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"Worst" Date Ever - Commission image

Uploaded: 3 months ago

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Tags: Oral Vore Masturbation Anal Sex Nudity f/mm masturbating

This commission have been done by the talented Varu. This was the first commission I had done on a story I have recently created. Links to the original story and Varu's profile will be below.

Varu's Profile:

Original Story: 

yEeTbOi - 3 months ago

I'd say that's a pretty good date personally. I'd love to have a date like that .w.

It was a Friday night and five friends decided to blow some steam and have some fun in one of their dorm room. This is the day after all of them finished their finals so they deserved the some relief from the week of hell and cramming. All of them, two girls (Emily and Fumi) and three boys (Eddie, Kwan, and Fred) were just hanging around drinking, talking, and playing music in Eddie and Kwan’s dorm room where the night was still young. Wanting to lightin’ up the party a little bit, E

College Dorm Party

Uploaded: 4 months ago

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Tags: Oral Vore F/F F/M M/F Sex Cock Vore Macro/Micro Blowjob Oral Sex Nudity F/fm

A night of just hanging out have turned into something a lot more between five friends. 

Web - 3 months ago

Thank you very much. Glad that you enjoy!!

Eclipseneko51 - 4 months ago

I really enjoyed that, i like how they relieve stress by Shrinking and having sex and how their not very worried about anything happening to the ones who were shrunk.

Great work i really enjoyed it.

(excuse my lack of grammar)

 It was no nut November and Malcolm was determined all this month to not choke his chicken for the entire month, and so far, he was about to bust right now. The reason why he is doing this is because he made a bet with Jenny that if he did the challenge, then Jenny would do something “special” for him and asked Tony to watch Malcolm to make sure.

The first week went fi

STR: No Nut November

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: Web

Tags: Giant M/M M/F Cock Vore Cum Blowjob challenge Nudity challenge accepted heterosexual sex

Malcolm and Jenny decided to do a wager for the whole month of November, but will Malcolm will Malcolm hold out? 

MrToon - 10 months ago

Suggestion: Santagirl, tiny bondage (Presents), sending the presents to her santa-bag for Christmas (stomach/womb).

Luffredd - 10 months ago

Looking forwart to it <3

Web - 10 months ago

Maybe =)

Luffredd - 10 months ago

Will we get a second part?

TrainerKatrine - 10 months ago

Okay then. Thanks for answering my question.

After what seem like the best sleep that I have ever had, I woke up to one of my favorite smells in this whole entire universe...bacon. It made me get up from my covers and look through my cage which Neil have been so gracious to uncover the curtain. I can see him on the other side of the room at the stove cooking some breakfast in nothing but his boxers. This is pretty much a dream come true to me, I mean without the fact that I am locked in a cage. Even so, just seeing his muscular body was ab

Locker Room Romance pt.3

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Oral Vore Macro/Micro Funny Willing Nudity scared


Web - 1 year ago

Thank you, I was sorta using everyday day language when one of the characters is speaking. Didn't know if it would work or not.

DCarlC12 - 1 year ago

Really enjoying the story so far! Just one thing little thing I’d like to address. You tend to use a lot of double negatives, like “no one’s not” and “wasn’t nothing”. In the future, you should try to avoid this, because both words end up cancelling each other out and conveying the opposite of what you’re actually trying to convey. It’s a small thing, but it goes a long way!

Keep up the good work!

It was about 8 at night and




home from




ds’ house studying. The



Overnight Stay

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Unbirth Giantess Sex Shrinking mouthplay Oral Sex Nudity hiding Shrinking man

So you to let your boyfriend sleepover at your house, but you know your parents won't allow it. Sometimes you have to get a little creative.  

Web - 1 year ago

I am already starting to think of a scenario for this plot line.

Glad that you like the story!!

Nalzindar - 1 year ago

It is nice to see such a lovable and intimate friendship between two people. And it was funny when Abby threw her boyfriend into her pants when her mom bursted in, that was a close call ;)
I wonder what would have happened if Abby had to spend her evening with her parents while her boyfriend were stuck inside her^^ I hope you will write a follow up where Abby shrinks for Luke.

It was the last day of school and everyone form teacher to students are excited. Malcolm was especially excited as the 18-year-old have finally graduated from this hell hole of the American public education system and is heading to an prominent art school to pursue his career as an artist. It was two days after his graduation and he have decided to go back one last time to at least say goodbye to his favorite teachers, especially one teacher by the name of Ms. Martinez. Ms. Martinez is a new tea

Student-Teacher Relationship pt.1

Uploaded: 1 year ago

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Tags: Unbirth F/M Giantess Sex Nipples Insertion Breast Feeding

So this is a new series of stories that I want to do involving a high school graduate and his former art teacher. This story is going to be the intro where it all begins. This is going to be a two part story.  

Web - 1 year ago

Not too bad, was expecting worst

crushxtreame - 1 year ago

Yeah there arent many id say 20+/-

Web - 1 year ago

Thank,I thought I got rid of at least most of my mistakes but I guess not

crushxtreame - 1 year ago

A few graammer mistakes that u could fix to make it even better

Web - 1 year ago

Thank you!!

The things that people do out of a
dare, especially in college where logic kinda goes out of the window
especially when alcohol is involved. This was one of those times
where a group of college students are in a dorm room to complete such
a dare.
Jeremy and Amy is the volunteer for
this little dare. Five of their friends have been shrunk down and
they're going where no college students have gone before, inside
Jeremy’s balls. All five of them, 2 men and 3 women, have shrunk
themselves done to

College Dare

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Web

Tags: Oral Vore Giant Unbirth Giantess Cock Vore Macro/Micro Oral Sex Shrunken man Shrunken woman accidental swallowing

Have you ever hear about those crazy dares in college. Well these are ones of these dares but in a new way. 

Web - 2 years ago

Thank you, I'm not really that good at being descriptive in stories. That is something that I sorta working on.

Eclipseneko51 - 2 years ago

I really liked this it could have been longer and included some digestion to the people who were in her stomach but other than that i really enjoyed it and wish there was more like it out there

Web - 3 years ago

Thank u

Dark_phoenix - 3 years ago

It's a bit short and it could be fleshed out more, It lacks something.. emotion, dread, feeling..I can't quite put my finger on it.

I like it though and I'd love to see more in this setting.

Mariana is a average in a science
lab and everything was going good for him. The main that she was
working on was protect to make a growth serum. She and her partner
James, who just an intern is working on his college degree, have been
working on this thing for about a year with many not so successful
attempts. Now, Mariana thinks she finally got it right, but first she
needs to test it out.
Both Mariana and her intern went out
to a abandon location far away from anybody in the woods. James

Testing Stage

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Web

Tags: Micro Macro F/M Macro/Micro Growing

A professor is testing a special serum 

AuraDrak - 5 years ago


Web - 5 years ago

AuraDrak - 5 years ago

What is your DeviantArt account? I love to see your work there.

Web - 5 years ago

I tried it several times, mainly with other stories involving the kingdom hearts franchise and maybe other stories that I have on Deviantart. Other than that, I have been having writer's block about something new to write in the realm of full tour vore.

AuraDrak - 5 years ago

Well, you could make a potion that when drinked or poured on someone that makes them immune to the effects of the digestion systems. That potion could also make it so that they don't need air to live. Do you think that could be included?

Knuckles’ main job is to protect
and watch over the Master Emerald, the emerald with significant power
to control all the other emeralds. He was duty bound to do this task
many years ago, and besides, some incovience, he is still able to do
a good job.
Now the main part of Knuckles’ job
is to make sure no one steals the Master Emerald, or at least from
the one or two people that actually know about. One person in
particular, a certain bat-girl, that have sorta been a pain in
Knuckles’ sid

Web - 5 years ago

Plus this was really meant to be a short story

Web - 5 years ago


teruzu91 - 5 years ago

It feels kind of...well short. I also wonder why Rouge would eat Knuckles knowing there's Shrink potion in him. Wouldn't that make her shrink too?

Web - 5 years ago

My bad...I was very tire when I made this. Jesse belongs to another of mines that I am still working.

So yea, never type when you are bloody tired.

Reaverbot - 5 years ago

Who is Jesse? They showed up at the end of the story and I got confused

Well hello again wonderful audience,
welcome back to the second episodes of “Inner Journey” with your
host Dr. Sasha Martinez. If you haven’t watched the first episode,
then you can it here the playlist (Or people reading this, just look
into my list).
So last time, we looked into the
male genital with our good buddy Juan and he really enjoyed it that
experience. So now today we are going to look at the female genitals
which are not as amusing as the male genitals in my opinion, but

joylovejoy - 3 months ago

Please made more

joylovejoy - 2 years ago

Please continue soon I like read Juan and Julian have sex together while doctor inside Juan and then get squeezed into Julian as Doctor travel along with Juan sperm

Web - 3 years ago

I will get to it eventually, but life is getting in the way right now plus I got writer's block =(

joylovejoy - 3 years ago

You should do how man and woman do sex along how man sperm travel inside woman womb

Doomlycupcake - 5 years ago

Intressting i wonder waths next now

is this thing on? *Ahem*
fellow people of the Internet. My name is Doctor Sasha Martinez and I
am a sexologist. For the people that don’t know, I study the magic
of sex, and for the one or two of you that don’t know what is sex,
it is either you are too young to be watching this, or you haven’t
been introduce to this wonderful thing called porn.
anyways, my main area is studying about the process of sex how it
works. I have been doing this five years, so you probabl

Inner Journey ep.1

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Web

Tags: POV M/F Sex Cock Vore Cum show Camera doctor Shrinking Nudity sex doctor

This is a series that I am doing and hope that you guys will enjoy it, but I want to do something a little more with this story.

Since I am not much of an drawer, I really want to turn this series into a comic strip with each story. I want to do something like an art trade, which is that if you do this, then I will write a story for you of your liking. If you are interested, then you leave your request in the comment section or you can pm me.

Thank you very much 

Web - 5 years ago

Thank you very much

Skorente - 5 years ago

Nice work on this.

Web - 5 years ago

Thank you

Doomlycupcake - 5 years ago

Good work matey

Hello world, my name is Tasha. I
have a boyfriend name Chris and he is the most wonderful boyfriend a
girl can ever have. It’s not only his nice and caring charm, it’s
also his amazing physique. He has the hardest pecks and six pack I’ve
ever since on a man in real life. He was the all-time perfect man for
Me and Chris have shared some
secrets about each other, but there was one secret that Chris hid
from me and I had to figure out on my own. I went to his apartment to
hang out. When

Filling Fantasy

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Web

Tags: F/M Giantess Sex Unwilling Non-Fatal Masturbation Macro/Micro Shrinking Full tour Nudity Giantess Vore Shrinking man

What if your bf/gf your deepest fantasy and tries to fulfill for you? 

Eclipseneko51 - 1 year ago

I think most of us would love a girlfriend like tasha and amazing story i really enjoyed it

Web - 5 years ago

Thank you very much

iasiney - 5 years ago

Nothing like the written word for describing the best vore. A picture is definitely not worth a thousand words with vore. You do it very well. I enjoy the perspective switching.

In Progress*
is this thing on. Hello, my name is Amanda and I am talking to you
from inside an animal’s stomach from some person’s phone and it
looks like I am in big trouble. Whoever is watching this now, most
likely I will already dead and gone, because soon I will digested.
for back story, I am a junior at a University that I am, or was,
majoring in sociology. I had a good life with friends, family, and a
good looking body that make men tremble a

PETA Vore Commerical 8

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Web

Tags: Oral Vore Dog Unwilling ?/F Nudity Shrunken woman peta

This is something different because my inspiration was from a K-mart vore commerical that I seen on YouTube yesterday.

When a young woman is eaten and before being digested, she decides to record her moment as she talks about how got in this situation and also a little message in the end.  

Web - 5 years ago

Thank you

USful - 5 years ago

[Insert Joke about Eating Dogs]

On another note, this is actually a pretty good idea. Good job!

Nani and David were on a dinner
plate above Gantu and his growling stomach. Both of them were just at
a private location at the beach surfing the waves until Gantu ran up
to them, grabbed them, and ran off. "You @#$% turd
face", Nani yelled out to Gantu, "You won't get away with
this. Just wait until Lilo and Stitch find us. You'll be…""Oh
those brats", Gantu chuckle, "Those were the one that lead
me to you and in exchange giving them a experiment I found

PETA Vore commerical 7

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Web

Tags: Oral Vore Giant Unwilling Shrunken man Shrunken woman

Nani and David becomes a delicious treat for Gantu 

Web - 5 years ago

Thank you

89gierl - 5 years ago

Otherwise, Keep up the good work. ^ w^

Web - 5 years ago

That's ok

89gierl - 5 years ago

Well, I'll keep that in mind then, I like your other stories though these ones were... I dunno... Kinda guess that's my own preference telling me that I don't like them.

Web - 5 years ago

Yes and no. These commericals are design to be fatal, but I formed them like a commerical in terms of the actors/actresses get shrunken down by the studio and get eaten for the commercial by a normal or giant actor/actress, but after that giant actor/actress spit the smaller and they grow back to their original height.

But really I am a person that likes non-fatal vore. That's why most of my stories don't involve any deaths at all