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Cat Food

Uploaded: 8 days ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Cat Belly Stomach Digestion Feline Bulge leopard gurgle Feral Pred gut bulge clouded leopard

Siri the clouded leopard from Rugrats go Wild.

I'll be honest I heard the Big Bad Cat song and she sound super hot, so I wanted to draw her after having the song stuck in my head. So I decided to feed her some wolves or any canine really (give her some revenge I guess).

Hope you guys enjoy it!!!

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

Zira - 7 days ago

Yeah, being quarantined means I get to art a bunhc. It's sooo good! (except the pandemic part)

Bliss - 8 days ago

wow, you've been on a roll with the art lately, zira! love to see it~

erkki - 8 days ago

Awww, clouded leopards are the best (and rarely seen in furry art like in nature!), so a clouded leopard with a huge belly full of prey is even better. :3

KattFox - 8 days ago


anyonarex - 8 days ago

beautiful feline : o maybe she ate spike, certainly seems like she wanted to fill herself up with him.

Dumb Doodles #32: Snack Nap

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach gurgle Floatzel nap snoozing

Patreon Sketch for Agtnightwolf (on FA) of his gal Torrent having a little snooze after a heavy meal. 

assassin - 9 days ago

you always make everything look so soft. Lord. <333

Aries193 - 9 days ago

Love some Good floatzel Vore.

Personal Space

Uploaded: 10 days ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach Bulge Butt Rear umbreon anthony zira face plant mecranord

I guess Anthony (tero-dragon on FA) has never heard of personal space, but I guess if you see a but you have to face plant into it. Poor Zira.

Posting old art, enjoy! 

Thejynxedlynx - 9 days ago

Almost 100% positive personal space isn’t a real thing

MirceaKitsune - 9 days ago

I think she already is <3

Boltbond - 9 days ago

"Nope. Please don't mind me here"

Dan3012 - 9 days ago

What's personal space?

Royal_Starlord - 9 days ago

I think he wants in. :///3

Dumb Doodles #31: Hungry gal (Patreon Sketch)

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Belly Stomach Anthro Same Size Hybrid Hips Female Pred latex suit behemoth Thicc nergigante sexy hips

Patreon Sketch for Frenzied/Agtnightwolf (on FA) of his character Aurora.


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KingOfRust - 2 weeks ago

again with the fluster dagger and i think this hit me right in the nose cause its bleeding

pika2 - 2 weeks ago

She's a cutie uwu

Dumb Doodles #30: Hungry boi (Patreon Sketch)

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach gurgle Big Belly Obstagoon Obstagoon Pred

Patreon Sketch for Frenzied/Agtnightwolf (on FA) of his Obstagoon boi. Seems he got a little too hungry.


Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

Thejynxedlynx - 13 days ago

Not enough obstagoon out there imo, great pic!

KingOfRust - 2 weeks ago

if that happend to me and they apologise i would have accepted the apology

deman - 2 weeks ago

SOOOO hecking adorable! How could someone even be mad at this adorable poke

Hevy - 2 weeks ago

Yoooo that's so fuckin cute dude! <3

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 weeks ago

I don't really believe that but I'll accept it nonetheless

Dumb Doodles #29: Foxy Booty (Patreon Sketch)

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Fox Vixen Butt Rear poke vulpine Braixen tushy

Patreon Sketch for  captainmoke of his Braixen gal admiring her squishy butt.


Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

That is some very plump and curvy Fire Fox butt~

Love the way you draw the large fat ladies Zira. ^_^

Speciesunkn0wn - 2 weeks ago

She's cute~ And looks quite soft

MirceaKitsune - 2 weeks ago

One of the most wonderful preds in the world ^.^

KingOfRust - 2 weeks ago

what's with the uges to pet them also i do like braixen

Dumb Doodles #28: Pinned (Patreon Sketch)

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Lizard Pokemon Belly Stomach Feral Pinned eeveelution Sylveon salandit eeveelution pred salandit prey sylveon pred

Patreon Sketch for  captainmoke of his sylveon boi and his Salandit gal. She seems to be enjoying herself.

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

Looks like that Sylveon has a loyal belly lovin fan~

MirceaKitsune - 2 weeks ago

That's what a true dom / pred looks like <3

KingOfRust - 2 weeks ago

yet again i want to pet both of them

Dumb Doodles #27: Fairy Food (Patreon Sketch)

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach eeveelution Sylveon eeveelution pred sylveon pred

Patreon Sketch for  captainmoke of his sylveon boi.

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

MirceaKitsune - 2 weeks ago

What I wouldn't give to be the prey of such a wonderful cutie ^_^

KingOfRust - 2 weeks ago

again an urge to pet

Pudgy Kitty

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Cat Pokemon Belly Digestion Feral Plump pudgy Feline leopard Butt Rear sloshy Roserade liepard

Tera isn't too pleased with the extra weight from her roserade meal.

Finally posting one of my patreon poll pics, hope you enjoy!

Tera (Liepard) and Azalea (Roserade) belong to Poncocykes on FA.

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

Fat cat? Or PHAT cat? xD

Thejynxedlynx - 2 weeks ago

I love the word ‘pudge’ so much. Saying pudge brings me so much joy, It just sounds so nice

TrainerKatrine - 2 weeks ago

Feels a lot like Asaneman... xP

KingOfRust - 2 weeks ago

heres something she is a thicc one but why do i have the urge to pet her

My Spot

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Belly Fox Anthro Digestion Kitsune Vixen Feral Weight Gain Fatal Butt Rear gurgle Female Pred fatty vicky Smug tush asaneman Kea

Kea may be a fox, but she's a troll like a cat, which can be a bother for poor Vicky.

Wanted to draw feral Kea.

Feral Kea and Vicky belongs to ❤️  asaneman ❤️


Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

Fat fox is smug as fuck fox, and she know she is in charge and proud of it. xD

denysvision - 2 weeks ago

she have her spotlite as well

MirceaKitsune - 2 weeks ago

She has every reason to be ^.^

KingOfRust - 2 weeks ago

i would not mind being stuck inside of kea

Bringing People Together

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Stomach Digestion Feral Weight Gain Christmas Reformation Deer Reindeer Anal Vore sloshy Big Belly Mass Vore Cervine zira Feral Pred Belly humping Multiple Preys ziravore reindeera Deera

So did this for Christmas and forgot to post on here. Whoops.

ReinDeera knows how to bring people together during the holidays, just not the way as they would expect it (or maybe they do).

Also was nice to include a bunch of my pals in this.


Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

denysvision - 2 weeks ago

i thing that is a solution to bring people together (literaly)

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

Goodness this is amazing. I love how you captured the scene of motion as she slurps up the tail into her butt.

Thejynxedlynx - 2 weeks ago

I mean... you can’t get much closer than that, so I think ReinDeera probably has the right idea

PegaSUS - 2 weeks ago

[i]Whew,[/i] belly thrustage combined with that reddened face. Christmas came three months late? Nah, it just came nine months early.

Adore the sheen on that coat! Keeping the preys' accessories is also a cute touch.

CarnivorousVixen - 2 weeks ago

She is super pretty!


Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Non-Vore headshot zira Beastars ziravore

Tried my best to replicate the Beastar style. It's probably my favourite new show this year.  

Kimbunny - 2 weeks ago

So pretty! I can really see the Beastar style in in shading you did!

PegaSUS - 2 weeks ago

Oh, I love the stylization! She's a lot more realistic this way, but just as much lovable.

CryptidDrono - 2 weeks ago

Awwww, she's lovely

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

Such a beautiful and sweet face. She's so precious and cute. ^3^

Dumb Doodles #25:[insert absol pun here]

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach Feral Absol Female Pred

Hmmm Cheri seems to be struggling with whatever she ate, poor gal. Someone should aid her with belly rubs.

This cute absol belongs to  captainmoke . This is one of his patreon sketches.

Man I managed to write this description without making the absol-lutely pun... Fook!

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

TimberWolf25 - 2 weeks ago

Absol! <3 <3 <3
So cute, and so big. Best pokemon with a belly.

PegaSUS - 2 weeks ago

With such visible evidence, there's no way she'll be absolved.

I mean, all that ruffled fur's an obvious cue that [i]something[/i] happened.

AvengedRitsuko - 2 weeks ago

Absol-utely thicc

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

Crotch bellies = Super amazing.

Speciesunkn0wn - 2 weeks ago

I will happily rub that belly!

Water Weight

Uploaded: 2 weeks ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach Weight Gain Butt Suicune Internal View Female Pred Pipe Smoking zoroark gut bulge Multiple Preys

Commission for  radar of his suicune Cade eating Rai and Zane. Guess she gained more from this trade than them.

Hey, if you want to support me as an artist, you can help me out over here! 

denysvision - 2 weeks ago

i think they aready ofering her something,a big and lucious but

MirceaKitsune - 2 weeks ago

One's self is always the best one.

AvengedRitsuko - 2 weeks ago

Suicune has become Sweetcune

Stalbon - 2 weeks ago

Quite the lovely piece! ^_^

F1reDem0n - 2 weeks ago

Goodness that Plump Suicune rump is amazing and hot.

The Thievul and the Boltund

Uploaded: 2 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Furry Pokemon Belly Fox Stomach Anthro Digestion Vixen Anal Vore gurgle Post-Vore Big Belly Human Prey Female Pred vulpine Onomatopoeia Anthro/Human Anthro Pred Stomach Noises Thicc Thievul Thievul Pred

More art of Asaneman's Faith. being her usual gluttonous self.

Here is  asaneman part:

Story written by  shiomagwolf down below. Thank you really appreciate it!!


Faith let out a contented sigh as she leaned back against the wall. The poké ball she gently stuffed up her butthole a couple of minutes earlier was making its way through her sinuous bowels, heading...
[ Continued ...

Jumperjla - 1 month ago

Gotta say, I've been quiet about it but I really like your art!!

F1reDem0n - 2 months ago

Using her tail to kneed her belly? That's a neat idea!

JackJackal - 2 months ago

so many pokemon trainers getting eaten tonight!

PegaSUS - 2 months ago

Missed your squish! Gorgeous curvature.

wolfSnack - 2 months ago

Dayum, great story and great art <3

Dumb Doodles #26:Flutterbat that is all

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Micro Feral Bulge F/? Butt My Little Pony Female Pred plot Fluttershy Licking Lips crotch bulge flutterbat bat pony bat pony pred Featureless Crotch

As the tittle says.

But for real this is inspired by one of my favourite MLP vore artist  PegaSUS .
Been wanting to draw something more their taste and Flutterbat in general. (Since I love Fluttershy) 

F1reDem0n - 4 months ago

You draw MLP characters pretty well Zira. Nicely done. :D

PegaSUS - 4 months ago

After a long day, this was an absolutely lovely surprise to stumble upon. You know me too well!

Quite the treat to see your Fluttershy again, in her bat pony form, even, [i]and[/i] with a gorgeous rump sandwich to top it all off! Adore the squish the hoof makes. :D

Thank you so much for this, 'love it to [i](nonexistent)[/i] bits! <3

Dumb Doodles #24:Punishment!

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Dragon Plump Non-Vore Butt punishment zira mecranord

TFW you trying to punish someone but they enjoy it.

And that someone is agtnightwolf (on FA)

Why is Zira punishing him. He ate the last cookie out of the jar.

So remember, don't steal my cookies!  

AromiSuola - 2 months ago

Gotta assk for this punishment

Purrloin - 4 months ago

Nevermind I'm retarded lol.

Purrloin - 4 months ago

I'm confused. Do they have four hind legs? There's two underneath and two in the front.

F1reDem0n - 4 months ago

With so much plump Zira butt smooshing down onto his snout, I can't blame him really. What's not to love about a big lady with a lot of junk in the trunk? ;3

testuser - 4 months ago

But cookies are delish.

Thicc Thievul

Uploaded: 4 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Fox Non-Vore Butt Pre-Vore foxy pokeball Big Butt fluffy vulpine plot hyper booty prehensile tail Thievul fluffy chest

This is a continuation of our last collab of me and  asaneman. What's she gonna do with that pokeball? Clearly nothing lewd cos she's a good gurl.

Here is Asaneman's part:

Thievul © Nintendo
Faith is Asaneman's 

F1reDem0n - 4 months ago

Loyalty to a brand is just as important as a companies loyalty to their customers. If their products aren't up to the quality and standards that the company is expected to have then the customers shouldn't support them until the quality is set back to that standard.

Buy the games if you want, and if you enjoy them then more power to you. ^_^

I just have my own moral and ethical standards to uphold so I won't be supporting GameFreak and Nintendo this time around.

ArcaneSigil - 4 months ago

In all honest... Imma get 'em anyway. I'm devoted to Pokemon. I've got Pokemon Go on my phone despite all of its problems and I still love it. I'm even gonna get a two Switches so my mom can have one of the games.

F1reDem0n - 4 months ago

With a big plump rump like that? She could already have taken them all into her softness. :3

F1reDem0n - 4 months ago

The new Pokemon games haven't been doing well. Even before launch but it's gotten worse since release. Long time fans that helped make the games what they are aren't buying them, and actively discouraging others to buy them.

The quality is incredibly questionable, even to the point that myself (who's been playing since Red version) returned my pre-orders.

Zira - 4 months ago

Really makes you think.

New Challenger Appears

Uploaded: 5 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Belly Fox Anthro Digestion Vixen F/? Butt guts Big Belly Female Pred vulpine Fox Pred Vixen Pred Ikfoxan Thievul Thievul Pred Nickit

Collab with  asaneman, featuring the new fox pokemon all filled up!
You can find part 2 here:

Thievul(?) Evolution © Nintendo 

F1reDem0n - 4 months ago

So much soft plump rump to squeeze and grope. :3

Speciesunkn0wn - 4 months ago

I totally approve of both pics. :D

Thejynxedlynx - 4 months ago

Eyyy my main ‘gender’ Zira! Glad to see you~ Great drawing!

PegaSUS - 4 months ago

You and Asaneman in a collab? I doubt there's a better pairing to be had! Your post-vore curvatures are always top-notch.

Gorgeous stuff - that's a nice squeeze.

Wolfknight130 - 4 months ago

I am psyched as hell for this pokemon X3

Foxy Vixen

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Furry Breasts Fox Anthro Non-Vore Female Cleavage Big Breasts Scarlet vulpine armello

Just a fun drawing of Scarlet from armello with some big ol' breasts clearly from too many followers (gotta add that vore context).

Now enjoy!

Also finally starting my Patreon if anyone is interested in supporting me. here it is: 

F1reDem0n - 9 months ago

She's a big and busty Fox. 0///0

Speciesunkn0wn - 9 months ago

Ooooh. Love it~

Big_D - 9 months ago

Great content, characters like her need more content. Preferably of gals like her adding to their figures ;3

PegaSUS - 9 months ago

Add some tufts to the double squish and you can pass it off as family-friendly hyperfluff.

Much enjoyable either way, though! Cute stuff. :D

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 months ago

She floof, she thicc, she everything good :v

Sweet Justice

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Belly Dragon Balls Lucario Charizard Jackal Canine Big Belly Stuffed belly Big balls huge balls

This is Sweet William a pink Lucario. Here he is dealing with a naughty gluttonous wingless charizard (yes I was lazy to do the wings, but hey! it would of hidden the stuffed gut!!), but by the looks of it that wasn't the only misbehaving person he had to deal with based on the size of those dangling cherries.

This was a silly joke character me and  smuxray made.

Let's hope I get to draw more of him!

See ya, and remember to no misbehave, or you...
[ Continued ...

PegaSUS - 9 months ago

Praise for those balls of steel? Nah, give it up for the scrotum to tote 'em.

Special Favour

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/M Reformation cunnilingus Willing grey Cum Digestion Honey Big Butt zira Cum Transformation Femcum Genet prehensile tail mecranord

Zira borrows Grey to help her scratch a particular itch, but she isn't making him do it for free, She's at least treating him to some rare mecranord honey.

Grey the genet belongs to this lame-o  greykrow

See ya fellas!! Remeber to always play with you food... wait that isn't right. Oh well. 

ArcaneSigil - 8 months ago

If Zira ever needs another helper to scratch an itch, I have several dragons she can have fun with. A few of them she can even keep.

JessicaVoire - 8 months ago

Lovely friendly vore~

F1reDem0n - 9 months ago

You do? Really?
You should do more of this sort of artwork. ^_^
I adore it and this one was really cute and tender for what it is. <3

Zira - 9 months ago

Yuuuusss I love hitting buttons
Thanks man!!

Zira - 9 months ago

Yeee. I love UB ao glad to finally do some

Body Building

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Dog Pokemon Anthro Weight Gain Butt Balls Canine nidoking Mass Vore Growlithe M/multiple prey Male Pred Pokemon pred Huge butt Thick thighs pokemon prey Laying on belly sacks

(Oh boi another upload)
Skyler hit the gym to put on some extra mass, but I don't think this was the way he intended it. Rip Skyler's yoga pants, at least he is already at the gym to burn off that extra thicc.

Commision for this dude ---> lukario (on furaffinity)

Adios amigos!  

F1reDem0n - 9 months ago

When Fire Doggo really packs on the pounds, you know he's gonna be radiating with warmth. >3<

What a big Bootylicious boi~

thevorisheevee - 9 months ago

Mmmm....I like some big Arcanine booty....~Panel

Badfurson - 9 months ago

Nah, that thicc is forever.

KattFox - 9 months ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 9 months ago

God damn he looks so soft and doughy~

Sleepwalking Hunger

Uploaded: 9 months ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Weight Gain Butt zira Blushing Huge butt massive ass Thicc mecranord

Zira waking up to see she's put on a few pounds on her rump and tail, she never knows how to handle all the extra padding from her (unintentional) midnight snacks.

Art piece for shiomagwolf to accompany a story he wrote for me as a gift (which is so sweet ❤️).

You can check out the story here:

Anyway time to vanish, see you! And remember to brush your teeth before bed, or like when you get up.  

F1reDem0n - 9 months ago

What a big soft bubble butt you have there Zira. ^3^

Xxrazzi - 9 months ago

Thicc thighs save lives
The last 3 words were autofilled, I love my phone

ATailDesired - 9 months ago

Looks like prey have been adding to her a bit much.

I like to imagine(without reading the story just yet) that prey just see her and climb on in.

ShioMagwolf - 9 months ago

Here it is <3
Glad to be part of the lovely butt!

ShioMagwolf - 9 months ago

That's me in it >\\\<

Cyn's Curves

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Weight Gain Feline Butt Butt Expansion liepard story in description

Poor Cyn, all the guys can't help but be attracted to her thighs and rump.

Commission for  tastytales , who also even wrote a story to go with it!

It was hard to believe she had once kept a trim form, though the Liepard could hardly blame her current figure on genetics. Ever since she first learned to hunt, Cyn revelled in...
[ Continued ...

TastyTales - 1 year ago

Thanks again for this, it came out great. :D

gorgonzoladealer - 1 year ago

Why do good girls like bad guys? I’ve had that question for a really long time.

ATailDesired - 1 year ago

Because they can't help but be a part of the sexy?

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

Prey fatten up the part of the body they adore most of their pred.

>Clever preds have the biggest brains

Thejynxedlynx - 1 year ago


Doughy Doe

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Anthro Digestion Weight Gain Breast Expansion F/M Same Size Swallowing Reformation Deer Reindeer Doe Slurp Cassie Willing grey romance Big Belly Female Pred Big Butt Throat bulge Facesitting Cassandra Wide hips Thick thighs Genet Belly humping Detailed bulges deer pred

Have Grey the cute genet boi, padding out his lovely deer gal, Cassandra. This piece was done for this lame-o GreyKrow as a gift.

Also this guy  smuxray wrote a story, make sure to check it out here:

Hope you all have a decent day and remember to always make time for yourself. Bye! 

Drvictorwkatnik - 1 year ago

when theres a story you need in a neighbourhood who ya gonna call SMUXRAY[seriously i see them everywhere O_O]

SupernovaBlitz - 1 year ago

Man, I wouldn't mind padding her out, heh heh~ Your deer are some of the best on this site, keep it up love~

PsychoEspeon - 1 year ago

Her tits are so nice!

WarpedWriter - 1 year ago

Reindeer females do have horns

Anesthetic - 1 year ago

A female deer with horns?


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Digestion Weight Gain kitty Butt Squirming gurgle pokeball Big Belly skitty Stuffed belly zira wiggling Thick thighs Accidental vore Belly humping Multiple Preys Thicc mid-digestion Zeraora Ziraora

Ziraora and SKitty, get it.

Pokeballs sure do look tasty, and if you never seen one like Zira here and try to eat them, well you might be in for a shocking surprise with a belly full of unhappy pokemon. At least she gain some thunder thighs from it.

(I wanna see if people can guess some of the pokemon she ate from the bulges)

Anyway it's that time I leave again for who knows how long. Remember to not eat random stuff that...
[ Continued ...

KalebAdvent - 9 months ago

I think I see an Umbreon a Houndoom, and... Does that fin belong to a Garchomp?

TobiasTheFrostail - 1 year ago

can you eat me too? ^^

Spyrois2cool - 1 year ago

Without looking at the other comments, all I can make out is the head and ears of an Umbreon.

Looking at comments, they see an Umbreon, Houndoom, and a Salamence. I see the Houndoom, but it also looks like it could be a Charizard, as you can see the legs/feet on the other side, and but the pose, it looks like it would be a bipedal pokemon, though I really can’t tell for sure. The head still looks more like a Houndoom though, as the horns are nice and big, and seem separate from the head.

Someone else says the see an Absol Horn. I see it too, but looking more closely, there’s some claws nearby, and the lines drawn seem to connect the two, making me guess that it’s the arms of a Garchomp.

(Just found the Salamence head around the tail. Definitely a Salamence.)

Well...I think that’s all I have to say. I love guessing games. If I got something incorrect...I guess I get eaten.

TobiasTheSerperior - 1 year ago

The is a cute Ziraora

JamKat - 1 year ago



Short Staffed

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Fox Kitsune F/M Butt gurgle ninetales Big Belly Female Pred vulpine Belly bulge Icetales alolan ninetales

Bellboy? More like bellyboy, imma rite? Air horn sounds

Looks like this hotel doesn't have enough staff to help stuff this gal or carry her 'luggage' cos she packed a lot.

See you whenever... byeeeeee! Also remember to pack your toothbrush and toothpaste, since that's always the one people forget to take.


SupernovaBlitz - 1 year ago

Mrr, I wouldn't mind staying at that hotel~ Especially with such a lovely kitsune~

JamKat - 1 year ago

Hahaha X3

Looks like the hotel might run out of staff

Fyrelyon - 1 year ago

What a wonderful tum~

BlueIce - 1 year ago

Time to have a mass hiring

CarnivorousVixen - 1 year ago

Is is super lovely~

Dumb Doodles #23: Issues with Preysluts

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Cat Belly Feline Bulge F/? kitty Stuffed Struggling Big Belly Mass Vore f/multiple zira wiggle Tight Belly Multiple Preys mecranord

One the issue of being a pred is every preyslut wants to hop down your throat, and who am I to deny them (though sometimes it's too much).

Found this sketch and thought I'd upload it for all you peeps who like Zira belly.

See you next upload! and remember to not overeat. Actually scrap that, always overeat! 

JamKat - 1 year ago

Oh im sure the rest will fit ^^

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

That tail be thicc!

AnimaRibelle - 1 year ago

U have improve your style, good!
Im happy for ya ^^

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

As much as I enjoy being the prey type, I couldn't force myself into any pred, haha.

That belly's not going to get smaller any time soon, uh oh.

Speciesunkn0wn - 1 year ago

I just wanna snuggle that floof.

Electric Kitty

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Cat Pokemon Belly Soft Vore Stomach Lion Feline Bulge F/? kitty Struggling Luxray Female Pred wiggle Unknown prey Hammock

Commission for PaintedMutt/Cam (on FA) of a cute luxray gal we made together. Enjoy!

None belly version (but why would you want that) -->

Take care fellas, see you! 

Pkmnguy6262 - 1 year ago

truly a very lovely and cute luxray~<3

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

Such beautiful form, but given your consistent quality, I suppose it isn't very [i]shocking[/i].

BabyPyro - 1 year ago

Aw, what pokemon is stuck being the luray's meal :P

Randomguy01 - 1 year ago

Soft kitty warm kitty
May I pet the little ball of fur?

RoryKenneigh - 1 year ago

I love this kitty <3

Mutt to Butt

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Wolf Digestion Feral Weight Gain Bulge F/? wolves Zelda Crossover Butt Amaterasu Okami Mightyena Balls Canine M/? Big Belly Twilight Princess Insertion Female Pred Belly bulge Male Pred Feral Pred Wolf Pred Canine Pred Feral Predator pokemon prey wolf link mightyena prey Amaterasu Pred

Trade I did with  asaneman since it's been awhile. He drew the bellies and I did the aftermaths of it, featuring Wolf Link and Amaterasu, also including now the old pack of mightyenas packed as wolf padding (in all the right places).

Asaneman's part:

Amaterasu © Capcom
Wolf Link © Nintendo  

supersaiyango - 1 year ago

Now mount her link~

baltocore - 1 year ago


F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

I love how sheepish and shy Amaterasu looks here. While Wolf Link looks proud. x3

Also Jebus he's a packing boi! <3

DoctorDischord - 1 year ago

I couldn’t agree more~!

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

What a pairing!

Right Where You Belong

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Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Digestion M/M Weight Gain Bulge Anal Vore Butt Lucario Willing flareon Jackal Canine Butt Expansion eeveelution

When Levin woke up this morning, The last thing he probably expected was a trip through the bowels of a Lucario, eager to add him to the weight of those ass cheeks.
He certainly doesn't seem to be complaining about such a fate, though!

Levin the Flareon belongs to LevinFloofeon (on FA)

Emerald the Lucario belongs to Emerald_Riolu (on FA)

(totally didn't wait for Emerald to upload first to copy paste everything, nope! not me! I can write my own...
[ Continued ...

JamKat - 1 year ago


baltocore - 1 year ago

An improvement for the Flareon.

moonlightshy - 1 year ago

praise the blue moon~

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

You're the master of squish, just look at all of that [i]soft[/i]

And wow even though there are no clothes in this sequence there's a pair of pants in the second panel


TajTrophic - 1 year ago

So hawt!!!

Happy Bunday

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Belly Rabbit Bunny hare Cake Non-Fatal Internal View zira Possum Endosoma mecranord

Zira knows how to celebrate a bun's birthday and how to treat them as well. A bday pic I did for Jag/jeamgu (on FA).

(this is why you shouldn't invite Zira to birthday parties, or maybe it's more reason to).

Time to vanish...  

JamKat - 1 year ago

Hmmm, cake goes well with prey -w-

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

That tail is so thick. Would hug it. 10/10

floopygoober - 1 year ago

Another awesome piece! I love how cute she always looks >.>

BlueIce - 1 year ago

Zira is such a kind soul. I hope she has enough cake

Pkmnguy6262 - 1 year ago

i certainly wouldnt her to visit me on my bday~^^ very lovely art zira! <3

Aura belly

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Pokemon Belly Soft Vore Stomach Anthro Same Size Bulge F/? stretching Lucario Big Belly Female Pred Aurora Belly bulge Onomatopoeia Unknown prey Stomach Noises hand imprints

Hildegard stretching after a very satisfying meal. All that sweet sweet aura.
A gift for  fidchellvore of his lovely aura doggo.  

JamKat - 1 year ago

Ooh! Her gut is so marvelous! Hildegard is se sexy -w-

Randomguy01 - 1 year ago

I'd rather tak the south entrance into her

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

That belly appears to have an [i]aura[/i] of its own.

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

Those boobs be big on this Aura Dog. :3

FALLOUTDOG3 - 1 year ago

i wish to rub her belly

Hot Buns

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Furry Pokemon Fox Anthro Vixen Weight Gain F/? Butt Post-Vore Female Pred looking back Big Butt from behind Blushing Thick thighs Braixen on all fours

Braixen showing of her steaming hot buns after digesting a filling meal.

This bubble butt was achieved thanks to Alanwolf as he drew the big gut that went to big butt. Link here:

Anyway, see ya later and remember not to play with fire!  

Randomguy01 - 1 year ago

Nice work.

Does she also do unbirth

JamKat - 1 year ago

warm booty -w-

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

Seems she's getting off on her stick. Probably in more ways then one. x3

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

Maybe she'll put that torch out if she flips it upside-down.

Not playing with fire though, no worries.

Speciesunkn0wn - 1 year ago

Very nice buns~ May I squish?


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Breasts Lizard Belly Fox Digestion Kitsune Vixen Weight Gain Bulge Fatal Anal Vore Scalie Butt Reptile Unwilling Prey Fennec vulpine Furry Pred Fennec Fox Fox Pred lizard prey Bara Vixen Pred kitsune pred reptile prey scalie prey furry/scalie Furry/Scaly Kea Bara prey

A Birthday Gift I did for this awesome dude  asaneman of his kitsune gal Kea.

And hey look! A story to go with it too! written by this lame-o  greykrow and proofread by this cool dude  smuxray


It’s another cool summer evening and the candles are lit to illuminate the shopping street. Merchants of all sorts have set up shop at their door steps watching the crowd for potential customers. One such shopper is a lively...
[ Continued ...

JamKat - 1 year ago

HUFF, such a sexy story! Love the art! ^^

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

Two Vixens having a bout of fun with one having a gurgling belly is most definitely a good start to a night. :D

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

That's an American thing, right? Something about a proclamation.

Also, whew, gut grinding.


maxpayne98 - 1 year ago

Lovely <3

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago


One Night In Paradise

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Fox Stomach Digestion Bulge F/? Butt foxes romance ninetales Implied Digestion Multiple Tails vixens Digestion Noises

Just a couple of foxy gals doing ninetale things, nothing else or more.

Commission for Tavin_Forchune (FA) of her lovely tales Emberflame (the one with the blue scarf) with Corona (the one with belly and yellow scarf) who belongs to KingdomOfGray (FA)

Anyway till next time! And remember to never be a third wheel with two drunktales or maybe you should, I dunno. 

WolfTheWhite - 1 year ago

Is Corona a six-tail Ninetails? Are those smiling tailmaws on their tail? *intrigued*

DarkGloose12 - 1 year ago

I love it

Softpony - 1 year ago

Oh my gosh, they're so perfect!

Savagerush012 - 1 year ago

I wish I could shrink down so I could be sandwiched between these two pairs of of supple buttocks.

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

Ooh, heck, that's a lotta fluff. Eighteen tails and still more to spare.

Top squishy butts as always, though; you could get sandwiched between those bun pairs with ease.

But, regarding the PSA, those drunktales need a designated driver.

Dumb Doodles #22: Chaotic Fun

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Belly Equine Digestion M/F Reformation Non-Fatal Pony Implied Digestion My Little Pony M/multiple prey Friendship is Magic Fluttershy Discord mane 6 draconequus

Discord having some chaotic fun with the mane 5, and somehow convinced Fluttershy to join in on it (then again I can't blame her, that is a nice belly).

Don't worry they'll be fiiiine once they are reformed.

Anyway, buhbuy! And remember there is no fun in making any sense. 

Drvictorwkatnik - 1 year ago

Good thing discord Can reform them cuz my reformer gun needs a new fusion core

charlesdeleroy - 1 year ago

He can reform them... but she didn't ask if he WOULD!

Shortpig - 1 year ago

My hand slipped, edited out discord and made a post-digestion pic using pieces from like three different Zira pictures because I can't draw lines


Shortpig - 1 year ago

Here's the edit you asked for, shoddily baked up in the default art program I didn't realize my computer had in it. Not done with as much finesse as the original piece, but it's mostly unnoticeable. Oh, and, changed the words around a bit, too, to reflect it being Fluttershy.

Close enough for me:

DoctorDischord - 1 year ago

I’m not normally a fan of Discord as a pred...but you just do it so well it’s hard to resist!

Lioness Hunt

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Feral Lion Feline Butt gurgle Lioness Absol Pyroar

I don't have a pic for vore day done, but I had this drawing and it's a feline which is perfect since it's international cat day.

So uh... enjoy! 

JamKat - 1 year ago

Definitely will enjoy -w-

TajTrophic - 1 year ago

Have those thighs much sexier and thicker :3
I know she won’t mind eating more preys cx

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

Absolutely gorgeous; happy 8/8 in any case. :D

Your butts are to die for.

SonicSR71 - 1 year ago

Hehe... no worries, you’re good. And a happy vore day to you too Zira! ^^

Pkmnguy6262 - 1 year ago

Very lovely feline as always. Great job and a happy vore day zira!^^

Butt Cushion

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Cat Belly Digestion Weight Gain Feline F/? kitty Butt Post-Vore Yawn Sleeping Implied Digestion f/multiple zira lying down Thicc mecranord mid-digestion

After Zira has one of her binges, the gains from it are quite nice as it sure makes her butt more cushiony which makes for a perfect bed for Kitty.

I disappear again, BYE! 

Cresce - 1 year ago

Zira makes the best cushion though her thighs and belly are so nice too

JamKat - 1 year ago

Such a big purrly beauty!

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

Not only are you a bed for smol fellows, but also your own bed. So squishy!

Also, can't help but think of this.

Bliss - 1 year ago

nuuuu no disappear again! Needs more wonderful arts from you~

Kelly - 1 year ago

Awwwww <3

Asserting Dominance

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Belly Digestion Weight Gain F/M Bulge Anal Vore Butt Hyper alice Big Butt Facesitting crotch bulge hyper butt Anthro Bird Thicc mecranord Zorgoia Anthro

Alice doesn't usually play with her food, but on occasions she can find herself wanting savour the moment of putting people in their rightful place (under her rear).

Commission for Adenosine (on FA), Also Abigail the Zorgoia anthro and Chio the Birdman belongs to them too. 

JamKat - 1 year ago


F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

If anyone can draw a squishy and plump butt Domming someone, it's Zira. ^_^

CaptainMoke - 1 year ago

Jeez if she got any thicker, she might find herself becoming... the BUTT of jokes!

I’m sorry.

TaurenDevourer - 1 year ago

Yay! You're back!

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

Whew, lad, that bulging between the legs [i](mid-ass-gulp, even)[/i] sure is something else.

Thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.

Dumb Doodles #21: Naughty kitty

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach Digestion Feline Bulge F/? Butt gurgle Struggling Implied Digestion Big Belly wiggle lewd liepard Tail masturbation

Naughty kitty, doing lewd things after having heavy meal.

I just wanted to draw liepard, they are great preds and I love 'em.

Remember kiddies to feed your Kitties. See ya later! 

Pkmnguy6262 - 1 year ago

Great art

TajTrophic - 1 year ago

hugging the butt will make me sleep there forever <3

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

Whew, just whew.

And I don't have a cat either, dangit; stop making me obtain pets to fulfill your PSA's. D:<

Sitharc - 1 year ago

Need moar female Liepard preds

Zeeza - 1 year ago

Dang, I wish I could sketch like this X3

I try too hard to go for the perfect lines most of the time.

Mightiest Butt

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Digestion M/M Weight Gain bone Fatal Butt Mightyena Post-Vore behind Skull Arcanine Burped up skull Sitting on skull

Outcome from this pic ---->

Looks like the arcanine is settling in quite well into his new (permanent) accommodation as mightyena flab, and to show his appreciation he left a gift for the dark type, how nice.

Belched up skulls make for great seats.

Commission piece for this guy ----> Lukario (on FA)

Alternative version without skull:

Anyway, goodbark for...
[ Continued ...

Pkmnguy6262 - 1 year ago

Nice soft and squishy butt~ would totally hug it tightly~ love mightyena very good job

DemHoundDays - 1 year ago

To be fair, I too thought she was pooping the skull out at first before I realized she was just sitting on it.

Flamewarproductions - 1 year ago

I dislike this skull, it's smug aura mocks me.

Zira - 1 year ago

Tsk tsk, you forgot to walk your dog, so now he walked away from your life. Truly sad :<

AvengedRitsuko - 1 year ago

All I can say is, WOOF!

Lovely Linda (trade)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Belly Dragon Fat Digestion Weight Gain F/? Butt Willing Implied Digestion f/multiple Linda winder mid-digestion

Trade with  Winderus I did, consisting of the lovely Linda gurgling some lucky peeps who get to be dragon phat on a cute dragoness. How lucky, right?

Also check out Winder's stuff, if you like vore, big bellies and man eating dragons.

(I wonder if that's Linda's natural hair colour, if not she must go through so much hair dye to maintain it's rainbowness)

Oh! here is the pic he drew for me: 

moonlightshy - 1 year ago

l-lovely butt

AnimaRibelle - 1 year ago

Really cool and also much cute <3

But a question, but u don't do the trade or i wrong? :/

Tafillia - 1 year ago


DemHoundDays - 1 year ago

I just love digestion pics where we get a nice view of the pred's butt and tailhole <3

Lovely stuff as usual =3

ATailDesired - 1 year ago

Oh no, a big inviting booty, my weakness.


Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Chubby Dragoness Post-Vore zira Comparison Thick thighs Paige chubby pred

Soooo I started this pic as part of a prank we were pulling, and then Paige offered to help finish it and it turned into a bit of a collaboration piece! I did the sketching, getting the proportions right, and lining it. Paige coloured it and added a tiny bit of shading and highlights. You guys should go check Paige out

Anyway, this is technically post-vore weight gain, as Zira and Paige have clearly just finished adding a couple people to their bodies as you can plainly see! Hope...
[ Continued ...

TinyHero - 1 year ago

They all have to go somewhere lady lol x3

Achilles - 1 year ago

*Tiger laugh at Zira.* Really good work!

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

What if prey goes to the part that they were last thinking of or most attracted to?

Though perhaps that's not the case. Look at all the butt here.

deadpoolfan - 1 year ago

Missed opportunity to say "go check out Paige's page".
anyway, lovely pic

MirceaKitsune - 1 year ago

*kisses them both* <3

Wrong side of the forest

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach Digestion Inside Weight Gain Bulge Hybrid Skull Big Belly Internal View Leafeon Long Tongue Greninja Marshadow

Owwy helping the frog go to all the right places of the forest.

Commission for Nonine (on FA) with his greninja being eaten by Owwy (on FA).

F1reDem0n - 1 year ago

Wonderful work as always Zira~ ^_^

MirceaKitsune - 1 year ago

So lovely and adorable as always ^_^

PegaSUS - 1 year ago

You mean [i]out[/i]side of the forest? You're in the open!

Also, neato skull, haha.

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 year ago

I think you mean the [I]right[/I] side of the forest

Bun to buns

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Cat sequence Belly Stomach Anthro Expansion Digestion F/F Weight Gain Rabbit Bunny Feline Fatal hare kitty Butt Willing Butt Expansion Willing prey felidae toyger

Kitty's feline curiosity has gotten the better of her, as she encounters a bun who seems eager to become a pairs of cat buns, allowing Kitty to see why her thicc companion (Zira) enjoys devouring people and (secretly) adding them to her mass. Although it seems she is struggling a bit, but it's never easy the first time having your belly extended so much, she gonna need practice.

(This isn't really canon, as Kitty isn't really used for vore or meant to be an anthro, this was just...
[ Continued ...

PsychoEspeon - 1 year ago

I just wanna squeeze her boobs and that ass is so squishy!

SamanthaLovesVoring - 1 year ago

Fantastic post! definitely following you <3

redsquallff8 - 1 year ago

500 to be her next prey

floopygoober - 1 year ago

It’s well deserved ^^ I’m usually pretty silent but I felt like I should say something xD if you’re even slightly like me you are your own worst critic so it’s always nice to hear from someone else to clear up your opinion ^^
Sorry if I’m rambling too much x3

Zira - 1 year ago

Oh, wow! Thank you so much for those kinds words.
Like really wasn't expecting that, thank you. ^-^

Happy Easter!

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Belly Rabbit Bunny Rat Non-Fatal gurgle easter Egg zira Belly bulge unaware pred Wabbit Easter Eggs Accidental vore mecranord chocolate eggs chocolate rabbit

Easter is a dangerous time of year for a bunny to be go wandering around, might accidentally get confused for a chocolate bunny like Jag (on FA) here.

Anyway hope you guys have a good Eater and have lots of treats!

Also bonus art for this pic: 

Jesse01 - 1 year ago

I don't think she ate the bunny by accident :)

Rumor - 2 years ago

Looks like the right rabbit to me.

RedNastyFoxy - 2 years ago

Aww, Zira, you're so cuute! :3

JackJackal - 2 years ago

that poor Easter bunny!!!

PegaSUS - 2 years ago

Must've been a really good-tasting rabbit to completely override the expected taste of chocolate.

Wonderful work; hope you have a wonderful [i]Eater[/i] yourself! :P

(Haha, whoops, thought that was blood on her lips for a second.)

(Also, adorable bonus gulp! Lovely swallow. :D )

Dumb Doodles #20: To be a prey animal

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Belly Stomach buck stag Deer Doe Transformation Big Belly Cervine zira deer pred mecranord

Zira takes the challenge to be a prey animal to see how tough it is.

Wanted to show Zira's ability to Tf and this joke came into my head. I'm calling this form Deera (it works to well).

Anyway, see you another day and remember to watch out for deer on the road (especially a silver and pink one). 

Drillkiller - 1 year ago

You should draw her deer version more often, I like

Bliss - 2 years ago

oh goodness yes, more deer zira pls <3

Zeeza - 2 years ago

This is a brilliant idea X3

TajTrophic - 2 years ago

Deera should now be the new sexy pred!!

Imagine her weight gain butt growth mmmm!!

TaurenDevourer - 2 years ago

Sequel. Please.

Heavy Sleeper (No internal version)

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: Zira

Tags: Pokemon Belly Stomach Digestion F/F Weight Gain Bulge Fatal Butt gurgle Willing Cut-away Sleeping unaware zira Buns unaware pred butt cheeks Accidental vore Sleeping pred sleepwalking mecranord somnambulism

Don't you just hate it when you wake up with extra pudge out of nowhere. Now where did that absol go? .

Commission for  captainmoke involving his shiny absol, Cherinity.

Anyway, remember to (not) eat before sleeping, since it causes weight gain. (which means bigger buns) 

DemHoundDays - 2 years ago

Cutest deadly predator ever <3

Thiccest too.

deadpoolfan - 2 years ago

this has never happened before, but i actually saw this post on e621 first, immediately recognized you, then came to check here.

Gutswimmer - 2 years ago

You say that like bun gain is a bad thing.

Gabriel0813 - 2 years ago

she always so cute when she eats you just want to pet her

Manofthehouse - 2 years ago