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Mother-in-Law Mishap

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Cum Milf Belching Squirming Implied Digestion Implied Vore church Climax handjob Wedding Onomatopoeia titty fuck Implied F/F squirming belly adultery Drunk pred Wedding dress milf pred dubious consent wedding day crushing digestion Body growth Asset growth Cum On Breasts Breastjob Crushing prey Mother in Law pred Son in law prey Climaxing prey wedding vore

A young groom is nervous. It's his wedding day and he's about to get married to the love of his life. That is unless his mother-in-law has anything to say about it.
- - - -
I do hope you enjoy this story. I know it's been ages since I've posted anything and my last story was "so-so" at best, but I made sure this story came out polished and will hit all the right buttons. I hope to write more soon.

EDIT: Sorry for the formatting. For some reason they removed...
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Sira - 3 months ago

…is it weird that I’m jealous of the wedding planner?

SenpaiVore - 4 months ago

Lucky Indeed.

SenpaiVore - 4 months ago

That might happen in the sequel. Who knows. If there is a sequel

SenpaiVore - 4 months ago

It didn't show multiples last night. Thanks for letting me know

doomed - 4 months ago

XD This is entirely Mary’s fault she should’ve put her foot down and ate her mom .

Kinda reminds me of a story I saw on Reddit where the mother kept seducing all her daughters boyfriends as she grew up. Then moved in with the daughter and was inappropriate with the husband against his wishes wearing him down until he finally caved when she forced herself on him . Then the daughter asked for a divorce because she called that cheating

DCC - Clearing the Basement

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Male M/F Non-Vore Female Blowjob Femboy creampie pickles bottomless Nude Female Naked Female well endowed large penis large cock hung cock throat fucking Leg lock nonchalant crates fucktoy olives

So this picture needs a little bit of context. This takes place before Zeijo went full bimbo gut-slut. Don't get me wrong, she was still a total slut, but still had some focus.

After leaving the temple we found ourselves in, we made our way to a giant tower sitting in the middle of a desert. Inside we find a sprawling community which will need to be saved for another time.

While exploring, we all visited a nearby store where the shop keep who was some sort of...
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ArchLinux - 6 months ago

man i miss some art of carla xd

Zeijo, The Gut-Slut Warrior

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Fantasy Non-Vore Cleavage Fighter warrior RPG lingerie Large Breasts blindfold Blushing ponytail Hermaphrodite bottomless large cock tongue out Thigh highs Emote long sword Gut Slut Arm Stockings Dungeon Crawler Classic DCC

So a bit of context. Zeijo is a character from a very lewd game of Dungeon Crawler Classic (DCC) that I'm playing in. She originally had a more Viking look and was a lot less curvy at the start.

Long story short, the party discovered a cursed statue that when touched made the affected (for lack of a better term) into bimbos. Three of our party members were affected; Zeijo being one of them.

Her leather armor was replaced with a set of lingerie with the same armor...
[ Continued ...

doomed - 6 months ago

i loike her design alot

SenpaiVore - 6 months ago

I'm still fleshing out her character. She's only eaten one in game and it was this Mini-GTS Sorceress. I'm trying to make it a regular thing to devour all sorts of the dungeon monsters. Though most likely it'll be humans and humanoid creatures. Still getting used to Dungeon Crawler Classic so not too familiar with the Bestiary yet.

Kulimek - 6 months ago

Does she regularly scarf down dungeon monsters? If so, what type of baddie does she enjoy devouring and why?

The Crush

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Oral Vore F/F M/M Breast Expansion F/M M/F Absorption Sex Cock Vore Milf Fatal Cleavage Implied Digestion Implied Vore Breast Vore Fatality Drunk Cleavage Vore teasing Disposal hand job high school Reunion Bodily Fluids Implied Disposal perma vore Casual vore Drunk prey casual sex Drunk pred Dilf milf pred horny prey Teasing Pred casual disposal Dilf Pred

High School Reunions are always weird to go to. Never knowing what to say, hoping your classmates don't judge your life choices, Meeting teachers you hated...

But there are perks. Like maybe asking a crush of yours out. Who knows, you could get lucky...or you could just end up fattening her out.


This came from a prompt since I was in a funk and needed to get back into writing.

Also Apologizes for the Formatting. Not sure...
[ Continued ...

SenpaiVore - 2 years ago

Honestly, just some Hentai I had in my "Work" folder. Shh, Don't Tell anyone. (If I figure out the artist, I'll reply to this comment.)

Okioki123 - 2 years ago

Where is the thumbnail from?

SenpaiVore - 2 years ago

Yeah...I regret not putting an Epilogue Title between the obituary and the Reunion going south. Also, just kinda felt right to end out with a bang...or splat in this case.

Gorgrath177 - 2 years ago

That ending escalated fast lol

doomed - 2 years ago

lmao i love it . tho kinda twisted the way todd went out, its like using an erection as consent . but hearing how margret ended up as the sgit she is made it perfect lol

Gotta Question for Carla?

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Non-Vore Story question answer Twitter

Carla is holding an AMA. Please feel free to ask questions. I'm happy to answer them when I can. 

delet230h5nb - 2 years ago


So I did a Thing...

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Non-Vore Twitter Social Media

Carla is now on twitter. She'll share here two cents on a variety of lewd and Vorish topics. I'm still unsure what exactly I will do with it, but time will tell. 

kagaminetim - 2 years ago

I’m in danger

SenpaiVore - 2 years ago


kagaminetim - 2 years ago

I rolled a 1

Justsomeone - 2 years ago

Can't wait to follow and see what's in store

Tape is Late 3: Rise of the Late Fee

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Breasts F/M Anal Vore Butt Masturbation Head First Implied Vore Fingering erection Male Prey Female Pred ejaculation Vore Comic handjob Carla Half Naked Partial Vore Willing prey nonchalant biting lip F/F implied dripping pussy

Carla has been put in charge of training the new hire at Gutbuster Video - Jamie - and is now learning how to process late fees. It's a rocky start with one of the first customers, but the second customer looks willing to help hone her processing skills.

Wonderful Commission by  FaerieDevil. Jamie is their OC.

Been wanting to expand the Gutbuster Video Store a bit more and will probably add more content in the future. So stay tuned for that. 

ParanoidPrivate - 2 years ago

*Curls into a fetal position as I'm slowly broken down. At some point the survival instinct kicks in and I start flailing around in a visceral state of panic, but it's no use.*

SenpaiVore - 2 years ago

*Stuffs in, rubs gut and glorps*

Ah...Another successful late fee processed.

ParanoidPrivate - 2 years ago

But I-I...(sighs) ok...

*slowly walks behind the counter and gets down on both knees*

Just do it...

SenpaiVore - 2 years ago

*Shifts Pants off* Climb behind the counter sir and I'll administer your late fee.

ParanoidPrivate - 2 years ago

Nah, I'm not a movie person. I'm here to return something for a friend which was...due yesterday.



Tape is Late 2: Judgement Day (Com)

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/F F/M couch Glasses Implied Vore nerd Female Prey Female Pred Off-screen vore Angry Predator Carla Casual vore nerd pred Work uniform

Carla is a simple nerd and there are very few things that get her annoyed. One such thing is when people try to break store policy. It's one thing to forget to return a movie, but it's another to return the case and not the movie.

You are going to get churned either way, but the fact that she had look up your address, drive to your location, and hope you are there just to deal with a late fee is a pain in her ass. On the bright side, she gets to watch a movie while digesting you...
[ Continued ...

Gorgrath177 - 3 years ago

They get laid after making her drive all that way to eat them and she doesn’t!

balanced-guy - 3 years ago

I would have preferred feet first, not that it matters much.

*Squirms a little to get comfortable.*
*Intensifying digesting noises. 'Grrrgle, Fizzzle, slrsh, glorp, slrrsh.'*
*Softening up and gradually melting and absorbing into Carla.*

SenpaiVore - 3 years ago

Maybe I should give some sort of seminar.

SenpaiVore - 3 years ago

And that's a bad thing because?

SenpaiVore - 3 years ago

Thank you.

Tape is Late? - Commission

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Soft Vore Same Size Prey Anal Vore Glasses Unwilling Prey Asian uniform Feet first Female Pred Belly bulge poster tape Blushing black hair gut bulge bottomless Carla pantsless ass shot head outside uniformed pred blonde hair video tapes

Carla decided to get another job working at one of the last stores for the movie rental chain Gutbuster Video.

While it's a bit slow some days, it's a pretty good gig. Free Candy from time to time, watching movies during her shift, and thanks to the stores STRICT Return Policy, easy additions to her chest and tush.

However it does get annoying when the customers squirm on the way in, complaining that "being ass food for returning a movie late is too...
[ Continued ...

absolute - 1 year ago

I saw this and i had a silly idea where just to spite these guys, one of my guys named reggie, just opened up a movie store literally across the street from this one with the tagline on the sign outside saying "0% chance of being eaten alive".just thought id mention it.

Vympel - 3 years ago

Oh, no! Looks like I'm late... =)

SenpaiVore - 3 years ago

11 totally sounds like her

balanced-guy - 3 years ago

1. Yeah oblivious predding sounds good, maybe paired with an annoyed reaction afterwards?

2.Sounds like you've got a good setup for Halloween pic 2020 ;3

3 and 4. Glad you like these =)

5. Turned on probably? Like in that one pic of Carla's Blonde form on the Beach? Though whether it's the AV or general heroism he finds hot could be left vague?

6. I have some setup ideas.

(I) Wrong size: She ordered the wrong size, rather than go through the hassle or mailing it back. She decides to just go up a size. Some might say it's an overreaction, but they're arguing against Carla's booty/Stomach. A losing proposition.

(II) Last in stock - Last pair of Jeans in stock, but they're too big. The clerk noting she's too small. Carla thanking them and AVing them to fill out her tush. Can be willing or unwilling, depending on how casual/mundane you want it to be?

(III) Carla's told her bum is too small and she could buy smaller clothes. Carla AV's/converts to fat and states they feel pretty tight to her.

7-8. Being a paid model and getting to eat as part of the gig could be interesting. Alternatively Carla had a big belly the day prior and fixes her lack of a belly with a artist?

9. Nice

10. Awesome!

11. Bonus suggestion - Carla Playing a console game, sporting a full belly. "You read the shirt. You lose, you get ate." Kinda playing on the idea of Carla following the rules to a tee XD.

balanced-guy - 3 years ago

I'm sure Carla appreicates your cooperation. And adding to those cheeks XP.

Netflix and Churn (1/?) Commission

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Belly Unbirth Glasses Implied Digestion Implied Vore Asian Female Pred bra background Smoking Implied Unbirth Asian Girl Implied Cum Digestion bottomless Bong wet pussy Tacos Netflix and chill Asian pred netflix exposed pussy netflix and churn

Sometimes, after a long day of work at the Arcade, Carla just wants some time to herself. She orders some fast food, enjoys some of her secret stash, scrolls through Netflix and turns some poor prey into pussy slurry. Yep just what you need to relax...if not a little boring when there is nothing new on and your womb prisoner melts before you can play with them.


I may commission a follow up to this because the idea is just silly to me. I'm sure...
[ Continued ...

smiley - 2 years ago

Maybe the pizza boy could pick up the slack if her current prisoner wears out too soon.

SenpaiVore - 3 years ago

Remember the rule. On time, you get a tip with benefits. If you are late by a second, I get a free meal...and a free pizza

BlueIce - 3 years ago

Well she could always place another order so she can get more food and fun, maybe even from multiple places

SiHiUiLiSiEi - 3 years ago

Saying a little prayer for whatever poor lucky fool she wraps those lips around next - she's looking juicy x-x

Dragonitas - 3 years ago

Wait... I work at a pizzeria...

Carla Pin-up (Commission)

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Non-Vore Dice Glasses pose Pinup Barefoot Asian nerd Asian Girl nerd pred Asian pred

Been meaning to get a simple Carla as she is for a while. Thankfully the talented  Lady_List was able to help me out. I know haven't been posting much, but hope to do more in the future both in terms of commissions and of writing projects. 

SiHiUiLiSiEi - 3 years ago

No need to stop until the dice are rolling off a full gut.

balanced-guy - 3 years ago

This is a great pic of Carla, good as a pin-up of course. But thematically fits, given Carla is usually involved in D&D/Game related shenanigans.

Carla's Curious Courtship - (Com)

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Digestion Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Same Size Swallowing Sex Fatal writing Farting arcade gaming Semi-willing Movie Disposal f/multiple teasing prey rapid digestion Casual vore rapid weight gain Multiple Preys Movie Theatre Sex during Vore date night date vore

Carla is ready for date night, let's hope her date is ready for everything that it entails.

Will they survive? Probably not, but it's a wonderful read anyway.

Wonderful commission by  ryanshowseason3

He really captured who Carla is supposed to be. Expect more like this in the future. 

MetaKitsune - 1 year ago

She seems rather cruel about reforming i was hoping she was a nicer pred in that regard

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago


ArchLinux - 4 years ago

shit i whould like another history :v

BlueIce - 4 years ago

*Stares at the equipment and smirks, rolling the metal dice between my fingers* such an high level challenge...gonna make this game all the more fun and interesting ;3

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

*Pulls out a bucket filled with sloshing fem-cum, and a couple of potion bottles filled with breast milk before pulling up an empty bucket in one hand and a couple empty bottles in the other* So do I. ;3

Dumpling - 3/3 (Com)

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Willing ?/F Implied Digestion Food Transformation naked prey Naked Female Dumping food vore Chinese Food sinking vore aroused prey Dumpling Vore

With her boyfriend Dumpling Filling, the girlfriend seems more than eager to feed herself to the carnivorous meal.

This comic isn't my usual form of vore, but the concept was a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. If you guys loved this comic and food vore in general, I'd be up for commissioning more food vore in the future.

Based on this comic  

Ezio45 - 3 years ago

wait.... so what dose it cost the restaurant? to make it in the 1st place willing than cost them nothing. so why so much? an if it unwilling people thay use than it still of no cost!? i have so many questions! an it would inplay most dont evin know what thay are eating.

Nemyon - 4 years ago

*pulls out his wallet* here my money!

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

Of course

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

Well for me, I assume he was dumpling filling by the time she dips her feet in. Mainly because the dumpling needs to be ready to serve so there is no time to waste, though that is just my opinion amd aice there are many types of dumplings with a variety of filling choices, there might be a number of ways this goes down.

okutrooper24 - 4 years ago

Now a very odd curiosity occurred, with her being more than a little riled up after going in, would they have time to have (bizarrely kinky) sex before being reduced to delicious dumpling filling?

Dumpling - 2/3 (Com)

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Willing Implied Digestion Stripping Vore Comic Food Transformation ?/MF dumpling naked prey reluctant prey food vore Chinese Food aroused prey Dumpling Vore

Well our couple couldn't afford the dumplings so they have to make it up. But rather then wash the dishes, they are becoming the dumping. The boyfriend is taken by surprise (and the dumpling), but his girlfriend seems to be turned on.

Commission by  icudhara

Based on this comic 

Nemyon - 4 years ago

Cant wait to see girl packed into dumpling ^^

Dumpling - 1/3 (Com)

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: restaurant couple ?/F Implied Vore chinese Vore Comic Food Transformation ?/MF waitress Off-screen vore Dumping Dumpling Vore

A couple wants to celebrate their anniversary. There is this new restaurant in town with their world famous dumplings. What makes them world famous? Well...

Amazing Commission by  icudhara

Based on this comic  

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

I cant say for sure ;3

PickingRoses - 4 years ago

Did he just eat that entire dumpling before she could even touch it? :/

PickingRoses - 4 years ago

Did he just eat that entire dumpling before she could even though it? :/

Carla's Victory (1/2) - Commission

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Belly F/F Same Size Unwilling Anal Vore Unwilling Prey Asian looking back naked prey gamble Naked Female Naked pred Casual vore Vore game Casual pred cocky pred

Serana struggled as her legs began to curl up in Carla's stomach. The nerd just laid on the bed smug as soon the Miqo'te hips sink into her ass.

The two preds hung out at Carla's house and made a bet. The two played One round of Mortal Kombat and the loser became ass fat.

Needless to say, Serana wasn't too happy about her character receiving a Fatality. She slipped in her feet and tried to enjoy the tight trip down, but Carla, being the gloating cocky nerd she could be,...
[ Continued ...

SenpaiVore - 9 months ago

Part 2 is on my computer somewhere

balanced-guy - 10 months ago

Still planning to comm part 2? Or more a project that's been put on indefinite hiatus?

Flara - 3 years ago

Ah, cant wait if ya do then. Hehe

SenpaiVore - 3 years ago

Good point. Still have to commission it

Flara - 3 years ago

Does part 2 exist?

Introducing Samantha - Commission

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Soft Vore Cock Vore Cum Futanari Milf Mother Toilet Fatal date Implied Digestion Implied Vore H/M Cum Digestion excessive cum Non-sexual Cum Transformation Motherly Hermaphrodite Motherly Vore motherly pred nonchalant

"Ah, Thanks again for dropping by sweetheart. I know it's not what you were expecting for our date, but I did tell you I wasn't looking for anything serious. Oh my, what am I doing? Talking to thick load of jizz. Like he can hear me." Samantha said blowing that last few thick globs of spunk into her toilet. She flushed the gunk down before pulling out her phone and surfing Tinder. "I've got to thank Carla again for showing me this. So many easy meals."

[ Continued ...

SenpaiVore - 2 years ago

She might with a slightly new look

Gorgrath177 - 2 years ago

Hope she reappears

VLizard - 3 years ago

oh my i think i wouldn't mind being made into that by her

SiHiUiLiSiEi - 3 years ago

Definitely mom I'd love to feed material @_@;

TiffanyIsa - 4 years ago

Unf. I'd totally let her have me. <3

Something Catch Your Eye? - Commission

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Same Size F/? Fatal seduction Cleavage Willing Post-Vore Skull Big Belly Female Pred Big Breasts midriff prostitute Belly bulge Casual vore Detailed bulges looking at viewer Casual predator bones in belly skeletal bulges pay to be eaten

As your car pulls up to the red light district, you notice yourself filling with feelings of fear and arousal. Along the block you see countless woman of various shapes, sizes and races. However one thing that stuck out was that most of the woman had predatory guts. A few had a small bit of pudge and were adjusting their tops to fit their new additions while others were out in the open and their guts were gurgling away. Soon you come to a stop at a red light.

You hear a tapping on...
[ Continued ...

Dooot - 4 years ago

Honestly just the vore sequence. A drawing of her openeing her mouth,and then underneath that a shot of the pov character inside her stomach woupd be enough. And in the wrtiting i just want the pov character to stay willing and the pred to be satisfied.

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

What would you suggest?

Dooot - 4 years ago

I'd ADORE you if u make a sequel to this.

WPSmells - 4 years ago


SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

They are a great artist

P.A.M.'s New Upgrades (Com)

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Belly F/F Bulge Unwilling Anal Vore Implied Digestion Robot f/multiple Fallout Implied Anal Vore Fallout 4 Multiple Preys Piper Wright Assaultron Unconventional digestion The Railroad

Some horny Railroad Agent decided to upgrade P.A.M.'s Systems, installing both hardware that gave a synthetic human quality and more feminine look and Software updates to make her more sexually inclined. The result?

Fast Forward to the present. Piper goes to Railroad HQ to get a scoop on their war against the institute. Instead she was greeted to clothes piled on the floor and what appears to be ash piles caused by laser rifles. She thought the institute was behind the attack, but...
[ Continued ...

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 years ago

Love how soft her butt looks

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

Nevermind I'm a dummy

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

Thanks. You can always check with them. Their ad is still up.

soline - 4 years ago

Lovely picture, I am so, so jealous I missed out on this! :O

Last Minute Gift - YCH Commission

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Belly F/F Christmas Commission Bulge Glasses Willing Post-Vore Implied Digestion Implied Vore Human Prey Belly bulge catgirl predator fireplace Naked Female Naked pred YCH human bulge

Well Carla decided to be in the gift giving mood this year and gave her friend Serena a nice meal. Good thing two since Christmas just ended an hour ago.

Nothing left to do but stew.
= = =
Gift from the cute  SeranaTaluhn that was commissioned by  awesometacular

Serana is owned by  SeranaTaluhn

Carla (The shapely bulge) is owned by me. ^-^ 

Wakfloun - 4 years ago

Is this the end of Carla?! Did Serana enjoy her meal?! Find out in the next few days when Carla passes through Serana!

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 years ago

Aaww how nice of her

Carla's Late Night Snack - YCH Commission

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Belly Commission F/? Implied Digestion Implied Vore Asian Nudity Smug Naked Female nerd pred smug pred laying on back

"Mmm...Keep squirming in there. Just tickles. You better be tummy slop when I get up okay? ~Yawn~"

An wonderful YCH Commission by  awesometacular

Just Carla getting ready for bed with a sexy meal in her gut. 

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

She is indeed

simonpetrikov39 - 4 years ago

(Do you RP?)

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

By all means

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

You are too kind

simonpetrikov39 - 4 years ago

Can i be eaten by Carla next

Michelle & Carla's Spa Day - YCH Commission

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Breasts Belly Same Size Anal Vore Butt Balls Beach Willing Implied Digestion Asian H/F spa ahegao cross-eyed afterglow Cum in mouth head outside head sticking out aroused prey

Thanks to the lovely  SukiiK, We have this image to share!

A while ago I bid on one of the spots on her YCH Auction and now it's finally here.

Carla isn't pred this time, but I'm sure she is enjoying herself. Having a nice filling protein shake before being sent to get a nice massage.

Michelle is owned by  AngelicChaos 

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago


Hanzo - 4 years ago

Good stuff. I like it.

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

Indeed. Carla would agree

Blackheartedreaper2 - 4 years ago

Damn that's hot.

Game Over (2/2) (Com)

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Breasts Digestion Weight Gain F/M Fatal Masturbation Post-Vore curvy Asian Nudity nerd Male Prey Female Pred teasing bet offering Naked Female Naked pred Femcum horny pred Asian pred Ms. Pac-Man

It usually doesn't take long for Carla to process her meals. In about 30 minutes, the boy had digested, having at least 5 audible orgasms during that time.

Carla of course would make a show of it, humiliating her prey while they digested to the point where it turned her on.

She stripped, showing off her assets as she pleasured herself, many of the customers didn't seem to mind. After a good climax, she would get her bearings and make the challenge once more.
[ Continued ...

SenpaiVore - 5 months ago

I'm sure she would be happy to prove you wrong.

chaosraven09 - 5 months ago

I could beat her in that duck hunt arcade game

Vympel - 3 years ago

What a fun way to go, love your OC!

MetaKitsune - 3 years ago

Good to know

SenpaiVore - 3 years ago

If you play nice, Carla may reform you.

Game Over (1/2) (Com)

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/M Bulge Glasses arcade Implied Digestion Asian nerd erection Male Prey Female Pred teasing Cock Bulge Nerdy Pred horny prey Teasing Pred Asian pred Cock imprint Ms. Pac-Man

While D&D is her main hobby, Carla enjoys a part-time gig working at the local arcade. This means every now and then, she can play the many games for free.

Though her favorite thing to do is Challenge Customers. She basically offers cute guys and gals to challenge her to a game. If they win, they got to have fun in the broom closet during her lunch break.

If they lost, they would strip naked in front of everyone and slip down Carla's throat before being tucked...
[ Continued ...

PlaTT - 6 months ago

Whew he’s so lucky~

SpamMeister - 2 years ago

Mmm, preds jerking prey off is just so good

krazykid - 2 years ago

nerdy gamergirls are the best

Vympel - 3 years ago

I agree, I would love to be devoured by her.

VLizard - 3 years ago

oh i'd love to be that boy. very lucky x3

love this

Ordering out (Com)

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Oral Vore Cat Dog Belly Food Bulge Unwilling Squirming pizza Implied Digestion H/F pizza delivery Thick thighs pizza delivery girl delivery victim Thicc delivery girl panels

What do you do when you don't have enough to pay for pizza? Well according to Jessie, it's eat the delivery girl of course. You get a free meal...and the pizza.

Thanks again to the lovely  CarnivorousVixen for this commission 

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 years ago

I'd just eat her anyway, if I could pay or not

Jessie Doggo(Com)

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Furry Dog Same Size Bulge Cock Vore Futanari Balls Hyper Struggling Canine Implied Digestion embarrassed line art dickgirl Shemale Lying H/? Futa pred Hyper Balls Dickgirl Pred gym clothes Shemale Pred Multiple Preys Futanari Pred

My new furry OC thanks again to  CarnivorousVixen

You saw her last as tit fodder in this post:

She was gonna be a one of prey girl, but she looked so cute, I decided to make her an OC.

Granted she is now a pred, but come on, you can't deny a shy pred girl.

I surely wouldn't. 

SenpaiVore - 4 years ago

She could probably make a business out of it

Ezio45 - 4 years ago

lol I was just about to say something like that. we can work something out if you make an share ur protein shakes.

runeguden - 5 years ago

I refuse XD I wanna live in her balls

SenpaiVore - 5 years ago

Be careful what you wish for.

SenpaiVore - 5 years ago

Good point

Milk for Cake (Com)

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Breasts F/F Breast Expansion Book Sinking Implied Digestion Breast Vore Cleavage Vore Reluctant reluctant prey chef hat apron only

Chocola is making a cake for a friend's birthday party. However the chef ran out of the most important ingredient - Milk.

Not to worry though as the birthday girl will make a great substitute.

Commission done by  CarnivorousVixen 

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 years ago

It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake

Tafillia - 5 years ago

Best birthday hehe

Carla, The Destroyer

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Oral Vore Tongue Belly Soft Vore F/F Same Size Glasses Socks Big Belly nerd Female Prey Female Pred Dungeons and Dragons dungeon master Face Imprint Otaku

"Hehe. Seems you failed your saving throw. Hope you enjoy digesting in dragon's gut."

Meet my new OC Carla. She is a nerdy pred with a nice kill streak. She loves anime, video games, and of course table top roll playing games.

Noobs beware, she plays for keeps.

Art made by the lovely  Lady_List once again. 

Bright - 4 years ago

Vore DnD is fun.

Wakfloun - 4 years ago

I would hate to imagine what Carla’s Character Sheet would look like, but I would love to see if I can beat the dungeon.

temmie - 4 years ago

Roll for acid damage!

vorelover2 - 4 years ago

Sounds like my kinda lady

SuperSentaiVelvet - 5 years ago

She's a dragon.

1950 - Malt Shop Mishap

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Tags: Belly F/F Milf Anal Vore Butt Incest Female Pred milkshake Belly bulge begging Mother/Daughter Ignored milf pred

"Come on Mom! I said I was sorry! I don't want to be ass fat forever!"
Cassie Bust was begging her mother, Linda Bust the smelly fate she had in store.
Instead, Linda ignored her daughter's pleas since she caught her daughter playing hookie to fuck around with cute herms at the Malt Shop. Now all her friends watched as the milf was finishing off their friend without batting an eye. Many of them thought it was so hot.
[ Continued ...

brandon14 - 5 years ago

*Insert To be continued music*

runeguden - 5 years ago

hot! now if only there was one with Unbirth,with entrapment. Or cock vore with entrapment XD

rojo55 - 5 years ago

looks great

1920 - Voracious Vaudeville (2/2)

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Tags: Breasts Breast Expansion Post-Vore Implied Digestion Breast Vore F/H Gypsy Ripped clothes Flapper

1/17/1928 ~ After Brenda finished pulling the fan inside her cleavage, she continued to do her show as the herm digested in her chest.
Soon Brenda would feel her chest expand and her top snap, unable to keep her breasts in check. But rather than freak out, she just laughed.

"Oh my, would you look at? Another dress broke. Guess this will be a burlesque show now."

Art by  Lady_List 

ShadesofBlack - 5 years ago

I love the cheerful, casual, stage-trick attitude that it seems everyone, prey included, has to this. It just makes it so much more fun and lighthearted, while also adding a bit extra of the "WTF" zest that my mind craves. Probably up there as my favorite emotional variety of vore.

Well inspired and described by you, and well drawn by Lady_List!

1920 - Voracious Vaudeville (1/2)

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Tags: Breasts Cum Futanari Cleavage Willing Breast Vore cumming dress F/H Cleavage Vore handjob Between breasts Gypsy naked prey Flapper

1/17/1928 ~ Brenda Bust is preforming another one of her stage shows. A lucky fan seems to have found her way down the singer's chest.

"My my, what a mess you made. At least you are enjoying yourself."
This is the first in a series of images I'll be commissioning from the talented  Lady_List 

Roomba 2

By Senpai Vore

Inspired by and with permission from Lucifer's Chef

Tasha Honeywether sighed as she pulled the pair of boxers out of the Roomba's large dust bag. She took a whiff from the crotch of the boxers. “Yep...The



Roomba 2

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Tags: Digestion Vacuum Consensual Fatal Masturbation Transformation Willing ?/F vacuum vore Robot ?/ff dust ?/multiple Casual vore Vacuum Cleaner roomba Lothea 2150

This is the squeal to the  LucifersChef story "Roomba"

If you haven't read that story first, click here: 

SenpaiVore - 2 years ago

Probably a flaw in it's programming

mifigor19 - 2 years ago

Hmm they would probably need to tone down its hunger for humans it seems to prioritize them over other things

SenpaiVore - 3 years ago

I would ask LucifersChef since he is the author. I wish I downloaded a copy when I had the chance.

vacuumfetish - 3 years ago

Awesome story! I really like it very much!
Is there any possibility to see the first part? Because the link doesn't work anymore

sevensix - 5 years ago

[quote=][b]Not Found[/b]

This item is no longer avaliable.[/quote]

Jogging Dump - SCAT (Commission)

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Tags: Breasts Scat F/F Weight Gain Breast Expansion Pooping Anal Vore Female Pred arousal Disposal Gym Naked Female

"I should be mad at you for making me gain ten pounds...but damn, you feel so good coming out."

Jenny seems to have dealt with her gym partner. While she did gain weight, I have to say did gain it in the right places.

Art by :IconLady_List: 

Kreed360 - 6 years ago

Hey if thats the result maybe she should work out like that more often.

EmpDarkshadow - 6 years ago

Thats one big log :)

Manofthehouse - 6 years ago

ten pounds in the right places, and more than that coming out~

RavenXeo - 6 years ago

10 pounds of gorgeous bust~

Jogging Snack (Commission)

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Tags: Belly Digestion F/F Bulge Anal Vore Implied Digestion Gym

"Stop squirming! I'm trying to jog! If you didn't want to be a part of my ass, then you shouldn't of grabbed it!"

Jenny is trying her best to work out. However she often gains the most weight at the gym. Coincidence?

Art by  Lady_List 

simonpetrikov39 - 6 years ago

I would not mind taking a digestive soak in her SenpaiVore

SenpaiVore - 6 years ago


CG22 - 6 years ago

Exercises help digestion!

blackmichi - 6 years ago

She surely had strong legs :)

SenpaiVore - 6 years ago

They are feet. Though I sure she was gassy afterwards

Ice Cream Fun 2

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Tags: Digestion Cock Vore Cum Cherry Ice cream Cum Digestion H/F Disposal Hermaphrodite cum disposal

Shelly isn't done with her Cum Cream ventures. She is now preparing a cum cream sundae for a lovely customer. Sadly she was running low on cream so she "borrowed" the customer's girlfriend for a re-fill. Seems like a fair trade.

Another fine piece of art by  Lady_List 

ParanoidPrivate - 2 years ago

I am beyond late, but I wanted to swing by and say that I really like the concept behind this. Super creative!

simonpetrikov39 - 6 years ago

What does it taste like Senpaivore

simonpetrikov39 - 6 years ago

I would not mind being turned into cum by shelly Senpai

ShadesofBlack - 6 years ago

Seems like a sexy trade! Wow!

Manofthehouse - 6 years ago

Yup, a fine trade off indeed for such quality~

Ice Cream Fun 1

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Tags: Digestion Cock Vore Cum Futanari Ice cream Cum Digestion H/? Hermaphrodite

Who doesn't love Ice Cream. Who doesn't love cock vore? Well why not a treat that involves such a treat! Introducing Cum Cream!

Shelly is the proprietor of this stand. In fact she is enjoy melting down a recent unruly customer into her latest batch.

Thanks to  Lady_List again for another Commission. She is my savior!  

simonpetrikov39 - 6 years ago

I would not mind taking a digestive soak in Shelly's balls Senpai

Manofthehouse - 6 years ago

Maybe I should be rude on purpose~

Harley Quinn vs. Batgirl

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Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/F Same Size Batgirl Unwilling Implied Digestion Cum Digestion Female Prey Female Pred Harley Quinn Cum Transformation Femcum DC Comics head outside harleen quinzel

Batgirl is on her way to being femcum. Harley is at least enjoying herself.

Another skillful commission by  Lady_List 

SenpaiVore - 6 years ago

We shall see.

kidclef - 6 years ago

Any chance of getting this in full color?

dat1guy - 6 years ago

I am in LOVE

Thatrunningsnorlax - 6 years ago


wiseguy288 - 6 years ago

Now that's a real 'killing joke'

Pink Ranger Power 2/2

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Tags: Belly Unbirth Digestion Bulge Cum Masturbation Power Rangers Cum Digestion Fingering Rita Climax Belly bulge Cum Transformation Pink Ranger squirting

Part two of the Pink Ranger Vore Sequence.

Another Excellent Sketch by  Lady_List

Rita has been dealt with...But now what? 

wiseguy288 - 6 years ago

Now that's what I call a power blaster XD

Pink Ranger Power 1/2

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Tags: Belly Unbirth F/F Bulge Unwilling mask Horns Power Rangers helmet spandex Pink Ranger masked

Another Commission from  Lady_List

So yeah...This picture is a thing. I was originally going to keep this picture to myself, but I felt obligated to share this with you all.

Seems like Kimberly was all the Ranger Power Needed to deal with Rita.

A part two is coming soon. 

SenpaiVore - 6 years ago

Thank you

SenpaiVore - 6 years ago

Just you wait.

wiseguy288 - 6 years ago

Well Rita, you know what they say,

Too much pink energy is dangerous <w<

NotBatman - 6 years ago

technically speaking, she IS destroying that pussy...

i'll walk my dad jokes out.

Skeksi - 6 years ago

Love this~

Lily the Foxy-Assaultron 2

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Tags: Bulge Cock Vore Milf Unwilling Willing Robot H/F Cum Transformation ahegao Multiple Preys Assaultron

Another commission from  Lady_List

Sequel to the first sketch. Lily has been rather busy, all those wastelanders giving Lily a rather milfy bod.

Got another upgrade as well and decided to test it out at Diamond City.

Geneva and Myrna don't seem to thrilled being churned. Piper on the other hand is having the time of her life.

Be prepared to see more of this lovely bot. 

New OC - Lily the Foxy-Assaultron

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Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Belly F/F Bulge Anal Vore Butt Implied Digestion Robot Belly bulge Fallout animal features robot girl Assaultron

This sketch done by  Lady_List during one of their streams.

Meet Lily. She is an upgraded Assaultron. Synthetic skin, breasts and buns? Check! Software upgrades to increase her promiscuity? Check! Ability to consume people ass first and convert them into fuel? Check!

Where did she come from? The Institute, Brotherhood of Steel, a Rust Devil with too much time on their hands? Whoever they were, she is making her way through the wasteland. If you meet her and she...
[ Continued ...

darc22005 - 6 years ago

Thats a cool character idea

ChaoskampfNunc - 6 years ago

She should probably store some of that fuel on her breasts and ass.. just to make sure she doesn't run out of power out in the wasteland

weird working in an office building. I just got out of college, which
I find a miracle I survived. I can’t remember the number of times I
walked in and found a puddle of pussy juice on my bed or shit
clogging the toilet. There were times when the girls would still be
in the room and somehow I turned them down for a personal tour
through their bodies. Though, I can’t say it doesn’t turn me on.
makes it even more difficult being part of Bust Industr

Product Reviews

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Owner: SenpaiVore

Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/M Reformation Fatal Masturbation Willing Implied Vore Breast Vore Cum Digestion f/multiple Implied Cock Vore Casual vore Unknowing fatal

Mike is a guy who keeps track of customer reviews for his vore based company. However, his lust for being prey might get the better of him.

This is my second story (Third if you count the alternate version my first) I really hope you enjoy and I would love to hear feedback. 

Junogray - 7 years ago

All that vore, makes for good stories, Loved this one just like your other stories

SenpaiVore - 7 years ago

Thank you ^-^

FallHope - 7 years ago

I really like this one!! It's a unique idea, you've done good Senpai haha!!