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Calem ducked behind a pillar, avoiding the line of sight of the patrols up on the wall. He knew the palace like the back of his hand at this point. It was nearly a month ago now that he came to Saraleigh, before the princess herself had even arrived at the palace, spending weeks scoping out the grounds. Guard patrols, vantage points, escape routes; he had everything plotted. This was the kind of bounty you could live the rest of your life off of, if he could just pull it off.He waited, and waite

The Raven's Folly

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Macro/Micro assassin Shrinking Micro Prey Female Prey Female Pred indigestion Stomachache Shrunken woman shrunken prey Shrinking Prey implied full tour Regrowth

An infamous assassin finds herself troubled by a very unfortunate turn of events on her most recent job.

This is a side story of sorts for the short "Infiltration" series I wrote a while back, following up on some details from the second one but focusing on a completely different character. I experimented with some stuff I haven't written much of before, I hope you enjoy! 

OsmiumOrchid - 1 month ago

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Indighost - 1 month ago

great story! lots of suspense

OsmiumOrchid - 1 month ago

Ah, sorry, I'm likely not going to do a direct part 2 of this ^^;

Brenden1k - 1 month ago

Kind of hope for non fatal but barely so result and lot of detail

Brenden1k - 1 month ago

Eager to see part 2

A Quick Breather

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/F Same Size Bulge F/? Female Pred lewdlemage MVA St.Miluina's

Sam has definitely never struggled as a predator, not even once. She is a master of her craft with bottomless stamina. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Sam is a character from my text adventure, Saint Miluina's Vore Academy! Check it out if you haven't played!

While doing the colors, I also made this alt version where I was experimenting with more dramatic lighting:

This was done by Lewdlemage during a sketch request...
[ Continued ...

OsmiumOrchid - 1 month ago


GluttonousBitch - 1 month ago

I know it a long way off, but I so wanna eat Sam's sister in the game

Bright - 5 months ago

Very nice I say.

Lbobl - 5 months ago

Lewdlemage is also Dr.Worm on DA

OsmiumOrchid - 6 months ago

Thank you! I've been working to improve my shading/coloring techniques

Partied Too Hard

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Same Size F/? Drunk Female Pred drunken pred lewdlemage MVA St.Miluina's

Emma gets a little carried away sometimes when she's drunk! There's probably no one important in there, right?

Emma is a character from my text adventure, Saint Miluina's Vore Academy! Very excited to have art of her to share with you.

This was done by Lewdlemage during a sketch request stream! I added the colors, but the drawing was all them, check 'em out!: 

crimsonbeniko - 1 month ago

Ah I see that’s fine and if your continuing this I do hope to see more.

OsmiumOrchid - 1 month ago

Ah, sorry, this isn't actually depicting a scene that's in the game! Drunk Emma has yet to appear

crimsonbeniko - 1 month ago

How do you get to this scene, went through it quite a bit but have not come across it. Closest thing to Vore with her was when she mentions a party she went to during her school days. Also loving the game still.

Lbobl - 5 months ago

Lewdlemage is also on DA as Dr.Worm

OsmiumOrchid - 7 months ago

At some point Emma will get drunk and do a vore, yes

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Secret Ingredient

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Macro/Micro mouthplay Mouth play Stuffed belly Female Prey Female Pred breast crush

Juliet bakes a delicious cake with the help of her little secret ingredient.

Disclaimer: I know it really seems like that's where it's going for a while, but this story does not contain cooking vore. Or at least what I understand cooking vore to be. Basically what I'm saying is no one gets baked into a cake.


I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted a short story! I've been working on this one for a pretty long...
[ Continued ...

OsmiumOrchid - 10 months ago

Glad you enjoyed it! I will be writing more stories, I even have a few ideas with Juliet involving more food play like this, but I can't promise when

Krauser - 10 months ago

I saw that you posted this story on a particular image board and totally forgot to comment at the time. I really like vore with food, do you have any plans to make more stories right now? Content of this quality is rare.

Chitown1911 - 11 months ago

I look forward to it!

OsmiumOrchid - 11 months ago

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I agree that food play is a very underutilized concept, expect more in the same vein as this when I get around to revisiting Juliet's character!

Chitown1911 - 11 months ago

I absolutely love this. I find myself reading it again and again. In my opinion, there simply isn't enough giantess food play out there.
I especially liked how you went into such great detail describing the stomach internal scenes. These were some of my favorite parts.
All in all, I found it to be a very well-written and engaging story.
Thank you for your work!

You have been accepted into St.Miluina's Vore Academy for the fall
semester. After careful review of your application and record of past
incidents, we believe you'll be a great fit here at MVA. Only 100
applicants are let in each year, so be proud!
at St.Miluina's we put all of our students through a best-of-its-kind
program to guide them towards mastery of the art. You'll take classes
to improve your skill in all facets of vore- swallowing, digestion,
escaping, even alte

Saint Miluina's Vore Academy v0.3.3

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F Same Size Fatal Anal Vore school schoolgirl Force Feeding Unwilling Prey Regurgitation F/FF Female Prey Human Prey Female Pred Human Pred Interactive Reverse full tour Janitor school girls text adventure student/student MVA St.Miluina's

Link to forum topic with more info:

Download Link:

Change Log: v0.3.2
- Added a new branch to Sunny's breakfast conversation on Day 2
- Implemented the full relationship overview screen
- Minor typo and bug fixes

If you like the game, consider supporting it on...
[ Continued ...

RBRD - 3 weeks ago

Dude, you're doing a fantastic job, congratulations.

I still can't say what my favorite character is, but they've all been great.

If I could suggest some scenes, they would be as follows:

Mandy: After the MC rescues her from Erika's clutches, Mandy could show up to ask why she saved her. After a long private conversation, the MC could convince Mandy to let her be eaten by the MC, and Mandy after reflecting willingly decides to allow her to eat it.

Mina or Emma: I would love to see one of these two (or even another character) having a relationship with MC. One of them falls in love with MC and, as the days go by, have meetings where they have fun eating each other, in the most diverse ways, and finally, of course, as the ultimate proof of their love, offering and allowing to be eaten and digested by the MC.

Well, maybe none of this is in your plans, but I needed to get it all out hahahah

I look forward to the next update.

See ya!

BillCipher - 4 weeks ago

Great job on the game! Can't wait to see what will happen on Wednesday

OsmiumOrchid - 2 months ago


DontTellAnyone - 2 months ago

I love this! Are you going to update it more?

TheSmartJayden - 10 months ago

I love the attention to detail, good job!

sun had just set over Brighton, and Gwen was making the final
preparations for the task ahead of her. In a secluded alleyway a few
blocks away from the lord's manor she stood, making a final check
that all the supplies she needed were tucked away in her bag. The
once roaring streets had fallen to a whisper and the last of the
sun's light had slipped over the horizon, signaling that it was time
to make her move. She sighed and pulled her scarf up to cover her
face before sneaking back out ont

Infiltration 2 (Full Tour)

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Non-Fatal Macro/Micro spy Shrinking Full tour

Gwen has her eyes set on a new target for her investigation, but with Ava it seems she may have bitten off more than she could chew.

This is the 'canon' ending if I ever decide to pick up this story/concept again, but if you'd prefer Gwen's punishment to have a bit more finality you're in luck! There's an alternate version that ends in digestion here: 

fireknight70 - 2 years ago

I love this story please tell me there more to it like more f/f fun

Mid_Night - 2 years ago

nice work and she finally able to get what need to do.

i love the story.

found himself in complete darkness, surrounded on all sides by soft,
plush walls. He seemed to be pressed between two objects; the one
below was solid, but whatever was on top of him gave little
resistance when he pushed into it. The dark sheet seemed infinite,
pressing outward from his struggle with no apparent shift or change
in his surroundings. Then he saw it: a thin, bright line far ahead of
him. A way out. He crawled as quickly as he could towards the light,
pushing forward with all h

Kate's Little Valentine

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Unbirth F/M Macro/Micro shrink Shrinking Insertion Valentine's Day Accidental vore accidental swallowing Girlfriend pred Boyfriend prey Girlfriend/Boyfriend

John wakes one morning to find that he has shrunk to only a few inches tall- and on the day before Valentine's Day! Luckily, his girlfriend Kate is rather accepting of the change, but how will the sudden size difference effect their plans for the holiday?

This is a rare F/M story from me, don't expect a ton of it in the future. I was originally planning to release this closer to Valentine's Day, but it was done now so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Enjoy! 

ShinjiIkari - 2 years ago

Great story! D...does it continue?

Star_Sage - 2 years ago

I have to admit, I found this one quite interesting. Good descriptions, and the characters were actually kind of neat, with an ending I can get behind. Good work.

OsmiumOrchid - 2 years ago

Thanks! And yeah, Im not super confident in the ending. Its more or less a result of me not wanting to 100% commit to a fatal ending for this story even though digestion is pretty clearly implied, felt like leaving it slightly ambiguous as to what happens next for John.

threk - 2 years ago

Aww, cuts off pretty suddenly there :(
That said, incredible work with the rest of it, I wanna know what happens!

patrick - 2 years ago

fantastic, ! this is one of my favorite stories

we're live! Heeey everybody~!" Emma beamed into the camera.
"It's me, ya girl Em, and I hope you're all ready because I've
got something extra
special for you tonight!" she added with a wink.
days a week for the past few months Emma had been hosting a liveshow
online, showing off her unique talents to whatever horny men(or
women) were willing to pay. She was 23 and stood at around 5'7 with
blue eyes and slightly curled blonde hair that fell just shy of her

A Very Special Stream

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Unbirth F/F Same Size Non-Fatal Willing deception Livestream deceit Willing prey

Emma hosts a weekly liveshow, and this week she's brought on her friend Leah for a very special event.

I kinda lost interest in this story in the middle of writing it, but I was like 80% done already so I figured I'd finish it off and post it anyway. 

ethan3369 - 2 years ago


AndAnotherOne - 2 years ago

Dude please? Unbirth is one of my favorites, and i love stories with re-birth in them. Would love to see this person's idea!

OsmiumOrchid - 2 years ago

Its nice to see such excitement for something I wrote! I don't think I plan on doing a sequel to this story unfortunately, but if I ever revisit it i'll keep your idea in mind ;)

Groblek - 2 years ago


Nightcrawler99 - 2 years ago

Would love to see a sequel! Especially one where she goes to give birth to Leah, only to accidently suck her back in, half way through the process.^^

sighed and threw the parchment from her hand into the fire. She knew
what her mission was, and this was the type of job that she couldn't
risk leaving any trace of her involvement in. Her target was Hakon
Kormas, lord of Brighton. There have been whispers for some time of a
plot to overthrow the king brewing in the outer holds, and from what
the royal advisers could gather Hakon was at the center of it. Gwen's
job was simple: confirm his involvement in the conspiracy and, if
possible, deter


Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: OsmiumOrchid

Tags: Unbirth F/F Non-Fatal Macro/Micro spy unaware Shrinking unaware pred

Gwendolyn Falk is a spy who makes use of certain unconventional methods to gather information on her targets. She's been hired to expose the treachery of one of the lords of the land, but not everything goes quite according to plan.

Part 2 Here: 

Goblingobler - 2 years ago

Cool concept :D I like it.

lolboy13 - 2 years ago

An amazing read. I certainly love how well you made this story. I look forward to reading more of this if you find the time to continue.

Apostolos - 2 years ago

More please?

OsmiumOrchid - 2 years ago

Might be a little while before I get back to this, but I do definitely already have plans for a continuation with Ava as the target.

bartek21 - 2 years ago

Please more