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Soft wind rustled through the peach blossoms, scattering the early pink petals. Spring rain had refreshed the earth, bringing with it the smell of damp soil and new grass. Above the cart trails and twisted roots, a butterfly danced in the fertile rays of sunlight that filtered through the trees. More drifted among the branches.

A young butterfly fluttered close to the ground, entranced by a cluster of tulips. He alighted on one of them and cupped the silky


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Randomness

Tags: F/M F/? Fatal Butterfly Anthro Prey Gentle Predator

Commissioned from the wonderful Brazzel.

A young butterfly finds himself different than his peers. While the rest live a wonderful life of whimsy, he feels a strange... pull. To something that he cannot quite explain.

What is our purpose? 

ObsidianSnake - 1 month ago

I really enjoy how Brazzel uses imagery! This is a very concise and almost perfect illustration of the themes you often commission that we were talking about elsewhere.

Also, I'm a sucker for uncommon species, so it hooked me with that! Overall, a fantastic read.

A Doll’s Life
When the forest parting the village and the castle produced an ornate ebony carriage pulled by two thoroughbreds, the villagers knew what to expect.
“They come! They come!”, an elderly farmer had shouted, pitchfork still in hand and a spring to his step that he had not displayed in a long time. He was the first to seek refuge in his shack, lock the door, and disappear from sight altogether.
The warning was all it took. Doors were closed and barred, windows were sl

A Doll's Life

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Owner: Randomness

Tags: Wolf F/F Fatal Bunny girl Unwilling Prey Emotional Implied Vore Semi-willing Wolf girl friendship sad Tragic royalty relationship Wolf Pred Bunny prey Willing prey

A piece I commissioned from Please, go check him out. Phenomenal work.

A young rabbit lives in poverty, under the ever-present rule of the nobility. Her and her family are Stars; specifically bred to be food.

All her life she has been training for when she would be chosen and, finally... the day has come.

Yet, when the wolf comes to take her away, they bring with them something unexpected. Something that...
[ Continued ...

InDepthLook - 1 year ago

I will definitely be giving these a read! thank you!

Randomness - 1 year ago

Thank you! VaguenessIncoming did all the writing; I proposed the ideas. Make sure to check him out, he does wonderful work. :)

This piece is similar to a few others in my gallery, at least in an emotional sense. I recommend reading That Hateful Distance, The Chosen Doe, Lucky Find and Candle in the Snow if you want more feels. All done by talented writers, all pack an emotional punch.

InDepthLook - 1 year ago

This killed me, I've never read something this emotional before and I practically LIVE in a library. This story is gonna be stuck in my head for days, hell

Wolfsage - 1 year ago

I'm confused. In one section it mentions the Son of the family, but only a moment later, it says daughter

Demihunger - 1 year ago

That Washington an emocional tale. Good work mate.

Fawn and Wolf
The wolf squatted, running her clawed finger through the marks on the ground. The unmistakable tracks of her mark – four points of pressure, barely two inches long, a hop’s length away from each other. Only a couple inches long and not too deep, despite the softness of the ground in this stretch of the forest. She brought a handful of dirt to her nose, and her nostrils flared as she recognized the distinctive scent of the fawn.
The little deer-child was clever, she gave

Fawn and Wolf

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Tags: Wolf Fox Anthro F/F Same Size Blood Fatal Deer Pain Emotional Semi-willing Wolf Pred deer prey

A piece commissioned from VaguenessIncoming

A poor fawn is caught by a hungry wolf after a long hunt. The hunt has taken them far away from the wolf's den, and she decides it would be best to devour the terrified little thing there. So they set off, their travels bringing surprising revelations about each other...

But will it change anything?

Another emotional, thought-provoking piece about predator/prey roles and the inability to overcome them. I...
[ Continued ...

Combat - 2 years ago

The feels. Well done again.

They had always been there. Timeless as the hills. Certain as the sun. Before Keva was old enough to know anything, she knew that they were out there, watching them. The Keepers in the forest.
Keva’s mother, a comely, kind doe who, like her, had the softest fur of brown, had whispered lullabies to her while she was still a swaddled infant. Lullabies of the Keepers in the forest. Around the clearing. Beyond the grove. The Keepers watch us with all their love. Ever young. Ever fair. The Keep

The Chosen Doe

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Randomness

Tags: Oral Vore Wolf Soft Vore F/F Wolf girl Female Prey Female Pred Tragedy Deer girl Gentle Pred Infertility

A piece I commissioned from Belloc.

A young deer and her herd are protected by mysterious beings known as Keepers. Ever present, ever loving. With her curiosity in hand, she wishes to learn more about the enigmatic creatures. 

NaskiTheShark - 7 months ago

I saw them before, figured i would reread the first story i ever read on this site, back before i had an account

Randomness - 7 months ago

I am glad you enjoyed! Belloc did all the writing, I merely supplied the it. It you enjoyed this, I have a lot of similar commissions in my gallery.

NaskiTheShark - 7 months ago

This is incredible, but my freaking heart

Combat - 2 years ago

This is incredible.

ribs - 2 years ago

good stuff the only thing that stand out was not seeing or hearing about the young wolf again. i would like to have seen if keva had left a mark on the young pred. even how the other deer meet their ends.

Winter Reality

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Randomness

Tags: F/F Naga Blood Fatal Lamia Pre-Vore Venom Female Prey Female Pred Snake girl poison sad Tragedy Dying Naga Pred

A piece I commissioned from the wonderful CrownFlame. Based on the story that I commissioned from Belloc. Give it a read to understand what happened!

Unfortunately, even though they fought it as hard as they could, they couldn't stop their own instincts from catching up with them.

Linna embraces her friend Neshei, comforting her in her last moments. Knowing that she's the one who killed her.

Can we ever escape who we...
[ Continued ...

EnderDracolich - 1 year ago

Wow. I rarely read stories on Ekas because most of them lack depth, but your image inspired me to read the story because it has so much emotion. That's rare when it comes to this site!

Belloc - 2 years ago

The coloring on these is fantastic, as is the intimacy with the way Linna has her coils around Neshei. These are awesome pictures. :)

TheSoulessGem - 2 years ago

This was an amazing story, also a really good picture it turns out.

Aickavon12 - 2 years ago

I remember the story!

JacktheDragon - 2 years ago

Well...this is sad

Summer Innocence

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Randomness

Tags: Cute F/F Naga Adorable Non-Vore Deer Coils Naga Pred foreboding Nothing bad will happen

A piece I commissioned from the always wonderful CrownFlame. Inspired by a story I ALSO commissioned from Belloc! So many!

So here, we have the naga Linna and the deer Neshei, an unlikely pair who managed to overcome their roles as predator and prey to become best friends!

But... is it to last? 

liliam - 2 years ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 2 years ago

She gunna get ate

arm was all that was left.
peeked into the clearing, hiding among the long, low branches of a
thick willow. A clearing was a dangerous place out in the wetlands.
Almost as dangerous as the woods themselves. In a clearing, there
were no trees, no brush, no escape. A prey could see the predator
coming. Which usually meant they had time to scream and cry before
dying rather than dying quickly and with only a little pain. But this
clearing, at least, seemed to be empty. Save for the arm.

A Candle in the Snow

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Randomness

Tags: Wolf Fox F/F Mouse Fatal Wolf girl mouse girl fox girl sad belloc

A piece I commissioned from Belloc. (Eventually I will figure out how to do the cool 'tag with their profile picture' thing. >>; )

It follows the story of a fearful prey trying to make sense of the world they live in. Falling into substance abuse, hallucinating past trauma and fleeing from hungry predators.

Her only solace is a perfectly shaped paw print birthmark on her arm. Why is it there? Who does it match?

She tries to find the answer. 

EnderDracolich - 1 year ago

Thanks. I'll be sure to read all the ones by Belloc, might give the other's a try too.

Randomness - 1 year ago

Candle in the Snow, That Hateful Distance, Little Mouse and The Chosen Doe all exist within the same setting. It could be argued that they are even geographically quite close to one another. All these are written by Belloc.

Fawn and Wolf, A Doll's Life, A Sacrifice, the River and all of the Stephanie Langley stories are all set in the same world; just large time gaps. These are written by VaguenessIncoming.

EnderDracolich - 1 year ago

Is there any continuity between your stories; by which I mean, do they take place in the same setting? I really loved 'That Hateful Distance' and would love to see more work in that vein.

I realize you are the commissioner and not the writer, but hey; it was still your concept, and if you could come up with that, you're clearly worth watching!

IronGhostXLII - 3 years ago

Holy shit. I actially cried

CreativeWriter - 3 years ago

I meant ": icon user :" (just put it together, without the ")

tramped through the bitter cold, dead grass cracking underfoot. The
winter winds whipped around the young deer woman, forcing her to pull
her cloak tighter. Her brown ears were tight to her skull, her curled
comma of a tail twitching in the wind as she bent at the foot of a
great oak tree, expertly squatting on long, thin legs. Scattered
about the roots of the tree were dozens of acorns; the best had been
gleamed by other animals already, but at this point, Neshei was
willing to take any

That Hateful Distance

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Randomness

Tags: Soft Vore Cute Digestion F/F Naga Same Size Fatal Deer Unwilling Constriction Venom Unwilling Prey Emotional Unwilling Pred Female Prey Female Pred sad Dying Friendship is Magic Naga Pred Gentle Predator belloc deer prey

Written by the always amazing Belloc.

A naga and a deer become unlikely childhood friends, distorting their nature as predator and prey. However, could such a true friendship ever last?

This story was one hell of a trip. Highly pleased with Belloc's work on this, and how it turned out. I was hoping for something that was sad, happy, conflicted and showcased the impossible friendship of a predator and prey throughout their...
[ Continued ...

EnderDracolich - 5 months ago

( To clarift — I know you commissioned it! I am just saying I recall seeing it uploaded on his gallery as well as yours, but not it seems missing from his. )

EnderDracolich - 5 months ago

( Huh. I could have sworn this was on Belloc's page! )

Randomness - 2 years ago

I did not write it; Belloc did. He does take commissions when his slots are open!

Deleteduser89324b - 2 years ago

Nice work, do you take requests?

Randomness - 2 years ago

Winter. Starving.

Can we really change who we are?