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Yo-Kai Watch Halloween - Smogmella

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Halloween spirit Non-Vore Ghost Invalid Tag Smoke Monster girl cloud Mysterious yokai ghost girl Smokey Yo-kai watch Yo-kai yokai watch Halloween 2016 Smogmella smog Halloween 2020

A drawing of Smogmella from Yo-Kai Watch 2. Glad to have this one in color!

Happy Halloween! 

brandon14 - 3 days ago

Now do a vore version of this. Lol

NAACCOUNT101 - 3 days ago

I really like the design of enra enra out of all the new specters that came out of from Yokai Watch 2 3 and 4.

AsterRose3rd - 3 days ago

In a way, this is so ironic and very hilarious to me.

PhantomWolf - 5 days ago

Ah! Kalili is back! And In her rightful place in a belly!

Big Boobed Ghost - Halloween Vore 2019

Uploaded: 6 days ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Breasts Belly Fat Digestion Halloween F/F Plump Bulge F/? Ghost Struggling rpg Monster girl Female Prey Female Pred Big Breasts Big Butt f/multiple Game Over Huge breasts fat pred ghost girl Huge butt Unknown prey Stomach Bulges Multiple Preys fat female fat female pred Halloween 2019 Halloween 2020

Looks like that crazy big boobed ghost managed to catch a big group of people this time...

Anyway, just gonna' post this Halloween picture early.

Happy Halloween! 

Azieru - 8 days ago

Which big lady did it swallow?

Alexander_the_ant - 8 days ago

Ah! these plants! Always enjoyed to watch them in Metal Slug. ^^

sweets - 8 days ago

this is mega hot

bluhmaster17 - 8 days ago

Great work as usual! I wonder if that plant’s got Eri or Fio in there

RPG Game Over - Jack O' Luncher

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Halloween Burp Saliva Grass Monster Sword rpg pumpkin shield Game Over grasslands Happy Halloween Monster Pred tall grass Monster/? burping up objects Pumpkin pred Halloween 2020

Early Happy Halloween, everyone! Just decided to go ahead and color this one up incase my work schedule decided to dry up out of nowhere.

Here's a (now in color) RPG Game Over for the season!

Truth be told, when I first drew this guy up, I went through too many names for this guy.

Jack O' Luncher
Jack O' Muncher
Munchkin (doesn't work, name already for another term)
Gluttony Gourd

Just to name a few.
[ Continued ...

SuiBelly's Pumpkin

Uploaded: 11 days ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Plump Non-Vore Magic witch magical girl pumpkin suibelly Pumpkin Springfield

A drawing of  SuiBelly's witch girl, Pumpkin, that I sketched up a long time ago to use as a base for a series of drawings involving her. 

Mettra - 11 days ago


Slimeman64 - 11 days ago

Glad ya' like this pic!

Suibelly - 11 days ago

Nice! I need to draw her again for Halloween this year!

Azieru - 11 days ago

She always ends up being the best meals for any monster. X3

Valeena from SRMTHFG!

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Evil Non-Vore Black Magic witch magician Goth Disney necromancer magical girl fan art Sorceress Gothic villain magical necromancy black hair Goth girl black dress Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go Valeena

The Evil Sorceress from 'Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force GO!'

I remember that I first drew this one up after going on a SRMTHFG marathon. But since Halloween was around the corner, I decided to go back and color this one up. Not perfect, but hey I'm happy with my spin on the evil villianess.

Of course, it also depresses me that the series story was never finished. But hey, for what they gave us, it was definitely an entertaining ride. 

Slimeman64 - 11 days ago


unknownHavock - 11 days ago

I love seeing fan art for SRMTHFG. It was an extremely creative show.

AsterRose3rd - 12 days ago

This reminds of the lubglubs ya know. From "Adventure Time". Those things were nightmare fuel.

Omega - 12 days ago

Reminiscent of a D&D gibbering mouther.

Suibelly - 2 weeks ago

Very spoopy!

01/02/2017 Triple Flower Meal

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Gulp Plant Plump Bulge Flower Struggling ?/F plant/f rpg Female Prey Game Over eating alive Swallowing whole Plant Monster muffled screaming screaming prey Monster plant

All it takes to become plant food is a botched intuition roll...

...and maybe a few more poor rolls down the line...this was an unlucky group... 

sweets - 2 weeks ago

oh damn i love this pic


Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Plump Maw Monster BBW Trap Card Struggling Tentacle ?/F Yugioh Female Prey yu-gi-oh BBW Prey Big Breasts monster/f blue hair green eyes Monster Pred toothy

Inspired by an old trap card from Yu-gi-oh.

Decided to color this one up for Halloween 2020. 

Slimeman64 - 2 weeks ago

I appreciate the love. :)

Suibelly - 2 weeks ago

I love the wide variety of monsters you always draw!

Miridium - 2 weeks ago

Hey I remember that trap card! Damn it's been almost 20 years now!

Duskthewolfcub - 2 weeks ago

she must've had 500 or less attack points

ReptileKing23 - 11 days ago

BBW's are delicious bruv! Tummies make ya yummy!

Slimeman64 - 2 weeks ago

I just like drawing cartoony pictures of really meaty prey.

As of late, I've been thinking of drawing and coloring more pictures of Julie Butts and her Big, MEATY Butt. :)

Godzillafan1966 - 2 weeks ago

Nothing wrong, just asking.

AustinDR - 2 weeks ago

What's wrong with that? If it's his kink I see nothing wrong here.

Godzillafan1966 - 2 weeks ago

Dude what is it with you and fat people.


Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Alien Non-Vore Female Fanart voluptuous fan art warrior Big Breasts big hips Big Butt Star Sigma Saga Psyme Thicc thicc thighs

Psyme from Star Sigma Saga, drawn in my particular flavor.


VFF217 - 3 weeks ago

Wow! I rarely see Sigma Star Saga art here if at all, nice work!

MisterEbony - 3 weeks ago

I love you. Psyme is sooooo underrated as is the game she is from. Please let her appear more. I beg you.

Big Boobed Ghost - Dead End

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Non-Vore Fatal crushing Ghost Trapped crazy Monster girl huge ass Huge breasts breast crush female victim ghost girl Huge butt boob squish smiling boob crush crushed to death slam

That position for the girl probably wouldn't be so bad if not for the whole 'being-crushed-to-death' thing going on with the ghost girl. 

ReptileKing23 - 3 weeks ago

Bloody hell!

sweets - 3 weeks ago

wonder if a curvy ghost like her would swallow up a girl's spirit after crushing her

cough567 - 3 weeks ago

Dead! I love how happy that ghost looks to end her life.

sweets - 3 weeks ago

Always good to see 2 plump cuties gettin swallowed up by a pair of pods

PhantomWolf - 3 weeks ago

I remember this one! Good to see it in color!

Suibelly - 3 weeks ago

These plants eat better than most predators

Wrap 'N' Catch

Uploaded: 4 weeks ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Tongue Tail Plump Wrap Grass BBW Trap Slurp Long ?/F Big Belly Huge belly Female Prey BBW Prey Big Breasts big hips surprise Red Head vine catch snag Red hair Huge hips grasslands fat prey Hungry Pred tongue wrap tall grass Unknown pred fat female

Looks like something has snagged this tasty bbw. What could have grabbed her? I left it unspecified. 

Azieru - 3 weeks ago

You don't see much of tongue wrapping anymore. Glad to see it hasn't been phased out.

01/17/2020 - Psychic Alien

Uploaded: 4 weeks ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Breasts Alien Non-Vore Big Butt midriff leather boots psychic Energy drain alien girl big brain

Got inspired to draw something like this alien woman after seeing the weird common enemies in the arcade game "Thunder Hoop Returns".

I guess I have a psychic fetish or something. 

Mettra - 3 weeks ago

I love her she looks awesome ^^

VoreWin - 4 weeks ago

She looks rly cool!
Or is she just mind-controlling me to say that? :P

Nibor - 3 weeks ago

Is it me, or does the frog sort of look bemused at the fact that his prey is enjoying herself?

Azieru - 3 weeks ago

She looks to be enjoying every bit of it.

Maexam2 - 3 weeks ago

You know, you should either, make a game or commission someone to do it for you. With all the quality material you have, such as this piece here, I'm sure it would be quite a fun game to play.

Azieru - 4 weeks ago

Violet is looking wonderful as always.

VFF217 - 4 weeks ago

I love Violet, always glad to see more of her.

joeburp22181 - 4 weeks ago

Ohhh, I like this worm woman. I wanna meet her.

Jacquelope - 3 weeks ago

Yum quite a feast

for the eyes, of course!

Suibelly - 4 weeks ago

Of course! I need to be even biggerer!

PhantomWolf - 4 weeks ago

Sui looks delicious!

Firstfate - 4 weeks ago

Bigger is better... or so the saying goes ^_^

Slimeman64 - 4 weeks ago

Glad ya' like! ^_^

Final Fantasy 5 Monster - Skull Eater

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Squirrel Monster Non-Vore Skull Implied Vore Final Fantasy deadly Grey squirrel Final Fantasy V clearly evil skull eater Yeah...this guy will kill you. Behold an unthinkable present.

Yeah...If you played the game, you know EXACTLY what's up with these guys.

This was made as a joke for a friend who played the game some time ago. 

Slimeman64 - 10 days ago

Neato. :)

Omega - 11 days ago

heh-heh. Seems FF was not the only ones with predator squirrels to confound players with.

If I recall right there is a evil space squirrel race in some game series.

And of course one in a game I did some minor design work for even.

Omega - 11 days ago

Final Fantasy V

Mettra - 1 month ago

Huh what game is this guy from

Slimeman64 - 1 month ago

Woah, I did not know that... O_O

Slimeman64 - 1 month ago

For this one, nah. It was originally just this scene.

I might do one later with Hugh as a bulge in a plant stem in the future.

VoreWin - 1 month ago

Will there be a part 3 with *GULP*? :3c

9 Tailed BBW - Full o' Food

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Fat Digestion Kitsune Burp Plump F/? BBW gurgling Gas ninja gurgle Huge belly Kyuubi Female Pred f/multiple Burping Belly bulge Gassy full stomach BBW pred 9 tails Gassy Pred

Been a while since I've drawn my fox BBW.

Apparently, ninja's make for really filling meals.

Although, she probably shouldn't have swallowed their smoke bombs with em... 

DoctorDischord - 1 month ago

Swallowing em with their smoke bombs might not have been the best plan...but I do like the results!

Nemyon - 1 month ago

she looks so lovely and you know, i bet she would be a royal size of meal *lick maw*

AsterRose3rd - 4 weeks ago

Insect preds like this one are underrated. Hope you do more drawings involving insect preds in the future.

Suibelly - 1 month ago

I really like this pred!

Plump Girl Pod Food

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Food Plant Digestion Plump Grass Bulge Trapped Struggling ?/F plant/f Female Prey Big Breasts pod big hips Eaten Alive Swallowed alive pod plant grasslands Eaten Whole tall grass swallowed whole and alive Plump Prey

Went back and colored this pretty old picture (Jan. 29, 2011).

A plump girl that has been swallowed alive by a tight pod plant. Pretty simple premise. 

Giant Frog's rear first gulp

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Frog water Slurp Struggling ?/F Frog Vore Female Prey Frog/F Throat bulge Giant Frog Lilly pad eating alive Rear first

Girl getting gobbled up rear first by a giant frog. 

Aviannapper - 1 month ago

Gulp! =)

Angel - Killer Tomato

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Angel Angelissa Monster Female Pre-Vore fruit ?/F Female Prey monster/f jumping surprise attack tomato winged killer tomato Inanimate predator

Looks like that Killer tomato really wanted to snack on Angel seeing on how high it jumped. 

Angel - 7 days ago

Can't fly safely anywhere these days...

Aviannapper - 1 month ago

Ups... =)

Tayce Tea Buns - Cave Naga

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: F/F Plump Naga Bulge BBW voluptuous Monster girl BBW Prey pink hair Snake girl Throat bulge Huge breasts dark skin Cave naga fat prey Black Woman Tayce Tea Buns ebony skin Willing prey ebony bbw

Tayce T. found a hungry Cave Naga in her travels and decided to donate herself to the hungry snake girl.

...though I wonder if she can even fit inside the Cave Naga? 

Zoekin - 1 month ago

Love the Cave Nagas!

MisterEbony - 1 month ago

If she can said naga will get a nice enhancement.

mirrormind101 - 1 month ago

awesome ^^

Larkspurdiblock - 1 month ago

The world needs more fat Link

Slimeman64 - 1 month ago


r2jed88 - 1 month ago

Just so you know one of the tags is wrong since it says the Pokémon character Misty is in this when she isn’t either way great work not really a bbm or ssbbm person but still really like the art style great work

Naga-ette and Cave Naga - Switched Colors

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Monster Naga Non-Vore Lamia rpg Monster girl Final Fantasy switch chrono trigger Naga-ette Final Fantasy IV Cave naga

Yeah, while working on other things, I randomly looked back on the Naga-ette and Cave Naga and asked, "what if I switch the color scheme?"

So I did. Somewhat. Kinda' interesting. 

mirrormind101 - 1 month ago

Nice work mate, can't say no to some snake gal's ^^

Mettra - 1 month ago

Looks pretty cool

Hugh Gutts - Hearthstone Huge Toad

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Giant Fat Plump Monster Bulge Toad Obese Trapped Struggling ?/M Male Prey Giant Frog Monster/M gigantic eating alive mouthful in mouth fat prey inside mouth BHM Struggling prey BHM prey Hugh Gutts fat male ssbhm ssbhm prey hearthstone Giant Toad

I was watching someone play Hearthstone, when I saw the monster Huge Toad come into play. I looked at the illustration and was immediately inspired to draw this.


Hugh Gutts ending up as a Huge Toad's meal. 

Slimeman64 - 1 month ago

Okay, nevermind. I saw it. ^_^

Well, Hugh is a lot more filling than a little gnome.

Slimeman64 - 1 month ago

Not yet. What's up?

Grand Radical - 1 month ago

Have you seen the golden animation for that card?

ABrinson27 - 1 month ago

I have an imp as well though I never thought of trying to use tail Vore with her

Naga-ette and Cave Naga Extra Colors

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Snake Monster Naga Non-Vore Lamia rpg Monster girl Snake girl Final Fantasy chrono trigger Naga-ette Final Fantasy IV snake monster Cave naga

Just my own personal alternate colors for the first drawing. Ya'll already know how I do.

To be honest, I wanted to post all the different colors of the monster sprite that they both have in the game, however, Cave Naga's alternate species looked a bit...meh, and Naga-ette's alternates just don't exist on the internet, so that idea was abandoned.

Instead, I went with my usual "Yellow Sorceress" coloring method for the Naga-ette and the Cave Naga simply became...
[ Continued ...

Naga-ette and Cave Naga

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Snake Monster Naga Non-Vore Lamia rpg Monster girl Snake girl Final Fantasy chrono trigger Naga-ette Final Fantasy IV snake monster Cave naga

Just drawings of a Naga-ette from Chrono Trigger and a Cave Naga from FF4 that were originally simple sketches until I colored them recently.

I used the sketches to help me draw some pokemonster girls a long time ago. 

Slimeman64 - 1 month ago

Honestly it'd be amusing to see it go the other way around as well.

GrandestBlue - 1 month ago

And then the Cave Naga eats Naga-ette. Such is life.

Aviannapper - 1 month ago

Her tears is so sweet! =)

Frog Leg Slurp

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Frog Saliva Female water Slurp leg kicking ?/F Female Prey Kicking Legs Frog/F Giant Frog savoring eating alive

She still has one leg free. Maybe she can still escape? 

BBW Octopus Tentacle

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Plump BBW sea water octopus Pre-Vore Trapped Struggling Tentacle ?/F Female Prey BBW Prey Big Breasts big hips Big Butt snatch grab catch fat prey fat female

Whoops! She climbed up on the rock to safety, but she failed to get out of octopus' grapple range!

She's about to get 8 up! :P 

Aviannapper - 1 month ago

Really cool scene! Octopus is rare as pred I think.

Estee - 1 month ago

Lucky for the octopus who gets his meal after all. Unlucky for her as she gets to spend her last moments screaming as she digests alive.

BBW Shield Mage - Colors

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Chubby Fat Non-Vore BBW Guardian Magic mage magician Obese Big Belly magical girl Big Breasts guard big hips shield Fat Woman protector Black Woman Gauntlet Defender ebony bbw glove big shield

Yeah, just taking the 1st one and having fun with the colors. Only it'll be just this page because I didn't have as much fun with this one as the winged warrior woman.

And no blank page posting because that was more experimenting on my part (though if you do want me to post one, just ask.).

I guess I just like the random idea of a thick warrior mage woman that casts bomb style magic as a counter or something.

I'm weird. 

Aviannapper - 1 month ago

White wersion is my favorite!

NinjaBiel - 1 month ago

Everyone is strange, and I'm not just referring to the public of this site, I mean all humans, the difference is that some are more than others, that's what I always say and if you really think this is strange, I've seen worse (Sorry if my English is bad, I'm using Google Translator)

01/17/2020 - Winged Warrior Woman Blank

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Non-Vore Wings Bikini Fighter warrior flying Big Breasts Blades enemy helmet bandages armored bikini Angelic Wings Warrior girl warrioress blank colorless Fighter girl Dahna: Megami Tanjou

"So Slimeman, if you were moving away from this character, why are you posting yet another picture of her? And this time, without color?"

Well, a short while ago, an anonymous associate of mine (one who actually watched me work on the drawing) PM'd me back and asked for a blank version the picture to try their own hand at coloring it. You see, much like myself, my associate likes to take time and color pictures recreationally as a form of stress relief. And while that...
[ Continued ...

01/17/2020 - Winged Warrior Woman Special

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Non-Vore Wings Bikini Fighter Goth warrior flying Big Breasts Blades ebony enemy helmet bandages dark skin Black wings armored bikini Black Woman Angelic Wings Goth girl Warrior girl warrioress ebony skin dark wings Fighter girl Dahna: Megami Tanjou

Yeah, decided to do 4 more colors of the winged warrior woman. Of course I had my 'Yellow sorceress' color scheme, but I also added the purple version (cause I think I like dark ladies rockin' purple) and the two dark wing bearers up top. Even though I was curious about a dark lady with black wings, while I was playing around with the colors, I just randomly chose a pale skin color and was like "Dark Pit, lol", so I threw that color in.

Yeah, I think I'm done with fooling...
[ Continued ...

Nemyon - 1 month ago

well i have some tricks for it, normaly i would use some bazookas but i prefer get them down whole and nice ^^

Slimeman64 - 1 month ago

Hope you got wings or some flying ability to chase them down, cause they like to stay aerial.

Or maybe a long range attack, that works.

Nemyon - 1 month ago

delicious looking enemies

01/17/2020 - Winged Warrior Woman Alts.

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Slimeman64

Tags: Non-Vore Wings Bikini Ghost Fighter warrior flying Big Breasts Blades enemy helmet bandages Phantom armored bikini Angelic Wings Warrior girl warrioress Fighter girl Dahna: Megami Tanjou

The alternate colors that the aerial enemy has in the game "Dahna: Megami Tanjou". Yeah, there wasn't much of a difference between different version of this enemy, save for the last one, being the phantom version of the enemy, which was kinda' interesting to do since she needed a more ghostly feel, hince the colored lines.

If you can't tell, I really like going back and doing small things like this from time to time.