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There’s not alot of things on the internet to make me stop and take a look at it, especially when it comes to ads or in this case “Testing opportunities”. Yet sometimes when you see something that can fulfill an inner desire that you’ve had for a while, it would be a shame not to take that opportunity. I mean how often do you get a chance to become a hermaphrodite?


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Childhood friends become one person 

Zaver - 10 hours ago

I'll be honest, I do like stuff where two people don't mentally merge, or where both people are in control more. But I wanted to do a story where mental merge happened but it felt like both parts are there and not like some radically different being in the first place. That was kinda the goal of the story.

Mrinfo - 20 hours ago

At the beginning part of the story, I started to have flashbacks to Fran Bow with the story about the twins. I knew where the story would go, but it gave me conflicting thoughts on that. I am not usually a fan of ego death, but I classify this as ego paralysis and it’s willing too so I’m good with it.

Zaver - 1 day ago

The idea was that the more incompatible a potential merger was, it might end up with the body or mind breaking down. Like there's a window for the new body to form, and if they're not in agreement, it would be life threatening. And even if the body was formed in such away that wasn't life threatening it could end, the mental state might have been a cause for concern.

But yeah, that might be a good way of describing how the merger happens. It might be safer for Cassandra and Jolyne to temporarily divide their thoughts since their former selves were compatible with each other, but generally there's no reason for them to.

Mrinfo - 1 day ago

Seems like the mental merger creates a new ego while paralyzing the prior two. I think it would best described as two metronomes on a moving platform, each capable of ticking at their own timings put are forced into synch with the platform below. That means if the new person focuses hard enough, they can divide their thoughts and reawaken the old egos. Makes me wonder if that is what happens to the “incompatible.”

It’s been about a month and a half since Elizabeth injected me with whatever she made and turned me into some personal fetish being. So I feel like I should catch up on what’s happened. A status update about our lives, starting from when I last left off. Which was.... Oh yeah falling asleep on the couch as a conjoined shortstack twin.


Status Update

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Trevor gives an update on his and Elizabeth's life after a month and a half. 

Zaver - 4 weeks ago

Thanks. It's something that I wanted to see more of and so I decided to write some of my ideas out.

Mrinfo - 4 weeks ago

I just found this series and I have to say this is very enjoyable. I don’t really see much shapeshifter/absorbtion stories. I think the only other one I have seen of this type was one involving a human and 3 dragons. I can’t wait to see what more you have in store to write.

I continue to take care of my clothes and head to my apartment when I am done, calling in a pizza delivery when I arrive back. With several minutes to myself, I decide to fiddle around with some of the stuff. I grab the tail again. That thing was fun. I reattach it and bring it back to the 6 foot size hairless version it once was. Wrapping it around my waist, I went looking through Elizabeth’s bag again. This time I found a mask pale and freckled. Like Elizabeth’s…

Look, Twins

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Trevor decides to become Elizabeth's twin after find stuff in Elizabeth's bag 

Zaver - 1 month ago

I do have some ideas that involving either Trevor or Elizabeth becoming a skinsuit or jumpsuit or one of them becoming a sexdoll. However I'm not really into piss or soiling. Cum inflation is the farthest I'll go.

Twer67 - 1 month ago

Here's an idea

Trevor and elizabeth go shopping for more objects to be absorbed including massive objects to add more mass if needed. They then try out turning elizabeth into a living durable inflatable which is then promptly deflated to just be reinflated purely with cum or piss, wear a skin suit then partialy merge with it followed by soiling it.