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On a Hot Summer Night

A Romance between a Male Werewolf and a Female Human

It was a hot summer night, as Rodger stood under a tree, the werewolf holding a red rose. He sniffed it, taking in the scent. Another caught his nose – that belonging to a woman. A smile came upon Rodger’s lips, as he looked up, catching sight of the owner, a human woman.

alockwood1 - 1 month ago

You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth

FurryTastyTreat - 1 month ago

Aw, there's something really sweet about this! It's a gorgeous romance.

I've never heard that Meatloaf song. I read the lyrics after this story. How deliciously vore!

alockwood1 - 1 month ago

You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth.

Because of a Bear

Because of a bear, the fates of two are entwined.

Robert Wolfe was enjoying his rest after a long day’s work, when something awoke the werewolf. He walked to his window, gasped in shock, and yelled, “Hey! Get away from him!”

“What is it?” Julia asked, awoken by the commotion.

alockwood1 - 1 month ago

A prologue to another story.

Camp Lucky Animals Interactive

A group of friends in a Science-Fantasy Land win a trip to a Unique Camp. Interactive Link.

In a world where reformation technology exists, along with advanced technology, magic, talking animals,


, and beings from the realms of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other such places, you live in a pr

alockwood1 - 1 month ago

A link to my interactive.

Traitors and Turncoats

The discovery of a Traitor leads to Disturbing Revelations.

“Well, this one, J555, is about Mature,” the voice said. “He’ll make for a perfect – What in the-”


J555, or, rather, Jay jerked awake, the drea

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Just an idea about how a rebellion in a world were Werebeasts took over, with humans being at the bottom of both the social ladder and food chain might go.

The Job Interview

An Elf Woman applies for a Job, and finds a Surprise.

Alycia looked at the name of the restaurant. Draco’s Den was the name on the sign, along with the painting of a green dragon. There was also a note by the doorway, along with an image. The image was that of a human-like figure with what looked like an apple in their mouth, on what looked to be a platter, looking like it was abo

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

No, he bought and paid for the food - he'll even pull out the receipt for said Meal if you really want to check.

Danciestpuddle - 2 months ago

What a greedy owner, eating the food prepared for his restaurant

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

What happens when an elf applies for a job at a restaurant run by a dragon?

Their First Time

A Lizardlady has quite a day with a life-long friend.

Jeriz was mopping the floor when she heard the alarm. Looking up, she noticed several doctors and nurses, human and lizardfolk, rushing into a room. Putting the mop in the bucket, and setting it to the side, she looked through the door’s window, and watched as the team tried to save the life of the patient within. For several mi

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Thanks. It's just a short story set in a larger universe. Said universe includes the following -

A woman afraid of the lizardfolk has to share her apartment with one.

A Lizardfolk bounty hunter searching for their mark.

A Lizardfolk Lawyer in a complicated relationship with their live-in servant.

A quad-paraplegic author and their lizardfolk co-writer.

A male human trying to ask their lizardfolk crush out on a date.

FurryTastyTreat - 2 months ago

An interesting concept. I like preds that love and respect their prey. Very good story

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

This story is set in this universe, where humans and lizardfolk have an interesting relationship.

The Judas Goat

At some point in the Future, a woman has an important job.

Janis talked as she walked through the halls. The place was a maze, and one could get lost if they didn’t know there way around. It was why she was in the lead – she knew the way. Everyone followed her. They were able to keep calm, even as the sounds of others behind them were silenced. Then, a clawed hand would cover t

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Possible, but if you got similar ideas, we could bounce thoughts off of each other.

Basically, I'd read some stories involving humans being butchered Alive, which is a big no-no for any butcher to do - all animals must be, ideally, humanely slaughtered first, so that they don't stress out, try to escape, harm the workers, and so on.

Thus, after looking up a certain goat from Discworld's "Feet of Clay", and finding its real-life counterpart, the Judas Goat, whose job was to lead livestock to the slaughter, along with other similar animals, I got the basis for Janis.

Of course, since I'm not a Huge fan of Permanent Death (give me a good story, and I can overlook such things), I came up with the idea that the humans are reformed afterwards - I've used that idea, repeatedly, ever since I first added to an interactive called "Family Furs" on WdC, a long time ago.

Of course, the big question is, *are* humans *the* preferred prey from the Rakshasas' past? Maybe - legends have plenty of stories about catfolk.

UnreliableKnight - 2 months ago

Interesting tale. Are you planning to continue exploring this world?

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Read a few things where humans end up on the wrong end of a butcher shop. Here's my take on it.

Damsels and Dragons

A Damsel in Distress finds a Dragon that’s a Knight in Scaly Armor

Prince Robert strolled to his prize, the woman which lay in the bed, as he slowly removed his clothes. His shirt, was gone. He was eager to pleasure Princess Alecia, and enjoy that hidden treasure of hers. He started to remove his pants, when suddenly –

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

To be honest, while r/rpghorrorstory type stuff has some influence, the catalyst was actually reading D&D roleplaying themed stories wherein a Dragon DM ate, and then digested, a female player at their table, simply because their in-game character got eaten/digested by an in-game dragon.

To me, as a player/some-time DM, that's a violation of the Social Contract, because that's basically the DM attacking the player out of game, among the rest of the issues that would come up.

So, I decided to go, "What if the story was based on some truth, but was overly exaggerated on r/rpghorrorstory (or whatever)?" I actually mentioned the general outline in my other D&D-themed story. General outline - horror story was written by jealous/ clingy/ cringe-type DM that wanted the girl in the story, wrote bad erotica about her character and his DMPC, to the point the girl left the DM and joined the group lead by the dragon DM. Dragon DM lets the group know ahead of time about the shenanigans, even giving them a possible out (staying in bathroom until rescue) and the girl starts to enjoy things, until stalker ex-DM sends a "Guess where I am?" message with a photo of her playing. Dragon DM's like, "I'll hide you in my stomach until help arrives."

This is an expansion of that idea.

rotta287 - 2 months ago

I never, ever, expected to see some r/rpghorrorstory style content on this site.

Very wild to mix that stuff in with vore.

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Thank you.

Bright - 2 months ago

A very wholesome story. I quite enjoyed it.

alockwood1 - 2 months ago


Champion Dog Food

Can a condemned woman be happy with her fate?

Savanah looked at the tattoo on her wrist that the Veterinarian gave her for her final Grade - that of D.

"Are you sure that's right?" she'd asked. "I've done everything I could."

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

More like Whole and Alive, usually, after they are done being prepared, because werewolves like Internal Belly Rubbings. Of course, if the Meal-to-be is, shall we say, afraid of the dark, yet still wants to be a Meal, the werewolf will ask them if they want to just have their neck snapped, so that they are dead before they are eaten.

Still, there's at least one section that involves Dismembered Prey - the section involving Number 9, in one thread, John is forced to kill him, and the Wolfes, not wanting to waste A+ meat, have them for supper.

Then there's the section where John, and Robert, hunt down a group of cannibalistic humans that have been terrorizing the area for a while - and messing up John's Escape Plan - and the Wolfes throw a Barbeque Auction, where local vampires and werewolves come, buy one of the cannibals, and then throw them on the cooking rack, possibly after taking care of some other things.

wolfSnack - 2 months ago

I enjoyed the preparation, foodplay, and stuffing elements you included in one of the interactive paths. Do you envision the Big Meal being a human swallowed whole (alive or not), or eaten piece-by-piece?

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

I might just do that, forcussing on Mary and Sam, the two Meals mentioned in The Grande Escape.

wolfSnack - 2 months ago

I hope that we see a Big Meal in detail at some point.

Not a personal fan of afterlife stuff, but different focuses for different folks :)

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Copy-pasted from a section of an interactive thread I wrote, with an extension at the end.

Dungeons and Monsters

A young man finds out that D&D is played differently in Monster World.

“Well, that group sucked,” Carl said, as he drove the car.

“Tell me about it,” said his friend in the passenger seat. “They killed my Mountain Dwarf Paladin just because he protested them trying to kill your Warf

Dungeons and Monsters

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Tags: Oral Vore Cat Lizard Soft Vore Dragon Human Anthro dnd d&d M/M Game Predator Lion Vampire F/M Milk Monster Same Size roleplay Prey Non-fatal minotaur Unwilling Prey Regurgitation Head First Shrinking No digestion talking to prey Female Prey Internal View Stripping Dragon pred Human Prey Male Prey Lizard Pred Female Pred punishment Rescue Multiple Preds dragon/human Shrunken man implied sex Dungeons and Dragons adventurer epilogue vampire/human bully Protective Anthro cat Oral Soft Vore prologue Male Pred tied up undressing protection Cat Pred adventurers lion pred Gentle Predator Anthro/Human shrunken prey naked prey Anthro Pred Protecting multiple predators Roleplaying Monster Pred Monster Predator Lion/Human Naked pred Cruel Pred Dragon/F dungeon master human male Cat/Human oral vore implied nervous prey observer Mugging Gentle Pred vampire pred vampire predator naked male fake vore Larger pred live prey punishment vore kind predator Multiple Preys larger female anthro lizard Protective Pred Willing prey undressing prey Tied up prey Anthro Lion pretend vore stripping prey reluctantly willing tabletop rpg kind pred talking to pred larger male talking to prey in belly Mentioned vore Reassuring pred Larger pred/smaller prey Released prey Monster Preds Restrained prey Rescued Prey ttrpg Adventurer Prey adventurer pred Undressing Male lizard/human undressing pred Anthro Cat Pred rescue success

A young man finds out that D&D is played differently in Monster World.

Here's an Interactive based off of this. 

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Got another one, that sort of tells the story behind one mentioned in this item.

Duskthewolfcub - 2 months ago

omg that was great being a dnd player myself (underrated arcane trickster rogue nation stand up!) the idea of such a magic table seems amazing

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

A Prologue, and a possible epilogue to a story I started writing in an interactive with a buddy of mine.

Eggnog and Werewolves Part 3

{i}That was just incredible,{/i} Julia thought as she regained control of herself. While she had initially been reluctant, Lucy had been able to make things quite, {i}enjoyable.{/i}

“Did you have fun?” the werewolf asked, tracing a claw up and down Julia’s chest.

alockwood1 - 1 month ago

Yeah, wrote this about 10 or so years ago.

FurryTastyTreat - 1 month ago

A fun story. I'm glad Julia enjoyed it in the end.
I prefer willing prey.

I love stories with preds that enjoy what they do. Lucy is a great example of this. I also like it when the prey is coated in sauce or marinade like food, and they help in their own preparation.

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Wrote this some time back. The brackets are from placing in font types for another site.

Dragon’s Hibachi

A woman finds herself in a strange restaurant.

Sam was rather surprised. One moment, she’d been walking along a sandy beach, wearing little more than her two-piece pink-and-white swimsuit, and the next, she was falling down, until she hit what felt like a metallic surface. Then, she saw that there were several large reptilian creatures looking at her, seeming to be amused. St

alockwood1 - 3 months ago

Recently, I've been going to a Japanese steakhouse, and I've been watching the chefs put on those shows. So, I was like, what if a small human found themselves on the wrong end of one run by dragons.

The Grand Escape

A Human Slave leads an escape against his Werewolf Master.

Robert Wolfe was enjoying a well-earned rest. There’d been a number of births, supplies had been brought in, the fence was in good shape, and, to top it off, the Big Meal had been extra delicious. Julia knew what she was doing when it came to seasoning the mare he’d enjoyed.

alockwood1 - 3 months ago

Well, I know that, funny enough, this story was somewhat inspired by wolfSnack - he and his pals did their Graduation stuff - decent writing by the way - I then wrote my Advice of a Werewolf, which then inspired an interactive called Wolfe's Family Farm, which I linked earlier.

Let me know if you know if you know where the Dragon Story link is.

Mechdragon1k - 3 months ago

I remember reading a somewhat similar story about dragons and there human ranches

alockwood1 - 3 months ago

Thanks. One of the sources of conflict in the Interactive that the main story is set in, is that John Wrangler, a formal Feral human, currently stuck on a Human Farm, has something of a friendship with the farmer, Robert Wolfe, due to what happened on the day Robert captured him, but he desires freedom for, at the very least, the rest of the livestock.

This is one possible way things could turn out.

Lavendercake877 - 3 months ago

this was a very bitterweet peace. I liked this alot . if it weren't so hot i'd have teared up. Bravo good author bravo :D

alockwood1 - 3 months ago

This story is set in the same world as this interactive, which me and my one friend enjoy adding to -

Advice of a Werewolf

Advice about Human Predation

I am BB Wolf, and as you can easily tell by my name, I am a werewolf. There are many things I’m known for. One of these things is swallowing little old ladies, and then getting my butt kicked by some snip of a girl – to be fair; she tends to have help from that fella with the axe. Then there’s those seven goat kids – their mother i

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

I ain't butthurt - I'm merely suggesting that you take a look at my stuff. If you don't want to, that's your choice. I just want you to see what I can do.

To be honest, I'm curious about the kind of writing my critics can produce compared to mine. Some actually inspire me to improve my own skills. Others, I actually feel sorry for, and end up helping out.

I have no rivals - only friends that I don't always see eye-to-eye with.

VampireBunny - 2 months ago

Wow I didn't actually think you were butthurt about this for a whole month. What? Are you implying I have to show my own stuff publicly because you want some kind of rivalry? Since when did I mention popularity or follower counts?
My criticism was because I saw you were critical of other's stories and then proceed to make something that is much more of a writing guideline based on your issues with the work of others rather than a story, because it ends up causing logical flaws. You even accepted this as just being your guideline and I thought you left it at that

alockwood1 - 2 months ago

Posted a few things. Feel free to look them over. As you can see in a couple of them - my Werewolves and Eggnog series - I can make some Morally Questionable predators, not to mention Fatal Vore.

Perhaps you should try posting some of your stuff. How can anyone know if you are a good writer if you don't post anything?

I'm willing to see my writing to be criticized - are you? I might end up enjoying some of your stuff, and you might end up enjoying some of mine. I've seen it happen - some of the folks I've criticized have enjoyed my stories, and others even watch me. Let's see how good you are - we might even become friends.

alockwood1 - 3 months ago

Maybe it is a guideline, maybe I like writing my predators a certain way. You have your ways, I have mine.

VampireBunny - 3 months ago

But your story doesn't make any sense, because there's no reason for the characters actions other than what you, the author are unhappy with.
Real life history modern, ancient, and otherwise has countless examples of slave states, and your predictions have rarely ever influenced them.

You don't understand that when making worldbuilding that can't apply to the reader's real life knowledge, you can't just say "criminal" and leave it at that, since this raises the question of what this bizarre alien world even sees as criminal, since even cultures in real life, do not agree upon this. It's a world where slavery and murder are viewed as upstanding and moral actions, but where incest is just way too far.

It's also unexplained why the character is hurting their own slavery business for the sake of policing his slaves to insure they don't have any young or teen pregnancies, which does nothing but throttle and bottleneck his own success as a farmer, there's just no story explanation for it that can make sense in context. Especially when you say that the population is in danger of "Extinction"

You've also described "well armed" as meaning wielding literal sticks and stones, but it doesn't take a historian to know that if that was true, the textbooks would be filled with regimes and plantations cowering in fear at their slaves and prisoners.
How would a POW camp even exist in any nation in this world before the predators "took over?" Every prisoner in the POW camp would be fully survival and CQC trained, shouldn't it be literally impossible for governments like the Japanese Empire or any other military to have survived in this worldbuilding?

Even if this was the case, you don't seem to realize that you've answered your own question. "Why would the Predators hide their presence?" Well because you just described that getting rocks thrown at them is like a silver bullet, so that's a very good reason why they should stay in the shadows.

A story about a rare ill prey who also consents to going out in a painful way could work, but I don't see how you could get much mileage out of that because it's such an extremely specific situation that it would just be painfully repetitious and it only serves to take agency away from the characters. People are more engaged with stories when the story beats serve to make the character's agency more important and interesting.

Walter White gets cancer and this changes his character, he now has many more options he, and the viewers experiencing the story through him, would have never considered before, as well as a time limit that encourages him to make the difficult decisions and take bold actions that keep the story going and adding tension. In your scenario, the prey getting cancer or etc does nothing but take away their choice, make it easier and possibly necessary, which won't be as engaging as a character making the choice to become prey a difficult choice for their own reasons

But you can't just say that such stories should make use of "dead prey" either, because that's asking people to ignore that scavengers and carrion eaters actually exist and are specifically evolved to do so. If you had a Vulture character eating dead prey, that would make sense, but when you're trying to suggest that a non-scavenger be, well scavenging for corpses, you're asking the audience to take a leap of logic for no apparent reason. This was presented as a "Werewolf" story, why even bother to make it a Werewolf if it's such a bad thing to write a Werewolf in any way that they have been traditionally characterized?

My real question is just what is the reason or point of any of this? This is just a bunch of rules that don't even make sense in universe, and removes all of the sources of drama and suspense that makes stories interesting, and contradicts itself just to leave the reader with no payoff other than getting lectured by one passive aggressive character who's confusingly hypocritical yet has no internal conflict.
He doesn't even have any external conflict, as you specifically imply that not only does the law agree with your characters opinion (presumably everywhere), but his own slaves also agree with his opinion, and appreciate him yet would "dismember" and tear apart anyone who violates his code, yet their enslavement and deaths at his hand are not a violation to them. But even that's not enough, you also implied that GOD also completely agrees with your characters opinions, that your character is so completely perfect that the entire universe and afterlife are defined by what your character does and doesn't like.

The only reason I'm critiquing this is because you've been critical of other people's stories too, and I'm sure you'd be critical of mine too. (I don't upload them) So I see this as a writing guideline directed at vore writers like me, but I don't think a single thing here would be a good idea at all, since they add absolutely nothing and remove what's important to stories like drama and character consistency.