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Long white tail, crystal blue eyes,
Short snow hair, and wolf ears
Staring down into puddle of tears
Only to find a meal worthy of midnight skies
Long black tail, twilight hair
Large kitten ears, and eyes of the aflame
She comes, but never telling a name
It is clear, despite the silence in the air
A soft kiss, before hands muted
Hands first, but rest soon were to follow
A gut once flat, now budged with every swallow
For his hunger, this meal was well suited
It gurgled, and r

A Wolf and A Cat

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: SilentCaseus

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion M/F writing Poem poetry Voretry

Another sonnet! This was isn't as structured!

Edit: Uploaded the wrong file; this one is correct 

SilentCaseus - 1 year ago

Usually sonnets do follow iambic pentameter, but do not have to. As long as the poem contains 14 lines and follows a rhyme scheme, it's a sonnet. Which is odd, given any rhyming 14 line poem can be defined as a sonnet since rhyme schemes do not have to follow a traditional scheme.

Of course, the definition of a sonnet varies. Some definitions require the iambic parameter. Other definitions require a traditional scheme to be used. Yet some, include a certain amount of syllables per line. These can be combined in any way or not.

Due to the nature of creative endeavors, how one defines a sonnet is gong to reflect their style/taste. I like looser definitions as it helps me write, but still adhere to some aspects of stricter versions (giving what is fitting at the time). For some increased structure in poetry is helpful, while for others, it is hindering.

Some people define poems by having a rhyme scheme, yet a haiku is a type of poem that just requires a certain amount syllables per line, no rhyming required. Definitions are never universal, but similarities must be agreed upon.

This has gotten longer than I wanted, so I'm going to stop here.

IvesBentonEaton - 1 year ago

A fine poem, but not, strictly speaking, a sonnet. A sonnet is fourteen lines of iambic pentameter grouped and rhymed in a specific pattern depending on the style of sonnet—

[Sound of smack by rolled up newspaper] Ow!


Yes, a fine poem indeed.

Chameleonette - 1 year ago

Nice work~