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“And, uh, thanks for the donation of $50 from HowlingMoon!” Star said, as she looked at the chat.

It's been a few weeks since Star started streaming, and oh boy did she already have a crowd. As it turned out, people were more than happy to pay for some hot woman to indulge them while playing video games, wearing skimpier clothing. All it took was a little sensual talk here, a little skimpiness and teasing there, and so on. The Demi-croc could bar

Star of the Show

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starduster

Tags: Digestion Vacuum Fatal ?/F vacuum vore Robot Implied reformation Demi-Human Vacuum Cleaner Inanimate predator e-girl

Hello, I return because I am horny! Horny for vacuum vore! And also practicing my writing!

There isn't enough of this type of vore, so I made an attempt at shitty writing to solve that. Hope you enjoy!

As for Star, how would you guys feel if I made her a reoccuring character, or maybe even a series as she gets eaten onstream like the bimbo she is? Any thoughts on that? 

vacuumfetish - 1 year ago

Nice story! And nice to see more vacuum cleaner vore over here ^^
Keep up your great work please :D

Garrysrevenge - 1 year ago

I would not mind seeing her again
Also, great job!

Fleet of Vengence

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Starduster

Tags: Scat Digestion Weight Gain Fart Cock Vore Story Gas Halo Cum Digestion sangheili Post Vore Scat Mass Vore Multiple Preds Disposal Cum Transformation Multiple Preys

Hey, my first vore story, set in Halo! It's a bit short, and isn't as good as I would like, but eh, its my first foray into writing my own vore I'm sure I'll get better in time.

Regardless, if anyone wants more, I can write more, though keep in mind I'm still not an expert at this as stated above.

Regardless, hope you all enjoy! 

whitpey - 1 year ago

I liked the casualness of it and the disposal

Starduster - 1 year ago

And what would you like to see specifically, then?

whitpey - 1 year ago

I would love to see more like this from especually with this commander character as this was awesome.

Starduster - 1 year ago


whitpey - 1 year ago

Love the idea