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The Great Dessert
Despite the dry, hot air the wind that blew over the party now was cold. It blew against them, passed them and blew on to the settlement they had left behind. Small dunes rolled away in every direction, broken only by a slight scattering of dark rocks and long dead trees. Klara lead the way as she always did, hand on her polished hilt. Her cloak had been bundled up into her rucksack along with her uniform's jacket. Under her body armour she wo

BotB: Chapter Eleven - The Great Dessert

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Soft Vore Stomach Digestion Monster Swallowing Lesbian Yuri Struggling

After they narrowly escape trouble, the group heads into the desert with the faint hope of reaching Karla's Sisterhood.

This chapter has been brought to you by another generous commissioner. I hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment below. 

Goblingobler - 2 years ago

Another great chapter! :D

Graywolf18 - 2 years ago

Whoo, that was a rough chapter for team morale. :/

Deska - 2 years ago

Always a pleasure to see more writing from you! :)

Hot. Damp. A rhythmic pounding, all around. It was a heartbeat. Hers.
kept running, following the sound of Max' footsteps. Distantly behind
them they could hear the echoes of the infected banging on the metal
door they'd barred shut behind them. She had no idea where the tunnel
took them but it was the only way to go. She was tiring long before
Max seemed to be out of breathe but fear kept her moving. Stopping
likely meant death. Then, ahead, a he

Taste the Ashes 3

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Stomach Digestion F/F Burp Swallowing F/? Belch Gas Post-Vore Mini Giantess Belly bulge Gassy

Once more thanks to a generous commission, I am able to continue the series.

Max and Michelle escape one crisis but a much more mundane problem presents itself.

Please do comment below and let me know what you all think. 

Goblingobler - 2 years ago

Another wicked chapter. @[email protected]

Whereaminow27 - 2 years ago

I have this funny feeling that either she is going to end up infected, or her Precious Diane, that she wants to so find has eaten all the survivors when she gets there. Could happen, but I am not sure.

The group dwindled so fast, We only have one girl left. ;/

Whereaminow27 - 2 years ago

3? O_o.... I am so glad this is continuing :)

stars were out in their brightest colours, distant nebula stretched
over the black curtain above whilst the blue moon shone proudly over
the plains. Here the climate was more arid and even at night, the
temperature was warmer. Marshland far behind them, the party had made
their way south, to the rocky plains. From her the Great Desert was a
throw away and at it's edge, their destination. Klara was the only
one awake, on her usual night watch. Her swo

BotB: Chapter Ten - The Oasis

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Stomach F/F F/M Same Size Bulge Swallowing F/? Cock Vore Anal Vore Butt Balls Post-Vore Struggling Nudity Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Butt Expansion Multiple pred

Thanks to a generous commission, I've been able to continue the series.

The group arrives at their destination and Klara's reunion with her Sisterhood looms. Yet nothing is what it seems... 

Evilpancake - 2 years ago

very nice addition, glad to see more CV from you, don't see it very often. Would def enjoy some more and longer scenes with it

Goblingobler - 2 years ago

A really cool chapter! Thanks, Wierdost!

shortprey20 - 2 years ago

Man its good to see you back im action with the stories!
Pity about hilda though, i rather liked her attitude

Graywolf18 - 2 years ago

Awe... I was just starting to like Hilda... oh well. *shrugs* Kinda had it coming I guess. :/

felt a kick against her feet, prompting her awake. She had barely
slept anyway. Max stood over her in dim bluish twilight, a hand down
by her side, ready to pull her sawn off out at a moments notice.
rubbed her eyes, exhaustion not so easy to shake off.
the horde gone?” Kara asked, running a hand over her shaved scalp.
head wavered from side to side, her long bedraggled hair on one side
bouncing whilst the scar on her shav

Taste the Ashes 2

Uploaded: 2 years ago

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Tags: Gulp Breasts Belly Soft Vore Stomach Expansion Digestion F/F Burp Breast Expansion Fart Same Size Bulge Swallowing Farting Gas Disposal Belly bulge Butt Expansion Gassy ass expansion

After a lengthy wait, I've finally been able to continue this story thanks to another generous commissioner. Please feel free to comment below.

The fate of the group hangs in the balance as an unseen terror lurks in their midst. 

Whereaminow27 - 2 years ago

Finally Part 2 ! ! !!

SonOfDarkness - 2 years ago


Goblingobler - 2 years ago

Ahhh hope someone goes for another commission of this, it's a really cool series! :D

shortprey20 - 2 years ago

Going to read this later when i have more time but i do so love your stories!

shortprey20 - 2 years ago


Pearl of the Swamp
They had left the trading post together, aboard a ferry across the lake. It was an afternoon's journey and little more. The sun beat down on them making them spend most of the trip shifting about under the mast's shade. By the time their destination approached the heat had drained them, leaving them with little energy for the journey ashore. Which would have been fine if it were not for what lay ahead.
At the opposite shore the lake became a bo

BotB: Chapter Nine - Pearl of the Swamp

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Belly Frog Stomach F/F Burp F/M Saliva Same Size Bulge Swallowing Female Belch Gas Struggling F/FF frog girl Multiple pred

It's been a while but here at last thanks to a generous commissioner is the next chapter. Please feel free to comment below. And if anyone is interested in helping commission further continuation of the series, please do get in touch.

Leaving the trading post behind, the bickering party comes to a gloomy marsh. 

shortprey20 - 2 years ago

Oooooooooh. Life ia very very good! Another series i have been most anxious to see return :p

Wierdost - 2 years ago

The other series is Taste the Ashes.

shortprey20 - 2 years ago

Woohooo! Life is full of joy and vorish goodness again!
Might i ask what else youre working on if that is permitted? You had one series i absolutely loved and there was a cliffhanger so im not wanting to get my hopes up if its not what youre working on :p

shortprey20 - 2 years ago

Woohooo! Life is full of joy and vorish goodness again!
Might i ask what else youre working on if that is permitted? You had one series i absolutely loved and there was a cliffhanger so im not wanting to get my hopes up if its not what youre working on :p

Wierdost - 2 years ago

Yes to both. Currently working on new chapters for this series and another, so expect more work from me soon.

Taste Of Magic
true red of dawn was still some way off when Mary awoke. She never
slept much these days, her soft body unused to the hard ground,
especially the arid grasslands south of the borderlands. Each day
they got further south and each day the ground only got harder.
sat up, keeping her blanket close, wrapped up around her. She saw the
others sleeping under their blankets, around their small fire pit,
the embers long extinguished. Standing up

BotB: Chapter Eight - A Taste of Magic

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Belly F/F Same Size Sex gurgling Harpy Breast Vore F/FF churning Belly bulge

Another chapter in the Belly of the Beasts series. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment!

Arriving at a prosperous trading post, the group finds themselves being watched. 

Wolfsage - 3 years ago

Any news on when the next chapter will be out?

Wolfsage - 3 years ago

Wow, this is getting better and better. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Deska - 3 years ago

The Party grows! xD

Goblingobler - 3 years ago

Happy Holidays from a bouncing Miranda. :D

Goblingobler - 3 years ago

Ahhhh I loved it, Weird! :D Great addition, though I hope Mary and Klara end up together. I liked how you did the Breast vore, it was an interesting take on the style.

Those in Need
With a cloak wrapped around her, Mary helped Klara down the stairs as
she still tried to readjust to her human form. Her pale feet brushed
nervously over the cold, dusty stone unsure of their footing but
grateful Mary was there to hold her. Mary had to constantly fight to
conceal a blush, ashamed to find herself in great admiration of
Klara. She just wanted to tell her she was beautiful, as she would
have any number of noble girls back in Pearl but

BotB: Chapter Seven - Those In Need

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion Naga Same Size Bulge Sex Belch Belching Harpy Implied Digestion Snake girl f/multiple Belly bulge f/multiple prey Multiple Preys

So it's been a veeery long time since I last updated this but I was hit with a sudden surge of inspiration so began picking up where I left off. Hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment below!

With Klara human once more, the trio begin setting their sights on the future and their duties to each other. 

Wolfsage - 3 years ago

Oh man. Normally i'm not into Farting and Scat in stories, but I must say, I find your stories intersting and can't wait for more!

Apostolos - 3 years ago

Hmm seems like it might be a permanent revenge vendetta for the harpy at this point, maybe a eternal Unbirthing prison sentence for Mary as she waits for the end to come from within the harpies womb to only be denied time and again until the harpy eventually forgets about her and mates with someone concieving a new Mary...

Kaoru - 3 years ago

I have only one comment on your return to this series:

Goblingobler - 3 years ago

Before i even start to read, just want to saaayyy... HAZZAH! Can't wait for more, I love the setting you've made. My personal favorite bit was when Mary gets Unbirthed. Overall though the story is amazing. :D

Jacquelope - 3 years ago

What, no new pair of boots? One must always take a trophy when they take down a Naga. It's always nice to see a vore-fail (or digestion fail) scene!

Frank had never been happier or prouder than he was today. Their
small business had gone a whole week without going belly up and more
importantly, had proven to be a surprise success. If he was feeling
especially confident he might had said it was booming. His girlfriend
On day like today too, it was hard for him not to feel like
everything was coming together for once. Warm sunshine shone through
the large windows that circled the spacious diner, making the red and
pink retro in

The Critic

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Breasts Scat Belly Food Soft Vore Stomach Pregnancy Digestion F/F Weight Gain Same Size Swallowing restaurant Struggling Female Prey Female Pred f/multiple Belly bulge pregnant prey Multiple Preys

A small independent diner comes under real scrutiny when a critic with a terrifying reputation arrives...

Neat commission here, that i very much enjoyed writing. Please share thoughts below! 

LillyBells - 4 years ago

Poor Tara shouldn't have died tho... what's her husband gonna do now...his sister, wife and two UNBORN children were killed...

Ridwanwolf - 4 years ago

This story made me cry...that woman was cruel T_T
poor tara.

Thanatos2k - 4 years ago

Al Capone getting arrested for tax evasion

ironman362 - 4 years ago

Holy shit that was awesome! Especially love when she's dragging her belly in front of him

Sora - 4 years ago

Well done ! Very nice story !

John was lost in darkness, waves of hot sticky white washing over
him. Walls of soft flesh pressed down around him as the humid chamber
rocked back and forth, all in rhythm to the thrusts of the towering,
muscular Allen into his own wife Janice. There was a time where he
would have been disgusted by the idea. Even now, if he thought too
hard about it, he wanted to vomit, knowing his wife was getting more
pleasure from a man other than himself. It had been weeks like this

Pleasure Inside II

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Micro Soft Vore Unbirth Anal Sex Cock Vore Oral Masturbation Blowjob Oral Sex

A commission and sequel to the previous story:

John and Janice continue in their new sexual lifestyle but John is starting to have some serious doubts.

Hope you all enjoy and please feel free to comment below! 

shortprey20 - 2 years ago

This is a commissioned piece, so probably when someone else commissions him to write another chapter.

Ihatehater1994 - 2 years ago

Dude when you gonna update with another chapter?

Ihatehater1994 - 3 years ago

I hate Janice now, why didnt ahe ask if she could eat Babes. Also when will this story get another chapter?

shortprey20 - 3 years ago

I just love this story! Cock vore to oral vore through a blowjob is my darkest fantasy! Hope to see it more soon!

thetrueenigma - 4 years ago

Thats what im thinking as well =p

A Dish Best Served in Three
Claire sat at the back of the high school classroom, grateful to have
nothing but the wall behind her, free from the torments of her human
classmates. Or rather, one human in particular. Claire was not human,
like her closest friends, she was a Gelino, a short one and a half
feet tall species composed of transparent clear goo. She was a rather
shapely Gelino, now a young adult, her form hidden beneath the school
uniform. A slender face with big bright eyes and short b

A Dish Best Served In Three

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Slime Digestion Same Size Swallowing Cooking Masturbation Transformation Invalid Tag Struggling Melting

A commissioned story.

A trio of victims to the local school bully try to get their revenge but things hardly go as planned.

Hope you all enjoy and feel free to share thoughts below! 

BardicLasher - 5 years ago

Fun story! I like the concept of the tiny gel-girls.

Lupe - 5 years ago

Very nice story! Your transformations were really well done. Would not mind seeing you touch on this type of writing more often. :)

She was gasping for air in the erotic heat, plunged into the humid
depths, sliding through the velvet dark tunnel. Writhing and
wriggling, her grasp slipped right off the slick walls as she was
squeezed through the darkness, her friend's tremendous orgasms
shaking around her to the distant boom of an ecstasy filled cry.
Diane was worried, panicked, afraid she would be crushed in the
depths of new friend's pussy but there was also a tinge of kinkiness
to the

The Height of Responsibility - Chapter Three

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Stomach Unbirth Digestion Giantess Sex Anal Vore Struggling Insertion Cruel Shrunken woman

A young woman tasked with caring for her special family is finally given a chance to reclaim her old life right before things begin to go horribly wrong...

A commissioned story and the third part in a series. Please share your thoughts below and I hope you enjoy reading it! 

sladearanzero - 2 years ago

This is a great series of stories! There are not enough cruel Pred stories out there. I was just wondering if you are ever going to come back to these and finish the story?

mouth111 - 2 years ago

This was incredibly hot. Love the evil duo amanda and rebecca. You really nailed their personalities well. This was a fucked up story but it was equally enjoyable as it was sick. well done!

Redpod - 5 years ago

nice digesiton

It was almost always safer during the day. Of course, Tracy knew that
"safer" did not necessarily mean safe and that any moment
in their day had the potential for disaster. So with caution on her
mind, she crawled out of the narrow basement window and onto the
ruined street, overgrown with all manner of thick vegetation, a
sickly yellow green tinge to the grass and mosses covering the
weathered concrete. She felt her boots scrape against the brickwork
and fo

Taste the Ashes

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Soft Vore Stomach Digestion F/F Same Size Swallowing

The first chapter in a newly commissioned series.

In a world after an apocalyptic event, a small band of survivors try to avoid trouble. Hungry trouble. Be warned, another story with a bit of a darker streak.

Hope you all enjoy this and please feel free to comment below!

Also, sadly, the commissioner for this series has only been able to fund the first chapter so if anyone's interested in or willing to fund the other chapters and find out where the...
[ Continued ...

Wierdost - 3 years ago

Sorry for the late reply!

Sadly not, unless someone is willing to pick up the commission.

justatree1 - 3 years ago

One of my favorite stories on here. Any chance of a sequel?

Thanatos2k - 5 years ago

So I guess it was transferred by bodily fluids after all

Whereaminow27 - 5 years ago

Don't Tell me Tracy is gone??? Awww I was hoping sophie would resist just enough to let tracy help her out with the infection :P

Negator - 5 years ago

Same-size zombies. Neat idea, and great story. Love the detail in all of the scenes, especially the last one from Tracy's perspective. Nice to see a drawn out swallowing/followup scene, considering the other ones were more in the moment/fast. Also like the idea of them just swallowing each other over and over to get to the non-infected one. :)

waited outside, under the shadow of the grand cathedral, its golden
spires towering high enough to look like they pierced the sun itself.
At the bottom of the steps she watched as people came and went, most
arriving with full guts and leaving flat. She was here for someone
specific, the next link in the chain. For months now she had been
clawing her way up and now at last she found herself back in the
Upper City.
I belong.”
stood under the clear blue sky, h

The Chain - II

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Anal Vore Mild scat Tail Vore Full tour

An anonymous commission and sequel to:

This time we follow a young woman of nobility as she struggles to ascend in power amongst the appetites and deadly politics of the Upper City.

This was a big one and as such was difficult for me to proof read so apologies for any mistakes/oversights.

Hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment with your thoughts below!


Arrogancy - 10 months ago

Will we ever see a conclusion or a sequel to this story?

Goblingobler - 3 years ago

Wicked story as usual, hope someone commissions a third part!

Wierdost - 4 years ago


AngelofHell64 - 4 years ago

Hold on, that ending... Does that mean Kassandra's second mother is the Queen?!

Scorpi - 5 years ago

Nice story and i liked the nobel vore parts in the story. I did wish for Jessica to get to fully digested them and win at the end. Don't suppose an alt ending is comming? :D

Enough of Her to Go Around
Bernadette kept running, her exhausted legs just managing to cover
the rugged terrain between the gnarled roots of the trees. As she ran
through the dark forest she could hear the distant howling of the
hunting dogs, who had caught her scent some time ago for certain.
Those servants shoes that belonged to her new body were hopeless for
traversing the terrain, the soft soles in tatters, water and muck
seeping inside, making her feet shiver in the cold. The wind was

Enough of Her to Go Around - Part III

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Soft Vore Stomach Chubby Same Size Commission Swallowing Sex Struggling

Third part in commission for Scion.

Whilst Bernadette tries to evade her pursuers and try to recover her magic, Lady Bovinia moves forward with her plan. 

Goblingobler - 3 years ago

I dream of a fourth part...

spider2828 - 5 years ago

what happened with Bernadette??

spider2828 - 5 years ago

what happened with Bernadette??

Squall - 5 years ago

And we should pass this suggestion/advice to the other writers on here.

Wierdost - 5 years ago

Well if it spares some folks a few headaches I could start using rtf for future stories. Thanks for the heads up!

She was no stranger to praise. Bernadette had risen from a meagre
apprentice to the most powerful sorceress in the kingdom, perhaps the
known world. Rulers showered her with compliments, as did their lords
and ladies. Even many of the common folk praised her efforts over the
years. She had used her magic to win battles, cure the sick and help
each year's crop. Of course she had also used them for her own ends
but one the whole, Bernadette had been a loyal servant to th

Enough of Her to Go Around

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Absorption Humiliation Nudity Body Transformation Body Swap

A commission for Scion.

A powerful and admired sorceress draws the ire of the kingdom's elite and suffers for it.

Hope you all enjoy it and feel free to comment below! 

Squall - 5 years ago

So she trains and learns new magic and abilities to get her body back.

BardicLasher - 5 years ago

That does sound fun. Especially with all the scrumptious targets offered here. After all, if she allows herself to get captured, she may be able to explain what happened.

Scion - 5 years ago

hahaha! soon

Thanatos2k - 5 years ago

Ooh, I hope there's a sequel where she goes on a revenge spree.

Only a few months ago she had been as powerless as everyone else,
without strength or freedom but now, ever since those abilities had
grown within her, she was released as she had always desired to be.
Now, nothing was beyond her grasp. She was only eighteen but
Mary-Jane had powers that the whole world would desire. In the months
she had enjoyed them, she had never questioned them or their origin.
That they had come to her was more than enough information for her,
anything th

Dyna-Girl's Demise

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Soft Vore Digestion Absorption Same Size Sex Anal Vore Humiliation Belly bulge

A commission for asdfnow4never.

A young superhero discovers that her powers may not be as uncontested as she thinks.

Mild warning, it's a pretty dark story.

Feel free to comment below! 

Mcleod - 5 years ago

Interesting, it's always rare to see attribute transfer/theft stories combined with vore.

I enjoyed it, it was nice to see this unique type of absorption on the Portal. It is favorite type of story, vore and trait absorption.

For Janice and John, their sex life had become incredibly demanding
since John's accident. Several years ago, he along with a great
number of others on the planet had been effected by a rare condition.
Many speculated about the origin of the condition, man made, natural
or in extreme theories, sent to our planet by passing aliens. No
matter the truth of the matter the end result was the same.
John and many like him had been left shrunken, to the meagre height
of three inches tall

Pleasure Inside

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: F/F M/M F/M Sex Cock Vore Anal Vore Non-Consensual Shrinking married couple Cuckold Cuckolding Sex Inside Cuckoldry

A commission from Chaos.

A couple with a unique situation seek out a similar couple to help spice up their sex life.

Hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment below! 

thetrueenigma - 5 years ago

So can we expect another adventure of Janice and John? =p

YourWhiteMage - 5 years ago

This situation is a humongous kink of mine~ ^_^ Thank you so much for the story. I love it!

wilderman12 - 5 years ago

We need a continuasion

ShadesofBlack - 5 years ago

This is awesome.

Thanatos2k - 5 years ago

"Babes looked at hungrily, licking her lips as she reached back and unhooked her bra letting it fall to the bed before with her thong still on, knelt down and to John's amazement wrapped her juicy, hot lips around his hard shaft. She sucked with delight, savouring every inch of his manhood,"

Normally a line like this would work, but in this story it's impossible!

Advanced Home Economics
It had turned out to be a small gathering as few had turned up for
the Advanced Home Economics class. Max didn't mind, it seemed like a
straightforward enough class and would allow to him to graduate. That
he got to spend it were his twin sisters, sophmore students who were
lucky to be selected for a typically senior class and his girlfriend
Luna, for whom Max held great affection.
Max himsef was a young neko, with short blonde hair draped around his
pointed cat ears and

Advanced Home Economics

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Belly Soft Vore Stomach Unbirth Pregnancy Digestion F/F F/M Same Size Bulge Swallowing Unwilling Willing F/FF F/FFF Big Belly pregnant prey

A commission for Max123, based on the comic of the same name:

This story is a companion piece to the comic, retelling events then going a step further. Hope you all enjoy and please comment below. 

acrylic - 4 years ago

Will she really completely absorb? Or will she eventually let him out until she's satisfied with keeping his ovum?

Wierdost - 5 years ago

Credit goes to the commissioner Max123 for that one!

Wierdost - 5 years ago

Credit goes to the commissioner Max123 for that one!

Misasura - 5 years ago

Taberu = Japanese. Verb. "To Eat".

You get 5 Punsie Points.

Peterdens - 5 years ago

never liked when those kind of preds win so i will give this 5/10

She's still hungry...

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Breasts Belly Soft Vore Drool Saliva Same Size Female Butt Squirming Struggling Big Belly Belly bulge

Just a twenty minute sketch to showcase the kind of vore illustration I'd be willing to do for commission.

Sadly my skills aren't really up to something like a comic but single images and character pieces are well within my reach.

Hope you all enjoy this and feel free to comment below! 

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 5 years ago

Are you kidding me by saying that you are not that good that sketch looks amazing and I would love to see you doing more like it

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 5 years ago

Are you kidding me aby saying that you are not that good that sketch looks amazing

A Taste for Answers

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Belly Soft Vore F/F F/M Same Size Anal Vore Struggling spy Belly bulge Spy vs Spy spy eater

Final chapter for this volume, as per commission.

Still in the company of her troublesome allies, Beth must decide who's side she's really on.

A brief conclusion to this volume but hopefully a satisfying one. Please feel free to comment below! 

ifdre - 1 year ago

Are you going to continue this series?

ironman362 - 5 years ago

I love your thumbnails :)

Partners in Crime

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Gulp Oral Vore Soft Vore F/F Anal Vore gurgle spy Implied Digestion Belly bulge Spy vs Spy spy eater

Next chapter as per commission.

Having found a new ally, Beth begins an uneasy partnership in the pursuit of answers.

Another chapter, some more vore. Hope you all enjoy and please feel free to comment below. 

Moscow Underground

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Soft Vore Unbirth F/F spy Belly bulge Spy vs Spy spy eater

Next chapter as per commission.

Having survived the beast, Beth is now on Olga's trail in her search for answers.

A bit lighter on the vore. Hope you all enjoy and feel free to comment below! 

Wierdost - 5 years ago

Oops, my mistake, was thinking of a different chapter when I uploaded this!

zaneofbane - 5 years ago

Why is there an Anal Vore tag?

Evilpancake - 5 years ago

the plot thickens

Den of the Lioness

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Pregnancy Digestion F/F Lion Lactation Lioness spy Implied Digestion shapeshifting throw up mafia Belly bulge animal pred pregnant prey Spy vs Spy spy eater

Next chapter as per commission.

Beth now finds herself deep in the lair of some seriously powerful and voracious captors.

Hope you all enjoy this next part and as usual, feel free to offer some feedback below. 

Suibelly - 5 years ago

Very nice, always good to see pregnant prey, I do hope she makes the beast nice and fat!

Nozaki - 5 years ago

It was a good chapter! I'm not sure how I feel about Tara. There is the delectability of her as a prey for the lioness, but the dilemma of her implied being with child. Hopefully she will survive, unless she is revealed to be a wrong-un as they say. Then she can stew. I am looking forward to the next chapter!

Infiltrating Mystery

Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Same Size Bulge Lesbian spy Big Belly Belly bulge Gassy Spy vs Spy spy eater

Next part, as per commission. Title sucks but I struggled do one better.

Freed from her torment but left without explanation, Beth goes in search of answers for her predicament and the people behind what happened. She might not like what she finds...

Again, hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment with some feedback! 

Wierdost - 5 years ago

Just noticed that too...already edited it but no change. Not sure what to make of it. If anyone's got any ideas, I'd be grateful to hear them!

Glad the story has your interest though!

Nozaki - 5 years ago

There seem to be a few Asian characters (kanji?) in place of capital letters for me through out the story, like 'NOW' just above the last paragraph.
Other than that, it'll be interesting to see where this goes :)

Wierdost - 5 years ago

Ah, nice catch! I changed names during the story, clearly I wasn't thorough!

Glad you're enjoying this and don't worry, a whole variety of vore is on the way.

Evilpancake - 5 years ago

always enjoy your stories, hoping ya get to different types of vore soon, that is one of my fav aspects of your work, usually get a good variety.

also may want to take a look at this sentence

"Calire laughed sitting down on the toilet and patting her bulging belly..."

Misty's name suddenly changed for a couple sentences hehe


Uploaded: 5 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Belly Lesbian Post-Vore spy Shrinking Full tour Nudity Post Vore Scat Spy vs Spy spy eater

So thanks to a commission I've been able to bring back and continue this long sleeping story.

We pick up more or less directly where the last volume ended though following the fate of Beth. No real vore in this one, just getting the story started.

Hope you all enjoy and feel free to give some feedback. 

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 5 years ago

Nice job buddy it is nice to see a new chapter of the Spy Eater series

The embers fluttered off from the cooling ashes into the morning's
grim, grey sky. Cold winds swept down the mountainside, urging them
onwards. Still Mary sat with the short sword in her lap, the still
wet blood staining the skirt of her ragged dress. Klara was perched
upon the limp, foul smelling corpse of the dridder, still sloshing
with the digested centauress inside. Duncan in his light attire,
stood wrapped in his cloak, his bag slung over his shou

BotB: Chapter Six - Sisterhood

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Tags: Belly Bulge Transformation Mild scat Implied Digestion Implied Vore Tail Vore Gassy Belch/Burp

The next chapter in the ongoing fantasy series. Having survived their latest ordeal, the trio must head on to Klara's fortress and seek refuge.

Sorry for the long wait on this one, a lot's been happening in my life lately but here it is. A bit light on vore, mostly character development and I apologise in advance for any typos or errors. Hope you all enjoy!

Please feel free to comment and offer critique! 

SuperBoost117 - 3 years ago

R.I.P this great story

Scion - 5 years ago


Kendra sat quietly on her bed, behind the curtain of thick wavy brown
hair, reading a book, keeping to herself. In a red tank top and
skinny jeans she was all curled up against the corner, away from the
door and window. Her lithe body was almost concealed by the large
tome she was immersed in. She'd had three months to try and settle
into her dorm room, at the prestigous university her mother had
chosen for her. Three months to make friends, relax and come out of
her shell. I

Mother and Daughter

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Tags: Evil Soft Vore F/F Giantess Unwilling Anal Vore Struggling Cruel Shrunken woman

A commission about the story of a quiet daughter, her worried mother and the cruel bully who's going to change their lives...

Hope you all enjoy and feel free to leave comments below! 

Whereaminow27 - 1 year ago

Not sure if there was ever a planned sequel, but I would love to see one where she would have to suck her out of the bullies butt to save her mother, but the bullies make her swallow her in the process :P

leonskenedi - 5 years ago

this is reallyy heartbreaking

moosecowboy - 5 years ago

haha good story. was hoping for an epilogue where mary bumps into a couple of other parents and former roommates ;)

Iwannabevored1 - 5 years ago

I hope so. I hope there's a sequel to this where Mary is saved by her daughter in some lesbian action.

Iwannabevored1 - 5 years ago

It's good, but sad. :(

"YES!" cried Isolda, writhing in her lover's arms.
Both women were drenched in sweat, sliding their slick wet bodies
over one another in the darkness of the room, the bed creaking with
each pump and thrust of their hips and arms. Her pale skin pushed
against the soft tanned skin of her partner. Their figures compared
nicely, both slender but shapely with wide hips and nice plump
breasts, squeezed together as they ground into each other. Isolda
cried out at last, arching back

The Chain

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Tags: Breasts Belly Stomach Digestion F/F Anal Naga Same Size Bulge Swallowing Sex Fatal Oral Anal Vore Slurp Harpy Anus Lesbian Slug Girl

In a dark world divided by those at the top of the food chain and those at the bottom, a young woman struggles to look after her family and keep them out of harm's way.

A short story done for an anonymous commission. Hope you all enjoy it! 

Brenden1k - 3 years ago

This is a awesome setting through one I kind of want to nuke, distopia are like that.

Brenden1k - 3 years ago

I love these settings too

hero097 - 5 years ago

wow, um. I don't know if I should say get the swords or scythes for this one

Aickavon12 - 5 years ago

was waiting for the main character to get some revenge eventually, it didn ot happen. Good story, though it saddened me greatly.

Wierdost - 5 years ago

Cheers for the insightful comment! :) Ultimately I was intentionally making a rather dark and twisted story, I just hope it wasn't so much so as to deprive it of any enjoyment.

The Night Consumes
By dawn the fire had died out and the stones had been charred black,
covered in ash, soot and cinders, faint embers blowing into the
breeze. Duncan had barely flinched, his eyes rubbed red with grief,
his gaze stiff and dim. Mary had taken a battered old brown house
from a small out house and waited with him all night though without
trying to gain his attention. Klara was less patient.
“It's dawn,” Klara said, flapping upon Mary's shoulder.

BotB: Chapter Five - The Night Consumes

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Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Centaur F/F Burp Fart Bulge Farting Gas Dridder Centauress Big Belly Gassy

After surviving their previous ordeal, the pair convince Duncan to join their journey south to the stronghold of Klara's sisterhood.

Hope this chapter thrills you and keeps you excited for the next one. Share your thoughts below and let me know what you've thought of the series so far! 

VixieMoondew - 6 years ago

Still loving this story, despite all of my favorite predators getting stabbed. :P Oh well~

chubbykitty - 6 years ago

Loving this story so far! All of my favorite predators keep getting stabbed, though.

Deska - 6 years ago

Stumbled onto this and love it! Please keep up the great work!:3

Evilpancake - 6 years ago

thrills and chills! Though half the fun of this story for me has been poor Mary always ending up inside someone, i hope she does again. ;) i'm mean i know

Resileaf - 6 years ago

Thrilling is definitely the word here! o3o

A Farmboy
The textures and smell was different but the space was no less foul
or cramped. Mary sobbed, trapped once more in the strangest way
imaginable, inside another living creature. Why this one had taken
her into it's tight sex she did not know but here she was, helpless
in the cushion of it's slick womb.
How could she, a princess, have been so foolish? She cursed herself
for enjoying the sensations this woman, this creature, had given her.
Mary was ashamed

BotB: Chapter Four - The Farm Boy

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Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Anal Fart Gas Bloated Lesbian Big Belly Gassy

Mary's fate is decided as a young farm boy meets a stranger...

Sorry for the long delay! Been swamped with work so writing had to take a back seat for a while.

Thankfully I now have something to share and hope you all enjoy the continuation of my story.

Feel free to comment below! 

Apostolos - 4 years ago

Fuck I was liking drya...

Savagerush012 - 6 years ago

I've been waiting for a new chapter. This so far is a interesting series, and I really liked this addition. I feel for Duncan though, eaten by some evil plant bitch...tradgic, that.

Tai223236 - 6 years ago

Wow, just wow. Character development and stuff! Can't wait for more!

Thanatos2k - 6 years ago

Yes! Enter Generic Hero Guy!

Entity - 6 years ago

Another wonderful chapter, can't wait to see what happens next :)

The Long Road Home
It gurgled and groaned, gasses and acids bubbling away inside whilst
a lively humanoid shape struggled helplessly against the soft
sloshing walls. It begged for freedom, to be let out, even just a
small reprieve. The gut was relentless in it's churning and soon the
girl inside would be melted down like a dozen other's before her.
“Did you have to eat her?”
The black feathered harpy had asked, walking alongside the centauress
and her big bl

BotB:Chapter Three: The Long Road Home

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Tags: Breasts Scat Belly Unbirth Digestion Same Size Bulge Sex Unwilling Lesbian Orgasm Centauress Belly bulge

Mary continues her journey to get home. Klara is convinced they must go south to her people but Mary is not so sure.

Hope you all enjoy this next chapter and would love to hear your thoughts below! 

barbarc - 6 years ago

Very cool story! I hope you will continue it!

Scion - 6 years ago


Entity - 6 years ago

She sure is one unlucky princess

Evilpancake - 6 years ago

very good, love how the princess just when she thinks she is safe for a moment ends up inside someone else again

Butts, Beaks and Bellies
Klara laid prone in the yellow grass of the forest, overlooking the
pond of clearing to the stone cottage on the other side. A small
structure, it was covered in vines and moss, as much a part of the
scenery now as a home. Someone was home however, Klara knew. The
smoke rising from the little spout of a chimney was all the evidence
she needed. Still, her opponent was nobody to be trifled with.
For over an hour Klara had just laid in the gr

BotB: Chapter Two: Butts, Beaks and Bellies

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Tags: Belly Stomach F/F Fart Same Size Swallowing Struggling Shrinking Full tour Shrunken woman Belch/Burp

Mary's captors take her south where unexpected trouble finds her.

This chapter's a little light on the vore but I hope it's advancement of the story is enjoyable enough.

Hope you're all enjoying it thus far and feel free to comment below, I love hearing your feedback. 

Wolfsage - 3 years ago

What happens to the Witch?
And the girl inside?

sgtpepper500 - 6 years ago

well done! looking forward to next chapter.

Wierdost - 6 years ago

Glad you liked it!

emalee - 6 years ago

Nicely done Hun, as always~.

Wierdost - 6 years ago

Thanks, hopefully it won't be long before there's more!

A Princess of Pearl
The crickets and distant beasts were the only company as a woman,
clad in armour, skulked through the dark jungle, up the rocky hill.
The hot humid air made Anne sweat in her armour. It was a light set
of plate, not a full suit like thos blundering knights wore. Just
enough to halt a blade or a creature's slash. In one hand she
clutched a burning torch, it's orange glow casting her dark skinned
face in stark light, her long black hair slick wit

BotB: Chapter One: A Princess of Pearl

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Tags: Breasts Micro Belly Soft Vore Stomach F/F Fantasy Same Size Bulge Swallowing Belch Anal Vore Farting Harpy Centauress Shrinking Big Belly harpies Burping

A new vore fantasy series set in a mythical world, where a princess must learn a whole new way of life as a powerful threat longs to devour all life.

This is the start of something new for me, which will hopefully be updated semi-regularly.

I hope you all enjoy and please share your thoughts below! 

Wierdost - 6 years ago

Thank you, I hope you enjoy what's to come!

AndrogynousDragon - 6 years ago

Enjoying it so far. ALways been a fan of your work, so looking forward to what you have planned!

shadow17 - 6 years ago

We will see, I am sure Mary is going to live at this from this encounter, simply because from the title and description, she is the main character lol.

Wierdost - 6 years ago

Haha Glad to see you are enjoying it, who knows what the future holds!

Wierdost - 6 years ago

Hopefully you can see more soon!


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Tags: Breasts Belly Unbirth Bulge Female Unwilling Blonde pussy Nudity Female Prey Paris alena spy eater

Image of Paris from my Spy Eater series as she unbirths Alena. Requested by poldenski.

Hope you all enjoy and feel free to give me feedback and comments. 

[Dinobonoid] - 7 years ago

Ooh, wonderful to see you actually draw the scene out!

poldenski - 7 years ago

i like how the picture came out it seems paris is enjoying unbirthing alena

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 7 years ago

Nice I would love to see you do a drawing of all the characters from your amazing Spy Eater series that has information about them like how old and tall each one of them are

Breast Vore

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Tags: Breasts F/F Milk Same Size Bulge Female Nipples Struggling Breast Vore Nudity Red Head

Just a quick attempt at breast vore, turned out not too bad.

Hope you all enjoy it, feedback and comments welcome! 

Wierdost - 7 years ago

This was more of a practice drawing than an attempt to create a new character. Who knows though...

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 7 years ago

Nice can you tell me more about this sexy lady and is she going to be a character in any of your future Spy Eater stories ?

Wierdost - 7 years ago

My sentiments exactly!

Evilpancake - 7 years ago

awesome, no such thing as too much breast vore!

Alena Vore

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Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly F/F Bulge Swallowing Female Butt shrink Big Belly spandex auburn alena spy eater Multiple Preys

Quick image done depicting the masterful Alena from my Spy Eater series of stories.

Hope you all enjoy it and feel free to comment. Feedback most welcome! 

[Dinobonoid] - 7 years ago

Have to say, I'm delighted to see you're a visual artist as well!

Wierdost - 7 years ago

They are a pain to illustrate xD Glad you liked it though

Wierdost - 7 years ago

Glad you liked it. This would be Alena during "A Passion with Florence".

Bright - 7 years ago

Ooh, lovely spandex clothes.

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 7 years ago

And by the way when is the Spy Eater series is this image from ?

Red Head Vore

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Tags: Breasts Belly Stomach F/F Same Size Bulge Female Nipples Butt Struggling groan Red Head

A quick one hour attempt at doing some vore illustration. Turned out okay. Will hopefully find the time to do even more down the line.

Hope you all enjoy it. Comments and feedback welcome! 

TW - 7 years ago

Nicely done.

Bright - 7 years ago

Turned out pretty neat I`d say.

Wierdost - 7 years ago

Glad you liked it :)

replicated - 7 years ago

Ooh,it turned out nicely, and I love redhead preds~

Wierdost - 7 years ago

Well I'm glad to have delivered something suited to your particular tastes! ;D

The Contenders
The bell rang once. Time to get ready. Immediately Joey lifted his
head from his hands and looked across the gloomy locker room to his
wife, who immediately shot up from her bench and began doing warm up
exercises, stretching and working her petite body. As she moved about
on the spot, her tight shorts and vest finely accentuating her
slender frame, Joey was transfixed with a sad stare and a weak smile.
MJ had always impressed him, out done him and been ready to get to

The Contenders

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Breasts Soft Vore Digestion F/F M/M F/M Cock Vore Anal Vore Anus Shrinking Nudity Cum Transformation

A short story about a couple plunged into a desperate fight to pay off their debts. If they lose however, they lose everything.

Story done on commission, completed on time.

Hope you enjoy! 

Houyo - 7 years ago

Woah. This story premise was really good. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Marked - 7 years ago

Interesting story! The prey characters were fairly well developed for stories like this, which is always nice to see. I have to say the nature of the shrinking and cum transformation were novel to me, but I liked them quite a bit. I hope your story is well-received by its commissioner.

Hungry For Love
Chapter One
Not on the Menu
The kisses pattered all over her neck as the young naked
girl overeagerly tried to please Claire. Not that she was
complaining, laying on the bed, moaning as she soaked up the soft
sensation of this girls petite lips upon her smooth skin.
"What was the girls name again?" she pondered,
letting the girl make the most of the foreplay. "Anne?
Annabelle? Belle?"
It did not matter. Not to Claire. All she needed was
flesh, preferably youn

Hungry for Love - Chapter One

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Belly Soft Vore Digestion F/F Same Size Swallowing Sex Lesbian

Claire, a ravenous predator, begins to find that there's more to life than eating things...

A new vore series I'm doing in my free time. Will try to make updates fairly regular but cannot make any promises.

Anyway, hope people enjoy and feel free to give me feedback on this rather brief chapter. 

Goblingobler - 3 years ago

Quite enjoyable :3

Wierdost - 6 years ago

I lost interest in this one sadly but who knows, one day I might come back to it.

Zelda - 6 years ago

Please continue, it's a great story.

Wierdost - 7 years ago

Glad you enjoyed it, hopefully I'll be posting more soon!

Wierdost - 7 years ago

Thank you, glad you liked her :)

Spy Eater - Double Agent: The Final Chapter

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Tags: Belly Soft Vore Stomach Inflation Stuffing Same Size Bulge Swallowing Sex Lesbian pussy Invalid Tag Struggling spy Force Feeding Shrinking bumps swell Spy vs Spy spy eater

The final chapter of my series of voracious espionage.

I hope you've all enjoyed everything so far in this twisty journey and that this finale serves as a fitting conclusion to this particular narrative.

Please comment with thoughts and opinions.

F/F soft, oral vore and absorption. 

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 7 years ago

Please tell me that you can continue this amazing vore series soon and I really hope hat Paris and Miriam IL return

Wierdost - 7 years ago

Well I'm glad you thought so :) Shrinking isn't usually my thing but if it feels right or I've a good idea for it, it gets used

ironman362 - 7 years ago

I was initially turned off of reading this because of "shrinking" being in the tags but i finally gave it a chance and I have to say its one of the best stories I've read here on eka's :)

Wierdost - 7 years ago

Sadly I have no idea. So busy with other things, haven't found the time to sit down and write some more.

Hopefully I'll get back round to writing it but I wouldn't expect anything soon I'm afraid.

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 7 years ago

When are you going to continiue this awesome vore story ?

Spy Eater - Part Seven: Passion with Florence

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Tags: Oral Vore Belly Food Soft Vore Stomach Digestion F/F Cream F/M Absorption Swallowing Toilet Farting Belching Transformation Struggling spy Shrinking swelling Gassy morphing Spy vs Spy spy eater

The next part in my ongoing series of voracious espionage and the build up before the next and final part.

Alena moves to enact her revenge but not all is as it seems.

F/F soft vore and lots of it! 

Bright - 7 years ago

That was quite the interesting story.

Wierdost - 7 years ago'll just have to wait and see :p

[Dinobonoid] - 7 years ago

Nyeh, I'm rooting so hard for Alena! I don't know how, but given her ludicrous resourcefulness, I have a feeling she'll find a way to stick it to Olga.

Spy Eater - Part Six: A Siberian Tour

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: Wierdost

Tags: Belly Wolf Soft Vore Stomach Digestion F/F Same Size Swallowing Female Sex Belch Unwilling Swallowed Transformation Lesbian Invalid Tag Struggling spy Belly bulge Spy vs Spy spy eater

Part six of my ongoing series of voracious espionage.

Saved by a mysterious stranger, Alena is forced to confront her fears and unlock a hunger inside her.

F/F soft oral vore. 

BlackAion2 - 7 years ago


Wierdost - 7 years ago

I just have very diverse taste! haha.

Glad my story is shining through, I always found the sexual content comes across better when we're invested in the narrative.

f4k3n4m3is1234 - 7 years ago

I'm really enjoying this series. It has an actual story, yet still has good vore scenes. ( you also have hit up multiple types of vore: unbirth, samesize, cock, breast, and shrinkage vore; which is awesome :D )

Wierdost - 7 years ago

A subject I'm sure will arise... ;)

[Dinobonoid] - 7 years ago

Hmm, I do wonder if the formula wearing off will be an issue for Nadya handling Sarah... ~