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Brunnya's Merging

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Absorption Consensual Fatal merging Willing Semi-willing F/FF Fire Emblem Willing Pred Implied reformation Self-Vore sex in belly summoner Selfcest brunnya brunnya vore Willing prey Fire Emblem Heroes Kiran fire emblem binding blade Brunnya (fire emblem) Kiran (fire emblem)

Holy FUCK! I have found a way to format my fics properly again!

So I started writing this one around when Brunnya first came to heroes and I'm finishing it now when Leila was released... This is still not canon to the Heroes Series I've been doing, and I think another non-entry to that series fic is in order to celebrate Leila's inclusion. Maybe. We'll see. 

HiddenIke - 7 months ago

Yes! More Pred Lucius! Thank you!

skorpio - 7 months ago

I like that Lucius's first reaction is that he's being confused for a woman. Poor guy. Also, I like how the entrapment works in this story.

Ishtar's desire

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Digestion F/F Weight Gain Absorption Consensual Cum writing Willing Fire Emblem Cum Digestion Willing Pred Implied reformation Ishtar Cum-digestion Ninian Manakete brunnya Willing prey Fire Emblem Heroes written work Kiran Ishtar (fire emblem) Ninian (fire emblem) Brunnya (fire emblem) Kiran (fire emblem)

This was originally just going to have the Ninian and Ishtar parts... But then news came out of Brunnya being added to Heroes, and so I did a bonus scene. 

Nino Fuels the Fire

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Digestion F/F Consensual Anal Vore Growth Willing Fire Emblem Implied reformation Ishtar Nino Fire Emblem Heroes Nino (fire emblem) Underage prey Ishtar (fire emblem) skinny to chubby

This series is a lot of fun to write, and so it shall continue!

Next up is Ninians turn! 

MotherOfMonsters - 7 months ago

Why is everyone throwing themselves at ech other? How long will the chain continue? Find out on the next exciting episode of...whatever you're calling this.

Ventiro's Vore Writing Meme

Uploaded: 8 months ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Absorption F/? Anal Vore writing Willing unaware vore meme Semi-willing Fire Emblem Willing Pred Implied reformation Burping Unaware Prey semi-willing pred Ursula Nino Self Insert unintentional vore Willing prey Nino (fire emblem) Ursula (fire emblem) Leila Leila (fire emblem) ZNV Vore Meme writing meme

I wasn't tagged for this, nor do I have anyone to tag for this, but it looked fun so I wanted to do it anyway. You can't control me <_<

This prompt was made by  ZeldaNoVorsu and it can be found here:

I know my updates are slow, but I am working on something again, how long it'll take for you guys to receive something though is still unknown. Hopefully soon though!

EDIT: I take that back, I did...
[ Continued ...

ZeldaNoVorsu - 8 months ago

Ah, I see. Thanks! I'm glade someone enjoyed filling our my silly little meme and contributing to the small swell of them that has appeared after I made mine.

Ventiro - 8 months ago

Yeah, I knew it wouldn't have mattered, Just added that first bit of the description in because I thought it'd be funny. You made a great prompt though, it was real fun to fill out!

ZeldaNoVorsu - 8 months ago

Hey, hey, nice! Someone else did it, and I probably should have specified that you don't have to be tagged in order to do it. Tagging is more my initially way to spread it (and also part of how the original worked).

Camilla's Hoshidan Meal

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Absorption Consensual Fatal writing Growth Willing Fire Emblem Willing Pred Camilla Kagero Fire Emblem fates Willing prey Kagero (Fire Emblem) Camilla (fire emblem)

Not totally happy with this one, but I need to force myself to write again or else I won't be able to until Three Houses comes out most likely. 

Dooot - 11 months ago

Honestly it's great

skorpio - 1 year ago

I like seeing stuff from older Fire Emblems. It's not like you see these characters every day.

Dos - 1 year ago

Okay then...

Ventiro - 1 year ago

It's coming some time. Recently I got locked out of my tablet which had all my writings on it, including the work I did on your request. I have to start over and it's really annoying. I'll get back to it again at some point but I can't guarantee how soon it will be. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dos - 1 year ago

Remember our conversation?

Valentian Family Bonding

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Digestion F/F Absorption Same Size Fatal Unwilling Non-Consensual Unwilling Prey Fire Emblem sisters Willing Pred Clair Sister/Sister Mathilda Mathilda (fire emblem) Clair (fire emblem) sisters in-law

A short and quick story; just to show I'm not dead. I actually had another story lined up to post a while ago but the policy change kinda made that a non-possibility to upload at this time. 

Ventiro - 1 year ago

For the time being at least, no underage content is allowed. A couple of my stories were deleted because of it.

Firion231 - 1 year ago

What policy change is this that you couldn't upload a story because of?

Vera Oberlin's Royal Sushi

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Mermaid Absorption Monster Fatal Unwilling Growth Non-Consensual Gorgon vera threatening stupid prey Gullible Prey monster prom Vera Oberlin Gorgon pred Miranda vanderbilt

Happy Halloween everybody!

To celebrate this spooky holiday have a story straight from Spooky High.

I did my best to imitate the narrator from the game so I hope I did alright. 

Unintended effect

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Fat Digestion F/F Weight Gain Absorption Consensual Fatal writing Growth Force Feeding Fire Emblem Female Prey Female Pred hypnotized f/multiple Bridget hypnotism Sylvia unwilling to willing pred Multiple Preys Willing prey Fire emblem Genealogy of the Holy war tailtiu Fire emblem seisen no keifu Sylvia (fire emblem) Bridget (fire emblem) tailtiu (fire emblem) Ayra

I take no credit for the idea of this one; a friend of mine on Discord came up with this and i'm the one who wrote it-

'Hey what about the sequel to that mon musu fic you're supposed to be writing?'

... Shut up sub conscious, I'll get to it... when I figure out how to write it... 

algog8 - 1 year ago

I wish they had more horses

JohnMorningwood - 1 year ago

Genealogy vore... Praise Blagi

JohnMorningwood - 1 year ago

Genealogy vore

RockCityBoy - 1 year ago

This was very good, we need more holy war vore in our lives!

Frigid Zofia

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Digestion F/F Absorption Consensual Reformation Story Willing Fire Emblem Willing Pred blizzard Sonya Willing prey Ressurection genny Sonya (fire emblem) Genny (fire emblem)

I didn't like Sonya's ending in echoes so my personal headcanon ending is that she and Genny live together after the games events. 

Ventiro - 1 year ago

Please do~

MotherOfMonsters - 1 year ago

Yesss this is a great quick read.~
Limstella is my favorite morph, been meaning to recreate that Battle Before Dawn scene with them and Ursula. <3

bellylov3rs - 1 year ago

Oh please do a sequel Cerea needs more pred love

DarkPinkie - 1 year ago

Possibly involving laxatives.

Heimko - 1 year ago

Love it! :D

HungryAL - 1 year ago

Just sounds like Miia will have to take the full tour~

DarkPinkie - 1 year ago

Wouldn't it be a shame if Miia found out centaurs have no gag reflex? The scramble to get the lamia out would be hilarious.

What a Spy's gotta do

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: fight Chubby Digestion F/F Fatal Unwilling writing Willing Fire Emblem Human Pred emotionless remorse Non-human prey chubby pred unwilling to willing Fire emblem Rekka no ken Limstella Leila Leila (fire emblem) rushing pred

Lol y'all thought there was only one update-

I don't blame you.

My latest two updates are shorter than usual because I have a few longer ones still unfinished and I can't bring myself to finish them. they will be finished eventually but in the meantime you might get several other shorter stories. 

zenox81 - 1 year ago

First story I've seen using Isadora at all. Good story as well.

FElover - 1 year ago

A story with Isadora?

Thank you

Anything for Roy + A Teachers Lust

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: lilina Digestion F/F Absorption Consensual Fatal Unwilling Growth Willing Non-Consensual Skull Semi-willing Melting Fire Emblem lingerie cecilia Student/Teacher tricked prey teacher prey Teacher/Student Unrealistic proportions Pred turned prey teacher pred student prey unwilling to willing student pred Two Endings unrequited love fire emblem 6 self-consuming fire emblem the binding blade

Holy shit! Two updates in one tenth of the time for one! What are the fucking odds?

So I've been playing a lot of FE6 recently and I felt like doing something with these two; I wanted to for the longest while but never figured out a way to write vore around them until now.

However this is probably one of my more ambitious stories yet since it has two paths you can follow, both of which I hope you can find yourself fapping to, and apparently I really like writing...
[ Continued ...

157and493 - 2 years ago

I really wish there was more Lilina vore out there, but I suppose I just need to take what I can get.

JohnMorningwood - 2 years ago

This was awesome. The digestion was really creative and I was pleasantly surprised to see my girl Cecilia get some love. Keep it up!

CasualObserver - 2 years ago

Great job on this, it was a great read! Loved the two endings it was nice seeing both of them getting a round as pred.


Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion F/F Weight Gain Absorption Consensual Fatal Lesbian Willing self vore Melting F/FF Fire Emblem Soft Digestion tea Self-Vore begging Ursula non-painful Gay sex same melting digestion drugged prey Fire emblem Rekka no ken Fire Emblem Heroes fire emblem the blazing blade Fire emblem 7 Kiran begging prey

So I'm sure you all are seeing a common trend here, and that trend is that, drumroll please, Ursula is my favorite Fire emblem character! (fake gasps.) I know, shocking.

For real though I hope you enjoy this one, I make no promises if the next one will or will not also contain Ursula. 

MotherOfMonsters - 2 years ago

"Oh hey, an Ursula story! I wonder who she's eating?"


Oh no, I didn't know I needed this. Great job. <3

dragonvenom - 2 years ago

Always happy to see new Fire Emblem stories and you did fantastic 10 out of 10! Also I guess Ursula is the new summoner now :)

The bad, The good, and the predator.

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Absorption Consensual Unwilling writing Willing Non-Consensual Semi-willing F/FF Fire Emblem implied sex summoner implied non-fatal Self Insert Camilla Shanna Titania Tiamat gender neutral Fire Emblem Heroes Semi-willing to Unwilling skill inheritance


Nah JK, This was inspired by how much skill inheritance i've been doing in FEHeroes lately and I felt like writing a story about a more recent one.

I tried to make it as gender neutral as possible so anyone can enjoy it, sorry if some stuff still implies a gender but i changed it to gender neutral terms mid way through so i might have missed a few things. Regardless I hope you...
[ Continued ...

Happy birthday.

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Consensual Reformation Birthday Futanari Fatal Willing Fire Emblem H/F birthday present Futa/F Ursula daughter/mother mind break regretful predator Adoptive Mother Nino Birthday cake Fire emblem Rekka no ken Ressurection sorta fatal? regretful pred birthday vore fire emblem the blazing blade Nino (fire emblem) Fire emblem 7 Ursula (fire emblem) adopted daughter subtle TOS reference

The ride never ends. The same way I can't update regularly i'm cursed to forever write stories on FE7.

I believe this takes the cake for my longest story yet and i had intended it to be longer but didn't know how to continue it further.

Regardless I hope you enjoyed and had a good masturbatory session~

Sequel to: 

ZettonGirl999 - 2 years ago

I love it!

NiceGuy18 - 2 years ago

Now this is impressive. Love the plot of this piece.

Ursula takes action

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Digestion F/F Absorption Fatal writing Growth Non-Consensual unaware Unwilling Prey Fire Emblem adoption sonia Unaware Prey sleeping prey Ursula Nino Fire emblem Rekka no ken Non Con fire emblem the blazing blade Nino (fire emblem) Sonia (fire emblem) Fire emblem 7 Ursula (fire emblem)

Are ya'll sick of Sonia vore yet? No? good cause here's another- okay okay i'll try to not make my next post Sonia related. However I'm sorry i keep taking a month in between posts on average but this time i have an excuse. My grandfather passed away not long ago and i lost my drive to write fap material for a while, but hey now it's back. anyway let me know what you'd like to see to maybe get me writing more iunno. later ya'll. 

157and493 - 2 years ago

Ursula was always me favorite Fire Emblem girl.

Nino does her best once again.

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Digestion F/F Absorption Fatal Unwilling writing Growth flashback Non-Consensual Unwilling Prey Fire Emblem sonia Nino Fire emblem Rekka no ken Non Con fire emblem the blazing blade poetic justice Nino (fire emblem) Sonia (fire emblem) non-specific person fe7 Fire emblem 7

Wow, it wasn't a full month before i posted again, it must be the end of the world! This one should be hopefully be of higher quality than my other stories, thanks to my friend Autumn for helping me with proofreading it.

You can find autumn here~: 

Ventiro - 2 years ago

I'll take note of that, i might do more Nino in the future since i'm on a total Nino appreciation spree rn but iunno when that would be. i do have an Alt of this planned but i'm currently unsure if i'm gonna actually get around to doing it. but either way i'm glad you and Uzumaki enjoyed~

ThunderKing - 2 years ago

Woah, a Nino vore story? I must be dreaming! Seriously though, this wasn't bad at all. I think some things could have been done better, like Nino's attitude towards Sonia. Personally, I wouldn't think she would act so cold while and after eating Sonia, I'd definitely write it with some more detail on Nino's catharsis. I also think the story could have used a bit more detail in terms of the kink content, but it was overall a good read! I hope to see more from you like this!

UzumakiPredator - 2 years ago

This was... cathartic to read. In the games, Sonia was a villain that you couldn't help but love to hate. As such, I love to read about bad things happening to her. In this case, that bad thing was Nino, the person she wronged the most, getting revenge by eating her.

The tags did not lie, this was poetic justice.

Sanctuary, the city in the sky, also
home to the most well-known woman to everyone on Pandora: Mad Moxxi,
the buxom succubus herself. Former owner of the underdome and current
owner of Moxxxi’s, the bar in sanctuary, and currently she was
Same patrons every day, of every
month, and frankly she was sick of it, she needed something new to
do, standing at a bar every day gets tiring and so here she was in a
now empty pub sitting at a booth with a mug of coffee staring into
the steaming mug

Moxxi's awakening

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Ventiro

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Digestion F/F maya Growth Willing Mad Moxxi Borderlands Tiny Tina Borderlands 2

Alright, tip to anyone planning on writing anything for this site: don't do it on an Ipad or Iphone. Getting this onto my computer was a bigger pain in my ass than it should have been, so ye, use a computer and save yourself the self-loathing. 

ZRex030 - 3 years ago

I use to write on my phone, it saves everything to its online account so I can just open it up on my laptop. Unfortunately the interface gets a little wonky with phones but hey, it works in the end.

Ventiro - 3 years ago

Glad you enjoyed it. <3

spider2828 - 3 years ago

Great story!!! you have a new watcher!! ♡

Ventiro - 3 years ago

Oh god what is that spacing, alright note to self, find a way to fix that for next time.