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“Look Q’leta, I’m just saying, this has been our fifth attempt today, and we haven’t even gotten Ramuh down to half health!”
“Yeah? Well, so what! We can just keep trying until we beat him! There’s no reason to get all worked up over a few wipes!”
O’raha stamped her foot to the ground and glared at the other Miqo’te.
“It’s been more than a few wipes, Q’leta! It’s been week after week of no progress at all!”

Fat Cat Wipes a Raid

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain gluttony f/multiple Viera Raider Digestion Noises chubby prey chubby pred Miqo'te lalafell Miqo'te Pred FFXIV Hyur Multiple Preys Au Ra Elezen gluttonous pred

O'raha Runja's triumphant(?) return! This time, she's the leader of a static group that, uh...

Well, they exist I guess.

But not for long >:)

A commission for  cowbackwards! O'raha Runja also belongs to them! 

biscuitman - 9 days ago

Also makes me enjoy playing ff14

biscuitman - 9 days ago

I like this, makes me wish there was a comic and I like to think they all just respawned somewhere else, and this repeats with them again. great story.

Resileaf - 10 days ago

That miqo'te is quickly turning into a fave. :D Hopefully more of her adventures will return!

May stood watching proudly as her partner, Marill splashed about happily in the small kiddie pool she had filled up for her. The blue mouse seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit. She stood and watched for a little while until her attention was called away by the sound of her other Pokémon, Torchic shouting angrily as she was being chased by her Poocheyena. May rolled her eyes at the sight. Those two would never get along. Poocheyena didn’t stop chasing Torchic until he managed t

Mysteries of The Mirage Island

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Pokemon May Weight Gain Stuffing Breast Expansion Non-Vore Lactation juice Licking Sweat Oral Sex berries berry Sweating Brendan


I was asked to upload this story by a very good friend of mine. This story was their half of a... trade? Contest? Challenge? Not really sure what to call it, but anyhoo! They don't have an account on here, so they asked me to upload it in their stead! I hope you'll all enjoy it, and the author does as well! 

Resileaf - 13 days ago

That was a very fun read, loved the process of getting so *juicy*! I find myself wondering what exactly would have happened if Brendan had eaten one, but it was very satisfying. :D

Overfed Support

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion F/? Post-Vore Sweat Implied Vore Confused Pred Blushing first time League of Legends Digestion Noises Soraka accidental pred shaking pleasured pred first time pred

Before we get to the horny, I wanna give a thanks to  Boondoggle for all their help with this!


Soraka fell back into one hand, trembling beneath the immense pressure of the sensations assaulting her body. A full moment later, her swollen, sloshy gut followed suit. The sweat-slicked blob of purple belly wobbled slowly to a stop, a hefty portion of it oozing down between her thighs in a manner more akin to a...
[ Continued ...

Frankkita - 2 weeks ago


                The gentle summer wind whispered through the fields of grass. Within the barn, the lone structure yet standing in the war-torn fields, Lamb rested upon a pile of hay. The snow-furred huntress, death incarnate, lay with her hands crossed over her stomach. Expression inscrutable behind her ebony mask, the huntress lay silently upon her back, content to watch the clouds pass by. Yesterday, this farmland had b

A Lamb's First Prey

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Wolf Digestion Weight Gain F/? Fatal Masturbation Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred Full Belly Lamb teleportation vore Onomatopoeia slow digestion first time League of Legends Digestion Noises unwilling to willing Painfully Full portal vore Kindred humping belly first time pred Time lapse

Lamb, in a moment of repose while Wolf chases his prey, suddenly finds herself with a whole person squirming away inside her belly. Though she is definitely a hunter, she's no carnivore. The girl's poor tummy has no experience even digesting food in general, let alone a whole person-sized hunk of rare meat!

It's gonna be a long, gurgly few days... 

Tsavo - 4 days ago

Easily one of my favorite stories I've ever read on the Portal.

Smoge16 - 3 weeks ago

Many thanks!

NarsisTheDragon - 3 weeks ago

Setting the bar pretty high. This is on a whole other level, you've done an outstanding job!

Boondoggle - 4 weeks ago

This is FANTASTIC. Probably the best Kindred story on here.

StufferVore - 1 month ago

That was honestly one of the best Lamb stories I've read, you did an amazing job on this ^^

            Lamb sighed, patting her engorged stomach and rubbing gently as it sloshed messily with every step she took. Barely squeezed into the skin-tight orange suit that made up the bulk of her Su

Thrill of the Hunt

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion F/? Fatal Struggling Lamb League of Legends Kindred Super Galaxy kindred

Lil' story I did to accompany a lovely picture of Super Galaxy Kindred working through her latest meal, drawn by the excellent  JackHereTheRealOne

I was actually supposed to upload this...

*Checks watch*

Four days ago. But I forgot to. Oops.

Anyhoo, go check out the fantastic art piece that this story goes with here:

The story is also in the description of that...
[ Continued ...

Frankkita - 1 month ago

so godo

                You gasp for breath as the pressure suddenly, blissfully lifts away from your head. Blinking blearily, your eyes try to focus as the air rushes into your lungs. Gradually, your vision returns properly, giving you an excellent view of the huge, gray-skinned ass hovering just above your face. A thick tail, tipped with a spade and composed of some sort of inky substance, waves and curls lazily above the two p

A Throne for an Imp

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: POV Digestion Weight Gain F/? Fatal Imp Sweat face sitting Facesitting sweaty taunting Onomatopoeia Huge butt Digestion Noises F/POV Second Person POV Mean pred sweaty ass F/reader 2nd Person

2nd person POV story with my shortstack imp gal, Nil.

Evil demon midget digests your lover and sits on your face 

Unland445 - 1 month ago

Before reading this, I thought that Mari was my favorite character of yours. And while the little deer nymph girl is still as adorable as heck and I love the way you write her, I think Nil is now number one~. She's a big fat meanie who gets what she wants.

Also, reading the tags 'Sweat sweaty sweaty ass' is hilarious and I don't care if it sounds stupid~

TanookiBoy12 - 1 month ago

This is so amazing!

Frankkita - 1 month ago

I love this

                The air stank of fel. Despite the Legion’s ultimate defeat on the distant surface of Argus, the scars of their occupation yet lingered. Blackened earth webbed with jagged cracks stretched as far as the eye could see. Sharp, unnatural rock formations jutted into the sky, the remnants of the island’s former landscape that the Legion had twisted and crushed beneath their demonic heel. Far off upon

By Draenei Be Driven

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Demon Weight Gain draenei World of Warcraft Mass Vore f/multiple Eredar Multiple Preys lightforged Clothes Bursting

A lil thing I did for  AlwaysHungry as thanks for helping me out a while back.

After the fall of the Legion, the valiant Lightforged warrior Bellamona is ready to purge the corruption of the Broken Shore.

And by "purge" I mean "digest", and by "corruption" I mean "all of the tasty demon girls" 

Smoge16 - 1 month ago

Thankya! Fat is a lot of fun to write

EmissaryOfRainbows - 1 month ago

This is great, excellent job with describing her fat in particular

AlwaysHungry - 1 month ago

I think you perfectly captured Bellamona's voraciousness with this piece! Thanks again!!!

An Impish Display

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Breasts Chubby Plump Demon Non-Vore Cherry Demoness Imp flashing shortstack shirtlift

My first real go at shading something! Still a lot to learn and a lot of weird kinks to work out with the process, but I think it turned out pretty well!

The character is  JackHereTheRealOne's imp girl, Cherry! She's just kind of hangin' around and showing off her tiddies.

Don't ask me whats up with the pose, cause I lost track of where it was goin too. 

Smoge16 - 1 month ago

I've been using the Blend tool in CSP set to Blur

Lawnmoverman - 1 month ago

Quite well. But how do you make such smooth transitions between shades. What tool are you using?

ScornfulStomach - 1 month ago

Aw, she's cute!

Frankkita - 1 month ago

She's rlly cute. Ur getting rlly good at drawing bro :)

Mari leaned back with a contented sigh that quickly devolved into a ribald belch. 
“Oof! That was goo-o-ood! What’s up next?”
Jill swallowed the dryness in her throat and turned away from the massively engorged deer girl, surveying what was left of the buffet of food behind her. Spatterings of sauce and crumbs adorned the metal surface of the bar, the contents of each tray having been licked clean by the ravenous cervidae girl behind her. Stiffly, Jill took a step forward

The Customer is Always Ravenous

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Fat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Stuffing BBW Fatal Deer Unwilling Dryad Unwilling Prey Implied Vore F/FF Huge belly SSBBW Original Character f/multiple Onomatopoeia fat pred Deer girl Digestion Noises Multiple Preys greedy pred

Extremely vaguely inspired by a real event that happened a mile or so from where I live.

Mari visits a local buffet! They really should reconsider advertising as "all you can eat" when there are patrons who can and will take that literally.

Also, I want to give a huge thanks to  cowbackwards, @solodots, and @TweetDevourer for helping me out by reading this early and giving feedback! Your comments, suggestions, and criticisms have all really helped me...
[ Continued ...

Smoge16 - 1 month ago

A deer somehow got into the middle of the city, crashed through a glass window of a restaurant, and just started having a grand ol' time in there.

UnreliableKnight - 1 month ago

Nicely done... but what real event inspired this???

Unland445 - 1 month ago

I wonder If anyone just tried asking Mari really nicely not to eat them...I mean it probably wouldn’t work but still~

Great story, I love it when you write about your deer girl!

“What did you do?”
“Nothing! It wasn’t our fault this time!” returned the trio of demons known as Cerberus.
“Then why am I getting court summons from hell?”
“Modeus! She’s causing all of the problems!”
The Helltaker raised an eyebrow above his sunglasses and folded his arms across his wide chest.
“Modeus is causing us to be sued by hell?”
“Yeah!” Chimed in all three of them at once, “Okay, so it all started

More Modeus

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion F/F Demon Weight Gain intestines justice f/multiple Cerberus Belly bulge teleportation vore fat pred Multiple Preys Helltaker Cerberus the Triple Demon Modeus Modeus the Lustful Demon Justice the Awesome Demon

A quick little vignette done for  cowbackwards

What would happen if Modeus discovered the internet and it's vast array of kinks and fetishes?

This would happen. 

fleshlord - 1 month ago

r o t a t e

Smoge16 - 1 month ago

Many thanks! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story!

And. I can't not hear that video when I look at your profile picture.

fleshlord - 1 month ago

yes yes good!!! modeus is very good, solid a-tier girl

the thorough descriptions and use of onomatopoeia were really great as well! i'm lov this

Fat Deer is now Here

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Fat Non-Vore Dryad Big Belly Original Character fat belly Antlers Deer girl belly grab

I drew up another pic of my deer gal, Mari. She seems to be quite enjoying that big ol' doughy gut of hers.

Working my way up to trying out fully shading something again. I already have a picture waiting for it, but need more practice, so for now have this teensy bit of color blending. 

Smoge16 - 1 month ago

Much Chonk

Audax - 1 month ago


DoctorDischord - 1 month ago

Such a soft looking gut! I just wanna knead it

Frankkita - 1 month ago

Squishy pillow !

Smoge16 - 1 month ago

Meeee too


Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Belly Digestion Bulge F/? Implied Vore smaller pred larger prey League of Legends Digestion Noises Tristana Laying on belly Yordle shortstack smug pred

A very smug Tristana lounges atop her latest meal. 

Frankkita - 1 month ago

Bean bag belly

DoctorDischord - 2 months ago

This is good stuff! Love smol preds

Azoon - 2 months ago

Damn this looks like a BleedingStalker pic.

                “Paaaatchyyy~! Lady Sakuya sent me down with some more leftovers for youuu~!”
                The purple-robed sorceress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion grimaced as her assistant’s words split the silence of the library. Sighing, she flipped her bookmark onto her current page and snapped the dusty tome shut. With some

StygianSkies - 2 months ago

The teasing here is a real delight. A slightly reluctant pred falling into hedonism is also top-tier

DimentedChaos - 2 months ago

Gotta say, you managed to cram a lot of juicy stuff into this short piece. Koa makes a good bully, but I especially like how you display Patchy's shameless gluttony here. Really spectacular work, I'd love to see more of this kind of stuff.

PimpDaddyPichu - 2 months ago

You did a superb job capturing one of my favorite dynamics between Patchy and Koakuma! Super good job my dude!

ItsSongxing - 2 months ago

As a couple others said, great work on the dynamic! You did a fantastic job with Koakuma as a bully and a tease, especially.

colemercer - 2 months ago

Good story my friend i hope make more of touhou

Pd:sensei from aw saga




! How’d


enjoy yer first day in Azeroth!”


Startled from her gawping and

Draenic Digestion

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion Elf F/F Weight Gain Stuffing Lactation Troll orc tauren dwarf draenei Unwilling Prey World of Warcraft Huge belly intestines Mass Vore Night elf f/multiple waitress Elf prey fat prey Stomach Noises Multiple Preys dwarf prey Draenei Pred orc prey gluttonous pred waitress prey tauren prey Troll prey Clothes Bursting dark iron dwarf

A private comm I did for  cowbackwards for their birthday!

Valrea the draenei is enjoying her first day in Azeroth, and what better way to cap off the occasion with a feast! Just be careful to let her know where the feast ends and the patrons begin. Goats are famous for being too picky about what they eat, you know... 

Smoge16 - 2 months ago

Thanks! Stuff like that is a lotta fun to write

Azoon - 2 months ago

Somehow you manage to make your intestine description better each time. Love your stories, keep up the good work.

            The goddamned lipstick wouldn’t come off.

            Nearly half an hour of scrubbing, and nothing to show for her efforts but reddened skin and an unhealthy amount of frustration. Alice snarled in annoyance and tossed the brush disdainfully over her shoulder, where it clanked about in the bathtub before finall

Black Impulse

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Slime Digestion F/F Demon Weight Gain Fatal Anal Vore Demoness Masturbation Imp Unwilling Prey smaller pred goop Female Prey Original Character taunting Corruption bodysuit shortstack Mean pred shortstack pred Unwilling to semi-willing prey

Alice Lappland wakes up after a night of drinking and debauchery, unsure of what exactly happened. Her only clue? A series of blackish smooch marks that refuse to wipe off, and... Wait. Are they getting bigger...?


At last, a story featuring my devious little demon gal, Nil! It's been a while since I got that reference commissioned, and even longer since I first came up with her (the first part of this story was written in 2018), but there's fiiiinally a...
[ Continued ...

Thicket does a Gulp

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Same Size Swallowing F/? freckles Big Belly Original Character abdomen cricket bug girl Insect Girl Closed Eyes hand in mouth Cricket girl

Done for my buddy Drumstyx! It's his super-thick cricket gal, Thicket! 

DoctorDischord - 3 months ago

Bug gals are the best!

                “Ready for another one, Pops~?”

                Several feet away, pinned beneath the weight of her monstrously bloated gut, mouth filled with the last remaining gulp of her still-squirming meal, Poppy hummed in response. Tipping her head back, she swallowed down

A Yordle's Growing Gluttony

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Fatal feeding Force Feeding Unwilling Prey Unwilling Pred gluttony Mass Vore f/multiple forced vore Onomatopoeia fat pred League of Legends Bound Prey fat prey Accidental vore Vayne unwilling to willing belly groping Multiple Preys gluttonous pred

Tristana has recently discovered that eating people is quite the (ful)filling experience, and what better way to enjoy herself than practicing her new hobby with a friend?

Just, uh. Be careful. Poppy's got a habit of getting way too into things... 

pbysteria - 4 months ago

Her belly shrinking after burps is a very nice detail.

Azoon - 4 months ago

Nice, keep it up!

Doughier Deer

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Fat Digestion Weight Gain F/? Dryad Implied Vore Big Belly Big Breasts Original Character fat pred Antlers Deer girl Licking Lips Digestion Noises Stomach Bulges

Look's like Mari's been eating well since the last picture.


Maybe a little... too well...


First time trying to draw something big and fat! Let me know what you think/what I can improve on! 

G0DF1RE - 3 months ago

seems like vore this time

F1reDem0n - 4 months ago

Big fat Deer I'd love to snuggle up with. >3>

DoctorDischord - 4 months ago

Too well? Naaah...looks like she’s had just enough~!

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 months ago

Very squishy! I want to snuggle her <3

Doughy Deer

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Plump Non-Vore Dryad Original Character Antlers Deer girl

I have attempted to create an art. Something I literally didn't think I could do for the majority of my life.

I'm very pleased with this. 

DoctorDischord - 4 months ago


Smoge16 - 4 months ago

Thank you very much! She is quite the cutie, isn’t she?

DoctorDischord - 4 months ago

This is pretty darn good for something you thought you couldn’t do! I say you deserve to be pleased with this, because it’s adorable!









Kai Eats the Mall

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Stuffing Fatal gluttony Mass Vore Red panda f/multiple Burping Object Vore fat pred stretch marks chubby pred gluttonous pred Clothes Bursting red panda pred

A little bit of a fan story I did for  ScoiIpedes!

Features what happens when their red panda 'sona, Kai, lets their appetite go unchecked! 

ItsSongxing - 5 months ago

A wonderful show of gluttony, if I do say so myself!

ifdre - 5 months ago

Are the people eaten at food court already digested?

Nil Reference

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Slime Chubby Demon Non-Vore Reference gooey Imp Original Character sharp teeth shortstack grey skin Demon Tail slime hair

Behold! Yet another character?!

This devious little gal is named Nil! She's a imp of the gooey and shortstack variety. Careful though. She's got a bit of a... mean streak...

Art done by the wonderful pasteldaemon over on twitter! Link to their page below! 

DoctorDischord - 3 months ago

She’s such a cutie!

Ouroboros 95 - 5 months ago

Oooh. Can’t wait to see her in one of your stories.

                “Hehe! Thought you could escape the big bad wolf, huh?






Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Dia?

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Fat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Fatal Masturbation F/FF F/FFF gluttony intestines Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Alternate Universe Digestion Noises Belly Rubbing Laying on belly Multiple Preys Willing prey gluttonous pred love live sunshine Clothes Bursting Riko Sakurauchi dia kurosawa

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Dia? Not Princess Riko, for sure! In fact, her reaction is veeeery far from fear...

A commission for  cowbackwards, gotten as a gift for  RawBerry! Go check both of em' out and enjoy the excellent art and writing! 

Rawberry - 5 months ago

THIS WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD... I'm absolutely in awe afdsgvdfh I LOVE your use of imagery and all of the little details in the fic... they're also both very in character and it's just. SO. GOOD........... Thank u for writing this... I'm def gonna have to draw some Beeg Wolf soon....

O’raha Runja didn’t even need to finish reading the flyer to know she was in. The Miqo'te gladiator tore the paper from its nail and rushed her way to coliseum, elbowing both merchants and their customers out of the way and nearly trampling a poor Lalafellin shopkeeper in her mad dash. Once inside, the fiery Miqo'te strode up to the registration desk and slammed the flyer down before the attendant. The Midlander looked startled for a moment, but quickly recovered and even flashed a g

O'raha's Buffet Royale

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Fat Digestion F/F Weight Gain F/M Same Size Fatal gladiator Unwilling Prey gluttony Huge belly intestines Mass Vore Female Pred Combat Original Character f/multiple final fantasy XIV Digestion Noises Miqo'te Miqo'te Pred FFXIV SSbbw pred Multiple Preys Extreme weight gain gluttonous pred Multiple prey

O'raha Runja, Miqo'te gladiator extraordinaire, enters a battle-royale match in Ul'dah's infamous Bloodsands in hopes of making it big and living large. She has no idea just how literally those goals will be met...

Done as my half of a trade with the fantastic  cowbackwards! I had a ton of fun working on this.

You can check out their half of the trade at the link below! 

Blarginated - 5 months ago

Absolutely loved this. The descriptions of eating and her ecstasy were brilliant, and I'm such a sucker for unrestrained gluttony. Truly the fattest fat cat who ever was.

pbysteria - 6 months ago

The digestion and intestine stuff was super good in this, really good descriptions.

grz01 - 6 months ago

Ooh wow super hot that one love the graphoc teasing

algog8 - 6 months ago

I loved it, was hoping to see the entire audience get slurped up that way

Trying Something New

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Non-Vore Facesitting League of Legends ahegao Nude Female Tristana Soraka Yordle Source Filmmaker SFM Steamy Breath

So here's (iteration 3) of my very first attempt at making something in SFM. I've always wanted to learn how to use the software, and a lot of recent events in my life have convinced me that now's finally the time to give it a go.

There will probably be some more SFM posters like this in the future, and even animations once I'm finally proficient enough to start making presentable ones.

And also vore stuff, once I figure out a way to do that. 

HungryAL - 6 months ago

Ooh, looks good!
Can't wait to see what else you manage to make with these new tools at your disposal

    “Y-you cow! You heifer! Let me go this instant!”




! When I get out of here, I’m going to carve out your--!”


Draconatedz - 10 months ago

Wonderful story! You have a nack for flowery descriptive text, I'd love to see more FGO content from you.

123alfonzo123 - 11 months ago

Cute story, you thought of doing other fgo servants as preds that get fat?

like tamamo or nero or BB?

Mari Nom 4

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Plump Weight Gain Dryad Implied Vore Original Character Antlers Deer girl Plump Pred

Part 1 of a commission from  Lapisthegardevoir of my dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl, Mari! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

She dang cute

Mari Nom 3

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Plump Weight Gain Dryad Implied Vore Original Character Antlers Deer girl Plump Pred

Part 1 of a commission from  Lapisthegardevoir of my dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl, Mari! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

Aaww so peaceful

Mari Nom 2

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Plump Weight Gain Dryad Implied Vore Original Character Antlers Deer girl Plump Pred

Part 1 of a commission from  Lapisthegardevoir of my dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl, Mari! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

Such a full tum~

Mari Nom 1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Smoge16

Tags: Digestion Plump Weight Gain Dryad Implied Vore Original Character Antlers Deer girl Plump Pred

Part 1 of a commission from  Lapisthegardevoir of my dryad/nymph/forest spirit/nature guardian/deer girl, Mari! 

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

Hongry girl