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Rebecca hummed to herself, eyeing her possible buy in the dressing room mirror and examining the fit. It wasn't half bad, honestly, and for sundresses that was rare for her. However, the price tag was still something she was uncertain about. Fifty bucks for the thing? Sure, she was at a mall, but that bit. She sighed, draping the dress over her arm after changing into her normal clothes, and exiting the room to head for the cash register. She spotted a redhead manning an empty station and took a

It's a bird! It's a dinosaur! Wait...

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: WideVariety

Tags: Oral Vore Scat M/F Rape Gas Unwilling Prey M/? bestiality Disposal kidnapping ball smothering breeding Monster Pred flying pred dinosaur pred mass prey Evolution (movie)

Oh, shit, it's both!

Commission for Anonymity involving that flying thingie from Evolution. I think this is the last mass vore work I'll do for a bit, maybe focus on one-or-few-prey scenarios, but at least my commissions are cleared up! 

WideVariety - 8 months ago

Awh, thank you!! We just might once I'm back on the pen and page, so to speak!! ❤️

NewRebellion - 8 months ago

That was awesome! Engaging and well-written! I hope we can see a sequel to this in the near-future!

WideVariety - 1 year ago

Haven't heard of that one. Gonna have to check it out!

Brenden1k - 1 year ago

I like the terrified but safe mate.

Brenden1k - 1 year ago

I seen pretty much this plot in birdfood and breeding, maybe because it a good one, question is it great think alike or subconscious or conscious inspiration.

Character Reference - Oleya

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Tags: Alien Non-Vore Hybrid Hermaphrodite two tails Fuckin cute

Look at this cutie.


Work done by Kodus on FA - before you commission him, don't ask, I doubt he does vore but his art is amazing and not too expensive!

Do not use this image without express permission from me.

And to explain the tags, she's an alien that can pass for a hybrid among anthro species now hush and let me dweeb out 

SaoYuuki - 2 years ago

Yup, snuggles~!

WideVariety - 2 years ago

Well, snugs are still totally on the table!~❤️

SaoYuuki - 2 years ago

Damn, I'm a bottom boi >w< huehuehue and I know it was.

WideVariety - 2 years ago

Just don't try to bottom for her and she's all good! And that preggy belly was actually from the wonderful Bronwyn, bless her~

SaoYuuki - 2 years ago

I dunno if she's want to do it with a boi o3o a femboi. o3o

Well, scratch that, I can name several positions in which case that would be voided... like it was for Tyler in that one pic >w<

grunted as he slung a heavy, squirming canvas sack over from over his
shoulder and cast it rather carelessly down his basement stairs. It
bounced rather comically a few times, then thudded to a stop at the
bottom of the stairs, where it began to squirm once more, protesting
with muffled cries. The green alien smirked as he stepped into the
stairwell, turned on the basement lights, and shut the door.

down the stairs and nudging the sack with his foot, Zim crowed
triumphantly. “Got

A Real Dib-stink

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: WideVariety

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Soft Vore Alien M/M Same Size Cooking Reformation Rape Blowjob Licking Implied Digestion Anal Sex Oral Sex Preparation Human Prey Male Prey ejaculation Disposal INvader zim Male Pred Facefucking Apple In Mouth Gay sex Zim alien pred cooking preparation Dib Membrane

Commision for Anonymity (my apologies, I can't link people here yet - dunno how ^^; )

Anyway! This was rather fun to write. Although now if I ever watch the show I'll never be able to look at it normally. Hopefully the same happens to y'all. 

Rosebud - 3 years ago

Sure! I'll PM you what I'd like!

WideVariety - 3 years ago

I have one story I'm writing right now, but just send me what you'd like me to write and I'll get on it when I'm finished with the other one! I always take requests when my slots are full, they just admittedly take a little time <3

Rosebud - 3 years ago

I might even commission you when you're available!

Rosebud - 3 years ago

I might even commission you when it get the money if you're not too busy!

WideVariety - 3 years ago

Thank you!! I wasn't sure how people would take it, but I'm glad you enjoyed the read!

walked through the jungle, enjoying the day. It’s sure a good day
to be alive, he thought. Suddenly, a roar rent the air. Looking up in
shock, he saw a glistening purple dragon flying in circles above him.
She glanced down and licked her lips. Frightened, he ran as she dove
for him, and almost as he was under a clump of trees, her claws
snatched his shoulders, tearing the fabric but not harming the
slightest hair. Despite this, he felt nothing but unending panic and,
screaming, he was ca

Meeyella's Newest Child

Uploaded: 3 years ago

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Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Drool F/M Saliva Story Dragoness Non-Fatal Semi-willing Full tour Dragon pred Human Prey Age regression Sexual content Species regression

Looks like one dragoness might become a family gal!

I'm kinda considering making Meeyella one of my characters on a regular basis for roleplays, but I'm a prey, so I'm quite sure I'd fail. Although I AM going to keep her around for stories. After all, who could resist?~

Also considering a fatal version of this, but I'm not sure. Thoughts? 

lilbabydeadpool - 3 years ago


WideVariety - 3 years ago

Sure, if you can find a way to get her nest's coordinates, or perhaps, like Balok, get reeeeeeally lucky.

But then, who knows? Maybe Balok'll try to getcha first :P

lilbabydeadpool - 3 years ago

Wow, so can I slide in next!?!?!?