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jasamprn - 3 months ago

Oh! I think it's your CW: warnings. The way the thumbnails have scaled made them unreadable for me. Nm ^-^'

crybleat - 3 months ago


jasamprn - 3 months ago

Yeah, the thumbnails show versions with text.

lolycrush - 3 months ago

Wait i think i saw text.

crybleat - 4 months ago

will do so on newer pics

azazelthedemon15 - 4 months ago

It would be nice if you could add a thumbnail and censor warning cv and scat.

crybleat - 4 months ago

also to add, your favourites is full of underaged character vore. dont pick on me if youre a hypocrite

crybleat - 4 months ago

Do you think i know what you have blacklisted without saying? its easy to miss tags. If u werent a piece of shit about it id add them without being mean back. are you underaged or what?

TylerTheYoshi - 4 months ago

I shouldn't have been baited into looking at it by the lack of blacklist overlay.

TylerTheYoshi - 4 months ago

Underage prey and disposal.

sevensix - 4 months ago

What was missing?

P14y3r - 7 months ago

heh, well i'd happily take up said offer if it's there ;3

Salo_Vorita - 7 months ago

Pelli loves having new babysitters to play with <3

P14y3r - 7 months ago

love this comic so much, only wish i could play with that boy myself~ i'd have so much fun fucking that stretchy asshole of his~

Salo_Vorita - 7 months ago

As one of the people who commissioned this comic, I wholeheartedly agree <3

Plume7 - 7 months ago

It has about one full page here on Eka’s. I think it’s warranted.
It might not be requested a lot. Let’s spread it.

MrM - 7 months ago

I absolutely adore the expression and pose on Twi as she looks back at her prey. Very sinister and cute!~ Superb work!~ <3 <3 <3

ViciDragon - 8 months ago

Btw love ur art just from the last 4 and thjs

Dukinu - 8 months ago

damn this is loving work dude

Curito - 1 month ago

Could be a worse place for him. At least he isnt digesting where hes at

doomed - 9 months ago

i kinda wanna join in ... except I wanna go inside her

Plume7 - 9 months ago

Aww! Poor boy needs a little release! I hope Tori doesn’t mind!

Plume7 - 7 months ago

Ooh, is she next? Are they gonna become the same cum blast?

AplaceforSTUFFS - 8 months ago

Ill sell you this boss monster for 9999g and put it right into you no shipping cost

RottingCowboy - 9 months ago

love muffet art but this looks like there should be more then two part but still <3