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Down the Bunny Hole

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: SonicSR71

Tags: Wolf Soft Vore Dragon Bunny F/M Male Prey Female Pred SonicSR71 Wolperdinger

((Note: This story takes place shortly after "Moving In, Chilling Out".))

Well, it seems that everyone's had their fun, but it doesn't the day's over yet. Shortly after Freya let's the duo out, Clover goes to confront Max about what just happened, unaware the water dragon has something planned for her...

Sorry for the lack of uploads lately! Just really need to find the energy and motivation to get to it! Anyways, enjoy! ^w^

Freya and Clover...
[ Continued ...

SonicSR71 - 7 months ago

Hehe... I promise you will not be disappointed. ^w^

Gage73t - 7 months ago

Really looking forward to this (^^)

Moving In, Chilling Out

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: SonicSR71

Tags: Furry Wolf Bunny F/M M/F writing max Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Clover Male Pred Freya Multiple pred water dragon Multiple Preys SonicSR71 Wolperdinger

A lovely story I made for the wonderful

So it would seem that our friendly water Max is moving in with two new roommates, one of them being nice, and rather delicious looking bunny girl named Clover. Will he be able to keep his cool around her? Of course not! However, he has yet to meet the second roommate, Freya. Wonder how well this will go over?~

Max belongs to me

Clover and Freya belong to Wolperdinger 

SonicSR71 - 7 months ago

Thank you so much! ^w^

Gage73t - 7 months ago

Definitely looks great haha ^_^

The Kind Predator

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: SonicSR71

Tags: Anthro M/F Bulge Female Prey Internal View Belly bulge Dragon Vore Male Pred Furry/Furry furry prey Furry Pred

A request I made to

Seems Max the water dragon has managed to catch himself quite the tasty Clover the rabbit. Being the kind dragon he is, he promises the bunny inside that she'll be quite safe, though it doesn't seem that she believes him. Blushing, the water dragon places a hand over his bulging belly, feeling the outline of the bunny's from press out against his smooth scales as his stomach gently massages over the lovely bunny...
[ Continued ...

SonicSR71 - 9 months ago

Thanks, Wolperdinger did a wonderful job on this!

Also, feel free to cheek out the story that goes with this:

SarahTheCuteVixen - 9 months ago

so cute

SonicSR71 - 2 years ago

Hehe... Thanks! Be sure to check out Wolperdinger gallery here on Eka’s! She new here and the original creator of this piece. ^w^

SkyTheDragones - 2 years ago

This is a cute little one (^. .^)

Tempest the Good Succubus Ref. Sheet

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: SonicSR71

Tags: Non-Vore

Here's my new OC, Tempest the Good Succubus.

Race: Angel/Succubus Hybrid
Height: 175 cm (not accurate; will update >x<)
Class: Temptress (of-sorts)

-Friendly, Shy, yet playful at times.
-Willing Friendly pred and prey when it comes to vore.
-Up to almost anything.

Credit to her creation goes to here:

Her reference sheet and original sheet was made by...
[ Continued ...

Max the Water Drag Reference Sheet

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: SonicSR71

Tags: Furry Dragon Non-Vore reference sheet water dragon Fur-sona SonicSR71

Well, here it is, a reference sheet for my fur-sona, Max the Water Dragon! Also, sorry if it looks a bit choppy; still need a little practice with drawing on my tablet. Anyways, here's his profile:

Name: Max
Species: Anthro Water Dragon
Personality: Shy, kind, fun loving, very friendly

Anyways, enjoy! 

SonicSR71 - 2 years ago

Hey no worries. Everyone has their own opinion. I respect that. ^^

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 years ago

Pretty neat, but green is my favorite color and I like dragons so I might be biased

SonicSR71 - 2 years ago

Huh... I guess it does now that you mention it. XD

Still, how does it look?

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 years ago

Sorta reminds me of like, a 90s mascot or something haha

SonicSR71 - 2 years ago

Well, I did base him off this design: