Vtuber Kureiji Ollie Anya Melfissa

I really tried my best with this one and wanted to do a Hololive girl I've never seen in vore. I tried my best and made this drawing much larger than I normally do in an attempt to greatly improve the end result.

I had enough of the friendly, non-fatal stuff and decided it was time I drew one of our Hololive girls being gurgled away for real >:). In reality, this scenario was an excuse to draw the sword in Anya's hand since I felt like it fit. You can't really fit Ollie in your...
[ Continued ...

GeneralUrist - 6 hours ago

The art's good, but just what sort of circumstances caused Anya to decide to so enthusiastically kill (double-kill?) Ollie?

Also, I am not sure it's healthy to eat that much rotten flesh.

MagChan - 15 hours ago

Zombie dies twice

MysticSummoner - 21 hours ago

Thank you! I’ll definitely add that idea to the list of possible drawings ;)

Pickyfanboy - 23 hours ago

Im excited to see fatal vore from you, even though I'm a little sad that my favorite hololive member was the first to get gurgled (hopefully Ollie can get to be a massvore pred some time, what with all the flirting shes known for). Either way, I look forward to seeing more.

Noel's Dream

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Non-fatal Lesbian Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred feet licking Dream Sequence Willing prey Consensual digestion Hololive Vtuber shirogane noel shiranui flare

You will probably need to zoom in for this one. I wanted to try some sort of comic and this idea came to mind.

Just Noel dreaming of helping fatten Flare up. Of course, our night gets to experience such a pleasure while comfortably lying in her own bed... with her Flare body pillow. 

BlazeKiller19 - 1 day ago


MysticSummoner - 1 day ago

I suppose I could. PM me with a pic/info about your OC and a few more specifics when you have the time.

BlazeKiller19 - 1 day ago

How about a picture where she eats my oc and digests it while she gets tits, ass, and some fat?

MysticSummoner - 1 day ago

I'm only going to take requests if they are Hololive related for now, so if you have a Hololive related request, I'll take it.

BlazeKiller19 - 1 day ago

Do you make requests?

An Unusual Canvas

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Same Size Non-fatal F/FF Big Belly Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Endosoma Willing prey relaxed pred Hololive Vtuber painting belly Ninomae Ina'nis Pavolia Reine Kureiji Ollie Airani Iofifteen

Iofi managed to get Ollie and Reine in her stomach for Ina to paint on. I wonder what art our priestess will make with such a large canvas... 

TheMysteriousSadSack - 3 days ago

A mona lisa in the making no doubt

GeneralUrist - 3 days ago

I can totally imagine Ina trying body paint, but this sure is unusual. I wonder how Erofi talked them into this...

NotNeoAtAll - 3 days ago

Certainly this is intresting, wonder what she will paint and HOW they will get out lol

Filled with more than just Alchol

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Same Size Non-fatal Unwilling Prey Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred unaware pred Alchohol Helpless prey Drunk pred Hololive Vtuber omaru polka Yukihana Lamy

Okay, tweaked proportions this time and made another art that I'm really proud of. I even added a text bubble for extra fun.

Whoops, it seems that Lamy got too drunk and Polka's ended up in her gut. Will she realize what has happened before Polka is submerged? Eh, I'm sure she'll be fine. 

corruptedcroissant - 4 days ago

Nicely done! I'm sure Polka will get drunk aswell hehe

Suisei's Large Lunch

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Same Size F/? Unwilling Prey Willing Pred Female Pred Tight Belly shirtless pred Hololive Hoshimachi Suisei Vtuber

I really had fun on the last drawing, so I decided to go even further this time. I digitally retouched this sketch of Suisei to give it color and shading.

I want to keep improving at drawing, so I will most likely continue to upload things like this. 

MysticSummoner - 4 days ago

I used (application, not a webpage) to make this. I made my sketch, went back over all of the lines and made a digital outline, then colored everything in appropriately and added some slight color variation.

GeneralUrist - 4 days ago

Not really a fan of bellies being this tight, it seems a little excessive, almost vacuum-packed.

I'm curious what program you used to do the retouching, because if you told me this was always digital art to start with I would've believed you.

[Rough Sketch] Subaru's Containment

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Same Size Non-fatal F/FF Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge Endosoma Rough Sketch Willing prey Unsure Pred Hololive Vtuber Oozora Subaru

I know I haven't uploaded here in a while, but I felt like doing a drawing. I know it isn't very fancy or well shaded, it was simply a rough sketch for me since I haven't drawn like this in a long while.

It looks like a collaboration between Subaru, Luna, and Choco has ended with the latter two in Subaru's belly. While our favorite duck seems to be unsure about how to feel, Choco and Luna are surely enjoying being constricted inside Subaru. 

GeneralUrist - 5 days ago

Oh I am sure Choco is enjoying this at all. Given our Shuba seems the most confused about this situation, I'm guessing Choco and Luna talked her into it somehow.

Pretty good sketch I'd say, we can't all be masters. And I appreciate traditional art.

Duskthewolfcub - 5 days ago

Oozaru police found a new way to catch criminals

GeneralUrist - 1 month ago

The belly animation is great, but I find it weird how one of the amazons seems to shrink as it falls into the cyclops' mouth.

ayosensei - 1 month ago

nice that

MysticSummoner - 1 month ago

It was on purpose. The smaller pupil was meant to depict surprise.

BellyLover045 - 1 month ago

I think that was on purpose.

Elicia - 1 month ago

Not to say anything bad about this as i love your animations but i just noticed that the cyclops eye color just disappears for a bit but besides that really great^^

[Animation] Nico Robin's Meal

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Burp Weight Gain Same Size F/? Animation Struggling Big Belly Female Pred nico robin one piece Belly bulge Pixel art Digestion Noises escape attempt embarrassed pred

This is an animation I made a while ago for  Dhman that I didn't upload for one reason or another, so I figured that I'd just get it out now so it isn't sitting around anymore. 

Dhman - 1 month ago

Sent ;)

MysticSummoner - 1 month ago

Check your pms ;)

Dhman - 1 month ago

Im back so I would love to do trades again.

GeneralUrist - 2 months ago

Ah, I saw that bra burst. Guess if your prey is too big, your clothes are never safe.

carlj - 2 months ago

Lovely ^^
I really like the swallowing part ^^

Dillybar12345 - 2 months ago

I knew it! I love that sprite style, and what you do with it rocks! Keep it up!

MysticSummoner - 2 months ago

Yes, that is the sprite style I use for my animations

Dillybar12345 - 2 months ago

I've been meaning to ask, but to you use the RPG Maker sprite style for your animations?

Belly Buddies

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Same Size writing Non-fatal F/FF Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Endosoma Stomach Noises Hololive Vtuber kiryu coco houshou marine Amane Kanata

Yay, I finished another story between animations, this time it's back to Marine.

Also, I'm trying out a new thumbnail type so that I'm no longer using other people's thumbnails on my writings. 

RasenGun37 - 5 days ago

Oh yay!

MysticSummoner - 5 days ago

Funnily enough, Gura is the biggest part in the story I am currently in the process of writing.

RasenGun37 - 5 days ago

Can you do a Gura one next plz?

MysticSummoner - 2 months ago

I might just go back to using art like that, but now with the new style with borders and numbers.

Also, I don't mind the long text blocks. It's fun to see your comment on each story.

GeneralUrist - 2 months ago

My opinion is that as long as you link to the original source in the description, there's no shame in using other people's art. We can't all be artists on top of being writers.

Also, I hope the wordy comments I tend to make aren't a nuisance. Perhaps it's a bit silly of me to put in that much analysis for a fetish.

[Animation] Ruler of the Ring

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Same Size Animation Non-fatal Struggling Big Belly Mass Vore Female Pred f/multiple Pixel art Nude pred teifling looping animation

This is a short, looping animation of  bighead's teifling OC, Nix. The requester wanted Nix to have a large belly after swallowing a few opponents in a wrestling arena for some non-fatal fun.

How long will they be in there? Who knows. At least the crowd's loving it!

This sprite was based off of a sprite by MiaNoms. 

MysticSummoner - 2 months ago

I still have a few requests lined up for me right now, but perhaps we can talk about that a little more once I finish the requests on my waitlist :)

Dhman - 2 months ago

May you try Rangiku(bleach) or/and Asuka langley as typical tsundere pred?

bighead - 2 months ago

Thank you again for doing this! Absolutely loving how it came out!

[Animation] Jogging off a Meal

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Same Size Animation Struggling jogging Big Belly Belly rubs Mass Vore Female Pred f/multiple post digestion Pixel art Struggling prey stomach rumbling pleading prey jogging attire Multiple prey rising acid

Oh boy, another request finally finished! This one was requested by  katchup3 to have this jogger girl (based upon a reference picture of  DustInMiEye's Hannah character) eat a few people in the park then try and jog with a shrunken belly. I tried my best to make this one short and to the point.

At this point, my requests are closed due to having a lot of requests already, but I am always willing to do art trades, so if you'd like to set one up, feel free to pm me. 

Loryparrot3020 - 1 month ago

wow, good animation :)

MysticSummoner - 2 months ago

Thank you :D

carlj - 2 months ago

Great animation ^^

GeneralUrist - 2 months ago

Not a fan of this sort of casual murderous digestion. But the animation's good. Though perhaps at the end while running she should be arched back a bit, to deal with the offset center of mass?

KraGo - 2 months ago

Nice work!

[Animation] A Mimic's Meal

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Burp Weight Gain Same Size mimic Swallowing Animation Struggling Big Belly Belly rubs Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Pixel art Onomatopoeia Digestion Noises mimic girl thicc pred Mimic pred

This was a request from  ABrinson27 to make their mimic OC, Nastasia, swallowing and then subsequently digesting an unfortunate adventurer.

This is my first time portraying swallowing like this as well as having a pred this thicc, but I feel like it turned out well! 

carlj - 2 months ago

Very good job! ^^

bighead - 2 months ago

Ooooh, this does look rather wonderful. Nice large belly.

JeebyHeebies - 2 months ago

Just needs to be faster

GeneralUrist - 2 months ago

Oh lawd she's a chonker!

I like the detail of the adventurer being momentarily blinded when they turn on the light.

Egads - 2 months ago

Amazing work!

Pickyfanboy - 2 months ago

Eh, Id say nepgear works better than Neptune, but both are better suited to prey roles

SpadeOfTheRedScarves - 2 months ago

Not as weird as seeing Nepgear as pred, given her personality, but you do you.

Pickyfanboy - 2 months ago

It still feels weird seeing human-form Neptune as pred. But you do you

MysticSummoner - 2 months ago

It was a pleasure to make!

[Animation] Teleport out of This

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion F/F Burp Same Size Animation wraith Big Belly Belly rubs Female Prey Internal View Female Pred Belly bulge Pixel art torn clothing Stomach Noises health bar damage numbers Apex Legends Rumbling stomach Loba Wraith (Apex Legends)

If the gif doesn't automatically start, you'll need to click on it!

Where, here it is. Many many hours of work and 350+ individual frames for this Apex Legends animation.

Everything from the UI to healing to damage ticks on Wraiths prey were done, as well as the special background. I even had to take into account the shadows cast by Wraith's stomach which I (mostly) kept up on.

This is also my first(ish) time doing an internal view, even though...
[ Continued ...

VoraciousGF - 2 months ago

Just notice how much damage Loba dealt by stretching out Wraith's stomach.

WillWolfy - 2 months ago

There’s not enough Wraith vore, this is so good!

GeneralUrist - 3 months ago

Oof, looks like that was a close one! Letting someone expand back to full size in these seems a pretty risky move.

Hozomat - 3 months ago

I like that the Evo shield counter kept going up and faster, along with the digestion damage ^^

paperairplaneclip - 3 months ago

That's so good, honestly, the prey being juuust on the edge of beating the pred but then giving out is A tier

Challenging Time

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Breast Expansion Absorption Same Size Reformation writing Struggling Unwilling Prey Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Hololive Vtuber Amelia Watson Hololive EN Ina'nis Ninomae Ouro Kronii

Sorry, but I love me some Inamesame.

I wanted a story that didn't have Watame or Marine in it, so I came up with this concept. It's my first unwilling prey story, so I hoped it turned out well! 

LegitUsername - 3 months ago

> Gotta say I'm not a fan of Kronii's narcisism when she's alone though.

I gotta say, same. As someone who had to live with an abusive narcissist for 18 years, it really isn't fun to see it.

Still, this was a good story overall, and I enjoyed seeing Ame as prey.

LegitUsername - 3 months ago

> Gotta say I'm not a fan of Kronii's narcisism when she's alone though.

I gotta say, same. As someone who had to live with an abusive narcissist for 18 years, it really isn't fun to see it.

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

Yeah, don't worry about the whole trope thing, this is the only time I wanted to do try like that.

For the inconsistency... it's probably safer to think of this as a one off thing, or that Watame doesn't give as much absorbed energy due to her reformations. Whatever it is, you won't see it again. I mostly wrote this because I wanted to experiment with that type of trope since it would have the quickly explainable reversion through time travel.

At least you liked the other parts! Thanks for stopping by again!

GeneralUrist - 3 months ago

Hm, is is just Gura being Gura, or do natural predators have trouble handling getting eaten, the same way natural pray has trouble with something inside it?

And so, we get the lore as to how Shion got into the vore business. Oh Kronii you fool, our taint spreads ever wider!

There's something quite funny about seeing the no-nonsense lord of time confused about someone's voreraphilia. Well, I suppose out-there fetishes are not a demographic that overlaps much with time-bending scoundrels.

The dynamic between Kronii and Amelia is a nice one, and I liked Amelia's attempted resistance. Normally I'm not a fan of unwilling/fatal, but since it's reformation it's OK. The InAmeSame at the end was sweet too!

Gotta say I'm not a fan of Kronii's narcisism when she's alone though. Relatedly, I find the "all the prey goes to the pred's breasts" trope a somewhat cringy. More concerning is that it seems to deviate how the mechanics have worked before- Botan, Mio, and WTM didn't get breast expansion from nomming watame.

LegitUsername - 3 months ago

It truly is the best~!

Stuck in Two Lovebirds

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Reformation writing Lesbian Big Belly Willing Pred implied sex Willing prey Hololive Vtuber Takanashi Kiara Mori calliope Hololive EN Tsunomaki Watame

Welp, I finally wrote again! Here's nice Takamori story that I let get a little spicy... 

gwillikers - 3 months ago

"A little spicy", huh? That story was spicier than KFP's Hot Wings!

SuperMario1800 - 3 months ago

I love this story! I’m a big fan of TakaMori (these two are my hololive oshi) so getting a story where both of them get to enjoy some vore is just *chef’s kiss*
I’m such a big fan of this series, and I’d love to see some more spin offs (maybe a return to these two sharing a meal of each other and/or their genmates?) Keep up the great work!

LikesWeirdShit - 3 months ago

Wow. That was really good spicy story.

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
To answer your points:
-Watame didn't see anything else in there because whatever remained of that poor employee had already moved down to her bowels. I tried my best to convey this through all the descriptions of her stomach being "soft" at that point and the fact that it was shrinking through the beginning parts as whatever was left was being absorbed.
-For the second thing, yeah, that was just a mistake on my part.
-Yeah, Watame didn't really handle eating Marine very well since she's supposed to be an herbivore. Calli is a reaper as well, so it probably was easier for her than a typical human.

GeneralUrist - 3 months ago

I like how interconnected things are, as well as how often the Holomem's lore shows up in the foreground and background. Feels like a living world with so many details.

Seeing Calliope and Kiara quarrel like the old lovers they are and uncover their fetishes as Watame discovers what Kiara can do was real fun to read.

Though, one thing that seems weird to me is that Watame doesn't encounter anything else in Kiara's stomach. Id've thought she'd encounter some remaining bits of chicken in there, given what Kiara just ate.

Also at the end "so there was no reason to get comfortable in the reaper’s belly" Maybe should be "no reason to <i>not</i> get comfortable?"

Seems Calli handled eating better than Watame. Well, humans ARE omnivorous...

[Animation] Juniper Lee's Stretching Stomach

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Same Size F/? Animation Non-fatal Struggling Unwilling Prey Big Belly Belly rubs Willing Pred Female Pred Juniper Lee Pixel art Endosoma Safekeeping Struggling prey safevore aged up looping animation

 truck requested a simple struggle loop of and aged up Juniper Lee without digestion, so I put together this short animation in my pixel style. 

FuturisticMan - 3 months ago

Che nostalgia!

[Animation] Into the Belly of the Phoenix

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size Animation Non-fatal Lesbian Yuri Struggling Unwilling Prey Big Belly Belly rubs Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Pixel art Endosoma Unwilling to Willing prey horny pred safevore Hololive Vtuber Calliope Mori Takanashi Kiara Hololive EN

I figured that I'd bring my little animation style to Hololive with this shorter non-fatal Takamori art. I tried a lot of new things with this one, and while there are some slight inconsistencies, I think it turned out well.

At least Kiara was smart enough to remove her top before gulping down her friend, especially since she didn't bother to remove the rest of her clothing... 

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

Thank you :D

CassowarySheriff - 3 months ago

You did a great job, this is absolutely adorable.

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

I felt like I could express a little more if Kiara was the pred, so I chose that. I 100% agree with you though and I'll probably reverse the roles in a future animation and try Calliope as the pred.

GeneralUrist - 3 months ago

Oh my, this is a very nice animation! Cute seeing TakaMori get intimate.

Kiara seems more the prey type, but I guess she would be a little too spicy for Calliope so they had to do it the other way.

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

Sometimes you just gotta mix it up ;)

[Animation] Nami's Struggling Prey

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Anime Absorption Same Size F/? Animation Struggling Female Pred one piece Nami Pixel art burps belly crush

I was going to move back to writing, but I got a request to do Nami from One Piece from  Dhman and decided to see what I could do. In the end, I had so much fun making this that I made quite a lengthy animation (for my standards).

It's quite a mix up from what I've been doing, so please tell me what your thoughts are! 

Monopolus - 3 months ago

this is 11/10, I can't wait for more from you!

carlj - 3 months ago

Very good! ^^

neoomegashadow96 - 3 months ago


Dhman - 3 months ago

This is the best pixel art animation I've seen before!

Clara - Full Belly

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: F/? Animation Non-fatal Big Belly Pixel art safevore

One last update about the game I'm working on. I decided to update the texture for the main heroine to have an open jacket, so she's not going into battle fully nude.

Clara will be her name, and she's pictured here holding a party member in her belly to keep them safe.

Anyways, back to uploading stories here soon! 

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

I wasn't planning on it, but I could think about adding the option in the future. I wanted to have some cases where you can digest enemies/npcs already, but had no plans for party members.

Elicia - 3 months ago

Will there be a option to digest the party member inside instead?

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

I'm actually already working on it, so this is confirmation. :)

JeebyHeebies - 3 months ago

Last time you said there might be a game, this time it's much more positively conclusive!

Character Vore Belly Sprite

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: F/? Animation Non-fatal Big Belly Pixel art

I like editing sprites and decided I wanted to try making an rpgmaker game. This is just gif of the main character's battle sprite that I wanted to share in the case that I actually ever do make the game. I won't be anything fancy, but it gives me some room to have some fun.

I'll be getting back to writing soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd upload something, even if it was small :) 

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

I'm gonna be honest and say that I have no clue about one piece. I only found out their names by googling them. I don't know what either of the two's "new world design" looks like, so if you could pm me a picture for reference, that would be great.

Dhman - 3 months ago

A dream would come true ig U do nami/nico robin~
Do their new world design :)

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

As in the one piece characters? If so, I think I could try and see what I can do.

Dhman - 3 months ago

Well similiar to this just with nami,nico robin or someone else?Because I fell in love with this one

MysticSummoner - 3 months ago

I could try, but it will mostly depend on what you are wanting.

Testing a New Brew

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size writing Non-fatal Yuri Big Belly Willing Pred Endosoma safevore Willing prey Hololive Vtuber Minato Aqua Murasaki Shion

Guess who's back?

This is a rather long one for me, but I like continuing this story, so here's a little branch-off.

I think I'll be back to uploading here semi-frequently, but I'm not 100% sure. 

IGA - 3 months ago

I love it! This is a cute great series you've got here!

MysticSummoner - 4 months ago

It's fine. While I'm not trying to reach novelist levels of writing, some constructive criticism is welcome.

GeneralUrist - 4 months ago

1)Makes sense I guess.
2)Oh that is quite nice of her! Might have been better to make that more clear in the text though.

I Hope my criticism/comments don't come off as harsh.

MysticSummoner - 4 months ago

For your questions:
1) It's meant to be implied that they aren't constantly wearing their streaming clothes so, in this case, Shion was wearing some sort of shirt and pants after the stream.
2) Shion saw Aqua was a little uncomfortable stripping down, so she decided to at least leave her underwear on since they might be uncomfortable if they were both nude.

GeneralUrist - 4 months ago

Yay you're back! And seems Marine has fallen in with the Holovore ring already-- how deep does this rabbit hole go?!?

Anyways, this was a real comfy story. Shion and Aqua are so sweet together! And well, they do say safe vore is the ultimate hug :3 Seeing a couple gradually get close and discover a love for vore and each other is cute!

The "not that type of predator" joke got me laughing out loud! Though, imagine if a loli-lover like Matsuri <i>did</i> get their hand on these potions!

Couple bits of confusion regarding clothing though: "Shion then slipped off her pants" wait shion has pants? I thought all her outfits are a skirt + panties? Also, if Shion was worried about her clothes getting damaged by acid, why did she keep her underwear on?

A Reversal of Roles

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size writing Non-fatal Unwilling Prey Big Belly Willing Pred Willing prey uncomfortable pred Hololive Vtuber houshou marine Tsunomaki Watame Shishiro Botan

Yeah, this is a fun one to continue, so here's part 3. What could Marine had possibly though of after seeing Mio? It turns out, she had her own fantasy that she needed to fulfill. 

SwordkingX5 - 4 months ago

Can't wait to see more then.

MysticSummoner - 4 months ago

Mostly OV, but possible AV and maybe one UB, otherwise, I won't be doing any of the other vore types.

SwordkingX5 - 4 months ago

Nice series of stories.
I do wonder if it'll just be oral vore the whole time or will you do other kind's of vore too?

S1nZ - 6 months ago

Marine be Vorny
Very nice work~. Can't wait for more~

MysticSummoner - 6 months ago

Oops, it seems like that error slipped past me.

Mio's First Live Prey

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Reformation writing Big Belly Willing Pred Willing prey Hololive Vtuber houshou marine Tsunomaki Watame Ookami Mio

Essentially part 2 to my previous story, since I felt like a continuation would work well.

This one was particularly long to write, but I felt that it turned out well. 

GeneralUrist - 6 months ago

Now I'm imagining Kiara trying to use her tummy as an impromptu "usual room" and being dismayed when Watame gets out almost immediately.

GeneralUrist - 6 months ago

Did you start writing this after you posted the first story? Dang, you're a fast writer. But be careful not to overextend yourself.

Oh no, Marine has contracted the horni! Now she's contagious, and is going spread the vore all throughout Hololive!

I don't recall Coco being that eager to eat Watame. But then again, in the meme review with Sora she joked that as a Dragon she'd eat everyone.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 6 months ago

If only Subaru was edible. Great stuff going on here.

Jxyzz654 - 6 months ago

Wow you did this so quickly, and it's even better than the last. Can't wait to see what you have planned next

MagChan - 6 months ago

Wow, Senchou opens her eyes to another fetish again..

A Lioness's Mutton Meal

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: MysticSummoner

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Reformation writing Big Belly Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred Willing prey Hololive Vtuber Tsunomaki Watame Shishiro Botan

What happens when a sheep offers herself up to a hungry lioness?

I fell down the Hololive rabbit hole a while ago and decided to make my first post here a story for it. My hope is to continue writing Hololive vore.

GeneralUrist - 6 months ago

Ahh, some nice intimate ShishiWata teetee!

MysticSummoner - 6 months ago

Thank you!

LikesWeirdShit - 6 months ago

That. That was really good. Looking forward to your next stories.

Jxyzz654 - 6 months ago

I'll look forward to seeing what you do in the future!

Pickyfanboy - 6 months ago

I feel like Watame has excellent potential for a role reversal scenario as well. After all, nobody expects the sheep to devour the lion