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"I wonder if we'll get any freshmen to join the club."
Chas was sitting in the club room, futzing around on his phone. Von and Mills, the only other two members, were similarly killing time at vore club. The first round of afternoon classes for the semester had ended, but it wasn't yet dinner hour. The current members of vore club had time, but not much in the way of motivation.
"I hope we get someone, so the club doesn't die off," mused Von, nominally the club president, although he didn't seem

Vore Club New Year

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finally got around to finishing one of the in progress stories ive had for awhile 

bartek21 - 3 months ago

please more

ShadesofBlack - 3 months ago

Wow. A very fun read, with a lovely casually dominant, yet still innocently playful pred!

HungryAL - 3 months ago

Im usually not super big on shrinking, but when it's explained by her body reproducing the drug that causes it, it became super hot to read.

I'd read more about this club anytime~ Maybe even they try without the shrinking stuff sometime~?

Poco's ears perked up, her tail swishing excitedly from under her skirt, long before the victim of her attention noticed us. He was bent over in the field, probably sweating under the sunlight beating down on us. "Lookit him!" she murmured. "He's so chubby!" She was practically licking her lips.
"You really like those forever alone types, don't you?" I replied, feigning disinterest, although of course she was right in assuming I'd help her.

We became catgirls in another world

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full lightnovel style title "We became catgirls in another world and that's not even the weirdest part" 

anonymous19999 - 10 months ago

thank you. really appreciate your thoughts.

sadcatinsnow - 10 months ago

Having just started reading isakei light novels myself, you did a great job writing the story in that style. I like the "humping down" unbirth method too. Your stories hold up as solid, polished writing and you're one of the three artists I follow here. I hardly ever leave comments but saw your blog post and wanted to make sure you knew you have a fan.

"Welcome home!" Chika immediately sat her enormous boobs on Ichi's head. "You're as small as ever!" she remarked cheerfully, and it was true. His stature was like that of a grade-schooler, and his build was slight as well. If it weren't for the hints of stubble on his face, one could easily mistake Ichi for someone much younger than he was. "I guess you've been naughty, huh?"
His nonplussed expression, buried under Chika's extensive mammaries, was unfortunat

Shrinking Boob-Lover

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been a while. i had other things in progress but this one came together in one sitting. hm. 

ShadesofBlack - 1 year ago

Oh heavens, I loved this. I can't blame Emiri for keeping these, wow! What an experience! I love when willing and enjoying turns into carried away like this. I hope he's okay in the long run. But wow!

TheBlueOne - 1 year ago

This was a pretty great read. Welcome back :D

Groblek - 1 year ago

Ooh, fun!

At first it was an accident.
It started when I was hiding in my (step)sister Arri's closet, watching her and her friends hang out for a sleepover. Yes, I realize that's sort of a creepy thing to do, and no, I don't have an excuse. I've made some choices I regret, OK?
Anyway, she and her friends were having some awesome girl time and I was hoping to join them, but then it got weirdly intimate, some clothes were taken off, and pretty soon I was peeking irresponsibly through the cra

TheNamesJackson - 1 year ago

It was really good except for the hammerspace bit.

TheBlueOne - 1 year ago

One of the better stories of late. Excellent premise, and the entire story was sexy as hell. Look forward to future writings-- bonus points if they follow this cast!

Geilomat - 2 years ago

Great story! I like the thoughts about living inside a womens pussy! pprobably one of the best storys i ve ever read

anonymous19999 - 2 years ago


anonymous19999 - 2 years ago

glad u liked it

The show was nearing its climax. Pop idol Q-Teez was bouncing around stage to the tune of her latest single, a lithe, energetic performance on par with her backup dancers even while her sugar-sweet voice belted out the usual nonsense lyrics. Finally, the last chord struck and she held a pose as the music transitioned to another song, just a steady buildup. The crowd collectively gasped and cheered as they realized what it was.

KalebAdvent - 9 months ago

known* whoops

KalebAdvent - 9 months ago

I love when the names tie in to what they're knkwn for. Q-Chi is certainly no exception. Over five hundred in that coochie, damn. That's something not most can boast.

pericles - 1 year ago

Damn it! More than fucking story! I do not know why I got excited by reading this story. I bet the 500 fans were very happy in their final moments ... For them it must have been an honor to be dissolved from the vagina of their idol and expelled by her pleasure. I even had a little wish too ... kkkkkkkk. I love this site I'm Brazilian and I'm the only person in my country with this fetish.

VincentShadowScale - 1 year ago

Good feast~

anonymous19999 - 2 years ago

in a story like this, whos to say whats unrealistic? 500s a ice number. =) glad u liked it

Elle and Gavin were alone, for once. It was after school, and the two had walked home to Elle's house as they normally did, but this time Elle's brother Dawson wasn't home and neither was their mother, who was out touring colleges with Dawson. Despite having the whole house at their dispoal, Elle and Gavin were kicked back in Elle's room, she on her bed and Gavin on a bean bag. The TV was on, though neither of them was really paying any attention to it as they conversed idly.

Truth or Dare

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initially i started on this idea because i read agoras latest story and it was pretty hot except somehow it didnt end in any actual vore

so i started to write my own take on it only it got farther and farther away from the source material and partway through it turned into unbirth because like who do you think i am 

Agora - 4 years ago

Come on, eating live goldfish is still vore, isn't it? :P

If anything, I'm glad I got to inspire this story, pretty fun and nice short story. The more I look into unbirthing, the more I get into it, and this story isn't any different; pretty cool stuff you did there!

That last dare was indeed pretty intense :D

dimon - 4 years ago

Wah this is Super great!

dst3313 - 4 years ago


bartek21 - 4 years ago

please more

SmaxTheDestroyer - 4 years ago

LOVED this both as a story and as a scenario idea! Excellent job!

I almost didn't make it to V-day at all.
I was making my way across campus on the shuttle bus, and I wasn't the only one. The bus wasn't packed, but there were probably a dozen others on it, almost all of them obviously headed to the Vorgy. Several were, like me, wrapped in bedsheet togas to provide a modicum of comfort and modesty while still technically in public. Some others had on the sexiest outfits they could find, and one or two wore more elaborate fetish gear.
And, of

V-Day: The Journey

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my own spin on a scenario from TwrchTwryth's writings and prolly a lil influence from marloweny too.

im pretty happy w this one 

anonymous19999 - 4 years ago

yeah i was planning on writing more with amir. he was gonna have more delays and interruptions before finally seeing angie but i got so attached to liz while writing this story it became complicated

i have some more thoughts on liz but the story needs an emotional journey

UmbreonDusk - 4 years ago

Id love to see more of this Liz character. Awesome story kept us in the dark for so long, bravo! Exciting till the end and touchong too.

anonymous19999 - 4 years ago


ryanshowseason3 - 4 years ago

A very nice ride. Kept me guessing til the end. Now that I see it I realize I need some more uncertainty in my own writings.

SSJBura - 4 years ago

Very cute and nice!

As the airlock's automated scan triggered, Lilith punched in a code in the control panel. The automated voice barely had time to blare "Unknown Xeno-organisms Detected" before being overridden. My gaze shifted from Lilith to the backpack she carried, where three tiny human-like creatures were clinging from the top and observing wide-eyed. I could hardly blame them for their surprise: we were probably the first extraterrestrials their civilization had encountered. Hell, from our per

Strange Planet 1: Revelation

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Tags: Unbirth F/F Macro/Micro Female Pred f/multiple

to be continued, maybe? 

ShadesofBlack - 4 years ago

Looking back at this, god it was just as much fun to read as the first time. Why did I not comment? Fantastic fiction, I would absolutely love to visit this planet. All things considered, Lilith either got really informed about their mating habits REALLY fast, or is incredibly lucky. Lucky that, for example, these lovely little ones explode gently, and not like horny swamp dragons from Discworld. But that said... god I want to visit that planet.

algog8 - 5 years ago

53! nice

ninth - 5 years ago

Nice, I like the "living reproductive slime" idea

100154 - 5 years ago

Very nice story, please continue. :D

Allie's apartment was bare. Not, like, she hadn't decorated it bare, but, like, she had moved out bare. Not a piece of furniture, or knick-knack, or even a box of belongings in sight. Nothing but the girl herself, laying on her back, tilting her head back to see Jared walk through the door. He shut it quickly, because she wasn't wearing anything.
"OK, Allie, I've gotta admit. I can't wait to hear how you explain this one."
"Yeah, yeah, I'll tell you as much as

A Need for More

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Tags: Macro Human Unbirth F/F F/M Unwilling Growth Willing Planet Vore Vaginal vore F/objects F/everything

somehow i dont feel that good about this one 

ZRex030 - 6 years ago

Vaginal vore i called unbirth, fyi

ShadesofBlack - 6 years ago

I tend to not like this style of ending except for their comedy value, but I definitely enjoyed the story telling session and just about everything leading up to the ending made it feel... a bit more enjoyable and real. I also like the way you described the final act over most other examples of the same I've seen. Overall, definitely a good piece of writing.
The title and premise describe her motivation, and it's absolutely my favorite type of predator.
(Edited for spoilers, sorry)

ShadesofBlack - 6 years ago

I tend to not like the "Quickly grows so massive that they swallow/unbirth the whole planet next" endings like this except for their comedy value, but I definitely enjoyed the story telling session and just about everything leading up to the ending made it feel... a bit more enjoyable and real. I also like the way you described the final act over most other examples of the same I've seen. Overall, definitely a good piece of writing.
The title and premise describe her motivation, and it's absolutely my favorite type of predator.

RikuHidanza - 6 years ago

It was entertaining to say the least. I think it was pretty good.

I would have done more build up to her engulfing the planet like taking in some buildings or sky scrappers.

But still good story.

"Oh my god, Amber, are those real?"
I was referring, of course, to the pair of legs, slightly bony and sopping wet, that were protruding from Amber's distended vagina. She lay on her back on the bed, her own creamy smooth legs curled up and spread wide, two rougher legs sticking straight out between them. Quivering pink nether lips enclosed them just above the knee, and further up, only a gently rounded bulge in her lower body existed where those extra legs should have had an o

Amber's Ambition

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Tags: Human Unbirth Digestion F/M Same Size Sex Willing romance Cum Digestion object swallowing Vaginal vore Cum Transformation F/objects

been a while eh

i love comments. feed them to me 

JohnMorningwood - 3 months ago

Really enjoyed this. Super well written! Can’t wait to binge your whole gallery soon

azza3695 - 6 years ago

Cant expand??

Whatever666 - 6 years ago

i love your stories. feed them to me

~great story, really enjoyed the read. Plus the way you describe things is just... right.

shabbacabba - 6 years ago

Hmm fatal unbirth isn't something I usually enjoy, but this tickled my fancy.

tedd009 - 6 years ago

their really needs to be a sequel to this maybe her trying to take on bigger prey.

Edgar took his time returning, and when he got back, he went straight for his workstation. He had to run the numbers. If his hunch turned out to be right, he needed to know as soon as possible. He began inputting the ice core data, tapping furiously at the keyboard. After a few minutes, it occurred to him that nobody had greeted him when he returned. That was normal for the Naval Antarctic Research Station, especially as of late, but it still felt... wrong. After the fight from the afterno

South Pole, part 2

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Tags: Human Unbirth Digestion F/M Same Size Story Drama Vaginal vore

part 2 of 2 

Geilomat - 2 years ago

Thats pity. i really liked this story, but no matter, i am looking forward for each new story of yours. ( i hope my english is correct)

anonymous19999 - 2 years ago

glad to hear it. sorry though i dont think i have anywhere else to go with this one tho

Geilomat - 2 years ago

i want a part 3 or something

Geilomat - 2 years ago

I really liked the story. you write the best stories in my opninion

Bright - 7 years ago

Nice story.
I liked it.

"MANEATER TO SOUTH POLE", the headline read. "Angela Robbins, the high schooler who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter earlier this year, will be sent to the Naval Antarctic Research Station as part of her sentence, which includes 30 years of service. The naval base was chosen by the court for its remote location and small staff contingent, both to reduce the chance of future victims and to protect the convicted from potential public retaliation for her very special case

South Pole, part 1

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Tags: Human Unbirth Digestion F/F F/M Same Size Story Drama Vaginal vore

part 1 of 2. 

bela - 7 years ago

Edgar is drawn to Angela even though he knows that she might eat him. He is not so afraid of being devoured as he is of being irresponsible. He must not feed her habit. He must not lead her astray. Angela also has strong feelings, but in her mind the highest form of intimacy is for a woman to engulf a man.

Bright - 7 years ago

Ooh, I like it. WEll written I`d say.

My name is Lisbet, and I'm a small fairy with big dreams. Maybe you'll understand a little better than Clide here. Oh! Yes! I love it when you wriggle like that! -- Sorry. I got a little carried away there. Clide is the guy who's buried halfway in my twat right now. Excuse me~oohwawaeeeee~! Correction. Three fourths inside my twat. Anyway, my point was, Clide didn't really get the deal with my dreams. See, I told him that my goal is to use my vagina to devour every last human being o

An Ambitious Fairy

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Tags: Human Unbirth Digestion F/F Story Micro/Macro Fairy Vaginal vore f/multiple Micro pred

a little inspired by Gimlet's "Just Desserts" 

anonymous19999 - 1 year ago

yes at the time it wasnt uploaded

sevensix - 1 year ago

[url=]This Gimlet's "Just Desserts"?[/url]

Neznamy - 7 years ago


dragon32078 - 7 years ago

That story was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for the great submission.

Angel - 7 years ago

Gotta love a faerie with ambition. Maybe I should help her out. :-)

The next week passed in what felt like an instant and an eternity. With no school, no job, and no girlfriend to occupy my time, I simply agonized over nothing for days on end. When I looked back on each day, it felt as if nothing had happened, since really, not much did. I wandered neighborhood parks, killed time online, and generally tried to avoid thinking about my future. It felt as if the last several weeks that I had spent with Amelia had become just a figment of my imagination. I call

Death1963 - 7 years ago

that si fare enaf it whos a hope
(sory for the bad speling)

anonymous19999 - 7 years ago

i dont do drawings

Death1963 - 7 years ago

love the stories can you do more like this and can you try to do some art of the carictors
(sory for the bad speling)

RenicofVore - 7 years ago

Terrific, i love it. you don't find enough long vore stories like that, ans their was even incest! i love incest in stories and art, especially vore. The highschool thing was a bit confusing at first but i managed to get the gist of it, and i love the concept of an entire world inside her. lease tell me you'll make a sequel!

Luffredd - 7 years ago

love it <3 one of the best vore stories out there

Exploring Amelia

Maybe it started when I was checking her out at the senior pool party, but I had no idea until she tapped me on the shoulder after graduation practice.

"Hey Ace," Amelia said, her gentle features looking a little bashful. "Is it true that you and April are broken up?"

I shrugged. I didn't understand why she was asking. "Yeah. We've been done, for months now."

"Oh. I guess I'm the last to find out. I'm sorry.

Exploring Amelia, part 01

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Tags: Human Unbirth F/M Same Size Sex Story


anonymous19999 - 2 years ago

thanks it means a lot

Luffredd - 2 years ago

This is still one of my favorite stories here on Eka's. I favorited if over 5 years ago and i revisit it now and again. Thank you for the great story <3

YourBestFriend - 7 years ago

Alirght then, thank yee.

anonymous19999 - 7 years ago

this one is over but maybe i will write similar things again

YourBestFriend - 7 years ago

If that's true, I humbly apolodgize, and follow it up with desperate pleading for you to keep the series going, for it is one of the greatest loving and UB stories I have ever read