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You're a girl living with your mom, it's the middle of the night, and you're wide awake. You're wide awake, but you can't move a muscle. You're experiencing sleep paralysis. You're uncomfortable, but not panicking. You already know what this is, so you can at least control your rising anxiety and think through things rationally. There'll be no hallucinations for you tonight. And then your door opens.

You're immediately on edge. Is it possible you already failed, and you'

Dark Night

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: ReminaSui

Tags: Non-Vore Futanari Rape Incest impregnation Futa on female

TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic depiction of rape and incest!
This one's more than a little fucked... 

ReminaSui - 3 months ago

Ok I very much appreciate the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed this fucked up fantasy, and hard agreed about the futa + impregnation! It's so hot, but so rare!

Apex - 3 months ago

Yeah, it's fucked but so am I so here I go. This is hot as hell. I'm going to be one of those people for a second and say there's not enough futa + impregnation stuff. That's enough to make this fabulous, especially since I don't mind rape and incest. I basically love everything about this, to be honest, down to the descriptions of the positions and movements. Great work!

You're standing in a subway car. It's packed to the brim and you've got a long ride ahead of you. There's a woman so close behind you that she's practically breathing down your neck, and another person almost as close in front. Wiggle room doesn't exist here, and it's all you can do not to bump into anyone. Despite your best efforts, someone bumps the girl behind you, who in turn accidentally closes the minuscule gap between you. She curses and apologizes to you in whispers, but it takes you a s

Meet Cute

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: ReminaSui

Tags: Non-Vore Futanari futa on male

Probably the most lighthearted thing I've ever written. If you like women with penises and happy endings, this is for you.

Apex - 3 months ago

As someone that likes women with penises and happy endings, I can honestly say that this was pretty good. Short, yes, but exceedingly hot. You captured all the right moments of the scene for maximum impact, I think, which is really quite a feat. My only gripe is the ending feels a little forced. The minimalist style makes going from strangers to dinner date seem stranger than if there had been dialogue and stuff surrounding the events. All in all I quite like this, though.

For starters, the mother isn't evil, cruel, or abusive. She's just... a mess. A mess who can shrink people; specifically her daughter. Her daughter knows she's a mess, and though she loves her, she's very much done with her shit. But she can't exactly do much about it when she's usually 2 cm tall.
One day the mom (let's call her Karen) is running late for work, while her daughter is late for school because Karen is her only ride. In her hurry, she figures it'll somehow be easier to manag

Hard Working Mom

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: ReminaSui

Tags: Digestion F/F Giantess Sex Fatal implied scat unaware Shrinking Incest Female Pred Vore story Mother/Daughter unaware pred Foot Fetish Shrunken woman Accidental vore Sleeping pred foot torture

I think the longest one I've made. I have a soft spot for accidental preds lol.
For any who don't vibe with the current ending, I present a non-fatal option: 

ReminaSui - 5 months ago

Non-fatal version posted. Hope you enjoy

ReminaSui - 5 months ago

Lol I had one in mind

Belly97 - 5 months ago

More like this, please.
Also if you could make a non-fatal alternate ending that would be awesome.

ReminaSui - 5 months ago

It's the struggle to survive that makes the eventual failure that much sweeter~

TheMysteriousSadSack - 5 months ago

Poor daughter, after all that trouble she still gets digested