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A smirk was shared across the table, smug and superior on both sides, each confident in one another's imminent downfall.

"You can back down any time, you realize," Oreia purred to her friend across the table, ebon hair flowing over her shoulders as she leaned forward, fingers steepled.

"Please do!" A voice cried, desperate, helpless, puny.

"And deny myself t

Chess With Fae, Opening

Uploaded: 1 year ago


Tags: Bondage Macro/Micro Sorceress Female Pred f/multiple Interactive Faerie prey

Two immortal sorceresses, old friends, begin a chess game. The catch? The pieces are fae.

Here's a fun little interactive story. Each chapter will be up for a month, in which time it can grab a few comments asking for certain pieces to be captured, more worldbuilding, maybe a flashback or two, I don't know. Just don't end the game, and remember how chess works, and we should be fine. Then, in mid-August, a second chapter is planned to go up, implementing your suggestions, and the...
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I mostly thought of who captured which piece.

So, both sorceresses capture a couple of pawns, maybe one of them gets a rook, and Mestria takes a small early lead. Got it.

jjlava - 1 year ago

Mostly even I suppose, maybe with a small advantage for Mestria. Or by "by who" did you mean by what piece? If thats correct then maybe a horse?


By who, though? It's definitely a fun way to start off, but is one going to get an early advantage? Will it be mostly even?

jjlava - 1 year ago

I think to start off with a couple pawns being taken would be good, maybe a rook as well.

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The Island of Maikro - The Linguist Gets Gulp

Uploaded: 1 year ago


Tags: Oral Vore F/M Macro/Micro Implied Digestion Male Prey Female Pred Shrunken man Implied Fatality Shrunken woman microscopic tomboy

Easily the most ambitious thing I could ever, and probably will ever do; start an entire mythos around a vanishing island and then see if it's popular before doing anything of substance with it.

Tell me what you want to see, and I'll maybe figure out a way to make it a thing in a future chapter(s).