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JeebyHeebies - 3 months ago

Hell yeah!

Sarus - 3 months ago


Sarus - 3 months ago

To be fair, that's not exclusive to MGQ.
Awesome game though!

Fania - 3 months ago

This is so on brand for you!

JeebyHeebies - 3 months ago

The whole "pheromones in stomach" thing just makes me think Monster Girl Quest except digestion takes forever.

Dragonitas - 3 months ago

Well technically, yes. But it's still nice to see you posting every once in a while!

Sarus - 3 months ago

Hey there Dragonitas!
I do un-lurk once in a while ...
But technically, it's not from me :P

Sarus - 3 months ago

Hey there Dragonitas!
I do un-lurk once in a while ...
But technically, it's not from me :P

Dragonitas - 3 months ago

Oh wow! What a surprise. Anything from you is a welcomed sight, Sarus!

Girl Next Door Swallows You Whole

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/M video Semi-willing Disposal

Custom vid made by GirlOnTop880.
Heavily inspired by the awesome 'A High Stakes Game' by Erecant.

Hosted on manyvids, but free to watch. 

algieii - 3 months ago

Great custom video! She's amazing! Thanks so much for sharing.

Sarus - 3 months ago

The picture on Eka's is just a picture.
You have to follow the link in the description to watch.

WantenMan - 3 months ago

How do i get the vid to work? I dunno if its a mobile thing or not

carrot123 - 3 months ago

It's not often that you upload but everytime you do its great!

doomed - 3 months ago

She did wonderful

theonlymatt - 4 months ago

I'm just imagining where the calories stay the same if you shrink someone down. That would also make tinies extremely flammable.

xvx17 - 1 year ago

I love this!

Winny - 1 year ago

Considering how small that guy is, men must be VERY fattening in this universe! Delightful pic~ <3

Sarus - 1 year ago

Yeah, she did a great job! :)

TrainerKatrine - 1 year ago

Really well made! :)

apitop - 1 year ago

Wellp, we'll see how it will turn out. Those edits so far were pretty nice!

Sarus - 1 year ago

It's a girl eat boy world, for sure :)
Dragonitas took up Gulp Quest development by the way, there might be a new content on the way!

apitop - 1 year ago

This certainly hit the same atmosphere as gulp quest did, really took me back!

Sarus - 1 year ago

I actually don't mind more graphic disposals.
But with edits, the base material limits what I can do.
That forces me to be a bit more subtle I guess :P

theonlymatt - 1 year ago

I love the way you deal with disposal. Scat is a major kink of mine, but I find the way you address it somewhat obliquely somehow more intense than a more graphic description would be. Finesse vs brute force type thing I suppose. Either way, I love your work!

FreedomPug - 1 year ago

Damn, still absolutely amazing

knt27 - 1 year ago

You do it very well. A+ work on writing a mean pred!

Sarus - 1 year ago

I'm sorry, no story besides this edit :(

Sarus - 1 year ago

Bingo! :P
I usually do gentler preds, but I tried something different this time.

FreedomPug - 1 year ago

uh, wow, ok, there has to be a story for this, I actually might die if not

knt27 - 1 year ago

She sure know hows to handle her meat!

Peeping Tom p1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Comic F/M Pre-Vore voyeur Big Breasts lactating

This is an edit.
Original images by PichiPichi Gallery R.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4: 

knt27 - 1 year ago

Maybe at some point. I'm trying to finish my illustrated interactive before starting/continuing any other projects though.

Sarus - 1 year ago

That was a long time ago. But yes :P

vyvince1997 - 1 year ago

Wait, you're the one who made Gulp Quest? That's awesome!

Sarus - 1 year ago

Heh! Nobody told me I was famous!
I hope you enjoyed this one too :)

Sarus - 1 year ago

He he, I'm sure you do :P
I'm quite looking forwards to eventual Highschool Interactive updates by the way!

Doctor's Visit

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Oral Vore Comic Soft Vore Stomach Digestion F/M Toilet Fatal doctor Macro/Micro Medical Internal View Male Prey Female Pred Disposal Medicine

I did not make the original art, just edited it into a vore comic.
Original pictures from JK To Ero Ishi by Blue Gale Light.
Read from right to left. 

Sarus - 1 year ago

I only made the edit, but thank you :)

Orion23 - 1 year ago

The only I want to say is

It very good

Eat you p2

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Scat Stomach Digestion F/M Toilet Fatal Navel Ghost Macro/Micro Willing Post-Vore Implied Digestion Nudity Internal View Male Prey Female Pred stomach acids

Commission by the very talented Aikart.
Want to leave her a comment? Make it on deviantart, she won't see it here.

Part 1

Sarus - 1 year ago

Were you expecting anything else? :P

theonlymatt - 1 year ago

Died anyway. RIP protagonist

Eat you p1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Oral Vore Comic Soft Vore Digestion F/M Navel Macro/Micro Willing Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Onomatopoeia Stomach Noises Convincing

Commission by the very talented Aikart.
Want to leave her a comment? Make it on deviantart, she won't see it here.

Part 2 

Sarus - 1 year ago

That's pretty much it :)

smartalecks - 1 year ago

Can I eat you?
No, are you crazy? I'll die.
But I thought you always wanted to be inside me ;)

Perfectby SarusTom reached the doorbell and rang, not even tiptoeing.At 2 and a half feet, he was freakishly tall for a guy."Coming!" a feminine voice answered from inside the house.The red door opened, revealing the towering and pleasantly plump figure of Mrs. Jenkins."Hi, Mrs. Jenkins!" Tom said cheerfully."My, hello Tom! What a pleasant surprise, I didn't know you were coming over!", she greeted him warmly.The middle-aged woman crouched down to kiss him on both cheeks, her auburn hair ticklin


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Scat Belly Digestion F/M Bulge Sex Fatal Pooping Unwilling Prey gentle Disposal Mini Giantess pleasurable death Sleeping it off pleasurable digestion Girlfriend/Boyfriend

F/m vore story, includes sex and digestion.

Tom dates sweet and gentle Lydia because she is too short to swallow him.
That gives him protection against other man-eaters.
Of course his perfect plan goes wrong. 

Sarus - 6 months ago

Come, join the dark side :P
Thank you for this encouraging comment!

Luxio512 - 6 months ago

I would say I'm not a prey, but this story truly makes me hesitant about my place in the world.

Sarus - 1 year ago

You know, I used to post on a long time ago.
Amusingly, some stories are still up:
... that was in 2005, now I feel nostalgic too :P

Too bad the interactives didn't survive, there were some nice ones :(

mouth111 - 1 year ago

Amazing. This story gave me nostalgia as it feels similar to some vore stories on i read like 13 years ago when i first discovered what vore was.

TableManners - 1 year ago

Seems like there's been a misunderstanding, officer. As you can see here, I have a Class O license for oblivious. I can assure you, there was no pun intended.

I wrote the first chapters as part of the original `Catering to Hungry Girls' interactive story (used to be on, but has now disappeared).
All credits go to Revan for the opening chapter, I hope he won't mind me including it here.
Schools ended and summer has started up. You finally have a chance to kick back and relax. Time to spend your days watching movies, chilling at the pool, heading to the

Miss Warmdepths

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Scat Male Digestion F/M Same Size Female Sex

F/m vore.
Follow the encounter of a boy that thinks he can't be digested with a vore star.
If you're looking for a plot, you may want to look elsewhere as there is none here :P
This is a follow up to a few chapters I wrote for the ‘Catering to Hungry Girls’
interactive story. 

Sarus - 6 months ago

Thank you very much :)

doomed - 6 months ago

This is still one of the best stories for vore period

Shenzao - 2 years ago

No plot?
We have introductions...
We have rising action.
We have climax!
We have falling action.
We have resolution...

What do you mean we don't have plot? It even has a little twist if the reader believes the introductions and ignores the tags. This is among the best vore stories I've ever read. Very well done.

NigmaAndroid - 3 years ago

Just reread this again and got to say how great it still is. So happy to have refound this. Great buildup!!!

vore2412 - 5 years ago

This is my first time reading this despite how long ago you wrote it, I was almost hoping he'd make it so he could fulfill her dream but alas, with his sister it was but a fluke, he's now only part of Chloe

The Boobfish
by Sarus
Today was the great day for Tom. He had prepared everything: he studied the currents, traded stories with fishermen, brought his most trusted pair of swim fins, and even bought a (grossly overpriced) breathleaf. Today he would catch the biggest boobfish - ever.
But what is a boobfish, one might ask? Well it probably has an official, boring and presumably Latin name but the loca

The Boobfish

Uploaded: 14 years ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Scat Digestion Feral F/M Unwilling Breast Vore Semi-willing

F/m breast vore, full digestion.
What is a boobfish? You know mermaids right? Half girl, half fish. Well a boobfish is half girl, half breast... 

Vizix - 10 years ago

I enjoyed this story very much.

freak1000 - 12 years ago

You should do a sequel story in which boob fishes can talk

alexnara1980 - 12 years ago

Thanks,I'll let you know.

Sarus - 12 years ago

Sure, go ahead :P
Send me a mail when you release your story, I'll be quite interested in reading it :)

alexnara1980 - 12 years ago

Do you mind if I use the"Boobfish" in some stories?I'll give you credit for making the"Boobfish"

The Fall
By Sarus
It all started in the early years of the 21st century, with the announcement of a revolutionary gene therapy. The man behind the research, Dr Dowell, claimed his treatment made the recipient immune to most known diseases, along with an increased life expectancy of about 50 years.
Of course, the scientific community along with the medias welcomed the publication with a healthy dose

The Fall

Uploaded: 14 years ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Micro Human Unbirth Male Digestion F/M Absorption Female Fatal Story peeing Willing Orgasm Pissing peeing pissing Infertility

Unbirth F/m, absorption.
A mad (or genius?) scientist reshaped humanity to his liking: women now have to absorb their mates in order to become fertile. Follow Ben as he discovers the mysteries of the fairer sex. 

dreamweevil - 12 years ago

Nicely done! The history-book-within-a-story made this work quite well. I haven't seen such a complete, pleasurable treatment of the last moments of a "victim" anywhere else.

eatmeup - 13 years ago

Awesome concept. Very pleasurable to read. Love the bedroom scene.

Lamnia - 13 years ago

Kinda creepy, and yet.... I can simply say I loved it.

Lanquin - 14 years ago

This story turned out very sexy in the end! :) Detailed and well written, I enjoyed it a lot.

Elves Aren't Green!
By Sarus
Kélian finally managed to shake off his father's guards, there was no way he could enjoy hunting with a group of heavy swordsmen following him around. His father, the Duke of Guer, had much to learn when it came to hunting; those awkward guards would only scare the preys away, and mix up the tracks.
"This forest is dangerous", the old man said "I won't let you go in this cursed place unattended".
"The duke is growing senile", Kélian though, "it's a k

Elves Aren't Green!

Uploaded: 14 years ago

Owner: Sarus

Tags: Oral Vore Male Digestion F/M Same Size Female Sex Trap Dryad gentle Trickery Male Prey Female Pred pleasurable death Gentle Pred

Vore F/m, full digestion.
Trapped under a tree, Kelian experiences a deep relationship with a dryad that will change him forever. 

Darjus - 5 years ago

Cette histoire est tellement romantique qu'elle peut etre montrée sans peur au dehors de la communauté.

Je suis soulement triste qu'ils n'eussent pas vécu heureux et n'eussent pas eu beaucoup d'enfants, mais on sait que la Nature est cruelle, surtout chez Eka :p

Imrhys - 10 years ago

This is truly awesomeness. I loved the loving themes to an otherwise "fatal" vore story. No pain, no terror, no agony. I love when prey and pred can become one and a snuggly, loving fashion. Excellent work.

jake110 - 12 years ago

that was awesome, i hope you make a second one.

Sarus - 12 years ago

Un grand merci pour ce commentaire! Je ne le mérite pas vraiment, après relecture je me trouve plein de fautes et répétitions, il faut croire que mon angais c'est amélioré depuis :p

French_snack - 12 years ago

Why did I not notice this before? It's absolutely fantastic. By far one of the best vore stories I've ever read.

I love the complexity of their relationship, the way Kélian's feelings evolve... Liséa is a great character. Mysterious, gentle yet dangerous, otherworldly. It's very well written, and it's a really beautiful story.

Well done indeed!