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Dollhouse“So here we are. Isn’t this just… quaint.” Darien said, looking past his date and out the car window to the house beyond. Shiny off-white siding with a perfect pitched roof, and two rows of two pink-trimmed windows on both floors. The inviting double doors were flanked by old-fashioned oil lamps, illuminating the pearlescent facade. “Something out of a fairy tale, I swear.” He said with a stifled laugh as the uncanny quality of the building settled over him. He looked back t


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Tags: Unbirth Pregnancy Hard Vore F/M Same Size Gore Blood Sex Reformation Fatal Unwilling Story writing Transformation Bones Doll Blowjob gruesome Unwilling Prey Straight Unwilling Pred Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred Implied reformation handjob Straight sex naked prey bone breaking Vaginal sex Naked pred implied transformation implied pregnancy doll pred wholesome Manikin Manikin Pred

Story… just for me! 6,100 words. On 8/8, no less. This was merely a fun thing I thought up after taking suggestions from several of my smut writing peers, and wanting to see a rare scenario realized, assigned myself the task of realizing it. I thought I’d balance out my previous upload with some highly wholesome, but still gruesome, F/M unbirth. It’s still me, after all. Nothing shall be bloodless if I can help it. Guess this qualifies as my first hard vore upload, even if highly unconventional....
[ Continued ...

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 month ago

Man couldn't handle the grindussy.

BondaBonda - 1 month ago

Ooo I know the whirring noises must have sounded horrifying with the flesh and that gives me a sick thrill thinking about it TvT

skorm - 1 month ago

Very much so hit right in the feels , Especially the part where he said your real enough to me. Right in the chest with that one

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 month ago

Thanks for stopping by skrom! Appreciate the comment. Yeah, I'm not very subtle, thank you for noticing. This story exists mostly to balance out my last upload, I'm glad you enjoyed. May do some similar stories if I have a glut of free time in the foreseeable future.

skorm - 1 month ago

Also hats off to you useing the bird reborn from the ashes the mythical phoenix

Succs for You Damen held the ruby vial up to the light of the candelabra, swirling the deeper and duller red liquid inside. He inhaled deep and uncorked the vial. Walking in a slow and measured circle around the center of the room, he exhaled while intoning the foreign words and marking the perimeter with the contents of the vial. He released the last of his breath, along with the last word and the last drop of liquid, just as he came back to where he had started. He crushed the now empty v

Succs for You

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Tags: Soul Vore Succubus Soul Demon F/M Same Size Riding Blood Biting snuff Rape Magic Story writing Unwilling Prey Straight non-con Willing Pred Human Prey Demon pred Male Prey Female Pred Straight sex sexual assault nipple play Energy drain Coercion too many tags girl on top succubus pred bloodplay heterosexual sex

Part of another trade with the ever-brilliant : BondaBonda:! 2,750 words. I don't have much to say for this one except that it was super fun to write and I hope that everyone enjoys. I realize now that I haven't uploaded any F/M outside of commissions, so here's one for the masses. I'll have another surprise (and considerably more gay) upload coming relatively soon this month, so look forward to it. 

TheKawaiiCommie - 3 months ago

Puns and punishable by death. I hope you're ready.

BondaBonda - 3 months ago

Soul vore is so refreshing >:3c
But it succe for them tho

Childe's Play: Alternative End“Alright, what do you say we head back to my place, before they have to -- Hic...! Before they have to open here?” Thoma suggested, slamming down his drinking cup on the table with a heavy thud. Tartaglia laughed and almost fell backwards into the screen door, saving himself by holding onto the edge and hoisting himself back up.He found himself inches away from Thoma’s face, and met it with a dopey grin. “Okay! Now that I think about it, I don’t believe yo

Childe's Play: Alternate End

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Tags: M/M Anal Vore Story writing Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Anal Sex Shrinking Size difference Male Prey teasing handjob taunting condom Male Pred human dildo Drunk prey Drunk pred genshin impact Childe Tartaglia thoma

Follow up on a trade with  CaptainSquee! ~4,500 words.

Squee wanted me to make a different ending, so I delivered! This was pretty fun to work on, I’ve never done anal vore before and rarely get to work on anything M/M. This piece is long overdue, but I hope everyone enjoys it.

I’ve filled my last commission slot for now. I’ll detail my current situation in a blog post once I finish that. 

TheKawaiiCommie - 2 months ago

Five months late on the draw, but yeah, this remains one of my favorite uploads, personally. Thank YOU for spurring me to make it.

CaptainSquee - 7 months ago

The world needs more Childe/Thoma ;w;
Thank you again <3333

Spring has Sprung!“Adrian, can you stay after work and do the inventory and delivery yourself tonight?” The owner asked, flipping the sign over the glass door around so that it displayed ‘OPEN!’ only to Adrian and himself. “Oh, sure. I don’t really have anything else tonight. How about you?” Adrian asked in return, lifting his head up from behind the counter to see the owner heading out the door.“I’ve got to go, have a date with the wife.” He said, closing the door behind him

Spring has Sprung

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Tags: Plant Digestion M/M Hypnosis pheromones Fatal Rape Unwilling Prey Melting Kissing Human Prey Male Prey handjob Long Tongue external digestion Male Pred naked prey Gay sex Plant pred Plant Predator melty digestion aroused prey Damaged clothes Unusual Anatomy

Commission for the wonderful  AlluringPredation! ~5,000 words.

This is the realization of an old idea I’ve wanted to write for a while, but I haven’t had an excuse to between other commissions and In Pursuit of the Truth. It happened to coincide with a prompt for commissions Alluring Predation put out on the Work to Feed server, so I hit them up and they agreed to it. I am aware that it became Summer earlier this week, proving that I am always extremely timely. I hope everyone...
[ Continued ...

Chapter 5 Teaser Comic

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Tags: sequence Comic drawing Non-Vore Story illustration teaser

Part of a trade with the amazing  BondaBonda!

A sequence drawn by them to accompany the upcoming Chapter 5 of In Pursuit of the Truth.

I absolutely adore this, thank you so much!  

DreamyGalaxy - 1 year ago


Taking From Tiki “Ow! Fuck!” You shout as you feel your head crash against the ancient stones of the temple floor. Flattened beneath the girl who had fallen right on top of you ass-first, you struggle to find your senses with your face encased in an ample derriere.“Oh! Ever-so-sorry!” She says, your head still stuck between her cheeks. You smell her skin as your nose pokes past the bare flap covering her ass, sweet as honey. You would be in heaven, if not knocking at its door from t

Taking from Tiki

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Tags: POV Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Digestion Weight Gain M/F Same Size Sex Fatal Rape Micro/Macro Growth Transformation Non-consensual Fire Emblem smaller pred Female Prey larger prey Male Pred Foot worship Dragon prey second person naked prey Cruel Pred Tiki Fire emblem awakening Reader pred Noncon sex

My second commission for  lllll1337! ~10,000 words.

I enjoyed working for them again, especially since I got to do a Fire Emblem story for the first time. Always love being commissioned for fanfictions of franchises I already enjoy. Thanks again for hiring me… again!

TheKawaiiCommie - 9 months ago

Hey, thanks for giving your thoughts! This was a commissioned story, so a lot of the details were outside of my control and up to the client's discretion. As for the reader/protagonist, I sort of wanted to emulate the classic foolish/cartoonish evil fantasy bandit, and making them a bit exaggerated in their expressions was what I landed on towards that end. The implication that they've been chasing the treasure for a long while when the story begins also helped justify it in my mind, though maybe I could have driven it home harder. I'm still happy with the more colorful end result, though.

NightRoller - 9 months ago

Decently done! I have a few thoughts on what I liked and disliked as a reader of this story and wanted to express them:
I liked the idea behind the story itself, and the journal entry at the end was pretty neat. You surprised me with how much detail can go into talking about specific moment in a scene, and I think I'll take a bit of inspiration from that for my future stories.
On a personal note, just from my own disinterests, I didn’t really like the S/M-ish vibe, the subject matters focused on in the detailed parts, or the vulgarity of the way the protagonist spoke. That's my biases, getting them out of the way.
On a more story-based note, I thought that, though it makes sense for the reader's character to curse and be crude, it felt like he/they/"you" yo-yo'ed between emotions, e.g. a super intense anger then a super intense feeling of "I'm going to die" then a super intense feeling of smugness then a super intense feeling of "I'm not going to win"... it didn’t really make sense why they would be so un-unflappable if they were a "brigand" as it were, because usually their skin gets a bit thick and they'd be slower to switch emotional states (or maybe have less intense ones). Perhaps it's more for the writing that this was used, and maybe it helps the reader "feel" the characters more? But to me, when I notice my own or other people's characters doing that, it just feels a little more unrealistic, more cartoony, so to speak.
Overall, it was an interesting enough story to hold my interest to the premise, wanting to find out what would happen, but not enough to read each detail.

Obligatory apologies for the length of my soapbox speech, and thank you for the continued prose!

RexLou - 1 year ago

Very good work, you made a nice story for Sheep! I love all of the lead-up to the vore and the banter between Bandit and Tiki both before and after.

RexLou - 1 year ago

Very good work, you made a nice story for Sheep! I love all of the lead-up to the vore and the banter between Bandit and Tiki both before and after.

Cosprey'dLucia snapped the gloves over her hands, adjusting the cuff and inspecting herself in the mirror. “Perfect!” She said, giving her costume a final once-over as she twirled around. A horn honked from the driveway just outside her bedroom window. “Coming! She shouted at the car pulled in next to her own. She grabbed her bag from the kitchen counter as she left and locked her house to join her friend in the car. “Hello!” Madeline said, leaning over to pop the car door for Lucia, w


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Tags: Food Digestion F/F Same Size Sex Fatal Story writing Belching Lesbian Post-Vore Unwilling Prey Head First Female Pred Lesbian sex taunting Cruel Pred Stomach Noises Overwatch smug pred D.Va Hana Song Burping Items

Commission for  AbsoluteVL! 10,000 words, but ended up going to ~11,000 as it went through lots of editing and several iterations.

Accompanying their comic:

We conceptualized the story and sequence to go together, and although they differ a little in the specifics, I think they're still a perfect pairing, so give it a look! 

Bright - 1 year ago

It really fit well together with the comic.

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 year ago

Hot diggity dang.

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 year ago

The legendary Bright graces my comment section! Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Bright - 1 year ago

A very enjoyable story.

DreamyGalaxy - 1 year ago

O///O Oh dang


Harsh illumination penetrated Kalea’s


eyelids, waking her from uneasy sleep. The shutters flew open, the glassy orbs behind refracting the Sun rising in the sky across from where she lay. She turned her face away from the light, spotting Braun washing his hands and face in a puddle under the fading shade of the tree between them.

In Pursuit of the Truth: Chapter 4

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Tags: M/M Fantasy Vampire Blood Fatal Story writing horror Non-consensual Unwilling Prey non-con Human Prey Male Prey Male Pred naked prey Monster Pred vampire pred

After way too long, here is the next chapter! Expect chapter 5... whenever I get around to it. Trying out different writing styles to refine the formula for this particular story, I appreciate any and all comments.  

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 year ago

Thank you! I wanted to conceive of something as horribly inconvenient and gross as possible, glad you enjoy!

BondaBonda - 1 year ago

I don’t know why I didn’t comment this earlier but I really love the way vore happens in this universe. It’s scary fun >:D

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 year ago

Thanks, but are you by any chance stalking me? You've commented on literally everything I've uploaded jeez.

DreamyGalaxy - 1 year ago

Awe yeah new chapter the wait is overrr!! I really liked it, Kalea is has a lot more questions than answers but I hope chapter 5 will touch more on "Father". Can't wait for the nexttttt!!!

“It’s a bit late, but won’t you miss it? It’s home, after all.” Kalea shifted off the stump she occupied on the edge of the demesne, making room for Braun under the shade of an old oak. The manor


smoke, gradually at first until a great column rose into the heavens. Each gated window seeped orange light into the black veil that encompassed the carcass, eyes peering through a sheer curtain. Bra

In Pursuit of the Truth: Chapter 3

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Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Fantasy M/F Same Size Story writing horror Non-fatal Transformation Unwilling Prey Head First Female Prey Long Tongue Male Pred naked prey Ambiguous Willingness Monster Pred inside belly unwilling to willing dubious consent Willing prey

Here it is, after many delays due to pressing obligations. I might be able to release another chapter before the end of the year, or at least some related materials. As always, thank you for reading! 

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 year ago

Thank you! I'll try to post something sooner than later.

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 year ago

Is he a psychological manipulator? Is he just that overprotective of the woman he met the other day? Tune in next time to find out!

rotta287 - 1 year ago

It continues, and it seems Braun might be overreacting or gaslighting Kalea.

Given how no more trolls showed up.

DreamyGalaxy - 1 year ago

I really like that things are picking up, I want to see moreeeeeeeee


The hunchback led the thief to a set of doors situated between the arching stairwells on either side of the grand hall. A turn of his huge crude key revealed a vast oval chamber beyond. Shadowed shapes were indistinct in the dull light of the single candle. The thief squinted at the gloom, clutching the doorframe nervously with slender fingers and craning her neck. The sudden harsh screech of metal grinding on metal incited the already te

In Pursuit of the Truth: Chapter 1

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheKawaiiCommie

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Fantasy M/F Same Size Story writing horror Non-fatal Transformation Head First Female Prey Human Prey Long Tongue Male Pred naked prey Ambiguous Willingness Monster Pred dubious consent

Previous Chapter (Teaser):

The first actual chapter of what is likely to become an ongoing serialization. Several people gave me helpful feedback on the teaser chapter, so thanks for all the encouragement! Hope everyone enjoys.  

TheKawaiiCommie - 1 year ago

Thanks for your comment! The random broken words are an unfortunate side effect of my word processor when exporting. I'm definitely looking for a workaround before I upload the next chapter. Stay posted.

rotta287 - 1 year ago

Welp that is some spooky stuff. Only criticism is thati n this part and the prior one there were words that had been bisected by an early space.

TheKawaiiCommie - 2 years ago

Thank you! I most certainly will.

DreamyGalaxy - 2 years ago

Please please please continuuueee!!! <w< Its so good <3

A row of rocky spires protruded from the loamy earth of the untamed countryside, sharp vertebrae popping out through the taut skin on


e back of an emaciated beast. Atop the greatest of these perilous peaks stood a singular edifice, a stone monolith which jutted into the sky, visible miles around even through the smothering darkness of the surrounding forest. A festering boil on untouched land, the manor stood as an oppressive

In Pursuit of the Truth: Chapter 0

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheKawaiiCommie

Tags: Fantasy Non-Vore Story writing horror teaser

Ho boy, my debut in the gallery! This is a teaser for a story I'm writing, based on an idea I conceptualized with a co-author who wishes to remain anonymous. If there's interest I may continue to post the story as as serial chapters, perhaps as a reward for certain numbers of commissions fulfilled.  

TheKawaiiCommie - 2 years ago

Thank you! More on the way.

Chaos - 2 years ago

Very descriptive and attention grabbing for an introduction. After reading it I want to know more. Good job.

TheKawaiiCommie - 2 years ago

Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter and will probably upload it sometime this week.

Wolfsage - 2 years ago

This is good, always a fan of Fantasy-based stories. Can't wait to see what's coiming next.

TheKawaiiCommie - 2 years ago

Thanks so much for the comment on favorite! I'll definitely keep posting if I get more good feedback.