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ARandomPerson69 - 11 months ago

I don’t know why you made it either but good god it’s great. Could only pray for more because there is not enough good Astolfo stuff out there… not like this at least.

Perestroika01 - 11 months ago

I don't know why either, but I'm glad you did

Azoon - 11 months ago

You’re back!

Indighost - 11 months ago

Awesome story! I am very curious to see if she did actually defeat this beast or just relocate it closer to home :)

Hot_Plate - 11 months ago

Nice to see you back after so long, Pimp!

Fat Elizabeth is some good stuff, yep.

Fate/Extra - Empress of Lupercalia

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Scat F/F Weight Gain writing Fate Disposal Valentine's Day Accidental digestion Fate/Extra written work Nero Claudius Kishinami Hakuno (Female) Umu!

Something I wrote for  Renael as a valentine's gift because they are the light of my life

...and then i forgot to upload it because I'm a senile old man. 

Smasherfan69 - 2 years ago

Niceu! Female Hakuno, always a treat to see the OG Player-Master getting any sort of attention over Fujimaru Ritsuka (though... they're both great to be perfectly honest).

Indighost - 2 years ago

Lovely disposal scene

The K - 2 years ago

Yay! You are back! It's always amazing to read your work!

DimentedChaos - 2 years ago

A fantastic piece! Your descriptions are wonderful, as expected.

pbysteria - 2 years ago

As always your bloat descriptions are wonderful and your girls cute

FGO - Ebon Capra Aegagrus

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Pregnancy F/F Story hyper pregnancy gigantic belly Illyasviel von Einzbern Fate/Grand Order nasuverse demon god pillar irisviel von einzbern Cthulhu mythos

The story continues as everything slows the fuck down and we're given a look on where Stolas and Morax came from. As of now, this arc shall henceforth be called "Epic of Ruminant ~ Blackened Goat Phantasm" (yes, I'm serious).

Archaic speech is a fucking bitch, but it really pays off if you can pull it off well. Probably one of the reasons Prince Stolas was so fun (read: fucking annoying) to write.

Who knows, maybe this might actually get updated again? 

HiddenIke - 3 years ago

I wasn’t aware at first that this was a series oops

Either way, REALLY good and really liking where this is going! Such an excellent choice too...I wonder if all the Foreigners are aware of what the others are doing. I know the one from the summer event probably is.

Touhou - Moon Ray Mother

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Pregnancy touhou Fart Non-Vore Farting indigestion Reisen U. Inaba Straight Shota hyper pregnancy Eirin Yagokoro Accelerated pregnancy

A birthday present for a really close friend.

Eientei is having a population crisis and there needs to be more bunnies fast. Naturally Eirin and Reisen are on the case!

This gets kinda weird and gross. A lot like sex, really. 

Indighost - 2 years ago

I liked this a lot. You have sold me on pregnancy as a great way to cause indigestion. I also loved the huge nipple play fetish.

FGO - Carmilla the Carnivorous

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: F/F Weight Gain Huge belly F/??? accelerated weight gain gigantic belly Type-Moon Fate/Grand Order nasuverse Carmilla Gudako demon god pillar accelerated digestion

The first part of a series that will probably never finish.

In this story, Gudako and Carmilla's trip to Hawaii is fucked up by a cow and a pissy owl.

Yes, the Carmilla in this is an Event servant. No, you will never get her. 

Houyo - 3 years ago

I just recently got into the Fate series. Now I can enjoy this while not being utterly confused.

donkdonknever - 3 years ago

Carmilla is bae.

Kainan - 3 years ago

Always nice to see more Fate stuff, and with Carmilla too hell yeah

Guda manages to be the best and the worst, the bantz between the demon pillars was fun, neat way of dealing with the boss too. What a horrible night to have such a lazy master.

If we do get a 5* Saber version though I call shenanigans

pbysteria - 3 years ago

Vampires really are the best kind of ticks

Indighost - 3 years ago

Very cute :) Well written too! I love the description of the tropical landscape, Carmilla's chubby butt, and especially towards the end I got a really good impression of that wonderful sick feeling!

Bloated Pink Harlot of Desires - Egg of Lust

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Scat Succubus Cock Vore Futanari Fatal Demoness H/M Huge belly H/F Disposal Overstuffed Stomachache Hermaphrodite huge cock huge balls Autofellatio Luxurei

A gift for that sweetie  Renael featuring my demon lord succubus, Luxurei. This was quite a treat to work on, though it took a long time to actually finish in full. Time well spent, I'd say since I'm fairly proud with how things turned out in this!

This is probably the biggest story I've written with there being a combined total of 58 pages (I split it up into a two parter), so I hope you all enjoy the ride! 

TheYounger - 4 years ago

This is hot! It kind of reminds me of Dark Nights by Shryland.

Houyo - 4 years ago

I liked the mages, and was rooting for them... Which kinda made it hotter when they ended up shit. Oh well. Good first part so far.

RedBlue - 4 years ago

holy shit dude this is awesome, definitely my favorite vore story ever

Forstand - 4 years ago

Nice story!

Burning Pink Harlot of Hell - Chapter 1

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore Original Characters Egg laying lewd Aya Higashiyama Luxurei

Something original that came about after thinking about a rather neat concept about Succubi. Expect things to get really raunchy and lewd, also lots of pregnancy. 

Law of Cycles

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore Overlord Jermod Worth it Renael after-sex Reneal's dumb halo help my dick is on fire RIP penis

Angels should come with a warning that your dick will explode if you're a demon and you fuck them.

And demon bunnies should come with warnings that you'll get knocked up with eldritch star spawn if you fuck'em.

Bad marketing.

A gift for  Renael because she's great and I love'er. 

SuccubusChara - 4 years ago

Well, I can fuck both of them, as I'm immune.

Zego21 - 5 years ago

first she got knocked up and then he has lost his manhood. i would say i feel sorry for the girl but the guy has it more rough

Renael - 5 years ago

Renael will obviously deny that this ever happened in the first place.

SuperSpaceZone - 5 years ago

A star crossed romance. At the very least, a star crossed hookup..

Angel - 5 years ago


Stuff76 - 5 years ago

Jesus Christ Your profile picture is scary

The K - 5 years ago

Yay! A new story. Always great to see more from you.

noisekeeper - 5 years ago

Guess it goes to show you that one should always read the fine print on anything named Taotie hehe.

All in all a really fantastic story you wrote up here PDP. Has all the elements and more that I wanted to see in this situation involving Kaguya and her immortal meal. Between this and the Kaguya pic posted this week I say I feel mighty spoiled by all this goodness!

Sleep Eating Terror

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Belly Plant Chubby Fat Digestion touhou pudgy Weight Gain Fart Farting Butt Gas Huge belly flatulence indigestion post digestion Gassy genji Kazami Yuuka Elly Sleep Eating gigantic belly Hakurei Reimu Kirisame Marisa implied diarrhea constipated

If you remember those two pics of Yuuka I posted, then this entire thing was made in conjecture to that. 

RedBlue - 6 years ago

Great, just like always

Byakkojin - 6 years ago

A really great story.

Indighost - 6 years ago

One question, was Reimu actually digested? I had thought so until the last line which suggested she may be alive.

Indighost - 6 years ago

Absolutely fantastic work ! Wonderful writing as always. A real pleasure to read.

The K - 6 years ago

Lovely story. So much gas and bloating. I love it all.

Maid's Unemployment Office

Uploaded: 6 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Digestion touhou Weight Gain Anal Vore Butt huge ass Sakuya Izayoi pear shaped pissed off horny sakuya Sakuya got duh booty oh sweet jesus look at her booty

Something I wrote for a friend that I decided to share here too since, hurr.

Take note, this isn't par the usual course for me so, there's probably somethings in this not everyone's gonna like. Just thought I'd put that warning sign up before I get sued. 

Byakkojin - 6 years ago

Love it~

acrylic - 6 years ago

I hope to read your touhou UB story :3

maxpayne98 - 6 years ago

Will there an anal continuation of this with more anal vore as well?

Cpt - 6 years ago

Anal vore isnt really my thing but you have such a way with words, I might have to make an exception.

backgroundnoise - 6 years ago

They should have sent a poet...

PimpDaddyPichu - 3 months ago

Idk maybe.

bigboy1992 - 3 months ago

I know its been a while, but would you ever do another story with Kagerou?

The K - 6 years ago

I love this story. I love your ways of describing how the gas erupts before burping and how big her belly is. It's so good. I love your stories so much.

Cpt - 6 years ago

Fantastic as always!

Cementary of Gourmands ~ Grave of Bloating

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: touhou Stuffing Belching cum inflation indigestion kanako yasaka Gassy bloated belly gigantic belly lewd faceless dude RIP that poor desk

Something for Yasaka Day, nothing really vorish, but there's lots of bloats and lewds, I guess. 

Cpt - 7 years ago

This is great! I love how you describe things, and you've got an easy to read style.

PimpDaddyPichu - 7 years ago

It's the best way to do it, imo. Nothin's better than building up a burp like a makeshift pipe bomb.

PimpDaddyPichu - 7 years ago

A good combo. Like burgers and fries.

I need to get back into the vore loop though. I feel as disconnected from it as I am with my Internet right now :V

PimpDaddyPichu - 7 years ago

Yeeeup, plump n' tall.

acrylic - 7 years ago

Is Kanako plump in this story?

Non-Euclidean Gap Cradle

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Pregnancy touhou Non-Vore Belching Huge belly yukari yakumo ran yakumo eldritch abomination Gassy lovecraftian The shit Reimu puts up with Very ugly thing Go play Stone Soup Otherwise you will never get the reference

I don't know why, but a pregnant Yukari is way more fun to write than a fat one. This has nothing to do with the last one, something a bit more "non human" and a chance for me to play with Yukari's less than human traits.

I mean, everything about her screams eldritch, so why not take full advantage of that?  

Circle0Trick - 6 years ago

You do a pretty good job creating horrid descriptions of twisted, disgusting abominations. The mental images kind of freaked me out a little.

The weird, random, and morbid happening met with nonchalant attitudes felt amusingly appropriate for the setting.

It might be hard to tell, but this is totally a commendation; nice work. Thanks for sharing.

The K - 7 years ago

Brilliant usage of indigestion burping, gas, and all that good stuff. Loved it.

noisekeeper - 7 years ago

That's definitely one way to give birth haha.

Yakumo Genesis Unit

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Pregnancy touhou Stuffing Non-Vore Sex Lactation Gas Huge belly yukari yakumo Gassy Nameless oc Yukari's gonna blow 2lewd4me fapfapfap Wily also has nothing to do with this

Something really fuckin lewd I wrote about a hugely pregnant Yukari forcing kids out of an unfortunate(?) nameless human.

Not meant to deep or meaningful. 

The K - 7 years ago

Really a great story. Love the use of gas bubbles here.

tintrue - 7 years ago

Damn. So much delicious Yukari in one writing snippet.

noisekeeper - 7 years ago

You're right, this is far too lewd. I'm going to have to call the authorities and have them issue you a citation for lewdness.

Also hooray for the Womb section finally having an entry!

Top Pred Meme Popularity Contest

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Non-Vore oops I accidentally spoiled the #1 spot

Not really but, hey. I saw m'buddy Noisekeeper do it and I figured why not, give it a go and list some of the ladies I like to see gorgin' themselves on the flesh of others! Take note, though that this is more of a list than anything else. I can't honestly pick which ones are my absolute fav over just trying to remember all the characters I like seeing in a vorish scenario. Anyway, let's get the ball rolling. This is gonna be a lot of text.


#10 - Midler (JoJo's...
[ Continued ...

nyttyn - 6 years ago

no byakuren or yuyuko 0/10 list

seiga p coo tho

thatonedude236 - 7 years ago

I really want to see more Prier Vore. There are scant few examples around the internet.

veender - 7 years ago

You know, even though I still have no idea who most (if any ) of these characters are, it's fun to read these and learn about 'em. So thanks for that!

tintrue - 7 years ago

I gotta do one of these myself, once again I am very pleased with these choices. Top marks for the Junko and Venus represent!

cr055x - 7 years ago

Just once I would like to read a good story with Rozalin as a vore pred, and given your track record you'd probably be the best for it. Along with noisekeeper, you've had some of the vore stories on here that I've enjoyed the most simply due to length, detail, and how you still try to keep the character true to elements that exist in canon material. Aside from that, the only story I've read to date with her as a pred was on DeviantArt and she was already in "alternate" mode at what was the beginning of Disgaea 2, and a freakin' overpowered giantess. Prier would also be good to see, though I probably should get my hands on a copy of her original game so I can learn more about her character. Though from what I've heard Overlord Prier still maintains some of the more "sinful" traits her original counterpart had in an attempt to string together the appearances in both games. Also, you can apparently use Overlord Prier in the remake of her game.

Full Moon Fairy Feast

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: F/F touhou Huge belly Original Character keine kamishirasawa ex-keine f/multiple Mini-Giantess mokou no fujiwara gigantic belly Luna Child Sunny Milk Star Sapphire Michiko Shirowatage god dammit Luna

When the Three Mischievous Fairies hunger for a midnight snack, the full moon lights the way to more than just sweets to stuff their faces with!


Yeah, it's been eons since I last uploaded something, huh? This is another collaborative piece by me and my friend from before. So, I hope you enjoy reading this one like you have the others~

Story wise, this also sheds some light on what's actually happening too, the next few stories I'll write will add...
[ Continued ...

StarzInTheSky - 1 year ago

This was good! Seriously fantastic job on this, both you and your friend's character writing was great - I was honestly invested by the end. ☆

algog8 - 8 years ago

I liked marshmellow miko

noisekeeper - 8 years ago

Just finished reading this, and wow, did not disappoint as usual. These collaborative pieces have really been top notch stuff.

Nice to see some of the less familiar Touhou characters get the limelight here, especially those mischievous fairies. And the way Keine was woven into the story was great as well.

Also you got a way of teasing the plot haha. I can't wait to see how this all turns out. It was the one thing I couldn't figure how to resolve in my own fizzled out Touhou series. Probably because you aren't afraid of creating new characters in order to service the story.

Anyway, great job all around and looking forward to the next story! I can only imagine how much more ravenous the girls will become, seeing as how now even after gorging to their limits, the hunger still persists and is even making them lose their own minds in this case.

The K - 8 years ago

Wow! What a read!

TheMystique - 8 years ago

Ah, a new upload! It's spectacular as usual~

Frrt to Ashes

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: fire Belly Anime Fart Non-Vore Farting Bloat Gas Video Game Monster girl indigestion Gassy bloated belly Persona 4 Yukiko Amagi Fire Fart Shadow Yukiko


I can explain.


I blame Mystery Food X. 

x9comega - 8 years ago

Damn, now THAT must have been one spicy prey!

CGR-7 - 8 years ago

*Scoffs* Great, she just kicked global warming into high gear. XD

Sergit - 8 years ago

Ah, so THIS is what happens when you lose against her! Unconventional Game Over, yeah! (That would be so cool...)

Indighost - 8 years ago


coaster14 - 8 years ago


Scientifically Accurate Shurks

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Stuffing Non-Vore Monster girl Overlord Jermod Shark-Girl chum soda should not be a thing

Something I drew for BossBUG on dA. It's been a real long time since I drew... so, it felt good to at least shake the rust off a bit.

For more of BossBUG's good stuff -->

Also, this has nothing to do with science. ...Except maybe sharks will eat anything? I dunno. 

Nibor - 8 years ago

I'd say "or something"

noisekeeper - 8 years ago

We're gonna need a bigger fridge.

RavenXeo - 8 years ago

She is really cute...i wanna feed her a whole turkey... :3

Year End Hiss

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Chubby Fat F/F touhou Weight Gain Lamia Huge belly Monster girl New Years kanako yasaka Dragon Girl Hong Meiling 2013 year of the snake

SO, I have this thing where I completely forget to do art/stories for the holidays. However, this changed when I managed to come up with something to celebrate the year of the snake. However, I'll say that Kanako devouring Meiling wasn't my idea and was the brainchild of someone I talk to in chat.

Seems Meiling began a chain of eating the Touhou representing the year of the rabbit. However, she doesn't quite expect the chain to pick up where she left it...

I really...
[ Continued ...

pheonix - 8 years ago

was there something like this for 2012 as well? I want to know where this chain started

noisekeeper - 9 years ago

Well knowing me, an exaggerated gut is the best kind of gut.

Also snakes like Kanako better fatten themselves up as much as they can, cuz when 2014 rolls around, they'll have to deal with all those hungry horses next.

Though I have no idea how that will work out in the Touhouverse.

Emanresu - 9 years ago

Woot! I was born in a snake year.

Rac0r - 9 years ago

I don't think Kanako's gut is exaggerated. Looking at the size of Meiling, it would be expected to make a huge belly :D Good job!

Shinki Square'd

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Plump touhou Non-Vore Wide hips Shinki Mystic Square

Shinki pic I drew a while ago to be used for chat RP, but decided to share here since I'm really happy with it.

Looks like Shinki's been putting on some weight, maybe from eating too many snacks...or some much larger prey, perhaps?

I dunno.


Bright - 9 years ago

Such a cute plumpness.

PimpDaddyPichu - 9 years ago

Yep, Final Boss to Touhou 5: Mystic Square and one of my all time favorite 2hus.

( Also, here's the pic; )

UnderSullenSkies - 9 years ago

I have not played a lot of the PC98 games, but this was one of the big baddies in one, that girl from Makai, white hair, red clothes, right?

But no matter what, she got some wonderful hip and belly relation going~

(And on an unrelated note... your background picture with Patchouli: Sauce. Nao. Pleaaase. D:)

The Deep Dark Ungoliant

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: F/F touhou Weight Gain Stuffing F/? Spider girl Huge belly f/multiple indigestion vampiric vore yuugi hoshiguma gigantic belly Yamame Kurodani Kisume Parsee Mizuhashi tsuchigumo Too many fairies can give you gas

Yamame's ventures into gluttony rouses questions in one Kisume...questions that can only be answered by food!


Another wonderful story from written by my very good friend, edited by me, and cleaned up by the both of us. This is the same guy who wrote the Umineko story a while back.

It was an utter blast reading it and polishing it up and I hope everyone else can have as good a time with it as we did~! 

Circle0Trick - 1 year ago

"Hey, is that half-eaten guy going back in?"

I just learned that this is in fact, a thing certain spiders will do.

algog8 - 9 years ago

Give her another dragon or ten.

PimpDaddyPichu - 9 years ago

Heh, not at all my friend. If you're other works are of any judge, I'm sure the final product will be equally great~

Indighost - 9 years ago

Totally blew me away. Im game for probably only 1/3 of the content here, and Touhou will forever confuse the fuck out of me, but the writing quality, charcters, and fucking epic stuffing of this is just awesome. You guys are the best!!

AryllFlynn - 9 years ago

I'm kinda surprised you don't illustrate your stories.

Study of Multi-Dimensional Corpulance

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: touhou Weight Gain Non-Vore Disgaea Soul Eater Castlevania Kaguya hey Marie Mjolnir Panty and Stocking Hong Meiling Random shit Ponera Eruka Frog Celia Fortner at least I'm not entirely dead! Stocking Anarchy

A bunch of random unfinished bits and pieces of expansion fics I wanted to write but was too lazy to build up to the juicy stuff.

Named after the document I found all these in.

Contains shit from:
- Soul Eater
- Disgaea
- Touhou
- Castlevania (DoS)
- Panty & Stocking (post-series)

A lot of OCs and AU but, I don't give a fuck. 

PimpDaddyPichu - 9 years ago

Ooh yes, I can agree on dat Eruka, brutha~

PimpDaddyPichu - 9 years ago


Kreeyz - 9 years ago

Did I just saw a Me Gusta pic ? :p

noisekeeper - 9 years ago

You know, I also considered doing something like this but never really did. Maybe I should, since I have quite a few money shots in my head that are too weak to carry a full story.

Anyway enough of that, I like this solely because it has a bloated and lewd Eruka Frog in it. And in my opinion, the world needs more of that.

Yosuzume of Tartarus

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Giant Fat touhou Weight Gain Same Size Implied Digestion F/FF Full tour Huge belly f/multiple yuyuko saigyouji Greek myths Mystia Lorelei Youmu Konpaku Ebizo Itachizame samebito 5 Gastric Hells Yuyuko and her silly innards~

Mystia makes a perilous journey through hell alongside an odd ally to attain freedom.


...Yeah, this is totally how Yuyuko's an extreme omnivore.

IkarusLobolos - 3 years ago

I noticed that during the story Yuyuko said that "Yamaxandu is getting quite ranvenous these days" Does that mean we'll be getting a short story about Eiki devouring some of these souls at some point? It would be interesting to see Eiki become a predator some time in the future!

sgtpepper500 - 9 years ago

nice story!

noisekeeper - 9 years ago

Really great! Yuyuko's stomachs as an underworld is a pretty interesting setting.
Also it is quite nice to finally see Mystia get in on some of the action too! And that ending! You sure know how to tease haha.

Miracle Witch's Banquet

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: F/F Weight Gain Stuffing candy Force Feeding Huge belly Endosoma frederica bernkastle umineko no naku koro ni lambdadelta trolling witches are trolling accelerated weight gain gigantic belly

The war for the Golden Land continues and rival witches, Bernkastel and Lambdadelta, settle an age old score...but, with an added twist.


A very special work that is actually not mine at all. Well, sorta, I helped work on it but it's ultimately the brainchild of a very good friend of mine who agreed to lemme share this wonderful story with ya'll.

This is essentially an Umineko vore fanfic, a rare breed of fanfic, really but one I came to enjoy...
[ Continued ...

noisekeeper - 10 years ago


Origins of Makai

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Pregnancy touhou Non-Vore Huge belly Shinki that's mama Shinki to you! Mystic Square

Something I did on a whim and on Mother's Day, no less.

I'm a -huge- Shinki fan, yet I rarely give much attention to her in terms of fanworks. This of course, changes now with this piece of work. Shinki is such wonderful fodder for this sort of pregnancy kink that it's not even funny. Keep on the look out for a story or two involving this. I've been meaning to write it for a long time.

I'm not gonna lie, it's probably not my -best- work, colored or no. But, I...
[ Continued ...

Sergit - 10 years ago

She is from before the Windows XP generation, right? Like... Touhou 3, 4 or 5?

CGR-7 - 10 years ago

Cool PDP.
I love her tunic; it has a nice lavish, medieval look. =)

Bright - 10 years ago

That is a very nice belly.

Lotus Lardass Story

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Breasts Fat Plump touhou Weight Gain Non-Vore Butt Post-Vore huge ass dat ass Yuuka Kazami karma Elly pointless fanservice

You remember - - right?

Well, guess what happens when you add the calories of one miko and one witch to one Yuuka?

That's right, you get one fat (and not so happy) youkai of flowers! \o/

Elly's hair was a pain in the ass and before I knew it, I was getting lazy with it. Funny thing, while drawing Yuuka's ass, the first four seconds of Let's Move from The Perceptionists kept looping in my head.


noisekeeper - 10 years ago

That will be one awkward conversation once Reimu and Marisa come back again.

"Is that me on your butt?"


diablodevil2 - 10 years ago

That came out rather cute!

Emanresu - 10 years ago

You draw nice curves.
Your straight lines are cool too but they take second place.

Rotund Mistress of the Red Moon

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Fat Plump touhou Stuffing F/? fatty indigestion Remilia Scarlet Sakuya Izayoi embodiment of scarlet devil Overeating Bloodburgers Charisma Break

Remilia seems to have gone into a state hiding, no one having seen the vampire in quite some time. Of course, this is all due to a little scheme the vampire's been cooking up for a while...

What exactly is she plannin' up in that red house of horrors of hers?


Catalyst/prologue to a much larger series I plan to write in the future for Touhou. Happy with how it began but hate how I ended it. 

PimpDaddyPichu - 10 years ago

No particular reason. Just me being silly.

supervore - 10 years ago

Why is the preview picture say hoh shit son?

PimpDaddyPichu - 10 years ago


I can agree on the charisma break. It seems it's just as fun to write her all haughty and then break it all down. That and one can never have enough chubby Remilia.

PimpDaddyPichu - 10 years ago

Thansks, I can say that post-vore indigestion is one of my favorite things to implement in a story.

Setting used was Touhou, btw. If you're interested I recommend checking it out, s'good fun~

Indighost - 10 years ago

Interesting. I didn't understand the setting but I just loved your indigestion scene.

Holy Fuck Landshark

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Belly Plump F/M desert Landshark

A random doodle of a landshark girl eating some poor SOB out in the middle of a desert.

First drawing I did on this new comp, and it's enough to tell me that drawing's not totally impossible. 

Nibor - 10 years ago

Actually, Land sharks live mostly in deserts, and they can swim through sand like it's water.

<^>The more you know

I know, fail star... -_-

Aces - 10 years ago

I lol'd at this. I love it. I wanna make a land shark character now.

Sergit - 10 years ago

Landshark. I've never heard such word before. Is it supposed to be a land dwelling shark of some sort? ... Wow, right now I feel like I'm Captain Obvious.

Nice picture, Btw.

Predatory Impulse of Haruhi Suzumiya

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: PimpDaddyPichu

Tags: Belly Digestion Stuffing F/M Unwilling Pred F/FF Huge belly Male Prey Female Pred it's a trap! f/multiple F/FFM Asahina Mikuru forced feeding Koizumi Itsuki Kyon Nagato Yuki Suzumiya Haruhi

When Haruhi's taste for normal food goes out the window, just what else is there to eat...?



A story 3 years in the making, something I most likely wouldn't have finished without the 'help' of one  Lunalis

So as a treat, this is also treated as a birthday gift from me to him. 

AngryPuffins - 9 years ago

Still curious about that scene with Sasaki :D.

DoubleOSnake - 9 years ago

Nice! I love it! The characters were perfectly in character (given the situation, of course) and it had a totally believable twist ending! Bravo, sir, bravo!

sgtpepper500 - 10 years ago


Tai223236 - 10 years ago

Haha, 3 years _IS_ a long time, but I'm so glad you got it done, all the same. And do I see you hinting at a sequel? That'd be awesome! : )

noisekeeper - 10 years ago

A Haruhi vore story? Hooray indeed! Fantastic story you wrote there man!

Honesty to a Hambeast Hookworm

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Tags: Worm Plump Non-Vore Parasite Monster girl moe personification personification hookworm Hookworm-chan

I would be honest but I don't wanna make her cry.

Wanted to try drawing Hookworm-tan/chan again, semi pleased with how it came out. Gave her a little more features as opposed to last time. 

jonathan123 - 9 years ago

"your not fat, your adorable!"

jonathan123 - 9 years ago

"your not fat, your adorable!"

Nibor - 10 years ago

Well, you've got more to love....!

Nibor - 10 years ago

Well, you've got more to love....!

Redpod - 10 years ago

Veyr nice pciutre :D

Pre-Hibernation Day

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Tags: Belly Stuffing BBW F/mf f/multiple bear girl NTR

An office worker and his fiance realize that they shouldn't be feeding the bears. Or rather...they should have been.


I...didn't intend for it to get that heavy near the end. Honest. 

PimpDaddyPichu - 10 years ago

Always like when folks pick my stuff apart, lets me know what I done right or wrong~

Anyways, onto the matter at hand; I know where you're coming from and yeah, reading back over it, it probably would have been a tad better for Shizuka to be a bit more 'impacted' by her essentially eating and killing them.

Part of the reason I overlooked this at first is because, as you mentioned, she's a demon and not only that a bear that's (supposed) to eat to pack on fat for the winter. It's basically a jab at something similar to how it's shown that animals tamed and raised in captivity can still be dangerous predators and can turn at the most unexpected of moments. Only in this story, it took the form of a chubby, bear girl :V

Hopefully this makes sense. I do like Shizuka's character though, so perhaps I'll write a sequel to this one showing how things turned out for her...

Decimos - 10 years ago

Really awesome read, and I need to express that thoroughly before becoming even slightly critical, particularly about such a subjective point. I'd of liked Shizuka to seem a little more guilty about the way things played out - I mean, if she was Fuyuko's best friend it had to of been somewhat mutual? It felt a little alien to have her so ready to shrug off the consequence of taking their lives - though, I suppose that's something that may sink in more down the road. Of course, she is also something of a demon I suppose...guilt isn't always a good topping for vore oriented reading anyhow. To come back full circle, I still wholly enjoyed it.

PimpDaddyPichu - 10 years ago

Aha, that's where the consequences of her voracious actions kick in~

The thing is, she won't be able to get to them since she'll be knocked out cold for, what, 3 1/2 months? Shizuka may have had the pleasure of having a full belly now, but it's gonna get worse once she wakes up and has to deal with the mountain of chores/bills that Yohachi and Fuyuko usually did for her.

PimpDaddyPichu - 10 years ago

Save for a few mistakes here and there but, I'm glad you liked it~

fatass - 10 years ago

This is a really well written story! I love it

The Ponderous and Negative

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Tags: Belly Digestion touhou Huge belly bad end highly responsive to prayers Shingyoku the male form is a douche

Way to be a dick, Guy!Shingyoku.

Read; Blue 1st -> Red 2nd 

Redpod - 10 years ago

nicepiture )

¡Digest the `rey >:p!


PimpDaddyPichu - 10 years ago

Thanks, glad you do~
Huh, that's actually pretty interesting now that you think about it...

I do believe I'll have to write this sometime soon.

noisekeeper - 10 years ago

I don't like it. I LOVE it.
Let's hope for her that Reimu doesn't have extra lives, otherwise she really will be as large as that gate.

Watching Kung-Fu Theater

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Tags: touhou Non-Vore chinese Original Character chinese food box

"Days, then weeks, blurred into one loooong, greasy telethon..."

Touhou oc for a...surprise I have in store for later. I suck at keeping secrets in this regard so, I'll shut up now. 

Redpod - 10 years ago


¡digest te prey>:p!

she eats some¿?

PimpDaddyPichu - 10 years ago

Heh, yeah. If there was a line-up of food based Touhous, ZUN would make it his business to jam in a beer-girl in there somewhere. :V

noisekeeper - 10 years ago

I'd like to think this is something ZUN would think up if he had the munchies.

Legendary Eel Dragon

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Tags: Belly Plump touhou Giantess Non-Vore worship temple Ruins monster-girl eel Iku Nagae Lamprey

Iku Nagae as she appears in Kaijusokyo (alternate touhou universe, I've been working on).

Worshipped as a deity of thunder and lightning, Iku slithers through the clouds above, her immense eel like body creating rolls of thunder as she approaches. To the humans who live on the Lost Continent of Primordials, she is a goddess of the storm and they give her sacrifices to appease her and to show their thanks for calm weathers.

Beyond the worship of human mortals, Iku is...
[ Continued ...

Redpod - 10 years ago

nic epciture :D

she is nice :) i can meet to her'

Bright - 10 years ago

Interesting story.

Tanuki's have big...

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Tags: Belly Fat Plump touhou Non-Vore Tanuki Mamizou Futatsuiwa Ten Desires wow that was fast

A fattened Mamizou Futatsuiwa from the the recently released full version of Touhou 13 - Ten Desires.

Why? Well, Tanuki's are supposed to be a little fat...that and they're supposed to have huge balls but we won't get into that :V 

Nibor - 10 years ago


Houyo - 10 years ago

Is that a naught joke? I think that's a naughty joke.

Nibor - 10 years ago

Maybe water sports...

Redpod - 10 years ago

Nice pciutureD

Houyo - 11 years ago

Maybe she does have big balls? How else is she going to play sports?

...Okay, I don't think anyone can actually picture her playing sports.

Demon Bat Queen

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Tags: Fat touhou Bat Vampire Non-Vore Monster girl Remilia Scarlet immobile

Linework of a design for Monster!Remilia.

So yeah, Remi's a fat bat~ 

cr055x - 8 years ago

I'm still hoping to see Flandre one of these days. (Yeah I said the same thing on DeviantArt ages ago but hey, I really found this project to be interesting.)

Gloom - 11 years ago

Awr. Poor smallbats under fat butt ^^

UFO Round-mance in the Fucked up Sky

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Tags: Pregnancy touhou Non-Vore Nue Honjuu Ufo Blushing no panties thigh-highs downtown nekketsu monogatari

I'll never get to that stage, honestly.

Or any EX Stage in Touhou, for that matter.

Also, pay no mind to that guy up there...the negative space was killing me and my OCD compelled me to put something there... 

PimpDaddyPichu - 11 years ago

*Puts on Sunglasses*
*Bites lip*

Metalforever - 11 years ago

Dat belly <3333333333333

Hell's Traffic Repair

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Tags: fire Plump touhou Lioness Monster girl rin kaenbyou orin

'Lazy Finish' of the previous pic. Really love the shading on the breasts, belly and thighs.

Everything else, not so much.

Keep an eye out for a background that's drawn by my own hand instead of GIMP doing the work for me :V 

CGR-7 - 11 years ago

*Gasps* AWE-SOME!!!
And such an adorable smile too.

Hell's Traffic...Fire...Lion...wut?

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Tags: fire Plump touhou Lioness Monster girl rin kaenbyou orin

Okay, so the puns don't always come out as well as I want them to, dwi :C

- Edit; Story time -

A Fire Lioness who resides within the fiery bowels of the earth known as the Underland of Hellfire. Rin Kaenbyou, while not unique by appearances of her kind, still boasts an ability that none of the other Fire Lions could really hope to have; Necromancy. Born with a one of a kind ability to communicate with the dead, Rin soon took this a step further and applied it to her...
[ Continued ...

Gloom - 11 years ago

Awesome cute plumpgal~

ShotgunJesus - 11 years ago

Hell's aggressive and possibly mood-swing-prone gatekeeper?

Yeah, I got nothin'.

Hell of Blazing Fat

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Tags: Fat touhou pudgy Harpy Monster girl reimu hakurei utsuho reiuji touji suwagata Wide hips

An idea that just wouldn't leave me alone.

I'll give a story for Harpy!Okuu later, but for now, let's just enjoy the huggable Hell Raven~ 

kernac - 11 years ago

Thats pretty cute^^

CGR-7 - 11 years ago

Hummingbirds too...

Argent_Sable - 11 years ago

The way bees do it.

PimpDaddyPichu - 11 years ago

Hard work and dedication :V

Requiem - 11 years ago do those tiny wings keep her aloft?!

Overlord Jermod - Young

Uploaded: 11 years ago

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Tags: Young candy Baby bunny boy Original Character Overlord Jermod Regression

Overlord Jermod only younger. Usually as a product of his latent emergency skill Rebirth of the Rabbit King, where in, his soul jumps to the nearest womb and he reforms to be rebirthed later.

Said skill only activates when Overlord Jermod dies. 

Houyo - 11 years ago


*Cocks shotgun*

Sleep Eating

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Tags: Belly Soft Vore touhou turtle Huge belly reimu hakurei bad end Yuuka Kazami genji marisa kirisame lotus land story

Told you not to mess with that sleeping flower youkai, bro.

srs artbzns: Hands and feet are fucked up \as usual/!

This...would have been a cutaway vore pic but, I got lazy : 

AwesomeAustin21 - 11 years ago

Nice :)

SuperSpaceZone - 11 years ago


Gertrud Mycela

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Tags: mushroom curvy Cape Original Character Large Breasts Scientist gertrud mycelea mycologist Wide hips capelet

I...didn't really want her breasts to come out that big. It sorta just...happened.

A mycologist who gave herself up to madness. Once a human who was dedicated to the study of mushrooms in the mortal realm, Gertrud was noted throughout the field of science for her interest in mushrooms as well as her vast knowledge pertaining to them. Of course, Gertrud's interest in fungi went far deeper than many would hope to imagine. In truth, Gertrud was obsessed with mushrooms...what started...
[ Continued ...


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Tags: Tentacle Monster girl cloud Large Breasts atmospheric beast cloud girl goggles nyuudokou-chan

The 3rd and last of Kabuto's allies and an Atmospheric Beast (or Sorajuu) given a human form thanks to the aforementioned demon child. Unbeknownst to the humans below, there are creatures that live in the sky above, said creatures nesting in the clouds or, in some cases, ARE the clouds themselves. Throughout history there have been various alleged sightings of a Sorajuu, some as small as a car...others as large as an entire city. During ancient times, most were worshiped as gods of weather and...
[ Continued ...