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YCH Wasteland Intimacy

Uploaded: 4 days ago

Owner: Wolfy

Tags: Auction Female Pred Fallout Unknown prey YCH

Status: Ends on October 30th
Artist Note:
Fallout lore time! Oct 23rd is the day the bombs fell and created the lovely wasteland filled with the ever so lovely mutants roaming around looking for a wastelander snack! So, I'd figure I will drop a Fallout theme YCH!

Estimated completion time somewhere around 1-2 week turn around at the most~

**Sniping isn't cool. An additional hour will be added each time someone tries last second...
[ Continued ...

Twinkle - 2 days ago


averyhillpeak - 3 days ago


javitinkfizz - 3 days ago


Twinkle - 3 days ago


Oneofmanynames385 - 3 days ago


Pun Police

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Wolfy

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Burp M/F Navel Struggling Caso Big Belly Female Prey puns Male Pred Digestion Noises rapid digestion Police Officer Deathclaw Hybrid Menja Deathclaw girl Deathclaw Boy Deathclaw Gijinka

A response to  Svartvinge 's picture:

Officer Caso is on the case of the Punisher, Menja

Menja's Crimes:
✔ Tasteless Puns
✔ Smooth Talker
✔ Being too nice
✔ Being too delicious 

Kaboomer - 1 year ago

*pulls out gut knife and jams it into your skull*

ChaosShadowX - 1 year ago


ChaosShadowX - 1 year ago

Don’t worry, I have a Uno reverse ♾

Kaboomer - 2 years ago

*teleports behind you*
Omae wa mou, shinderiou.

Wolfy - 2 years ago

No u

Sunlight Meal

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: Wolfy

Tags: Human Unbirth F/F Naga Lamia sunlight Blodwyn



Thats what I thought! Well i figure started drawing her (I decided on the name; Blodwyn


And look out! i did a UB pic seems my brain is on the rampage again with those damn girl mood swings! :T  

Whitefiretyger - 7 years ago

Are nagas ever going to stop playing with their food? ....I sure hope not.

Karen - 7 years ago

Luuuv your coloring on this, it gives a real nice effect.

Aikahime - 7 years ago

Haha! I have aided you! In a weird way....then again I get all kinds of weird ideas.

Wolfy - 7 years ago

hmmm ... now that's an interesting way to eat someone... *runs off to draw it*

Wolfy - 7 years ago

Thank you X/3

The Day Goes On

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: Wolfy

Tags: M/M Demi Caso roar Fallout Territory Claim Deathclaw Hybrid Deathclaw Boy

Caso snarled deeply; tail flicking behind looking at the tail that flailed around between his lips, smacking against his face a few times. He bit down a little in irritation causing the owner to yelp in shock. A toss of his head and the tail down was sucked downwards, his tight throat gripping it with each pulsing gulp. He growled deeply staggering a little, a hand rubbing over his stomach. His occupant finally settling in his gut, the last of his tail piling in. Such an odd creature this being...
[ Continued ...

Softkitty - 6 years ago

I miss caso more than you will ever know Wolfy. He has seen me though some good times, and bad times, both story related, and real life. Great character, sadly just never see him anymore. Is that because so many people want nonstop fallout rps? lol. Let's do one where he is the manager of a ChuckyCheese! Ballpit for the win! *tail pokes out... submarine style!*

Silverback21 - 7 years ago

Here, this link might work:

Mason - 7 years ago

Nuuuuu i dont have a FA account! But neat idea
Odd but neat
I sometimes like to go with the idea that nitro titan had, you get absorbed, your in their mind and basically have a little world for yourself (or others) that the eater makes up
Otherwise i just make it so you either become a part of them ie CTF cock transformation, or bigger boobs or booty, and you kinda just are them just cant control krieg from borderlands, only your not some inner voice, just a guest if you will ^^ fun part if you feel anything the pred feels ^^ so it can be fun

Silverback21 - 7 years ago

Well, not necessarily. Some fatal vore's are painless.

I've read stories and descriptions of predators people have created, who resent having to kill other sentient beings in order to survive, and so have adapted their stomach acids so that it numbs the prey instead of burns, and also acts as a sedative to make them fall asleep quickly.

There is even one called a sylphoid that lives off of the souls of the ones it devours and will create an alternate reality for that preys conscious soul for as long as the sylphoid lives. The good ones take every dream and happy memory the person/animal had and create a world for them based on that. The bad ones take every bad memory and fear and make it a reality for them. And the neutral ones (feral) basically replay the preys life on a loop. When the predator dies all the souls are released and the large discharge of energy creates and new sylphoid. Here's a link to the person who created them:

But yeah, I still prefer the non-fatal stuff as long as it's available. Here's a link to my FA gallery in case you'd like to see some of my vore pics. Still haven't figured out how to post them here. X3

Mason - 7 years ago

Its nicer ^^ and comfy, and fun
Less pain yah know?

Late night pleasure

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: Wolfy

Tags: F/? Silver bed bedroom

Oh my god! It's silver :O

Havnt drawn her in a while, I drew her again in vore :U


yamato - 5 years ago

Wolfess does look as lovely as ever.

Bright - 7 years ago

I like how she is tugging the bedsheets. There's something about that pose that says "enjoyable".

the_game - 7 years ago

Victor: *sighs and catches her foot with a vine* fine, but that stays out of our home... you've been setting a poor enough example for Hephaestus.

Wyze - 7 years ago

In this case, is said prey food or just a plaything?

Aces - 7 years ago

Good. :D

Fishy Partner

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Wolfy

Tags: F/? swimming nightelf Eir Gulper catfish swordfish Nitalah

Picture for Svarty to help cheer up a friend, last pic for the day before sleepy time. *curls up* 

Mid_Night - 7 years ago

amazing, make me want to rub their bellies but from both inside and outside bellies.

Bright - 8 years ago

Really nicely done mermaids.

Svartvinge - 8 years ago

yeah, becuase thats what you do as artist XD

Wolfy - 8 years ago

Yeah, I had fun with the lighting XD

Wolfy - 8 years ago

Thank you >w<

Gecko Meal

Uploaded: 8 years ago

Owner: Wolfy

Tags: Leshana ?/F Fallout Golden Gecko Shotgun

Holy fuck balls! This took almost as long as the dragon *sighs and flops* but I'm done with Leshana's pic!

Seems the the two tailed fox wander found herself in the clutches of a golden gecko! Seem she had failed on her shots and had no time to reload before she was turned into a meal. Will she survive? Hmm .. not quite sure on that! 

Leshana - 8 years ago

Lighting on the internal panel shows how close she is to being outside the gecko... which highlights the fact that she is NOT outside the gecko! Which is an excellent point

Naubol - 8 years ago

Fire geckos is not afected by that?

Aces - 8 years ago

NO! *climbs out of hole* ;A;

Wolfy - 8 years ago

Did you know Geckos can teleport? Well... no they dont but if you look at them from a scope from a distance and then lower it, POOF! They are in front of you and eating your face. They are speedy little things~

Wolfy - 8 years ago

Or having animal perk... unless it was a fire gecko then RUN! RUN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! RUUUUUUN!