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Shopping SpreeThree doors thumped shut among the cacophony of chattering and crunching of gravel. Three siblings were walking among the throngs of people moving in and out of the mall. A crowd was building quickly, which made sense given it was a Saturday. A crowd that consisted of groups of friends, families, couples, and even some individuals. After all, there isn’t really much to do around these parts. The three siblings were merely a few drops in an ocean.First, there was Tyler, the oldest

Shopping Spree

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Tags: Unbirth F/F twins Unwilling Prey F/FF deception Willing Pred Ambush Belly bulge stalking max123 implied regression unwilling unbirth Nonchalant Pred NTR vore taunting prey's family injured prey Implied Assault

Tyler and his twin sisters take a trip to the mall to shop for clothes... er I mean get a present for his girlfriend. Unknown to them, someone is shopping for a family, and she just found a two for one deal on clearance.

My first comission. For max123 no less! I look forward to working with them and possibly others in the future. 

Apostolos - 3 hours ago

Not criticizing your writing, just, physically assaulting the ones you unbirth and then taunting the family members? This would likely become an abusive family later on, while the original one suffers over the knowledge and they would never get their children back on top of knowing they were definitely unwilling ...

Apostolos - 3 hours ago

Nope... just nope...

Tell me a Tail Prudence awoke to the smell of lemons and a parched throat. The light coming in from the window was unnecessarily bright as well. However, it did serve to illuminate her surroundings. A dull, dingy cabin. The seemingly still swamp water could be seen from the front windows. Everything was unpainted and ratty. Most of the appliances looked as though they hadn’t been maintained in years. Even the bed she was placed in was old and dilapidated. The blanket was actually several

Tail As Old As Time

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Tags: Oral Vore Feet Unbirth F/F Lamia Unwilling Prey Semi-willing partial digestion Betrayal Female Prey Feet first Female Pred relationship regretful predator Lesbian? Lamia Pred Tender loving care bargaining prey healing pred Paralyzed prey

Prudence finds herself in the cabin belonging to a lovely person. A friendship blossoms, maybe something more. By the end of it, hearts are broken, truths are revealed, and Prudence discovers that legs are overrated anyway.

Nearly 7,000 words. Almost a quarter dedicated just to the vore scenes. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 days ago

Certainly the emotional roller coaster its made out to be. Really though, Annabelle and Prudence had a nice thing going on. Too bad Anabelle seems kinda the paranoid type, cant be helped considering what she and her snake have done. Still, hopefully they meet up again on more amicable terms

The Needs of the Few The book clattered to the ground with an unceremonious thud. The wriggling and thrashing nearly woke her up, but two cleverly placed knees pinned the churning stomach in place. Two hands reached down and began to rub across the stomach’s surface as its newest occupant settled in. Soon, faint murmurs fell silent, the surface became that of an orb once more. Soon, only the sound of gurgling and snoring could be heard. Finally, Camille’s stomach had settled. A sm

The Needs of the Few

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Tags: Feet F/F Breast Expansion terror Escape Unconventional Vore Child Prey Unwilling Prey F/FF Navel Vore Feet first Female Pred Butt Expansion tendril ticklish rapid digestion Reluctant Predator Younger Prey Unconscious Prey Spared prey height increase

Camille awakens to an astonishing sight. After striking a bargain with her inner companion, she sets out on the prowl looking for a sacrifice worthy of freeing Hailey. Complications arise and Camille is left to sort things out before the get out of hand, er tentacle.

So bored. I can't keep this up or I'm gonna run out of material. 

TheMysteriousSadSack - 9 days ago

Camille is definitely adapting to this way to easily for comfort, but I suppose it isnt supposed to be comforting. As much as I enjoy this recent influx of content, I wouldnt want to see a burn out. Regardless of your decisions I look forward to any stories

A Swing and a HissNearly two years passed since Prudence had her close encounter with nature. Since then she has taken a love of photography. After all, she needed something to fill the void of softball. Unable to partake in leg day, she instead began lifting weights and building up her core on the weekends. Slowly, it became more of a routine. She would work out on the weekdays, then practice shooting guns and cameras on the weekend and various downtime.While she hadn’t become a ripped beefca

Swing and a Hiss

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Tags: Fatal ?/F Head First Female Prey Snake/F Feet first near-vore Attempted Vore world building crushed to death Spared prey researchers coiled prey slimy feet Paralyzed prey

A few years pass when Prudence recieves some mysterious letter. Finding employment from an unlikely source, she begins her new life. However she and her new coworkers find themselves in a situation none of them have trained for. What's the worst that could happen? 

TheMysteriousSadSack - 12 days ago

Damn that was pretty brutal. There better be a very nice, very generous compensation from RAZE in Prudence's mailbox after this shit show. Also, it seems like someones pet snake might be a bit too big for its terrarium.

Saint Pat’s Mishaps Things had quieted down in Iz’s sorority after the ‘incident’ a few months ago. Since the semester had started, no one had moved into Iz’s room, leaving the space all to herself. Iz had spent the last couple months doing one of two things. One was talking with the campus psychologist, desperately trying to move past the events that painted her recent past. The other was dealing with the police. Naturally, a case had arisen around the disappearance of Melissa Fr

St. Patrick's Day Mishaps

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Tags: Unbirth F/F Lesbian Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred semi-willing pred Accidental digestion Nervous pred Drunk pred Uncaring Pred accidental unbirthing

With some guidance, Isabelle comes out of her trauma invoked shell to do a little partying. However she learns real quick that combining a newly formed sex drive with a lack of inhibitions can create a rather dangerous situation.

A holiday special! Sorry if it seems like I've been spamming a lot lately, but when I get bored of games, I write. Also I wrote this like a week in advance and have been eagerly waiting for the 17th. 

Whatisaname - 2 weeks ago

Yeah it's a little side project of mine. Previously she was unable to do so but acquired the ability from a less than pleasant person from her recent past.

Nightcrawler99 - 2 weeks ago

Nice story. ^^
Is this a sequel to an older one? I feel a though I've heard the name Isabelle before.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 weeks ago

Wait till her therapist hears this one

Let Sleeping Parasites LieCamille awoke curled up on the floor of her bedroom. She didn't remember falling asleep in here, but that took the backseat to her sudden flood of abnormal stimulation. Firstly, was her face. It felt like she drooled all over herself and let it dry. Sure enough there was a wet spot on the carpet. Secondly was her tongue. There was an absolutely decadent flavor upon it. She smacked her lips. Some luxurious meat, salted just right and sauteed in some kind of slightly swee

Let Sleeping Parasites Lie

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Tags: Oral Vore F/F Unconventional Vore ?/F unaware F/FF near-vore unaware pred tension dazed Distracted prey

Camille learns quickly that whatever is happening is beyond her control. Almost as though her mind isn't entirely her own anymore. Meanwhile Hailey gets lost in a good book. 

ntgtoowc - 2 weeks ago

Honestly, this is just-

threk - 2 weeks ago

Don't worry, not really angry, more bemused at the cliff-hanger at the end, who really ends mid-way through a sen-

Whatisaname - 2 weeks ago

Whatever for? If I may ask.

Restrogenic - 2 weeks ago

A cliff hanger? Seriously? Of for the love of-

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 weeks ago

These recent strings of horror-themed stories are doing wonders for my anxiety. Also, I dont like Hailey's odds here. But for real though, how the author gonna end this chapter on a downer cliffhanger? Mid-sentence? Who in their right mind would actually-.

Stuck On You Business had certainly picked up in the little Northwestern town of Rossville, Oregon. While the means were certainly not what Becca desired, the ends were exactly what she would've wanted. The local cafes were buzzing with life, the people were smiling, and the trails were brimming with activity. Legitimate research teams, skeptics, conspiracy theorists, and big game hunters alike were scrounging through the forest, searching for this elusive beast. For Prudence however,

Stuck On You

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Tags: ?/F Head First ?/M revenge Frog Vore Female Prey Male Prey Frog/F obsession world building frog pred Fatal? Paralyzed prey

Prudence returns broken to a world that doesn't quite understand her. Realizing that she could never experience closure while that thing still walks, she sets off to rid herself of that nightmare. Along the way, she meets a strange group of people with an even stranger interest in her.

EDIT: I guess .docx files are cursed for me. 

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 weeks ago

Damn hippies and their environmental protections. That frog is clearly a threat to any campers or hikers, let alone Prudence's health

Whatisaname - 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the info. I will have the edited version uploaded sometime tonight or tomorrow morning.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 3 weeks ago

Check upload there is a line through most of the text

Stomach Bug It was a beautiful summer day at Zenith Lake. The birds were chirping, the fish splashing, and the surrounding forest was alive with the sound of nature going about its daily routine. The hot sun illuminated the bow crystal clear water, which cast dancing lights against the mossy cliff face. Amidst all of this there stood Camille. Normally, she wouldn't be one to journey out into the middle of nowhere by a cliff face just to go swimming. There was a perfectly fine municipal

Stomach Bug

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Tags: F/F Constriction Unconventional Vore Parasite ?/F Unwilling Prey Head First unaware pred Sleep Eating Sleeping pred Controlled Pred

What swims in water?


But that's not all you can find hidden among the rocks and waves. Sometimes they are the ones who find you. Next thing you know, you'll be sharing more than the water with Mother Nature.

2,350 words. Normally I don't care so much about word counts, but why it is important will be revealed in due time. Honestly, I found myself struggling a bit to write this one. The more I wrote it, the less I wanted to keep writing. Good old...
[ Continued ...

TheMysteriousSadSack - 3 weeks ago

She turned into the Thing, now thats some scary stuff to consider

A Sticky Situation “And remember class, just because you don’t know any Awoken people, doesn’t mean there aren’t Awoken animals in the area.” Those words echoed in Prudence’s mind. Spoken by her Biology teacher, they were intended as a stark warning. Naturally, this was a warning that went fully ignored by the student body. Doesn’t help that it was a mandatory miniature unit from the state. Everyone had heard it already, and they’d only hear a hundred times more. Doesn’t h

A Sticky Situation

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Tags: Feet ?/F Implied Digestion Head First Fatal Vore Frog Vore Female Prey Feet first Butt First teenage prey Horrors Feral Pred Offscreen Vore surprised prey cryptid

Prudence is a simple girl with simple dreams. Dreams that may find themselves reshaped after this chance encounter between her friends and the merciless beauty of Mother Nature.

I decided to do something a litle different this time while continuing to expand on the world. I personally enjoy this detour from the norm, and may continue doing so for now. 

TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 month ago

Pretty nuts, reads like a classic horror film while simultaneously confirming that nature is scary. I wonder if some of these cryptids develop human understanding along with their awakening

To Catch a Predator A light breeze shook the barren trees and sent a chill down Iz’s spine. The last week or two had been absolutely insane. A place that had once been a sanctuary to her was now a living nightmare. The cold gray skies a constant reminder of the imprisonment looming over her. She needed to skip town, and she needed to get on that plane. Otherwise, the long arm of the law would reach out and grab her. If they didn’t, then certainly someone from the club would come seeking

To Catch A Predator

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Tags: Feet Unbirth Digestion F/F Fatal Unwilling Non-Fatal Head First Semi-willing Navel Vore Female Prey Feet first Female Pred Endosoma Off-screen vore Accidental vore Teen prey Pred turned prey tricked pred

After a long turbulent trip, Han and Iz arrive in California, only to find that a certain video has grown popular amongst a certain crowd of people. Also they find each other, and brewing emotions finally boil over.

Nearly 6,400 words. My longest piece in a long time. This chapter is to be the last in this arc. At least for the time being. I plan to start expanding on the world with new perspectives for a while. Let me know what you think in the comments! About the story or my...
[ Continued ...

Restrogenic - 3 weeks ago

Ah, gotcha.

Whatisaname - 1 month ago

Now that you say that, I can see why those two names could lead to some confusion. Triss is Melissa's little sister, and Beatrice was just the new Awakened roommate that Isabelle had mentioned in an earlier chapter.

Restrogenic - 1 month ago

Wait, was Triss actually Beatrice? Or was Beatrice Triss’ older sister that she was talking about on the plane?

TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 month ago

A hectic thrill ride through and through. Really enjoyed the series and I cant wait to see more of this world. I would personally like to see how Awoken people are treated by society

Let’s Go Clubbing A few days later, Iz had made her decision. The least she could do is go to the club and pass on her tips and tricks. Maybe help save some others from the kind of shit she went through. She wasn’t interested in a job, just helping some people out. So when she rolled up to a well known abandoned building, she had to do a double take on the address. Sure enough, the card confirmed this was the place. Just then, Regina walked out onto the lawn from a stairway that le

Let's Go Clubbing

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Tags: F/F Breast Expansion Anal Vore F/FF revenge Cleavage Vore regeneration Shrunken woman ass expansion Muscle growth Fast Digestion Pred turned prey unaware? pleading prey

What was intended to be a peek into a business opportunity, quickly turns into a training exercise gone wrong. As a result Stella witnesses a side of Iz she never thought existed.

As previously stated, this chapter is much longer. Boredom can be quite a great motivator.

Edit: Apparently my phone thought jt would be funny to only copy half the file and then corrupt, only to refuse the try to copy the file over again until I changed the name of the file. One of many...
[ Continued ...

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 months ago

This series is easily turning out to be a fav of mine. Lots of excitng things here. Still hoping for the part where they make up

Whatisaname - 2 months ago

Thanks for the notification, it should all be signed and sealed nos.

Whatisaname - 2 months ago

Thanks, I spotted it corrected the issue.

threk - 2 months ago

Yeah, think you've got a corrupt file.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 months ago

You might wanna check the upload. It cuts off at "however, something was different"

Group Therapy Maybe a day ago, Iz was nearly absorbed into her best friends breasts, twice. Now she was splayed out nude in her bed. Feeling had returned to most of her limbs, but now she was cold. Intensely cold. Stella and Han were in their basement, playing card games. Part of Iz just wanted to stay in here, as far away from that psychopath while the other part wanted to go home. Going home meant going down to Han, and by extension Stella, and getting a ride from one or both of them. To

Group Therapy

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Tags: F/F Non-Fatal Navel Vore Female Prey Female Pred regeneration Endosoma Unwilling to Willing prey Caring pred

After a good nap and a stupid bet, Iz finds herself at a group session for people more like herself. Not to mention a new work opportunity.

This one is quite a bit lighter than the previous two, with a bit more of a focus on the characters. I just felt so invigorated after posting the last chapter that I ended up drafting and finalizing this one much quicker than I expected. To compensate, future installments are probably going to start getting longer. 

threk - 2 months ago

She is definitely going to be stripper food as soon as they confirm that she's, er, reusable.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 months ago

I dont like the sound of this new job opportunity, seems like the kind of gig people go missing in. On another note, I really wanna see iz and stella

Snowed In A gasp of air. Sweet flowing oxygen. A pair of bright blue eyes flashed open and darted left then right, taking in the sight of her own room. Isabelle bolted upright as the sheets fell to a pile at her waist. She was in a gray long sleeve shirt that covered her hands. She whipped her head left and then right. The dresser was spotless, alarm clock sat on the top. Her door was closed and there was a light commotion coming from downstairs. “What happened last night?” She asked he

Snowed In

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Tags: F/F Hard Vore Non-Fatal Breast Vore partial digestion Betrayal Cleavage Vore injury Reluctant Pred pleading prey

Isabelle awakens from a terrible dream, shaken but unharmed. However, she quickly realizes maybe her imagination isn't the faulty one after all. 

minasan - 2 months ago

It's sad that Stella jumped straight to killing her friend instead of trying to talk things out. They were best friends.

I am glad that Isabelle survived though.

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 months ago

absolutely crazy, cant wait to see where this goes from here

A Different Kind of Stuffing


A harsh wind whipped through the barren trees scattered across the dull, stagnant landscape. The grass had all fallen dormant, and earth was dry and cracked. Cars lined the streets as the fear of being blocked in one’s own driveway was a very real one this time of year. Or at least it used to be. Winter was supposed to be cold, with snow piled se

Winter Break

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Tags: Feet F/F Breast Expansion Absorption Head First Breast Vore Cleavage Vore Confused Pred unaware pred Desperation confused prey Accidental vore Sleeping pred Fatal? Jealous prey

Isabelle has planned the perfect evening for her old high school friend, but it would seem that old habits aren't so easy to shake. Be they good, or not so good.

I've been planning a bit of this out for a while, but held back due to recent upload errors among other issues, both online and off. I meant to upload this a few days ago. 

Restrogenic - 2 months ago

Wao. That, was really well written. It was awesome. However, I desperately need a follow up. I mean, come’on.

Whereaminow27 - 2 months ago

Hope she survives. :/

TheMysteriousSadSack - 2 months ago

Poor isabelle, hopefully theres a way for her to get back

the Wind
aren’t these streets better lit?
Janet thought to herself. Frankly, it was the only thing on her mind
at the moment. With another evening of training come and gone, Janet
was now left to make her way home through the dark. Only the sound of
crickets and the crunch of roadside gravel beneath her sneakers
accompanied her. While most of the houses around her are still lit,
they sit far enough off the street that even they were not enough to
illuminate the roadway ahead of her. I

Just the Wind

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Tags: F/F Breast Expansion Absorption F/? Sleepy Unwilling Prey Breast Vore Cleavage Vore Female Prey Feet first Female Pred Uncaring Pred

The cool autumn wind carries with it many strange sounds. Janet soon discovers that there is more to whispering winds than the mere rustling of leaves and pitter patter of wild hares.

First submission! I'm honestly pretty excited for this. I've been working on this for a while, but here it is for your viewing pleasure! 

Peptidase - 3 months ago

Interesting buildup. I look forward to seeing more of you in the future!