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Mdogo - the leash "Bad end"

Uploaded: 3 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Leash Female Prey Human Prey Burping Feral Pred Dog Prey honey badger badger pred

If Mdogo weren't so keen on following The Rules, something like this might have happened instead.

Maybe one of these days he'll run into small human The Rules don't apply to, and it will. 83 

MirceaKitsune - 3 days ago

Looks like a pretty good end to me ^^

anyonarex - 3 days ago

I've been trying to figure out, are those round things on the left side his nipples? or something bulging out?

Nibor - 3 days ago

I imagine this was probably running through his head at around the second picture...

Elf_Sponge - 3 days ago

Bad end for some, good end for others ~.=.^

deathknight - 3 days ago

hey dont let dessert get away1 Also, stupid girl don't do that!

Mdogo - the leash 5

Uploaded: 5 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Human Feral Leash Dog Prey honey badger badger pred

It's a pretty expensive way to rent a tour guide, but if you happen to have a spare dog...

This series was originally going to have two more images in the middle, but they made Mdogo look like a smug unsympathetic asshole, and for a predator he's not a bad sort. Not all of them are cartoonishly evil.

That being said, I'll probably draw a hypothetical "bad end" one for this series tomorrow, just so things don't get too saccharine. 83 

thtiger - 3 days ago

Nah, baitgirl.

Strega - 3 days ago

And she becomes the superhero Catgirl? 83

thtiger - 4 days ago

I just had this weird flash where her idiot parents get themselves eaten, and the lionesses end up raising the girl, with Mdogo as the Disney like sidekick.

wolfSnack - 5 days ago

This is pretty adorable. It’s nice to have a little wholesomeness (of a sort) sometimes to break up all the edgy preds on this site.

Fischie - 5 days ago

This is even cuter expected. I like the way how happy they seem while Mdogo gets the dog out of the collar.

Mdogo - the leash 4

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Human Feral Leash Dog Prey Digestion Noises honey badger badger pred

While Mdogo knows he's technically not guilty of breaking The Rules, he's not a smug asshole like, say, Renaud.

He's also not beyond feeling guilty about making a little kid feel bad. 

anema_sesuna - 7 days ago

Outside of the camp i mean

anema_sesuna - 7 days ago

He could always reunite them

KraGo - 7 days ago

I think he could prove he was putting it out of its mercy if he provides a photo of the dog.

Strega - 7 days ago

For as long as it takes him to digest Charlie, anyway, 83

deathknight - 7 days ago

Well it is the kids fault and the dog probably attacked him.

Mdogo - the leash 3

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Human badger Leash Feral Pred Dog Prey feral prey honey badger

People who bring pets to Tame Camp are strongly advised to keep them on a leash at all times.

It doesn't always help. 

KraGo - 8 days ago

It's for the best.

wiseguy288 - 8 days ago

Given how cracked out that dog looked before, I think this is a mercy nomming.

deathknight - 8 days ago

Hey she was the one who started it not him!

ChaoskampfNunc - 8 days ago

Well at least the dog is a nice consolation prize

Mdogo - the leash 2

Uploaded: 9 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Dog Human Feral Non-Vore badger honey badger

The sort of people who bring their kids to Tame Camp are also the sort who tend to bring pets. 

KraGo - 9 days ago

He's going to take more than a piece of that dog if she doesn't let him be.

deathknight - 9 days ago

well that dog doesn't look right at all...

Purrloin - 9 days ago

This would be the ideal outcome.

KaZe_DaRKWIND - 9 days ago

I'll guess she'll be leading the badger by the leash. Just with it attached inside instead of on the outside.

ArcaneSigil - 9 days ago

And then she let the little dog down and the badger had desert before dinner.

Mdogo - the leash

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Human Feral Non-Vore badger Leash leash and collar Chased honey badger

While most of the people who come to the Tame Camp go there to do...well, shall we say adult things, sometimes people want to go there just to see the friendly animals. -Just- see them, maybe pet them, that sort of thing. An effort is made to schedule these people in the same week so one of them doesn't look over a shrub and see something they weren't there to see.

These people sometimes bring kids.

In order to avoid a public relations disaster, one ironclad rule...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 9 days ago

"This corner" is an informed comment, since kids do get eaten in other parts of my world. By badgers, even. But the Tame Camp is a business and it wouldn't do anthing for its reputation if kids started disappearing. 83

wolfSnack - 10 days ago

I'm very glad that there's no child prey in this corner of your universe. Also, cute concept XD

lonelypaintbucket - 10 days ago

only reason i would chase him, if he refused to eat me xD

ArcaneSigil - 10 days ago

Something tells me that if a kid happens to get lost in the woods around tamecamp... and can't find their way back to the camp... they're fair game. (along comes a rogue log to trip the kid and send him tumbling off into the trees)

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 days ago

Poor guy never stood a chance

Mdogo dreams

Uploaded: 12 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Feral dream Human Prey Burping Feral Pred honey badger badger pred

It's not squirrels.

When you hang around with man-eating preds the temptation is to fantasize about doing it yourself. Mdogo isn't as stretchy as some Stregaverse badgers and despite his best efforts and a willing meal or two, he just can't choke down a whole human. He has swallowed people to the knees, but that's as far as he gets, and they understandably start to complain when he begins to digest their feet. He just can't finish the meal, no matter how hard he tries.
[ Continued ...

GentlemanlyShadow - 12 days ago

Aww, poor Mdogo. That adorabadger deserves a full person in his tum.

Strega - 12 days ago

Sadly, the Tame Camp has a firm "No eating kids" rule. 83

nc - 12 days ago

Peter Dinklage clearly shouldn't come across Mdogo...

ChaoskampfNunc - 12 days ago

Seems to me it he can't eat a full sized person you just need to find someone smaller :3

It happened entirely by accident. One day the Very Friendly Cheetah was chasing a gazelle and leapt after it, clearing a great rock with her forepaws only inches from her prey. They both leapt over the boulder only for the gazelle to richochet off the back of a muscular leopard who was right below them. The leopard looked up, startled, and the Very Friendly Cheetah, jaws wide agape since she'd readied herself to swallow the gazelle whole, came down right atop him. They met muzzle to muzzle but o

A mistimed pounce (VFC/leopard)

Uploaded: 13 days ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Feral leopard Cheetah Accidental vore

Accidents will happen.

While there is a truce between local preds at the Tame Camp, this truce does not apply outside the camp and it's not unheard-of for them to eat each other. Everyone's convinced that one of Issa the hyena's lioness lovers will ultimately eat him, for example.

I had forgotten about this mini-story until I found it on my phone this morning. It was inspired by a cheetah/leopard vore sequence I saw over on FA:

[ Continued ...

Strega - 8 days ago

Sadly, the artist who did those two pictures didn't do one in between showing the cheetah laboriously gulping down the leopard. 83

The VFC didn't come to the Camp meaning to be a man-eater, or a leopard-eater for that matter. It just sort of developed over time.

Garz - 8 days ago

Ha! Really, that's instinct for you - an upset leopard could have potentially done some damage. Especially since he was, in fact, swiping at her!

The cheetah's hesitation was kind of neat - it does hammer home that this /really/ wasn't her goal, and she's really okay with the Tame Camp truce. And I like the descriptions - enough so you can picture the scene, but it doesn't linger long enough to cause a break in what's happening.

I mentally added a (tm) after the 'Very Bad Thing', haha.

Very cool story ^_^

Loona AV

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Anal Vore Demoness Demon pred Female Pred Hellhound Lion Prey Canine Pred ambiguous prey Hellhound girl Helluva Boss

"I don't care if you think it's a cool nickname, you call me 'The Mighty Sphincter' again and you're going in after them."

I only have a few AV preds, but if anyone could reasonably do it, it's a demon. 

mibankai1171 - 2 weeks ago


redsquallff8 - 2 weeks ago

Hot. I volunteer next

bloodwolfvamp - 2 weeks ago

looks great and i wonder what the services entail i know one thing its pricier than how much money i get a month

Wingman846 - 2 weeks ago

I mean, to some people it would be the best night of their life.

Rothar - 2 weeks ago

A night couldn't be much worse than having a hellhound barge in and shove you up their butt, only to hear them go "What do you mean you sent the wrong adress?" on the outside.

It's been almost a year since your girlfriend died. Hit by a car as she crossed the street, right in front of you. Tragic.Her mother never let you hear the end of it. To hear her tell it, and she tells everyone who will listen, Cindy ran across the street without looking for cars because she was trying to get away from you.She's wrong of course. Sure, you like to be in charge, like to be the one who gives the orders. Cindy liked that, though. She only had that overnight bag when she ran across

POV vore - you and Loona the hellhound

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: POV implied scat Human Prey Demon pred Hellhound Canine Pred pov vore Multiple prey Loona Helluva Boss

Your ex-girlfriend has a very specific and horrible way she wants you to die. The fact that she's been dead for a year doesn't stop her from arranging for it to happen. 

Strega - 2 weeks ago

Even if I normally wrote disposal scenes, they aren't really appropriate for POV stories. By the time things get that far the prey are extremely dead.

FalcortheWolf - 2 weeks ago

Would actually love to read the disposal scene for this

Hyena and shark

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Feral Hyena Shark Human Prey Merfolk Feral Pred ambiguous prey Merfolk prey hyena pred

The shark's girlfriend is a mermaid, and he's not at all happy about the thought of her ending up in the hyena's stomach. But if it's just some human in a mermaid outfit, as far as the shark is concerned the human can find their own way out of the situation they're in.

Another image inspired by Zig and Sharko, but drawn in my style since the cartoon is very stylized and I don't think I could do it justice. The cartoon gives us this interesting dynamic: Zig and Sharko are best...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 8 days ago

It goes back and forth. There’s an episode that shows that Sharko can’t manage without Zig. Them being friends would explain why Sharko hasn’t long since eaten Zig, at least. 83

Garz - 8 days ago

That got me to go look up a couple Zig and Sharko episodes! Very amusing in chunks, heh, although boy do I see what you mean about '...are you... sure you two are friends?' Although admittedly, she usually doesn't put too much focus in not getting eaten herself.

(Of course, clearly the show isn't meant to be taken super seriously!)

The startled look in panel four is particularly good. Portrays a 'Wait a minute - crap I've been caught!' kind of feeling.

Strega - 2 weeks ago


Bobrocks - 2 weeks ago

If im correct the show's called Zig and Sharko.

Malus - 3 weeks ago

...saving your fellow pred indigestions from some mermaid suit, now that is class. ;-)

Hyena and Mer

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Feral Hyena Anal Sex bestiality Merfolk Male Pred Feral Pred ambiguous prey Interspecies sex hyena pred

Mer are a notoriously horny folk, which is why Mer hybrids are fairly common even though the chance of a successful pregnancy from such an interspecies union is very small.

The most common hybrids are between Mer and sea mammals - dolphins, seals, sea otters, that sort of thing. Somewhat less common are hybrids between Mer and polar bears, hippos and other semi-aquatic mammals.

Mer are adventurous, though, and any appropriately sized animal that comes to a stream...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 3 weeks ago

There's a Gon'e choo flash game too. I like it when the otter gets a powerup and eats the alligator. 83

Nibor - 3 weeks ago

Yeah, it IS sort of a one-trick pony, huh? Then again, Tom and Jerry and the ant & the Aardvark did similar, and those got pretty popular.

Plus, there's also the Gon'e choo webcomic...

I guess it's just a thing that you gotta do right.

Strega - 3 weeks ago

It seems like a one joke show, but in small doses the hyena constantly trying to eat the mermaid is fun, especially since she plays along and lets him do things like make a giant sandwich with her as the filling.

Nibor - 3 weeks ago

^Out *of* interest, rather.

Nibor - 3 weeks ago

"This drawing happened because I saw some clips from a cartoon featuring a brown hyena, a shark, and a mermaid who the hyena was constantly trying to eat."
Ah yeah, Zig and Sharko. I saw a little bit of the show, but it kinda fell out interest for me.

Loona vore

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Anthro Demon Demoness Post-Vore Big Belly Female Pred Onomatopoeia Hellhound Stomach Noises Loona Helluva Boss

The sloshing noise probably indicates it's too late for her to cough up her meal to be identified. It's hard to identify the ingredients once they've been turned into soup.

Loona is an obvious choice for a pred and the only reason I waited this long was I didn't want to step on the creator's toes by doing fetish art of the character. Needless to say no one else seems to have taken that attitude so here's an attempt at drawing her. 

Bright - 3 weeks ago

I think it was honest of you to try.

Strega - 3 weeks ago

I know, it was dumb to think I needed to ask her, but I thought of her as a fellow furry artist. I actually asked her on DA if I could draw vore of Loona and needless to say she never got back to me. 83

Bright - 3 weeks ago

"Character in animated show."
Everyone artist that draw lewds: "It's free real estate."

MirceaKitsune - 1 month ago

Loona is such an awesome pred! Very nice to see you drawing her as one too :D

Skittles209 - 1 month ago

Well, that artist has had fan art of all their anthro characters but after that one video got viral. Yeah, so much art.

"Robert Jackson, Los Angeles Times, " the reporter says, and holds out his hand for a shake. It takes all his courage to do it."Unit 2," says the creature he's here to interview. Gently he grips the reporter's hand in his much larger one, careful to keep his sharp, black-lacquered claws from digging in. The werewolf looks the reporter over. Amber eyes in their black rims focus on a man only two-thirds his height. The wolf doesn't have to smell fear to know the man is terrified. The stiff pos

Lupine Unit #2

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Werewolf Human Werewolf pred interview

A reporter interviews the spokeperson for the Lupine Corps, and some secrets come out. 

Strega - 4 weeks ago

I started a story at one point about a pizza place at a spaceport that sent cloned pizza delivery guys to get eaten by various aliens. It was set up so the drivers didn’t know about the clones, they’d get told "That order was canceled, don’t worry about it" while the new clone, in a self driving car, went off to deliver the pizza. The car would then come back sans driver. 83

Morphy - 1 month ago

I have to agree that the Other World has more to fear from Earth than Earth does from them. So much firepower that works in both places because it's based on fairly basic universal rules.

But I think everyone's here to find out about the much smaller stories involving those "clever critters" blending in Among Us. (Heh)

Now I have the idea of a magical version of Tinder one of those Other Worlders might have while waiting for a Door Dash order to arrive... Just swipe left or right on your magic mirror while browsing your local fae, 'weres, and supernaturals. :D

Strega - 1 month ago

On the other hand, if modern weapons worked in the fantasy world and the gate remained open, there WOULD be an invasion from Earth to fantasyland and Earth would win. Only the sneaky, magical critters would be a real threat, even dragons would be easy prey for ground to air missiles and fighters.

Now, some magical creatures probably did come across and kept their powers. It would explain the Tiger Hunt tiger (who is almost certainly a rakshasa) and a number of other critters.

Morphy - 1 month ago

Just as well Earth is a magic desert of sorts, some of the more powerful and untouchable (without magic weapons) monsters could cause untold destruction. It does not surprise me in the least that the smarter ones just blended in (to one degree or another). Today's tech would even cater to the completely inhuman types so they wouldn't have to interact face-to-face at all...not that I'd ever expect to find a smart blob on Twitter, heh.

Strega - 1 month ago

It is a thing in fiction that sometimes the worlds align so it's possible to move between them. This is why so many college students (and the occasional entire warship) move into a new world and get stuck there in stories. Spellsinger, Destroyermen, etc. Destroyermen in particular goes over the fact that contact between the two worlds has happened many time and has resulted both in humans ending up in the other world and monsters from that world ending up on Earth.

A long hike in the woods. Always a good way to work off the stress or a long week's work. Drive to the trail head up the hill from Big Pine, grab your hiking stick out of the back. You've done it a hundred times. It's a five mile hike and sometimes you get to see cool wildlife. Today you run into a bear. Unfortunately.You come around a corner on the rocky trail and there it is, coming the other way up the trail. It's only fifty feet away and it's a big, heavy bear, pitch black of fur save for it

POV vore - you and a bear 5

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: POV Bear Feral Female Pred Feral Pred Bear Pred Straight sex ambiguous prey bribery

Bears. Nothing but trouble. Especially when there's more than one. 

Strega - 1 month ago

About half of the Landry story is feral bear, but I see what you mean. Maybe one of these days. 83

arceus1013 - 1 month ago

I mean a feral bear pov AV (the stories marked "you and a bear")

Strega - 1 month ago

The Captain Landry POV story is bear AV.

arceus1013 - 1 month ago

Still annoyed you haven't done an anal vore bear POV

Fastpaw – 11th level bard praka male, Neutral (Formerly Neutral Evil) Str: 12 (+1) Con:12 (+1) Dex: 15 (+2) Int: 12 (+1)

Fastpaw the praka for 3.5 (update)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Raccoon d&d Praka Raccoon Pred Fastpaw

Fastpaw the praka bard, a very successful and now mostly retired praka serial killer. It's hard to be sure that someone's been murdered when there's no body. *Urp*

Sorry about the messed up formatting. Eka's doesn't like my text files sometimes. 

Strega - 1 month ago

How that would play out would depend on when in his career the aspiring young praka bard met him. After he reforms? All is well. Before? Odds are Fastpaw finds a quiet place to cough up a mass of raccoon fur. 83

nc - 1 month ago

Spontaneously? It makes me wanna come up with a rooky halfling bard who, after seeing him perform, asks Fastpaw for some private lute lesson - of course in secret because don't want the others to make jokes over taking lessons from a racoon, right? I am sure nothing bad can come from that...

Ah, I always loved the cute teddy <3

Strega - 1 month ago

In fact the reason I stopped DMing is I ran a night of play where the players had to sort out a conflict between halflings and praka who were suddenly living in a village together. The son and daughter of the two village chiefs got it on and the players had to sort out the resulting political kelfuffle. I spent too much time on that and not enough on making things for the players to kill and two of the players quit. At that point I realized that if I couldn't keep the furry stuff out of my campaign (this was before I found the furry fandom, mind you) that it just wasn't going to work. I stopped DMing and went snorkeling more. I was on Guam at the time so at least there was that.

anyonarex - 1 month ago

lol, what a shame. X3 i've had some very furry moments in DnD before, but you need a tolerant team for that. X3

Strega - 1 month ago

Back when I played I was almost always the DM. And my players were thoroughly mundane. The furriest things ever got was some fighter getting it on with a tiger-woman offscreen.

One day at Tame Camp 5

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Human Digestion Feral Hyena Post-Vore Human Prey bulged belly Feral Pred Digestion Noises hyena pred

The fact that the animals at Tame Camp are allowed, under certain circumstances, to eat people, sometimes produces this sort of exchange. Like a lot of local animals, Issa can understand humans reasonably well, just not talk.

This sort of encounter can lead to the sort of thing that was discussed last strip, assuming communication can be established. "I'll cough it up if you..."

This is almost word for word based on a page from an obscure Alaskan...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 1 month ago

If the animals eat someone it's because the person offered themselves as food, or the animal can plausibly say they did in the case of the Very Friendly Cheetah. 83

Strega - 1 month ago

I lived in Anchorage for eight years. Tundra is pretty obscure outside the state and the other one - I think it was called Muskeg Flats or Muskeg Heights - is so obscure I can't even find it with Google. Somewhere I have a paperback collection of one or the other with the bit of vore in question, but I can't seem to find it just now.

SleepyIsland48 - 1 month ago

Greetings from Alaska!
It’s interesting that you called Tundra comics obscure. I’ve been surrounded by those comics all my life, I had no idea they weren’t that popular away from home :)

Allard-Liao - 1 month ago

The earlier pages show the prey woman willingly fed herself to the hyena.

Shadowclops2 - 1 month ago

Didn’t do anything wrong?

Man, she must have been one lame person.

And rich


Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Anthro Feral Non-Vore badger semi-feral

My interpretation of three common furry morphologies. 

Strega - 1 month ago

Oh yes. I’ve seen "feral human" art before me it’s always creepy. 83

KraGo - 1 month ago

Sure, but you have to admit some of them are nightmare fuel.

Strega - 1 month ago

I've heard of that with respect to steaks grilling.

Strega - 1 month ago

The plantigrade animal would look fine with shorter legs. Bears are plantigrade and they look fine.

KraGo - 1 month ago

Reminded me of a graph of different combinations of anthropomorphic traits:
The "feral human" and "plantigrade animal" are particularly horrid.

Bartleby and khardaki 2

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Feral Lion Non-Vore badger cunnilingus Lioness bestiality Straight sex

Bart, despite being a 500-pound talking badger, is a well regarded citizen of Verbobonc. This comes from the fact that despite grumpy badger stereotypes he's a steady, reliable guy and very trustworthy.

Everyone knows he can swallow people whole - mostly people the city sentences to be "badgered" - but they also know he won't eat you without a really good reason.

Knowing this, but excited by the potential danger, some of his lovers get off on being...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 1 month ago

Not everyone is up for getting humped by a bear-sized badger, so as often as not he does a "trade". You give him a hand job, he licks you out, that sort of thing. Some of his lovers move on from that to being more comfortable around him, some leave for greener pastures, but as he works in a bad for one of his jobs, there are always more fish in the sea.

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 month ago

Showing her what a predator's tongue can do

Fastpaw and gnome (edit)

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Raccoon Burp Feral M/F Animal Strega Straight bestiality Female Prey Male Pred Feral Pred Fastpaw gnome prey


Fastpaw, these days a more or less retired pred who co-runs an orphanage (yes, really) used to be quite the predatory asshole. Here he's used minor magic to partially change shape to a more feral form in order to seduce a gnome woman who's into that sort of thing. It ends about as well for her as many of his trysts.

Most of my pics are sized to print out, but the old one here is pretty much a square and awkward to print...
[ Continued ...

mibankai1171 - 1 month ago

Nice ^_^

Strega - 1 month ago

To be fair, I draw a lot of badgers. 83

Bright - 1 month ago

Very nice belly there.

Shadowclops2 - 1 month ago

This is actually a great addition to the original, I love how she settled in and how they both got comfy <3

Leika - 1 month ago

Nice. This was always one of my favorites.

The Very Friendly Cheetah - trust 2.2

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Human badger Cheetah helping Human Prey Feral Pred honey badger Cheetah Pred

Lacking hands and in the process of swallowing a meal heavier than she is, the cheetah employs a trick common to ferals in the setting. She traps her meal's knees against the ground and pushes. There is nowhere for the hapless man to go but down her throat.

By now her little honey badger friend and lover Mdogo has shown up. (Chances are he's the one the man talked to before this all started.) People are easy enough to digest, given time. Clothes are another matter and Mdogo...
[ Continued ...

simalst - 1 month ago

The "very friendly" cheetah is my favorite pred besides Thistlefur.

simalst - 1 month ago

Always very nice art, my friend.

The Very Friendly Cheetah - trust 2.1

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore F/M Cheetah Head First Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Feral Pred Cheetah Pred

That certain sinking sensation, the moment you realize that the Very Friendly Cheetah really is trying to eat you. Most people push her away before it gets this far. There's a term for the ones who don't: "Lunch."

There was too big a jump between Trust 2 and 3, so I thought I should do another panel or two to link them. 

Kiala_Tiagra - 2 months ago

That butt

nc - 2 months ago

That is a pretty awesome perspective - it also explains better than any words could, just how helpless you are, once you allow her to get to this point. With the tips of your feet barely touching the ground and your arms pinned to the sides? You really are at her mercy.

EnderDracolich - 2 months ago

I think your art has improved a lot recently. I know you've been on the site for ages, so that's probably a given, but I figured I should say it anyway!

Tame Camp - Meet Mdogo

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Furry badger Dialogue honey badger

Mdogo the honey badger is the first animal most people meet when they get to Tame Camp and the only one with a full command of human speech. It's easy to think of him as a mascot but he's more of the camp guide, and while he sometimes sleeps in a padded bed in the office he's no pet.

He was leading lovers (and meals) to his massive mistress long before Tame Camp existed. He learned to speak to humans expressively so he could get a few of them into his predatory mate's hungry maw...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 2 months ago

He's a very clever weasel. I like the bit where he breaks into the head keeper's house at night, heh.

nc - 2 months ago

He'd make a great inmate of the Stregaverse zoo. The keepers try their best to keep him in his pen. But again and again he escapes and is only recaptured, when he has a swollen belly with a zoo intern or even a zoo visitor inside. I love the groaning attitude of the zoo keepers "oh no... not again... Stoffel!" ...followed by a quick cover up of his latest vore crime. I mean... unlike the dolphines in the zoo? Stoffels is not waiting for idiots to jump into his pen ;-)

Strega - 2 months ago

Stoffel is great. I've shown that video to every furry I've roomed with at cons and a bunch of non furs too.

nc - 2 months ago

I am pretty sure you must have heard of Stoffles the honey badger, no?

Tounicoon - 2 months ago

A giraffe you said ? Interesting

One day at Tame Camp 4 (Epilogue)

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Male Digestion badger Human Prey bulged belly Male Pred Digestion Noises honey badger hyena pred

"Humans. Don't try to figure them out, just fuck them and maybe eat one from time to time."

Mdogo, the little male honey badger here, is an oddity at the camp. He's too small to have much fun boning a human (not that he won't) and he's much too small to swallow one (though he's tried). What he has going for him is unlike the other local critters, he can talk to humans. The VFC can speak a few sentences and Njaa, the big female honey badger, has memorized a few things...
[ Continued ...

doomfister - 2 months ago

perhaps if he puts on a good enough show the lady will slot her head into his maw to help wash away the taste of bile from passing his last occupants annoying wrapper ;)

Strega - 2 months ago

It's not the weirdest thing a pred has been asked to do for a blowjob. 83

doomfister - 2 months ago

XD that would be an interesting follow up image, like an oral double bumpkin. Then again some people have interesting tastes, then again there are plenty of weirder things to get the juices flowing than watching a confidant pred passing a nice compacted hairball

Muttsmutt - 2 months ago

"If she can get a skull as a souvenir she'll probably do anal."

Nibor - 2 months ago

Looks like Issa's luck is STILL holding out! :p

One day at Tame Camp 3

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion Fatal Hyena Masturbation Human Prey Belly bulge Male Pred Feral Pred hyena pred humping belly

It's not the business of the animals at Tame Camp to try to figure out why humans do things. Humans are confusing. When all you want to do is bone one, why would she stick her head in your mouth?

All Issa can do is make the best of the situation. He wanted some sex, he gets some. It is just more one-sided than he expected. 

Strega - 2 months ago

Playing with the belly of a full pred is pretty popular, whether it's the pred or someone else who does it. 83

kkrazdwinz - 2 months ago

i feel attacked because i ever did the same thing with any soft roundy stuff xD

Strega - 2 months ago

He’s not at the Stupid Short Legs level like an overly ambitious badger, but he’s going to be waddling for a while. 83

Strega - 2 months ago

He’s didn’t want "a" bone, he wanted TO bone. Your confusion is understandable, it’s not like Issa could talk to her to clarify things. 83

Shadowclops2 - 2 months ago

I still love your bulge proportions, it really does look like it’s always gonna take a long time to break down a whole person <3

One day at Tame Camp 2

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Feral M/F Hyena Head First Female Prey Human Prey Consensual vore Male Pred Feral Pred Willing prey

Tame Camp exists because the locals suspected (correctly) that there would be people willing to pay to, er, "visit" with friendly animals. Issa wasn't thinking about "bone" in the dietary sense last page, you know.

But occasionally someone shows up with the goal of feeding themselves to one of the animals. They fill out some additional paperwork and off they go to learn exciting things about the digestive process of some lucky critter.

Since few...
[ Continued ...

SleepyIsland48 - 2 months ago

This is great. I’d love to see more like this.

plaguetyranno - 2 months ago

I'm just fooling around ^^''

Strega - 2 months ago

You can go to the Tame Camp in almost perfect safety. It's why the place exists. People still get eaten, but it's usually because it's what they want.

Strega - 2 months ago

Most vore in my settings is not safe. Well, it's pretty safe for the pred. 83

Shadowclops2 - 2 months ago

Whoa. Do they get to come out? Or....

One day at Tame Camp 1

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Hyena Pre-Vore Female Prey Human Prey Consensual vore Male Pred Feral Pred hyena pred Willing prey

Issa the hyena is another well known regular at Tame Camp. He's sometimes called The Lucky Hyena due to a series of adventures that include not one but two lioness lovers outside the safe haven of the Tame Camp. (Normally, a male hyena who tries to put part of himself into a lioness ends up with all of himself inside her.) Then there was the small plane that crashed and hurled its pilot practically into his jaws.

He's friends with both the Very Friendly Cheetah and Njaa the...
[ Continued ...

Shadowclops2 - 2 months ago

Gee, I wonder how this will end up!

deathknight - 2 months ago

Well he will be fat yeen now

Njaa UB 3

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Unbirth Digestion Fatal Male Prey Female Pred Feral Pred Tiger Prey Digestion Noises honey badger badger pred

Another of the Tame Camp's well known man-eaters is Njaa, an abnormally large honey badger female with equally abnormal appetites.

Because of The Rules at the camp she, like the VFC, usually takes willing prey only. And like the VFC, she has a broad definition of "willing".

The tiger climbed in there willingly enough. He didn't ask enough questions, and will next be seen as a football-sized mass of orange fur disgorged by her pussy. It's a bit too late...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 2 months ago

Not ones that are part of this series, but Njaa has two other UB pics here and one implied UB pic.

UnknownGamer21 - 2 months ago

UB 3? Is there a second and first one?

The Very Friendly Cheetah - trust 5

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: badger Cheetah Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred bulged belly Feral Pred honey badger Cheetah Pred

Physically unable to overpower most humans but very fond of the taste of man, the VFC relies on willing meals.

She just has a really broad definition of "willing."

Stick your head in her maw? Willing. Tied up by the local cops so you can be questioned as she swallows you feetfirst? That's willing. So into the sex that you don't start to struggle until your face slips into her stomach?

Definitely willing. 

simalst - 2 weeks ago

Love it Strega. Especially your description of her seeing it as "willing" too :)

Strega - 2 months ago

Hah, I could see her whispering in someone's ear as they slept, trying to get them to say that in their sleep. 83

Amnael - 2 months ago

Well maybe they mumbled eat me while sleeping x3
Hmpfh Hmm is probably not really a way of telling if it is willing ;p

Strega - 2 months ago

The asleep part is questionable, but the humped into a maw part could happen. 83

thgiFpalSoboH - 2 months ago

Eh... if I don't notice she's eating me by -that- point, I'm hers anyway. ;3

Sandra and the hyena

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Anthro F/M Hyena Pre-Vore Male Prey Female Pred Skunkette larger prey Skunk Pred Bound Prey Taunting prey hyena prey

This is the sort of conversation that can only end in a burp.

Sandra and her husband Striper are remorseless serial killers who have each eaten at least fifty people. They haven't been caught due to a series of rules they set for themselves. Some of them are:

- Only eat people who won't be readily missed (hitchhikers, temporary workers, the homeless, that sort of thing). Their city of residence, Anchorage, was chosen due to its high number of seasonal workers and...
[ Continued ...

TheDarkTraveler - 2 months ago


Strega - 2 months ago

There is also a Sandra POV vore story in my POV vore stories folder.

TheDarkTraveler - 2 months ago

how can I find these stories?

Strega - 2 months ago

Not for this pic, but the various Striper and Sandra stories (except the first, which is pretty silly) go over how cautious they are.

Strega - 2 months ago

Their house is on the city sewer system. Unless you installed a trap between their house and the sewer line - and they watch out for unexplained sewer maintenance on their street - it's all going to get mixed in with a quarter million other people's poop.

Madeline and Rattles

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Human Feral Non-Vore bestiality knotting Straight sex Nightstalker

Rattles the snekdog is all dog underneath, as Madeline discovers the hard way. This sort of problem didn't develop when she sat in his lap and he's rather confused as to why she's making such a fuss. He has half an hour or so to figure it out. 

Strega - 2 months ago

It's a knotty problem all right.

sivrel - 2 months ago

Well, that is looking like a right pain in the ass.

Madeline was a typical wastelander. Though barely past twenty her face was deeply tanned, her auburn hair faded from the desert sun to near blond, and her physique wiry and strong. She made a living scavenging the wasteland and collecting bounties, and you don't survive long at that without being strong inside and out. She had plenty of scars to prove it. With a hunting rifle slung over her shoulder and a pistol on each hip she could pass for any of a dozen wanderer women who passed through Sloa

A girl and her snakedog (Nightstalker/human)

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Oral Vore Human Unwilling Prey bestiality Human Prey Feet first Male Prey Interrogation Feral Pred Straight sex Nightstalker fallout new vegas sex after vore

Madeline and her nightstalker Rattles have a good relationship. She helps him find things to fill himself up and then he fills her up, so to speak. 

Strega - 2 months ago

I talked to someone who said they had a custom FO4 mod that added the shark-dolphin things you find on the beach and made them vore preds. They can swallow people whole based on the intact skeleton hanging out of one in-game. I can't find the mod though, either he was pulling my leg or he had the only copy.

Allard-Liao - 3 months ago

I wonder if someone made a nightstalker-specific vore mod...

Strega - 3 months ago

New Vegas is such a great game. I played the hell out of it just recently but writing this story tempts me to play it again.

stankoman223 - 3 months ago

The snekpup is both hungry and horny, so now it just needs to be thirsty for the atomic wrangler to have it covered.

Strega - 3 months ago

Well, he's a doggo that likes snacks. Human ones, in this case. 83

The Very Friendly Cheetah - trust 4

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Cheetah Human Prey bulged belly Burping Feral Pred honey badger Cheetah Pred

They always start to wiggle there at the end. Even the willing ones.

There are plenty of critters at the Tame Camp who will eat you if you ask them to. Stick your head in a lion's or hyena's mouth, or even a rhino's or elephant's mouth, and it will all end in a burp.

The reason the Very Friendly Cheetah is such a notorious predator there is she really, really wants to eat you, and she'll let you know. Nine times out of ten someone will push her away when she gapes...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 1 month ago

Yep, I'm sure most of her human meals are a result of acclimatization and overconfidence. She's just not big enough or savage enough to seem particularly threatening. 83

nc - 1 month ago

I can picture a human, who just can't get enough of sex with the cheetah. He returns again and again, believing to know her well enough to push her away just in time... only to get more cocky every time. While she learns what makes him tick better and better and hold him on the edge... until one fine day... the dance on the edge ends on the wrong side of the fur coat.

redsquallff8 - 3 months ago

She can eat me anytime

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 months ago

On the other hand it's relatively safe to have sex with her now thanks to his sacrifice

Snorlaxkid - 3 months ago

I mean, if she showed me that maw I'd just happily hop in. <3

The Very Friendly Cheetah - trust 3

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Cheetah Human Prey Feral Pred honey badger feet sticking out Cheetah Pred clothing removal

As with most of the VFC's meals, her current one realizes she isn't fooling around right about the point where it's much too late to stop her. That's how you end up with a spotty fur coat you only get to wear once, people.

The honey badger is a friend and occasional lover of hers and yes, he knows pulling clothes off someone's meal as it is swallowed is a bit risky, but he's had some experience doing this sort of thing and that guy doesn't need clothes where he is going, does he? 

Jeschke - 3 months ago

I'm sure he's got enough experience around her to know how close his claws can get, heh. Wouldn't want her to get anything stuck in her lower digestive system!

Bangaa_Dragoon - 3 months ago

A sign of true love, risking being inches away from being swallowed by a predator just so she does not get indigestion.

Bear and khardaki (color)

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Bear Feral Non-Vore Blowjob Lioness fellatio bestiality Straight sex khardaki

Because sometimes when you go for a ride what you really want is to be ridden.

At least, that's the business model this particular exotic mount shop runs on. 

plaguetyranno - 3 months ago

yikes, be careful with those teeth! He seems a bit too endowed to avoid them...

deg21 - 3 months ago

multi purpose bear

Bear and khardaki

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Bear Feral Non-Vore Lioness Oral Sex fellatio bestiality Straight sex

There's an exotic mount rental shop at a caravansary in my old D&D world where you can rent, well, exotic mounts. For a given value of "mount", that is. This is the shop where Bart the badger got his start and it didn't take the proprietor long to realize he could charge more to rent, ahem, properly trained and modified animals than normal ones.

Some of the animals are more modified than others. Some come with the warning "for experienced riders...
[ Continued ...

Tacomeister2004 - 3 months ago


Strega - 3 months ago

Horny, magically enhanced riding animals that are also really good of disposing of any bodies (or people) you want to get rid of?

Tacomeister2004 - 3 months ago

I know what im adding in ny sessions now.

Strega - 3 months ago

I was a DM for 15 years. The problem was I was a furry who hadn't found the furry community yet and I couldn't stop sticking furry races and NPCs and stories into my campaigns. Sometimes this wasn't a problem but eventually I realized it was a real issue and stopped DMing. All would have been well had I had furry players but they were all thoroughly mundane.

voreingsparten - 3 months ago

So did you DM or just paly?

Cause if you DM I'd like to compare notes.

A bit late 4.5

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: M/M Swallowing Human Prey young prey Feral Pred Bear Pred Young pred feet sticking out

Bobby discovers that the seemingly friendly young bear isn't fooling around in the most unpleasant way imaginable. Specifically, by sliding headfirst into its stomach.

I have a bunch of comics that either aren't complete or have big jumps in the progress of the scene. Looking through A Bit Late the other day I realized it was one of them and I hope to fix that in the next few days.

I'll be creating a folder for this comic soon. My work is mostly folderized by year...
[ Continued ...

nc - 3 months ago

It happens, when some random ideas slowly become a lore of themselves. After all you've been putting out art long enough for your art to be of legal age to drink liquor.

The Very Friendly Cheetah - Trust 2

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: F/M Cheetah Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Feral Pred Cheetah Pred Willing prey

The problem with the Very Friendly Cheetah is that no matter how many times you warn people, she's just so cuddly and such an unlikely man-eater than people keep underestimating her.

She's had a lot of practice since her first human meal, who was both willing and a rather petite woman. Don't assume she can't eat you, because she WILL try and if you give her too much time to work at it you may find you are no longer the one in charge of the situation.  

plaguetyranno - 3 months ago

nicely drawn!

Tafillia - 3 months ago


kaijufanforever - 3 months ago

there was only way this was going, to be honest, and that direction is in...her belly that is

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 months ago

She's swallowing a bit more of him than he bargained for

You kick and squirm. Fight for your life. Maybe if you make the Digimon uncomfortable enough, she'll throw you back up. Maybe you won't end up as the first - or more likely just the most recent - human to make your way through the bowels of a Renamon.When you saw her in the park you were enchanted. A Renamon! Here! With no tamer, nothing! Then a flash of yellow. Too fast to follow she was on you, powerful oversized hands pulling you off the jogging path into the bushes with her. She doesn't say

POV vore - you and a Renamon (implied scat)

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: POV Renamon Digestion Digimon F/? implied scat ambiguous prey pov vore

You never really wondered what would happen if a digimon ate someone. And yet here you are, finding out. 

Strega - 3 months ago

Because the gender of the critter is unimportant in this scenario, but mainly because Renamon is so commonly considered female that it didn't occur to me to make it male. 83

wolfSnack - 3 months ago

Damn, I love the way you wrote the end -- the digestion, the implications, and all. Makes me want to hop into a Renamon's jaws, haha.

Amnael - 3 months ago

Always considered Renamon male as the german version is voiced by a male XD
Also why not using a male version then ?

Strega - 3 months ago

I'm a big fan of male Renamon porn. Shame there's so little of it.

Amnael - 3 months ago

Bet a male Kyubimon version would offer you to use your mouth in exchange for freedom x3 like certain fox we know ;p

The Very friendly Cheetah - trust

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Pre-Vore Cheetah bestiality Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Feral Pred Cheetah Pred Willing prey

They call her the Very Friendly Cheetah, but everyone knows she's also Very Hungry. Nine times out of ten when she's in someone's lap she'll gape over their face, hoping they won't object. They almost always do, almost always push her away.

But "almost always" isn't the same as "always" and every so often you'll happen across the VFC with a great swelling in her middle. Willing prey? Or someone who underestimated her that badly? It's hard to tell at that...
[ Continued ...

Strega - 3 months ago

It does, but I’m not sure where I would fit the sound effect.

Strega - 3 months ago

Stupid short legs. Not just for badgers any more. 83

plaguetyranno - 3 months ago

If she swallowed him, she'd have such a huge bulge that her feet would barely even touch the ground...

UltraFox - 3 months ago

I'd like to see a big bulge in her belly!

Amnael - 3 months ago

needs a poping sound to show its not really a yawn x3

Eblis - the tongue

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Eblis Anteater Feline Prey tongue wrap anteater pred

Eblis has a reasonably long and wrappy tongue, maybe two feet long, but it's nothing like a sticky and lengthy as an anteater tongue. But it could be. One body mod and we could be looking at this sort of thing. 83 

Strega - 4 months ago

I've thought about doing a mini comic where he tries to pick up a hooker and slurps her up when she shoots him down.

Strega - 4 months ago

Oh yes. No doubt. 83

Strega - 4 months ago

Eblis weighs seven hundred pouuds. Adding forty pounds of modified tongue wouldn't change much. 83

Nibor - 4 months ago

Requests should go in a PM to the creator. That way they can be properly dealt with and you don't have to clutter up the comments with them.

giblieherps - 4 months ago

So please, i would love to see him make some young ladies of the night disapear, eat them so he doesnt have to pay. Like if he was tickling and playing with her, like a tongue hug wilst fucking her, she doesnt realize any danger till her face gets squashed in his mouth.

Big fish 4 (color)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Digestion Human Prey Feral Pred Digestion Noises Sealion

If another staffer had happened across Charlie right after he had his meal, perhaps something could have been done. But they didn't. At least the intern's shoes made it easy to work out why Charlie was suddenly so fat. 

Strega - 4 months ago

Better to press against it from the outside than the inside. 83

Shadowclops2 - 4 months ago

I wanna press my face against him and listen to that sea lions tummy uwu

BigJohnHagerty - 4 months ago

This is how they react in Australia as well, just substitute the sea lion with a snake or a dingo

deg21 - 4 months ago

he's like "another one died? oh well, send in the next one"
no regard for that mans life
i love it

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 months ago

This is why we can't have nice things

M'ress - non mea culpa

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Female Prey Female Pred star trek Belly bulge Face Imprint M'ress caitian

The main reason M'ress hasn't gotten in more trouble for sending seven crewmen on a short tour of her digestive tract - one of them twice - is that most of the incidents happened because of misinterpretations of things they said or, after her abilities became known, because of crewmen actually volunteering for the trip. 

redsquallff8 - 4 months ago

Nom me anytime

Strega - 4 months ago

You’re welcome. The M’ress stuff all started a couple of years back when someone won one of my raffles and wanted a M’ress pic. 83

TW - 4 months ago

THis was great. Nicely done.

Strega - 4 months ago

Getting eaten is how she got into this habit. She was eaten at least twice by Ripper the wolverine while on away missions but as sometimes happens with the beast he took a shine to her when she kept showing up and introduced her to a friend who gave her the predatory abilities.

Revx_Z - 4 months ago

If you aren't cheating you aren't trying. ;)

Maybe she should get herself eaten for once, then the transporter would have to bring her back in better shape!

Big fish 3 (color)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Digestion Fatal Human Prey Feral Pred sea lion Accidental vore Sealion sea lion pred

It's the biggest, wriggliest fish Charlie has ever swallowed, but he has a rule. Once he swallows something, it stays swallowed.

He can't be blamed for not realizing that fish don't wear shoes. He's just a sea lion, after all. 

Big fish 2 (color)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Human Prey Male Prey Feral Pred sea lion Accidental vore Sealion sea lion pred

It's a confusing situation and an unexpectedly large fish, but that's all right. Charlie the sea lion knows what to do with fish. 

cv98 - 4 months ago

well if you will insist on working with sea lions and then handling a load of fish. what do ya think was gonna happen, this is just Darwinism in progress XD

cv98 - 4 months ago

well if will insist on working with sea lions and then handling a load of fish what do ya think was gonna happen, this is just Darwinism in progress XD

Strega - 4 months ago

My favorite thing about this strip is the sea lion thinking he's a fish and bolting him down. Accidents will happen. 83

plaguetyranno - 4 months ago

the first panel is great, i like how the guys bulge is sort of held behind the teeth!

ArcaneSigil - 4 months ago

He got a fish flavored thing though.

Big Fish 1 (color)

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Fish Human Prey Male Prey Feral Pred sea lion Accidental vore Sealion sea lion pred

Colored version of the Big Fish comic. Hopefully I'll get the rest of the pages done in a reasonable space of time. 

Strega - 4 months ago

These are from one of my Canson sketchbooks. Sometimes I draw on laser printer paper but I like being able to see the paper texture in the final product, so unless it's an inked pic (black and white scans don't show the paper grain) I usually draw in a sketchbook.

plaguetyranno - 4 months ago

nice work as usual! do you do this on paper? like, the uncoloured versions?

Strega - 4 months ago

Tastes vary, I have one friend who's into almost every conceivable type of vore except human prey. So this one doesn't work for him either.

Sharktooth - 4 months ago

Kinda to me. Guy prey turns me off it’s why I asked

Strega - 4 months ago

They are both guys. Not that it matters much at this point. 83

Slurp, part 4

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Anteater Internal View Burping Feral Pred Rat Prey anteater pred

It might give Dale a crumb of comfort to know that he'll have company on his trip through the anteater's intestinal tract. But probably not. 

AlisLeWulf - 4 months ago

Hey at least he isn’t wasteful!

deathknight - 4 months ago

Man gonna be one fat anteater

Slurp, part 3

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Anteater Internal View Feral Pred Rat Prey Sticky tongue anteater pred

Even predatory giant anteaters are pretty much harmless if you just stay out of reach. This is of little consolation to a rat currently sliding into one's stomach. 

Strega - 4 months ago

I really need to do a better tongue wrap piece, but I can’t draw anteaters to save my life. Maybe Eblis will get a body mod that adds a long sticky tongue. 83

Zeetyphlosion - 4 months ago

That tongue wrapped around the paws~<3

kaijufanforever - 4 months ago

That anteater looks really proud of itself

redsquallff8 - 4 months ago


deathknight - 4 months ago

Well there got ratface...i wonder who is next