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Commission - BIg Combo Game (Original)

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Belly Chubby Fat Female Felicia Darkstalkers thighs Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts chub Thick thighs Cat lady

Original Version of the previous pic

Post-vore cause why not 

kibroman - 12 hours ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 1 day ago

Who doesn't love a thicc cat

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 day ago

I haven't played Darkstalkers, but Felicia is an excellent pred. Love this short sequence.

Commission - BIg Combo Game

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Female F/? Felicia Darkstalkers Female Pred Thick thighs Thicc

I don't see the combo but I see the big.

Originally Commission for  Stickat this is an Alt on my own 

SlickDratini - 15 hours ago

Remind me of this conversation if I ever run out of ideas!

Badfurson - 1 day ago

It does now.

SlickDratini - 1 day ago

Does that mean Fighter-Gurgling Character?

Badfurson - 1 day ago

Awesome~! Felicia’s one of my favorite FGC’s!

DejiruHerald - 1 day ago

Aw man, i adore the way you draw stomachs when there are prey inside, so damn good

Little Smash Thingy

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore Xein

Thingy I did cause I was bored and this looked fun.
One day I'll finish each rendition, don't worry. 

Dunno987 - 3 days ago

Brawl was my favorite for really both the game and your drawing to accompany it.

CaptainElusive - 5 days ago

I thought Mr. Game and Watch was playable, starting in Melee?

Jokes aside, this is pretty fun. ^^

DudeBoi54 - 5 days ago

This is kinda cute not gonna lie. Wonder what his moveset would be like, shadow stuff, or vore stuff?

PervyLesbian02 - 5 days ago

Heh, I love how Brawl Xein's just like "GRRRRRRRRRRRR" and the rest are pretty chill

SlickDratini - 7 days ago

Well now we know where all of the other Legendaries went! Go Kyurem! ^O^

Badfurson - 7 days ago

The only treatment is more bones~!

Estee - 7 days ago

You would not believe how much I love your bone disposal stuff. It's such a shame not more artists do that.

Rothar - 7 days ago

But also a nice addiction for sure~

SlickDratini - 7 days ago

Kyurem > :peach > Xein

That's my attempt at a TF2 kill counter meme. It's not good! Maybe it should be gurgled up in that Kyurem's belly along with everyone else she ate! ^O^;

SlickDratini - 7 days ago

Let's hope it's a gurgulous gut too! She'll crush the road beneath her if she starts walking with that amount of heft!

SlickDratini - 7 days ago

Welp, I warned him! ... Dang, those boobies are ridiculously huge too! oOo;

SlickDratini - 7 days ago

Xein better watch out, he's gonna slip down between those cheeks and then he'll be gone!

Jbcoolerninja - 13 days ago

I really miss your little stick boi having a cameo in your art it always made me laugh can you please hear my request and bring that back

KasoTheArtist - 13 days ago


AngelSony - 13 days ago

Her thick level is over 8000!!!

AzurePheonix - 2 weeks ago


colemercer - 2 weeks ago

the godness of the universe

No clever title here, just a Tum.

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Chubby Female F/? BBW Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts chub cosmic Thick thighs Thicc Yinwa cosmic pred

I wouldn't consider this a post-vore though, because yeah it's a softer tum but she didn't gain an inch so... I'll just put it in Vore just in case. 

SlickDratini - 2 weeks ago

I just can't get over that sweet, happy smile on Yinwa's face. No matter how many people she's eaten, she still looks like such a sweetheart! ^O^

MSPfan - 2 weeks ago

she looks so cute with a big full belly.

CatQueen - 2 weeks ago

I love me some soft tummy

CatQueen - 2 weeks ago


Notexactlynothere - 2 weeks ago

Oh you don't have to consider this a post-vore don't you worry, other people will do that for you.

Uh, hey guys.

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore

Kinda my fault for never mentioning what her species are but Yinwa is NOT an Endergal!
Though I see the similarities but gotta let y'all know she's not an Endie. 

Jbcoolerninja - 13 days ago

What is she then?

JacksonTheEmperor - 2 weeks ago

...And someone's already proposing "endergal" in the tags of this post.

Zeeza - 2 weeks ago

I never even thought of her as an endergal! Although, now that you point it out, it makes sense why people think she is

Camlio420 - 2 weeks ago

Well... What is she then?

theunknownspy - 2 weeks ago

Why must they make things like this so confusing

Almvack - 2 weeks ago

Fantastic work as usual, hope to see more of yinwa!

SlickDratini - 2 weeks ago

Yinwa looks so happy with herself! I'm glad, she deserves a happy start to the year! ^O^

CatQueen - 2 weeks ago


Badfurson - 2 weeks ago

Fantastic job of the stretching~ Shaded so well!

WankersCramp - 2 weeks ago

I bet they will make her curves even better!

Starring Off...

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Chubby Non-Vore Female BBW Female Pred Big Breasts chub cosmic Thick thighs Thicc Yinwa cosmic pred

I wanted to make sure my first drawing of the year is Yinwa! Specially since I plan to do some special stuff with her.


CatQueen - 2 weeks ago

Excellent I love this

Cootaloo7 - 2 weeks ago

Damn! Now that’s absolutely beautiful! <3

SlickDratini - 2 weeks ago

Happy New Year, Star! Happy New Year, Yinwa! Can't wait to see what you get up to, girl~ :3

MSPfan - 2 weeks ago

man she gotten really thicc after last year eating spree.

UBFanDrake - 2 weeks ago

i wanna rub that belly of hers~

Dunno987 - 3 weeks ago

Also as a side note happy new year's

Dunno987 - 3 weeks ago

Damn. What kinda girl talks minecraft enchanment table?

theunknownspy - 3 weeks ago

Yeah your right I’m overstaying my welcome

CatQueen - 3 weeks ago

Why do I hear shroob speak when I read that

RemnArtX - 3 weeks ago

I'll have to ask you to stop commenting stuff like this, apologies but these kind of comments are really annoying wether they are jokes or not.

MSPfan - 3 weeks ago

you really good at making enderman gals.

theunknownspy - 3 weeks ago

Why are we like this?

steelsonic1127 - 3 weeks ago

I’d smash

RedVman - 3 weeks ago


SlickDratini - 3 weeks ago

Best angle, also Endergal looks just adorable with the ears and tail~

Mettra - 3 weeks ago


Spytra - 3 weeks ago

This is ASSinine

Mettra - 3 weeks ago

Yuss thick dreams :3

CaptainElusive - 3 weeks ago

Yay, assassinate the thin nightmares, so that we may have thicc dreams like these. :P

bloodwolfvamp - 4 weeks ago

heh thats kewl and yes for endermain

Spending a night with a Spider Gal.

Uploaded: 4 weeks ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Breasts Chubby Non-Vore Female anon Butt Anus spider Pinup Spider girl sitting Female Pred Big Breasts Big Butt Facesitting spread legs Big ass spread buttcheeks Halo 3 Vertical split

Somewhat old drawing I forgot to post, this also worked a like a bunch of practice stuff too.

Character belongs to  ProjectXenome 

Badfurson - 2 weeks ago

Tummy~ Love the shape!

starhotbar - 4 weeks ago

Good spider it

Meloeatta - 4 weeks ago

holy SHIT she is fuckin GAMING

theunknownspy - 4 weeks ago

You’re welcome

MimicLeaf123 - 4 weeks ago

No, your not missing anything.
Thanks for explaining.

As amazing as it sounds...

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Belly Male F/M Female F/? stuck failure Male Prey Female Pred luke mouthful denied Blocked Failed Vore Celestra

Some people are just not meant to be eaten, or event attempted to be eaten.

Many might not know why but he has his deserved fetish armor. This was fun to make!

This new coloring and shading method with the brushes is interesting, I like it. 

Jbcoolerninja - 13 days ago

It looks like a humanoid minecraft silverfish is attempting and failing to eat human minecraft steve

Jbcoolerninja - 13 days ago

Minecraft Steve is uneatable

JohnnyF102 - 2 weeks ago

I wish I could see her actually make it lol

TavTheBored26 - 4 weeks ago

He's built like a tank and she went after him from the wrong angle, either she's really brave or just dim witted.

LaggyHoodieV2 - 4 weeks ago

She's determined

Ah, nevermind.

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: F/M Female F/? Female Pred Xein Celestra

Yep they're trapped. 

soline - 1 month ago

That's some hefty compression....I love it!

RemnArtX - 1 month ago

In a way, yes!

MSPfan - 1 month ago

nice to finally to see vore art of this cute gal i do hope you do more of her.

Badfurson - 1 month ago

All is as it should be, no~?

Friends are not food.

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: F/? Pre-Vore Female Pred Xein Celestra

Luckily for her she's hard headed enough to take that into account

Little thing I wanted to do, testing new brushes and a quick method of shading and coloring altogether 

RemnArtX - 1 month ago

Definitely not a kid, that's a matter of art style and character design, his effective age is 23 but his total age is about 23,000 years, and so are hers since they come from the same world.

RemnArtX - 1 month ago

Definitely not a kid, that's a matter of art style and character design, his effective age is 23 but his total age is about 23,000 years, and so are hers since they come from the same world.

RiskyBoomer - 1 month ago

How old is the friend/food

Badfurson - 1 month ago

Heh, well~ I think it suits her! She’s definitely getting the hang of it~

RemnArtX - 1 month ago

Ah, I getcha now! I imagined it was something about Celestra as she's barely drawn in the vore scenario.

Some People's Characters - 4

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Non-Vore Female Female Pred Leona snivy squatting Thick thighs

Finally getting back up from my emotional mess... But hey, I managed to do something, here's some character I really like a lot, some may know her, some might not, but she belongs to

Wanna know something fun? I dreamt of this exact same pose, shading was different, but I forgot how it was overtime. 

bloodwolfvamp - 1 month ago


Dunno987 - 1 month ago

Damn man I forgot you were down in the slumbes. But i really hope your really a lot better since your last check in. Anyways happy holidays man and i hope your year ends better than most

theunknownspy - 1 month ago


(About as original as I can get)

geoshark12 - 1 month ago

im glad to hear you are starting to do better

SlickDratini - 1 month ago

Leona always looks lovely in your style! Honestly, your non-vore is very strong too! Keep it up! ^O^

Galactic Phantom

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore

I apologize that I can't greet you today with a huge ass or gut, there's just a lot I have to get off my system, and so I thought that it would be efficient to tease an obscure character, in these obscure times of mine. 

Jadex - 1 month ago

Honestly iv been waiting for you to drop some moderate art, this shiz is my yams

Dunno987 - 1 month ago

Danny phantom

Bright - 1 month ago

Cool lighting effects.

geoshark12 - 1 month ago

no need to apologize i hope you are doing better

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 month ago

Sick, dude

That time of the year.

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore

I know activity as been awfully low since the end of October, I wanna apolgize for that, since 2018 November and December have had soo much impact on my life to the point all bottlenecks into a very strong poison that makes me emotionally exhausted to do anything.

I could go on for hours and write all my problems and frustrations, but I'm not that type of person, I have to endure things and continue working after. I know, my health matters but it's my duty as an artist. 

Totallyoriginalusername - 1 month ago

Group hug!

AceArks - 1 month ago

hold up, are you saying you're putting art first and health after

Dunno987 - 1 month ago

A 4th from an equally unknown stranger

SomeoneThatExists - 1 month ago

Health should always come before art. If you need a break, that's perfectly fine.

reliuskaiser - 1 month ago

A third from me to you

Some Quickdraw

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Belly Stuffing Non-Vore Yinwa

There's been some lack of stuff lately, I know, it's mostly because of college hitting hard, and I want to end it well or else I won't have any vacations so I'm doing my dangest, that and also working on commissions, I didn't know where else to put this quickdraw so here ya go, a little piece for the scraps folder. 

Bright - 1 month ago

Really like the gradient shading here.

CatQueen - 1 month ago

Thanks for for wonderful quick draw I love it

Stalbon - 1 month ago

Hey, I was honestly just looking today to see if anything had happened to you! Good to see something simple and nice. <3

TheSlimeKing - 1 month ago

She's about to eat the population of a small village again, isn't she?

Luke - Asura

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore Anger

They're both very strong, they both fight for what their soul feels it's right, they both dare to defy anyone who steps in their way, they both can get unbelievably angry but Asura is still angrier than Luke I'll give him that!

Saved the best for last, like, DAMN just take a close look at the body, without a doubt my best drawing piece so far. 

dat1guy - 1 month ago

I loved the game! Great work my dude!

Dysmos - 2 months ago

"There is always some fool who wants to rule the world! Always forcing others to do what they cannot do for themselves!"

Epic stuff man,awesome job

Spinnytopple - 2 months ago

The angriest and best dad. Amazing job with this one! Asura's Wrath is a really awesome game.

somethingsomething2077 - 2 months ago

Epic art

Xein - Gipsy Danger

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore Pacific Rim Xein Gipsy Danger Jaeger

"Not all of them, Marshal. Gipsy is analogue, cosmic" (I know that's not the actual line, I just wanted to blend that little relation to Xein being a cosmic lad)
Yeah, ironically for the little lad Xein here, I thought it'd be a good idea to give him the costume of a 250 ft tall jaeger, but hey I liked it in the end!
Do any of y'all like Jaegers? 

BigJohnHagerty - 2 months ago

Yeah same, would’ve loved to see a prequel about Crimson Typhoon or Cherno Alpha

Badfurson - 2 months ago

Heh~ Couldn’t ask for more from a guy!

RemnArtX - 2 months ago

Same here I ended loving that film, and I still wish they had a better chance to fight back at the double attack.

RemnArtX - 2 months ago

Oh my god he does, give him some credit tho, he tried his dangest!

Badfurson - 2 months ago

At that stature, kinda looks like Tom from Toonami.

Celestra - Hornet

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore hornet hollow knight Celestra

I've never played Hollow Knight, not I'm a fan of it, but I do like Hornet actually, and to top it all Hornet was a design inspiration I took when I made Celestra! 

Jbcoolerninja - 13 days ago

You buyin silk song when it comes out?

glorp - 2 months ago

Oooh cute!

Sendok - Sonic

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Sonic the Hedgehog Non-Vore Sendok

This one was waaaay too obvious, still, fun as hell! 

007siren - 2 months ago

I LOVE the sparks❤️

LightSpeed - 2 months ago

Still Awesome though! ^.^

Dunno987 - 2 months ago

That is sickly drawn

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 months ago

I am in need to acquire velocity that many would consider to be excessive

Yinwa - Endergirl

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore Minecraft enderman endergirl Yinwa Endergal

A little late, but here it is! Yinwa's costume for this Halloween that just passed. Not a very radicaL change but it's quite clever, she can also modify her limbs it seems! 

bloodwolfvamp - 2 months ago

this is pretty kewls also im a enderman main for steves character on smash

Happy Halloween...

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore Yinwa Xein Celestra Sendok

Without a doubt, my greatest drawing so far, each character has it's own resolution, but I had to scale them down for the sake of the canvas, so I'll upload each one of them alone eventually!

But as for now, I'm really proud I managed to pull this off in 3 days. Yinwa, Luke, Celestra, Sendok and Xein with quite the variety of costumes! Can you guess them all? 

colemercer - 2 months ago

i hope you make more wallpapers

SkyTheDragones - 2 months ago

If only there was a sequel just as good ('-. .-)

SonicSR71 - 2 months ago

Ah, ok. And you’re most certainly welcome my friend! Glad to hear it was a good Halloween for you as well. <3

RemnArtX - 2 months ago

Agreed, I loved all of that soo much

RemnArtX - 2 months ago


Choose Your Character!

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore Yinwa Xein Celestra Sendok

Wanted to draw 'em in some whacky toony style, they sorta look like in a Smash Bros Opening too! (Cough cough it's inspired on that)

Size accurate version: 

biscuitman - 2 months ago

Very nice

moonlightshy - 2 months ago

i pick potato

Fernando - 2 months ago

I choose yinwan

SlickDratini - 2 months ago

As I told you on Discord, I adore this piece for all of the love and heart behind it. I know some people will only pay attention to the lewd stuff, but this one's just brimming with personal joy and I can't get enough of it! Thanks for sharing that joy with us! ^O^

DudeBoi54 - 2 months ago

Very cool

Daru - 2 months ago


TinyHero - 3 months ago

Probably viewed from a tinier position... 9_e

KasoTheArtist - 3 months ago

Dem H I P S

Savagerush012 - 3 months ago

Got to love that tight, little hole peeking out.

SlickDratini - 3 months ago

I do adore this view~

Commission - Big Blue 1/2

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Female Butt huge ass Big Butt Huge butt Big ass Crossgender

How come I didn't post this here?

It's an Old comm with a rather cute character, she's not related to vore so don't get any funny ideas... 

Mettra - 3 months ago

Shes cute

ABrinson27 - 3 months ago

thats a beautiful blueberry~

Free Flight

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore

A little concept art. 

Bleary - 3 months ago

I like it. It's pretty.

Commission - Beachhead 2/2

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Breasts Belly Weight Gain Female Butt Ed Post-Vore Mewtwo Floatzel Big Belly Huge belly Female Pred Big Breasts huge ass Big Butt Huge breasts Huge butt Big ass Hyper breasts hyper belly hyper boobs hyper ass hyper butt Edna Post-Vore weight gain

There's still a bright side, you got yourself a soft cushion! ... At the cost of God-Knows-How-Many people... But hey, it's soft!

Chupathingy1990 - 3 months ago

Plus you got a sexy as fuck girlfriend

Badfurson - 3 months ago

I doubt she can even see over that pudge~ I wonder how good it feels?

HisashiHinata - 3 months ago

That's gonna be some of the best body thickness I've ever seen! Everything is huge! But not comically so.

Commission - Beachhead 1/2

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Furry Breasts Belly Anthro F/F Female F/? Butt Ed Mewtwo Floatzel Big Belly Huge belly Mass Vore Female Pred Big Breasts huge ass Big Butt f/multiple Huge breasts imprints massive belly Huge butt Big ass Edna

Hey look at the bright side, you're gonna have a lot of shadow for the sun!

Commission for Nidogatr 

Badfurson - 3 months ago

And so many more, just out of view~

akelalycan - 3 months ago

what are the pokemon she devoured?

Commission - Haunted Hunger 3/3

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Anal Weight Gain Female Weavile Butt Anus Post-Vore pussy Female Pred Big Breasts huge ass Big Butt Pokemon pred Huge butt Big ass buttplug big booty huge booty Thicc Iva

Her booty soo big a Beach Ball sized plug up her but is completely unseen, now THOSE are good levels of THICC

Commission for 

HisashiHinata - 3 months ago

Hell yeah! Unwilling to willing!

AzurePheonix - 3 months ago

Giant sex toy disposal might be an interesting thing to play with.

Badfurson - 3 months ago

Hmm, I’d like to take a look between those cheeks~

FemutoLover - 1 month ago

Alright you caught me. I do wish I was that relic.

Luco - 3 months ago

What cause?

kargen - 3 months ago

Is she indoctrinated

Badfurson - 3 months ago

Awesome~ It’s for a good cause, really!

Luco - 3 months ago

Not this again deer god i need to join

RedVman - 3 months ago

We must feed that rump

SlickDratini - 3 months ago

Angel deserves more rump appreciation~

z3d - 3 months ago

Another if her best parts~

Attilan - 3 months ago


The Man of Block and his Rat

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore Minecraft

I'm still baffled about it though. 

DudeBoi54 - 3 months ago

Thats so adorable, though I don't think Steve knows what electricity is.

reliuskaiser - 3 months ago

Yeaaah, that was something.

UnknownPerson9876 - 3 months ago

This is one of the greatest years for gaming, and October may just be the greatest month yet!

Mettra - 3 months ago

Baffled about steve being in smash?

WhatThe1 - 3 months ago

That was fast

Dunno987 - 3 months ago

Jeez the sunset looks just like the one I saw before the smoke ran rampet

SomeoneThatExists - 3 months ago

Sunset, sea, and ass. What more can someone want?

name6181 - 3 months ago

The sun is setting and the "moon" is rising

PixelMood - 3 months ago


mirrormind101 - 3 months ago


Places from an inner world.

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore

A better view of that one dream I had a week ago. 

moonlightshy - 3 months ago

woah.. kinda looks cold but so mystical too

BigJohnHagerty - 3 months ago


SlickDratini - 3 months ago

My dreams are trolls. I usually dream that I'm doing some odd task for the family, and then suddenly I realize I'm late for work, and that for some reason I have to undertake a strange journey with video game characters instead of work.

And then I wake up because I'm late for work... but I'm not really, and that's the big troll. Environmental pieces like these are rad af! ^O^

DCarlC12 - 4 months ago

The first thing I thought when I saw those red things was “oh neat grind rails”.

I play too much 3D Sonic. Send help.

UnknownPerson9876 - 4 months ago

Now that is breathtaking!


Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Breasts Belly Angel Weight Gain Female Butt Post-Vore Big Belly Huge belly Female Pred Big Breasts huge ass Big Butt Huge breasts Huge butt boob squish Angel the Catgirl Post-Vore weight gain

I'm not wrong though, all those gals are going straight to her boobs AND ass, so yeah, it's quite some reassignments, and very good ones!

Angel - 

Badfurson - 4 months ago

Heh, lovin' those asset improvements-though, I do hope she's lugging that gut around for a while yet~!

RedVman - 4 months ago

She gon get yuge.

DimensionalKitty - 4 months ago

Hehe love seeing angel in vore

SlickDratini - 4 months ago

Oh my goodness, this is a darling finish~! Huge everything, lookin' so goooooood! ^O^

z3d - 4 months ago

Prey always go to the best places

This is now a sequence

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Belly Angel Weight Gain Maw Female Belch Post-Vore Big Belly Female Pred Angel the Catgirl AngelTheCatgirl Post-Vore weight gain

Yeah! Also I'm not too happy about this one, that's why there's also another one for later!

Angel - 

Badfurson - 4 months ago

Still good, though!

RedVman - 4 months ago

One can only imagine how enormous she's gonna get...

...And I imagine she isn't even full!

Assimilation - 4 months ago

Incredible. Great expression of attitude in her arms and eyelids.

SlickDratini - 4 months ago

Nothing says a happy pred quite like the skull and crossbones rising from the miasma of her post-digestive reverie! I honestly like this one quite a bit! Well done, can't wait to see that "another one"! ^O^

Size does not matter.

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Breasts Soft Vore Angel Anthro Digestion F/F Butt Implied Digestion Mass Vore Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Onomatopoeia imprints Stomach Noises Face Imprint Angel the Catgirl Sonic OC Detailed bulges AngelTheCatgirl breast imprints

Wait no, it actually does, that's why she's making sure to get bigger!

Okay so, y'all know AngelTheCatgirl, right? If you don't then go and see her stuff right now! I've been a big fan of her works for a very long time by now, and boy do I love her character, I always have so I took some time to finally draw her, this ain't the only picture, I can betcha!

Character belongs to 

Badfurson - 4 months ago

Ooh, neato! You drew her real well; Angel was always an older influence on me, growing into this genre-always happy to see her~

name6181 - 4 months ago

Its been a while since I have seen Angel the catgirl amazing job.

ShyMaster - 4 months ago

Ohhhh i can't wait to see how big she gets

SlickDratini - 4 months ago

I so love Angel's characters, and you do her girls well with your style! Can't wait to see more, and give Angel our gratitude for letting us watch these girls do what they do best! ^O^

NitroKitsune - 4 months ago

Prepare the thicc!

A Place from a Dream...

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Non-Vore

... that felt so alive.

(I dreamt of this place actually, It felt more like a concept thing, a long long rail over a bottomless pit under what it seemed to be the sea... But without any water? That was weird but I made sure to draw it before my mind completely forgot about that) 

KinkyHobo - 4 months ago

Well it is from a stage that is extremely similar to your dream.

RemnArtX - 4 months ago

Godly pick, sir.

RemnArtX - 4 months ago

Thank you Doc!

FlyingTMan - 4 months ago

I love those kinds of dreams. It pains me to think of all the amazing and creative dreams I've had, that I can barely remember now.

KinkyHobo - 4 months ago

VDay Special - Wanting more 9/8 (Alt)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: RemnArtX

Tags: Breasts Weight Gain Female Butt Post-Vore Female Pred Big Breasts huge ass Big Butt Huge butt Big ass hyper ass hyper butt Yinwa

Roundy version who those who love a clear view of a huge ass! 

RedNastyFoxy - 1 month ago

Huff, I remember your art back in 2015 on DA, you definitely improved since those times, though I still love your early stuff with endergirl pred! Glad to see you posting on Eka's now! ^__^

biscuitman - 4 months ago

the kitsune would 10/10 hug the ass

Lilykitty - 4 months ago

A glorious ass like that on a lovely goddess like that demands a good amount of daily sacrifices, a few hundred thousand preys shoved up her anus per day will help keep her booty happy and thicc as it should be!

Jazz - 4 months ago


SlickDratini - 4 months ago

Furson's that way with my Nibbles too, it's a good thing! Your characters are wonderful! ^O^

ParentalAdvisory - 1 month ago

I like how slimy the bones are

teabender - 4 months ago

You had me for a second. I thought there weren't going to be any more* bone clusters this time around. I'm happy to be mistaken

teabender - 4 months ago

You had me for a second. I thought there weren't going to be any bone clusters this time around. I'm happy to be mistaken

SeemsEdibleToMe - 4 months ago

If that is a little the world needs to see her getting carried away a -lot-. I had been hoping for a 9/8, and after seeing it I'm convinced next year's VDay can't come soon enough!

I'll have to ask, does she ever get tempted to take some particular bones or skulls back up inside her after releasing them, or is she an 'enjoy it while it lasts but when it's done it's done' kinda gal?

There's not much more to gain from them, obviously, but if she enjoys the feeling I'm sure that dragon wouldn't object to going back for a slightly extended tour~

Lilykitty - 4 months ago

She is a goddess, so she deserves to be fed at least with 1 abundantly populated planet daily, whether the inhabitants of her uiverse like it or not.

Spytra - 13 days ago

1/4 of all of that went to her tits

denysvision - 4 months ago

Glady ^^

LuigiHorror64 - 4 months ago

Damn she's so fat!!! I love her!!!

LuigiHorror64 - 4 months ago

damn she's so fat!!! I love her!!! ????????????

RemnArtX - 4 months ago

I need many but I only got two hands.