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Two For One -- Back-Alley Ball-Bash

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Cock Vore Tail Vore Male Prey Foreskin background Male Pred Cell Vore Spazman Xenogon Spaz thespazman foreskin pulling foreskin entrapment Xenogon pred

I'm just as dangerous from both ends! >B3c

I hope this one gets a sequel in the future.  

teabender - 7 days ago

Man, this season of Dragon Ball is wild!

Android18SuperX - 7 days ago


Android18SuperX - 7 days ago


absolute - 7 days ago

No flanking this character lol.

Another Deep, Sticky Situation

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Anthro Cock Vore Futanari Cum Digestion Female Prey Male Prey Futa/F Futa/M nuts Kalkaph Spazman Spaz thespazman intersex pred looneyluna clenching clenching balls luvalind blue

Sort of GIF sequence thing done for LuvalindBlue / Kalkaph / LooneyLuna, over on FA.  

doomed - 7 days ago

Best use of friends

Android18SuperX - 7 days ago


UnforsakenFantasy - 5 days ago

aw, I wish this was one of the animated ones.

doomed - 7 days ago

And she’s on her way

doomed - 7 days ago

It’s like slurping ice through a straw

Getting a Taste of Rena-Tits [1]

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Renamon Cock Vore Female Prey Foreskin Male Pred Hyper Cock Hyper Balls renamon prey Spazman Xenogon Spaz thespazman foreskin pulling foreskin entrapment strikeanywhere Xenogon pred stuck in cock

Cinched tight, that Renamon tries to pry apart the foreskin that keeps her fat tits stuck in..


doomed - 7 days ago

Gotta repurpose tho tits into better data

doomed - 7 days ago

Inescapable lol

Android18SuperX - 7 days ago


Caught Out [1]

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Sonic the Hedgehog Cock Vore Sally Acorn Foreskin Spazman Spaz nicole the lynx thespazman foreskin pulling foreskin entrapment

Uh oh. Sally and Nicole are looking to be dick-food. Whatever will become of them? ;v  

doomed - 7 days ago

They should’ve stayed home

Put Into Her Place

Uploaded: 7 days ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: M/F Absorption Cock Vore Unwilling Prey Female Prey Dialogue Male Pred Spazman Xenogon Spaz thespazman Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan balls clenching

Uh oh, looks like someone's getting fuckin' absorbed.  

Tanookicatoon - 7 days ago

holy heck, that's a tight clench.

blackwolf09 - 7 days ago

I'd willingly be absorbed to that sack

doomed - 7 days ago

cruel way to dispatch a tyrant lmao

At the Mechanic Shop's Glory Hole [3]

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Cock Vore Text M/? Foreskin background Onomatopoeia Dialogue Male Pred ambiguous gender glory hole Spazman Spaz alien prey thespazman uncut cock

Once again -- Clenched, Mulched, and Pumped out into a fatter set of -everything-. 

Ome - 2 months ago

Who could have seen this coming~

Tafillia - 2 months ago

cant wait for my own "room" <3

TheSpazman - 2 months ago

Thank you! : >

Britanny - 2 months ago

That's okay, you're still a big inspiration for me <3

TheSpazman - 2 months ago

I'm not generally very good at giving tips other than to just study what you enjoy for a while ;;

Britanny - 2 months ago

Again with that amazing foreskin grab <3
Any tips on how to draw them like that? I can't get them in my drawings to look like in "movement"

A Princess Pumped

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Furry Soft Vore Anthro Sonic the Hedgehog boots Tail Vore Sally Acorn Female Prey Onomatopoeia ambiguous pred Spazman Spaz thespazman

Seems a certain Sally's gotten herself in the grasp of a particularly tight, sucking, pumping -thing- of some kind.

Wonder where SHE'LL end up? ;oc  

sketchmantel - 2 months ago


Britanny - 2 months ago

I absolutely ADORE how you draw tail vore! That's the kind of texture and sounds I imagine an appendage like that would have! ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

doomed - 2 months ago

dang got sucked right into the booty lol

UBFanDrake - 2 months ago

quite a beautiful Gardevoir~

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 months ago

Go into the booty and become the booty

Enosh - 1 month ago

You doing anal vore is quite special and appreciated!

Pbj45 - 2 months ago

OH NO BRO! Analvore?! Let’s gooo

HavocLordX - 2 months ago


ThiccerThanASniccer - 2 months ago


knux - 2 months ago

Also welcome to the comunity

A Wide, Sucking Assortment

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: M/M Cock Vore Human Prey Multiple Preds demi prey Hyper Cock Spazman Spaz Jobix thespazman uncut cock uncut penis foreskin pulling foreskin entrapment

More Humie / Demi content, this time featuring Jobix :3c

I figure they're here.

Still would like to do more human content. 

lunchymunchies - 2 months ago

It's like that part in King Kong 2005!

Britanny - 2 months ago

Gahh! Your stuff just made me get into vore recently! I just love how you draw all the little details, specially on the foreskin!

doomed - 3 months ago

Imagine they each absorbed a part of him

Jakkin - 3 months ago

Oh no theres 1 less cock than there should be

nukers1 - 3 months ago

i wonder if one day we'll see pred jobix, hmm~

Everyone Has Their First Time

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: M/M Cock Vore Dragon pred Human Prey Male Prey Male Pred demi prey Hyper Cock Spazman Spaz thespazman foreskin pulling foreskin entrapment

Considering taking more comms for Human Prey.

Getting more used to drawing them. 

TheSpazman - 3 months ago

PM, please!

Zacerine - 3 months ago

Okay. Here or elsewhere?

TheSpazman - 3 months ago

Absolutely! Note me!

Zacerine - 3 months ago

Love your style. Might have to commission sometime if you want more human prey

Yearn2Churn - 3 months ago

Everyone has their first time, but Spaz likes to make sure its also their last time...hell, even if it's not your first he will still be your last ;)

Turnabout is Fair Prey

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Cock Vore Dragon pred Male Prey Male Pred Dragon prey Hyper Cock akirablaze Spazman Spaz thespazman scaly prey scaly pred Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan akira blaze

Title-suggestion from the BF (BlueSpark).

Been working on this animation for a bit, sounds recently-added by @BellySnuggles, from Twitter.

Hopefully, in time, I can figure out how things work a bit better. And how to animate more detailed things.


Bellysnugglestories - 2 months ago

I did export it in the best quality, so that may be why.

Also, I do have an Eka's you can tag X3

badboy965 - 4 months ago

So is this a finished animation or will be a version where he gets sucked down into those balls?

allquiettoday - 4 months ago

Damn, that sound really brings it together!

JackJackal - 4 months ago


TheSpazman - 4 months ago

holy shit. Not sure why the video is THIS large.

Getting a Taste of Rena-Hips [2]

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Breasts Renamon M/F Digimon Cock Vore Unwilling Prey background latex suit Hyper Cock Hyper Balls Spazman uncut cock foreskin pulling Digimon Prey foreskin entrapment Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan

And now, that voracious alien dickflesh has secured its catch ;o

Hips and all~

Collab with StrikeAnywhere 

Yearn2Churn - 5 months ago

If there is one thing i love more then becuming nothing but ball batter, it's emptying the previous former nutslut then taking their place

Fiaura54 - 5 months ago

Would love to see a fully animated video or gif of her churned and spunked out.

TheWhiteHen - 5 months ago

Huff, really love these pieces

skullcrusheramk - 5 months ago

Seems like they will be ball batter soon enough. Better off that way if you ask me, course you may need to find somebody else to fill back up agter emptying :P

ArtTodd - 4 months ago

Poor Renamon, I bet Rika is regretting sending her out to fight Spaz.

TheWhiteHen - 5 months ago

Damn that was really good o//o

ShumaGorath - 5 months ago

God that was hot!

Yearn2Churn - 5 months ago

God the squeeze to finish them off followed by sac dropping down now full of former nutslut is such a great combo


Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Digestion M/F Absorption Cock Vore Hyper Onomatopoeia Dialogue Hyper Cock Hyper Balls health bar Spazman Spaz intersex pred scaly pred Ka'Din Ci'Karan

Get ready. This is a full series of this content :3c

Also; Ka'Din has a dick / balls this time around since it was commissioned / I thought it would be fun to do. And it was.


Also: ALL Shades and lighting and all, being dithered, is all done by hand. This took a while to complete as a result. 

Live Feed

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Cock Vore Akira Dragon pred Male Prey Foreskin Male Pred furry prey Hyper Cock Fox prey akirablaze Spazman scaly pred foreskin pulling foreskin entrapment stretchy foreskin

Not sure if they still roam this site, but finished this commission today for Akira Blaze.

Again, not entirely sure how to ping people on this site. Whoops.


KinoTheCat - 5 months ago

No problem. ^^ Glad I could help

TheSpazman - 5 months ago

Oh, so it works like FA, then!

Thank you : >

KinoTheCat - 5 months ago

>> iconUsername with : on both sides...

KinoTheCat - 5 months ago

THis looks pretty great~
And if you want to ping someone you can use :icon Username: without the space. ^^

New Looks, Same Styles 3 (The Vore Version)

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Human M/F Cock Vore Orihime Bleach Dragon pred Human Prey Foreskin size Spazman Orihime Inoue scaly pred foreskin pulling foreskin entrapment Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan

Oh yeah, this was commissioned on Twitter a bit ago. I know for a fact the character involved is def 18+

but for the sake of people who want to get on me still; Yes, I consider any character I draw to be 18+, or have their design altered to age up the character significantly. 

joe354 - 5 months ago

Hey you'll get no complaints out of me about fictional characters ages! great work!

New Looks, Same Styles 2

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Dragon Non-Vore clean Penis Foreskin Spazman Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan

This one has DONG  

New Looks, Same Styles

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Non-Vore clean Spazman Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan

This one doesn't have Vore. 

Jwall64 - 5 months ago

That's it. I'm killing this mother freaking- WHY?!

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 months ago

Just a creamy puddle of cum in his balls, it's what girls are best at being~

asuburb - 5 months ago

those bulges <3 <3

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 months ago

There she goes~

blackwolf09 - 5 months ago

I wish he could download me tbh

electricalsnake - 4 months ago

Hhhhh... > .>

This looks really good aaaaaaa

joe354 - 5 months ago

Still incredible work spaz

Dinner With a View [1]

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Furry Dragon M/M Cock Vore Scaly Balls Trent Dragon pred Foreskin cownugget Male Pred Ballsac Spazman foreskin pulling foreskin entrapment

Update to a VERY old sequence posted here years ago.

For Cownugget.

Not sure how to ping / mention people on this site, oh no.  

blackwolf09 - 5 months ago

What a veiw it is too

Absorption Indulgence -- Reprise, [SOUND]

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Dragon Tail Digestion M/F Absorption Balls Tail Vore Female Prey Dragon pred Male Pred Anthro Prey furry prey Anthro Pred Fingerless Gloves Thigh highs Spazman Rigeli Xenogon Xenogon Spaz thespazman Scalie Pred scaly pred clenching clenching balls Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan balls clenching

Alrighty, everyone. Here it is. The big one. The sound version. You already know what you're in for, so just get right on into it. Start with volume low, raise as you go. Don't blast your eardrums.

Gorgeous sound-design courtesy of: RyanBuffet (FA) !


Download link for the video here:...
[ Continued ...

Britanny - 2 months ago

I love this so much! Amazing work on the detailed animation and sounds!
Your art really got me into tail and cock vore ♥️

von-de-rush - 3 months ago

Should he try Challenge my myr and face someone with His size. ... Or even bigger

Date Masamune - 4 months ago

This is an awesome animation!

TheWhiteHen - 5 months ago

This is extremely amazing :0

Mostamazingofbaboons - 8 months ago

*Click* Noice. Michael Rosen approves.

Ka'Tamra "Spaz" Ci'Karan -- 2021

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Dragon Non-Vore Fingerless Gloves Thigh highs Spazman Rigeli Xenogon Xenogon Spaz leotard suit Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan

Brand-new reference for the main bad-boy on this account.

Hopefully more new content to come soon. We'll see.  

Estee - 8 months ago

Hoping for more content from you too.

joe354 - 8 months ago

Sweet to see ya uploading again here, can't wait to see more to come!

ThatBrassyGuy - 8 months ago

Looks awesome!

Absorption Indulgence -- Reprise [No Sound]

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Digestion M/F Absorption Animation Scalie Tail Vore Cum Digestion Dragon pred Cell Vore animated animated gif Spazman Xenogon Spaz clenching absorbed prey clenching balls Ka'Tamra Ci'Karan


This is a full-on remaster, and my first full-on animation project, of the original Absorption Indulgence CV / Tailvore loop from about.. almost 2-3 years ago now? (The one that was a collab with Denzy (FA) !

However; this time I had a little more incentive (Animating after all is no easy task) to begin thanks to Liatero (FA) commissioning the entirety of the remaster's effort from me, pushing me to finally start learning not ONLY how to animate for-real, but...
[ Continued ...

MaravLabs - 4 weeks ago

I would love to see that tail sucking dry a huge cock~

Narkotic - 8 months ago

Any possibility of this getting audio in the future? owo

reliuskaiser - 8 months ago

Odd. My comment didn't go.. Oh well.
Wanted to say I love how this turned out. Really love all the coloring and shading and the animation really makes me feel like I know exactly what it sounds like just from the movements and constrictions.

This is wonderful. Thank you for this.

joe354 - 8 months ago

OH WOW thisis amazing work spaz!

Kaheiyattsu - 8 months ago

I need to feed this boy so bad <3

What Has Science Done

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Breasts Dragon Tail Human F/F Female Sword Scaly Tail Vore Female Prey Female Pred gender transformation Spazman Spaz thespazman Crossgender

Another commission completed just today, from someone over on FA. More tailvore!  

SeekGr - 2 years ago

Good stuffs as always!

HungryPinkie - 2 years ago

Gods this pred, idk who they are but mmmm the three peices i just saw. . .in love

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 years ago

I ask myself this every day


Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Furry Dragon Tail M/M Bat Scalie Scaly Tail Vore Dragon pred Male Prey Male Pred Spazman Spaz thespazman cell tail

Yet another commission from elsewhere!

I love that more people are getting this kind of tail-vore from me.  

reliuskaiser - 2 years ago

I love how he always looks so excited to catch a prey. Almost like it was his first meal. Nothing like the sexual thrill...

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 years ago

Bet it feels nice to slide down that tight tail only to get pushed into a nice spacious gut~

Friends in Low Places [Colored GIF]

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Digestion M/M Absorption Cock Vore Fatal clothed Non-consensual Struggling Male Prey Uncut Foreskin room background Male Pred animated rapid digestion Spazman Spaz partially clothed clenching

Commission done for Taluthus.

Also got me a pretty bitchin' new outfit. Courtesy of the Cock'Sune.  

Vorango - 1 year ago

I just want to say, it might be because I'm an insane masochist who hates myself, but as a hetero male, this is awesome.

boomerangfish - 2 years ago

Holy shit, the expressions, the bodysuit, the big cock, it's perfect!

Saiai - 2 years ago

This is gorgeous. I love how his nostrils flare and he gives a fanged grin as he absorbs...

reliuskaiser - 2 years ago

Wondous shading, love his expressions and the way each panel transitions and it's not just a standard "snap" transition.

Gabriel0813 - 2 years ago

Well someone had fun

Tentacle Chamber Peril

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Male Monster Mouse Cock Vore Fatal Red Tentacle Male Prey Foreskin Tentacle Vore monster vore unknown predator Spazman Spaz

An interesting vore idea done for RedMckenzie from FA.

I like how it turned out.  

Voracious Inoculation

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Furry Breasts M/F Mouse Cock Vore Fatal Scalie Scaly Head First Cum Digestion Female Prey nipple penetration Male Pred Spazman Vyolet nipplefucking

Commission complete for.. a contact over Discord. Can't remember where they added me from.  

IvanIncubus - 1 year ago

Does the sexy female prey have... Huh, I mean HAD a name?

Thanatos2k - 2 years ago


thefacelessone - 2 years ago

Glad to see more of Vyolet!

Friends in Low Places

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Soft Vore Dragon M/M Cock Vore Penis Male Prey Taluthus Male Pred Spazman CiKaran Xenogon Spaz thespazman scaly pred OCD Detail KaTamra

Probably some of my best sketching work to-date.


Jackal3 - 2 years ago

Yay hes back! And hungrier than ever apparently!!

Absorption Indulgence [Sound Warning!]

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Dragon Male Digestion Cock Vore cell Tail Vore Dragon pred sound effects Cell Vore Sound animated Spazman Spaz thespazman

This.. was done REALLY fast. But considering this was an effort of laser-focused attention, this is probably my best pixel-art work to date.


This is no means JUST my work, however.
Denzy / DevelopedX provided initial pencils, the full-colored background and original image the pixel-art was the basis for. The animation was already top-notch, so no further revision was necessary there.

I handled the refining of art and a slight...
[ Continued ...

Zaneisweird - 10 months ago

Heya! Are you able to repost this anywhere by chance? With flash player gone I can't see this amazing stuff! D:

boomerangfish - 2 years ago

This is fantastic, thanks!

mikeyboy - 2 years ago

Love your stuff bro i put in the watch i really love your art style cant wait to see more im just wondering if youd be interested in doing unbirth vore or anal vore?

mikeyboy - 2 years ago

Is there any other way i can see this with out flash?im a mobile user

saber25 - 2 years ago

Saw it. Thats pretty well made. Good job