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Hitching A Ride Pg. (2/2)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Angel F/F Anal Demon Same Size Anal Vore Non-Fatal Imp Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge

Part 1:

All according to plan... right?

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TabuuForLife - 1 month ago

If VivziePop made porn, do you think they'd make a short about this?

MorgansSimp - 1 month ago

Room for more? <3

Korokage - 2 months ago

She might not look the same by the time they show up, but Ririn will get into heaven!

Lover4madness - 2 months ago

Que Hitchin’ a Ride by Green Day.

Crazyalex62 - 2 months ago

I like that

But why?

ElJorro - 1 month ago

That much candy would make a person sick!

soline - 2 months ago

This is....[i]adorably[/i] cute. I guess the only rational step for Star now is to see how all that padding looks when Dani's stretching her out again.

BlueIce - 2 months ago

Nice to see Star getting some added enhancements from this experiment

DarkGloose12 - 2 months ago

This is so hot~ good work!

Sylveon - 2 months ago

It's a win win after all ùwú

CakePisces - 2 months ago

Mad gal, you hath done a work to an even more perfected state! Amazing is all I can say...amazing!

TavTheBored26 - 2 months ago

A reference of a reference of a reference, now with 100% more vore

Undertheradar - 2 months ago

Inside the belly version when?

BMUd8854 - 2 months ago

May not be entirely onboard on this but damn this is great execution. Well done!

yaygara - 2 months ago

A suprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

Hitching A Ride Pg. (1/2)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Soft Vore Angel F/F Demon Anal Vore Butt Pre-Vore devil Imp teasing Spreading ass

Part 2:

It's been awhile! A short little self-contained two page anal vore comic featuring my rarely seen OC Ririn along with a new angel compatriot named Gadriel.

Seems Ririn desperately wants to tag along with her associate, and the only way to do that is to stay hidden, thankfully she has a plan!

See the second page when it goes up early, or get high-res pages for all my comics on Patreon!

[ Continued ...

Jackal3 - 2 months ago

We all carry a little devil and angel beside us.
This my setup tho! An angel with a little devil up its ass!

Kartomic - 2 months ago

I'm a big fan of this setup. <3

Gorgrath177 - 2 months ago

What a wholesome friendship.

RediQ - 2 months ago

Love the setup, looking forward to the next part <3

Slayerhero90 - 2 months ago

Half-hoping this runt finds it so cozy in there she doesn't want to come out.

Do you dare enter the abyss? [Patreon Pin-Up]

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Spooky Same Size horror Ghost Struggling Implied Vore Big Belly Belly bulge ghost girl horror themed The Ring Sadako Yamamura Samara Morgan

Do you trust her request? It appears that others before you have...

Something a bit more sinister to enjoy for the upcoming holiday!  

Xeno295 - 1 month ago

Sure why not.

joeburp22181 - 2 months ago

yes please, I wanna enter!

SherlokKiril - 2 months ago

I can't explain my likings for ghost preds honestly, but it's something I really enjoy.
And am happy to witness you accepting spookiness of this month. Struggling belly looks amazing)

SherlokKiril - 2 months ago

I can't explain my likings for ghost preds honestly, but it's something I really enjoy.
And am happy to witness you accepting spookiness of this month. Struggling belly looks amazing)

Straxacore - 2 months ago

I don't think she will be able to fit back through the tv.

tyrion13 - 4 months ago

very nice!

ShadesofBlack - 4 months ago

Really good to see your art again! Nice job with Lust's kinda unique lip-shape.

Hereforvore - 4 months ago

Never enough FMAB vore :3

unknownshadows - 2 months ago

Working with the marines come with nice perks I see.

kibroman - 4 months ago


almindore58 - 4 months ago

In Kalifa's words, this is sexual harassment

neoomegashadow96 - 4 months ago

okay im suprise about that

ShyMaster - 3 months ago

I wonder what Miia or Suu looked like if they ate all the girls I'm the house

RandomCPUman - 3 months ago

I believe the PROPER question would be "WHO did she eat?"

kibroman - 4 months ago

the drawing is super fantastic
I like very much
the most probable thing is that daddy ate mero

Rissery - 4 months ago

I know diddly squat about this anime, and have never bothered watching it, but that is a nice piece.

Dan49 - 4 months ago

I love this! I wonder who is in Papi's belly XD

zoroark720 - 3 months ago

she probably blushing from all the people that survived migrating off the plant and on to her in sides

atomicwombat - 4 months ago

Knowing Kiara, she probably still isn't satisfied.

NitroKitsune - 4 months ago

Mother Earth

boomerangfish - 4 months ago

nice heaven's hole!

Kingkongfrozt - 3 months ago

A masterpiece like all the other star posts

kibroman - 4 months ago

is very sexy
I always love vore them on a beach

zoroark720 - 4 months ago

I would rub tanning oil on star then well use some ready her for another cave explorer

neko1992 - 4 months ago

Oh my your still alive

golly88 - 4 months ago

Tell them to join in.

Star's Old Anal Buddy [Patreon Pin-Up]

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Tail Anal Demon F/M Anal Vore Butt Macro/Micro Imp Size difference Male Prey Female Pred Belly bulge

Short story behind this one, a commissioner of mine over on Patreon used to request their demon/imp character to be featured in anal vore scenes with Star, but stopped for a long time before requesting this piece out of the blue one day. I decided to treat it as a reunion of sorts! 

Kingkongfrozt - 3 months ago

Loved it

PrimeLvl37 - 6 months ago

Here is a question has star ever unbirth Dani before? And here is a another one as well has Dani ever been curious enough about the star hair clip to wear it and see if she can do the same as star and see what it is like on the other end of the voreing someone?

Gyro - 6 months ago

Wholesome vore is best vore.

Eyeball44 - 6 months ago


redsquallff8 - 6 months ago

So sexy. God she is a perfect pred

Oyashirofan - 5 months ago

Oooh~ more Neptunia stuff is wonderful~ hope there's more to the series here~!

JoyceZhang90 - 6 months ago

You don’t need clothes sweetie <3

denysvision - 6 months ago

*touch her* im really impress

denysvision - 6 months ago

*touch her tits*

kibroman - 6 months ago

and the cycle continues
now it's time to find another sexy girl and devour him

kibroman - 6 months ago

I like them when the girls start to massage their tits when they still have part of their prey in their belly
great job

Orchestration - 6 months ago

No it was Vert from Neptunia.

BigJohnHagerty - 6 months ago

Star not only being prey but being digested? I believe we have a first

AbitterPill - 6 months ago

Yay for willing oral vore :)

kibroman - 6 months ago

What a great drawing, I like how you have drawn the belly

pokebreeder25 - 6 months ago

boo the best part got skipped

UnboundBA - 6 months ago

Pooey, i was goping to see some legs and feet sticking out

RandomSpectator - 5 months ago

Ehh, whatever.

Oyashirofan - 5 months ago

Shhhhh calm down son. It's just art. Lol

No need to get overly defensive about it lol.

Also bish. I know what the Neptunia series is don't need to give the "immortal!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Thing to me because, yeah. I know.

But uh, on the supposed requestor/one who pays for the tier that this comes from page (looking at stars patreon) I feeeelllll like the implication is no respawn lol. Cuz big nep ate the Neptune you're referring to already.

And yeah. Responding this late. Don't care. Lol.

ICEHUNTER7 - 7 months ago

She about to use the Uno Reverse Card on her. Can't wait to see this conitnue

blackmichi - 7 months ago

welp we all know whats gonna happen next :D

RandomSpectator - 8 months ago

Who said anything about NOT respawning? Besides, these two may not look it but they’re supposed to be GODDESSES of all things. So they’re more than likely IMMORTAL In some way. (And since they’re based off of various gaming consoles, with Neptune being based off of the hypothetical SEGA Neptune, respawning, and doing so possibly as much as much as the average Dark Souls player sounds likely, especially if they’re doing things like this.)

Mostamazingofbaboons - 6 months ago

Unfortunate that we don't get to see the digestive aftermath, but it's still wonderful~

ProudVWriter - 9 months ago


Raiza - 9 months ago

I would love to see 18 anal vore her or someone else <3

NewRebellion - 9 months ago

Hahahaha! If only!

RandomInjury - 9 months ago


"The Ins and Outs of Sarah" Pg. 0 (Cover)

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Belly Soft Vore F/F Same Size Anal Vore Series Butt Non-Fatal Big Belly Female Prey Female Pred Belly bulge pre-anal vore Comic Vore Cover page booty shot

Follow along with the next big moments in Sarah and Danica's relationship as the two explore Sarah's newfound anal abilities.


Starcross Chapter 2 is officially underway over on Patreon! If you'd like to stay up to date with the series as each new page goes up please consider pledging!

If you're unable to pledge right now new pages will be made public once I feel I have a decent buffer, so your patience is appreciated.

[ Continued ...

poldenski - 2 months ago

do you have a subscribestar account or anything as i don't do patreon anymore

Lolotun - 5 months ago

When is the next publication?

wasteofoxygen - 9 months ago

the first one was amazing

Ihatehater1994 - 9 months ago

YES! Dude ive enjoyed your art of Star ever since i found Starcosses Experiment.

kingboo247 - 9 months ago

I wonder...will Sarah ever let Danica borrow the hairclip?

MrManMcGuy - 10 months ago


Journeyman - 10 months ago

Yayyy Overwatch dynamics!~

Gorgrath177 - 10 months ago

Well her spine is shattered

TanookiBoy12 - 10 months ago

Mm she can eat me any day~

ProudVWriter - 10 months ago

Hot. Also, I love Mercy pred

Dogedude - 10 months ago


F1reDem0n - 10 months ago

I am not usually a big fan of game characters and fetishes, they often seem to look far to much like the source material and it wacks me out.

I've never playing Bioshock Infinite and yet somehow the way you've styled her in your style makes the above issue I have less so.

Thanks for breaking my brain here Star. xD

Fimbulvinter - 10 months ago

demonstrating the proper use of a new vigor - Engorgement

BlueIce - 10 months ago

She protecc, she snacc, and she has your bacc

lllll1337 - 10 months ago

Hell yes

Lamia Absorption [Patreon Pin-Up]

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Unbirth F/F Absorption Naga Same Size Lamia strange Female Prey Female Pred escape attempt S Rare Soubi no Niau Kanojo!

On Patreon Orchestration requested the lamia from "S Rare Soubi no Niau Kanojoor" or "The Girl in the S Rare Gear." A unique character choice to be sure. 

daniil - 8 months ago

I can’t refuse, I would like to go there, I think it’s warm and gentle, that I can sleep as much as she wants

F1reDem0n - 10 months ago


....I'd crawl in there on my own. Looks welcoming and warm. How could i say no to a protective and tender place to curl up and sleep in for the night. :3

BigJohnHagerty - 10 months ago

Don’t think I’ve seen you do a lamia before, good work

mirrormind101 - 10 months ago

Ooooo! I like it ^^

KasoTheArtist - 10 months ago

This looks Fantastic! ^^

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 12 (END)

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Fantasy Non-Vore Sex Series Penis orc Size difference Sexual content medieval large insertion big cock brothel aftermath implied anal sex

As the next morning fast approaches, Throg's shift comes to an end. The two are sad to have to go their separate ways for the moment, but Throg teases one last thing before the curious elf leaves the brothel.
Thank you for following along with this fun little mini-comic I wanted to do; I hope you all enjoyed it!

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Tintin10115 - 6 months ago

Will there be a sequel

Jack_D_Koy - 9 months ago

but... but... butt... it ended before her end!

UnknownPerson9876 - 10 months ago

What a nice end!

Nemyon - 10 months ago

its allright, rush never was a good thing in my opinion Star so dont worry, i know your fans will wait patiently for it

Starcrossing - 10 months ago

While I do have the next chapter outlined I'd hazard a guess that it's going to be quite some time before we see these two again.

GonzaII1313 - 10 months ago

Always love raven

EmissaryOfRainbows - 10 months ago

Hopefully that meal will make that booty even bigger!

VoreWin - 10 months ago

Love it :3

GoldenHeart - 10 months ago

Always a treat to see Raven drawn by you Star especially in the predator role ^//^

TimerSmith - 8 months ago

dat ass though.... wish was the one to go in it though :3

quillanlockard - 10 months ago

Excuse me, can you do kotonoha eats sekai with her ass please?

GonzaII1313 - 11 months ago

Very epic

Yuyuko1995 - 11 months ago

Goddamn, its nice to see some mako booty vore. She is like yhe one character in yhe series who is perfect for it lol

ClarAya - 11 months ago

Always knew Mako had potential lol

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 11

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Non-Vore Sex Cum Series orc Orgasm penetration cumming Size difference Sexual content elfgirl big cock large cock

As Keya and Throg continue to pleasure each other throughout the night things become a bit more personal.

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CopperRobot - 11 months ago

I do like me some wholesome smut.

Nemyon - 11 months ago

well something tells me we got a new couple :)

UnknownPerson9876 - 11 months ago

This is adorable! I must see more!

Starcrossing - 11 months ago

That's what I was going for. ^_^

walkingbyself - 11 months ago

This is hella cute. And the closeness here is just so damn sweet I get diabetes and is just so good.

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 10

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Fantasy Non-Vore Sex Series orc Size difference Sexual content medieval large insertion brothel Mating press

Things continue to heat up as Throg and Keya go at it. Keya has never experienced anything like this before, but she’s enjoying every second of it!

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Sfyri - 11 months ago

Always a sign of a good fucking when you literally see a bulge from the dude's cock

Starcrossing - 11 months ago

She's definitely a trooper! Also anal with Keya, what an intriguing notion... :)

walkingbyself - 11 months ago

First panel reminded me of the gif from imgur of Hulk Smashing Black Widow.

Anyways! It looks like this elf lady can certainly take a lot. And this is just vaginal sex, just wait until Throg introduces her to anal sex. See how this lucky lady handles that!

Panty & Stocking's New Orders [Patreon Pin-Up]

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Soft Vore Anime Anal Anal Vore Ghost Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Size difference Insertion Female Pred f/multiple Panty and Stocking Panty Anarchy Stocking Anarchy Hosiery Multiple Preys

You'd think Panty would be the first to complain about arbitrary new rules that Garterbelt introduces, but for some reason she's adopted this policy without hesitation. It almost seems like she's getting off to it a little bit. Weirdo. 

F1reDem0n - 11 months ago

Love the lumpy bulge in the front ones intestines/belly.

ShinjiIkari - 11 months ago

"I'm surprised your ghosts aren't just climbing out" is a great line! Love it <3

knux - 11 months ago

vary hot nice

Anon2727 - 11 months ago

I love this! <3

Kurczak48 - 11 months ago

Every detail in this is pretty much perfectly fit!
Truly a worthwhile piece

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 9

Uploaded: 11 months ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Fantasy Non-Vore Sex stretching Series orc Size difference Sexual content medieval large insertion big cock brothel large cock

After a bit of straining and pushing, Throg finally slides all the way inside of Keya, much to both parties' surprise. With the question of "will Throg fit?" finally answered for the two of them, they intend to make full use of the rest of their night together.

Support the comic over on Patreon! 

Cman65 - 11 months ago

When you pay for Cock get a big slab of meat and make sure you get your moneys worth

UnknownPerson9876 - 11 months ago

Throg Thrust or Hulk Smash, which sounds like the better sex line?

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 8

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Fantasy Non-Vore Sex stretching Series orc Size difference Sexual content medieval large insertion brothel

Without even having a moment to bask in the afterglow of her warm-up Keya's attention is quickly directed to Throg once more as he takes out his massive member and begins to shift it into place. Keya, having been quite surprised with Throg's performance thus far, ignores her dissenting thoughts and allows him to proceed. Everything else he's done so far has been amazing... maybe this will be too?

Support the comic over on Patreon!

[ Continued ...

lolocs - 11 months ago

I love the little "Throg stop?" He's still considerate about all this c:

P1an3tv0re - 11 months ago

Grog may be stern. But Grog still polite.

gnostechnician - 11 months ago

I really appreciate the good depiction of consent along with the good sexy content.

stressformurder - 11 months ago

Was literally about to comment and say the same thing!

BigJohnHagerty - 1 year ago

Y’know I think something should be said about his politeness

The Ugroll (Part 4) - Birth Day (ENDING)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Belly Alien Pregnancy Non-Vore Series Story writing birth Big Belly Belly bulge pregnant belly anal birth

The final part of my first ever Cerise story; it's time for the birth! Hope you all enjoyed the adventure. 

Rissery - 4 months ago

Beautiful artwork, excellent writing skills.
What CAN'T you do?

Pixel - 11 months ago

What a great story!! I hope Cerise and Ganymede can one day have a relationship outside of the birthing center, they've got such chemistry and trust. :)

TOBI - 1 year ago

Just wonderful I hope to see more from you in the future

abud13 - 1 year ago

What if thet got stuck in stomach...

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

Thanks so much, I'd love to do more with Cerise in the future. :)

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 7

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Fantasy Non-Vore Sex Series orc cunnilingus Orgasm cumming Size difference Nudity Fingering Sexual content medieval brothel eating out

Keya, drenched in sweat and legs quivering, is left in ecstasy after just a few quick "warm-ups" from Throg. As far as she's concerned, this was some money well spent, time to pack it up and head home! Throg on the other hand has been quite turned on seeing this Elf girl cum over and over again by his hand. As far as he's concerned, this night's just beginning.

Support the comic over on Patreon! 

Cman65 - 1 year ago

A job worth doing is worth doing well
Now I want a big dirty Orc cock up my ass

Sfyri - 1 year ago

Hope she's ready for that Throg Log

TavTheBored26 - 1 year ago

I can't deny you came up with some incredible concepts with this series, keep up the good work

TOBI - 1 year ago

keep up the good work X3

ninth - 1 year ago

Pretty good series so far!

sunbeam21 - 1 year ago

This is one heck of a story! I really like how Cerise is excited about the whole experience. Really brings out the character.

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

Glad you like it. I'm really proud of this crazy little story.

TOBI - 1 year ago

I am loveing this story very much nice work

The Ugroll (Part 1) - Training Egg

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Belly Alien Anal Non-Vore Story writing Butt Masturbation large insertion Belly bulge Anal Insertion Training

Part one of Cerise's adventures in Alien pregnancy. 

SVWriter - 1 year ago

This was very fun! The specific lingo was a bit confusing at first, but I quickly understood it and it became very engrossing!!

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

Happy to hear it. More is on the way. :)

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

Appreciate it. One of my main goals was to keep things moving at a steady pace.

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

Thanks, I hope you enjoy the future parts as well!

Hurb - 1 year ago

Amazing! I cant wait for more <3

Cerise - The Ugroll (Cover Art)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Alien Pregnancy Digestion Anal F/? birth Big Belly Size difference Female Pred Vore story large insertion f/multiple Belly bulge Anal Insertion giant cock Unknown prey rough sex feral prey Cerise cumflation alien pred alien prey anal pregnancy

So I decided I wanted to try something a bit different recently! I wrote a short story starring my new OC Cerise ( ) for you guys to enjoy.

I'll be posting it in four parts over the next few days. It all tells one story, but each part features explorations of various different fetishes and sexual ideas I've delved into with my work over the years.

This is the first time in quite awhile that I've written anything "long...
[ Continued ...

Goblingobler - 1 year ago


rojo55 - 1 year ago

I simply love the way you narrate
I love reading the stories you capture under art
I just have to get carried away by him and imagine the scene. I am running to read the first part and wait for the following ones <3

Bossy Shortstack Anal [Patreon Pin-Up]

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Anal Non-Vore Sex stretching Size difference Sexual content Big Butt big cock Bossy demanding cock erect shortstack ass shot

Just a bossy shortstack character who wants some cock in her ass. 

unknownshadows - 7 months ago

Small, cute and can take lots, much to love.

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

Lord that's some impressive girth she's about to take. :3

RandomSpectator - 1 year ago

Same, unfortunately.

RandomSpectator - 1 year ago


Jamjo - 1 year ago

Well damn! Here I thought I was being nice n' all.

This is the kinda girl that gets herself into the Shadman treatment xD

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 6

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Non-Vore Sex Series orc cunnilingus Size difference Nudity Sexual content medieval brothel eating out

Keya, still looking to have some fun tonight, allows Throg the chance to "warm her up" a bit. Things quickly escalate though as it turns out the Orc whose job is to pleasure people is, unsurprisingly, pretty damn good at it... and this won't even be the last surprise of Keya's evening!

Support the comic over on Patreon! 

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 5

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Non-Vore Sex Series orc Size difference Nudity Sexual content medieval Cock Bulge flirting brothel

Keya's night was on the brink of disaster, but at this point she decided enough was enough and chose to take control of the situation. Having already paid for Throg's services, she figured she'd see if he was at all competent in warming a lady up. Keya has no intention of even trying to take his cock, that'd be crazy! I mean, it's way too big for her... right...?

Support the comic over on Patreon! 

NagaRelic - 10 months ago

I mean... Isn't the thing with orcs is they like when someones tough?
She probably gained his respect cause she did that

BlueIce - 1 year ago

Her confidence will only go up from here, cannot wait to see more.

reliuskaiser - 1 year ago

"Prove it"

Truly...Famous last words.

ElectronGun - 1 year ago

In soviet russia elf rapes orc!

UnknownPerson9876 - 1 year ago

Ooo sassy

Haruko's Flat Belly [Patreon Pin-Up]

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Breasts Belly F/? Post-Vore boots Implied Digestion Female Pred Unknown prey Fooly cooly Haruko FLCL Haruko Haruhara FLCL Progressive

A follow-up to the previous Haruko piece:

Her belly now significantly shrunken down. 

F1reDem0n - 11 months ago

Sexy Midriff.

Lbobl - 1 year ago

This is a thing that happened in the anime.Think about that.

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

What a tummy she's got. <3

KasoTheArtist - 1 year ago

I love this work so much '\\\\\\\\'

ThirtyCelcius - 1 year ago

haruko will always be based

Hikage & Katsuragi (Patreon Poll Pic)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore F/F Same Size Bulge Big Belly Female Prey Internal View Female Pred Belly bulge Katsuragi senran kagura Hosiery Hikage

Hikage enjoying a belly full of Katsuragi (both from Senran Kagura), who appears none too pleased with her situation. 

ClarAya - 1 year ago

Yeah and funny enough in the anime Katsuragi even though she likes fondling boobs she doesn't like it done to her

idolmonkey - 1 year ago

Best snek girl. :>

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

Boobs resting on top of a nice round and big belly is always nice.

ArrowversePreds - 1 year ago

I second this.

JimmyJoeIII - 1 year ago

I'm not sure you could call this a pinup lmao

MrMetroid - 1 year ago

i've said it before, i'll say it again; you do not give this girl enough attention XD. stop torturing us and give us a bio or backstory for this girl already! ^_^

ClarAya - 1 year ago

It's technically her anal voring herself so it might be both?

yEeTbOi - 1 year ago

Handling it well .w.

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 4

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Non-Vore Sex Series orc Size difference Nudity Sexual content brothel Nude Female large cock Sexual Tension

Unfortunately Keya's night gets off to a rocky start as her partner for the evening steps into the room. It appears her friend Grasha left out a crucial detail about the brothel she was recommended. Keya was already nervous going into this experience, and now with the added pressure of an intimidating Orc demanding things of her, she finally decides that she's going to take control of this night, no matter what.

Support the comic over on Patreon!

[ Continued ...

Sfyri - 1 year ago

That's right Keya! Fuck'em up!

GoldOasis - 1 year ago


Cerise Character Sheet

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Belly Alien Cute Pregnancy Big Belly Character Sheet Original Character Belly bulge character reference Vore character

Everyone, meet Cerise!

I'd been brainstorming this character for a long time and just this past week I finally landed on a version of her that I adore. I have some very cute, sexy, and fun story ideas I'd love to do with her at some point, and I hope I'm able to avoid having this character just collect dust like some of my other OCs in the past because I'm very excited about her potential!

If you have any questions about Cerise, her species, or her planet feel free...
[ Continued ...

Therian - 9 months ago

She's sooo cute!

F1reDem0n - 11 months ago

She's a cutie!

Bright - 1 year ago

She is very cute.
Reminds me a bit of Mink from Dragonhalf. Could be the hair and tail.

CoolKaios - 1 year ago

She's adorable and I love the design. Cant wait to see what antics she gets into

giblieherps - 1 year ago

I cant wait to see a cute girl or boy end up in her pouch.

Elastigirl's Anal Voyd [Patreon Pin-Up #150]

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Belly Soft Vore F/F Anal Same Size Anal Vore Butt Implied Digestion Big Belly Incredibles Elastigirl Female Prey Female Pred superhero Belly bulge Portals Mrs. Incredible Evelyn Deavor

Dang! 150 of these things! Normally I try to make a big deal out of these "milestone" pin-ups, so this one-off Elastigirl piece might seem a tad random, but for a bit of context I'm going to share something I've never actually shared before! Specifically that my first ever vore drawing was of Elastigirl (or more specifically Mrs. Incredible). It's the one I sent to Eka to get my gallery set up. I never uploaded it anywhere since it was my first attempt, so this piece is kind of a fun...
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BumblebeeGirl - 11 months ago

I love this so much

knux - 1 year ago

could be the best image you've ever made

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

It's not online anywhere, it was just a quick sketch so that I could get a gallery set up here.

EvilScotsman - 1 year ago

Mrs Incredible makes for some great anal vore potential.

PrimeLvl37 - 1 year ago

Just a question what happened to that Mrs Incredible picture? I had a quick look through your gallery and couldn't find it anywhere.

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 3

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Comic Elf Non-Vore Sex Series orc Size difference Nudity Sexual content brothel Nude Female

Though trepidatious at first, Keya quickly gets comfy in her room at the local brothel: "Generous Lovers." While waiting for her partner to arrive, she begins to think back on how long it's been since she's had any kind of sexual encounter, and starts hyping herself up for the fun she's about to have. Little does Keya know that her night's not going to go exactly as she may have expected.

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[ Continued ...

Goblingobler - 1 year ago

Looking forward to seeing where this goes! c:

Nemyon - 1 year ago

damm why you allways makes girls looking so damm tasty <3

KariY - 1 year ago

Wow. Starting off a bit big, aren't we? I'm sure she can handle it, though.

Xinoz2 - 1 year ago

I hope it ends up with Keya wearing out every escort provided to her.

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

Interesting guess! :)

Shoving Watermelons In Star's Ass [Animated]

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Anal Animation Anal Vore fruit Big Belly Insertion Female Pred large insertion belly expansion Belly bulge Watermelon Object Vore animated object stuffing animated gif starcross

Star and Dani have a bit of fun stretching her ass with a bundle of watermelons. Star loves the feeling of having her ass stretched like this, and she considers this one of her favorite ways to warm-up her booty for even bigger things. 

Scooterdooter - 2 months ago

I'm as big as 3 water melons when i'm curled up

Lover4madness - 4 months ago

This animation was rather.... Fruitfully filling for Star.
I’ll see myself out.

SherlokKiril - 7 months ago

This is one hell of an ass, I must say. Nice and fun work !

angelDX - 9 months ago

Wow, this is awesome! Never thought about this kinda vore before but i love it now that i see it ^^

Lover4madness - 11 months ago

You could say Star’s very fruity with her booty!

Cammy Fisting Chun-Li (Patreon Poll Pic)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Anal Non-Vore Butt Fisting pantyhose Street Fighter Cammy Ass Play Chun-Li Hosiery

A picture featuring some fisting action between Cammy and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, as voted on by my patrons. 

Lbobl - 1 year ago

Oops, wrong input.

raigekink - 1 year ago

it looks really great, but Chun's head looks like maybe 15% a little too big?

NewRebellion - 1 year ago

Whoo! My two favorite babes from that series! Nice work!

BigJohnHagerty - 1 year ago

The ultimate grab counter

ThoughtVision - 1 year ago

Very nice. ^_^
Would have loved it to be Morrigan from Darkstalkers doing the fisting...... "SOUL FIST!" ^_^

Haruko's Belly Bulge [Patreon Pin-Up #149]

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Breasts Belly Digestion F/? boots Implied Digestion Belly bulge FLCL Haruko Haruhara hand on belly

Orchestration's requested Patreon piece featuring Haruko from FLCL with a shrinking belly bulge. 

linthia - 1 year ago

The expression is really great, with this kind of satisfied look~

boomerangfish - 1 year ago

God I love it, her expression, her belly, her boots, everything

EmissaryOfRainbows - 1 year ago

This is canon and I will never get over it

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 2

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Cute Elf Fantasy Non-Vore Sex Series orc Sexual content medieval Elves half-orc

Keya, while initially offended by Grasha's question, quickly realizes that her friend may be onto something, and ultimately decides to take her advice. Later that evening, after searching around the village's seedy back alleys for several hours, she finally stumbles upon the place in question: "Generous Lovers." Hopefully they live up to their name.

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NewRebellion - 1 year ago

Well, that description's not suspicious at all!

BigJohnHagerty - 1 year ago

Ah the classic hole in the wall sex place, let’s hope it’s not literally a hole in the wall

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Non-Vore Sex Series orc Size difference teasing Sexual content

Keya, an Elven princess from a nearby kingdom, despite having lived longer than most humans, has never taken the time to explore her own sexuality or any of the erotic experiences that can be found across the land. With just one small nudge from her half-orc friend, and one unforgettable night of discovering her own sexual capabilities, Keya quickly develops a newfound interest in experiencing every carnal adventure the world has to offer.

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[ Continued ...

Gyro - 1 year ago

Well. This just gave me a whole bunch of inspiration. Thanks Star!

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

Happy to see people enjoying it!

Jamjo - 1 year ago

Loving this already. Can't wait for more x3

Rantroper - 1 year ago

*Tommy Wiseau voice* Anyway, how's your sex life?

P1an3tv0re - 1 year ago

Ooooh i like where this is going~

"In Search of Confidence" Pg. 0 (Cover)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Comic Elf Fantasy Non-Vore Sex Series orc Size difference Nudity Sexual content medieval fantasy setting

It's time to introduce my new comic series to the public! This is chapter one of "Keya Ever Curious," a twelve page story about the sexual misadventures of an Elf girl in a fantasy kingdom.

I'll be posting one page a week until the series is completed, but if you'd like to read way ahead you can pledge a couple bucks to my Patreon to get access to all the currently completed pages.

It's worth noting...
[ Continued ...

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

Thanks! Keya is fun to draw. :)

Goblingobler - 1 year ago

She looks adorable C:

Apostolos - 1 year ago

Have you considered traps?

Starcrossing - 1 year ago

It just all kind of depends on where this series ends up going. I have lots of fun and sexy ideas I would love to explore in this comic, and if at some point down the line a chapter lends itself well to some vore themes or ideas it's something I would consider, but the explicit purpose of this series is to delve into all the other sexy scenarios I've had brewing in my head for a long time but have never had a proper outlet for. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the question!

Apostolos - 1 year ago

So no vore yet because exposition and setup but maybe some vore later on?