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La lluvia había estado cayendo torrencialmente sobre el Parque Nacional de Doñana. La primavera suele ser lluviosa en los lugares de clima mediterráneo. La intensa lluvia y el gran río Guadalquivir habían inundado las marismas, que ahora semejaban un estanque infinito. Estaban cubiertas de vegetación por primera vez en casi un año. Había sido un invierno especialmente seco. El paisaje había pasado de una tierra yerma y cubierta de gr

Español/Spanish: Caridad salvaje

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English version:

He aquí mi primera publicación en español. Llevaba tiempo queriendo publicar algo dirigido al público hispanohablante.

Esta historia es además un experimento sobre presas voluntarias ("willing"), ya que el "willing" no me gusta especialmente, pero esta idea me parecía interesante desarrollarla. Argumento: Pedro es una rata negra que se encuentra con una hembra de lince ibérico muriéndose...
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casdan3243 - 6 months ago


Dracone - 6 months ago

Me encantó! Adoro tu redacción, y la historia, un final feliz y un vídeo que buscar xD

casdan3243 - 8 months ago

Muchísimas gracias, jeje :D

casdan3243 - 8 months ago

Muchas gracias :)

CheeseCheesy - 8 months ago

Esto es arte! Buenisimo trabajo

"Come back here, Rick!", I heard one of my siblings calling me. "Obey mom!".
But I didn't listen. I got out of our burrow and I ran away. I was eager to explore the outside world all by myself.
I had a loving and caring mother who had strictly forbidden me to leave the burrow alone until I was old enough. But I, as a rebellious young rabbit, didn't want to obey her, and I escaped when I felt like it. My mother was out, so she couldn't prevent it. I didn't really care about what her reaction wo

Rick, the disobedient bunny

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A very nice RP between  GBBG (in green) and me (in blue). GBBG used his original seagull character, Jake:

Plot: Rick is a young rabbit whose mother tells him not to go to the beach. One day, however, he decides to disobey her and go there. This story shows what happens to disobeying kids, like Rick. 

casdan3243 - 10 months ago

Thanks. I absolutely loved your implied end, even if I'm usually into more graphic stuff ;)

GBBG - 10 months ago

This was a fun session.

ChaoskampfNunc - 10 months ago

No problem~ I like eating cute buns too ;p

casdan3243 - 10 months ago

For sure. Thanks for your comment!

casdan3243 - 10 months ago

For sure. Thanks for your comment!

For some years, it almost looked like European rabbits were going to become extinct. Myxomatosis, a devastating disease which is able to kill over 90% of the infected rabbits, was affecting all of Western Europe: their whole range of distribution. Luckily for the cute little bunnies, natural selection helped them, and after some terrible years, those who carried genes of immunity against myxomatosis survived and repopulated everything. Fewer rabbits meant fewer predators and more food available

Expansion ideas

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When you are a vore writer and spend too much time playing Europa Universalis IV, this is the kind of things you end up writing :P Plus, as a realism enthusiast, rabbit predators are my guilty pleasure <3

Plot: what if humans had not introduced the European rabbit anywhere? That's exactly what happened in this situation. After surviving a terrible epidemic which almost made them go extinct, what will the rabbits do to prevent that in the future?

Extra: I suggest...
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It was the 14th century. A cog was sailing across the Baltic Sea, carrying beer barrels. The Hanseatic League was a commercial organization dependent on such vessels. This one was sailing from Danzig to Lübeck, in modern day German waters. They were expected to arrive in Lübeck next morning, to leave the beer and load some salted fish and iron goods.
Back in medieval times, rats were really a problem, and especially on ships. It's hard to imagine how much food or goods were lost to rat

Hanseatic meal

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 Fischie (in green) and me (in blue) having a feral, realistic roleplay. With a medieval German setting and a staring kid. What else can be asked for?

Plot: Heike is a lucky rat, who has been able to escape and hide from some human sailors while traveling on a vessel... but will she continue to be equally as lucky when she disembarks? 

casdan3243 - 1 year ago

Always expect those, remember that I am a nerd of so many things, my friend FM! :D Also, there are many people who would actually not know what it is, so I prefer to make sure :P

I'm glad you liked our job. Fischie is a really talented writer.

fieldmousse - 1 year ago

It's cute, there's probably enough context there to guess what it is but you added it for some extra reading material. I love Casdan's links heheh.
Great read you guys, this is good stuff.

casdan3243 - 1 year ago

Oh, why exactly? :P

Purrloin - 1 year ago

The Wikipedia link on hydrochloric acid made me chuckle.

Fischie - 1 year ago

Sounds good. I am busy moving myself. So 2 weeks sounds fine.