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Riley’s eyes popped open but she saw nothing. Beneath her she felt cold damp stone chilling her bare flesh. She blinked twice before she realized two things, one was that she was still very much alive and the second, she was in pitch darkness. Slowly she sat up and let her hands trail down her body, her fingers sliding over her bare belly before they came to rest in her lap amidst the remains of her panties and tights. Suddenly her mind flashed back to how her underwear had gotte

Sash's Snack 6 (Riley)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: SummerSun

Riley awakens to find herself still in the menagerie and Peyton has been up to no good and needs to be taught a lesson with the help of a new friend. 

MisterBad - 1 year ago

I sure am going to miss that big, dopey tame tiger that lazily accepted all those tasty human meals that kept offering themselves to him. He was so kind and gentle to the ones he ate, never so much as putting a scratch on them as he approached, licked, and guzzled them down his throat, while tasting, burping, and lounging around regally afterward. Never was devious. Never had an agenda. RIP Sasha. You had style. You had the life of a king.

SummerSun - 1 year ago

I am currently working on a continuation for Riley and possibly more. I also plan to toy with the robo tiger as well. I may even have a new predator or two that I am playing with.

Cruich - 1 year ago

Well, this is quite an interesting world you've developed here, with the queen, princess, duke, a shapeshifting dragon, and a computer-controlled animatronic tiger and DVDs!

I was surprised about the death of Sasha, but I think Sunny and the worms have just as much potential, so I'll follow wherever this leads, presumably under a new title since Sasha's dead.

Anastasia_Frostbite - 1 year ago

Yes Riley did consent to it but not because she really wanted to but because Peyton had emotionally manipulated her into doing so, something that likely would have contributed to the amount of anger she felt, and something that Peyton has obviously had a lot of practice at given the trophy room that was revealed.

As for killing Sasha, it does kind of suck but there was no way of really getting Riley back out if they couldn't get the tiger to barf her up willingly.

SummerSun - 1 year ago

Riley felt like a jilted lover and lashed out. I wanted to make it darker so I felt that Sunny had to be forceful to aid Riley in coming back. I also have something for Peyton in the works.

Snack 5
Riley, and Amy
years had passed since Sasha had been moved from his royal menagerie
to the homestead of the English duke where he was the happy pet of
the duke’s daughter Peyton who was now in the late stages of her
fifteenth year. Sasha simply adored his mistress who had defended
him after the disappearance of her older sister Kendall, who was
widely believed to have been devoured by one of the many creatures in
her father’s formidable collection perhaps e

Sasha's Snack 5 (Peyton, Amy, ands Riley)

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: SummerSun

Tags: Dragon Tiger Willing animal pred pet pred

Peyton decides to have a weekend get with her best friend and another classmate when feeding time happens. and perhaps there's a plot twist at the end
F/F M/F 

MisterBad - 4 years ago

I vote cough her up, peyton and riley make out, then they make it up to poor sasha by giving him the royal treatment while feeding him a willing servant girl.

rugli - 5 years ago

Annother three years in making?

rugli - 5 years ago

I wonder if sequel to this is ever happening.

sevensix - 6 years ago

I vote yes, if it's not too late.

playafreek - 7 years ago

Where's the next chapter?

Sasha's Snack 4

A New Home

A few days after the disappearances of the queen, princess and servant girl the grand council voted that the only common factor in all three, Sasha was to be removed from the palace. He was sold at auction to a visiting duke with a penchant for exotic animals. He was taken from Avia to England a gift to the oldest of his new owner's daughters. Upon arrival the big cat was placed in the duke's private menagerie along with all of his other rare and in most ca

Sasha's Snack 4 (A New Home)

Uploaded: 13 years ago

Owner: SummerSun

Tags: writing

M/F with a Tiger as the pred and a little but of snake vore as well. 

Choco0 - 7 years ago

I think so

rugli - 8 years ago

I think this honestly needs chapter 5

SkyLark - 13 years ago

Everything in your gallery is a pleasure to read, though I feared maybe you weren't going to update anymore. Good thing I decided to check back, 'cause this is quality material - shame about those pesky typos though.

unicorn - 13 years ago

Mmm, it's awesome to see another addition to this series! Great stuff, as usual.
I liked that you added in the python too, for the sake of variety. Perhaps there are even more dangerous and hungry animals to explore in the menagerie Sasha now inhabits. :3

BardicLasher - 13 years ago

That was positively delightful, Sasha's such a wonderful predator. I'd love to see, in the future, her various ways of keeping him well fed... Trickery is always fun, as is the ocassional use of force...

Sasha's Snack 3

Cassie Meets Sasha

Cassie finished her rounds for the day and smiled to herself as she moved quietly through the now silent halls of the Palace towards Princess Aspen's room to check on her friend after she missed dinner. She smiled to herself as she reached to door to her friends room and knocked gently and waited to be granted entrance. After standing there for a few minutes of waiting she shook her head and knocked again before resting her hand on t

Sasha's Snack 3 (Cassie Meets Sasha

Uploaded: 14 years ago

Owner: SummerSun

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Tiger Consensual Willing Oral Sex Human Prey

The third installment of the Sasha series M/F consensual with a Tiger as the main charrie. 

Anono1323 - 10 years ago

god i love willing prey who go down with a orgasm this is hot

BardicLasher - 13 years ago

Can't wait to read it!

SummerSun - 13 years ago

Yes there is a fourth story in the series but I haven't finished it. With a little luck I can have it posted in a few days. I also started a new folder of some of my non Sasha stories. I hope you like them as much as the Sasha Series.

BardicLasher - 13 years ago

I really liked these stories, and they were posted, well... forever ago. Any chance of you writing anything more into the future?

Rikahazelius - 13 years ago

i like this series ^-^ please right more

Sasha's Snack

Part 1 Catherine and her daughter Aspen slowly ascended the main stairs of the palace, both tired out from the ball earlier that evening. Catherine smiles to her daughter as they enter the royal chamber casting a glance to her pet Siberian tiger Sasha as he perks his head up form his place on the end of the bed upon hearing them enter, his sleek tail swishing about lazily as he yawns and settles back down. Catherine

Sasha's Snack (original)

Uploaded: 14 years ago

Owner: SummerSun

Tags: Soft Vore Human M/F Tiger Consensual Willing Human Prey Tiger Pred

My Very First Story. M/F Semi consensual with a tiger as the main charrie.  

tigercowboy - 12 years ago

i realy liked the story and am a realy big fan of bigcats (just look at my name)but it probley just that im not a big foot guy but i thought you spent to much time on the feet and the real naughty bits got reagretfully got negleted but thats just my tast but i real liked it.

wuk - 13 years ago

really great story(s) , they're well written and everything, hope you'll keep sasha feed :3

SummerSun - 14 years ago

Sasha is a most definitely a unisex name, though in this particular case I used it in the masculine form a for a male Siberian Tiger. It seemed a good Russian name for a good Russian woman eating cat.

Gypa - 14 years ago

Great story. But I want to point out that Sasha the name can aslo work for female. Acording to wikipedia. (Although im not 100% sure)