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Chesster, The Micro Centaur!

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: TraceTheNeko

Tags: Micro Centaur Male Non-Vore knight Original Character chess squire micro male Improvised armor Micro Centaur Chesster

Just a character I came up with as a joke initially, however, the more I talked about it, the more connected to it I got. So, here's a new OC of mine; something that I very rarely have seen while role playing and even in stories and art. Here's "Chess"ter. The brave, noble, yet innocent chess piece sized squire/knight centaur!!

Art by the fantastic  Silent_E 

Giantess Trico Vore

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: TraceTheNeko

Tags: Soft Vore F/M Giantess Mawshot Neko Trace Neko prey Trico The Last Guardian

A poor Trace has been caught in the jaws by a giant Trico girl! Oh no! (yes?)

Art made by  Silent_E 

Zizg62 - 3 months ago


Sketch Request of Cookie: The Slime

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: TraceTheNeko

Tags: Absorption Non-Vore Post-Vore Cookie f/????

Sketch request from Silent_E.
Came out absolutely fantastic!
You can find the story this beauty is based off of here: 

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 months ago

I love me sadistic preds <3

TraceTheNeko - 5 months ago

I dunno if you really want to do that!~ She can be sadistic. ;3

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 months ago

Maybe I could meet her ;p

TraceTheNeko - 5 months ago

Check out the story then, my friend. She's catastrophically dangerous. >.>

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 months ago

Oh really? I'd love to find out for myself how dangerous <3

Dogsitting Troubles

It was a rather cool day late in the fall. Trace was just a young boy, perhaps the age of 10? His parents asked him to watch his aunt's dog for the week. As payment, she'd give the boy $100!! How could a


reject such an offer? Watch a husky during a really cold fall? What could possibly go wrong?

MaxwellFitzgarry - 6 days ago

Aw, this is adorable

Dravone22 - 7 months ago

Great story would love to read what happened next

Mid_Night - 11 months ago

please write more, i want to see where the rest of story will be.

TraceTheNeko - 1 year ago

Glad to hear it!~ My buddy and I are planning on doing another one in the mean time.

Squidkid15 - 1 year ago

Omg I love this story Would like to see more in the future

(To add context, this was just out of character talk that turned into a rather fun roleplay.)

“…Nothing wrong with being in love with fantasy. You're so smol!” Pokes the tiny one

Trace had giggled and purred. "I-I'm ticklish!!"

Zanna pokes him more. "Your size intrigues me, Trace. How did you get so small?"

Trace giggled more. "I

Deus Vult

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: TraceTheNeko

Tags: Micro Male Cute Fantasy F/M Female Consensual Anal Vore Non-Fatal Macro/Micro romance gentle willing pred medieval Human Pred Endosoma Gentle Predator tiny prey Neko prey willing prey For honour For Honor Caring pred Deus Vult

This is my first attempt at a story with the help of a fellow roleplayer. To be quite honest, her nor I knew this would turn into vore at all; a happy little mistake if you will. Any feedback is awesome! Thanks~ 

YourWhiteMage - 1 year ago

Beautiful and awesome

TraceTheNeko - 1 year ago

Thank you so much!!! ^^

linkever - 1 year ago

I really like your story, for your first attempt, you did a great job!