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Rei's expectant meal

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Yoyocon

Tags: Rei Inside stomach Unknown prey heterochromia kitsune prey kitsune predator Unknown pred heterochromia iridium Heterochromatic awesometacular

Over the years Rei has eaten and been eaten by many people. One of her favourite things when she gets eaten is to hope that the predator is hungry enough to eat others. That way she can get herself a meal while curled up inside the person who ate her. Here it looks like the pred was hungry enough to have at least two meals, and it looks like Rei can tell there's more coming.

This is a commission I got a few months ago from  awesometacular 

neko1992 - 3 weeks ago

Well I would not mind eating her and everyone else

Yoyocon - 3 weeks ago

Cause this is a normal situation in those, I guess

StallingForTime - 3 weeks ago

Yoyo Why do I think about our RPS in Saints now >.>

Selkie's after battle soak

Uploaded: 3 weeks ago

Owner: Yoyocon

Tags: Soft Vore Same Size F/? underwear Female Pred fox girl Big Butt Selkie Unknown prey Fire Emblem fates Fox girl pred awesometacular

Selkie's newest method for taking out her foes in battle is that of eating them. After many of her battles she heads to the hot spring Corrin made to relax while digesting her enemies. She looks back to see one of her allies (probably Corrin or Velouria) checking out her prey filled and curvy body.

This is a commission I got a while ago from  awesometacular 

Rei's midnight snack

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Yoyocon

Tags: Kitsune F/? bed Implied Digestion Female Pred Rei Unknown prey heterochromia kitsune predator heterochromia iridium

After a long day of adventuring Rei decided to rest easy at her house for the night. While she was relaxing in her bed and reading before heading to sleep she heard what sounded like someone breaking into her home.

When Rei snuck downstairs she spotted a thief trying to filch from her. The decision she made to stop the thief was to consume her. Sneaking up behind the thief she cut the bag of loot from their back before engulfing their head and quickly swallowing them down to...
[ Continued ...

Demicus - 1 month ago

Heckin' lovely~ Lucky fox and lucky prey~

UBFanDrake - 1 month ago

but it's more fun to break in so I can surprise her by sneaking up and asking to be in her belly~

Yoyocon - 1 month ago

Rei might be willing to accommodate you if you just ask her, no need to break in

UBFanDrake - 1 month ago

hey if it means being in a beautiful belly like that I would break in too

Milim's slimy meal

Uploaded: 1 month ago

Owner: Yoyocon

Tags: F/F Same Size Female Prey Female Pred Slime prey possible digestion Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Milim Nava Rimuru Tempest That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

While Milim was hanging out at the village Tempest with her best friend Rimuru she noticed they could consume things to gain their strength. Seeing this she decided to try this out with Rimuru. She proceeded to eat him while he was asleep and enjoyed the experience, deciding to keep her friend with her for a while. Rimuru didn't get a say in this, and doesn't appear to like this scenario.

Commission I won from a ych auction hosted by  SaintxTail 

Znonymous - 1 month ago

Kinda wana see that tall busty Rimuru..

LittleSlimy - 1 month ago

Just digest her already!