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Ashe's Anatomy 2

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Digestion anatomy Vagina Shyguy9 slit Anus cloaca Implied Digestion Male Prey Female Pred diagram Prolapse Painless Digestion Thick thighs anonymous prey ashe fat tail melty digestion Ashe (Shyguy9) dragonussy

A closer look at what makes Ashe tick!

This illustration is part of a digital Japanese vore anthology, (11 pages in total,) containing vore, digestion, and anatomically-correct cutaways. Not for the faint of heart. Purchase the anthology HERE (Japanese language only) 

vorefanatic314 - 3 hours ago

You're welcome, and thank you! As always I was left wanting more, I'm hoping there will be some full digestion and disposal sequences in future comics with her.

Shyguy9 - 21 hours ago

Thank you for your support! I will be posting the English version in due time.

vorefanatic314 - 1 day ago

I purchased the comic and enjoyed it thoroughly, but is there going to be an English version at some point? I'd very much like to know what is being said.

Shyguy9 - 2 days ago

She would regurgitate it eventually.

Shyguy9 - 2 days ago

Working on this next.

Ashe's Anatomy 1 (Preview)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Stomach Human F/F F/M anon anatomy Dragoness heart Internal View Dragon pred Human Prey heartbeat anonymous prey anonymous ashe dragoness pred anon prey Ashe (Shyguy9)

A closer look at what makes Ashe tick!

This illustration is part of a digital Japanese vore anthology, (11 pages in total,) containing vore, digestion, and anatomically-correct cutaways. Not for the faint of heart. Purchase the anthology HERE (Japanese language only) 

Empress - 2 days ago

Til snqkes don't have diaphragms

Shyguy9 - 2 days ago

Thanks! "Heartburn" for Ashe is when her meals punch and kick upwards ;)
And yes, she does get it occasionally.

Shyguy9 - 2 days ago

I initially didn't give her a diaphragm because I was using snakes as inspiration, but then I ended up giving her human-like lungs... so I'm rethinking it. A diaphragm could also offer some protection to her heart and lungs from overly active prey.

Empress - 3 days ago

So she doesn't have a diaphram?

Bright - 9 days ago

Really like that liquidness on the prey.

Ashe, 2022

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Feral Non-Vore Female Reference Fun Shyguy9 emo Implied Vore Big Belly Nudity Thick Tail for sale Featureless Crotch sfw-ish Ashe (Shyguy9) standing on hind legs

An updated Ashe ref, just in time for Vore Day!

Part of a digital Japanese vore anthology, 11 pages in total, containing vore, digestion, and anatomically-correct cutaways. Not for the faint of heart. Purchase the anthology HERE (Japanese language only) 

Demonbunny - 10 days ago

Ashe looks adorable

TastyHooman - 10 days ago

Ashe is great, always love to see more of her!

Shyguy9 - 11 days ago

I like to call them "Ashenanigans" :)

DrakeZephyr - 11 days ago

Dearly hope this is a prelude to more Ashe antics

Gorgrath177 - 11 days ago

Love the doomer dragoness

doomed - 11 days ago

it was his fault , shouldve been specific

RG9812 - 11 days ago

Well he did say everything

Shyguy9 - 11 days ago

Very well!

Lofis - 11 days ago

The date went well!

SilentViewer - 11 days ago


Vore Day '22 (Collab)

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: POV Belly Dragon Succubus Demon F/? Shyguy9 Demoness Imp Pussy romance Size difference Mass Vore Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred cameltoe collab f/multiple NSFW Pith 8/8 APoetOfTheFall nameless prey Multiple prey Dolores Faceless Prey vore day 2022 creepshot out on a date

Collaboration with  APoetOfTheFall in honor of August 8th, 2022! (Part 1 of 2)

Pith and Dolores go out on a date to a 5-star restaurant. Pith hears the food is to die for.

Part 2. 

CalypsoIam - 11 days ago

Damn, Pith so fuckin caked up gawdamn

Lofis - 11 days ago

What a big cutie!

lunchymunchies - 2 months ago

I actually commissioned this same thing:

Gorgrath177 - 2 months ago

Bet she’d love nothing more than to put her boyfriend up there and safe forever and ever

johnnytest - 2 months ago

i love how she's jamming, she goin thru it bro

FudGuy - 2 months ago

HELL YES! The rarity of Shyguy making an Unbirth piece, perfection.

Lofis - 2 months ago

Unf~ The depressed durg i never knew i needed in life

lunchymunchies - 2 months ago

Honestly, I'd love to see a part 3 of her just standing in some mundane situation. Like she decided she just wants to walk around and have them spend normal time together like that.

doomed - 2 months ago

Shark in the pussy lol

Royal_Starlord - 2 months ago

A fun time with q cute dragoness :///3c~♥

Lofis - 2 months ago

A deep dive into her personality~

Ashe Ate Trent (Anatomy)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Dark Stomach Digestion Fear F/M anatomy Shyguy9 Dragoness heart Cut-away Implied Digestion Pleading Trent internals skeleton intestines Internal View Male Prey Female Pred stomach acids begging implied fatal Stomach Noises ashe internal organs regretful pred prey in stomach panicking prey

Oh, it was  cownugget's Trent! Happy birth-- er, deathday, Trent! Please remember that Ashe is sorry and feels very badly about this. (No matter how good it's going to feel to digest you!)

External view 

HangryDemon - 1 month ago

Gotta say, these are some of the most detailed internals I've seen in a good while

JamKat - 2 months ago

DAMN, not THAT internal view is S E X Y as fuck!

wolfSnack - 2 months ago

Narrator: "It was not, in fact, what he'd always wanted."

BMSmithers - 2 months ago

"Oh, I sure hope Ashe will process this event and come to terms with the results of her actions in a healthy and non-insecurity-reinforcing way!"

Carnoustie - 2 months ago

I just meant I pictured the anus a bit further back from the other two (and maybe the colon a bit bigger)

Ashe Ate...?

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Feral F/M Shyguy9 Dragoness Implied Digestion Big Belly Male Prey Female Pred Belly bulge implied fatal Stomach Noises ashe Pith regretful pred

Ashe seems to have eaten somebody, and on their birthday, no less! Poor girl, it was an honest mistake. These things happen!

Internal View 

HangryDemon - 1 month ago

Aw, she's so cute

JamKat - 2 months ago

Gotta love Ashe being so confused with it all. X3

reliuskaiser - 2 months ago

She's so cute!

NovaDragn - 2 months ago

Hehe love seeing her^_^

doomed - 2 months ago

Bruh part of me wants someone to reveal to Ashe how her victims actually feel , the other part is worried she’d start crying and never recover lol

Alex/Alexa Concept Art 2

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Sketch Dragon Non-Vore Female Shyguy9 Dragoness Pussy solo cloaca concept art wyvern WIP spread legs NSFW

Gave her a cobra-like hood and a more wyvern-ish body shape. Still playing with the wings/arms. 

GapingGap - 2 months ago

I think this design is better and more distinct from your other dragons. imo she looks best with the hand/talon wing things, like in te last panel and the bottom left drawing. Looking forward to see what you will do with her!

shdingo - 2 months ago

The hands+arm wings is a logistical nightmare sometimes. Love all her shapes here

Havoc - 2 months ago

Hmm, neat, wonder what she'd look like with Tigrex Wingarms?

Lofis - 2 months ago

Does she fly or does she glide?

Shyguy9 - 2 months ago

Thanks haha

Dragon Slut Alex/a

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Non-Vore Female Shyguy9 solo whore slut post-sex NSFW

Concept art for a dragon (code named Alex/Alexa):
A poor girl cursed with the compulsion to do absolutely anything for even a single gold coin.

Posting here because--you know me--a dragon girl's gotta eat eventually. 

magicboy13 - 2 months ago

Then rutting her while she's digesting a meal! Perfect!

cedricc666 - 2 months ago

Wut ? X)

Ghostdragon - 2 months ago

Hmmm. Ideas to scheme~

doomed - 2 months ago


Shyguy9 - 2 months ago

Now if only she knew how to read palms...

Lucky - 2 months ago

Even better <3

Lofis - 2 months ago


GloriatheDevourer - 2 months ago

Those arbok's expressiooons x3 so SO cute. It is almost a shame she is going to end digested... almost~
And funny that little "(RIP)" after the giant slurp XD

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 months ago

Type advantage isn't going to help much against her stomach acids I'm afraid. Just another mon added to the thicc booty

Gorgrath177 - 2 months ago

Glory to the Tsar!

TheWraithWriter - 1 month ago

Lucky slimes.

newfunland - 2 months ago

"certain snake from a certain game." A certain snaked named shantae from what game?

RustyMoon - 2 months ago

Very glad this got requested, wouldn't change a thing.

Shyguy9 - 2 months ago

I don't see it.

carlj - 2 months ago

Always happy to see characters from Shantae, they are all cuties ^^

Nic386 - 2 months ago

le based vore snake

PsychoJohnDoe - 2 months ago

based vore?

Grinnsinn - 2 months ago

no step on snek!

JamKat - 2 months ago

No steppy pls

RasenGun37 - 2 months ago

Ore me plz

Tahg - 2 months ago

I get that the V is hidden (or she ate it perhaps), but I found it funny imagining someone trying to "ore" her, by adding a ton of minerals to her.

VigorousJazzHands - 2 months ago

Seeing this broke me for a solid 5 minutes. I love it.

VampireBunny - 2 months ago

What does she have against minerals?

RasenGun37 - 2 months ago

Hot funny flag snake art??? Pog

LizardWizard444 - 1 month ago

the meme in this is real

SpotTea - 2 months ago

My goodness I love this comic and that wonderful pun at the end X3

Delt - 2 months ago

Are you kidding me?

Roomeister - 2 months ago

Bravo! Great comic.

JamKat - 2 months ago

PPPFFFFTTTTTT, wow Ron & Billy... I can HEAR this page damn it. XD

JamKat - 2 months ago

Woof, A nice sequence of the prey going down!

Bigmackgamer303 - 2 months ago


JamKat - 2 months ago

Omg, now THIS is an interesting plot twist! XD

Kasra - 2 months ago

A very well thought out contingency plan.

JamKat - 2 months ago


Beware the Bored Bughorse

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Sketch Pokemon Human Non-Vore Shyguy9 pokeballs Female Prey Human Prey WIP Male Pred Pokemon pred Clefairy SFW Sylveon Scolipede Chansey

Teaser/cover art WIP of an idea featuring a (currently unnamed) female trainer and her faithful companion Sylvy the Sylveon!

Yes, it will be vore.

Future WIPs and updates will be posted on my Patreon

gigaredpanther - 2 months ago

Yaaay Scolipede! Glad I'm not the only one who appreciates its perpetual indifference!

Shyguy9 - 2 months ago

That is certainly a possibility now.

Rubiont-47 - 2 months ago

Okay. The most important question. Would this Silveon be unbirthed by his trainer?

Gorgrath177 - 2 months ago

Love bug Pokémon, Scolipede is easily my favorite! :3

Trainer and Sylvy

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Sketch Pokemon Human Male Feral Non-Vore Female Shyguy9 trainer concept art Sylveon

Voting is now over. Thanks!

A couple of characters from a bygone project in desperate need of revival. Vote on your favorite gender combination in the comments below! 

rednex99 - 2 months ago

same here

Sauronus - 2 months ago

Right is the right one

Jbcoolerninja23 - 2 months ago

I wish the Sylveon had a difference between genders but i also choose the right

KaZe_DaRKWIND - 2 months ago

Right. I prefer her getting railed by sylveon vs the other way round

Apostolos - 2 months ago


Gin and Pith 3 (End)

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Bat Demon Shyguy9 bathroom Pudge Post-Vore Imp Implied Digestion Implied Vore Willing Pred Implied reformation gin Implied Fatality Implied Disposal Male nudity naked male NSFW Pith banter Willing prey Post-Vore weight gain twitchy just bros being bros

Because he is a denizen of Hell, Pith is unable to die in our world, even when his body is completely digested. Therefore, Gin and Pith can keep hanging out! The end.

Once again, Gin belongs to TwitchyAnimation! You can find his work on Twitter and FurAffinity.

[ Continued ...

JamKat - 2 months ago

WONDERFUL follow-up -3-

DirtyMac - 3 months ago

Love me some unexplained reformation. Really brings home how silly this kink can get.

ACrocWithScales - 3 months ago

It does, I boil the hell out of it, boom, Holy water

Shyguy9 - 3 months ago

Nothing, because holy water isn't real.

ACrocWithScales - 3 months ago

What would happen if Pith touches holy water?

SmorgusBorgus - 2 months ago

Korram still makes stuff? Cool

JustNothing - 2 months ago

MASTERPIECE, I enjoyed every singel frame of it <3

gothmeup - 3 months ago

god just fucking melted in such a lewd way

doomed - 3 months ago

Lol it’s like pith melted into cum

Draupnir7 - 3 months ago

Cool to know Korram's still knockin' around doin' stuff.

PizzPants - 3 months ago

who doesn't want to be shark fat?~

Pillowfloof - 3 months ago


SilentViewer - 3 months ago

Shark Fat sounds like a movie

Shyguy9 - 3 months ago

Meant to type "yes"

Shyguy9 - 3 months ago


Vola - 3 months ago

That too hehe, still into that

HungryPinkie - 3 months ago

My wah next!

TheRevenant - 3 months ago

Shark girls are best pred, so obviously he would answer no.

Shyguy9 - 3 months ago

And to make the acids work faster. Smart thinking

Vola - 3 months ago

If i was inside her stomach i would not only say "NO" but i would rub her stomach walls to make it even more enjoybale.

Gin and Pith 1

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Sketch Male M/M Bat Demon Shyguy9 Funny Imp Implied Vore joke Male Prey gin Male Pred SFW to be continued Pith twitchyanimation

Gin and Pith, just hangin' out. Part 1/3.

Gin belongs to TwitchyAnimation of Twitter and FurAffinity fame.


Kasra - 3 months ago

You might even offer he can't refuse?

ACrocWithScales - 3 months ago

He came looking for coal, but he found diamonds

EvilScotsman - 3 months ago

Just for being cheeky like that, he's going in the butt.

Shyguy9 - 3 months ago

Might could be.

Kasra - 3 months ago

This might be one of those offers you can't retract.

Ginger, by Lofis!

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Cute Feral Non-Vore Female Shyguy9 Scalie Scaly Teeth Glasses skirt bow solo fan art smile fishnets collab looking back grin ginger choker choker collar bottomless SFW Looking over shoulder looking at viewer knee-highs arm sleeves no pants Lofis tail sleeve

A younger Ginger shows off her new outfit in this "old" picture! (Recently "unearthed" from the "attic.")

Drawing by  Lofis
Colors by Me. 

DovahPug - 3 months ago

Precious :>

Lofis - 3 months ago

Maximum cutie!

Slimshod - 3 months ago

What a cutie

Dreadful880 - 3 months ago

Certainly not bad for a first time, that's for sure. Instant favorite.

veryhappyboi - 3 months ago

Pith pred belch hot

somnustechnician - 3 months ago

Oh, that's adorable! Pith is cute.

teldar - 3 months ago

Terrible or beginner preds is a really fun idea to mess around with. I like.

bon5001 - 3 months ago

20/10, would nuzzle tum

Pith Day 2022

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Male Demon Non-Vore Shyguy9 Balls solo alcohol erection boner big dick precum nude male selfie NSFW Pith Wine Bottle taking pictures pith day dick pic

Little monster with a monster cock. I mean, just look at all that meat. That thing isn't a sausage, it's a whole honey-baked ham! Pith is going to make some lucky pred very happy one day. Goddamn. 

slimjam - 3 months ago

"Thank you, supposedly straight surgeon...."

-The Janitor

Shyguy9 - 3 months ago


SeekGr - 3 months ago

oh no, this is good

Bigmackgamer303 - 3 months ago

Now for the durability test
*Chainsaw starting*

ignorememp4 - 3 months ago


Down the Rabbit Hole 5 (End, Content Warning)

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: F/F Shyguy9 kobold Bee Sophie Big Belly Size difference Female Prey Internal View Female Pred Belinda X-ray Human Pred Belly bulge begging full stomach furry prey NSFW crying prey Zootopia Judy Hopps pleading prey begging prey kobold bee human sophie

Sophie is stuffed, and Belinda is satisfied. A happy ending! But someone is going to be sore in the morning.

Part 5/5. The end. 

SilentViewer - 3 months ago

I wonder if that digested properly..

carlj - 3 months ago

I like human Sophie, but I might be in the minority that prefers her dragon form. I just like when she act like an apex predator ^^

FaithSpringerArt - 3 months ago

Best panel of the entire comic.

DudeManGuy123 - 4 months ago


Killer8496 - 4 months ago

Hoof~ wanna see some human Sophie doing disposal~

FaithSpringerArt - 3 months ago

This is your best comic in ages. Congrats shyguy

Brains2 - 5 months ago

This is an awesome take on reluctant pred - one of my favorite underrated themes! First panel is my fav, poor Judy isn't happy about her chest being squished up against Sophie's!

DanceMovesFutanariverse - 5 months ago

Very nice!

SilentViewer - 5 months ago

Yes yeeeeeeessssssss

DragonqueenShyvana - 5 months ago

wow finaly always animal eats animal or animal eats human finaly a human can havbe a good animal taste hehe very good work :D

Brains2 - 5 months ago

You really love someone when you try the food they provide, no matter how weird! X3

Shyguy9 - 5 months ago


TyronneVB - 5 months ago

Understable, and good comic too

DrakeZephyr - 5 months ago

Nobody could turn down that face

Shyguy9 - 5 months ago

When the mood strikes.

Brains2 - 5 months ago

Love how there's so much emotion going on from each of them. Sophie's sexy human figure looks so nice in this low-action scene.

Brains2 - 5 months ago

Oh gosh, the Zootopia animals have their own language - this is an interesting twist!

deathknight - 5 months ago

Well so much for judy

Kasra - 5 months ago

Very unfortunate indeed.

Demicus - 5 months ago

Sophie is bloody cute~

And I get the feeling this bun is about to do the reverse of the usual magic trick, and disappear...

Down the Rabbit Hole 1

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Rabbit Bunny Non-Vore Bondage Shyguy9 Pre-Vore kobold Female Prey Female Pred Belinda Alternate Universe Feederism Zootopia Judy Hopps kobold bee

Kobold Bee catches a certain talking funny animal...

Part 1/5 

Waaaghmaster40k - 4 months ago

It saddens me that I hadn't realized it was Judy from Zootopia until I read the end and skimmed the Tags section. Oh well, doesn't change the ending.

SilentViewer - 5 months ago

This reminds me of that hilarious animation where the predator cop just scarfs her down whole when she asks what they eat.

Ahhh nature's natural prey.

z3d - 5 months ago

This is why you should never underestimate kolbolds. They are a crafty and inventive race

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 months ago

Had her some anti-fox spray but not anti-kobold spray

MisterEbony - 5 months ago

Uh oh.... rabbit stew anyone?

Human Sophie and Kobold Bee 2

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Snake Human Cute Non-Vore Female Shyguy9 Bird kobold Bee Sophie Unwilling Pred Female Pred Belinda hunting Human Pred Alternate Universe SFW crossbow pheasant Feederism Trout

Kobold Bee sometimes uses a crossbow to hunt her critters.

Human Sophie will eat what Kobold Bee brings her to not hurt her feelings. 

FaithSpringerArt - 3 months ago

Wow human sophie is not something I expected to have see at all for a long time. Dragon girl Sophie looks good as human girl Sophie

Brains2 - 5 months ago

That's extra super cute! Love how Bee is doing her little best and Sophie is playing along. Even as a human she's good at eating up meat!

RediQ - 5 months ago

Human Sophie is incredibly cute wow

LastRider100 - 5 months ago

That is supremely adorable ^^

Kasra - 5 months ago

That IS impressive.

Human Sophie and Kobold Bee 1

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Human Non-Vore Shyguy9 kobold Bee Sophie Implied Vore Unwilling Pred Size difference Female Pred Belinda Human Pred Alternate Universe animal prey SFW Feederism

Human Sophie and Kobold Bee!

They may be in an alternate universe, but some things never change. Kobold Bee loves bringing Human Sophie little animals to eat. 

EelWayne - 5 months ago

Reminds me of my cat who left the decapitated corpse of a mouse at the bottom of the stairs.

Brains2 - 5 months ago

Bee makes a cute Kobold! love how messed up this is but the expressions on them both make it so cute!

Kasra - 5 months ago


joe354 - 5 months ago

Bee as a kolbod but still can't swallow a human but can swallow a house pet that the neighbor never wanted to train and just spoil.
Sophie as human just as good as a dragon.

Shyguy9 - 5 months ago

A slightly smarter scaly cat.

Alien Tail Cum Vore

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Sketch Alien encasement Bondage Shyguy9 Nipples Penis Butt Balls Cut-away entrapment concept art Tail Vore Internal View midriff Male Pred Furry Pred anonymous prey NSFW alien pred cum vore

Something weird, like in a dream. The kind of dream you wake up from and go, "that was kinda hot." 

Latinfood - 5 months ago

this is new but damn, very much hot. He seems shy but will absolutly and without a doubt digest you once he's horny

TheForsaken - 5 months ago

I need more of this, I'm not sorry.

Pillowfloof - 5 months ago

i just had this image in a dream, lmao

scag2807 - 6 months ago

Awesome idea~

Shyguy9 - 6 months ago

You've discovered his only weakness


Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Belly Dragon Anthro Predator Non-Vore Female Sophie the Dragon Girl Shyguy9 Scalie Scaly shorts Sophie sports bra gym clothes


I made this a design you can buy as stickers, t-shirts, and some other things on Redbubble: 

Maneater1987 - 2 months ago

When's the last time she ate a man? ;P

Redpod - 5 months ago

she is sexy and great pred

Zego21 - 6 months ago

play the music:

TyronneVB - 7 months ago

Good nickname

Bigmackgamer303 - 7 months ago

I will become uneatable

Zazzythegoat101 - 7 months ago

Im getting the felling shes the magazine boss and she found "something" new for her company bravo shyguy9 bravo indeed!

676darkness - 8 months ago

the plot and other things thicken

mibankai1171 - 8 months ago

This is fantastic, I look forward to seeing the next chapter

BiglyBoyMeat - 8 months ago

“You thought you were hot shit. Now you’re on your way to be just-”
Regular shit?

DragonqueenShyvana - 8 months ago

more pls and pls give this human women a prey :O

Fania - 8 months ago

Commoner destroying a noble, hot cat on cat action, getting off on killing prey... Katia is a girl after Fania's heart! <3

Zeeza - 8 months ago

This is so hawt~!

TheDarkTraveler - 8 months ago

I love taunting prey

krazykid - 8 months ago

nothing better than a cruel selfish pred~ trully the best and hottest pred is one that knows the place of good food~

Choronsan - 8 months ago

Oh fuck 0///0 u-uh excuse me for a moment I uh, I gotta go do a thing, with stuff. Y-yea.

threk - 8 months ago

Man, that collar is STURDY.

Shyguy9 - 8 months ago

Glad you like it

Shyguy9 - 8 months ago


TiredCapybara - 8 months ago

Amazing as always! I love the way you do swallowing scenes!

Shyguy9 - 8 months ago

Maybe next time.

Prelude Part 2 Page 5

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Tongue Soft Vore F/F Drool Same Size Bulge Swallowing Shyguy9 Butt Struggling Unwilling Prey Head First Big Belly fan art fishnets Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts fan fiction Alternate Universe Blushing ass shot Katia Managan out of character Rajirra

Contains harsh language, rapid digestion, and adult situations

Commissioned by AD_Pronin. Posted first on my Patreon.

Page 5 of 8. 

Indighost - 8 months ago

Looking great

FML - 8 months ago


Giogon - 8 months ago


P1an3tv0re - 8 months ago

If anything, the producers have a new star of the show~♡

doomed - 8 months ago

Looks like she’s about to be pudge

Prelude Part 2 Page 4

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Comic F/F Commission Cum Vagina Shyguy9 Pre-Vore Fingering fan art Female Prey Female Pred fan fiction Khajiit Nude Female NSFW Katia Managan pussy juices Rajirra

Contains same-size soft vore, harsh language, and rapid digestion

Commissioned by AD_Pronin. Posted first on my Patreon.

Page 4 of 8. 

Fania - 8 months ago

Oh, that was just a perfect comment and I enjoyed it greatly <3

Indighost - 8 months ago

hot stuff, great work

JamKat - 8 months ago


Fania - 8 months ago

I lived, bitch XD

JamKat - 8 months ago :P

Prelude Part 2 Page 3

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Breasts Comic F/F Commission Non-Vore Vagina Shyguy9 Nipples Pre-Vore cunnilingus Licking Oral Sex Fingering fan art fishnets Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts labia fan fiction Alternate Universe Long hair clitoris Nude Female NSFW Katia Managan out of character Rajirra

Contains same-size soft vore, harsh language, rapid digestion, and adult situations

Commissioned by AD_Pronin. Posted first on my Patreon.

Page 3 of 8. 

P1an3tv0re - 8 months ago

You tease us with unbirth and then go straight in for the uno reverse oral vore~

I like where this is going~♡

FML - 8 months ago


Das096 - 8 months ago

I feel like the description is a little late for a content warning lol

Indighost - 8 months ago

Looks great so far.

Indighost - 8 months ago

hot stuff, great work

Frazone - 8 months ago

Honestly this whole thing seems like a trap for Katia. The contest is a great way to pic your most preferd prey and the prize is to meet a successful model in the sketchy part of town.

mibankai1171 - 8 months ago

Cant wait to see more of this! ^_^

JackJackal - 8 months ago

That belly! Rrff!

JadeThePanda - 8 months ago


Nekochow - 8 months ago

This is probably your best work so far, very well made, very sexy.

hiimbad - 8 months ago

Omg I loved part 1 so much I'm hyped for this

zzahs2 - 8 months ago

yoooo i just started reading prequel again

jklq - 8 months ago

Love her! Yeah

Lurker45 - 8 months ago

The magazine is from the first comic as well.

Bunny Girl Sophie

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Dragon Anthro Cute Non-Vore Female Sophie the Dragon Girl Shyguy9 Dragoness Sophie solo tights Heels Playboy Bunny Thick thighs bunny suit SFW makeup fat tail Halloween costume Sexy outfit Hosiery playboy bunny suit

Sophie getting ready to meet up with Durg for the Halloween party.

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a fun and safe night tonight. 

cedricc666 - 8 months ago

She's cute and sexy <3

Vorachist22 - 9 months ago

She’s so adorable.

KattFox - 9 months ago


Bigmackgamer303 - 9 months ago

Man i can only hope that halloween party goes well hopefully no one will simply dissapear

teldar - 9 months ago

Love your art so much, you wouldn't believe...

Pillowfloof - 9 months ago

I may have been wrong about Sophie's costume, but I still say Belinda is dressed like a dildo

Pillowfloof - 9 months ago

I may have been wrong about Sophie's costume, but I still say Belinda is dressed lika a dildo!

reliuskaiser - 9 months ago


Joeycnab - 9 months ago

Damn it... Seeing Sophie in a bun outfit has me melting... I have an addiction to her butt...

KinoTheCat - 9 months ago

what a pair of cuties~ <3