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“Huh…? Uhhh… where am I?”

Princess Peach blinked her eyes twice, a headache pounding in the back of her messy blonde hair. The blurriness was slowly beginning to decode itself as… a stone basement.

No. A dungeon.

Princess Peach was in a dungeon.

Her awareness of self was slowly coming back to her, and she began to test all of her senses subconsciously. A few blinks

The Birdo Queen

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Tags: Oral Vore Scat Anthro F/F Hard Vore Stuffing Peach Cooking Oral Anal Vore Daisy birdo Child Prey Unwilling Prey Hard Digestion Super Mario Bros Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Princess Peach Cruel Princess Daisy Anthro Pred Cruel Pred rapid digestion oven roast baby prey Birdo pred

Peach and Daisy get captured by a voluptuous female dinosaur, with some tasty plans for the both of them.
Hope you enjoy! This is definitely one of the categorically hardest vore stories I've written, so if that's not your thing, feel free to back away.
As well, it also, (in addition to its upcoming sequel) frankly, has very little to do with the Mario series. But it does include the characters in unique situations, so it counts.
Written as a commission for Saintheartwing,...
[ Continued ...

Slimshod - 1 month ago

Google might let you download in doc format, otherwise you can use LibreOffice, a free word processor that's easily comparable to Word. I'm not sure if it has a mobile variant though.

dubblebubble - 1 month ago

Appreciate the advice. Precisely, how do I convert the piece to that particular format of doc? I typically just download the file from Google Docs in a word format

Slimshod - 1 month ago

Just a tip on uploading to Eka's: if you use 97 doc format you'll make it easier for mobile viewers to read the story. Anything outside of that and RTF tends to end up off-center so you have to move the whole passage left and right to read it. 97 Doc will get rid of indentation, though it will keep paragraph breaks.

dubblebubble - 1 month ago

thanks for the comment. I like to think the birdo mouth has whatever it needs in that long, dark, tubular chasm of hers, somewhere. Appreciate the encouragement, friend

10younameit - 1 month ago

Hey loved the story hut some issues with it is that birdo doesn't have teeth to eat cooked meat like peach so she can sawllow them both whole and digest them instead of cooking and eating peach and look I know you have mental health issues and I hope it's getting better best of luck to you

Nathan was a very playful boy. His parents on occasion thought he was too playful for his own good, which resulted in the six year old getting scolded quite a bit more often than he would have liked. Despite this, Nathan seldom -- if ever -- learned his lesson, and just as frequently he would slip back into his old habits of stealing the final cookie from the jar, staying up too late to watch Cartoon Network, sobbing when he didn’t get his way, and overall being quite the reprehensible chi

"I Didn't Know it Could Do THAT!"

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Tags: M/M Young M/F Cock Vore Willing school Blowjob Baby Child Prey Male Pred young prey Young pred dub-con Hyper Cock Ambiguous Ending Preschooler baby prey Multiple Preys dubious consent Willing prey Preschooler prey

A boy realizes that trapped within his pants, there lies an object of greater use than he had previously thought.
This is probably the most... "acquired of tastes" I've yet written. Do check the tags.
Also, give me comments! I love reading them and I will probably respond to them. 

Ome - 4 months ago

Rather liked this, though poor Callum is gonna be quite confused when he comes to XD

dubblebubble - 4 months ago

Thank you for the kind words. They're appreciated.

Salo_Vorita - 4 months ago

Also wanted to mention that I appreciate the ambiguous ending, since explicitly fatal scenarios with kids always ruin the fun for me <3

Salo_Vorita - 4 months ago

Love this <3

Don't listen to these haters, we need more human kid preds with hyper bits doing things like this~

dubblebubble - 5 months ago

Is this your first time on this website

“What the…”

Steven was confused. He opened and closed his eyes, but the darkness never seemed to go away. A coldness fell over him as he tried to comprehend his bodily position. He seemed to be laying on his back.

“Garnet…? Pearl…? Connie…?”

Steven opened and closed his fingers. Okay, they seemed to work just fine. When he tried to lift his arm up, something stopped him,

A Crystal Gem Feast

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: dubblebubble

Tags: Hard Vore Blood Reformation Bondage Unwilling Blowjob BDSM entrapment ?/M Multiple Preds handjob FFF/M Amethyst Cruel Pred Steven Universe Ambiguous Ending assjob Peridot lapis lazuli edging Steven Quartz Universe Underage prey

Steven's got a lot of prep he's gotta do before he's ready for dinner. And guess what's on the menu.
My half of a writing trade with

dubblebubble - 1 year ago

Also I just fixed the mistake. Appreciate you pointing it out!

dubblebubble - 1 year ago

Whoops, my bad. But thanks so much! Can't wait for your half!

thicceater - 1 year ago

You did so well on this! Thank you so much!

One mistake i had noticed is when you named off the three gems that were there, you put Pearl instead of Lapis lol XD

Anyway, i absolutely love how cruel and casual the girls were, and i love the implication that they've done this a TON of times before!
Well done!

Alba detached her infant from her breast, setting him down as she lazily readjusted her bathrobe to cover up. The baby simply babbled and drooled, though the older, not-quite-a-teenager sitting cross-legged on the floor next to the baby was visibly shaking and jittering.

“So, mom,” she said, “Have you decided which one of us is going to… d-d-do it, I guess?”

Alba sighed. She crossed two bare legs over each other, se

Parents Never Pick Favorites

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Tags: F/F F/M Cock Vore Futanari Fatal mom Blowjob Baby Child Prey Unwilling Prey Semi-willing Incest fellatio Cum Digestion Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Mother/Daughter Mother/Son sentient cock CTF Futa/M cock transformation Futa pred adult pred infant prey baby prey cum disposal Permanent Entrapment Underage prey

A mom chooses which of her children will be reapportioned into her body, and which will be abused by this new appendage.
Comment about how you liked it! 

dubblebubble - 1 year ago

I actually 100% understand that. It is an uncomfortable feeling not knowing the outcome. And no worries! Just keep it in mind going forward and it'll be fine

SuperPotatoMane - 1 year ago

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude. I guess it was unnecessary to state my preferences.
Thanks for answering my question though. I always feel compelled to know whether something was or wasn't fatal.

dubblebubble - 1 year ago

I made it intentionally ambiguous.
Also, not to be that guy, and I know you're not trying to be offensive, but it's kind of a bummer to start a comment saying that you don't like the type of stuff I make. Like, you could've asked the question without bringing me down in that manner, you know?

TheMysteriousSadSack - 1 year ago

Not bad, it was short and sweet. Just kinda feel bad for angie seeing as how she drew the short stick here

SuperPotatoMane - 1 year ago

I"m personally not a fan of underage prey, especially this young. It's uncomfortable to think about, but my curiosity is overwhelming me right now. Is the girl sentient cum too, or straight up dead?

He was right there.

Jessica's brother was right there. Just… sleeping.

It would be so easy.

Micah was laying in his crib, making the sounds a tired toddler ought to make. He was snoring in that whispy way, clutching his Pooh Bear stuffed toy. He looked like a little angel.

Jessica loomed over the crib, casting it in shadow. She imagined herself just picking him up, and then plopping him in

Base Desires

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Tags: Scat F/M Fatal Child Prey Unwilling Prey Fatal Vore Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred fatal digestion Disposal Human Pred Young pred teenage pred human predator infant prey baby prey

Jessica struggles with her urges before giving into them, to the detriment of her little brother.
Comment, and also watch me if you want more things like this! 

Sitharc - 7 months ago

A bit short, but I like it! Not often see babies as prey, and appreciate that still had her cast initial doubt in herself as well as her normal self telling herself off in regards to what she ended up doing anyway.

dubblebubble - 10 months ago

Appreciate the comment and the praise! Thanks for stopping by!

ShamefulInterest - 10 months ago

So much more character then I expected! while some of the disposal wasn't entirely my taste this was a really nice read and it was a nice insight on the mind of a predator which is not something we see much. c:

HMDVore - 1 year ago

Oh wow that’s really flattering! Thank you as well <3

TrainerKatrine - 1 year ago

The more you know! x)