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Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Belly Dragon Anthro Predator Non-Vore Female Sophie the Dragon Girl Shyguy9 Scalie Scaly shorts Sophie sports bra gym clothes


I made this a design you can buy as stickers, t-shirts, and some other things on Redbubble: 

TyronneVB - 2 weeks ago

Good nickname

Bigmackgamer303 - 2 weeks ago

I will become uneatable

Shirehorse7 - 2 weeks ago

One of the best

Thatvikingguy - 2 weeks ago

'Cause you got that
I like you 'cause you got that somethin'

LightSpeed - 2 weeks ago

Heehe, a Sexy Man-Eater. X3

Zazzythegoat101 - 1 day ago

Im getting the felling shes the magazine boss and she found "something" new for her company bravo shyguy9 bravo indeed!

676darkness - 1 month ago

the plot and other things thicken

mibankai1171 - 1 month ago

This is fantastic, I look forward to seeing the next chapter

BiglyBoyMeat - 1 month ago

“You thought you were hot shit. Now you’re on your way to be just-”
Regular shit?

DragonqueenShyvana - 1 month ago

more pls and pls give this human women a prey :O

Fania - 1 month ago

Commoner destroying a noble, hot cat on cat action, getting off on killing prey... Katia is a girl after Fania's heart! <3

Zeeza - 1 month ago

This is so hawt~!

TheDarkTraveler - 1 month ago

I love taunting prey

krazykid - 1 month ago

nothing better than a cruel selfish pred~ trully the best and hottest pred is one that knows the place of good food~

Choronsan - 1 month ago

Oh fuck 0///0 u-uh excuse me for a moment I uh, I gotta go do a thing, with stuff. Y-yea.

threk - 1 month ago

Man, that collar is STURDY.

Shyguy9 - 1 month ago

Glad you like it

Shyguy9 - 1 month ago


TiredCapybara - 1 month ago

Amazing as always! I love the way you do swallowing scenes!

Shyguy9 - 1 month ago

Maybe next time.

Prelude Part 2 Page 5

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Tongue Soft Vore F/F Drool Same Size Bulge Swallowing Shyguy9 Butt Struggling Unwilling Prey Head First Big Belly fan art fishnets Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts fan fiction Alternate Universe Blushing ass shot Katia Managan out of character Rajirra

Contains harsh language, rapid digestion, and adult situations

Commissioned by AD_Pronin. Posted first on my Patreon.

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Indighost - 1 month ago

Looking great

FML - 1 month ago


Giogon - 1 month ago


P1an3tv0re - 1 month ago

If anything, the producers have a new star of the show~♡

doomed - 1 month ago

Looks like she’s about to be pudge

Prelude Part 2 Page 4

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Comic F/F Commission Cum Vagina Shyguy9 Pre-Vore Fingering fan art Female Prey Female Pred fan fiction Khajiit Nude Female NSFW Katia Managan pussy juices Rajirra

Contains same-size soft vore, harsh language, and rapid digestion

Commissioned by AD_Pronin. Posted first on my Patreon.

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Fania - 1 month ago

Oh, that was just a perfect comment and I enjoyed it greatly <3

Indighost - 1 month ago

hot stuff, great work

JamKat - 1 month ago


Fania - 1 month ago

I lived, bitch XD

JamKat - 1 month ago :P

Prelude Part 2 Page 3

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Breasts Comic F/F Commission Non-Vore Vagina Shyguy9 Nipples Pre-Vore cunnilingus Licking Oral Sex Fingering fan art fishnets Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts labia fan fiction Alternate Universe Long hair clitoris Nude Female NSFW Katia Managan out of character Rajirra

Contains same-size soft vore, harsh language, rapid digestion, and adult situations

Commissioned by AD_Pronin. Posted first on my Patreon.

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P1an3tv0re - 1 month ago

You tease us with unbirth and then go straight in for the uno reverse oral vore~

I like where this is going~♡

FML - 1 month ago


Das096 - 1 month ago

I feel like the description is a little late for a content warning lol

Indighost - 1 month ago

Looks great so far.

Indighost - 1 month ago

hot stuff, great work

Frazone - 1 month ago

Honestly this whole thing seems like a trap for Katia. The contest is a great way to pic your most preferd prey and the prize is to meet a successful model in the sketchy part of town.

mibankai1171 - 1 month ago

Cant wait to see more of this! ^_^

JackJackal - 1 month ago

That belly! Rrff!

JadeThePanda - 1 month ago


Nekochow - 1 month ago

This is probably your best work so far, very well made, very sexy.

hiimbad - 1 month ago

Omg I loved part 1 so much I'm hyped for this

zzahs2 - 1 month ago

yoooo i just started reading prequel again

jklq - 1 month ago

Love her! Yeah

Lurker45 - 1 month ago

The magazine is from the first comic as well.

Bunny Girl Sophie

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Anthro Cute Non-Vore Female Sophie the Dragon Girl Shyguy9 Dragoness Sophie solo tights Heels Playboy Bunny Thick thighs bunny suit SFW makeup fat tail Halloween costume Sexy outfit Hosiery playboy bunny suit

Sophie getting ready to meet up with Durg for the Halloween party.

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fun and safe night tonight. 

cedricc666 - 1 month ago

She's cute and sexy <3

Vorachist22 - 2 months ago

She’s so adorable.

KattFox - 2 months ago


Bigmackgamer303 - 2 months ago

Man i can only hope that halloween party goes well hopefully no one will simply dissapear

teldar - 2 months ago

Love your art so much, you wouldn't believe...

Pillowfloof - 2 months ago

I may have been wrong about Sophie's costume, but I still say Belinda is dressed like a dildo

Pillowfloof - 2 months ago

I may have been wrong about Sophie's costume, but I still say Belinda is dressed lika a dildo!

reliuskaiser - 2 months ago


Joeycnab - 2 months ago

Damn it... Seeing Sophie in a bun outfit has me melting... I have an addiction to her butt...

KinoTheCat - 2 months ago

what a pair of cuties~ <3

Pillowfloof - 2 months ago

Sophie is dressed as a banana and Belinda is a literal walking dildo

TheBeck - 2 months ago

Mmm, lovely view!

Bigmackgamer303 - 2 months ago

I mean im not gay or anything but
He packin' the entire bakery in thoose dragon cheeks

doomed - 2 months ago

I wanna take a bite out of that behind lol

Bigmackgamer303 - 2 months ago

I mean its not gonna be as good as my chad skeleton costume

Bunny Boy

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Male Anthro Non-Vore Shyguy9 fan art fishnets Stockings Femboy Crossdressing dragon boy Playboy Bunny skin tight Thick thighs Big Tail Sexy outfit Hosiery Thicc Durg Bunny boi playboy bunny suit smooth crotch

Durg gets an early start on trying out his Halloween costume. I wonder if a certain someone put him up to this...? 

bunnyboy617 - 2 months ago

this is awkward ...

TheBeck - 2 months ago

Quite the cutie!

Bigmackgamer303 - 2 months ago

Le biggest boi

Phoenixdrachen - 2 months ago

such a precious boi ????

Bigmackgamer303 - 2 months ago

This is a very tight costume even if he safe endoes someone its gonna tear a hole in the piece

Distracted Ashe

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Anthro Non-Vore Female meme Shyguy9 Dragoness Pre-Vore Ashe (Shyguy9)

I suppose I should post this here too. Prequel to 

Bigmackgamer303 - 4 months ago

Hold on im starting to remember
Ah yes
Hey shyguy what happends if another dragon eats ashe's boyfriend

Bigmackgamer303 - 4 months ago

Alright where i am and what is happening

Bigmackgamer303 - 4 months ago

I forgor

Bigmackgamer303 - 4 months ago

Oh yeah the class A amnestics are starting to kick in

KazuMin - 4 months ago

If you buy enough, then maybe.

Tassie - 1 month ago

This is amazing. I just can't stop thinking about it. Since the first time I saw it, it has been smoldering in my mind and in my heart, I really feel for her; sorry envious, jealous, amazed, and all sort of other emotions I just can't put into words, I really do feel for her.

Thank you so much for making this.

analist_vorister - 1 month ago

I actually love this take. Not every pred has to be some uber-dom, y'know? This would be pretty cool to see explored some.

Shitmuncher47 - 3 months ago

I don’t hate you at all

Shitmuncher47 - 3 months ago

It’s ok hugs I’m sorry I thought you were attacking me I’m sorry huggles

Bigmackgamer303 - 4 months ago

sorry man didnt mean to offend you

Rubis' Beach Butt-Vore Adventure Part 3 (end)

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Comic Soft Vore F/M Shyguy9 Shark Post-Vore Fanart Big Belly Swimsuit Female Pred Big Breasts shark girl Big Butt bro Anthro Pred Thick thighs Shark Week anonymous prey fat tail Satisfied Pred Pith Expulsion bottomless pred Implications Rubis Ambiguous End azserfy it's just sand butt indent partially underwater profile view

And so, with Shark Week over, Rubis returns to the sea from whence she came, relieving herself of all the sand she accidentally swallowed along with her new "passenger" on the way. Things are about to get much tighter and wetter for him...

As for Pith, he may never know what happened (or what he just missed out on). Part 3 of 3, the end!

Once again, Rubis the shark girl belongs to  azserfy and this sequence was posted early on my...
[ Continued ...

ScrakeLord - 5 months ago

I absolutely LOVE the idea of facesitting + vore, I rarely see it.

ElJorro - 5 months ago

Wave noises

deathknight - 5 months ago

I like the fact she be pooting sand

doomed - 5 months ago

lucky guy has been kidnapped the fun way

Gorgrath177 - 5 months ago

Fating sand is a new one lol

ElJorro - 5 months ago

Sand is no joke!

Setsuna605 - 5 months ago

I cant wait to see how it ends

doomed - 5 months ago

that sand is gonna be a pain to pass

doomed - 5 months ago

that sand is gonna be a pain to pass

knux - 5 months ago

Thats so fucking hot lucky fycker

Rubis' Beach Butt-Vore Adventure Part 1

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: POV Comic F/M Shyguy9 Fish Anal Vore Beach Fanart Big Belly Swimsuit Male Prey Female Pred face sitting shark girl Big Butt fat pred Nude Female Thick thighs Shark Week anonymous prey NSFW Trapped Prey ass shot bottomless pred

A horny sequence that got way out of hand for  azserfy featuring their shark girl, Rubis! (Pronounced "Ruby"). Part 1 of 3. To be continued.

This sequence was posted early on my Patreon!


herslipnslide - 4 months ago

hey!.. she ruined his sand castle! you cant just do that to someone

AnAccount - 5 months ago


Shyguy9 - 5 months ago


azserfy - 5 months ago

Thanks so much for this sequence!

Shyguy9 - 5 months ago

It was an accident, Scout's honor.

Bigmackgamer303 - 2 months ago

You can no longer masturbate with your hand

Bigmackgamer303 - 2 months ago

Just like me

absolute - 3 months ago

How do you think he became a skeleton

Bigmackgamer303 - 4 months ago

Then she eats you like a noodle

Bigmackgamer303 - 4 months ago

Ah hell nah skeletor cant be into vore he is already bones no nutrients

Kasra - 5 months ago

Seems legit to me.

RG9812 - 5 months ago

it easy ya get close but if she lunges for ya boop the snoot, just bop her on the snoot and she goes away

Bunnybuns12 - 5 months ago


SmaxTheDestroyer - 5 months ago

Too late! *opens cage*

Shadie - 5 months ago


Shark Week Sophie

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Anthro Non-Vore Female Shyguy9 Transformation Shark Sophie Alternate Universe sharp teeth bottomless Alternate species Sophie the Shark Girl

Feeling left out during Shark Week, Sophie decided to shark-ify herself for the occasion. 

ElJorro - 5 months ago

Sexy Shark girl!

Handsomekingdedede - 5 months ago

I love her

braxe - 5 months ago

100% sharkertized and loving it

LightSpeed - 5 months ago

Sexy!!! ^3^

RikuHidanza - 5 months ago

yay lovely shark form

ScrakeLord - 5 months ago

Water slides are underrated potential for vore.

Nipper - 5 months ago

Nice, love the expressions!

saitofang - 5 months ago

Ah, good ol water park vore fun. A delight of summer.

Lurker45 - 5 months ago

vore resulting in clothing destruction is something that seems obvious but I don't seem to have seen much of.

harpylove - 5 months ago

I Love vore slides.

Ghostdragon - 6 months ago

Ah, that'd be a most pleasant time indeed. Food that tends to you, then just eating them at your own leisure~

Kasra - 6 months ago

Diving right in to enjoy the moment. Fantastic work.

TheDragonBoy - 6 months ago

I love the color and style of those internals

mibankai1171 - 6 months ago

If only

RexLou - 6 months ago

Very good work here! I love how warm and imtimate this felt with the wet internals and the soft coloring, the scaling is fantastic as well. You did a fantastic job making the girls look small, especially when they only create subtle swells in the dragon's middle!

ChaoskampfNunc - 6 months ago

A big fluffy noodle dragon, how lovely~

Burnide - 6 months ago

Okay but accidental digestion/regret in vore is SUCH an underrated scenario

CryptidDrono - 6 months ago

Looks like she might be a little excited judging by that slick part between her legs.

vorefanatic314 - 6 months ago

Loving this character, Shyguy!

Anashi - 6 months ago

She is precious! D:

Jahan - 6 months ago

Awww, poor gal. ;.;

RoryKenneigh - 6 months ago

God I love her

Lucky - 6 months ago

Some people are just made to be thicc!

joe354 - 6 months ago

Time to snack on some peasant girl or if she luck a princess or queen. maybe she can get a couple or a knight~

ScrakeLord - 5 months ago

She is goddamn pear perfect.

joe354 - 6 months ago

if flat is justice then THICC IS LIFE

empatheticapathy - 6 months ago

She's thicc in that distinctly lizard way.
Which is one of the best ways.

ChaoskampfNunc - 6 months ago

She's honestly adorable, she has so much emotion in her face. I just wanna give the big cuddly dragon a snug <3 Then promptly discover how she got thicc in the first place :p

Kasra - 6 months ago

Maybe just a little.

Wyvern14 - 7 months ago

NGL, I would probably do that

CutePreyBoy - 7 months ago

Because that's prey for ya.

PumpkinSugarSpice - 8 months ago


Well that just happened X'D

fixated1 - 8 months ago

Let him, it's extra flavor.

FrivolousFoxGirl - 8 months ago

Ya why?

Pred-Prey Relations (Page 3/3)

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Furry Cat Comic Male Rabbit Non-Vore Gay Cum lovers Shyguy9 hare Penis Butt Anal Sex Big Belly fan art Sphynx erection Safe twink Blushing Gay sex nude male NSFW partially clothed blinding bangs cumming through clothes hairless cat

What thoughts go racing through Jo's mind while he's with Satiha? We may never know, but I think it's safe to say they're hot as fuck.

I tried a new coloring technique in this comic and I'm happy with the result!

Part 4 of a 4-part series for maneuveringSnake on FA, featuring his original characters! Both are over the legal age of consent. 

ImmortalPrey - 5 months ago

This is adorable, despite.. no because of the lack of vore~. It shows that even though he's clearly the top, Saitha only does what Jo is comfortable with~

dokudoku - 8 months ago

My word, this was great! Loved every page and panel of it! ^^

mibankai1171 - 8 months ago

That's all we can hope for ;)

Kolossus - 8 months ago

Ok ok I'm not a furry BUT--

HMDVore - 8 months ago

What a lovely comic~

ChaoskampfNunc - 8 months ago

Such a wonderfully tempting maw, how could you not get as close as possible to peer right down his throat~

Pred-Prey Relations (Page 1/3)

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Furry Cat Comic Rabbit Saliva Non-Vore Gay lovers Shyguy9 hare Penis Butt Licking Size difference fan art Sphynx erection Safe Trust underwear bulge nude male belly worship Hairless blinding bangs maneuveringsnake pred-prey relationship rumpshot

Jo the prey explores his pred boyfriend Satiha's body. Does he think about all the people who may have ended up on that gut he's fondling? What Satiha's body did to them, and what might happen to him if, he too, shared their fate? Jo doesn't want to die, and he trusts Satiha with his life, but you can't help but wonder...

Part 2 of a 4-part sequence for maneuveringSnake on FA, featuring his original characters! Both are...
[ Continued ...

Shyguy9 - 8 months ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 8 months ago

squimshy tum <3

Jo and Satiha

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Furry Cat Rabbit Non-Vore Gay lovers Shyguy9 hare Size difference fan art Homosexual Sphynx Male Prey Original Characters Male Pred nude male jo Hairless blinding bangs maneuveringsnake satiha pred-prey relationship

Jo, the little long-eared fur ball and his giant Sphynx boyfriend, Satiha. Satiha is a pred, and Jo is a prey. They are lovers, but Jo is too nervous to play out his prey fantasies. Satiha thinks it's cute.

I love the idea of pred-prey couples and the idea of drawing them being couples, even without any vore. Just the knowledge that the pred could swallow their partner whole at any moment if they felt like it is such a turn on. This is my attempt at capturing that idea.
[ Continued ...

ImmortalPrey - 5 months ago

Vore couples are amazing~ One of my favorite things is couples doing safe-vore but roleplaying it like fatal-vore

reliuskaiser - 8 months ago

Looks very nice. Love the use of a light source to make the image darker and give it a more natural feel.

WakaLakaWaka - 8 months ago

This is the cutest thing ;w; I love this dynamic so much.

teldar - 8 months ago


Shyguy9 - 8 months ago

Thank you :33

LizardWizard444 - 7 months ago


LizardWizard444 - 7 months ago


LizardWizard444 - 7 months ago

oh man this is really good. humerious and cruel it's great.

vorefanatic314 - 8 months ago

Couldn't agree more, this threw me for a loop once I realized what I was looking at! What an epic continuation!

carlj - 8 months ago

That's an expensive fart XD
I like the idea of gas only disposal too, i need to get around and finish my next OC revolving around it ^^

knux - 9 months ago

I sware Sophie is my kryptonite everything she dose is
so damn sexy damn it!!! "stop being so damn sexy you naughty Dragoness!! "

thequietmanno1 - 9 months ago

well, so far Sophie's been adverse to letting bee get digested, but maybe she would let her have some time in there under an hour or so, if the mood takes her.
Good Relationships have to have a little give in them.

NaughtyMaggcat - 9 months ago

Who's to say shes not in this pillow design, That's a full belly.

ocarinaofbudder - 9 months ago

A pair of jeans that fit just right.????

martyr - 9 months ago

After a night with Sophie, you'll never be alone again... >w>

Netflix and Churn (Collab)

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: POV Oral Vore sequence Comic Soft Vore Anthro Burp Maw F/? Mawshot Shyguy9 Shark first person Big Belly Size difference Female Pred Big Breasts arousal Elizabeth choking Belly bulge Ambiguous Willingness external view LJ anonymous prey lightningjolt fat tail looking at viewer Durg F/Viewer Girlfriend vore unknown fate jolty Open-ended grabbed by the throat (you)

Nothing like a night in with your giant, hungry shark girlfriend. Except maybe a night in your giant, hungry shark girlfriend.

Elizabeth the Shark belongs to LightningJolt
Original art by Durg
Colors by me 

Gepfu - 7 months ago

I love her sexy lazy belch!

ParanoidPrivate - 9 months ago

JEsus that pov was incredible! I actually almost felt like I was there. Bravo dude! Bravo!

Tril - 9 months ago

Now that is no way to babysit!

Greatswordsman - 9 months ago

Holy frig

Krovennan - 9 months ago

I see zero downsides to this scenario

Carnivore Noir

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Anthro Predator Non-Vore Female Sophie the Dragon Girl Shyguy9 green Dragoness Scalie Scaly Sophie dragongirl Sexy Pose maneater sfw-ish

Sophie puts the "vore" in "carnivore".

Available in print form on Redbubble

I tried to go all out on this one, critiques are appreciated. 

NightRoller - 8 months ago

I'm not into anthros, but

I don't even need to finish that sentence, I think.

Royal_Starlord - 9 months ago

Oh jeez, look at this hot dragoness O///O~♥♥♥

kylelot - 9 months ago

After an all night bender me and the boys decided to mix it up with just one more bar.

“What’s the move?” Ralph slurred, his orange Maine dipping slightly in his beer

“I got just the place!” mick said his grey fluffy ears perking up.
“You guys will love this” he said excitedly.

So we put our faith in the boy, god knows none of the rest of us had any good ideas and stumbled our way behind the small exited k-9 fluff ball.

He lead us down an alleyway to a rundown building and a large black door.

Law offices of James and Krupper
By appointment only

“Howdy mick” a black clad man having a casual smoke outside said.
“Come right in, we ain’t finished yet” he continued as he opened the door

So we entered, and made our way down A long dimly lit staircase with maroon walls and red carpet to Match. As we continued hints of light jazz became evident

The staircase opens into a small crowded room

Laughter, music, and the smell of gin and Orange zest filed the air.

“Is this place the tits or what!” He wagged

We all gave him a laugh and made sure the boy knew he did good, with a couple jeers in just for good measure. But my brother mick always had our back and could pull a wildcard like this out at just the right time.

Just then, suddenly, Ralph accidentally backed up into a bartender carrying a trey full of exotic, vibrantly colored cocktails, sending all of them tumbling down to the ground with a loud “CRSHH!”

I jerked my head around to view the commotion
“Oh man, bro I’m so sorry, I didn’t see ...”

Ralphs voice trailed off as my gaze turned

There ...

...Through the crowd

In the back

Clad in white,
Like the color of the sweetest cream


A small Whisper escapes my lips:

... “stunning”

“You ok buddy?” Mick asked

...yea, I ... I think that’s my Neighbor. ...I just closed on a place not far from here and got a great deal on it, I’m pretty sure she lives across the street “ I said

“Lucky man, you should drop by and say hi sometime, not every man has Neighbors that look that that you know!” Ralph said still trying to help the bartender clear the shattered glass

“You know what,
...maybe I will”

“Atta boy Padfoot” Mick said
“”My older brother always was the lucky one”

KyrenGoo - 9 months ago

*Wipes of sweat*

vorefanatic314 - 9 months ago

Ooofff that look in her eyes and the way she's holding her tummy. you know exactly what is on her mind!


Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Belly Dragon Human Bulge Female F/? Shyguy9 Dragoness Scalie self vore Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Crying Big Belly Girlfriend Mass Vore Dragon pred Human Prey ouroboros f/multiple sad Burping Implied Fatality depressed Multi Vore Thick thighs Self Insert Implied weight gain fat tail Failed Vore Multiple Preys pleading prey regretful pred

Ashe, your new obsessive, depressed, self-deprecating, perpetually-hungry-because-she-can-never-fill-the-void-in-her-heart dragon girlfriend.

Maybe you could be the one to change her!

Check out  marloweny's short story inspired by this image HERE 

Shitmuncher47 - 3 months ago


Nimrodpowerz - 4 months ago

Nah chief you gonna get fat and I'll love you more

Jason1911 - 9 months ago

She'll eat the therapist.

TETRO - 9 months ago

She needs therapy, and a good round of passionate fucking.

Jason1911 - 9 months ago

Well... guess it wouldn't hurt to have her come along wherever you go, I wouldn't want to leave her all by herself.

ImmortalPrey - 6 months ago

Awww~ Wholesome af

e_voyager - 8 months ago

Such a sweet end. The dragon not only recognized but repaid a lifetime of truly dedicated service

Siren - 9 months ago

Honestly this is an incredibly creative idea. I've never seen this concept in a fantasy vore scenario.

harpylove - 9 months ago

100% agree.

RoryKenneigh - 10 months ago


e_voyager - 8 months ago

Devoured digested and made Undead. List of Chabad hey experience virtually everything the master can do for them I believe

CopperRobot - 10 months ago

Undead servant?

Nemyon - 10 months ago

so Kobols Master seems to be a Dragon of death

Topazert - 10 months ago


ButterBelly - 10 months ago

Dry Bold!

ACrocWithScales - 10 months ago

Didnt the guy draw a comic where he gets eaten by his master, then only the bones are left but still alive, and suddenly the master gives him back his flesh with a spell?

Shyguy9 - 10 months ago

I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

ACrocWithScales - 10 months ago

Its on twitter, dont remember the name of that guy tho

sevensix - 10 months ago

What was the original?

blackovanossar - 10 months ago

too bad, now my french skill is useless XD

Pillowfloof - 10 months ago


Pillowfloof - 10 months ago

As much as I hate bagpipes, I would love to see that lol

Pillowfloof - 10 months ago

Like the warrior

The_Prof - 10 months ago

Well there's only one way this can end now...

With Sophie on a unicycle playing "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes as is the dragon tradition

Yidra - 10 months ago

And then what?!!?!?!??!?!?1

Pillowfloof - 10 months ago


Shyguy9 - 10 months ago


Pillowfloof - 10 months ago

Does the inside of Sophie's stomach look like this as well, and nobody notices?

x9comega - 11 months ago

I LOVE this design. It really gives off the idea of a dragon having Fire in their veins, at least I assume that’s the inspiration

Grinnsinn - 11 months ago

Such a cute little happy meal!

Kobold and Master 6

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Comic Soft Vore Dragon Stomach Digestion Throat Swallowing Shyguy9 Acid kobold Size difference esophagus Internal View Vore Comic stomach acids Master/Pet heartbeat steamy Stomach Noises Willing prey kobold prey acid pool in the stomach waxing poetic

I'm back with more of this kobold's story. Should I be? Who knows. But it's a story I wanted to tell.

Part 6 of 11. 

TheDragonBoy - 10 months ago

Having now seen the whole comic, I can say two things:
1. I love it
2. This page is my favorite :)

Kasra - 11 months ago


Lofis - 11 months ago

It's destiny~

Sophie's Sophies

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: POV Breasts Dragon Anthro Non-Vore Female Sophie the Dragon Girl Shyguy9 bazongas

Prey POV: your final destination. 

Bigmackgamer303 - 4 months ago

Ah funny thing is did some spearhand training years ago i slammed my hands in those bambo poles soo much i started to wish that i didnt have any damn fingers but now i can punch how much i want

Pillowfloof - 11 months ago

Probably taking a vacation like Belinda and Misa were

Lurker45 - 11 months ago

Now who did they used to be?

EssenDerMadchen - 11 months ago

Uh oh, i have a feeling im not going to be groping that from the outside

ckeekyzekey - 11 months ago

C-can’t we just cuddle?

Misa and Gil 5.5 (Afterwards)

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Micro Slime Kitsune Non-Vore Shyguy9 Prey Post-Vore wet Safe escaped prey Kimmy SFW Willing to unwilling prey semi nude soaking

Kimmy belongs to kitsunekimmy on FurAffinity.

Let's all give her a hand for being such a good sport. 

Shyguy9 - 11 months ago

Unbirth or nipple vore?

WaterInRain - 11 months ago

Ngl juet say unbirth or nipple vore & I'll sleep well at night ????

greenknight98 - 11 months ago

Most definitely been chatting with Sophie for a long time there, Shy. :P

Shyguy9 - 11 months ago

Gillian’s Chocolate Kinder Surprise Egg...

Shyguy9 - 11 months ago

Like I said: hot.

Kasra - 11 months ago

Well, at least they're both out.

Bowyer2 - 11 months ago

She got a nice butt

doomed - 11 months ago

digested into booty slime

Lurker45 - 11 months ago

Finally the answer to "Are they OK?" is "yes".

gorgonzoladealer - 11 months ago

Nevermind lol

Dragon Appreciation Day

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Soft Vore Dragon Cute Female F/? Sophie the Dragon Girl Shyguy9 Dragoness Toes clothed Post-Vore Sophie Implied Vore Big Belly Size difference talking to prey Female Pred midriff Belly bulge Leggings bare feet Unknown prey Casual vore smaller prey fat tail Larger pred appreciate a dragon day dragon appreciation day

Yesterday was "Appreciate A Dragon Day" (16th January).

As always, be careful which dragons you appreciate. This message is brought to you courtesy of Sophie the Dragon Girl. 

usersp - 11 months ago

nice clothes ~^~

JodyBreezy - 11 months ago

sophie just get cuter and cuter every year huh.

kibroman - 11 months ago

very nice

KattFox - 11 months ago

So hot

thesilentpickle2 - 11 months ago

That belly is awesomely drawn.

Spider8Fiend - 1 year ago

What a sneaky kitty~

Superblah - 1 year ago

rip tiny kitty.

SpoomyBigGulp - 1 year ago

PFFT! Oh man, she pulled a prey REVERSAL? That's so good... Misa is so much fun, LOVE that big tail squeeze!

e_voyager - 1 year ago

Do you have to let her play around in your stomach from time to time to avoid windy out there hers?

e_voyager - 1 year ago

I was going to ask that myself. I know I saw her get swallowed last picture bone this picture you can't see her through the Slime girl anymore

Pillowfloof - 11 months ago


* What?


x9comega - 11 months ago

To be fair since this is a dragon and a kobold I think the French is meant to be Draconic, the dragon Tongue.

DarriusSkyler - 11 months ago

This made me real sad :(

ShinjiIkari - 1 year ago

He's lucky his dragon is French and not German, because this was a soft goodbye! :3

tastytush - 1 year ago

To be so dedicated to somebody that being consumed is an ultimate reward. Only a voreaphile knows this hidden joy.

Circle0Trick - 1 year ago

Just noticed the creative excuse for why she has an umbrella in there. This is brilliant.

Circle0Trick - 1 year ago

This is actually hilarious I love it.
Thank you for posting.

WaterInRain - 1 year ago


Well earned follow & favourite!

deathknight - 1 year ago

Butt entrapment indeed Xp

SilentAnon - 1 year ago

Cute <3