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Trying Something New

Uploaded: 2 days ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Non-Vore Facesitting League of Legends ahegao Nude Female Tristana Soraka Yordle Source Filmmaker SFM Steamy Breath

So here's (iteration 3) of my very first attempt at making something in SFM. I've always wanted to learn how to use the software, and a lot of recent events in my life have convinced me that now's finally the time to give it a go.

There will probably be some more SFM posters like this in the future, and even animations once I'm finally proficient enough to start making presentable ones.

And also vore stuff, once I figure out a way to do that. 

HungryAL - 1 day ago

Ooh, looks good!
Can't wait to see what else you manage to make with these new tools at your disposal

    “Y-you cow! You heifer! Let me go this instant!”




! When I get out of here, I’m going to carve out your--!”


Draconatedz - 4 months ago

Wonderful story! You have a nack for flowery descriptive text, I'd love to see more FGO content from you.

123alfonzo123 - 4 months ago

Cute story, you thought of doing other fgo servants as preds that get fat?

like tamamo or nero or BB?

Mari Nom 4

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Plump Weight Gain Dryad Implied Vore Original Character Antlers Deer girl Plump Pred

Part 1 of a commission from  Lapisthegardevoir of my dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl, Mari! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 months ago

She dang cute

Mari Nom 3

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Plump Weight Gain Dryad Implied Vore Original Character Antlers Deer girl Plump Pred

Part 1 of a commission from  Lapisthegardevoir of my dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl, Mari! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 months ago

Aaww so peaceful

Mari Nom 2

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Plump Weight Gain Dryad Implied Vore Original Character Antlers Deer girl Plump Pred

Part 1 of a commission from  Lapisthegardevoir of my dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl, Mari! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 months ago

Such a full tum~

Mari Nom 1

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Plump Weight Gain Dryad Implied Vore Original Character Antlers Deer girl Plump Pred

Part 1 of a commission from  Lapisthegardevoir of my dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl, Mari! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 months ago

Hongry girl

Elise’s chitinous-coated feet echoed loudly against the cracked cobbles, the even that resonant sound was absorbed and engulfed by the sheer size of the chamber she was in. Soon, the clicks of armor on rock were replaced with crunches of gravel, the silence of steps upon web, and then the muted, muffled sounds of footsteps upon ancient stone. Elise descended further and further into the dim earth, her satisfaction and excitement rising with every further step. The spider-woman had many dut

Goat Milking

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Plump Same Size Sex Futanari Bondage Anal Vore Lactation Milking Force Feeding Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Implied Vore webbing unaware pred League of Legends Futa/F Milking Machine Bound Predator Bound Prey Elise mind break Lux Soraka cock milking

Surprise! It’s more Soraka!

She seems to be in a terrible sort of predicament here. All bound and gagged, with her lewd bits plumped up and leaking all over...

How terrible! 

ntgtoowc - 7 months ago

At this point, I'm not sure she could. Mind-altering substances, especially when used so frequently like this, tend to leave one... different.

Smoge16 - 7 months ago

Hehehe. I’m sure Soraka wouldn’t mind that too terribly...

ntgtoowc - 8 months ago

I still feel turnabout is only fair. Who's to say a puddle of milk couldn't cause Elise to slip? And with Soraka's ass hsving just grown and grown and grown, she could most certainly fit her. And then she'd be trapped there, just stuck cumming and cumming...

Smoge16 - 8 months ago

I have indeed thought about it, though I unfortunately can't say I've been very successful with my thinking.

ntgtoowc - 8 months ago

Followup comment- have you ever thought about continuing this scene? Perhaps Elise underestimates how powerful Soraka's gluttony is and gets pulled in herself one day...

la-la-la-loooo, ta-ta-ta—Ooh! What’s that?”
a sprightly little skip, Lulu hopped off her rambling path through
the woods and over to an odd, white object she had seen wiggling
oddly a fair distance away. As she got closer and closer, moving
obscuring branches and leaves out of the way, the white shape was
revealed to have two attached appendages! Finally, Lulu reached her
destination and slowly walked up to her discovery, staring reverently
upwards at what she had

The Yordle and the Lamb

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Fat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Stuffing Same Size Unwilling stuck Force Feeding Unwilling Prey Huge belly lulu Lamb fat pred League of Legends Huge butt Stomach Noises Upset Stomach smaller prey Kindred

Lulu comes across Lamb, somehow inexplicably trapped in a log! The only way to get her out is to make her grow enough to break the wood! Unfortunately, Lulu's ult seems to be on cd...


Behold, a horrible fat-fetish weight gain story! How did Lamb, literally the grim reaper of Runeterra, get stuck in a log? Why can Lulu magically conjure cupcakes? Where is Wolf?

Science just can't explain it.


A fantastic...
[ Continued ...

JackBright - 1 year ago

This was fairly entertaining, and it's always nice to see some extra-large lamb~!

“Dutiful minion, thy goddess’ stomach needs sating!”

Upon hearing those words, a variation of the same phrase that constantly assailed her ears, Kris groaned. As much as she didn’t want to, the girl put down the dishes she was currently washing and trudged annoyedly over into the living room, where the “goddess” demanding her attention ha

Shrine of the Voracious Vixen

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Chubby Fat Digestion F/F Kitsune Plump Weight Gain Stuffing BBW Fatal Implied Vore fat belly fat pred BBW pred Digestion Noises Belly Rubbing chubby pred Struggling prey belly worship lazy pred alliteration Plump Pred

A young woman named Kris encounters a forgotten shrine far in the forest, and quickly becomes intertwined with the desires of its plumpened patron. 

straightup2006 - 1 year ago

That was good, damn I love em thicc.

ThickAsHoney - 1 year ago

Wow, there are a lot of elements of this story that remind me of the vore story I just wrote! Part of me is cranky about this (but of course, that's not your fault, I'm mostly mad at myself for not being original) but the good thing about the similarities is that there are plenty of aspects of this story that really appeal to me. For example, people realizing that vore turns them on because they witness someone else getting eaten is pretty great.

The Head Chef stopped short as his assistant suddenly rushed through the door to the kitchen, slamming it closed behind him with is arms over the door. A sigh escaped from between his lips and below his mustache as he looked over his panicked worker.

“What is wrong inside of ze kitchen?”


Turkey Dinner?

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Weight Gain F/M Same Size gurgling Harpy Silly Implied Digestion Implied Vore Huge belly Burping Bird girl chef Huge butt belly bed Thick thighs Digestion Noises Implied Stuffing Harpy Pred Plump Pred

In the spirit of the season, I present to you: Festive-themed gibberish and general buffoonery.

A.k.a. I had a bad idea and wrote this really fast before the holidays. 

pbysteria - 1 year ago

Very silly and enjoyable. Overstuffed harpys fit well in the thanksgiving spirit.

derpyspacewhale - 1 year ago

“Haah, haah, haah… F-five! Six! Haaaah… Seeeev-”

Panting with exhaustion, Poppy flopped back to the floor, her head thumping lightly against the padded mat below her.

“That’s… enough… for today.” She wheezed, chest rising and falling in time with her loud breaths. The jog had been torturous. Pushups proved to be physically impossible, thanks to her new… rotundity. Yoga and simple st

Snake Vs. Snack

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Plump Weight Gain Breast Expansion Lamia Licking Sweat Implied Digestion Unwilling Pred Huge belly smaller pred tasting snake woman teasing fat pred League of Legends fat prey Sweating Cassiopeia Poppy Yordle shortstack smaller prey CYOA alternate ending oblivious prey

Poppy vs. Cassiopeia, battle royale! Except, without all of the meme dances.

Similarly to one of my older stories, this one also has a branching path in it! Both of the endings are marked with a line and a title. You are in control of your own destiny!

(Or, in this case, Poppy's destiny...) 

cocacooler - 1 year ago

Lovely little snek. I mean snack. I mean.. good story : )

OpenLive00 - 1 year ago

Excellent read~! Is it weird that I could almost taste Poppy when you were describing Cassio eating her? I'll just chalk it up to your amazing descriptive language~


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Non-Vore Deer Dryad hooves Original Character Digitigrade Antlers Deer girl

Another OC! Amazing!

Commissioned from the fantastic  EerieViolet! Go check out their art; Seriously, they rock.

Mari is a happy-go-lucky dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl! She's very curious, extremely friendly, quite oblivious, and very, very gluttonous.  

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago


“Uhm, Trist, are you sure about this?”

“Of course, I am! This is gonna be a blast!”

“Yeah Poppy, don’t worry so much! Someone so purple could never be un-fun!”


Girl's Night

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Weight Gain Sex Cock Vore Futanari Anal Vore Growth Sweat Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Oral Sex Cum Digestion Huge belly lulu excessive cum League of Legends Futa/F Vaginal sex Tristana Poppy Soraka Multiple Preys Futa/FFF

A commission from  ErRynArya featuring Soraka, Tristana, Poppy, and Lulu from League of Legends!

Get ready for a whole lot of purple. 

AndAnotherOne - 1 year ago

Fuck yeah futa raka returns!

ErRynArya - 1 year ago

Not purple enough tbh, might need to throw in Kai'Sa and human Rek'Sai later xD

The synthetic-sweet scent of the pale amber lube began to slowly permeate the room as Leona poured it from its little bottle. A glistening stream of ochre liquid flowed smoothly from the open cap of the small bottle, fell a brief distance through the air, and splashed onto Leona’s massive, throbbing girlcock. The slippery liquid made the surface of her cock tingle as it slowly spread over her member, coating in in a glistening amber layer and drippi

How to Splooge Your Mate

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Sex Cock Vore Futanari Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Oral Sex Wolf girl Cum Digestion Size difference cum inflation Original Character excessive cum taunting Leona League of Legends Futa/F Vaginal sex Cruel Pred exhaustion Er'Ryn

A commission for  ErRynArya featuring their character, Er'Ryn, and Leona from League of Legends having some fun together!

Well, one might have a little more fun than the other... 

Tethys - 1 year ago

I normally try to provide constructive criticism but for now I'm instead going to say everything you post is solid bloody gold. You avoid repetitive word choices quite well, with only the occasional close reuses. Your grammar is consistently good. You balance descriptions across senses and across external vs. internal information.

Any time I'm browsing idly and something of yours comes up, I know I'll enjoy it. So, in broad terms, uh, thanks for writing what you do, personal and commissioned.

AndAnotherOne - 1 year ago


ErRynArya - 1 year ago

My mates really love to kill me ;n; I think love is hazardous to my health


The tremendous, nearly-deafening belch reverberated off the rocks and rattled the leaves on their branches, a stark contrast to the girlish laughter that followed.

“Ooh, that was a good one! These humans sure do make my tummy rumbly! Hehe!”


Growing Forest Guardian

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Fat Expansion Digestion F/F Weight Gain Stuffing Dryad Growth feeding Implied Vore Huge belly Size difference Original Character f/multiple Burping Mini Giantess fat pred Deer girl stump size growth tube feeding Nonchalant Pred

Mari gets large. Very large.

Is this even her final form?

Fun fact: This story was actually written before the other one 

ntgtoowc - 1 year ago

I will beg if you need me to. You can't just make a story with stuffing, belches, a thicc pred and THEN tease object vore and never give out a result.

Smoge16 - 1 year ago


ntgtoowc - 1 year ago

You're gonna do more, right? Cuz this is some greaaaat stuff.

Tethys - 1 year ago

Unrepentant gluttony/stuffing, reveling in weight gain, rapid digestion, and the writing to deliver it well? Eeeexcellent.

“Uhh, hello?”

Mari’s ears quickly perked up and the dryad girl turned her head to look at who had spoken to her, though she didn’t move from her position halfway inside of the fridge.

“Hey! Is this your house?”


Home Invasion

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Eating Oral Vore Human Chubby Weight Gain Stuffing F/M Dryad feeding Sleeping Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Huge belly Original Character feedee Digitigrade feeder Dialogue Deer girl Nature spirit Nonchalant Pred Feeder prey

A curious and very hungry dryad/nature spirit/deer girl breaks into a home.


Surprise, another OC! Details are still being ironed out for her. 

joeburp22181 - 1 year ago

That's cute. I loved the woman's personality. Wouldn't mind seeing more of that! So casual and bubbly as she was about the whole event~

cowbackwards - 1 year ago

I really love how you write digestion. Its just descriptive enough without being graphic and I really enjoy your word choice.
I also adore your descriptions of weight gain. You make your characters sound so soft and jiggly.
Really good work. Keep it up.


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Commission Non-Vore Chimera gift art Spider girl hat Original Character antennae sundress Insect Girl

Its my spider-insect-chimera-y girl, Isadora Weiss! Ain't she cute?

This piece was commissioned by a good friend as a gift for me! The art was done by the fantastic  Lapisthegardevoir! Seriously, go check out their stuff! 

derpyspacewhale - 1 year ago

best spode

Pkmnguy6262 - 1 year ago

She looks very cute indeed. I like her<3.

ThatBrassyGuy - 1 year ago

Wow, that design is really good.

“Ungh… Nnf… I’m gonna cuuuuum~!”

With a final meaty slap, Soraka smashed her hips against Tristana’s jiggly rump and let loose another gooey load of celestial-spunk. Her massive, engorged purple horsecock twitched and let loose the creamy payload deep into Tristana’s tummy, bloating the little yordle’s distended blue belly even larger with yet another gallon of Sor

Astral Infusion

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Sex Cock Vore Futanari Fatal Growth Sweat Implied Digestion Anal Sex Cum Digestion Cock Growth cum inflation excessive cum cumgestion League of Legends Futa/F Futa pred Tristana Soraka shortstack horny pred fucked silly Balls expansion cum filled

Soraka and Tristana (and technically Poppy) have some very lewd, very sticky, very gooey times in the bedroom.

I barely resisted making a pun in the title. 

AndAnotherOne - 1 year ago

Ahh alright. I'll just wait then. Wish you luck in finding the time!

Smoge16 - 1 year ago

There will be more to it... eventually :P

It's been sitting half-finished on my hard drive forever. Other things just keep coming up constantly, and it's been harder to find time to write lately.

AndAnotherOne - 1 year ago

Fun! While on the subject, will that one come back with a third installment or is it done? If I was able to give you money for it I would, but I'm broke as hell.

Smoge16 - 1 year ago

Nope, this story is just a separate one-off thing!

AndAnotherOne - 1 year ago

Is this the same Futa Raka from the stories with Ahri Riven and Akali or a new Futa Raka?

The first students began to trickle into the classroom around fifteen minutes before the bell rang. Fiddlesticks strutted his way inside and plunked down into his seat, followed soon after by Malzahar and Ashe. For a time they sat in a sort of awkward silence, until around five minutes before the bell when the rest of the class began to finally flood into the room. Row after row of bored, tired-looking faces gradually filled the seats, until nearly every

Smoge16 - 1 year ago

I'm in a discord server for League of Legends vore writers that holds weekly contests!

Kurczak48 - 1 year ago

Oh niiiiice~! I have one-two 'buts' though.(Except minor mistakes)
Specifically, the vore scene itself. And to be more precise, the time when Ahri's butt should hit the seat is the one I find lacking. Like, at first she leaped over Lux and slurped up everything above elbow, then descended over her and then...? I guess she started to suck the rest of Light Mage in, but it's a guess, and I don't even know her position at this point.
Asides from that, job well done! And special token for making Ahri AV. I love these and yet there barely are any...

Deleteduser89324b - 1 year ago

What contest?

“Mmh… Mmff… Mmff!”

“Ohh, did you like that, little Luxxy? Did I make you

Lux let out another needful moan around the gag in her mouth, writhing and wriggling as best she could with her arms and legs tied down.

NinjaNomer - 1 year ago

Excellent work, would have loved to have seen more Fiora struggle and going down but still great.

HungryAL - 1 year ago

"Before she had the chance to feed her a few more times"

Oh man, that gets me excited. Lux makes the perfect unaware/unwilling pred as far as im concerned.

Keep up the awesome work!

“Alfred, bring that torch over here and take a look at this!”

The flickering lights on the tomb walls grew brighter as Assistant Professor Alfred approached his mentor, Dr. Pettigrew, eager to get a look at what the man had found. The pair had recently uncovered an absolutely fascinating old tomb, deep in the heart of the desert. By pure chance, a sandstorm had

Buried for a Reason

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain F/M Goddess explorer God flashback golden Feathers worship Unwilling Prey Semi-willing Size difference Priest egyptian poison Priestess gray skin Multiple Preys

Raiding an ancient temple and finding hieroglyphs detailing the exact downfall of the society that created it? What could possibly go wrong?!

This was heavily inspired by a picture I saw on deviantart, which I have sadly lost the link to and am unable to find presently. I am not affiliated with the artist in any way. I was only inspired by the art to write about a pred with a similar appearance. 

saintheartwing - 1 year ago

Always good to see you posting again! Nicely done! :)

A strong hand thumped against the wall above her head and Na’ari flinched in response. The diminutive, purple-skinned elf was already horribly intimidated by the massive lightforged standing over her, and the woman’s state of undress was doing nothing to help the situation. Being a founding member of the new ambassador program was difficult, but she had never expected to be thrust into a situation like this!

Perv404 - 1 year ago

More please. More Draenei churning others into cum. <3

AndAnotherOne - 1 year ago

Dude, have Thalyssra eat Tyrande. That bitch causes too many problems and I honestly think Azeroth could do without her, Illidan's final words be damned. Thalyssra fought for her people's freedom and is still fighting to make the Nightborne the respectable people they were a thousand yesterday ago. What does Tyrande do? Insult Thalyssra to her face and turn her back on her ancestors and sister race while also doing nothing but cry and mourn her losses and not bothering to do anything to remedy then.

Forstand - 1 year ago

This was hot, nice work

Scarlet - 1 year ago

Cum digestion and Night elf prey, you are my new favourite.

derpyspacewhale - 1 year ago

Cringle the spingle

As Kaiti stepped into the shadowed confessional booth and shut the door behind herself, she found the room to be dimly lit by only a collection of the ever-present and seemingly ever-dripping crimson candles. Inside the confessional, the cloying humidity that had permeated the chapel became almost overpowering. The girl stood stock-still in the darkness, uneasily toying with the edges of her skirt until her eyes finally adjusted to the gloom. The interior

The Confessional

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Succubus Disguise Demon Weight Gain Cum Futanari Blowjob Sweat church Oral Sex Human Prey Demon pred Female Pred lingerie nun deepthroat F/Futa Fast Digestion Weight-gain Willing prey nun pred

A lost girl finds herself in an odd church, spilling her heart out to a kindly nun with an odd glimmer in her eye...


I quite like Eloisa, so she may turn into a bit of a recurring character in the future! I also used Google Translate for the French, so hopefully it's not horribly mangled.

Lastly, expect a few more stories to be uploaded in the days to come! 

Forstand - 2 years ago

Love it! More Eloisa would be awesome!

Seapriap - 2 years ago

For the French sentence I'd suggest "Fonds avec moi" if you want to say "Merge with me" or "Fonds dans moi" if you want to say "Melt inside me". If you want to get it into the near future I'd say "Va fondre avec/dans moi". Neither English nor French are my mother tongue but I think I could help anyway :D

Graywolf18 - 2 years ago

Cock-hungry demon-nun. Yes please. Totes worth the eternal damnation. <3

Kayle strained against her manacles for the umpteenth time, pulling against the iron cuffs with all the might and leverage she could muster. Her wrists had begun to chafe against the metal and seep blood down her arms, but she paid the pain no heed. Ever since she had awoken, stripped of her armor, weaponry, and even clothing, she had done naught but attempt to force herself to freedom. Whoever had done this would pay dearly, the full wrath of her fiery j

Angel Foodcake

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Weight Gain Stuffing Breast Expansion Non-Vore Lactation feeding Milking captured Belly rubs Huge belly sisters Breast Milk Breast Feeding League of Legends Morgana Stomach Noises Kayle

A 'lil story where Kayle gets stuffed silly by her sister, Morgana, and finds herself quite enjoying experience.

Stuffing was my main thing before I found vore, and its nice to revisit it once in a while. Even though I don't read or write it as often as vore, I reaaaaaaally loved writing this one, and I hope you will enjoy reading it just as much!

Shoutouts to my anonymous helper for finding all of my silly typos and assisting with the creative process! 

AndAnotherOne - 2 years ago

Aww why did it end? There will be more for these two right? I hope so!

Znonymous - 2 years ago

This was a lota fun. Great work on it, and its nice to see they both enjoyed it so much.

Hell hope you do a secound part.She's really getting into it.

derpyspacewhale - 2 years ago

:b: enis


With the last swing of Kaho’s leaf, another bruised, battered, and thoroughly-sorry imp was sent flying back into the undergrowth. The little mischief-makers had been attacking her all day with their poisonous bombs, but after this last one was sent reeling, Kaho finally believed she would be free of their harassment.


Momodora: Reverie Inside the Demon's Belly

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Demon Demoness fighting Unwilling Prey internals Priest Paralysis Belly bulge demon girl Priestess Insect Girl Edea centipede girl Momodora Kaho Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight Arthropod Demon Edea

Shazam! A story!

This one's really short and sweet. Just a quick battle and vore sequence staring Kaho and Edea, protagonist and first boss, respectively, of a fantastic little game called Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight.

I highly recommend it if you are a fan of metroidvanias, or of 2D Dark Souls-esque games. I picked it up on a steam sale a while back and had a blast playing!

For those familiar with the game: Lubella is probably the most...
[ Continued ...

OhSevenTen - 2 years ago

Momodora is such a great game! Glad to see vore content revolving around it! Great story!

MotherOfMonsters - 2 years ago

Wait, Momodora vore? Whaaaaaaaaaaat? This is awesome, I love it!~