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Harriet Hunt.

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Trying124

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F F/M Fart Fatal couple Unwilling Prey Big Belly Post Vore Scat Willing Pred Female Prey Female Pred teasing Sexual content Disposal Burping Belly bulge Butt Expansion Gassy Accomplice Fast Digestion RWBY mocking burping up clothes post vore sex Uncaring Observers Harriet Bree Ace ops

Okay again thanks so much for the positive response on the other story. Comments keep the muse fed. Harriet seems like such an interesting predator, and the notion of having an enabler was appealing as well.

This is much shorter, and again a little bit more experimental.that does seem to be the way I'm writing my stores at the moment. If you enjoy it let me know, and if you don't enjoy it let me know to. Always like to hear feedback. I have some additional stories that...
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Trying124 - 3 months ago

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it, i’m glad you like the marrows internal conflict.

Jinxopow - 3 months ago

The justice system is so corrupt… poor Sorrel White.
I really enjoyed this short experimental writing! The specialist regretting the situation complemented Harriets cruelty.

Mrs Saskia Brown, nee Nilsen, was worried but attractively so. A feat she was achieved by dint of her blonde hair, tall and willowy build. The fact that the baby currently in her arms had made her breasts larger did not exactly deter her attractiveness. She had bags under her eyes. She gave the impression that they were almost certainly designer in her expensive outfit.

The source of her tiredness and worry was the same. Her five-year-old daughter Mary and, more specifi

A family outing

Uploaded: 3 months ago

Owner: Trying124

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F F/M Sex Fatal Masturbation crushing Child Prey Unwilling Prey Big Belly deception Betrayal Female Pred teasing guns Disposal f/multiple Cruel Facesitting Graphic digestion taunting Painful Digestion Pissing Cruel Pred adult pred teacher pred Fake Pregnant evil predator baby prey pretending to be pregnant Bones in scat Hijab skull in scat disguised predator

Thanks everyone for such a positive reaction on the first thing with Zahra in it. Unfortunately it proceeded to inspire my muse, and the bitch decided to ride me until I produced this. There is a very good chance that I’m going to end up cutting this and doing some re-edits at some stage I may even cut it up into multiple chapters. Considering it is words long somehow. *Shrugs hopelessly*

Any commentary, criticism would be absolutely adored. Even if it’s just to tell me...
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Trying124 - 3 months ago

Thanks! Only regret is that she didn’t get the mother too, lol. Glad you enjoyed her, might have more with her in the future.

Jinxopow - 3 months ago

Well she’s a master of disguise… fooled the whole Brown family.
(Wait was the Brown name a foreshadow to how they end up? Lmfao)

Jinxopow - 3 months ago

Oh yeah, “how more cruel can a pred get” 100% blew it ouf of the park man!

Newtonne - 3 months ago

I loved how she was brazzingly digesting the children in front of the parents hehe. And how she teased Roger before gulping him down. Great pred.

Trying124 - 3 months ago

Glad you enjoyed the foreign language teasing, A little bit of cockiness, I think works for her. What’s the point of being better than everyone else without telling them?

And don’t worry Honestly I’m not even sure if she is Muslim or just occasionally pretending to be. She certainly is willing to taunt her prey, in all sorts of languages. Thanks again for the comment


Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Trying124

Tags: Scat Digestion F/F Sex Fatal witch Female Prey Female Pred Disposal Graphic digestion external digestion Witch Pred voodoo doll

Another experimental one! Shorter than usual because I’m trying to get some of the ideas I’ve had floating around at least out on paper and produced as opposed to lingering over them.
I found it odd that despite how many times magic gets involved, a shocking lack of voodoo doll related ones. It might confuse the tagging so if you’ve come here by accident, Hi!
Feedback positive or negative is greatly appreciated! And feel free to just PM me if you don’t want to put it as a...
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Trying124 - 6 months ago

Funny you should say that, my usual tendencies are to be more descriptive and include more bodily functions, but that tends to up the word count, was trying to experiment with more concise writing.
Not sure if it worked too well, but hey that’s what experiments are for.
Glad you enjoyed it.
thank you for commenting.

shlurpay64 - 6 months ago

I would have liked even more digestive details and bodily function stuff because I'm gross but the story is super memorable and creative, I feel like this should be getting more attention than it is.

Trying124 - 6 months ago

Well thank you. Hadn’t seen anything like it before so decided to give it a go. I’m very glad you enjoyed it!

KimMadcox - 6 months ago

Now THAT'S some gereat Idea XD

Playboy Bunny [mean girls]

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Trying124

Tags: Scat Digestion Fart Toilet Fatal Anal Vore Masturbation Female Pred Disposal taunting F/feral Rabbit Prey Cruel Pred feral prey selfie Social Media Mean Girls Regina George

Okay real talk, why the hell isn’t there more Mean Girls stuff on here? Am I just looking in the wrong tags? Anyway wanted to try out some feral prey, and a little shorter and less descriptive than usual. Not 100% sure that it worked out but let me know what you think in the comments. 

Trying124 - 2 months ago

Glad that my suffering amused you!???? i’ll have to try describing them next time. And I appreciate the comment and the desire for more mean girl stuff. So underutilised.

AeriaGloris - 2 months ago

I genuinely laughed at your comments in Red. It would be best to describe the emoji as opposed to including it in the written text. However, I I used .emoji in an emoji heavy text.

And yes, more Mean Girls content is required!

Trying124 - 6 months ago

Glad you enjoyed it. Going to try some more feral stories but probably not my next couple.

jordan08070 - 6 months ago

wonderful job, you should write feral prey stuff more often

Jinxopow - 6 months ago

Great work! ❤️

The Crush

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: Trying124

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Scat Digestion Child Burp F/M Same Size Fatal writing crushing Child Prey Big Belly Betrayal Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred teasing Disposal Burping Graphic digestion taunting Shitting Teacher/Student stethoscope bone breaking Cruel Pred teacher pred student prey Fake Pregnant Willing to unwilling prey Muslim pretending to be pregnant Bones in scat Uncaring Observers Hijab skull in scat disguised predator written work Listening to belly Underage prey stomach bump trusting prey

It’s Tyler Sherry’s seventh birthday party, and he gets to spend it with his teacher, and crush Miss Zahra isn’t that fun? It will be for her.

Well this was hard.
Seemed to be fighting me every step of the way. Certainly a lot harder than Tyler did. LOL
I wanted to try something a bit different, I’ve seen some excellent pretending to be pregnant Pred’s, and some terrific teacher Pred’s stories but none with them combine so I thought I’d give it a shot.
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Trying124 - 3 months ago

Glad you liked her. I’ll see what I can do about some more :)

RyanKrakinski - 3 months ago

More of this pred please!

Trying124 - 6 months ago

oh wow!! thank you so much glad you enjoyed it.

HMDVore - 6 months ago

Excellent, cruel story!

Jinxopow - 6 months ago

I mean that asswipe with the missing photo of Tyler was so demeaning! lmao.

Never Go Hungry.

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Trying124

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Fatal Unwilling Prey Willing Pred teasing Multiple Preds Disposal RWBY Weiss Schnee Yang Xiao Long Cinder Fall emerald sustrai Bones in scat first time pred hair in scat

Cinder Fall keeps her promises, as Emerald enjoyably discovers.
Weiss and Yang are less pleased.
Because there just isn’t enough scat in the rwby, section.
Warning story contains digestion and Scat.
Let me know what you think of it in the comments below.  

Trying124 - 9 months ago

Thanks. She has a certain smug quality to her that I think looks good on preds .

SmaxTheDestroyer - 9 months ago

There’s not enough cinder pred~ Evil preds are the best!

The K - 5 months ago

My pleasure. Hope to see more elements like these in your future stories.

Trying124 - 5 months ago

Thank you very much!
Yes she’s excellent as a predator. Tho sadly underused. I appreciate giving specific feedback about what you liked. It really helps for writing the next ones.

The K - 5 months ago

Good story. I love to see Barriss Offee as a predator. My favorite parts is when Bariss burped with ventress' smell and taste, when she did her curtsy with her gut on the ground, and how you described how foul smelling the insides of her stomach were. All good.

anyonarex - 8 months ago

heh, no such thing. X3 the more detailed the better.

Trying124 - 8 months ago

Thank you ! Was worried I’d made it too detailed, glad you enjoyed it XD