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Hanging Blow

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Tongue Belly Human Male Chubby Elf M/M Plump Non-Vore Sword Bondage Penis Butt Balls Peril Blowjob BDSM boots Anger Asphyxiation Text fellatio Rope Piercing Suffocation Stockings Male Prey Short Hair Hanging bruises choking Dialogue Execution Blushing Wide hips gallows noose bottomless bondage/BDSM pointy ears tongue out mouth open chastity Ass cheeks cock cage chastity cage

It's tough being a town's execution officer, especially thanks to the downright perverse proclivities of many criminals...

More often than not, there is a healthy supply of Meat-Girls and Meat-Boys in any given town. The thought of being impaled and/or cooked to become a savoury and satisfying slab of meat, seems to have a surprisingly irresistible allure. Humanoids of all shapes and sizes, across all the known realms, frequently succumb to the same deprived desire~ ❤

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Caidan - 2 months ago

Aww, it'd be a shame not to put that cute lil' stiffie to use. The world always needs more elf-boi meat-- maybe a couple future boi-snack "volunteers" might choose the spit or the oven for their executions? I'd love to see pics depicting that.

emikochan - 2 months ago

so freakin hot :D

chelie - 2 months ago

Ooooh my gosh I want x.x

Murdock - 2 months ago

Said it before, and I'll say it again--I /reeeeally/ hope we get to see locked bois gurgling away in some guts~

TavTheBored26 - 2 months ago

"Get That Cock Out Of Your Mouth" this made my day, keep up the good work d00d

Sacrificial Hug

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Dark Alien Slime Plump Non-Vore Female Bondage Nipples Peril underground helpless Sweat Asphyxiation Oviposition Female Prey Restrained impregnation brunette Sacrifice Egg facehugger Long hair Egg laying shackles Brown Hair Nude Female Naked Female breath play Puffy nipples Implied Willing

She calms her breath. It is heavy, hastened. An unfamiliar excitement electrifies the senses. A pretense of discipline and brave stoicism is close to bursting.

" -haah- ... I ... Can't believe I'm doing this ... finally ..."

However, this female has been trained well. She mutters to herself. Faint, stifled whispers. She awaits the commencement of her sacrifice. Her utterances are excusable. She is bolstering her resolve.

Skin temperature is...
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RandomSpectator - 2 months ago

"Fulfillment"? Personaly i think that it would be two aliens, one from her womb and one from her stomach, having crawled all the way through her intestines, emerging from her vagina and rear. Thus making her available for another round of being a living incubator (Maybe this time she'll actualy have at least one orgasm during the whole thing).

Death Incarnate - 2 months ago

I love it, can't wait for her fulfillment.

deadgreenman - 2 months ago

another fantastic piece, absolutely love it and the story attached

Randomhero1323 - 2 months ago

Love to see this coutinued

klatuk4u - 2 months ago

Not only are you still one of the best at sexy art, but I love anything with Face Huggers~

Awesome work!

Gut Down, Ass Up

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Belly Chubby Digestion Succubus Plump Bulge F/? Vagina Nipples Demoness Butt Stuffed Anus skirt Horns Implied Digestion Socks Text F/FFF Big Belly Huge belly Piercing School girl Stockings Female Pred pink hair Belly bulge Long hair demon girl Dark skinned nopan school uniform regretful predator belly squish Digestion Noises brown skin Hosiery pierced nipples lying on belly immobilized pred regretful pred Stomach press white socks ear ring

Greed is second only to gluttony for most preds. On top of this, Succubi have little to no restraint when it comes to indulging in these sins.

A thicc, dark-skinned succubus comes across three especially succulent class-mates, all at once. There's no one around, maybe it's just them left in the building? She's got them all to herself. Just the realization of this golden opportunity is enough to break any resolve she might have had, let alone the mouth-watering sight of her...
[ Continued ...

KuroNekoChan - 1 month ago

surprise butt sex ! :3

Canace - 2 months ago

Socks and thigh highs, an advanced form.

YOu are growing, Scalid00d. Maybe I will have to spank you as a reward.

SuperSlosh - 2 months ago

The idea alone that the prey inside are mostly mush but still alive and struggling is so hot.

I always love your bellies, they are so smushy. The rolls of pudge that you can see over the swell of her actual stomach is great.

Tilalumtar - 2 months ago

That's so freakin' adorable! :3

dwarfhunter - 2 months ago

she better hope no hungry sneks come bye and see that tasty succubutt!


Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Tongue Dark Alien Plump Drain Non-Vore Female Vagina Nipples underground Blonde Willing boots ovipositor Oviposition Piercing Female Prey Stockings hat impregnation horny Egg facehugger Egg laying Blushing spread legs ponytail egg implantation hatching pussy juice legs apart Soldier girl wet pussy Broodmother tongue out mouth open plumbing Hosiery pierced nipples Oral Insertion legs spread Pipeline legs open open legs

"What could they have expected? How could I resist? My unit and I all witnessed the last several dozen experiments on human test subjects... How can you blame me for wanting in?

I was one of the guards responsible for the human test subjects. Most of the "experiments" carried out on them were the same: a Xenomorph impregnates a male or female captive, they experience the creature gestate inside their bodies, displaying a range of reactions and emotions, and finally...
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jun1337 - 3 months ago

Love this <3 One of my favorite parts of willing vore is its self-destructive nature, but it's rarely expressed this explicitly and eloquently.

StormElla - 3 months ago

Check out Natsumemetalsonic's voralien for more stuff like this.

deadgreenman - 3 months ago

don't worry, worst comes the xenos are lewd and have boobs

Elle - 3 months ago

And this is how you create a breakout of xenomorphs. Fun. =P

AnotherAnon - 3 months ago

Gawd I love this, though I do prefer an image of a fully-hugged face ;)

Barbecue Discount

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Tongue Elf F/F Female Cooking Futanari Bondage Nipples Penis freckles Glasses orc Roasting Sweat Rope Impalement Piercing Female Prey Female Pred juices Cooking vore Green Skin Spitroast chef Shemale Long hair Skewered Skewer Elf pred Licking Lips pointed ears Roasting Spit meatgirl chef hat lip licking orc prey coals

Orc-Meat is such a common commodity, it is essentially a staple amongst all the known realms. Orcs reproduce so plentifully, they practically breed in litters, which makes them a naturally efficient surplus meat.

However, making an Orc your prey is no easy task, owing to their incredible strength. This is why you don't ordinarily try breeding or keeping them like regular humanoid livestock. Despite this, take a stroll through any market, even in smaller outskirt towns. Chances are...
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d1982 - 2 months ago

I love this and I love the short stories that go along with your pictures! It's such a turn on that there is always the option to grab a plate or climb on a plate.

d1982 - 2 months ago

You actually want coals, not a flame, when cooking out of doors.

KaiserDunk - 3 months ago

I get the feeling that the Elves don't care what species you are; if they find you then you're on that day's menu.

shepard1707 - 3 months ago

Christ I want a dnd setting like this. ~X<3

Farian - 3 months ago

Wow the way you have drawn those breasts with such an accurate, natural droop is amazing!

Suction-Cup Kisses

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Drool Swallowing water Nipples octopus wet Struggling Tentacle ?/F open maw Feet first Octopus Pred bruises Long hair Blushing Dark skinned suction cups Puffy nipples Struggling prey mouth open Oral Insertion Octopus/F panicked prey Nessa

Every cup latched onto your skin is like its own little smooch e3e Octopuses can be very affectionate this way.

Nessa doesn't think to appreciate the octopus in the same light here, though. The act of slowly being swallowed whole is a bit too distracting for her ❤

Not to worry, she'll have plenty of time in the octopus' dark, slippery stomach to ruminate on the whole experience (・ωー)~☆

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

Drawn and almost...
[ Continued ...

BlackCat15 - 3 months ago

There is not enough octopus vore out there!

DookNukem - 3 months ago

I love how you did the leftover suction cup marks on her body. But hopefully Nessa can show that octopus some love before she's just stomach soup!

LordStorm - 3 months ago

Getting tentacled while being eaten :D Truly one of the best vore perils :)

Cookingart - 3 months ago

So many tenticles.

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 months ago

So many kisses~

Nessa Eats A Maniac

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Pokemon Digestion F/F Same Size Bulge Female Willing breath Huge belly Nudity Female Prey Internal View Female Pred panting Belly bulge Long hair exhausted Blushing Dark skinned Digestion Noises hex maniac multicolored hair willing prey Stomach press Nessa

Generally speaking, the more lively your prey is, the more difficult it will be to digest them. (Un)Fortunately for Nessa, Hex Maniac might be the most enthusiastic prey there is!

Hex has a gift for extracting the most euphoria possible from almost any experience, especially lewd ones. What's more lewd than being stuffed inside the body of another girl?! Hex is not going to let Nessa rest. It's going to take HOURS to work this meal down, if not DAYS ❤

I bet some of...
[ Continued ...

linthia - 3 months ago

Nice wooork ! Love the pose !

nnn4463 - 3 months ago

That's a real squishy gut

Despacito20 - 3 months ago

Nessa a more like Nessy because

I got nothin

Fumika - 3 months ago

Great work on this

Cookingart - 3 months ago

They are so sexy in vore.


Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Female Nipples Blonde Orgasm Text Nudity dildo Dialogue Long hair radiation Blushing Sex Toy pussy juice Outdoor orgasm face chernobyl reactor rbmk

Some reactors love the sensation of their control rods a little too much~ ( ゜o゜);

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

I got to watch the (relatively) recent series about Chernobyl. I've been interested in what happened there since attending high school, and I was flabbergasted at how faithfully the film makers recreated everything, as good as it could practically get.

On top of the show's stellar portrayal, I've been enjoying the range of memes even a series...
[ Continued ...

somercet - 2 months ago

This is hilarious. And very well drawn, as always.

Now, let us all thank Edward Teller (the father of the hydrogen bomb) who lobbied Congress to outlaw graphite-moderated reactors in the U.S. except for small, experimental ones.

For balance, I recommend "Three Mile Island" by J. Samuel Walker, which details how a reactor of 99.9% sound design was destroyed by operator unfamiliarity and managerial ignorance of the fractal nature of Failure.

Gelmut - 2 months ago

You should see this video Then you will find out that this show is not perfect. (turn on the subtitles to understand, sorry for my English)

temporos - 2 months ago

RBMK reactors absolutely CAN explode. Not only that, but they have a serious design flaw that actually encourages them to explode. An RBMK reactor is what you get when you put a totalitarian regime in charge of terrified and overworked nuclear physicists and engineers to design and build a new high-power reactor system.

...I mean...

Da, komrade! New RBMK reactor is good for working people in Soviet motherland! XD

Altimos - 3 months ago

This is freaking awesome... more control rods, HAHAHA!!! <3 <3 <3

Giogon - 3 months ago

...I am confused. Halp

(not really, but lol)

Free and Hungry

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Snake Breasts Serpent Female Constriction Butt bed pet Struggling Sweat Text Nudity Headfirst bedroom Female Prey Snake/F Snake Pred Coils enclosure Struggling prey escaped pred

It's difficult to scream with your face pressed into a snake's fleshy maw~ ❤

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

Drawn during a livestream! This drawing was decided on with the help of one of my Patreon polls, which you can check out for free here:

There were two main factors I focused on: how the girl's face is buried in the snake's maw, and her hanging breasts between its coils.

While I really like how...
[ Continued ...

VictorBound - 2 weeks ago

I really like the pose on this one!

TW - 2 months ago

Love snake vore, whether the snake is pred or prey. ^_^

Griffon29 - 3 months ago

Always love snake vore. Watching the prey squirm in the snake's coils as they're slowly swallowed up...*chef's kiss*

VorishFoxie - 3 months ago


DarkDeityofDoom - 3 months ago

I will have to say, always doing a neat job. I love eet.

Echidna Wars DX is Haaard!

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Unbirth Digestion F/F Naga Lamia Unwilling Nipples Text fan art Smug Dialogue Long hair Naga Pred Digestion Noises Lamia Pred Angry prey orange hair Echidna Wars Echidna Wars DX Sachiho Smug Predator

Some prey are skilled at evading would-be preds. They have a knack for keeping themselves undigested. Others... not so much ❤

Maybe some time in a naga's tummy will improve poor Sachiho's dodging abilities~...

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

Drawn for practicing my approach to lighting :D The background is taken entirely from the game Echidna Wars DX, and modified only slightly. The aim was to place a character of my own into the scene, and make her fit in...
[ Continued ...

essedess - 3 weeks ago

That game is great, I just wish it didn't have that startup thing that forces you to use it to start up the game.
If I understand it right it makes sure you actually bought the game by connecting back to the dlsite...maybe?

Daduke - 1 month ago

I always thought they were doing unbirth in Milk is Wars but I like this interpretation more :D

GeneralUrist - 1 month ago

Oh wow, rare to see fanart of this game. Cool!

golly88 - 2 months ago

If it isn't too much trouble, could you tell me where I could get this game?

Sohip - 2 months ago

This is my favorite vore game! I bought both games to support the game developer. Would love to see more draws like this but maybe with more internal please? :D

Always Hungry

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Tail Succubus F/F Drool Swallowing Female Nipples Demoness Glasses Blonde Horns Sweat Piercing Female Prey Feet first Female Pred Big Breasts surprised Huge breasts Long hair demon girl Blushing purple skin ponytail hanging breasts chubby pred surprised prey

"Wha-HEY!! No fair, I wanted to eat your ass out before you eat my ass up! YOU BIG MEANI- MMGH! Mmghhgh~~!"

Sadly for Kendra, succubi aren't known for their restraint. Most demon-girls are satisfied by wanton sexual lust, while others make gluttony their sin of choice~ ❤

Don't worry, when this demon-girl's gut is done with her, Kendra will reform safely elsewhere, ready to be eaten again! A succubus may be greedy and impatient, but they know how to...
[ Continued ...

VorishFoxie - 3 months ago

so cute <3 she's so big and soft!

Doshi64 - 3 months ago

Would love to see a sequel.

Entity - 3 months ago

Yep, she's dooooooomed

Chaotiquos - 3 months ago

I absolutly love the squishyness of that Succubi ^^ I do hope she one day will finish in a platter =P

SeekGr - 3 months ago

Squishy boobs!!


Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Tail Slime F/F Drool Bulge Swallowing Female Wings Text Tail Vore fan art Monster girl Female Prey Feet first Female Pred Long hair Blushing Red hair happy pred Unwilling to Willing prey cybele Echidna Wars DX bulging tail

A Cybele is an endearing sort of ambush predator. They spend most of their day hanging upside-down by their tail. This is done from the roof of a cave, a cliff overhang, tree, anything that supports their petite frames.

Never let their lazy snoozing fool you. Like an Arachne, they have a keen sense for approaching prey. The moment you find yourself passing below one, they excitedly unfurl themselves, swooping upon their prey, pinning you down in place. That's when a Cybele's tail is...
[ Continued ...

taito - 2 months ago

I love the way you draw hair...especially red hair. If I ever decided to have someone draw Miss Jacksons final demise it would probably be you. ^_^

yEeTbOi - 3 months ago

I've always liked these preds bc tail vore .w.

deej1011 - 3 months ago

These sound pretty neat :3

AnotherAnon - 3 months ago

Oh my word, I just LOVE that you're doing more Milia Wars art ^^

vintious - 3 months ago

Cybele also makes an appearance in the MGQ Cecil fan side-stories, that D-gate also did.

He Could Be Anywhere!

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts F/M Naga Bulge Female F/? Lamia claire shiny Tentacle Text Monster girl Female Pred Confused Pred confused Long hair Blushing wondering Tail bulges

A warm-up drawing I threw together before a livestream :9 This took about two hours. Some of the proportions are slightly off, but this purple squid-girl "Claire" is supposed to be just over twice the size of a regular humanoid.

I feel some traditional shading would have finished this off properly. Quick warm-ups like this are a great way for me to kind of calibrate my own style, what to look out for when I dive into a bigger project, and that was the real goal here :3 ...
[ Continued ...

DittoDotto - 2 months ago

It could be you, it could be me, it can even be-

Sergit - 2 months ago

It's Claire! Best squid girl <3

RandomSpectator - 2 months ago

I remember her from a WHILE ago.

yEeTbOi - 2 months ago

It's just the bulge it makes that gives it away .w.

Slimeking - 2 months ago

Claire strikes again. <3

300 Beads

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Tongue Male Plump Non-Vore Nipples Penis Balls torture BDSM Sweat Rope open maw Femboy juices Throat bulge submissive chair Long hair Blushing ahegao anal beads Brown Hair green eyes bondage/BDSM nude male tongue out All the way through naked male Bulging throat Milestone anal juices

"That's right. Three hundred of them. One for every single lewd drawing you've uploaded since starting these shameless art accounts~...!

I'm going to feed you this first bead. Swallow it. The rest are going to follow it down. I want to see that same bead squelch back out of you again. When it does, keep swallowing. Each and every one is going to make its way through that squishy body.

If you don't get them ALL through, I'm going to force them ALL back up through...
[ Continued ...

TheVoreyeur - 4 months ago

116 and a half of those suckers inside you. I came back to count (and because this is awesome.) Im going to venture a guess that you lost track pretty quick though~

Death Incarnate - 5 months ago

I like it! Also congrats!

Kelly - 5 months ago


MajorStrange - 5 months ago

Presenting: Learnin' to Count with Scaylid00d!

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

I would be, too .w.


Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Digestion Female Nipples Bones underwater helpless Bubbles Tentacle Asphyxiation Implied Digestion drowning Nudity Female Prey scuba jelly fish tendril Red hair diving scuba diver Nude Female Naked Female Helpless prey diving goggles jellyfish pred jellyfish/f tendrils/tentacles

Of all the places you can visit in the known world, none are as vast and undeniably dangerous as the deep blue sea. Dark, murky and teeming to the brim with hungry wildlife. An ocean of groaning bellies, all awaiting their next fill~...

"Uh oh, there are so many of them, and they're HUGE!"

Kelly was a novice diver, and definitely wasn't used to being surrounded by jellyfish! A cluster of them all around, and this was one of her first solo dives. She took a...
[ Continued ...

Rendezvore - 4 months ago

This needs doing. Have you done this yet? Should I do this..? But you'd do it so much better. Should I pay you to do this when I has money? YES. Yes, I should.

DarkPinkie - 5 months ago

That's the one. Though this one is pretty neat too:

mirrormind101 - 5 months ago


Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Thank you for the kind compliment :Db I definitely don't intend to stop with the lewds any time soon!

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

*slosh swish glurg!* e3e

Maxine's Snackables!

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Female Vagina Nipples Meat transparent Asphyxiation Piercing Nudity Suffocation Female Prey Human Prey Short Hair Cow Girl Implied Fatality Tattoo plastic Vacuum sealed vacuum packed package Product nose ring meat girl Tattooed belly

Feel like eating, but don't feel like a full-on hunt? Look no further than Maxine's™ "Snackables®" range! Fresh prey vacuum-packed and ready to eat ✿

❤ Freshness guaranteed! Every meat-girl and meat-boy is packed with care in one of our state-of-the art butcheries. Asphyxiation occurs only after the snack is sealed~
❤ Devour your snack raw or cooked! Snackables go with practically any dish.
❤ Oven ready! Our prey is sanitized, clean and pre-oiled,...
[ Continued ...

21Olya21 - 1 month ago

How do I get to this factory?

xxxlover - 4 months ago

feed them to spider/snake pet and see them squirming.

KaiserDunk - 5 months ago

I like the fact that they can be consumed as is or they have already been oiled for cooking. Very handy for the pred on the go or in need for a quick bit of meat for that last-minute BBQ.

DarkDay - 5 months ago

Excellent! I am happy to work with such a promising company!

KuroWazaRMX - 5 months ago

*carefully scrutinizes ingredients label and nutrition facts box as required by law by the FDA*

Gullible Bunnyboys

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Tongue Male F/M Maw Female Nipples Penis Blonde shy Gullet easter Bunny girl open maw Male Prey Short Hair Female Pred bunny boy brunette Long hair Red hair about to get eaten tongue out shy prey surprised prey bunny girl pred pointing at mouth Bunny boy prey

Bunnies are so easy to fool (=`ω´=) Tell them there's a delicious Easter Egg hidden in your gut, and they'll jump down your throat all on their own ❤

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

Happy holidays! Hope you've had yourself a great weekend in your corner of the world ٩(ㆁᴗㆁ)۶ A fun drawing put together for the occasion. I'm really happy with the bunnygirl's thiccness!
In hindsight though, I feel the pic doesn't have enough context on its own. Next time...
[ Continued ...

C4pit4nN3m0 - 3 months ago

I'd really like a scene of her devouring the two (☆ ▽ ☆)

Idontcare111 - 5 months ago

I've been looking at your art for a while now, but I've only recently made an account, so I want to say that I LOVE THIS.

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

Ez meal .w.

LusciousRandomness - 5 months ago

Ok then

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

No no, I('m sure there must be! A warm stomach is the perfect hiding place, and not just for eggs neither @ 3 @

Dutiful Digestion

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Digestion Same Size Female F/? Vagina muscular armor warhammer Struggling Sweat Big Belly Female Prey Armour Short Hair steel Abs revealing clothes High Heels helmet banner white hair Warhammer 40k Soldier girl Struggling prey inside Struggling prey grey hair revealing Struggling prey (Implied) muscular girl adepta sororitas

Witchcraft, heresy and mutation.

Such is the nature of the universe, an infinite sea of unclean worlds and blighted realms. Only the Imperium of Man possesses the might to cleanse existence of its abominable, corrupted filth. Some Imperial forces prefer bolters, others refer to their explosive and plasma technologies. The Holy Adepta Sororitas calls upon the purifying fury of fire itself.

One order of the holy sisterhood takes their righteous inquisition a step further....
[ Continued ...

Snakesolid21 - 4 months ago

god fucking dammit

deadgreenman - 5 months ago

hahaha *aims Gauss rifles at the weeabu commies while making spooky skeleton noises*

Geemer - 5 months ago

Vore is actually something touched upon in the lore, though I can't remember where I heard this story.

On one non-compliant planet, a Planetary Governor's child was eaten whole and digested in front of him by a Callidus Assassin as a tactic to break him down and punish him for his treachery.

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Techpriest Megane stole my heart first 0 ◡ 0

royalwerewolf - 5 months ago


Where Gutsluts Belong

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Tongue Slime Male Digestion Nipples Penis Balls underground helpless thighs Sweat Text ?/M Internal View open maw Male Prey slimy Long hair exhausted Blushing Helpless prey

Prey just can't catch a break~ (ㆆᴗㆆ) How'd I get down here now?
The last thing I remember was making my way home though the dangerous wilds, in the nude. You know, like one tends to do. In an instant, I'm uncomfortably crammed deep down inside a squishy hole, that's trying to digest me!

Urgh, hope this thing doesn't take too long working me down today. I wanted to try that new Borderlands 1 Enhanced version tonight~...

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿
[ Continued ...

klatuk4u - 2 months ago

There is nothing more amazing than an artist who includes them self in their art~

Kelly - 5 months ago

;3 <3

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

(π v π)If that~

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago


Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

ewe ❤

Ibuki's Boy Buffet

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Tongue Belly Male Digestion F/F Drool F/M Female Trap Implied Unwilling Nipples Butt Willing heavy punk Sweat Implied Digestion Text Big Belly F/mf Weight Piercing Overlord F/fm Female Prey Male Prey Short Hair Female Pred purple hair teasing slimy F/FFM Dialogue Long hair worried Blushing green hair Punk girl Red hair sharp teeth purple skin blue hair Flat chested tongue out Angry prey Abel heavy belly worried prey danganronpa ibuki mioda Fate/Grand Order Teasing Pred astolfo Rider of Black Knights Chronicle shalltear bloodfallen belly press

✔ Silky smooth
✔ Super cute
✔ Adorable voice
✔ Curvy
✔ Squirm a lot
✔ Convenient, delicious flat chest
✔ Get all bashful when being swallowed

These are just some of the reasons Ibuki enjoys the heck out of eating girlybois >:3 Too bad for Shalltear, she meets more than enough of these extremely lovable criteria ❤

What's she got to be mad about? I bet Astolfo and Abel will make fantastic gut-mates~......
[ Continued ...

Lbobl - 1 month ago

[everyone was confused]

Idontcare111 - 5 months ago


Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

:D Thank you kindly, happy you like it!

Quek - 5 months ago

how’d it take me this long to find out that you exist this is top tier

IvISenpai - 5 months ago

Wait I don't wanna sound rude but is this a joke? How is this transphobic? I don't even think any of these characters are trans, and even of they were what about this piece is portraying being trans as a negative thing?

Venus Sandwich

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Plant Slime Female Vagina Nipples Blonde helpless Piercing venus flytrap Plantvore plant/f Female Prey Stockings lingerie slimy Long hair worried Blonde Girl Helpless prey Hosiery Garter belt

If a girl gets eaten alive by a forest, and there's no one else around to hear it, does it still make a sound~?

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

This was finally finished with the help of a Patreon poll! You can check the results of it for free here:

The start to this drawing was streamed last year, and was my oldest waiting stream for a while now, so I'm very pleased to see it sorted \^ o ^/ Initially...
[ Continued ...

VictorBound - 3 months ago

I love this one!

VictorBound - 3 months ago

thats rather interesting to know...

Canace - 5 months ago

With spankings and maybe even piercings!

RandomSpectator - 5 months ago

That’s only would be if the person that the flytrap caught doesn’t know about the fact that the plant needs to be stimulated after closing five extra times for it to work on digesting her. If she did know about that she would stay as still as possible and the plant would open up again, letting her escape.

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Even better >:3 Prey tend to be squirmy, so she's 100% done for.

Maxi Goes Plop

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: sequence Comic Slime Male Digestion F/M Female transparent googirl Slimegirl Male Prey Female Pred translucent Upside Down Long hair ahegao Digestion Noises Transparent Stomach tounge out Slimegirl Pred Translucent stomach

Just another day, in the life of a male prey~ (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

At the time of making this, my country South Africa was going through "load-shedding", which meant our power was shut off two or three times a day, to ease the load on our electrical grid. These outages went on daily for a few weeks. Wouldn't you know it, I came home from work that evening, and the electricity cuts out for two and a half hours! R.I.P. </3

Lucky for me, my laptop was charged, so I...
[ Continued ...

Slimeman64 - 5 months ago


mirrormind101 - 5 months ago

No prob :)

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

o//3//o You're not supposed to notice...! ❤

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Aww, no worries, she'll be done with me in no time (〃ω〃)

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Thank you! Choose wisely >;D Not that my input matters, I get churned into cream either way.

A Kiss On Your Neck

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Biting Vagina Nipples spider Venom Struggling web Spiderweb Cocooning cocoon Restrained webbing arachnid Webbed Dark skinned suspension pussy juice Spider pred Struggling prey brown skin spider/f

Some girls fantasize about falling prey to a handsome vampire, and imagine being erotically seduced, dominated, lulled into surrender, before finally being granted that delicate bite to the neck. This seals their fate once and for all, relinquishing their body to the whims of their new Owner. Their own will and wants no longer a factor.

This girl had the same fantasy, it's just that she fell prey to a different sort of predator~ ❤

Lucky for her, she gets to enjoy a...
[ Continued ...

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Exactly, glad you also appreciate that she's enjoying herself~ (`▽´)

Griffon29 - 5 months ago

I love how she's soaking wet, all turned on by being bound and helpless.

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Thank you, glad you like this interpretation so much \:D/

Personally I've enjoyed spiders eating their cocooned prey whole too, though I agree that the aspect of helplessness should be clear. When the webs don't feel strong enough, just like in BDSM when the restraints look too easy to slip out of, it breaks that immersion to the prey's peril ❤

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Thank you for the kind compliment ^ u ^ There's so much vore that I like, it's tough to draw it all as regularly as I'd want. I like spidervore way too much to not draw again though ;)

Head-First Squirt

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Snake Chubby Plump Swallowing Female helpless Willing Text Headfirst Female Prey Snake/F Snake Pred ejaculation squirt jewelry dark skin Dark skinned spread legs spear tribal Ejaculating Helpless prey Unwilling to Willing prey brown skin squirting female ejaculation Tribal Outfit legs open brown skinned

Snakes come in a wide array of sizes and colors, but virtually all have the same devastating potential for taking down, and swallowing up their prey...

Out on an afternoon hunt, a plump tribeswoman encounters a vivid Zebra Snake! For what it lacks in color, the snake makes up for in brilliant contrast. An obvious sign that it is especially dangerous. This serpent cares not for the formality of camouflaging its presence. It's an especially voracious hunter, and it fearlessly shows...
[ Continued ...

DarkPinkie - 7 months ago

Well, I think this one turned out fantastic. I love when a prey know when they are beat concedes to their fate, enjoying it for what it is.

Also Feet first is totally the better one IMO.

VorishFoxie - 7 months ago

This is just... Oh gosh <3 absolutely lovely! Your work is just so incredible, great job as always!

Caidan - 7 months ago

Beautiful! I would love to see some more of this tribeswoman and her kin-- both safely away from any predators, and being gulped down by hungry snakes, nagas, and other hungry beasties.

And who knows? Maybe there's a few rival groups who are hungry for someone supple, juicy and meaty… or maybe the tribe's going through a lean period or has an important ritual that requires a nice, tender, pleasantly hefty boi or girl...

Kaede - 7 months ago

I always love you doing snake vore. Hopefully one of these days we can do some more pics together again <3

Eznam - 7 months ago

That's a small snake for how big she is. Length wise, I mean. Despite how it looks when you see snakes eat big things, snakes are only roughly 50% stomach. They expand horizontally, not vertically

Head-First Spurt

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Snake Python Male Drool Serpent Swallowing Cum Muscle Constriction Penis helpless shiny Willing Sweat Text Semen Headfirst Snake Pred Male Prey ejaculation Coils dripping Abs Helpless prey Muffled Unwilling to Willing prey snake/m Snake/Male Muffled Prey

There's a very unfamiliar, and highly intense erotic reaction that physiologically occurs in the heat of peril. This boy was minding his own business in the buff, until he was set upon by a hungry, ravenous serpent!

He didn't stand much chance. The snake twisted itself around his legs just once, and it was enough to bring its prey to the ground. The second coil soon followed, and already the boy was done for. A snake this size boasts far greater strength along its own body in...
[ Continued ...

Farian - 7 months ago

Wow that boy is rather like me....what a way to go...,

Death Incarnate - 7 months ago

Absolutely love the prey boys, would be prey in an instant *blush*.

boomer91 - 7 months ago

such a lucky boy...

VorishFoxie - 7 months ago

gosh I love this <3 you do the best stuff <3

knt27 - 7 months ago

Always love your prey-boys!

Muffled Line

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Digestion Worm Drool Swallowing Nipples Butt transparent Panties helpless underwear Sweat ?/F Socks Headfirst Stockings Worm Pred Cellphone translucent slimy bra Long hair High Heels Blushing ahegao Worm/F ponytail See-Through Helpless prey Transparent Stomach Translucent stomach Hosiery panties and bra Panties Down

It's extremely difficult trying to speak with a creature's intestinal tract smothering your face. In most circumstances it's not even worth trying. However, when your situation's desperate enough, there's no shame in a few panicked screams, moans and grunts.

The girls pictured here are, or were, part of a biological research team. Their task was to engineer a creature capable of turning hazardous materials into otherwise harmless, biodegradable waste. It would need to be able to...
[ Continued ...

balanced-guy - 2 months ago

The Unusual Entity Containment Facility, would like to know the location of this Research Lab.

GuysSeriouslyImFine - 5 months ago

you always write great descriptions :)

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

R.I.P. biological research team. Cute picture, tho .w.

VorishFoxie - 7 months ago

Ooops~ <3

So good and wonderful <3

kkrazdwinz - 7 months ago

i thought they're devoured by condoms

Bottomless Haydee

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Muscle armor pose Gun Sweat Robot fan art weapon pistol Abs Android dark skin Dark skinned pubic hair nipple pasties Naked Female brown skin pasties haydee haydee game brown skinned

More fan-art for one of my favourite lewd games, "Haydee"! \:D/

It's well known that the less skin your armor covers up, the better it protects you! Haydee knows this all too well, and what's more, it offers greater dexterity, not only in combat, but... other activities~ ❤

This was drawn to further practice efficient linework, and to better hone a sense of good contrast. In this case, I'm very pleased with the way Haydee's dark skin stands out amidst the...
[ Continued ...

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

While doing the constructions for this pic, and shaping the character, I already felt like I was making her hips super wide, but upon reflection you're right X'D The actual Haydee is an absolute unit! ❤

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

I also wish there was more! The amount of art for her has been growing, but very slowly. The new game "Haydee 2" is coming out later this year, so here's hoping that helps spur even more artwork on :D

Scaylid00d - 5 months ago

Look up "Haydee" in the Steam store :D/ If you think you'd enjoy solving difficult situations all while controlling a super thicc droid-girl, I highly recommend this game ❤

blazekyn - 6 months ago

what game is this from *and where can i find it :3*

emikochan - 7 months ago

Great work! Love haydee ^^

A Long Body to Tan

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Digestion F/F Naga Bulge Female Lamia Nipples freckles Beach Sweat Asphyxiation Implied Digestion F/FF Female Prey Camisole Female Pred Big Breasts Bikini Top outdoors Red hair Naga Pred tail bulge Prey Outline Lamia Pred Tail bulges orange hair breast imprints

The beach is a fantastic place to hunt. Not only does your prey routinely wear as little as possible (if anything at all), but there's so much room to spread yourself out! Lie back and let your new, wriggly meal settle in, while you soak up some lovely warm sun ❤

What if you're not a pred, but just a hapless beach-goer? Well, you only have one advantage out on the sand: your wide range of sight. Places to hide behind are scarce on a flat beach. Then again, that counts for nothing...
[ Continued ...

Noxyoursox - 6 months ago

It's harder to run on the sand too, whereas nagas would not be slowed down in the slightest!

RandomSpectator - 7 months ago

It should have had a cutaway showing the girl masturbating in there.

EnderDracolich - 7 months ago

Wonder what she'd say if someone offered to join her 'friends' in there? How full is too full?

VorishFoxie - 7 months ago

The bulges you do are just... gosh they're so amazing <3 I loooove this, just very very good!

SuperSlosh - 7 months ago

This just makes me want to go to the beach.
I hate the beach, but at least in this scenario I won't have to deal with it for long =w=

An Indulgent Succubus

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Princess Belly Digestion Succubus F/F Demon Same Size Demoness purple Navel Horns lips boots Big Belly crown purple hair Belly bulge Onomatopoeia Long hair demon girl High Heels Corset lipstick dark skin Dark skinned Digestion Noises Tiara Stomach Noises Prey Outline makeup brown skin hime cut Hosiery breast imprints brown skinned eye shadow

Succubi are not exactly known for their restraint. This bashful demoness exemplifies this ❤

Despite her reserved demeanor, she's not above greedily gulping down perfectly edible human prey, and bearing a shamelessly satiated gut as a result. What's she expected to do, NOT eat someone that happens upon her? That's just wasteful :3

I bet that corset is gonna have trouble holding back certain parts of her figure in the near future~...

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤...
[ Continued ...

Casaroja - 7 months ago

This neeeeeds a follow up ♥

SuperSlosh - 7 months ago

I think her hips are gonna swell up most.
Still rooting for an embarrassing potbelly tho~

royalwerewolf - 7 months ago

Oooh I like her look. Love it

JohnnyF102 - 7 months ago

Love it

asdaf - 7 months ago

Damn, you have Really cornered the market on perfect bulges...

Elf on the Hunt

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Elf Non-Vore Nipples Pinup Piercing Short Hair arrows Abs bow and arrow High Heels lipstick green hair pointy ears makeup brown skin nipple piercings Tanned skin

Most elves are raised with a keen familiarity for the wild. From a very young age, they are taught to hunt, and they have a remarkable instinct for it.

Much like humans, elven tribes have varying customs and traditions. The elf pictured here is from a more civilized, yet isolated tribe, with a flair for opulent indulgence, deep within the lesser-charted outskirts of the known wilds.

She is adorned in gold piercings, and wears elegant high-heels. Her bow is made from...
[ Continued ...

CopperRobot - 6 months ago

Looks good!

KaiserDunk - 7 months ago

Of course, you might first wind up squirming on a spit over the coals before going down the hatch. It probably depends on how much the hunter wants to share your meat with her tribe.

royalwerewolf - 7 months ago

Must be hard to hunt in heels. Must enjoy the challenge

mirrormind101 - 7 months ago

(SINE IN FRONT OF PATH READS) Welcome to to Slime-Fields please do not hunt any monsters here or the big pink slimegirl behind you will make you pay!

(Elf girl) Big pink SlimeGirl behind me?

(B'ginna slimegirl) Good you can read...Keep that bow down while her little one.

You could hurt a smaller one with it here!

(Elf girl) Eap! Y...yes mamm...(Crips she's huge!)

Great artwork but I don't think any of us HCU slime's will eat her.

Well not unless she wants to become one of us.

Royal_Starlord - 7 months ago

Proud hunters they may be, I am a little curious...

How would they react to yinglets? '3'


Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Tongue Belly Chubby Digestion F/F Plump Naga Bulge Female Lamia Nipples happy transparent Slimegirl bulging Gold Asphyxiation Text Big Belly Piercing Nudity Suffocation Female Prey open maw Female Pred brunette translucent Animal Ears surprised amazed Long hair jewelry Blushing ahegao Red hair happy pred Digestion Noises Stomach Noises tongue out Slimegirl Pred surprised pred holding belly Translucent stomach

Most of the wild is inherently voracious, with a hungry, gaping maw likely waiting for you around the very next corner. Monster-girls however, tend not to hunt one another out of a special kind of mutual respect.

In the pictured scene, a young lamia stares in amazement at a slime-girl's full belly. Through her assumed translucent humanoid figure, the slime's latest catch is proudly displayed in a balled-up, contorted form. The respect that exists between the various species of...
[ Continued ...

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

Great artwork, cute slime girl, and I didn't even notice the snake girl's prey until I read the description. Great job .w.

VorishFoxie - 9 months ago

This is so cute <3

Turbotowns - 9 months ago

Slimes are the best!

Xodiusk - 9 months ago

Sexy~ Would commission ya for my harpy OC if I could afford it, hehe. Think I said that before some time ago, don't remember. But still, good work~

Catalyst - 9 months ago

the slime's innocents
why is she so dam cute

Holy Absorption

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Angel F/M Absorption Cock Vore Penis Balls Transformation Hyper Willing Semen Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts ejaculation bunny boy dripping surprised Toby Long hair worried Blushing braids t-shirt CTF white hair cock transformation Cock TF Angel Pred Unwilling to Willing prey Bunny ears Renael dripping cum bloodle8 spilling

Renael is a radiant angel-girl, who assumes a "mortal" form at will. Pictured here, Renael is in casual, albeit reduced attire. Her glorious wings, armor and halo are instead supplanted by a comfortable top, sweater and pants. Renael has foregone her pants and sweater for the sake of her holy duty...

Also pictured is Toby, a bunny-boy that lives for depraved, indecent and downright shameless debauchery. Toby swallows. You can interpret that any way you want, chances are he...
[ Continued ...

ryoukura - 7 months ago

I wonder if they feel a full body orgasm when they cum while still looking human lol

bloodle8 - 9 months ago

Aaaaa, this looks great, Maxi! Thank you again, it's awesome~

bloodle8 - 9 months ago

"Thrust" this upon you, huh~? o3o

Tilalumtar - 9 months ago

Yep, that's what I also would've guessed. She just looks too satisfied :3

Amotiger - 9 months ago

I can't help but admit that I'm rather jealous of the bunny.

Long Hair is Long!

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Belly Naruto Chubby Digestion F/F Plump Same Size Vagina Nipples bulging Sweat Big Belly Nudity Female Prey open maw Female Pred annoyed Belly bulge Long hair Blushing Wide hips Nude Female Naked Female pussy juice Digestion Noises Stomach Noises belly hold tongue out very long hair Mei Terumi holding belly annoyed pred Tsunade Senju

Everyone loves, or can at least appreciate long hair. The way it drapes across a person's back or chest can be tremendously elegant and alluring. It accentuates your curves, and shows off your prowess for self-grooming. For preds however, long hair can be tricky to manage~ ❤

You wrestle your prey into submission, you force them inside your salivating gullet, and finally worm them down your tight throat. However, as they nestle comfortably into place, deep down within your hungry...
[ Continued ...

Turbotowns - 8 months ago

Hell Yeah! I'm right there with ya, mate!

silverpanther17 - 9 months ago

What?! Faux pas!? You mean preds DON'T like to gobble down their prey feet first, so you can watch their silly expressions as they struggle for freedom until even their pretty little face takes the plunge down your gullet, and then tease them all the way down by slurping up their hair like the last noodles in the bowl? I think it's the best part of the experience, but maybe I just like to torment my prey a little too much >:)

linthia - 9 months ago

Best pred of Naruto <3

TheVoreyeur - 9 months ago

yeesh if there's anything that could trip a pred's gag reflex, its probably this. Still, love the bulge on her, just defined enough to be suggestive but clearly ready to be melted into extra curves.

Tilalumtar - 9 months ago

The reactions, the mimic, the bulge, the art... everything is great. Love it! <3

Anal-Barb Plant

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Plant Male Plump Anal Maw Non-Vore Female Oral Butt Panties Blonde helpless underwear Tentacle Sweat Text ?/M Piercing Nudity Insertion Short Hair juices tan lines androgynous Wide hips undressed tongue out All the way through Outdoor looking at viewer Tanned skin ear ring

A unique and rather curious specimen, the Anal-Barb Plant is a semi-carnivorous form of flora, which ensnares and feeds off of its prey by rather intimate means ❤

It lures its prey simply with its strange appearance, slowly writhing its hanging vines. The plant suspends upward some of the barbs at the end of its vines, very slowly swaying them back and forth. These movements are carefully calculated to induce a calming, almost hypnotic influence over any prey that happens upon...
[ Continued ...

Kaboomer - 8 months ago

Barbed Tip?
Oh thats gonna hurt

SydneySchoop - 9 months ago

It reminded !e of that one too!

SydneySchoop - 9 months ago

This is a VERY lewd plant! I like it! Mabye I got one for a Xmas gift...

Kiala_Tiagra - 9 months ago

good way to clear out the intestines without eating any vegetable fibers

arainasc - 9 months ago

Look we BOTH know he belongs deep down in one of those tight little vine tendrils. So a part 2 is definitely in order right? Good !

Obediently Patient

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Drool Non-Vore Bondage sneakers BDSM punk Sweat Socks Rope Piercing sitting embarrassed Short Hair shirt pink hair gag gagged ballgag Gag Ball Blushing Dark skinned Punk girl Shibari bondage/BDSM makeup nipple piercings pierced nipples Crossed legs shirt lift

A docile composure and disciplined humility are some of the most important virtues a submissive can embody. They require a high level of self-control to starve themselves of their own wants and desires. This earns them their Owner's mercy, and maybe even permission for befitting self-gratification.

However, this kind of selfless discipline comes easier to some submissives than others~

In this picture, a bratty, more rambunctious sort of sub has been put in a little...
[ Continued ...

Kaboomer - 10 months ago

I want to blow her owners brains out with my deagle and free her

Laughinman - 10 months ago

What would I do? Is changing places with her an option? Maybe even with some extra rope around the neck to strangles me as soon as I move?

I love the hairstyle (got a similar) and color (want to try that out now)

Zombieflanders - 10 months ago

*gets instant boner*

ABrinson27 - 10 months ago

I have a favorite bondage pose but cant remember what the knot is called

ABrinson27 - 10 months ago

Same here

Beach of Bones

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Slime Male Digestion Anal Sand Swallowing Female Penis Butt Bones underground Beach Cut-away anemone Skull Tentacle ?/F skeleton Insertion Female Prey Internal View open maw Male Prey Anal Insertion Upside Down Blushing Hopelessness All the way through Outdoor Messy Belly upright Helplessness anemone/f anemone pred bones in stomach

The perfect tan is difficult to achieve. A full-on tan in the nude is the ideal approach, but is difficult to get away with on a typical, crowded beach. You need a private spot away from where everyone else is. Some place where you can let the sun lick every inch of your skin, where no one will bother you... or ever find you again...

There's a good reason some beaches don't have people on them~ ❤

Legend has it that the Beach of Bones swallows up anyone foolish enough...
[ Continued ...

rad60 - 6 months ago

I say "huzzah"! Well done! :-D

RandomSpectator - 9 months ago

I remember the landmine anemone from some of your older drawings. They didn’t have a tentacle that goes through someone’s entire digestive track back then.

Do these things violently spew out the bones of their prey similar to an actual explosion?

At least they aren’t burrowing creepers from Minecraft that drag you into the sand before hissing and exploding.

Fischie - 9 months ago

Nice combo of drawing and story again and an exotic pred too.

VorishFoxie - 10 months ago

Yes yes yes <3 I looove these sooo much <3

ViperBits - 10 months ago

Oh, sexy!~

Last Looks

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Tongue F/F Giantess Maw Saliva Throat Swallowing Female Mawshot Teeth Blonde helpless Macro/Micro Sweat Maw shot Female Prey open maw Female Pred brunette Dark skinned Brown Hair Last look tongue out back of mouth Salivating open mouth swallow

"This was the moment I realized how doomed I truly was. Below me, a grumbling, hungry stomach awaited my supple body's nutrients. Around me, walls of warm, slippery flesh. Ahead of me, a dripping, salivating exit I could never reach. There's no escape. Only way for me to go is down...

I took my last look at daylight... and relaxed."

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

I tried a kind of speed-drawing approach. There are a few small details I'd have wanted...
[ Continued ...

GuysSeriouslyImFine - 5 months ago

Dr. Strangevore; or, How I Learned to Stop Struggling and Love the Tum

Kreeyz - 9 months ago

I didn't saw it before but beautiful work :D
(and nice 'details' on the small pearls :p)

Ezio45 - 10 months ago

kinda look sleepy like but I like it. so chill with it

Slimeking - 11 months ago

Thou hast caught thy expressions of thine victim well, as per usual. :3

Aosana - 11 months ago

The little story and the drawing itself is inarguably one of the beautiful things I've seen on this website. ❤️❤️❤️


Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Digestion F/F Naga Bulge Female Lamia shorts clothes shoes Sleeping Implied Digestion Female Prey Female Pred Cellphone nap napping Lying t-shirt backpack Naga Pred Digestion Noises Prey Outline Lamia Pred Outdoor hotpants Implied Willing breast press Clothes on Floor lying on belly snoozing

It's not so much the hunt for prey, or the act of swallowing a well-earned meal that tires a pred out. When your food's weight settles into your gut, and digestion begins, most preds naturally begin to feel drowsy. It takes a lot of effort to absorb so much nutritious meat, and the body tends to prioritize its own fuel.

This is why so many preds love a good, long nap after they eat ❤

There are few things more satisfying than slowly drifting off to the soft squirming...
[ Continued ...

French_snack - 1 month ago

Aww, that's just so absolutely sweet! :)

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

Luv the boob pressing against the rock .w. Tis a great detail

FourzeRiderTea - 8 months ago

Could you let my friend out

JakuArts - 11 months ago

This is one of my big favorites of yours!! ( ◠‿◠ )

G0DF1RE - 11 months ago

Can i make fan art of this ? pretty please :)

Spooky Heft

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Male Chubby Plump Non-Vore Female ghost Hips Text Flip-flops erection Dialogue High Heels Dark skinned Wide hips Thicc Thicc Hips Discreet

A ghost is super scary, but a ghost with big titties? There are only certain things you'll scare upright in that condition~ ❤

At least trick-or-treating might go very well for you c;

Hope you're having a great Spooktober! 

Ezio45 - 10 months ago

one on the right gots the trick an she got the treat or if you swing both way both a treat.

DodongoQueen3 - 11 months ago

Aaaaw such a cute couple

tails11 - 11 months ago


Zombieflanders - 11 months ago

Hopefully someone is giving out condoms, cause it doesn't look like he'll make it through the night =P

Zombieflanders - 11 months ago

Hopefully someone is giving out condoms, cause it doesn't look like he'll make it through the night =P

KaiserDunk - 11 months ago

If she really wants him to be in her debt, have her throw in the full computer for the cost of a collar and leash.

abstractCourier - 11 months ago

That looks like the main character from Assassination Classroom. Particularly when he tied his hair in a ponytail instead of pig tails.

ThousandGrip - 11 months ago

Hawt! <3

arainasc - 11 months ago

Is it overclcoked? What's the vram? I am not getting rid of the undies for anything less than
1870mhz overclocking.

jun1337 - 11 months ago

Haha, that indignation in the first panel evaporated pretty quickly... someone's a subby lil femboy once you get him started!

Quietly Digesting

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Snake Breasts Python Dark Chubby Plump computer Serpent Bulge Female darkness Panties door Text bedroom Female Prey Snake/F Snake Vore Snake Pred Big Breasts tank top Dialogue chair Huge breasts Wide hips Prey Outline Discreet Vore laptop Discreet

The bedroom is one of the most likely places for a snake to prey upon you. While asleep, the snake has the complete element of surprise, even as it's in the process of devouring you whole! ❤

The plentiful bulge on the snake's body, pictured here, was one such prey that met this exact fate. As it began to swallow her legs, it may have simply stirred on an erotic dream, or a voracious nightmare that was about to come true~

She had no way of knowing what was happening,...
[ Continued ...

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

Snake: *minds its own business*
Prey's friends: *enter room*
Snake: It's go time

Anutae - 11 months ago

Gosh, waking up to find yourself digesting in hungry snake would be just divine... I would just love to feel those tight walls snug around me, squeezing down to work me away~

Farian - 1 year ago

I’ve indeed. Love the scenario

PrinnyDood - 1 year ago

This type of scenario is always fun. ;3

Nice work!

Altimos - 1 year ago

Oh... OH!!! This is freaking great <3 <3 <3
Background characters are totally unaware X3

Lustful Summoning

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Snake Breasts Digestion Drool Serpent Bulge Swallowing Female Nipples queen curvy Struggling Sweat Semi-willing voluptuous Nudity egyptian crown Female Prey Snake/F Snake Vore Snake Pred Feet first pyramid Ankh Huge breasts Long hair worried Blushing Wide hips Towel Prey Outline worried prey

One of the many perks of royalty, is having access to any and all forms of masturbatory aides, including rare, or even forbidden sexual treasures.

This Egyptian queen was in heat, and paid little mind to what she inserted into herself. Anything to make the overwhelming erotic surges subside within her. Eventually, she made the fatal mistake of pleasuring herself with an ancient, cursed artifact~...

An ankh; one end shaped to enter any orifice of your choosing, with a...
[ Continued ...

ijkdenem - 10 months ago

Make a few sequels please

blessedwasthechild - 11 months ago

The cute story that went along with it was a really fun touch! I love little occult things like that <3

Tarzanwilde - 1 year ago

Very hot. However, it's really unfair to have just one drawing as the serpent ingests her nude, sweating, well stacked and voluptuous form.

Bonivital - 1 year ago

Would love to see a fully swallowed follow up of this :)

DarkPinkie - 1 year ago

Well, summoning a hellspawn snake from the void is a pretty good masturbatory aid, going by how your girls usually react to being nommed. I hope miss dessert queen had loads of fun before she got gurgled.

Mermaid Show-Off

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Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Tongue Soft Vore Tail Chubby F/F Plump Mermaid Bulge Female Fatal Vagina Nipples transparent Bikini underwater Horns Asphyxiation Nudity Suffocation Monster girl Female Prey translucent fins ahegao tail bulge See-Through Mermaid Pred Transparent Stomach Face Imprint Detailed bulges breast imprints

Mermaids are some of the most dangerous water-dwelling preds out there. They are fast, cunning, and are predominantly driven by instinct. Merciless, ravenous, and they seem to live for the immense satisfaction of a full belly.

Pictured here, this mermaid is drinking in that very sensation. Her heavy, nutritious meal is just about done struggling, and has asphyxiated. The poor girl had no idea what just happened to her.

In the blink of an eye, she found herself pulled...
[ Continued ...

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

I absolutely luv this artwork! Much cuteness .w.

VorishFoxie - 10 months ago

This is beyond incredible <3

PegaSUS - 11 months ago

Tail bulges, absolute whew

Shadowclops2 - 11 months ago

Easily one of your best ever <3

thorondraco - 1 year ago

gorgeous. and asphyxia is always a nice touch to it

Cervine Princess

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Tags: Breasts Sketch Princess Tail Centaur Grass Non-Vore Deer meme busty Cleavage Horns dress crown Big Breasts hooves Princess Peach Cervine super mario confused Ribbon Huge breasts Long hair Antlers Deer girl Crossgender Bowsette Super crown

By now everyone's aware of the Super Crown, and it's wonderfully delightful magical powers ^//,//^ Legend has it that if anyone who wears it, or otherwise adorns it atop themselves, they are transformed into their own embodiment of the royal Princess Peach.

Well, maybe not everyone has learned of the crown's magic yet. This deer for example, didn't know what to make of this odd object among an otherwise familiar forest.

Curiously prodding it with its mighty antlers, the...
[ Continued ...

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

This is so hawt .w. Where can I find this crown?

deadgreenman - 1 year ago

oh;s finally happened, the bowsette stuff is everywhere...

KuroNekoChan - 1 year ago

i guess meat is meat...

SorryHistory - 1 year ago

Now can we have some venison?

Altimos - 1 year ago


Meaty Surplus

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Tags: Tongue Belly F/F Drool Cooking Bondage Vagina Roast Butt Stuffed oven Sweat F/FFFF carrot Big Belly apple Rope Stuffed belly Armour tears juices Neon Genesis Evangelion Basting dripping Cooking/Prep Spitroast chef sauce gundam Blushing ahegao Apple In Mouth Licking Lips Prey Outline tongue out Roast female All the way through oven roast chef hat tied together coals Carrot in Ass Kaoruko Sazaki asuka langley soryu

Scarlett's favourite hobby is cooking, and like any good chef, she never lets food go to waste. Today she happened to have PLENTY of extra meat end up in her pantry. Six girls are way more than enough for a single meal, but any good chef or pred knows that it's better to be gluttonous than to be wasteful~ ❤

Thing is, there's only so much room for Scarlett to cook this much meat all at once. No problem. Just stuff a pair of extra girls inside another two! The lucky duo roasting on...
[ Continued ...

yEeTbOi - 5 months ago

Sounds yummy .w.

jaykayeight - 11 months ago

Look at dat cuute busybody! Look at the way her hat hangs there with one ear free awwww aawww you are killing me again!

NyaatoShiroi - 1 year ago

Very good art!!! And meats too =3

emikochan - 1 year ago

omg i just love cooking overstuffed meats :D

KuroNekoChan - 1 year ago

so it this some kind of turkducken kinda tingy ?


Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Breasts Tail Succubus F/F Anal Swallowing Bondage Anal Vore Nipples Demoness Butt freckles Glasses Anus Horns thighs BDSM Sweat Unwilling Prey Text Rope Piercing willing pred purple hair gag ball gag Anal Insertion sound effects Long hair demon girl Shantae jewelry Blushing Red hair Nude Female pussy juice sadistic predator pointed ears Nude prey Nude pred mistress/slave pony tail ear rings bdsm/bondage

Poor Shantae. She has this manner of getting herself into all manner of trouble o//u//o

This time, she's let herself fall into becoming the petite slave of a big, mean succubus! Bad news is, this demongirl is permanently hungry, and has an anal fixation~...

Hehe, Shantae may yet have a few tricks to play before she'll let herself get swallowed by a plump demoness' ass, but it's only a matter of time before those dexterous hips disappear beyond the demongirl's rosy...
[ Continued ...

Hola - 1 year ago


Grimdead - 1 year ago

No, Shantae T_T
But, is very very good!

Yang738 - 1 year ago

I can't express how much I adore this picture x0x

hagisher - 1 year ago

Today is a good day

Royal_Starlord - 1 year ago

Gotta say. Dis is hot. :///3

Clean Prey

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Tags: Breasts Tongue Chubby Worm Plump Maw Drain Female Fatal water Nipples shower vibrator wet Asphyxiation ?/F Implied Digestion Piercing Nudity Suffocation Female Prey Worm Pred Short Hair dildo translucent juices tongue piercing soap ahegao anal beads Worm/F stomach juices Sex Toy See-Through tongue out plumbing Translucent stomach nipple piercing ear rings

It's said that most household accidents happen in the kitchen, and the bathroom. A lesser-known fact is that most of those accidents involve a person somehow being eaten whole and/or digested alive! >:3

This girl made the mistake of spending just a LITTLE too much time in her shower~

She made her supple presence known to one of the many hungry creatures that lurk our plumbing every day. The embarrassing toys she leaves strewn among her shampoos and soaps, might...
[ Continued ...

Mokii - 1 month ago

Oh this is amazing. I absolutly love sitiuations where prey get eaten due to masturbating or playing with toys, ect, and not seeing the pred coming. Or, in this case, spending all the time in the shower actually caused the hungry worm to come gunning for her.

Love her facial expression too. The worm seems satisfied with all those little hearts as well. My only question is if she was able to get off or not before the worm got her :P

VorishFoxie - 10 months ago

Oh heck I love this so very much <3 shower vore stuff is so good, you did amazing! ^^

Anutae - 11 months ago

Mmm, another translucent predator! Those aren't done enough... there's something wonderfully exciting knowing someone can watch every moment of your digestion, and you in turn can see them enjoy watching you melt away~

DarkPinkie - 1 year ago

I just noticed something I didn't the first time I saw this that also have not been commented on yet: Did she use her finger to make a heart shaped groove in her soap?

Tarzanwilde - 1 year ago

her erotic little nipple rings didn't help much. Hopefully they gave her a little stimulation as the worm ingested her beautiful big breasted body!

Food Fight

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Tags: Breasts Tongue Tail F/F Drool Maw Naga Swallowing Female Sword Lamia Nipples fighting helpless fangs Head First Piercing Nudity Mass Vore willing pred Monster girl Female Prey open maw Feet first Short Hair Female Pred Cow Girl lizard girl Dragon Girl Ribbon Long hair sharp teeth Helpless prey FFF/F tongue out Multiple pred Food fight willing prey Ear Tag fighting over prey

The act of a lone pred capturing their prey is often a straight-forward process. Prey is subdued, resists and struggles before being swallowed, and the prey is finally digested. The pred is nourished anew.

However, what happens when multiple preds descend upon a single prey? ...It's a more awkward spectacle~ ❤

With three powerful preds all fighting over her, that poor prey-girl is gut-fodder now. Now way of saving her from this. Only question left is which gut...
[ Continued ...

mawileluvergirl - 10 months ago

Naga girl and lizard girl, there's food enough to go around! Let Miss Snake gulp down the human and the lizard gets the cow :3

KaiserDunk - 1 year ago

I guess at that point it doesn't really matter what the prey's opinion of the whole dispute is, since she's just dinner for whoever wins.

slimjam - 1 year ago

I hope the cow girl wins! She looks like she wants it the most!

SeekGr - 1 year ago

Awe! only the lizard girl would feel in naga internals though! lol

Vitcent - 1 year ago

I wanted to come back to gush about this picture because goshh <3 Preds fighting over prey is one of those scenes I imagined would be fun to draw and this shows that absolutely >:3 My favorite part is just how blissed out that prey is enjoying all the attention shes getting, weheh


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Scaylid00d

Tags: Breasts Dark Tail Unbirth Digestion Elf F/F Inside Drool drider Swallowing Female Sword Nipples Cave fangs Struggling web Sweat Text Spiderweb Wolf girl Nudity SpiderGirl Cocooning cocoon Monster girl Female Prey Internal View Feet first Short Hair Female Pred webbing weapon Dialogue Long hair worried ahegao clitoris braided hair sharp teeth ponytail Nude Female Naked Female pussy juice pointed ears holding breasts spider web gloating breast hug tongue out Struggling prey Angry prey Bunny ears worried prey drider pred Echidna Wars Milia Wars Echidna Wars DX bunny tail

The world of Echidna Wars DX is an especially perilous one. The whole world fell to an overwhelming invasion of monstergirls, an event contemptuously referred to as Echidna's violation.

Four brave heroines dared fight this terrifying, voracious menace. Despite their selfless determination, soon only Sachio the wolfgirl remained uneaten. The rest of her three friends had all been disgracefully gurgled to milky moosh, one by one. Sachio knew she needed help...

[ Continued ...

HipHugger - 11 months ago

No. I can't even. There are no words.

HipHugger - 11 months ago

No. I can't even. There are no words.

PrinnyDood - 11 months ago

So naughty, so lovely. Great stuff! x3

xxxlover - 1 year ago

i wish to see them get impregnated instead. much hotter.

CapturePoint - 1 year ago

Great stuff!

Hanging Out

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Tags: Breasts Tongue Male Drool Maw Non-Vore latex Bondage Nipples Penis Peril BDSM boots shoes Asphyxiation Text Rope Piercing Suffocation Stockings Male Prey choking Execution High Heels suspension noose Shibari bondage/BDSM Male nudity tongue out pasties Nipple tape pierced nipples Garter belt high heel boots Platform Heels

When someone invites you to "hang out" generally it's an invitation to spend time with the person inviting you. How to spend that time is entirely up to those involved. Most people would use this expression in its colloquial, figurative sense. Some people however, think it's way more fun in a more depraved, literal sense.

Iggy wasn't that kind of someone at first, but Natasha most definitely was~

In their day-to-day routines, Iggy and Natasha would often...
[ Continued ...

merlovinit - 1 year ago


Sp00ky - 1 year ago

I'd love to see more of this unlikely couple, maybe some different pics with Iggy being put through different extreme forms of torture by Natasha, or other life threatening situations.

immortalsane - 1 year ago

This is a game I desperately want to play with my Daddy! <3

Kelly - 1 year ago

<3 I wouldnt mind haning out too x3 Your art is allways sooooooo I dont know just so good just allways on point and I learn stuff that I didnt even know I liked <3

Scaylid00d - 1 year ago

She'll take your breath away >u>