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Jamie trudged through the forest, her heavy footfalls adding a crackling beat to the thrum of insects that surrounded them. It had been a long day of hiking and the panting woman decided to rest up against a nearby tree for a quick rest and a drink. Jesse bent over to retrieve the water bottle from her pack, her hair tie had failed a few miles back so her amber locks fell in her face and obscured her vision. She failed to notice the pair of eyes spying on her from between a patch of reeds on the

Jamie's nature walk

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: TheWurst

Tags: Oral Vore Frog Implied Digestion Frog/F frog pred un-willing

This is my first story after lurking on this site for years. C&C welcome, thank you for reading. 

innertrack - 12 hours ago

Not bad, but for readability needs to be broken into paragraphs of no more than a few sentences each.

VORPHIL - 1 month ago


VividLucidity - 2 months ago

For a first story, it was very good! There were a few mistakes here and there, but for the most part, you did well. You have definite promise; I hope you continue and grow better as you do so.

Good frog/toad on human vore is a bit rare to find, so I'm glad you wrote this.