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RealZikik - 2 weeks ago

If only we lived in a world where it wasn't a bad thing lol.

porky11 - 2 weeks ago

You managed to hit what makes me horny and presented it in a short and clear way.
I really like the situation of someone having to do some work to get some reward, that is a pretty bad thing normally.

Atinik - 3 weeks ago

This is a nice story ^^
I read your storys science 2015 and I really like them. Even though your last storys were in my opinion too similar I think you have made a good development and try new things (in this case scat). This is one of my favorite storys of yours.
Keep doing your work!

Ryan's Birthday

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: RealZikik

Tags: Digestion F/M Consensual Cooking Mother son oven Willing Male Prey Female Pred Vore story Consensual vore cooked Mother/Son Mother Vore naked prey vore belly happy prey Nude prey Vore Digestion mother/son vore Son prey willing prey happy vore Cooked Prey

Years in the future, Miranda has moved out and raised two boys. Her oldest son didn't really like vore but she still decides to make her youngest son experience it.

Also, different endings. :3 

porky11 - 3 months ago

Pretty confusing situation. I can't really empathize with anyone. Making the situation more realistic and adding a few more lines would help.
I don't think, using the same Digestion branch for both stories isn't such a good idea.

RealZikik - 3 months ago

I got one explaining digestion and reforming on Deviantart. I have yet to put anything up over here.

porky11 - 3 months ago

Sounds reasonable. I also don't explain my world in every story. I wrote everything important into a single document.
Do you have some document explaining some of the special things of your world?

RealZikik - 3 months ago

Explaining how there are ovens in this world that don't harm the prey each time I do it would just be redundant.

porky11 - 3 months ago

Short, but nice.
I was confused, when he ate the sister alone. Shouldn't he prepare dinner?
Then I read the description and saw "for themselves", which doesn't exist in the story.
I also was confused, why he cooked her, and she was still alive.

Kevin And Amy's Game

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: RealZikik

Tags: sister Digestion M/F family Brother Willing Incest Female Prey Vore story sister vore incest vore male predator Male Pred Siblings Brother/Sister family vore vore belly happy prey brother/sister vore Vore Digestion brother vore sibling vore willing prey happy vore

Kevin and Amy like to play games and the loser gets eaten. Kevin usually loses but what happens when he finally wins? 

techtician - 4 months ago

Damn that hint at disposal was tantalizing but good overall

Too Into The Video Games

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: RealZikik

Tags: Digestion Anime Willing Unwilling Prey Anime Vore Vore story Consensual vore vore belly stomach acid Casual vore Vore Digestion danganronpa chiaki nanami willing prey mikan tsumiki Danganronpa 2 nonchalant anime girl anime girl vore danganronpa 2 vore Willing Or Unwilling Willing Or Unwilling Prey Nonchalant Prey

Chiaki Nanami isn't always aware of her surroundings and that can lead to some... interesting things.

Was Chiaki willing to go? That's up to your imagination.  

blazeveritas - 3 months ago

sweet but very well done love milkan pred

RealZikik - 3 months ago

I have more planned for Danganronpa. Hopefully that stuff will come out next year.

blazeveritas - 3 months ago

i like allot would you do more?

TableManners - 6 months ago

Simple, but effective. I like it

Feeding The Dog

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: RealZikik

Tags: Dog Digestion Anime Willing Anime Vore Human Prey Vore story Consensual vore Dog Pred happy prey Dog Vore Casual vore Vore Digestion Love Live willing prey happy vore love live vore love live sunshine anime girl chika takami Takami Chika shittake

Chika decides to feed the dog.

Note: I'm not really into dog vore but the I thought the idea was too good to not write. 

redsquallff8 - 2 months ago

I loved it

RealZikik - 2 months ago

A lot of my stories are like that.

jonathan1501 - 2 months ago

This story is the weirdest one yet...I had a lot of questions like why did Nico's siblings want to be digested, really doesn't make any sense to me.

xvx17 - 5 months ago

I expected some belching and farting or elimination, but it was fine

SkittlesDemon - 7 months ago

I mean maybe you expect that since the characters are from an established game series that they are well known and you can just use them to make your work easier.

SkittlesDemon - 7 months ago

All your stories are very short, mass-produced in waves, and offer no characterization or compelling characters and with such little content, you rarely have an actual story at all.

The digestion scenes are also excessively rushed.

Just some things I have noted.

sandyQ - 7 months ago

Really good story.