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Apophis Versus Colossal Snake

~~Apophises are a type of lamia. Snake girls whose lower body is that of a snake, and whose upper body is that of a human. In particular, apophises are venomous species, not constrictors. They’re serpentine half is a dark purple, and their human half is a lighter shade of purple. Their eyes, black and yellow, and they don an ornamental hood that mimics that of a cobra. This character is from the Monster Girl Encycloped

The Battle Of The Serpents

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: figlit

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Digestion Female Prey Snake Vore monster girl encyclopedia monster girl prey Apophis MGE

This is one of many incomplete, old stories I started two years ago. It's sorta rough, and I really don't have the motivation to polish it, so I thought I'd go ahead and share it.

The prey, as noted in preface to the story, is an apophis. A subspecies of lamia from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series. While snake vore is rather common, snake on snake vore isn't. So here's my take on it with a girl I really like!

Hope you all enjoy! 

GlassXylophone - 7 months ago

There's something satisfying about a monster girl being the prey of the creature she's based off.

PharaohAnon - 7 months ago

This was a great read. I really liked the part of her self reflection on how it must've felt like for her victims and the scene of the snake swallowing her boobs was fantastic. That ending is also really hot, with the Apophis' only signs of existence being found in the snake's poop.

It wasn’t long after the portals to the world of monster girls opened up that you made the decision to leave your world in search of the perfect wife. You’d also been fond of many of the species that inhabited the deserts. Thus, you found yourself traveling the desert on camelback. After two excruciatingly long days in the sweltering heat of this unforgiving wasteland, you came across some small ruins nearby an oasis that seemed as if it wasn’t long for this world. You were und

Apophis Versus Pharaoh

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: figlit

Tags: F/M Naga Lamia Rape Unwilling Pred Male Prey Cheating Giantess Vore Pharaoh monster girl pred monster girl encyclopedia Apophis

This story does contain some vore, but it's not the main focus. It's a very short scene at the end, so if you are reading for the vore, you'll probably be disappointed.

Essentially, the pharaoh gets drugged on the apophis' vemon and is forced to screw her and another man while her shrunken down hubby watched.  

PharaohAnon - 1 year ago

Love this story, would love to see more stories with the Pharaoh or Apophis. Also the NTR aspect was hot.

It had been a long day of hard work. The young anubis mentally exhausted from the day’s activities, ordering around workers at the construction site of a new palace to be built for the pharaoh, decided she’d relax in a quiet location, on the bank of the river on the southern side of town. It was always her favorite little getaway. The area, in particular, was secluded, and no one ever really visited the place, at least to her knowledge. It was a beautiful spot a well. Exotic trees an

Giant Lizard Eats Anubis Monster Girl

Uploaded: 2 years ago

Owner: figlit

Tags: Scat Soft Vore Digestion Unwilling Lizard Pred anubis monster girl encyclopedia monster girl prey

The title says it all. A beautiful anubis monster girl gets woken up by a giant lizard, only to become its next meal.  

DarkPinkie - 2 years ago

I guess I'll just pick this one for my critique seeing as it is ths first of your stories.

First of. The writing is a bit dull and quite short, but it does it's job. Both of these points steadily improve with each story but they are still a far from great. A bit more descriptiveness could go a long way.

As for Characterization. Well there is quite the lack of proper time for any character at all to develop. The only ones I noticed any real character in was the monster musume ones (loved em btw) and that was probably because of the characters already established.

All in all. Keep working on it, you're no 5 star novel writer, but you write some short but sweet stories. Also not a lot of story writers do disposal so that's a plus.